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The San Antonio Light.
Vol. I.-No. 3.
San Antonio Texas Thursday April 5 1883.
Ten Cents a Week
timn tiititiiiiiitniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitiiiiiiiiitifliitiiiiitutiiiiiiiiiiiiiitiifiiiiiitiiiiiiiiiitiiitfitiiittififiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitiiiiiiiii2 nun
Call and See tlio "
qj Now Stock of
'0 fl
Hats Caps etc. I
All tlio Novelties. I
Alamo Plaza San
Brilliant and Radiant Oils !
Aro tlio only snfo 110 llro test brand. Thonbovo brands wo guarantee Wo olfvr tho
STKILAIt I1KANJ) of 1IU test yellow oil to closo etock at very low prices.
We also have the Common Low
Which Wo llctiucst
Waters Pierce Oil Com'y
Boots and Slioes
Tlio millions cun bo supplied by calling
on or sending to hcadquartors.
219 Commerce Street
Boots Slioes and Slippers
Holld nnd substantial at BULMVAN'S noted
as tho loudlnir liouso.' Devoted to tbls trudo
J. II. fllKNCH.
(Successors to flco. V. Caldwell).
273 Commerce Street
Houston Street next to Dr. Hcrlt's residence.
All tlio delicacies of tlio bcason.
For Pnrtlos.
Imported wines liquors and clgurs always on
hand. 3-BD-Din
Funerals Furiilshotl With livery Requisite.
SK'Olal attention irlvon to forwarding bodies
connection. Culls uttouded du'y and night.
Antonio Texas f
Bids On flla nX
- - San Antonio Texas
II klro do la Main Plaza
D. (luasso Merchant Tailor.
22fGents' olothlnir rennlrod nnd renovate.
promptly and nt reasonable charges. Addn'ss
Main t'luzn near i iuncn uuuuing win Auiomo
Hen Foum Wafers I Hen 1'onin Wafers I
iX) Coimnoreo street.
For Itent
Half of aliusc coiibUtlnjr of four rooms
wo. ft .Mmnson street uoxt to corner or unr
nun sircoi. i-u
Tlio City Grocery Store 220 Commcrco street
is tlio only iioueo in
wlnos nnd Uiuors.
Approaching Kveiit
Mr. Omienhclmor. a nroiiiincnt merchant o
Knglo Pups innkus an oxpectod uppcuiiiuro In
tlio city tins morning no means ousmees. in
will bo married to Miss Itaebcl Onus next Suiv
If you want tillable Information about
Mexico k'O to Nlo Tcngir bookseller. Commerce
street and purcliaso tho llepubllo of Mexico In
im: wiiu mo uesi ma
all for $2 GO per copy.
Kmliroldered Dressed.
I havo Just received for tlio fashionable
spring season l'O ladles' embroidered dresses
assorted colors which will bu closed out ns
rapidly ns possible ut $5 each. Cull curly mid
sccuron cnoice. iYuutu
Important for lluslness Men.
Mr. Caleb Matilo UKcnt nnd attorney for tho
collection ni accounts cnurKOS oniv 111 per com
1111011 irood miner other rates cuuully rcnsoiiu.
bin. No clmrKU unless collections aro inudo
A trial H rcspoctruiiy solicited uood roier
duces ulvon If renulied. Olllco at Dr. G. V
Young's southeast corner or Main pluzu. 3-lin
A notion Snle
Of city lots to tnko phtco In front of I lord's
hotel Saturday morning at 10 o'clock April 7
ISM. Tlioso lots aro beautifully sltuatod west
of the International railroad depot t ward
No. 2. l'or Information cull at Hamilton &
IHjrnowlty'g F3 Aceqnlii street or .1. A. II.
llosack room it Gurzu building.- 4-.V't
A lture Chance.
Ijidlos who deslro to lit themselves out 111
fiislilnnnblo spring nttlro should not full to In-
spect those lino spring drtwos embroidered In
assorted colors Just in lit Wolfsou's popular
bnzuur comer of Main plum nnd Acequln
Mi cot O110 hundred and fifty dresses to bo
closed out at $5 each-lower than ever sold be-
fore for tho tmmo iiuallty. up3-Ut
To He Offered Only u Short Time by
Cohen Ai KooulBhelin.
12 dozon stilt huts at Ml cents each worth
$2.50 to $3.00.
