The San Antonio Light (San Antonio, Tex.), Vol. 1, No. 1, Ed. 1, Tuesday, April 3, 1883 Page: 1 of 4

The San Antonio Light.
Vol. I.-No. i.
San Antonio Texas Tuesday April 3 1883.
Ten Cents a Week.
illindniniimiiiiiimimniiiiiiumiiiiiniii Miiiiiiiiiiiinitnniiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinniiiininiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
I Cull and Sco t!ic I
I "S Sow Stock of tf&ls' cxT I
I jg 'O' HntH Caps etc.
1 - All tho Novelties. I
1 11 11
For reasons best known to myself I lmvo this I
da)' discontinued the printing of tho Evening
Alamo Plaza San Antonio lexas.
Boots and Slioes
Tho millions can lio supplied by calling
011 or sending to headquarters
219 Commerce Street.
Boots Slioes and Slippers
Solid and substantial at SULLIVAN'S notod
as tho loading houso. Devoted to this trado
IK) mora of thoso gcnulno Indigo hluo llnnncl
suits Just received by express ut $8.60 worth pony
fill dark casslmero suits ut $8.30 wor'h 811.00.
M dark uasslinoru sulU at $11 U) worth $13X0.
fit) dark cnssiuiero suits nt $3 Ml worth $.'.U0.
Mdnrk cnsslmcrosuitsotsiiio worth sutiu.
M bovs' hluolluiincl suits at MOO. worth S:)M
1(10 pairs bovs' cusslmcro knoo minis at 21 00.
worm i fiu.
WOllll ltu. .... . . .ilnoiwimnnm TTnum ""
Ity trade mid only ak an Inspection of tho . i.n irm .... niirnn! tnlmann .fc terestcd In tho Lund department of tho Toxns-
bovp bargains to convttieo you that you can " i memo rnnwav.
ny.cioiniiig or uiiyiuiug eiso in our line us winter.
Houston Stroot noxt to I)r. Horlt's residence.
All tho delicacies of tho season.
j Gooks-Earonoan Plu
City Collector's Olllcs
Sun Antonio. Anrll II. 18811. All nartlcs
excellent to water for Irilgatlon purposes aro
hoioby untitled tocomo foiwurd and pay thoir
water nix luuuwuu u- r. iiaukme.-h
ft city collector
Approaching livnt.
Mr. OiiDcnhehuer. a prominent morchant of
Knirle Puss makes au expected appearance In
tho city this morning. Ho means business. Ho
11 be married to Miss ltaciicl uuns noxt Sun
Stolen Horses.
Mr. Robin of thlacltv received Information
from his rancho on tho Frio that two of his
best horses had boon stolen In Hi" country.
great oomplultits tiro being miido or lino activ
ity ot imorcs.
For Purtlos.
Imported wines liquors and cigars always on
hand. :i-win
Funerals Furnished With Kvery llequlslte
Special attention givon to forwarding bodies
to an pansoi uiu uuiuni duiu's- w
contiocuon. Willis innimoi v mm nimi
Sunday Mimic.
Persons reciulrlug a musical liand on Sunday
can obtain tho 8.UI10 upon moderate tonus by
nrnnmliiirwlth .Mr. JooMoAllster. euro F. W.
MoAIUtcr & llrothors Alamo street. 3-J-lw
If You are Suffering
From torpidity of tho liver or constipation ot
tho bowels try a bottlo of llepatlzlne Dr.
Tobln's great liver imilielnu. Kvory bottlo
Is guaranteed to you and your money refunded
If vou aro not stitlsttod.
For salo at Clnvln's drug stow and by C.
Schasso. iii-om
Tho proof of tho pudding Is not In chewing
tho string nut In having an opportunity to test
ti.nurtlehi direct. U. Sehassc. A. Dreiss nnd L.
