The San Antonio Light (San Antonio, Tex.), Vol. 1, No. 7, Ed. 1, Tuesday, April 10, 1883 Page: 1 of 4

The San Antonio Light.
Vol. I.-No. 7.
San Antonio Texas Tuesday April 10 1883.
I Ten Cents a Week
iiiimC MiiiiiiiiuiinitniininiiiintiiiuiniiiiiiiiiiiMiiiiiMiiiiiiiiiiitiiiiiiMiiiiitiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiMiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiii3 mill
I ft
We Have the Finest Stock of
Boots & Shoes
Ever Exhibited in this City.
I Alamo Plaza San Antonio Texas f
1111113 Riiiiiiiniiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiniiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii:iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
Brilliant and Radiant Oils !
Aro tho only suro 110 flro tost brand. Thoubnvo brands wo guarantee Wo odor tho
STELLA It 1IHAND of 110 test yellow oil to closo stock nt very low prices.
We also have the Common Low-Test CHESTER BRAND
Which Wo Request Rids On LTaR?
Waters Pierce Oil Com'y - - San Antonio Texas.
Houston Street next to Dr. Horn's residence.
Alt tho dolicaclcs of tlio season.
For Partlos.
Imported wines liquors and clears always on
band. 3-29-3m
To lie Offered Only 11 Short Time by
Cohen & Koeulglielm
13 dozon still hata at DO cents each worth
$2.50 to $3.00.
25 dozen fine wool hats at $1.00 each worth
7 dozen Mexican felt hats at $1.50 each worth
100 more of those genuine Indigo liluo llannel
mitts Jtiat received by express ut f 8.50 worth
CO dark casslmero suits at $8.50 worth $11.00.
50 dark eiiHslmcro suits ut $11.00 worth $l3.r0.
ISO dark eusslincro suits at $3.60 worth $5.00.
50 dark casslmero suits at $t 00 worth $11 00.
Ml boys' blue llannol suits ut $200 worth S3M
100 pairs boys' casslmero knoo pants ut SI 00
worth 51 ISO.
150 pairs RiikIIsIi cottonado punts at $125
worth $2 00.
S." dozen all silk handkerchiefs ut 50 cents
worth $1 00.
This week wo offer special Inducements to
city trade and only ask an Inspection of tho
above bargains to convlnco you that you can
buy clothing or anything else In our lino as
cheap of us as In any eastern city.
Just Itucetvett ut Joske's.
A largo assortment of (tents' hoys' and
youths' ready mado clothing. Call and see
them. 3-2U-tf
'Will' be received ut this nlllea until 12 nVlnnfc
Monday luth IneUint for tho painting of sov-
cral hrldgos over tho San Antonio river.
Spcclllcatlons to bo had on application to this
""'ce. J. ii. I'iiench jJiayor.
By E. 1. Claudon City Clork.
April 0 1003. -0-0t
Property for Exchange.
A houso and lot In a cunt nil location for ex-
change for n ranch worth $1000.
A doslrnble plceo of property In llocrno for
exenango ior cuy propony worm $JOUU.
100 acres In Kerr county and some monoy fcr
u kuuu jnuuu vi uuy prupvny
08 West Houston street.
lie flood Enough to Note It.
Mr. Park Doe trnnufacturlng Jeweler and
cngruvor has taken part of tlio store at 211
Coinmorco street whero he will currv on tlm
business of a manufacturing and repairing
juwuior. jiiuiuuib wum aim uno engraving a
specialty. Trudowork from all parts of the
htato solicited und satisfaction guaranteed
l'ark Doo 211 Coinmereo street Sun Antonio.
Announcement KxtraonlliiHry.