25 dozen fine wool huts at $1.00 each worth
7 dozen Mexican l'alt hats at $1.50 each worth
!ID' . . .
100 inoro of thoso prcnulno Indliro tiluo tlanncr
sultsjust received by express nt $8.50 wortli
50 dark ciiFslmeru suits at $8.50 worth $11.00.
CO dark ciisslmuru suit ut $11 00 worth $1.1.50.
50 dark casslmciv suits at $.'1.50 worth $5.00.
50 dark cnsslmeru suits at Jinn worth S0 0U.
CO boys' bllio ilannel suits nt $200 worth $:i 50.
100 pairs boys' casslmore knee pants at$l 00
worm i iw.
151 null's
151 unit's Kiutllsh cottoimdo pants at $1 25.
worth $2 00.
silk handkerchiefs nt 60 cents
ruth si CO
Tilts week wo Hirer snnnliil Inducements to
city trade and only uk an Inspection ot tlio
eli.nnof iis5t!uny3iHircltv"
upititf coiikn a: KOKNiuiiMM.
Tim Jury Itender aVordlct Which Sur
prises thoox-Mnrshul
Considerable inteieit was manifested in
the Russell trial yesterday and the court was
crowded. The forenoon was occupied with
an eloquent address by Major Teel in de
fence of the ex-Marshal and the court then
adjourned until one o'clock when District At
torney Evans delivered an address. He
spoke for about five hours dealing with the
various points of the evidence and the de-
fence and frequently made very hard charac-
teristic hits. When he had concluded Judge
Turner summed up the case. Then it was
remitted to the jury. After a half hour's con
sideration tne jury returned a verdict ol
guilty and the judge ordered Mr. Russell into
custody He was plsced under arrest by
Marshal uosltng and taken to the residence
of Captain McMasters where he will be kept
unaer guard until sentenced.
1 be verdict of the ury has taken Kussell
and his friends by surprise because while
there was no doubt that outrageous frauds
had been committed there was an oninlon
tnat tne case was to complicated to connect
iuc uiaiaiiai uircciiy lu uic irauus.
The Government I'lplng.
Marshal Gosling had a writ of sequestration
served upon the Dignowity's for the govern
ment pipe which they refused to allow to be
taken away and ne set men to remove it
under the orders of the court. A suit against
the Marshal was threalened but the matter
has been amicably settled.
Ho Opening of the Templo Until 151.
Temple Beth El which has been artist!
cally re-decorated under the superintendence
of the architect. Alfred Giles will be re
opened for worship to-morrow evening at
7 30 wnen tne Kev. Dr. Loenlhal win deliver
an address upoa the subject "How to build
ana now to adorn a sanctuary.
Jlltton by a Itnttlestiafce.
Mr. James Burns the well known lime
merchant went out about 11 o'clock last night
to the rear of his garden having then his
bare feet encased in slippcri. He was bit
ten by a rattlesnake. The foot swelled rap
idly and tne swelling extended up tne leg as
far as the thigh. Dr. Lowry was called and
administered specific remedies and although
Mr. iiurns is in a very dangerous condition it
is thought that he will survive the injury.
Mr. Burns died from the effects ol the snake
virus this afternoon.
He Stole for Love.
E. S. Walton book-keeper for Sauer &
Smith who is said to be a graduate of liar
vard University was arrested for theft and
placed in jail yesterday. He was desperately
111 iutc wiiu a wuuiau ui uncertain cnaracicr
named Hattie Hunt who stayed at the lira
den hotel and stole $50 from Sauer & Smith
to administer to her pleasure iiattie Hunt
as she is called came here as Mrs. Sheen and
then became notorious. She left last night
lor Laredo.
The City l'hysirlnn's Ofllro.
The question is asked in various parts of
the city as to the nature of Dr. Braunnagel':
appointment as City Physician and why it has
not been confirmed by the City Council
And complaint is made that the present sol
location of the City Physician's office is in
convenient to many persons. Dr. Menger
bad his othces at the drug stores ol Messrs.