Orynskl druggists have fieo trial bottles of
n iiiuiinkn's Ciiinrh and I.uinr Svriin. for each
and every ono wlio Is nllllcted with Coughs.1!
Uolus Asliimu voiisuiupiiuii ur uuy j.unii
lie Good Huoiich to Note It.
Mr. Fark Doc rcnnufacturlng Jeweler and
.n.miiif. tins taken ltart of tho storo Ut. 41
Commerco street where ho will carry on tiio
business of a manufacturing and repairing
Jeweler. Difficult work nnd flno engraving a
specialty. Trado work from nil parts of tho
Stato solicited ana sausiaeuou guuniiiii-vu
Putk Doe 211 Commerco street Antonio.
An Onen letter.
Ban Antonio January 1 1SSU
Drs. J.J.&W.H.Tobln:
Gknti.eue.-c Your Hcpatbtlno lias been
usetl In my family tor over a vcar and
....Iliitlnirlvtiivlt la tho best remedy
i.a...vnriisid For utiv liver tmublo or l-oustl
nation of tho bowels. I would not to without
It. llesuectfully. A. W. Hoiwton'.
For salo at (j. Schasso 8 and Cluvlr.'s drug
store. J'-1"
A Liberal lleivnnl
lui nal.t tn tlin tinder of n riHl-boun
(leather) iwckct book. It was lostlietwccu tho
office of the "Frelo rose' .iamcda street
vnnl c f II. Follmsr. on tho Sal-
...i. n'hn itnnk pnntalns somo iaiers of value
tn tiio owner onli Fleaso hand to publisher ot
the Frele FrcMO. t-SStl O. Fnwoiucu
He Offered Only n flluirt Time by
Cohen & Koenlglielin
F V ' lN H P. .N. Uein. Cleaned lu the Hotel Corridor and
jrroin various ituer sourvea
Mr. Samuel Salisbury of Frcsldto. Is located
ni tuo Jicngcr uoioi.
Frofessor V. Mnloney. of Qntes Valloy Is a
guesi nc tno uenirnt uotoi
Mr. (1. F. Tomnklns. a cotton hilvor of Waco
Light for iiioHvciiitigMgiitl'rlutlngnnd I'ub- is ai mo noioi xtinvoncK
llshlnir Comnanv. and bernwllli iiresent tn tl.n ."''.!' Jen ningsuiiii limKO uiituanu oi
i " ' 1 1'ioresviiic aro ni mo central noiei
good people of San Antonio tho llrst copy of Mr. and Mrs. M. Jackson havo arrived nt tho
tho "BIN ANTONIO LIGHT" wlilch'Kpponrs Conn" M)1 .rr0.'" Mnlc0"cr 1''n.f1R""' .
nr. T.f . onicias oi etuuiou Aiicuignn is
unuvr inu iium;iuroiiiji ui iiiuurii joiiuson i visiting ins urotuor JUSIICO BII1C10S.
& Whiter and will bo continued In Us nrcscnt . Dr. Ii. Nagclmoi'llerisa guestnt tho Monger
ionn aim siyiu mini inoiiew press anu ma- M . . T. ii..iurilfni. of Wilson county.
terlal which has been ordered arrives when It I brother of Colonel llenuregnrd Is visiting tho
I city.
will bo enlarged to n soven column paper and Mr nni Mr8. r. s Northrup of llroadalbln
thonew management will nt nil times endeavor uw or llro registered at tno notoi Jinver.
.1 1CK.
to mnko it tno oesi mm urigiitctt local paper in .101 Nl)rll!1 wp! 8i10rtly visit Homo to bo
-e-entedto thol'opo ns Ulshopof thlsCathollo
(luiicnil Jesus Diaz do I.lon and Mr. C. II.
Ilcncelal. of Mexico havo arrived at tho Men
gor hotel
Miss Annie 10. of Dallas and Miss Carrie
Simmons of Houston nru guests at tho Hotel
Mr. and Mrs. T. 1. Miller. Mr. John Honnnn
and .Miss Cora Ileum uro guests at tho Hotel
Colonel H. II. I'arrott. itiannirer of tho T. 11.
