The San Antonio Light (San Antonio, Tex.), Vol. 1, No. 6, Ed. 1, Monday, April 9, 1883 Page: 1 of 4

Vol. I.-No. 6.
San Antonio Texas Monday April 9 1883.
Ten Cents a Week.
tiling liilliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit iiiiiiiiinniKMiiiiiilii MiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiMiiiiiiiitiiiiii MitiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiSniiii
We Have the Handsomest Stock of
Ever Opened
I Alamo .Plaza San Antonio Texas. I
iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!iiimiiiiiit tiiTiiiiiuiuii tiiiiiiritiiiiiutt
Brilliant and Radiant Oils !
Aro tbo only Bnfo 110 flro test brand. Tlionliovo brands wo guarantee. Wo oiler tlio
STKLLAK I1UAN1) of 110 tost yellow oil to closo stock lit very low prices.
We also have the Common Low-Test CHESTER JMtAND
Which Wo Request Bids On SS'W'S'i'fi:
Waters Pierce Oil Com'y - - San Antonio Texas.
Houston Rtrcot next to Dr. Hern's residence.
All tho delicacies of tlio season.
Freiieh Gooks-Europcaii Pian.
For Turtles.
Imported wines liquors and cigars always on
band. 3-20-3m
El Sastro k la lain Plaza.
D. (iuasso tlliTcbnnt Tnilor.
tSOents' clotlilnir repaired and renovnted
iiromptly nn . at rcasouublo charges. Address
lulu Pluzu near French lmlldlnir Saii Antonio.
IT uueruls Furnished 'With Kvory Koqulslte.
Boolal attention riven to forwarding- bodies
to all purtsof thu United StaU8. fWTulcpbono
coiinootlou. Calls attended day und night.
To He Offered Only n Short Tlmo hy
Cohen & Koeiilglielni.
12 do.on still bats lit 60 cents eacb worth
$2.50 to $3.00..
25 dozou flno wool bats nt $1.00 each worth
7 dozen Me j leu n felt huts at $1.60caelii worth
100 more of tho.e genuine Indigo blue tlannel
.suits Just received by express ut $8.50 worth
CO dark cusshuoro suits at $8.50 worth $11.00.
HI dark casalniero suits at $11.00 worth $1X50.
50 dark cusslnierc suits at 1.50 worth $5.00.
50 dark casslmcro suits at $1 00. worth $0 00.
50 boys' bluo tlannel suits ut $200 worth $;j 50.
100 pairs boys' cusslinoro kneo pants at $1 00
worth $150.
150 pairs English cottonado pants at $1 25
worth 52 00.
55 dozen all silk handkerchiefs at 50 cents
woith $100.
This week wo odor special Inducements to
city trade und only ask an Inspection of th
above bargains to oonvlneo you that you rail
buy clotlilnir or anything olso In our lino us
cheau of us as In any eastern city.
aprUtr Cohen Ic KoKNiniii:iM.
Hoys' Clothing
Onoof tbn larirost stocks in tho city can bo
found at J. Josko Sc Sons' Alamo plaza. 8-29-tf
If you want reliable Information about
Mexico it o to Nin Tengg bookseller Cnuinierru
street- and purehaso tho llepybllo of Mexico lu
18S2 with tho best map of our sister ltcpublie
all tor $3 50 per oopy 4 6-tf
0 i
o i
& I
cn 5
in this City.
Wan toil.
Indies nnd gentlemen to canvass for books
and ulbuins. Agents mnking threo dollars 11
clay. Apply at 20 West Commorco St. room 2
up stulrs. 27-3-tf.
Merchant Tailoring.
Cohen ic Kocnlgholm keep the finest lino of
Imported nnd domestic goods. They bavo tho
best cutter and workmen In this city and thulr
prices uro tho lowest. A lit guaranteed or 110
sale and all they ink for Is a trial. Itoiuembor
tho place 300 und .111 Main Plaza. up2-tf .
New Groceries.
: low r kicks and j
BU...ENUKIt(IBtt & IlAHUIH 107 HollstouSt.