Our customers and all doalers in sheet muslo
and muslo tiooks aro respectfully Informed
that wo havo bcon appolutod solo agtnts in
Texas for all publications of S. llranards' Hons
(Cleveland und Chicago) and nrojproparod to
furnish tho trade and professionals with (roods
at Kastorn nilces. Our stook Is soon to bo In-
creased by tho addition of 4000 pieces of shoot
nuieiu aim a j mi imu ui mi sio lOOK not now in
thlsmarket. l'rlccson application. Our pianos
organs and mineral merchundlsn timl.niuiui
Tuning and repairing byu tlrst-class workman.
uruers buiiciiuu.
Alamo Mukio House
SSO Commorco street Ban Antonio
Ladles and gentlemen to canvass for books
mm in nil iiih. Agents making three dollars u
day. Apply at 2.) West Commerce St. room 2
To ltent:
Two nlco rooms In a lino location; (rood water
uu a luruo yuru. no. uj norm Lurodo street.
Illno linen shirts at $1 25.
4-10-2w 8. Dectsch & Co.
Now Groceries.
: i.ow nticES and
i rnojiPT deliveuy. :
Sui.i.ENHKHOEii Sc nxuius 107 Houston St.
llluo ovoralls and jumpers for railroad men
l-10-2w S. Deutsch Ac Co.
Steam Lnundrv.
Tonont & Van Den llurgh will opon April 21
Oramres. Lemuiia.
Dates and nuts fresh car load Just received at
lror Side or Kent.
An elegant flrst-class piuuo utmost new
Apply at thlsolllco. l-10-3t
llovs' Clothlntr.
Ono of tbu largest stocks In tho city can be
found at J. Josko Sc Sons' Alamo plazu. 3-20-tf
The Alamo Steam Laundry.
Will bo opened on or about tho 1st nf Mar. rnr.
ncr Market and I'asn streots near Mill llrldgo.
juiim iiuuoe rropriotor
iiunuimst Uananasl
Carload at Armstrong's. 4-fi-tl
Tho llnost lino of ilooo goods for tho spring
I'ancoabt & Son
For pure California wines und llnunm vnn
uiustgo to tho City Grocery storo (Jommerco
siroci. K. AI1KA11AHS.
S. Deutsch Sc Co. offer to tho publlo still
Kiuaiui uiiiKuiiia iimuoycr uoiore.
Tho boss CO cont. IJulbrlggan undorshlrt at
4-10-2w s. Deutsch i; Co.'s.'
Tho llncst lino of French cordials Just opened
up at tho City Grocery storo 220 Cnmmereo
"CCl. 13. AllltAHAMS.
Fur Kent.
A houso with six rooms und collar. Apply to
0110. i'ciuui 01 annul r lures sireei. 4-lMit
Kullroad Tickets
Ilought sold and exchauited ut my olllco Ii
Thompson's book store 307 Commorco Btreet
lteduci'd rates to all points.
4-0-1'n W. H. IIAKXETT.
The best 15 cent bloaehod drawer at
-lo-"w S. Dbutboh & Co.'b.
"v 1"Hu"'i iuuii. uuuuiis lemiets
oriinifes. A larKOiirrlviilattho City (Iroccry
..wiou AAllAHAJIS.
New styles In straw hats at
i-io-2w a. Deuthcii & Co.'a
Huve AXoner I
Ilyirolnif to Armstrong's for your fruits and
Forruplo and inmrd ruplo silver plated
. unu mm; m.i vumiuorco
l'leco goods by tlio suit or yard lor spring
Pancoast & Son
Hsiidsomo castlmero stilts at $7 DO $8 50 and
f. utumoi a: uo.
New spring clothing and hats just In.
1'ancoast & Son.
Tho bf st $1 shirt of Wnmsntta donipstlo.
-IO-2ir S. DlKlTHOH ii CO.
A very eliolco selection ot Hullnr. r.nwln
Co. olglor llros. and .liweph llauiii & Co.'s
custom mado boots and sIioph In all styles and
shapes uro now offered at Sheet Carrovon Si
"'"i mou luruisiuiig storo on Aiamo
More Light Upon Mio Troubles of the
Ilrltlshersnnd Chelr OHIcera.
