The San Antonio Light (San Antonio, Tex.), Vol. 1, No. 5, Ed. 1, Saturday, April 7, 1883 Page: 1 of 8

The San Antonio Light.
Vol. I -No. 5.
San Antonio Texas Saturday April 7 1883.
Ten Cents a Week.
iiniii3 miiiifitiiiitiifiiiMiiitiiitiiiiiiiiMiiuiiiittiiiiMiMiiinitiiiiiiMiiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiMiiitiiniMiiittiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit
We Have the Handsomest Slock of
XX jQ.
Ever Opened
I Alamo Plaza San Antonio Texas.
siiiiiH nitiiiiiitiiiitattiaiiniiiiiitiiiiiiitiiiiiiiiiiiiitiiititiiiiiititiitiiitiitiiiiiiitiiiiiiiiitiiiiiiiiiiiiiittiiiiititiiiiiffiitiiiiaitiiiii
Brilliant and Radiant Oils !
Arc tho only safo 110 flro tost brand. Thonbovo brands wo guurantoe. Wo otTor tlio
STIILLAlt Hit AND of 110 tost yellow oil to closo stock nt very low prices.
We also have the Common Low
Which Wo Request
Waters Pierce Oil Com'y
Houston Street noxt to Dr. Itcrf! 's residence.
All tho delicacies of tho Benson.
For Parties.
Imported wines liquors and cigars alwuyson
hand.- 3-Sftflm
D. Uuasso Merchant Tailor.
VSTOentB' clothing repaired nnd renovated
iroruptly und at reasonable charges. Address
tfaln Plaza near French building fan Antonio.
Fnnernl Furnished With Kvery Requisite.
Special attention given to forwarding bodies
to all partsof tho Unitud States. t3r7"Telcphouo
connection. Calls attended day and night.
To. lie Offered Only a Short Time by
coiien Jioeuigneim.
12 dozen still hats at 50 cents each worth
52.50 to $3.00.
25 dozen flno wool hats at $1.00 each worth
7 dozen Moxlcan felt hats nt $1.50 each worth
JOOnioro of thosogenulno Indigo bluo llannel
Bulls Just received by express ut $8.50. wotth
60 dark casslmoro suits at $8.50 worth 811.00.
50 dark casslmeru suits ut $11 UO worth $13i0.
50 dark casslmero suits at 1.50 worth $!i.oo.
SO dark casslmoro suits at $1 CO. worth SO 00.
M boys' bluo tlannol suits at S'iCQ worth S3 50.
J00 pairs boys' casslmoro kneo. pants at $1 00
worth $160.
150 pairs English cottonado pants nt $125
worth 1200.
55 dozen nil silk handkerchiefs at 50 cents
worth $100.
This week wo offer special Inducements to
city trade and only uvk an Inspection of tho
above Imrgulns to convlnco you thut you can
buy clothing or anything olso In our lino us
cnoau in us as in any ensrern any
Hoys' Clothing
Ono o.f tho largest stocks In tho city can bo
found lit J Josko & Sons' Alamo pltizu. 3-20-tf
If you want tollable Information about
Mexico go to NIoTengg booksollor Commerce
street and purchuso tho llcpubllu of Moxleo In
all ior $ J 60 per copy.
ISS: with tno licet map oi our sister itonublle
X to
in this City.
Bids On fuT'oi V.
San Antonio Texas
Ladles and gentlemen to canvass for books
and alliums. Agents making thrco dollars a
uuy. .ippiy nc-io west commerce St. room v
Merchant Tailoring.
Cohen & Koenlgholm keep tho finest lino of
Imported and domcstlo iroods. Thev havo tho
best cutter and workmen In this city and tholr
prices nro uiu lowest. j in guaranteed or no
sale and all they ask for Is n trial. Kcmemhor
tno place wj and an .Main l'lazn. np2-tf.
Now Groceries.
: low Fitions AND i
SUM.ENUKIIOEU 3c Harris 407 Houston St.