Hummus Hummus!
Carload ut Armstrong's. 4-0-tf
Now goods at Pancousl Ic Sou's for surlnir
and summer lust In. '
If You aro Suffering
Fiom torpidity of the liver or constipation of
v. i ";""-' uumo ui iicpiiiiziue nr.
'Inhhi s trreat liver mediolne. Every bottle
......... w ...u uuujuur wuuoy rciuuiicil
If von nru not satisllod.
ror suio at ciuvln's drug store uml bv C.
Schassu. :i-i.m
Desirable ltauclini For
i.OOO acres with plenty of stock for $100-
) acres 8 miles from town near Sun An-
tonio rhor for $?000.
. . w- Hilton
208 WcBt Houston street.
For Hale.
Two wall tents HxlO with lly of 10 ounco
duck In good condition. Inquire ut No. 23
Pressa street. 4jtr
For Kent.
A liouo with six rooms nnd eellar. Apply to
Sirs. Deltler Bll Noi tb Flores street. 4-0-lit
Jtallroad Tickets
liouglit sold nnd exchanged ut my olllco In
Thompson's book store 307 Commerce street.
Kcduccd rates to ull points.
1-0-lui W. II. IlAUNETT.
Host linen duck vest for $2 50 nt
Suve Money I
Ily going to Armstrong's for your fruits and
produce Ho keeps tho best ut lowest prices.
For ruplo nnd (uard ruplo silver plated
ware go to tho Trusteo sale 221 Cominerco
Pleoe (roods by tho suit or ynrd for spring.
Just Received ut .Tfirn'.
A largo assortment of Bents' boys' und
youths' reudy mado clothing-. Call nnd Isco
Tho ilnest lino of plcco (roods for tho sprlnir
and summer to bo found in tho Stato at
I'ancoast & Son.
He flood l.iici!ih to Note It.
Mr. Park Doe mnnufaoturlinr jeweler and
v..4....v. ..... ...ui iuii. in uiu cioro 11111
Couinierco strcot where ho will carry on tho
Jwelor. Dhllcult work and line cnifruviiiir n
Hliitl!llt 1. 'PtiuUi itrie r-.t.ti ..11 n' .l.
Statu solicited nnd satisfaction Kiiurantcpd.
Park Doe 211 Commerce street. Sun Antonio.
Now shrliis clothing- lind bats JiiSt In.
inivii.. .tn.w
A very clinleo lelectlon of "Sailer Lcwn Ic
Co. Zclirlor ilros. and niuirlu. Iluiim i Co.'s
v-.-..... ut..w iiuiiiii uiiu Duiif-n iii uii styles unit
Castle. Konts' lurnlshlnff storo on Ahuno
Colonel llurke Addl e .nr. the IrUh Nntlmi-
allnts In the Casino and Impcachcx
the I.iikIIsIi Government
lie Describes the Kuglliiti Measures of
lteform for Ireland as n Shiinio
and Fraud.
Tho first Krand b ill or tho Irish Nationalist
Boclety was held In tho Casino on Saturday
ovcnln?. It was In a im-at measure compli-
mentary to Colonel It. O. S. llurke the Irish
uifltator who was Invited to address the meet-
Inif. At tho appointed hour for tho nddrc.s
7510 p. mthcro were only a few persons present
so It was decided to postpono tho uddress until
II o'clock. In the meanwhile visitors Kradually
arrived nnd at tbo hour named thoro wus u
fair attendance.