Kaiteyer Nette and Drei3. This was a very
convenient arrangement and many seem to
think that all the orhces should be continued
Violating the Mall Lam
A few days since Mr. L. Frank receive
an anonymous letter couched in most insult
ing and indecent language recommending him
to quit business as a saddler or he would b
killed. A similar message it is said was ad
dressed to Mr. Abbott who Is engaged in the
same tine ol business. Uy comparing the
handwriting and from other causes it was
considered that of Mr. Theodore bteubtng
harness maker who lives betweeu Main an
Military plazas and he was arrested yester
day by Marshal Gosling for sending obscene
matter through the mails bteubing who de-
clares that he is innocent was released upon
$1000 bond and the case is set to be heard
by Lommissioner l'asclialon Saturday next
The Telephone Service.
" You ought to give that night clerk at the
telephone office a rub" said Rufe Heatherly
at the Hotel Maverick to a Light reporter.
"It is seldom I get connection when he is on
watch and when I do it is after I have spent
some time In ringing and shouting."
" Yes" said a merchant who does notwunt
his name mentioned; "sit down an him by
all means. They day operators were bad
enough but the night operar is unendurable.
r "' " V V 11 t v t
been vainly trying for neirly an hour and at
.! .;:!. -(-. iu r.
?. ""' vu.m.w.u.i .
Heatherly: and two others made similar com
plaint within the next 10 minutes.
Two Diilat Wmlillnirl.
Mr. John Bell Elwood was married to ML
. . L . .
Alice ary risner at tne uptscopai cnurcn at
Q o'clock this morning. The ceremony was
I conducted by Kev. Dean Richardson and was
vulincf.l hu n . f inilmii frin.u nfdij.
' . . ' ' . .
bride and groom. Two hours later the couple
!eftf0rMNe!5Orleal5' 5JalveSSn d JIoui-
ton. Mrs. Elwood is the dauchter of Mr. J.
rv. r r isner 01 Atcnison Kansas ana tne
sister of Mrs. Charles Brown of this city
whom she had been visiting. Mr. Elwood
came here from New York to become con-
nected with Labatt & Co. and Is a deservedly
popular gentleman. Both Mr. and Mrs.
Elwood have hosts of friends who wish them
long continuation of their present happiness.
Another aulet wedding was that solemnized
at the residence of Mr. EH Cole No. 19
t'ecan street last evening. I he bride was
Mr. Cole s niece Miss Kithenne ratchtng
Mr. Loval F. Gilford. Conductorlon for the In
ternational railway aid younger brother of
Ihe miner and journalist "Giff." The
clergymen officiating at the ceremonies were
the Revs. J. W. Niel and Dean Richardson.
Military Order.
The commanding officer post of San An
tonio Texas will forward to Fort Mcintosh
Texas under charge of a reliable non-com
missioned officer two enlisted men of com-
pany E Sixteenth infantry and recruits J.
N. Crnnin company A and James Ward
comnanv II. Nineteenth infantry.
rirsi iwieuienani 1. u. iyrcs icnin cav
alry is authorized to purchase one unassigned
cavalry horse.
Authority is hereby cranted for the employ
ment at Fort Brown Texas for a period not
exceeding two month; of one wheelwright at
ibo per month.
Kecrult Israel b. Kobeits enlisted by the
recruiting officer at San Antonio Texas is
assigned to troop H Eight cavalry.
Veterans Do Not Die.
From tho Gainesville Heirister.
It has been ascertained by actual guess-
that there arc more veterans In the btate than
there were men engaged in the war for Texas'
independence. Everything grows In this cli
mate. Even a choice bit of scandal will
assume gigantic proportions under favorable
The New I'oatiiiuster General.
Judge Walter Q. Gresham of Indiana has
been appointed Postmaster General by Presi
dent Arthur and the appointment is com-
mented on favorably in political circles. Judge
Uresham was a brilliant soldier during the
war and was appointed to his present posi-
tion ne Tmlfti. nl llif. TlUlrirt rnllrl l.v 1'ri.el.
dent Grant. He is an able man and thor
oughly independent. The appointment was
Kelfer'x Nephew.
From tlio Courier-Journal.
This was in a hotel in the city of Wash
Gentlemen I am a clerk in the First
Comptroller's office. My name is McCord.
I am a nephew 01 Speaker Keller and my
lather rents 18 houses you bet."
You say you are a relative ot ex-bpeaker
Keifer t"
Well I should smile if I ain't. I am his
ntphew and don't you forget it."
"And your lather rents is houses 7"
"Well I should snicker if he don't."
