The Cherokeean. (Rusk, Tex.), Vol. 134, No. 47, Ed. 1 Thursday, January 5, 1984: Searching Inside

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... THE CHEROKEEAN OF RUSK, TEXAS, THURSDAY, JANUARY 5,UM4-PAGK THIRTEEN ■T.r 1 i A Look On The Teen... editor of The Cherokeean Marilyn ir u native <>l Jacksonville and they visited her family there, ait well

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... TIIK CHEROKEEAN OF RUSK, TEXAS, THURSDAY, JANUARY 5,1984-PAGE ELEVEN A Want Ad Is Profitable... Relief For Headache Of Holiday Bills Call 683-2257 IMPORTANT The Cherokeean classified and display

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... PAGE TWO-THE CHEROKEEAN OF RUSK, TEXAS, THURSDAY, JANUARY S, 1984 Point of View It's Gonna Be Cold... will find this book to be useful. Happy New Year! Make A Resolution To Visit Us Soon! The Cherokeean (USPS

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