Hamulus I lliilmiuia I
Carload at Armstrong's. i-6-tt
If You are Buffering
From torpidity of tho Hvoror constipation of
thu bowels try u bottlo of Hepatlzlne Dr.
Tobln's great liver medicine. Every bottlo
Is guaranteed to you and your monoy refunded
u von uru uui Biiimucu.
For buIo at flavin's drug store nnd by C
Desirable ltauches For Sale.
25000 acres with plenty of stock for $100-
120 ucrcs In lloxar county for $1.75 nor ncro
.kaj uercM o iu lies u'um iuwu near duii An
toiiio nvcr ror j.'uuu.
W. E. Hilton
203 West Houston street.
For Salo.
Two wnll tonts. 11x10. with ilv of 10 ounce
duck In good condition. Inqulro at No. )
rresstt street. 4-utt
For Itont.
A house with six rooms and collar. Apply to
firs ueiuer on nonu riorcssircoc. i-o-uc
Two good hands for dress making; ono that can
cun worn iiuiton-uoics. air. uunioru -i at.
Mttry'B street; 4-u-st
Sltnutlon Wanted
A young lady with oxporlonco and roferenco
would like n situation us book-keeper or any
onieo worK. Address -u tins oiueo.
ltullrond Tickets
llought sold and oxchauged at my olllce in
Thompson's book store 1107 Commorco street
Itoduccd rates to all points.
4-0-lm W II. lUUNETT
Save Money I
Ily going to Armstrong's for your fruits and
prouueo. no Keeps mooesiai iowcsi prices
Forruplo nnd qunrd ruplo sliver plated
wurogoto tho Trustee sale 221 Commorco
Biicei. t-o-im
Just llecelvcil nt Jonko's.
youths' ready mado clothing (Jail and seo
tiiem. u-zu-u
Tbo finest lino of plpeo goods for tlio spring
una summer iu uo lounu in mu duuoiu
Vancoabt & Son
ltullroud Suits
A snecialty at J Josko & Son's Alamo street
uour postolllco.
It mi in a For Kent
At 15 North Florcs street.
1-5 Ot OH. XT J McClow
Items Gleaned In the Hotel Corridor ami
From Various Other Source.
Mr. Norlnir Dairies. Postmaster of llolotcs. Is
la the city.
Colonel J. D. Morrison Is n truest at tho Cen
tral liotol.
Judzo Turner has irono to Austin and re
turns on Monday.
Dr. Frod.M. Ilurleson. of San Marcos. Is at
tho Hord liotol.
Colonel Ilolknan has Qualified as Aldorman
for tho Fifth ward.
M. J. A. Allen of Austin nnd Mr. J. C. Snlll-
an. of Custrovllln. aro registered lit tho Hnrd
Scnnr llosondo flnrnln. Webb Countv Asses
sor arnvcu una morning on tnc Lurcuo iruin
ana Is at tho Hord liotol.
Mr. w. Hoswell Sterling has lctt tho city to
tako u Mexican tnur In tlio Intorcst of tho
Alamo Aiusio bouso.
Judgo Stayton Colonol John 11. Jefferson
and tlio Hon. Yv. II. ilurgcsjuro among the
guosis oi too .Monger notoi.
Miss Jcannotto Frclss won tho irold rlnir tliut
was milled at .Madame liona ason s dancin?
scnooi last evening oy u tlirow of 40.
ltov. Jerry Holinos Pastor of tho Now J.lght
rco Mission Ilautlst church has returned
from Oalveston. where ho has been sncndlnir
u iow wocks witu nig nimuy.
Iteport of tho Ilrlttsli Association "nnil De
nial of the Alleged Troubles.
Tho Ilrlttsli association hold another of tho
fortnight sociables lust evening In Btruve's hall
which was woll attendod and was In evory
wuy satisfactory. Vlco-rrcsldonl Henry
Itydcr-Tay lor presided and was supported by Mr
John llcaumont acting as temporary vlco-
I'resldcnt. Hccitutlon and songs woro well run-
dored by Mrs. Lord Miss Hunt Mr. Henry
Hvdcr-Tavlor. Mr. John lleniimontMr. J. Iord.