Proremor V. T. Ainos huvlnif Introduced
tho lecturer Colonel Ilurko aroo und was re-
ceived with cheers. Ho suld that tho position
ho occupied that night wns that of uttorney
fortho dorenco. Ireland was niatlo the dofon-
diint who was her accuser? How does she
appear 'I What claim linn sho upon your devo-
tion ? Is sho thoroughly human and Impar-
tial? The wires dally brought Intelllgeneo lmeaehes the honor und illgnlty or bis
country. How Is this und who is the author t
Ireland does not certainly accu-o herscir Eng-
land then. I mean the English Government
must bo tho accuser Ireland has no dllllculty
with tho Hngll .h people. Tho English people
especially tho ortlzaus uro lovors or liberty. It
Is the Government who misrepresents Ireland
England says that Ireland Is uuthilft un.eru-
pnlous iHwsbkSOd of no sentiment or honor
and civilization and unless she accepts ber
teaching humanity will record u great crime
ugnltist progress and Ireland will be u blot
upon civilization. Unless she docs this Eng-
land says that sho will bo compelled to report
to ulterior measures. What Is liberty ? What
Is progress ? Whutls civilization f IsKimlund
the soul of these and possessed of all tbo vir-
tues or tho loth century ? lias Ireland suerl-
tlecd any dominion In
Has sho scattered death and desolation over tho
lilalnsof India? Iiolund lu hnr liimiM.. .
circumscribed as sho has been by England has
made duo progress In tho march or civilization
hut sho has devoted her zeal to tho culturo of
no noil r i oinousiung u wun virtues tliut an
bostllo government cun never crudlcuto and
building h honor.ibk stricture thuf stnndsas u
iiiiiuiiiiiK Bpveiueiu in an inicrosicu world.
Englann says that Ireland Is chronlcully dis-
satisfied that no ineusuro of Justlco und pnelll-
cutlon that sho can ortcr will over su'lsfy Ire-
land in luet Ireland will not lin untimir.ii
What has sho dona? England has fouml mp-
puiieis uuiy oiin iiiiiung cievcrnna uiionteii
men ono of thoso l'nifwor John Hall says
inav -leiiuiu uaaiiu uueagiuii lor compiailll DO
cuuso the wrong and grievances have been
effaced. Sneaking of tho church teniiior.ili.t
act of 1-33 ha points nut that tho cstubll .hod
cnurcu wus roiiuccu ny iwo nreiiiusiiops Eight
blshons und other uu rch diunltln uurl tlw.l
salurlennbnllshed. Ibe fumls b.lui. applied to
tho orcclloh of churches and Increased salary
or the clergy." True but tbo euuio amount of
tiixailon wls druwn trim the iicople. Hull
says Parish assossiuout was got rid of but It
wus In this way. tho Irish neoulo nuid the n
Iimillon nnd tho few got more. Tithes tho
S4U10 wrner says wnien was tlio souico or
ncurly all the organization ugltntion nnd re-
bellion or the Period by collision of tlm neor.l
with the tithe proctor tlm agent for tho col
lection oi lyincs wus a griovuueo iintlL Purlla
Instead of collecting from the tenant direct tho
tltho was imposed us a rent charge upon tlio
land lord who was allowed t'0)rer cent to col
lection out. i no inc. is toe tenant sun paid the
tltho but InBteud or paying It to tho tltho proo-
tor bo paid it to tho landlord in tho Term or In
creased rent. Pusslng io the much rutin.
td church dls-estubllshment Introduced
wmcu inoBp-iiKeruistineuy uranil us u pro.
nouneed sham. Thowrono. Hntl mlnitta ftr..
land then sustulned exists In this day and
wus novor removed. It has only ehanged Its
name. Instead of tho Irish estahllshud nhiireh
there Is tho Irish Coiumleslon which draws up-
wnuin ui vijvvaiv u .in uiu peopiu. r.ngiunu
claims that sho has Lrlveit Ireland ilw imiirtt
und now nil men in Ireland can vote but It la
iii'uctthutout of .500000 people oulynbout
l?-'o0 aro entitled to vote. This measure Her
Majesty's Government say Is einphatleully lib-
eral. I say the ballot act Is u timid because
thero Is not an ollleor of tbo Government who
cannot say bow any naitlcular person has
voten nuu negavo an uiusiiiiiiou or how this
was done. Another Impcuchmciit he mado
against Mr. Gladstone was tho Land net. Ho
did not object to any tiling for tho amelioration
of the condition of his uurortnnata country
but ho had seen so much uncertainty and cor-
ruption under tho guib or England's friend-
ship und generosity that ho must bo excused
for u tardy aeecpatlon ol tlio Tow merits it was
alleged to (losses. Statesmen luvo always said
liiu ii.miiu una Bunnell lUJUSllCU llllUer pro-
Vious government but undor the present gov-
ernment ull Injustice Is Kl.t?