Editor 8an Antonio I.ioiit:
San Antonio March 0. Tho Times persists
In making damaging statements against the
Ilrltlsh association and In saying that which Is
not true. In tholr llrst article they magnldcd
tho matter presenting a llttlo truth with much
tlctlon. At my roquost you wero kind enough
to correct tho misstatements of that paper In
.uiuiuuj smsuu uiHKiiign piain uuuinorougli
Ivnccurato acoount of tho so-called trouble.
i enieruuy mo rimes rcpcaiou Its mlsropre-
outatIons. aad added others to thorn. i:itlmp
somoono has fooled their local or thoy aro
inlsropresontlng matters deliberately at the
instigation of other people; and It la clear that
some member or tho association has broken
tho laws thev havo wade. This will bo on-
OUlredlntO. In tlm mrnntlmn Int inn aiiv tl.t
Mr. It. C. Symington's charges havo no founda-
tion other than that which will arlso where tho
olllcors havo for tho most part to work for their
nun uiuuu. no association nas over nau bot-
tcr. tnoro ctllclent nr tnilllalrlniia v.iliintr.-
ofllcors aud tho attack made upon them ought
iiuci iu imvu ueen niano aiiuougn ilr.
Hyinlngton had a porfoet right as a member
in uo u. no oouui no Hunks no is In tlio right In
his accusation t.ut I can toll him thnt in la
wrung aa iuo association will uo on ITiday
The i Times prcdlots tho breaking up of tho
Bssoelatlnn. Tlio Times ns usual Is wrong.
iuu nsauciiiuoii nas a urm rounuation und lias
llono much irnnd. Tin utul inl..
have too much irood aenan to nlmti.lnn m nun.
elation which promotes sociability of their
tuuiimiriuis who aro mornocrs unit which can
c-ounsol and aid Ilrltlsh immigrants who arrive
utiu iiiuiiuiess aim unanown
Mbmhkk IIiiitihii Association
This letter la from nn nlllr-nr nl .nlni. ..r
niu iii iuisii unsocial ion wno nas a praet'cul
lu-iiiuiuiuiieo wini iuo working ot tho nsso.
c atlon.
.Mr. 11. C. Svmlneton hna tlm r imiT
iY 'r was not no uut tlio oniccis'
ll Inilect On of dlltv. that lina rnuru.rl tlici Ihrinkl.
Ill the Ilrltlsh association tin iri ihnt uu
cuiiiiniiini nas goou grounds and this ho will
irrutuui iuo next meeting oi tno association
Tho I.iaiiT publishes tho nbovo at tho rcuuest
oi tlio parties concerned und Is thoroughly
Impartial In tho whole controversy. It has
uldod tho Ilrltlsh association as all others that
aro lor the public good. Tho Ilrltlsh assoriutlon
Is n good one aud has been of conslderablo
servlco to Ilrltlshers and It Is to bo hoped that
tho slight differences now existing will bo
uiuiL-uuijr tiriuiigcu.
Items Cleaned In the Hotel Corridor and
From Various Other Sources
Mr. C. M. Van Itlnoh. atnnkinnn. nf tMj
county Is In tho city on business.
Messrs. L. A. Franks and M. Uenuvldes etock-
meu ui x ieiisiiiuuu uro ui mo ueiurai.
Mr. P. C. Wndsworth. son of Colonel Wads
worth of Iloerue Is staying at tho Central.
Mr. E. F. Musson a prominent stock man of
Centre Point Is thogucstof Mr. Harry Ihtuui.
Mr. J. II. Znnono reprobcntlng tho clgur
house of Ohio Ac Co. of St. l.ouls Is vljltlng
tho city In tho lntorcst of bis Arm.
Mr. und Mrs. Udo Ithodlus havo roturncd
from a trip to Monterey. Mr. Ithodlus reports
that ho Is alike dolightod with tho business ho
.has dono and tho scenery that ho has viewed.