Mr. J . W. Crate. Mr. A. I. Thompson. Mr. A.
Thcakston and Mr. Harries. Tho proceedings
ciocu wuu mo ungiisu imiiiodri uuiuem.
tiio i.imiT is requested to swto tnat tuo so-
called trouhlo of tho Ilrltlsh association has
been magnified from a "inola hill Into a tuouti
lam ova eontomnorurv. Tlio only rounds
tlou for It Is that Mr. It. U. Symington accused
tho olllccrs and council of dereliction of duty.
This tho olllcers umnhatlcallv denied nnd one
of them moved that Mr. Symington be rcquos-
icuioeunor wmiuraw or provo ins cuarges
This was carried nnd Mr. Svintnirton was nl.
iowcu n iorinuriu ro uo eiinor mo ono or ine
other. Two olllccrs tho Financial Beorctary
and ltocordlnir Sccrctarr. Incensed at thu un
founded charges tendered their rcslgnatlonbut
inoy navo not. yet ocen iicecpieu anu it is ue-
uevcu mat tno resignations win ue witn
drawn at tho noxt mectlnir.
Russell's Case
Tho motion for u new trial in tho Itussoll caso
will bo made some tlmo noxt week and If not
successful tho cose will be takon to the Su
premo court on n writ of error. Meanwhile
ex-Marshal Itussell walks our streets plaoldly
in cnargo or a guaru.
Who Is IllghtT
Tlio Express defends Its artlclo upon Judge
Evans and whllo admitting that It was In error
as to thu sceno of Its lutorvlow with District
Attorney Evans It contonds that Its
roport was accurate and assorts that
Judgo Tumor denies having mado any state
ment to tuo LiniiT commissioner upon tao
subjeot. All tho I.taiiT has to say upon tbo
subject Is that tho ficts reported vestordnr
wcro rocoivoa irom juuge'iurner Mr. uuval
Iloall and District Attorney Evans the gentle
men wno neuru unu saw an mat occurred.
.Moroover Mr. uuval Ilea l states that tho
I.tnilT rcnort Is correct and ho so Informed the
Exnross renrescntatlvo when hu saw him von-
terduy. It certainly seems rory Strang o that
a reporter who does not know accurately where
certain statements he heard woro mado should
boabloto recollect Hulnctly tho statements
said to have been made In his prcsonoo. No
ono sunDOses but what an Innocent mistake
has boon mado by tho Express and the least
sum aooui it tno Dottcr ior an concerned. Tuo
correction published In tho I.miiT was simply
mado In tho Interests of those who hud been
Officer Ferris reports that tho lirldire lo-
twoen neivin unci rocos street is in a danger
ous conuuion
Tho Federal court has adjourned until
Monday ut 1 p. in. when tbo criminal docket
win receive aiicnnon.
SlirnorJoso Gomez has a llcenso to innrrv
Slgnora Anita Rodriguez. Eight llccnsos wore
issucu uunug ine wcok.
It Is stated that Slirnor Carlo Tjimonl. who
"borrowed" Mr. Frank Funning'sgold chain is
rusiicuimgin i.ampasus.
Tho complimentary ball to Colonol It
u suiuvun numu to-nignt ut tno casino prom.
lees io oe a grand nuuir
Tho case against W. W. Walllnir. for selllnir
ullcgod lottery tickets was continued this
morning in justico Adam s court.
Tho colored peonlo's mass mcei
arrangements for tho emancipation festival
lanes piaco lo-mgut in tno iiccoruor s court.
The llexar Lodge No. 57 A. O. U. W. meet
to-night lu tho Fireman's hull to consider tho
question of amalgamating with tho Milam
A uanlno has recently had four pups sired
by a uog that lias hail Its tall amputated
Straugo to say two of the pups wore burn wl th
out tans
I In tho United States court yosterday Frank
Auams n painter was senieuceu to uuiiuys tin
nrlsonmont for opening letters which did not
belong to mm.