A. (Texas llcnevolcnt Association) Is at the
tho city; froo from alt personal blttorncss and J!"?"
I old tlmo grudges with nn earnest endeavor to
merit whatovor patronage and good will may
bo extended to It by a generous public.
Very Respectfully
A. W. GiKtoitu.
For roasons best known to ourselves wo
havo this day withdrawn from tho Evening tcl Maverick.
M. T. Iflnlit roorannntliiir tlin wlitb-linilin
2 dozen still hats at CO cents each worth Light Frlntlng nnd Publishing Company and of l'rcyburg Klein & Co. of Cincinnati Is
ihi in eo.iAi. ....... . .. mi .... n.i .... . ... i visiting inocity
dozuti flno wool hats ut Sl.00 cuch worth we will not bo responslblo for any debts Itj-
r . .1 .ir. lioorgo ii. .iiarun cuiior nnn proprietor
'dozen Moxlcan folt hats nt 81 Aluacli worth currc'1 horolt tor- h' or ln 110 nnmo of mM ?lu!S? K nIiLollto '8 thu oly tb0
Evening Light Frlntlng nnd Publishing Com-
A. W. Glt'l'OitD
T. II Johnson.
San Antonio Texas Aprils 188.1.
Interest of his pnper.
In stennlm; from her carriage on Sunday
She Is doing as well as can bo expected
.Mr. Fhllln Palmer. Mr. W. L. Clamn nnd tho
Misses Nnnniouud Agnes Clamp havo nrrivod
Irani iirackctt ami aro at tno central Hotel.
Mr. A. II. Stiltzcr. a bohemtan of Dallas
Isltlng his brothcr-ln-luwMr. M. V. Friedman
NonnKi Mr. A. ii. npitzer n uouemian oi uniias is
" visiting his brother-ln.luwMr. M. V. Friedman.
Tho undersigned havo this day formed n co- Ho Is correspondent for several Northern
1V1 nut Uno-lkli ftnlinnndii mints lit 81 iLV newspapers.
nrth JIitlO. pariiiereuip iur mo puipusu ui i.uuuuliiiik u Mr. Porter II Snow who travoled extenslvc-
All mall should bo addressed to SAN AN
TONIO LIGHT San Antonio Texas.
T. II. Johnson
San Antonio Aprils 1883.
The artificial manufaeturo of Ico was begun
nt Kaglo I'uss to-day.
President Aktiiuk delavs his donarturo for
Florida In ordor to appoint a successor to Post
master ucncrni iiowo.
Tun adverso reoort! of tho Legislative com
mittee on the. Joint resolution prohibiting per
sons who fall to pay poll taxes from voting wns
rejected yesterday but tho resolution wns sub-
Binuenuy lost.
I don't think I am half so smart ns tho wit.
Tho Light office will hereafter bo found In nrss." suld Ingersoll while lteordoll was on tho
ilinliMllillnir noxt. to tho Frele-I'resqn oniep stand during tho Star rou'o trial yesterday
tiio buildini iioxl to tno i rcie-i rtsso oiucc ..j (ln)lt mnk 8Q clther hl tho court dryly
East Commerco street.
Tho infant child of Mr. Ii
on Sunday and wns burled yesterday.
nmldst a genornl laugh.
It is reported In Houston that If City Collec
tor P. C. Walker does not resign In threodays
tho City Attornoy will drnw up urticles of im-
....... 1.. ...l.t I. In f..iin.l.l nil n olrt
The First .National bank or llrownwood has
' . Officer Chavez reports a dangerous holo on ie organized wltli a paid up capital of
Ono sllvo- prcmluu; mcda rngiinTd Esslo the South street bridge over tho Alamo ditch. S? Yho stocklmldersSind ulfootors "nroJ.