Mr. Crawford of Somorsot came In town
this morning wllh a heavy load of llvo hogs.
Pork was gottlngscarco in tho city aud ho Is
tho man waptod.
Mr. A. L. Sbarpo recently clork In tho Inter-
national trainmaster's olllco here has been ap-
pointed freight and ticket ugout ut Jewott vlco
J M. Daniel transferred to Palestine.
Mr. A. Carey hallh . 'rom London England
arrived yesterday. At1 er resting ho Is going to
prospect. Mr. Carey Intends entorlng tho
sheep buslnoss. Ho la staying nt tho Contra).
Mr John Kinney farmer of Elm Crcok was
in town yesterday and sineo ho got that tro-
uicndous kick In Stumberg's yard ho has uevor
felt bettor. Ho reports his crop In good condi-
tion. llov. John ltoss tho founder of Itossville
camo In slowly this morning bringing with
him his eldest son who had his urm badly
fractured by falling from u horse. Itulsuig
stock Is not all wit aud humor.
Mr. Peter Sutton tho boss corn producer of
tho Southwest arrived last night. Ho
grumbles at too much moisture In tho soil for
growth It has produced palo and sickly plants
and even at this lato hour ho does not know
but he will have to replant.
What Light Commissioner Saw ut the
Trustee's Dully Sales.
A LiaiiT commissioner this moruhigdroppcd
In at tho Trustco'B salo on 221 Commerce street
which Is now conducted by Messrs. J. C. Elliot
& Co. tho well known auctioneers or Chicago.
He noticed that tho goods offered for salo wero
really of a first class character comprising
trlplo und quadruple silver wuro and cutlory
mado by Hogers Smith As Co. Simpson Hall
Miller A; Co. Now York Silver Plat company
and William Hoirora & Sons. Ilrorf mnwin'
bio article In silvor ware and jewelry was of-
uicumiu cum tit imeea Wll oil U) call All-
toplons was simply astonishing Tho Lhiiit
readers should go for thoraselviM niui an tlm
quality of goods offered and the prices at
nuiiit iiiuj me num.
Recorder's Court.
Judgo Callagliun had a slim attendance bo
fore him this morning. Tho chargo of vagrancy
against Mr. Wattes was brought up. Lawyer
Ctiovallor sustained tho chargo with consider-
able foronslo ability but tho Judgo dismissed
the caso on account of tho rebutting ovldenco
of plaintiff's sickness. J. 11. Taoplng had a fight
whloh cost him $5. James Harvln wus proved
to bo drunk on tho streets; tho 15 lino made him
loon ouu .nr. oiiuivan me nas no initials) and
Dave Davis wero drunk and down and tho
business tact In which the Judgo mulotedthem
In a $5 lino has never been surpassed In this
city. Ignacln Garcia for bolng drunk and dis-
orderly had to pay 15. No Jurisdiction being
found In tho Peek caso It was transferred to
tho Justl'io of tho Peace court. Total amount
of fines $25.
Clom II. Cotton lately of tho firm of Kamp-
mann Sc Cotton builders and contractors will
oontliiuo tho samo business on his own uo-
eount. Notlco will hereafter bo given of his
new location.
Ous. A. ICampmann will continue tho ash
door and blind factory und will alfo continue
tho contracting and building business at tho
old stund on Nacogdoches street 4-(HJt
Of Receipts and Kxpcmlttures of the City of San Autonlo From the
unry to the Slat Day of March 1883.
To balance on hand January 1 ' $
io amount received rroin uconse tax
To amount rocolved from ad valorem tax k
To amount received from seelal ad valorem tax
To amount received from school ad valorem tax
J o amount received from fines In Itecorder s Court
To amount received from markets
To amount recolved from boot black licenses
To amount received rrom public scales
To amount received from delinquent tax payers...