Flro persons were fined by tho Itccordc
tins morning tno nnesumountlng to $23. Four
cases wero dismissed nnd ouo continued. Most
or tuo cases wero ror being drunic
Tlio store of T. I). Lelirhton. on South La.
redo strcot. was burglarized vestcrdnv. Mr.
I.clghton l'ortunalcly arrived In tlmo to dlstuib
me uurgiurs nnu prevent much loss
Tho suit of the United Statos ugalnst O. L.
Dlgnowlty and others to condemn 1II2U.100
acres or inna near tno unverninent depot now
occupies tho attontlou of the District court.
Tho Alamo Lltorary society moot to-night
In Mr. John II. Copeland's olllce nt 8 o'clock
to consider the iiucstlon of amalgamation with
tho Sun Antonio Literary -and Dobatlng 80-
In tho sheen contract suit nf Ttnlierrx
Howard vs. Philip Palmer tho Fodoral Jury re-
turned u verdict for $is321 tho full amount
claimed by tho plaintiff. Tho defendant will
Sorgcntit Itotorts of tho Eighth Cavnlr:
I band has given several exhibitions In Soliol'
Z1 i.... ZU?! SXl"&.K .? .VJ?.'";
locust wood. Tho notes aro of a oleur metal-
llo nnd pleasant character
Telegraphic Advice Indicating that It U
Flooded by Water.
Shortly after 11 o'clock a tolegram was rc-
cetvod by tho Merchants' Uxchango convoying
tho Information that no spot cotton wns sold
In Now Orleans to day on account of heavy
"Tho city must be Hooded" said Mr. Stcpbon
Gould Secretary of tho Exchange. "All spot
cotton sales nro niudo ludoors by sample and
tho bales aro kept under cover. If tho ruins
nro so heavy that dealers will not go out water
must be deep onough to float a flat boat."
iiy li o ciock in mo morning irom waj io w
bales of cotton are usually sold In tho Crcseont
A break In tho loveo has boon foarcd for
soma tlmo and tho effect or tho rains may be to
wash this levee away. In tho event of such an
occurrence tho ensuing damage would bo al
most incalculable ami mignr bo attended witn
no Inconsldernblo loss of life. Another result
might bo the changing of tho course of the
river nnd tho cutting of a channel several
miles distant from New Orleans.
An Iiiiportnnt Discovery.
Thcro Is no process of decoration that Is
mora oxtonslvclv used In the Htato of Terns
than kalsomln and it has long held tbo entire
sway. Its reign Is howover now superseded
by tho discovery of u preparation which Is
culled "Alabastfno" and which Is now being
extensively used iu tho city. Alabastlno (s
iivpiirvu it uo used in mu Bililiu Wll) aim ior
liosamo ntirposcs as knlsoinlno. but it hns a
bot'er llnlsh. Is mora durable and Is much
cheaper moreover It can bo applied well by In-
porlcnccd persons Tho Htato agents for this
valuable preparation aro Messrs Vail ic Do
Velre of East Houston street who nro selling
Alabastlno In largo quantities to tbo trade and
to tho general public. Thoso who havo used It
speak highly of It.
Provisions of n Constitutional Amendment
Prepared by tlio Senate.
A constitutional amendment has been pre
pared by the Senate which provides that one.
fiurth the revenue derived from the State
occupation taxes and a poll tax of $l on every
male inhabitant o( the State between the ages
of 31 and Co years (hall be set apart annually
for the benefit of the public free schools and
in addition there shall be levied and collected
an annual ad valorem Slate tax of luch an
amount not to exceed 20 cents on the $100
valuation as with the available school fund
arising from all other sources will be sufficient
to maintain and support the public free
icnoois 01 tnts btate ior a period 01 not less
than six months in each vear. and the Lecls-
lature may also provide for the formation of
scnooi districts witnin an or any ot the coun-
ties of this State by ceneral or special law.