"What on earth does he want 18 houses
for ? Does he rent houses for all of his
relatives !"
'tlloly Moses I you don't understand me.
My father owns 18 houses that he rents to
other people. My father is a brother-in law
of Speaker Keifer. I am his nephew. Let's
all take a drink.'
An Old I-over's Sulchlo.
Herman Nieman a prominent citizen of St
Clair Penn. committed suicide on Thursday
last because he lacked courage. He was en-
gaged to a pretty girl a Miss Bailey and the
marriage was opposed by his daughters. One
of them a widow threatened him with a law
suit for money alleged to be due a grandson
if he married again and his youngest daughter
threatened to desert mm. tie naa once post-
poned the wedding ceremony saying to his
betrothed that he had heard scandalous stories
about her but the source of these stories and
their falsity were proved and the wedding
fixed for Thursday. On Thursday Nieman
was found hanging dead from a rafter of his
stable. His betrothed is dazed over the event
and goes about moaning pitiably. She is but
26 and Nieman was 50 but the affection be-
tween them was genuine. Nieman was so
badgered up by his daughters that rather than
free their wrath he faced death in his des-
peration. The town of St. Clair is greatly ex
cited over tne trageay.
A Curious Atrocity
From the National Republican.
Of all the barbarities visited upon Eastern
women nothing compares.with the inhumanity
exhibited toward a number ol lurkish and
Egyptian ladies recently at Cairo. Lady
Dufferin gave a ball in the opera house and
one of the galleries was reserved fir the veiled
beauties. A thin gauze curtain was stretched
across. The ball was a fast and furious affair
and for the first time the Eastern woman had
a chance to sec how th? Western barbarians
of both srxes conducted themselves when to
gcther. When the dancing began the Eastern
ladies went almost wild in their excitement;
the curtain was torn full uf holes and when
they saw the quadrilles and waltzes shrieks of
InchflllnVil" "Altoh ltxriml" ur YrA ly m
the caUe y. xhere u a world of s. mpat y
"'tween womtn 01 an nationalities
and when
the Turkish ladies saw what an uncommonly
hilarious time their Western sisters were hav-
ing 'hry wanted to be emancipated just a
little jrancya woman observing a lust ball
without being allowed to take part in it and
talk r bout Bulgarian atrocities after that
I Lilly DiiiTenn is making Cairo very gay.
Lord Djflerm is an Inimitable story teller.
and this Is one ol his favorites. When he
I came home from Indk t be married in ar-
' riving at the little ""V station a ireund
tthere he was to git nit there was no carriage
to meet him. He got into a common launtin?
Mrt Mwver arm going along asked the
driver il there was any news. .'Not bit"
he responded "except tlut pretty Kate Ham-
ition is to m ny tnat ont:yeu uuncrin"
Some Notes uf Current Styles nnd Fash
ions lh.t Cannot Full to be
of Interest.
Opportunities I'reaented In 8 in Anto n
for tho Good nnd Kconomlcal Dress-
Inc of the Fair.
Tho lmportnnco of dross to tho fair fox Is an
admitted fact and In thoso days It is equally
Important that n lady bo dressed not only well
tint us clicanlv us circumstances will admit.
To meet tbeso demands is tho aim of Messrs.
a. Jiavcr v ons unci those who visit their
handsome store at tlio corner of Commcrco
and Navarro streets will find all that thoy re-
quire at prices that will suit their purses.
iiunnir mo wcok .nosira. a. .Mayer x eons in-
tond oirerlnir tho rollowlmr ill tides at such
prices as cannot full to command a ready sale.
and those who need them are advised
as when they aro sold thoy cannot bo d 11 pli-
cated nt iiiiythlnir llkn tho low lliruro at which
tnoyiiro iiowouoreu.
for ladles anil children of irood nualltv. will ho
oircrcd nt from 1U to M centB per pull-. Thoso
nru worth from 25 to 70 cents per pulrand aro
wuriu cuiisiucnuiuii.
Quo iiuallty ull pure linen at from & toW cents
which cannot bo purchased regularly for
A beautiful assortment uf ties llschtis col-
larettes. In ull Htylcs and shapes of tlio nowest
patterns at from :to to J1H upiocc. For vurlcty
stylo and quality thoy cannot bo surpassed.