To amount received from city pound
To amount recolved from rent of rock quarries
To amount received from sidewalks and street Improvements
To amount rooclvod from Interest on city land No. 138 .
To amount rucrMvail frntti aalna nr rmtiirv lntji
To amount received from sales of notes (Central school)
To amount reeolvod from sale of condemnod engine horse
To amount received from sale of stone crusher.
To amount received from rent of mill dam
Ilalauc duo Treasurer "
8iAim:.s or Orricr-im Aluekmen etc
Street (.'omuihsioxeii Depaktmesit Pay of laborers cart men material.
Ditch Commissioner's East arid West sides-Pay of' Vabor-
ers material etc
SinEWAi.KS-Constructlon of
.lAii.-i'oeuinr or prisoners ;o
Fihe Depahtment AllowBiid' forage drivers messenror etc.. 4rrt
Citv Knoineeu Depaiitmknt Pay or rodmou forage allowance etc.'. ' 210
llltniOEit-Constructlon of Abat brldgo ... . ' con 00
Construction or Houston stroot bridge r nri n -ni
City PouNn-Pay or pound master driver forage stock etc. '2
Hosi-iTAi. Account Santa Hoaa purchase of site for medicines burii'ls'
eto ' -
Police Salarlos of clothing allowance rent of stations etc. A YlvJ
PuuuoSciiooiJt-Salsriasoftcuchors Jaultresscs mutoritl purchased " i"7 4'.
1st Day of Jan-
509 49
1420 VI
7501 01
2400 M
1230 fv'i
1.700 nr
13U2 tU
7 50
45 00
1073 10
IM 15
140 00
650 00
10 IU
150 00
10.WO 00
40 AO
210 00
23 0O-J2873.j 76
I 1.C95 81
J0O.431 57
2B1 ;
1430 1
i aiu wuiiiruuiiir ui tcuni buuoui
iNTKnEST On bonds notes coupons eto
Contingencies Qas bills elections paupers sprinkling plazas toio
phones and sundries
Examined compared with tho vouchers and found correct.
Jos. 1:.
Chairman Flnauco Commlttoo.
Cattlk at Iircdo uro scurco and prices hlh.
AiiTlnciALlco Is sold In Iircdo for 2 cents a
Tub Collego building at Hound Itock has been
dostroyed by Uro.
P. A. Hazzahu has been appointed Postmas-
ter for Laredo.
An unknown man was found murdered at
Eaglo Pass Saturday.
Foil 1800 head or cattlo sold In Grimes county
recently $3300 was paid.
Selected dry Texas hides soil In New York
for 17 cents at CO days.
Hew J. F. Coiiiiin was married to Miss Annlo
Williams at Laredo yesterday.
The average wolght or tho eattlo killed In
Texas lost year was 381 pounds.
The Marlln Hall notes tho arrival In Its town
or four full blooded stallions.
Sons ii to bo Gonoral Managor of
tho Mexican National railway.
The Mnmphls Marine hospital Is to bo built
by John Heed and cost $38775.
Sales of an nnthnielto coal this vear are es-
timated ut $2500000 innro than for 1882.
Galveston is dlacusslnir tho ndvlanhllltir nf
uniting tho city and the county Government.
ClIirJAnO snclllllaf a hnvn lnr.11 InmnnmrM v nn-
Joined by law from erecting an assembly building
The Senato has passed tho Houso bill totting
nsldo two million acres or land for school pur-
pose. The Chenowlth-Cardwoll difficulty Is ro-
ported to havo dropped In the sea of forgotful-
Texas and Pacifii railway earnings for the
quarter ending March 31 show an incroasoof
The Senate has refused to pass tho resolution
for a liquor-prohlbltlon amendment to tho con-
stitution. At Wohtiiam Friday night tho euro or J. J.
Stubbs was blown open and flixa abstracted
Tho leading ladles of Mexican society pro-
sided at u fair In uld of a charity bazaar at
acalo last week.