Jloyers. l lnd r bo rowarded by leading MirshiiI Gosling wns cngagod at noon In L. Vnuilin Ilrooko Smith Otto W. Btelfons J.
same at this offite up.M gpning 2700 Spanish nJonto curds which ho had 0. Wcukloy and 1). H. Trent.
if.... B0IZCU. Tup i rntnnr flint. Hnmlinl F. 1' nrsuti linrt snn-
o- fim win it..tvrati.i.- rr tinn Mr. August Itoomor representing George ceded J. Waldo us TruUip Mauugor of tho
2.000 ncres with plcntj of stock for S1W.- Schneider & Co. Galveston Is In thoclty In tho Houston and Texas Central tullwny Isdcniod
interest Ol imil urill. ny nuiuu uui icutrj uiuitob lurmuuum
-Thurnau Ilassler. who fell 30 feet at tho TrulUo Manager givo it u bcmuinnce or iruin.
Almnn cement works now llmo kiln nn Hut nr. I A itESOLUTION offered 111 tho Houso by Fry
day Inst Is doing well and It Is oxpected that nilur yesterday doclurlug that It was tho senso
IIO Will recover. I Ol ll Iliujuiiv ui iuv im.-u.uuin umi. uiu dihio
Eleven persons woro convicted of violating J 'St1.' iSvii?ti i Sm..2S S ST
li0 acres In Ilexar county for $1.75 per acre.
WW acres. mitvs irom town near Ban n
tonlQ river for svouo.
iliroldered Dresos. t0 cuy ordinances this morning the lines
havo Just received for tiio raslilonublo amoutuing 10
sptlng season l'O ladles' embroidered dresses tiary cnaractcr.
ling to $70. Tho coses wero of nn ordi-
as.Mirted colors which will bo closed oit as a constiinptlvo Mexican named Ix)pcz
thnt tho eonvlcls bo placed within tho walls.
was relcrrcu to lue uumnutico on x'cniion-
Cu.utLEU W. FiiancIs Health Commissioner
Some Notes of Current Styles nnd Fash
ion that Cannot Fall to bo
of Interest.
Opportunities Presented ln San Antonio
for the Good and Kconnmlcal Dress-
ing of the Fair.
Tho importance of dress tn thn fnlr inr Is nn
admitted fact nnd In theso days It Is equally
iinimrumi Hint a lauy oo urcssoa not only wen
but 08 cheaply as circumstances will admit.
To meet theso demands is tho aim of Messrs.
t Mayer ons and thoso who visit their
iitiinisomo storo at tho cornor of Commerco
and Navarro stroets will Unci ull that thoy re-
iiulro at prices that will suit their purses.
unlaw inu wees .ncssrs. o. jiaycr a: oons in-
tend olfcrlng tho following urticles ut such
prices as cannot fall to command a ready sale
and thoso who need them aro advised
us when they uro sold thoy cannot bo dupli-
cated ntunythlngllko tho low llguro at which
luey ru uuw uuerca.
for ladles and children of a-nnd nnnlltv. will l.n
offered at from 10 to GO cents per pair. Thoso
aro worth from 25 to 75 cents per pair and uro
fine quality all pure linen at from 5 to W) cents
which cannot bo purchased regularly tor
A beautiful assortment of tics Uschus col-
larettes in ull styles und shapes of tho nowost
puttorns nt from iic to JU apiece. For variety
stylo nnd quality thoy cannot bo surpassed.
In hund bags satchels leather nnd shop bags
a various assortment Is oirorod nt 50 cents on
tho $1 off tho usual prices and an oxccllent op-
portunity Is presented for obtaining urticles of
this character.
A new line of parasols will then bo opened.
Thoso uro fresh and now and in all tho admired
Btylcs and will bo sold at prices varying from
s cents. to . a iuio urocaue buk parusoi win
bo offered at $3 whilst an extra largo twill silk
parasol will bo attalnuble for $3 CO.