In bund baits satchels lenthor nnd shop hairs
n various assortment is offered ut CO cents 011
tho $1 otr tho usual prices aiid'nn oxcellent op-
portunity Is presented for outulntnir articles of
this character.
A now lino of parasols wilt then bo opened.
Tli oso are fresh and now and in all the admired
styles and will bo sold ut prices varying Irom
25 cunts 10 i22. A lino brocade silk parasol will
do ouercu at J 1 wuusi an extra la mo twill bilk
parasol will bo attainable for (3 CO.
Tlio ladles' underwear department Is well
stocked with (foods suitable lor ull persons of
any position. They draw particular attention
to chemises which aro marked 40 cents M
cents 7.1 cents and $lwlilch cannot bo equalled
ut tho price.
uro ottered nt CO cents and upwards and irowns
ut an iiniiffiiiaiiiu prices. 111 corsets expeiienco
bus taught them .
WHAT Till! I.Al)li:S WANT
and thoy havo tho brands that nro sought for
cities. There 1
Iliiinboo. and tho ccfebmted Warner corsets.
Ladles should see thoso utid examine their re-
spective advantages.
A irood lino of linens and towcllnira ran 1m
seemed. They tnko prldo lu their assortment
wnicu is unuquaiicu in price una quality. All
linen towels of superior quality nru sold us low
us SI " per dozen. They cun lit una household
: U pa household
Kiiciicn or uar-room wiiu tneso articles ut such
a prico as cannot full to bo satisfactory to tho
Tabid cloths of all dualities mid imtti'rnn. In.
cludiuirtliu celebrated sllvci-boidurod Turkey
Curtnlnlnirs of nil kinds nnd nunlltles nro now
on oxlilbltlon Incluillntr lace Nottingham
embroidered nnd tuinii iaco curtains nnd nro
marked ut low flirurus. r.vcrylhlnif obbiln-
ntilu In a irood linen homo will bu found
Theso nro
which Messrs. S. Mayer & Sons otr or to the cus-
tomers durlni? tho week but thoy draw nttcn-
tlon to their luriro uud elctrant stock of
which aro of a desirable cliaracter uud their
tollot and dress saoquos of nil qualities unsur-
usei in inoir nno at prices tnat win suit all.
w tlio drefs sroods duimrtiiient will bo fnnml
silk satins trimming white goods; ulso lacing
ribbons Illusions and rucblngs lu prices ana
styles futtnblo fornll.
Ono Important feature of this establishment
should ho borno In mind. Tlio house Is daily
rccuimiu iiuw KiHiujn mi hiius ns luoy uppeur
111 tho market This week thoy expect tho In-
voice of now dress goods ot n very lino charac-
ter and their buyer reports that ho Is for-
warding elegant organdies In tho latest summer
patterns. Thoy nro
of tho now French Pattern huts which will bo
shipped to them Immediately on their arrival
xrom I'tiris.
In conversation with a r.ioiiT roportor this
morning Mr. Mayor Informed him that tholr
business had oxeecded the firm's most sangulno
expectations. Their customers nro pleased be-
cause thoy havo only one price lor all and
treat ull customors with civility. Wo Intend
to do all wo can to supply the public wants in
our esiieclnl line and to do wiiat wo can to
merit publlo approbation.
A Hootbluclc With a History.
From thoQulvostotiCorrrospondcuuo Houston
There Is o little bootblack In this city who
has quite a history. He is an Egyptian by
birth is li years of age and is known famil-
iarly as Mike. Several years ago he was sent
t Jerusalem to be educated and while there
his mother who was a Christian was mur-
dered by a roving band of Arabs The revo-
lution headed by Arab! Pasha came on and
the boy wilh his father who Is a very old
man continued to make their way out
of the country and reached Marseilles.
Ihey wandered afoot through France
went to England and finally shipped
from Liverpool to New York. From that city
the two set out afoot and after three months'
walking reached Galveston a few days ago.
The boy commenced blacking boots on the
street and by his bright face ready wit and
the que:r looking fez which he wore on his
head attracted many customers and accumu-
lated money enough to buy the old man a
basket and a stock of fruit and nuts thus set-
tling him in business and now both are hard
ni worn ine ooy although only II years
old. speaks English French Spanish and his
native language quite fluently and. being a
qu-ck-wllfed Tittle fellow constantly ente
tins lUteners with the story of his adven-

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