without the local notice required in other cases
01 special legislation and may authorize an
additional annual ad valorem tax to be levied
and collected within such school districts for
the further maintenance of public free schools
ana ine erection 01 scnooi buildings therein;
provided that two-thirds of the qualified pro-
perty tax-paying voters of the district voting at
an election to be held for that purpose shall
vote such tax not to exceed in any one year
20 cents on the $100 valuation of the property
limitation upon the amount of district tax
herein authorized shall not apply to Incorpo-
rated cities or towns onstitutinc separate and
Independent school districts. An election for
the adoption or rejection of the amendment is
to be called for the second Tuesday in August
The State Senate proposes to adiourn next
The State tax acreed on bv the Legislature
is 35 cents
The Star Route trial and the Teannette in
vestigation are fixtures in Washington.
Articles of impeachments have been drawn
up against the defaulting tax collector of
The sale of the Sabine road to the Missouri.
Kansas and Texas was confirmed by the
stocknoiaers yesterday.
Three cases of small-pox have occurred in
uit" "u acvcu 111 empire .iiy rvansas
Eleven new cases are reported in Nashville.
Henry Watson alias Black Diamond and
James McLaughlin had a prize light 17 min
utes long in JNew York yesterday. The for
mer won.
Yesterday was Confederate Decoration davi
It was observed in New Orleans by the laying
Of the corner stone to the monument oi the
Army of Tennessee.
A destructive cyclone lifted a passenger
coacn irom me 1101 opnngs ana Malvern rail-
way and carried it some" distance down an
embankment Saturday
The Committee on State Affairs has been
directed by the House to consider the pro-
priety of sending commissioners to the South'
em Exposition at Louisville in August 1884.
Glbbs from the Senate committee on State
Affairs has reported bgck the bill ceding pro-
perty in Dallas to the United States Govern-
ment with a recommendation that notwith
standing the Governor's veto it be passed.
Interest continues in the nitroglycerine dis
covcries in i.onuon. ine newsnaners there
endeavor to connect the arrest oi the four
dynamite prisoners with the advice of O Don-
ovan Hossa to Irishmen to burn up everything
English except their coal. Featherstone one
of the three men in custody at Cork for carry-
inn dynamite claims to be a citizen of the
United States and says he had placed his case
uetore the United btates consul
Now spring clothing and hats Just in.
Pancoabt & Son.
It is said that the fashion in swearing is
changing. Let us hope the new styles will
bring us some word that will prove adeauate to
the situation when a man's suspenders break
while he' waltzing. Cotton Pott.
Some Notes of Current Styles and Fash
ions that Cannot Fall to ho
of Interest.
Opportunities I'resenteil In San Anton
for the Good nnd Economical Dress-
ing of the Fair.
Tho Importance of dross to tho fair sox Is an
admlttod fact and In thoso duyg It Is equally
Important that a lady bo dressed not onlv well.
but as cheaply as circumstances will admit.
To meet theso demands Is tho aim of Messrs.
S. Mayer & Sons and thoso who visit tbclr
nnnusomo storo nt tno comer or Commerce
and Navarro street will find all that they re-
quire at prices that will suit their purses.
During thu week Messrs. S. Mayer Ic Sons In-
tond ottering tho following articles nt such
prices na cannot full to command a ready sale
and thoso who need them nro ndvlsed
us when they nro sold thoy cannot bo dupli-
cated at anything llko tho low figure nt which
tnoyaro nowouoreu.
for ladles nnd children of good quality will bo
oirercd at from 10 to 50 cents per pair. These
uru worth from 25 to 75 cents per pair and aro
worth consideration.
fluo quality all puru linen ut from 5 toSO cents
which cannot bo purchased rcmilarlv fur
A beautiful assortment of tics llschug col-
larettes in alt styles and Bluipes of tho newest
patterns at from 3c to $12 uplcco. For vnrlcty
stylo nnd quality they cannot bo surpassed.
hand n.uis.
In hand bags satchels leather and shop bags
a various assortment Is offered ut 50 cents on
tho $1 oil thu usual prices and on excellent op-
portunlty Is presented for obtaining articles of
this character.