Jiff Davis delivered an eulogy on Albert
Sydney Johnston on Confederate Decoration
dny at New Orleans.
The Gulf Colorado and Santu Fo ran a pas-
senger coach from Galveston to Houston for
tho first time yesterday.
Mils. Dave Williams died of strychnine
poisoning at San Sabu Saturday and It is bo-
lievcd she was murdorod.
Postal cards and prepaid lottors may now
bo rorwarded any number of time without
payment of additional postage.
A colored boy aged 18 whose skin from tho
shoulders down is similar In every particular to
an alligator's has been discovered In Topoka
A Denton Texas dog found tho picture of
tho daughter of its master on tho sidewalk
und recognizing It carried It homo
. The Texas beekeepers' association will meet
in MoKlnney 011 tho 17th and 18th. In August
rx-Confedorato Mlssouriaus Hoss and Ector's
ciua uriKiiuefi aim rimiugn's regiment or
Texas will hold their reunions Ihoro.
Heportb made at tho Mormon reunion in
Ohio show that there aro 8000 Mormons In tho
continent or Europe and 2000 In England and
Tiir Houeo has naaaml n hill .ttinr-
1000000 ueroi or laud for fho endownncnt of
universities and 1000000 for tho endowment of
The Committee on Sabbath Obsorvanee of
the New Ellllaild Mnllinrllat KniifrAn .1.
clares tho sanotlty of tho Sabbath and depre-
cates travol and funerals on that day.
It is Bupposed that mombors of tho Legisla-
ture fear 111 treatment nt tho Lands of their
uwiirjuiueiiu' 01 id or mom iiavo tanen out life-
iiaiimuuu punuies wiinin a weoK.
I Disi'ATCHEB from Now Orleans uro to tho
1 offect that tho city is liable to be Inundated at
Iany lupment nnd that the river Is on a lovel
with tho crown of tho loveo along tho city
Mils. Peuiiv was divorced from her husband
I the t othor day In tho District court at Bborman
uiiu ii-iiiie uuiuiy wuikb 1 enwn into tlio District
Clork b olllco and got a Uccuso to man y another
In the Cblengo billiard tournament Jake
Suliaefor won tho 81200 p'irse and tho gold
mlnlaturo billiard table omblematlo nf tho
world's championship; Maurico Vlgnaux tho
win" 1 o SW".V JI'"i waiv tuo tlilrd 8500:
llllam Sexton tho fourth $200; Alunzo Mori
rls tho fifth $100.
I Houso to Kent
Containing five rooms hall aud two galleries.
;m Nolan strcot. Apply to Goorgo H. Kal-
toyer ut Kaltoyor'a dru store Military plaza
They All Do Itl
lluylng the wines and liquors at Ham-
liaum Co. s store on Commerce strcot and
tuns save 2.) per cent on their purchases.
Ottoman Silks
Anduutlns In nil colors and stylos Persian
lawns nun's veilings In ull shades Just received
nt Josko ic Sons' Alamo street. 3-20-tf
City Collector's Oftloe.
RAN ANTONIO April 3 1883. AH rmrtlra
entitled to water lor Irrigation purpose an'
heroby notltled to conio rorward and pay their
water tux forthwith. F. C. IIaiteihen
Bt Cltj- Collector
Last evening ono small whlto dog with one
J ellowoar. Has plated collar on wllKlnscrlp-
tlon "I am Godwin Mitchell's Dog; Whole Dog
Aror ou Tw dollars reward for delivering
at .Tom Muldoon's stable behind Mnvorlcfc
If You are Suffering
From torpidity of tho liver or constipation of
tho bowols. try u bottle or Hepatlilne Dr.
Tobln's great Ivor medicine. Every bottlo
Is guaranteed to you and your money refunded
if rou aro not satlstled.
lor salo ut Clavln's drug Btoro and by a
scbasso. 3Jl-0m
A Card.