Tho ladles' underwear department Is woll
stocked with goods suitable for nil persons ot
any position. They draw particular attention
to cuenuscs wmcu are inurKcu 4u corns ou
cents. 75 cents and Sl.whleli cannot bo euuallod
at tho price.
are offered at GO cents and upwards nnd gowns
at nil Imnginablo prices. In corsets expcrlonco
uus uiugni mom
and they havo tho brands that aro sought for
und upproved by general wear In tho Northern
cilios. mere is tiio
tho noted "Automatlnuo" tho Dlagraphlo tho
iiauiboo ami tno coiouraiou naruer corsets.
Ladles Bhould sco thoso undexumlne their rc-
specttvo advantages.
A good lino of linens and towellngs can bo
scoured. They tako prldo ln their assortment
wlilcn is unequalled in price anu quality. All
linen towels of superior quality aro sold us low
os $1.25 per dozen. Thoy can lit upnhouschold
kitchen or bar-room with theso articles at such
a price as cannot fail to bo satisfactory to tho
TA1IL.S l.urilH.
Tallin cloths of all nihilities and patterns. In
cluding tho celebrated sllvcr-bordored Turkey
Curtatnlnirs of all kinds and uuallttes aro now
on exhibition including lace Nottingham
embroidered und taped laco curtains and uro
marked at low ngurcs. uvcryming ODtain-
oblo ln a good linen houso will be found
These aro
which Messrs. S. Mayer Sc Sons offer to tho cus-
tomers during tho week but they draw atton-
rapldly us possible at $5 each. Call early nnd catno hero for medical treatment on Sunday SfVt.m
socuro a choice. L. Wor.rt.ON. nnd died at a houso on South Laredo street deserting his rami! lor t ho companlonslUp of
A ltore Chance. llo was burled ycstei-day. treated arrived in Galveston ycMorda
Ladles whodesroto lit themselves out In I '". '7""' .Y."V'.' ".i 7 .?l .i erton.tiiOBicamor nniinoy ioryoni uruz
S C II o Ini rnmbndinYln "!' lr.1!Ve8L0?ib.r?ld.t:r?! d??f Aborted llnv.
assorted colors Just in at 'Wolfson's popular LO'"' v" "u uu UU80U""' "V clL The Supremo court of tho Unltod 8tatcs yes-
buaiir corner of Main plaza und Aceqnla Whon a LiaiiT reporter visited tho county torday by a majority of one reversed tho
streoi uno iiunureu aim nuy uresses in uu i 1 r r 1'f'"" .V' I juugmoni oi tno Buprumo court oi jussouri.
loscd out nt a eiicn- lower limn ever soiu lie- :""rr i im; w jiu itom i umrmlng
foro for tho sumo quality.
a Jill er wished blm osncclullv to tell bis friends 1 :.ii...i... ii. i .!.... if nf iim m.i ii in
np3-3t that ho was In Jail for gambling and was going declaring Charles F. Krlng guilty of tho mur-
uiad on account of his girl. .wnf Ids mistress. Mrs. Horn Ilroemser. nnd
linnortnnt for llilnlncss Slen. . -.Rlmrltr MnCnll rearrested .T. II. Mnrtln viiistnr-1 rpinnnd(d tho cuso for further proceedings.