20 years henco will my tho same thing. As fur
as tho laud question was considered ho would
brlelly sum up tho wholo Issue. Bo long us tho
landlord element wns allowed to pass judg-
ment upon to bo Judgo of Improvement und
.uuuu mu luiuiiuuii ui uiiuii improvement
could ever bo expected. Tho Ilright elausos
ullow the tenant In bur his tunnertv tr ! ..
satlsrytho Ijind Commission of bis ability to
pay tho given sum lu it certain time but tbo
buiiiuiiFBiuii is composeu or mo land-
lord element and cau It bo expected
that be will bo able to sutlstx the
tho landlord It ho does not deslro to Imvo tbo
property purchased'. The tenant tins n rlo-h. t
compensation tor Iniprovements but the vulu-
uiion u ion. io mo innuioru element und ho
fulls to get Justlco. Tlicsoonactiiient8glvo tho
landlord dominion over tho poor nnd leaves tho
land laws as barren of Improvements hs tho
other measures whloh Oladstono has brought
forward for tho so-culled benetlt of Ireland.
There weromany things ho would llko to huvo
said but. tlmo forbade it; ho must ask Indul-
gence while ho roforrcdto Mr.Purnoll. Charles
Stowurt Pnrncll had been accused or being it
domugoguo- tho sorvuut or tho crowd-In fact
avorythlng that wns uncomplimentary; but
they could not make him forget tho duty ho
owed to Ireland In l'arlluinent in America or
olsowbore. Actuated by tho spirit or his
maternal grandralhur Admiral Stuwart.whoso
voice In tho Irish Parliament was over raised
HHuiiisi. oiiprcKsion anu wrong no passed on
with con. intent zeul and energy to see uro tho
best remedy for tbo L-rlnvnnei.u nr i...i..i
The Government has accused him of lielng
V; "v. n iiu pairiutisni uu. no HUIU
distinctly tliot Churloa Stminit l..r.w.ll l7.l
novor swerved Troin tho consistent ooiirso ho
hadudoitod. Ho had many other things that
oould bo securod by dlplomatlo notion but ho
cindldly Ucolured that ho believed no broad
incasuro of Justlco would bo given by tho
English Parliament. It would rcuulra more
argument thnn tho loglo of fact more force
tiiun wunis insecure justice lie deprecated
Wlir. hilt If there hn tinntlmr lnrini- nf -inirini-
Justlco ho was constrained to say no other
niicriium c iiiiui nu npiK'tii to arms jiui incro
was nt present no armament und Irishmen
could only work uud wait. Ho emicludfd by
raying that if ho had said anything to secure
loving people of America ho wus well repaid
ror his visit.
Attho conclusion or the speech dancing com.
moneed nnd wns continued until u lalo hour.
Tho ladles wcro Tor tbn most part prettily
dies ed uud tho wholo nl.ulr was of n pleasant
character Among tho ludles present were thu
Misses Minnie anil Ellen Johnson May nnd
Addio IJiHnn Ellu Wulsh May liarl Mamlo
Day of Galveston Miss PtiNuuery nnd tlm
Mesdatnes Karl John Ilrudy II. Carter and E.
Smith. McAllister's baud performed tbo ex-
cclleut danco miislo during tho evening.
The City OMIchkls Alnko Interesting He-
parin llpiin ltecelptn nnd Work Done.
The Publlo WoW her reports that he has col-
lected $IU. during tho month of March mado
tip us follows: Threo hundred and soventy
loads at 2f cents per load $;(.u0; 125 loads coal
at 10 cents per load $12.50.
City Attornor S. (1. Newton reports that bn
collected $.1111.75.
Enill Oppermnnn Sanitary Policeman or the
west side for -March reports 15U residents
cleaning premiss and his part or tho city lu it
healthv condition
I.. Eberluird Sanitary Policeman reports
having served HO notices on residents In his dis-
trict to clean p'cmlses.