Hpwto save monoy (unti drugs) by taking
liirko-ltusslun baths or Steam luth for your
colds rheumatism dumb uguo and alt skin dis-
eases can bo found at A. .I man's
1 1 coner Commerco and A luino streets.
Also Hot and Cold Water Hatha ut 25 cents
"cll . 4-0-tf
Merchant Tailoring
Cohen Sc Koenlghclm keep tho finest linn of
Imported und domestic goods. They Imvu tlm
best cutter and workmon In this city nnd. their
prices uro tho lowest. A lit guanintcoU orrui
sale nnd nil they usk for is u trial. Uenieiiibor
tho place 30J and 311 Main Plaza. up2-tf
Importiint for Uuslness 3fon.
Mr. Culcb Maule agent and nttorney for tho
collection of accounts charges onl v 10 per cent
upon good paper other rates equally reasona-
ble. Np charge unless collections uro mado.
A trial is respectfully solicited. Good refer-
ences given if required. Olllco at Dr. G. F.
1 oting'g southeast corner of Main plaza. 8-lm
Auction Sale To-morrow livening
t corner of Pouth and Water streets whom
burgalns can bo had in furniture consisting of
sets of furniture bed steads bureaus wash
stands tables chairs wardrobes and carpets.
Aljp stovo and cooking utensil crockery
cutlery and furnishing utensils. Salo posltlvo
th1o itntin9tanrt'"ta0't'IOCk P "'' Wuuuosday-
J. A. II. II03ACK Auctioneer.
Dlssolntion Notice.
The partnership heretofore existing botweon
Gin. A. Kampinann nnd Clom II. Cotton undor
tho firm name of Kampinann Sc Cotton eon-
tractors und builders Is this day dissolved bv
mutual consent. '
Gus. A. Kampmanit assumeo and collects all
outstanding accounts or the lato firm und will
eonttiiiio tho sash door and blind factory at
the old stand on his own account.
Gust. ICampmann
a 1 . . .C'EM COTTON.
Ban Antonio April 0 1883. 4-0-tSt
A New Lumber Yard
Ed Steves & Sons aro now preparing toestnb-
lish a brunch lumber yard In tlio corner East.
Comincroo strcot and tho Sunset railroad track.
Their oxtcnslvo Bhods with 11 lino two-story
building for office purposos aronoarlng com-
pletion and sldo-trncks uro being laid for tho
easy hauling or a large stock. They will koep
on hand as tine and select 11 Block of all kliuU
of lumber lis can be found In the markot bo-
sldcs a f ull lln of sash doora and blinds. Tho
' !lrm. Pr A B'ovcs Is ono or tho most solid ones
In this city and long oxporlenco In tho lumber
tnulo will Justly warrant a largo sharo or tho
jintronagoot our constantly-Increasing popu-
AJ "'1.mroJu!e1 11 tho English Commons
by Sir William Horcourt provides that tho
maximum penalty for causliig nn explosion by
which life or ptpporty Is Imperilled shall bo
life long servitude. An attempt to cause an
explosion pr making or keeping explosive
wllh tin. Iiitonl 1 to cause explosions Is made
punishable by 11 years Imprisonment. All ac-
cessories to such crimes uro to bo treated aa
principals. Provision U made In tho bill for
order ug official luqulrlos Into tho crimes
speollled for arrest r abseondlnir witnesses
r"rearchlng ror oxplosives.i-onaltlesto lio
mulcted Irrespective or damago done by tho
oxploslvos. Tho bill a'so empowors tho master
of uny vessel to break npon any packages to
search for oxploslvos. The act applies to liotli
nxploMves proper aud matorlAls for making

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The San Antonio Light (San Antonio, Tex.), Vol. 1, No. 7, Ed. 1, Tuesday, April 10, 1883, newspaper, April 10, 1883; ( accessed November 14, 2018), University of North Texas Libraries, The Portal to Texas History,; .

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