i. m.i. .r..i niwi nttnrnnt- f.p 1 1. a I dnv as bis I ondsmcii reported thnt ho was I Krlng has been tried seven times lor the some
collection ot accounts churgcsonlv 10 per cent nbouttosklo. Mnrtln is charged with nn nt- murder and throo times sentenced to death
up m good papor other rales equally reusonn- tempt to murder and was released upon an- aChiuicahua buck namod Peach has been
ui. iNocnariro unless uoueciioiis aro nuiiu. vi ii"i uj uuw ..- i pnntureuot oun uarios.uw uiuxiuo. aim oiuceu
A trial is respectfully solicited. Good rofcr- iutns. in Irons. It Isrecomtnondcd that ho bo sont to
niiei'S irlven Ir reuiilred. Ollico at Dr. G. F. thn nrv Toririnrns forllfofor harborlmr reno-
vnuug s suumcusi curucrui .-nuiii piuzn. o-im i Treotment oi l-uupors in aiiissnciiusetts. gnuos tiircaicning to uuni diiu uunus ugoncy
Shocking testimony has been adduced In tho ? naarlnS 12 ThirieJhSa1 inAiniS
v. i........ ..f n ... o....i lot ir. i. m wiursooi inu uiiiiiirj iiiio iuu luttiiiiifuuioiii. ui tnred tno rescrvat on on raiuruay. uouten.
Ollre Btreet near Sunsot railway for$lS50. tho Mossnchusotts SJpto Alms hpuso at Tows- ant Davis wltn a compony ot inuiun scputs
Houso ol 1 rooms and lot i ur won Lewis bury. A drunken tnuu was kept tour days ln a uu."i"u1 'T . i. . ;i7i V
street near San Pedro nventm. Sltw. ccp unuttemlod and died from neglect: tho I P"!?""'.!.;.-5fS uulu
tiouseanutnn'oioisucor sioyori rencn sia- wiro of tho Superintendent appropriated tho "c' 't00 "u" "
eluding horso and wagon $100(1. bcstolothlng of tho patients; 20 children In ono Jay Gour.u It. S. Hayos Iru H. Evans T.
Itock houso and lot on Tlllctn between Ward cried very night becuusoiof hunger; tiio W. Pcarsall. Samuel Sloan. James A. Darker.
PiTM and Alamo for$220tt. coti3 Wero kopt Inn lllthy condition; ln six F. A. itico ltussell Harding and W.H. Maxwell
crossing for SUO. IW. K. HILTON. in nlms linnso wero d'islntcrrnd nnd sold ; nn tho International railway yesterday. lay
II. Mueller's OIlu5 a dr. wttg ialf of tho tlmo thrown awav President: S. H. Smith Secretary nnd Treas-
8took of artUta' and paliiteru' umtcrlals cm- by the servant to whom It was entrusted. Of uror; W 11. Muxwell Assistant secretory and
of the Galveston Houston nnd Henderson
railway was coutlrmcd and tho payment of tho
principal anu interest on xiaamaju ul uuuub
bracing mntcrlnl foroll nud.wnter color paint- Til children placed In tho nlms houso in ono your H. II. Hnnson Assistant Trcasuror
Inr lend pencil urawitig crayon ami pustcu uuiouu u uui.
painting jioreelaln nnd china decoration I
I'lniiinn iiliotoi'niiihv. wax llowers. decorntlvo I Gortschakoll'a Vnultv.
art. coach painting nrtlsts" lino brushes matho- Vram ti.e Tendon Truth.
Prince GortschakofT who has just died was She Hopes It Will Not llfcnswored.
A lady residing In this village the mother
mntlcnl Instruments ol1 und water color pulnt-
Intr mttrml'lllu- mill ehroitios surniissis llllV
ifey0r't5niu iSAiiSiU&V1ffi " able man but he was secularly vain; his From the Mlddletown Morcury.
elegant stock. Ho has also tho largest and best idea beinctbat no one could write a belter. rVu.i-t. ii.i-i.. ... . t: .i.