A now lino of parasols will then bo opened.
Thcso nro fresh nnd now nnd In all the admired
stylos and will bo sold nt nrlcoa varying from
25 cents to 422. A flno brocade silk parasol will
bo offered at $.1 whilst an extra largo twill silk
parasol will bo attainable for $3 50.
Tho ladles' underwear department Is woll
stocked with goods suitable for all liersons of
any position. They draw particular attention
to chemises which aro marked 10 cents 50
cents. 75 cents and $lwhlch cannot bo equalled
at tbo price.
nro offorcd nt 50 cents and upwards nnd gowns
Ht all imaginable prices. In corsets oxperlcnco
has taught thorn
nnd thoy huvo tho brands thnt nro sought for
und npproved by general wear In tho .Northern
cities. Thcro Is tlio
tho notod "Automntlquo" tbo Dtagraphlo tho
muuuuu. unu iuu euiuuruwu numcr corsets.
Ladles should sco tbeso and examine their re
spective advantages.
V good lino of linens nnd towollmra can bn
secured. They tako pride In their nsHortmcnt
which IS unoqunllcd In price and quality. All
lhion towels of superior quality aro sold n low
as $1.25 per dozen. They can lit up a household
kitchen or bar-room with these articles at such
a price as cannot fail to bo sutlsfuctory to thu
Table cloths of all miiilltlen nml imttcrn. In-
eluding tho celebrated silvei-bordored Turkey
Curtalnlncs of all kinds and nnalltles nrn now
on exhibition including luce Nottingham
embroidered und tuped luco curtains und uru
marked ut low figures. Everything obtain-
able In a good linen homo will bo found
These aro
which Messrs. S. Mayer & Sons offer to thu cus-
tomers during tho week but they draw atten-
tion to tbclr largo and elegant stock of
which aro of a desirable character und their
toilet and dress sacqucs of all qualities unsur-
u cu in inoir lino iu prices inut will suit nil.
11 tho dress goods department wilt ln rnnml
sua Biiiiiin. irimmingswiiuo goons; UISO lacing.
ribbons. Illusions and'ruchlmra In nrieen nmt
styles suitable for all.
uno important leiuuro or tnts establishment
should bo borno In mind. Tho house Is dally
receiving now goods In nil lines as thoy appear
In tho market. This woek thoy expect tho In-
volco of now dress goods of a very lino charac-
ter and their buyer reports that ho Is for-
warding elegant organdies In tho latest summer
puttcrns. Thoy nro
of the now French Fattern hats which will bo
shipped tn them Immediately on tholr arrival
from Paris.
In conversation with nl.iniiT reporter this
morning Mr. Mayor Informed him that their
business had oxceedod the firm's most sangtilno
expectations. Their customers nro pleased bo-
cuuso they havo only ono price for all and
treat nil eustomors with civility. Wo intend
to do all wo can to supply tbo publlo wants In
our csjieclal line and to do what wo can to
merit publlo approbation.
A Flnoo for a I'leusant Time.
A pleasant time is anticipated at Peter
Jonas' garden to-morrow. In the afternoon
there will be a concert and shady promenade.
In the evening the band and dancing platform
will please the visitors. Refreshment of all
kinds and of first quality will be served in the
A. Forged Check.
Mr. C. Igil secured judgment in the District
court against the San Antonio National bank
for the amount of his deposit which the bank
had paid upon a forged check and the San
Antonio National bank obtained judgment
against L. Rouvant Io whom the forged check
was paid Mr. Rouvant having received it
from a customer.
How to peml n l'leusnnt Hour.
The San Pedro iprings park will be opened
to-morrow and visitors can there walk or sit in
the shady groves by beautiful flowers and the
flowing river. The full band of the Eighth
cavalry with silver instruments will be In
attendance and perform a choice selection of
music. Ltqur ana cigars of lirst quality will
be served nn .h rZZu a Z ui.:"
veration or promenade with a friend can be
en! wed there. 1 R

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