; C. V KiiFSl Street Commlnsloner reports it
Ilstof good tools uud recommends tlio sale of
tho worthless ones the cost to repair being
more than t ier wore worth. N'iimir.i.ur iii.
tirilht lintiled. 1153.
linen uommiKsioner r. G. Iluutrcss enst
side as per resolution or Alderman Iiekwood
recommends tho opening of a drain ditch on
Grand avenue from tho Madro ditch to tho
river. Ho received 37U house applications for
II. WHklns Ditch Commissioner west side us
nor resolution or Alderman I.ockwoo'1. submits
his reply giving it mil list or all tlio water
buyors and an accurate description or thu
ditches on tho west side lie lvp irts all tlio
bridges und private ditches well tnUrn -nrn ..r
by tirivato parties; also that tho bridge of the
San Pedro ditch in rcasnnublo good repair
rt-n Pedro ditch number of hour nf wi.r
sold Hi at $1 per hour. Tho numhorot hoursof
water sold on Granjenn baueh or tho Alazan
ditch Is threo hours ut $2 60 per hour; tho
number hours water sold from tlio Hipp branch
of Alazan ditch 15 hours ut $2 50 per hour:
Convent brunch upper Ijibor ditch 15 hours ut
$2; branch or tho Convent running to thu
residence or W. It. Story 11 houiURt $2; totnl
miuiuei i.i ii uira i nun iiiu npjier ijioorimcn
this year. 1:18 hours at $2270.
Number Ot hours of water from tlm AlnT.iii
ditch branches tor las:'. 11 hours ut $2 50 prr
hour. $102 50. Total mimtioro. hours rrom tho
San Pedro ditch and brunches for 188. ;10 hours
Cost of clearing und keeping In repair tho
said named ditch with a new steno wall and
water iruto nt tho San Pedro springs to guard
against freshet wns $2111 75.
Amount expended on upper Llbordltch nnd
branches $2u2 ITi.
Amount expended on Alazan ditch $250.
Items (Helmed In the Hotel Corridors nnd
From Various Other SoiircM.
Mm. .lames of Aiiatlu who hits been visiting
.m. uuu iiiiuiKii uu. reiiirneu notno.
Tho cnrlv marriugo or Mr. John Outtcrslde
Is expected.
Mr. McCiilu of Andrews' und hls'son u new
arrival came In last night.
.Mr. Ilcektuan wns seen taking an oxtunslvu
rural rldo yeeterduy.
Mr. lien Aent Justlco or tbo Pcnco Som-
ut set Is bore. Ho reports a complete lack of
business lu his olllciul capacity.
Old 11111 Williams or Atascosa wns doing
tuiui i.mui- uubiiiubb euny tills IllOrillllg Oil
tho plaza.
Mr. (1. C. Wharton trom Georgia Intends
wttling In biisiiiiii.s In San Antonio. Hois
uouiiccteu wun mo soiiiiifrn i.xprcss com
pany Macon Georgia.
Mr. C. II. Ilatimhorger tho gonial book-
urciieriorjiessrs. r. iviutcj'or s Hon has ro-
tiuueu uuiuuiruui uu o.xieuucii visit lolloerno.
Miss Ella T. Denton. diiurhtor of tlm Kmw.n-
lliteliilent nf tlm Anutlii I i.lln li ' i. ..
guest at tho resldeneoof Mr. Frank AlcC. i'ow-
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Rchram lenvo for Now
York during the month ot Muy.
Mr.Judd of tho flriii of Judd A-Zcrklo; him
ui in new iiiiui ii inp iiirougu i.avnccu una
woll nnd Gonzules counties.
CaptulnS. Tutllc of lrlois agulnlntho
Mr. Julius Wairnor. Into nnitiniKtni. r 1.
dlnnola Is In tho city und propose to locuto
Mr. J. It. Mcrrvllehl. of 1) dins. Sniiilwi.r
Passenger Agent of tho Ohio and Mississippi
mllroud Is In tho city In tho Interest of bis
Captain U.S. Hiidsiieth Deputy Rherilf of
iiiiiMiuiii nun ur. ir. ii. rosier Biicrttr or
Medina county uro at tho Central
Mr Glllls County Surveyor of Medina coun
ty is a guest ui. mo ventral.