isclcctdl stock or picture Inunea iuiu mould- . . . j .v.. u .u. .!.. u U"K"1 ""
logs all sizes over brought to san Antonio uuuaicu nun ui ut i ii.iui- 0iher nieut. ust as sne was puiiinir mm to Deu
which hp Is offering nt extremely low llgures. ln power 0f the serpcnt over the female sex. about the tfheacy of prayer and told him that
"!Jf!S.Kte " III had two sons and when thev were lads if he would ask God for any thine that he par-
Theso paints ln'color and durability nru admit- he was under the impression that each had in- ticularly desired she had no doubt his request
"-""J "" " "V" "ran "i neruca one ot mcse eiiis iur in: useu. 10 cx-j wouiu uc tumcu. iU5 ihueioiui miuiui
and liw supply oi winuow giasa oi uery size i u. - 3 .... . .... . ......
and description Is verv largo llr cnl lng ut hinds. Whenever anv ladv wilh whom he The oraver was never finished for the mother
SOS Commerce street tbti publlo con be pieatk-U ja(j oeen flirtinc left St. retersbure it was the aobast at the prospect of having her house
klUnlehirar thohouo ' ' custom to ask tEe Prince when she would re- ttTtnrd into an orphan asylum lilted the boy
tarn in order to receive the invariable reply to his leet and tuckea mm into oca without
All the honesty of this woild is not to be "I cannot say; she Is no longer under the las- moment's unnecessary aeiay
fonn.l in t)ii-rural districts. The New Or-I clnatinc plance of mv eves." The absurdity I
leans Picivune has found out by sad expert- oi the answer was heightened by the fact that It is a singular thing but the most pleasing
ence that the strawberry raiser is as sharp as the Prince had saucer eyes as dull as those of period of a dentist's life Is when he looks
any other raxor when U comes to driving a la codhth and mat tnesc watery oros werecov- aown in mc mouiu. luucucsicr rosi-tv
keen bargain. erea By spectacles. press
milium uunug iuu ffwii uwi. uioj iu ni
tlon to their largo and elegant stock ot
which aro of a dcslrablo character and their
toilet nnd dress sucquos of all qualities unsur-
passed In thoir lino at prices that will suit all.
In tho dress goods department will bo found
silk sutlns. trimmings whlto goods; also lacing.
rlouons Illusions nnu rucuiuga in iriccs uuu
styles suitable for all. ....
Ono Important feature of this establishment
should bo borno ln mind. Tho houso is dally
receiving now goods in an lines ns tncy appear
In tho market. This week thoy expect tho In-
voice of now dress goods of a very Quo charac-
ter und their buyer reports that ho la for-
warding elegant organdlcsln tho iatestsummor
pntterns. Thoy aro
of tho now Fronch Pattern hats which will be
shlpiied tn them Immediately on their arrival
irom runs. ....
In conversation with a LiaiiT reporter this
morning Mr. Mayer informed him that their
business had oxceedod tho Urra'smostsanguino
expectations. Thoir customers aro pleased bo-
causo thoy havo only ono price for all and
treat nil customors with civility. Wo intend
to do nil wo can to supply tho publlo wants In
our csjieclal lino and to do what wo can to
merit puuna uppruuuuuii.
Everything that is brought here Is consid
ered as solid cash. Restrictions however
ought to be placed on something. This
morning we sw fruit and vegetables exposed
for sale in really respectable houses which
display was damaged musty dried up partly
decomposed and chemically poisonous. The
wholesale dealer is clear and sinless whoever
or wherever he may be; but the retailer
though he may be the loser ought to be made
by somebody dump his rotten wares on the
prairie instead o'l eliminating them into disease
and death.
Greer's Patent Stone Company are now
laying 200 feet of their til's in front of Stum-
berg's premises on Flores street. It appears
to be done in a substantial manner. There is
a thick substratum of concrete then a layer of
cement on which the tiles are placed. This is
their first effort In sidewalking in the city and
its durability economy and beauty will be
closely watched

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The San Antonio Light (San Antonio, Tex.), Vol. 1, No. 1, Ed. 1, Tuesday, April 3, 1883, newspaper, April 3, 1883; ( accessed October 23, 2018), University of North Texas Libraries, The Portal to Texas History,; .

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