The Texas Trail of O. Henry


Newspaper article includes sketches and photos of O. Henry and friends. Describes O.Henry's life and his time in Austin.

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1 p. ; 22 3/4 x 17 3/8 in.

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Minatra, Odie July 15, 1923.


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Texas General Land Office

The Texas General Land Office contributes items from their Historic County Map Collection, ca. 1838-1939 ( 926 maps), Lorenzo de Zavala Online (13 items), and the O. Henry Collection (11 items). The historic county maps are cadastral (land ownership) maps, showing original surveys, usually made by virtue of a land grant, within a particular county in Texas. In Lorenzo de Zavala Online, see the Expediente of de Zavala's 1829 colonization contract, as well as correspondence to or from Jose Angel Navarro, Jose Domingo Ugartechea, Jose Maria Falcon, Martin Perfecto de Cos, Stephen F. Austin, Manuel de Mier y Teran, and Ramon Musquiz. As part of the O. Henry Collection, the General Land Office contributes maps drawn and signed by O. Henry, administrative records, newspaper clippings, a written account, and a land grant records.

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Newspaper article includes sketches and photos of O. Henry and friends. Describes O.Henry's life and his time in Austin.

Physical Description

1 p. ; 22 3/4 x 17 3/8 in.



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  • Dallas Morning News, Sunday July 15, 1923.


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  • Accession or Local Control No: 1060299
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  • : "The Texas Trail of O. Henry," Dallas Morning News, Dallas, Texas: A.H. Belo & Co. Inc., July 15, 1923.


  • Maddox Family Papers


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O. Henry Project

Written under the pseudonym O. Henry, the stories of William Sydney Porter are available as they first appeared in the popular magazines of the day. These and others published posthumously can also be found in first edition compilation books, and later as part of his collected works. Also included are handwritten letters, photographs, maps, newspaper articles, artifacts, and more.

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Is Part Of : Maddox Family Papers

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  • July 15, 1923

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Minatra, Odie. The Texas Trail of O. Henry, clipping, July 15, 1923; Dallas, Texas. ( accessed May 28, 2017), University of North Texas Libraries, The Portal to Texas History,; crediting Texas General Land Office.