Mr. S. K. Wiseman tho well known sheep
man or Utvonilu Is at tho Central.
Mr. M. Jones n prominent merchant or
Gulnosvlllo Is in the city for tho benetlt ot bis
iieiutn una win romam ut tlio i lord hotel Tor
bomo time.
ThO rOVOrtinriltlnir tnrinia n Tt ffnt
Nouiiyn street this inoriilug announced that
Mr. Charles Augustus Campliell the "Iovy" or
tho Alamo city hud returned homo.
3Ir. rrunels II. Foster of the Gcrman-
Ainerlcau bank Austin is at tho Monger
Lieutenant II. F. Kendall U. 8. A. returned
from Iloernc yostntduy and left ror Fort Clark
this morning. Ho wus iiceompanled by his
step-father Mr. JJ. F Dane ot lloerno.
Mts. Lawrence Jacob of New York who has
been visiting nor son's ranch at Oakvllle has
returned t- tlm Menger hotel.
General Jumcs Craig M. O.. of Missouri has
returned from his Western trip unit is uguln
air. una Mrs. A. w. Kood nnd Miss Toboy of
r .i ' . 188 1H"!"1 "' r. HQ-skill
or Chicago Imvo returned from an oxourshui
to Mexico and uro again ut. tlio Monger hotel
They wcrp much pleased with Monterey unci
enjoyed tho trip.
Out On the Spreo.
Yesterday was u glorious day. although rain
was threatened und tho citizen were out In
largo numbers. Several phniloa occurred thu
springs wits largoly resorted torortifashlonuhlo
promenade und in tho ovonlng Jonas' und
Hommer a gardens wore well patronized.
A Journalist's Opinion of the Itepiiblla
iiiooriMi .Irenes In Aloiiterey.
Mr. F. A. Unix stsff enrresimnil..nt nf tl.r.
t'hlludolphla Pre. aceomnnnlnil liv lil.nmnn.
ucnsls his niece. Miss L. W. Parry nrrived
irom jiionierey yestorday.
"What do you think of Mexico?" ho was
nsl. ed last evening.
u 'vt'ri I'""f ravorablo I can think" ho ro-
plled. "Its destiny is grandeur. Isn't thnt
what you wroto of it? Imilto concur with
Kir. and though new Is fast being supplied
.VrV... W-Ai i . .7.... r .i ' r 11 rnpiu pi-o-
....... ... nmii" i iii-i ocviiory can no sur-
passed nowhere. Tho cllmato is saluhrloiu.
I ho railway lino to Monterey Is superior to nny
1 .1 I i ii f. " ""l-'ie.MOJ IS UCSIlllCU III
''i''".1"1"1' " "f American tourists
instead of Europe. People havo already
'i""m tot "' here r "1l"ro "'
lytno ease. Aside from the historic it'ttrac"
t ons mo uenuiirui scenery tho cllmste and
Item of oxiwnsowlll enter largely tutu thl)
This as you know is but a moiety of of
a trip to Europe.
"I was delighted with Monlqrey. Many
were Ihp characteristic Moorish iccnes 1 wit-
nessed. and Indian blood has bad a good r-uVet. " Wlui"
.. . 01 ;" lie nskod.
thief nhyuys.' That cannot lio said of tho Mox-
liain. Tho Spanlnnl lu .Mexico whetheror high
or low class does no work and Is rather re-
rngresslvely disposed but tho Indlan-llcxleuu
Is Industrious tbrirty and progressive
Mr. lliirriuid his nloco started for Chlhiiuhua
this iiiornliig.
Mr .Stculitilng Appears Itefore the United
States ComiiiUsloiiers' to Answer Ills
Tho caso against Mr. Stoubblng charged
with sending threatening lotters through tho
mill was part heiird by Coiiiiulsslonor Georgo
Paschal this morning. Mr. llmokctt was culled
to prove that ho had recel cdu certain hill In
the handwilting or the nccused and Mr L.
lniiikiinpeared to provo recoilit by mall or
puo or tho letters upon which the prosecution
Is based. Intlioeourso or his evidence Mr.
1 1 ank was asked by Mr. MaoAndersou ir ho
saw tho accused put the letter In tho mull
upon which houiiswoivd "No ho would havo
been a fool to Imvo let mo seen him do It."
( tlier w tnessos were eillcd und tho court
then adjourned until 3 o'clock for produc-
tion of an experts testimony on comparison
of the anonymous letter with the admitted
writing or the accused.
The.lury Decide Against the Govorniimnt
and Delay or Prevent Military
Operations Hero
Tho Important suit or tho United States Gov-
ernment ugaltist unknown owners or 1BKM0O
acres of land was decided on Saturday In tho
iiwar.ts'C0U J"ry l"kl"f tlu following
Adam's & Wlekes for 2H acre lost? $1530.
$l!i'i0 J '" ! hnproveincnt
$31100 H"Jrr' hU8e' l0t nnd '"'Provomcuts
L. Frank and wife two small lots $1000.
h. J. Dlgnowity Tor block or lots seven
'f;;'"t-?iIlU.ur.'lcru und rirlmpmVjl
incuts. 'Uu. streets arc closed mid $1800 per
nero ullowed for them. '
The Government required this property slt-
nted near tho military hoiMlqiiartorg for t m
new military depot barracks elo.. ami were
w lug to pay $1500 per ucro. Thlsdeclsi.m
will retard and probably provont tbo build tf
or tho proposed quarters.
Tho Crop.
Mr. Charles Seabaiigh iinslsUint mnnugcr Snn
Antonio branch of tho Livo Sto -k Journal
fels yestorday. Ho reports that tho wheat
crops en routo are looking remarkably well
'.'JV ."'"rV'0'. 01 ls slrllf' "I' i'i n fcitlsmetory
way. The runners ure in many cases ulaiitliig
wheat in soil that last year grow eotU 1 1 ii id
the result proinlsos to bo very satlstitctory.
-Tho Ilnest llnct of custom mado boots nnd
J boos are now exhibited ut Sheets. C.irrevou
Castles gents' furnishing store on tho Alumo
Phiai. 4-0-tf.
Ohlatt Wants to Compete foe the L'hniii-pionshlp-
I'rollts or .Smticgllng l-'ood.
Louis Oblatt who has succeeded Henri Auv-
my us chief waiter at tho Hotel Maverick is
disposed to doubt that tho latter Is as able a
waiter as ho claims to be. " I will bet $25 "
said be "that Henri can't take 15 orders or
curry threo glasses."
!!9S.iyou trrj' thrfcrdozen glasses?"
I? O yes hut not theso glasses: theso am
too heavy. Iloro Is tho way 1 do It ' Then tm
arranged nlno glasses In his left hnud and
showed how ho could nmiou tier or 18 " in his
arm. "If i heso wore lighter I could got 30 I
ray arm nnd hand" ho said.
"I would like to got up a contest fnr tlm
ntm "tnkin1 tS? '
.'i10 .lrUcd States exc!ci t one a fe low
nt tbo Palmer house in Cliloago i d " beilevo
IiOHls rubhnd a plute energetically for half a
minute ond then nervouslj " 'May bo ha
wn nranlbusatthoDeIinoHl6i" 5 0 .
!!-rrei."c"m" 1 wns H'lnking about."
"Whutls an omnibus?" """
wS"""11 thcro wero 40 ksTind So
Louls'uttomled to thu wnnts of a imrrr nr
but they did It by sniUKglltig
Smuggling " fc'
'!JJt2V'ta PlcheckS
ted ou thenY. lint bu0" ui.mSnV'Vh'o
1 ciishh r's stand wo would coiie" iii n ehlek?n !?
Kane other artlclo in u napltlr mder our rm
uud the cashier wotud'ut ask us for mi .
' tur It. I xm m lit tlfree moatha thia

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