The San Antonio Light (San Antonio, Tex.), Vol. 1, No. 8, Ed. 1, Wednesday, April 11, 1883 Page: 1 of 4

The San Antonio Light.
Vol. I.-No. 8.
San Antonio Texas Wednesday April n 1883.
Ten Cents a Week
We Have the
Boots &
Ever Exhibited
j Alamo Plaza San Antonio Texas. I
Itlltl (tlll1IMiniI1IlltHmnilMfllllllfHllllftl1lfl1tll1lltll1tlltlltMllltttl1lllllllltlllMltllllfltlllltlltltlllttlf1llltlItlIllftt3t
Brilliant and Radiant Oils !
Aro tho only wife 110 flro test brand. Thonbovo brands wo giiaruntco. Wo offor tho
STELLAIl Ill(ANI) of 110 test yellow nil to clow stock nt very low prices.
We also have the Common Low-Test CHESTER BRAND
Which We Request Rids On foTyo&'oiu
Waters Pierce Oil Com'y - - San Antonio Texas.
Houston Street noxt to Dr. Horn's residence.
All tlio delicacies of tho season.
For Parties.
Imported wines liquors und cigars always on
bund. 3-2iHIin
To lie Offered Only u Short Time by
Cohen & Koolilglieliii.
12 dnzon stiff hate nt M cents each worth
$2.50 to $3.00.
25 dozen lino wool lints at 31.00 each worth
7 dozen Mexican felt hats at ?li0each worth
lOOmoro of those Konulno Indigo lilno llannel
suits Just received by express ut $8.50 worth
GO dark cusshnero suits nt 8JiO worth $11.00.
M dark cussiinero suits at $11.00 worth $13.50.
50 dark cusshnero suits nt $.'1.50 worth $.1.00.
50 dark cussiinero suits at $l uo. worth $0 00.
50 boys' bluo llnuncl suits at J:' 00 worth $3 50.
100 pairs boys' cusslineio knee pants utJlOO
worth JIM.
1.10 pairs Knglldh cottonadc punts nt $1 23
worth J2 00.
55 dozen all silk huudkcrchlcrs at 50 cents
worth SI CO.
This week wo otler special Inducements to
city truiio unu only asic nn inspection oi mo
uliovn liurmilns to rnnvlncn von tlint von can
buy clothing or anything elsu In our line as
cnenp or us as in nuy eastern city.
upr3tf Cohen & Koeniuiikim.
Just Kecelved at Joako's.
A largo assortment of ironta. bovs' mid
youths' reaily umdo clothing. Call and sou
mum. --j-ii
Will be received at this olllco until 12 o'clock
Monday HUH Instant lor tho painting of sev-
eral hrldiros over tho San Autnnto river.
8eclllcatlons to bo had on application to this
ouicc. j. u. iiienuii Mayor.
By E. P. Claudon City Clerk.
April 0 18H3. 4-0-Ot
Property for lSxcliauge.
A house and lot In a central locution for ox.
I'haniro for n ranch worth 1000.
A deslrnblo ploee of property In lloemo for
cxchanifo for city property worth $3000.
IbO ucres In Kerr county und some money for
u good pleco of city property.
W. K. Hilton
208 West Houston street.
He Good ISnotiKh to Note It.
Mr. Park Doo manufacturing Jeweler and
engraver has taken part of tho store ntlMl
Commerco street where ho will carry on tho
business of a manufacturing and repairing
Jowolor. Difficult work and tine engraving u
specialty. Trudo work from nil parts of tho
Stato solicited and satisfaction Runranteed.
Park Doc 211 Commerco Btreot Sun Antonio.
Announcement Kxtrnordlnury
Our customers und all dealers In sheet musla
nnd muslo books uro respectfully Informed
that wo have been appointed solo ugi-nts In
Texas for all publications of 8. Itrannnls' Hons
(Cleveland and Chicago) nnd nrotprepnrod to
furnish tho trade nnd professionals with (foods
at Eastern prices. Our stock is soon to bo In-
creased by tho addition of tOUO pieces of sheet
liuisionnu a full lino of musla books not now In
this market. Prlccsonnpplicntlmi. Our pianos
organs and Koneral merchandise Mrst-clars.
Tuning: and repairing by a first-class workmun.
Orders solicited.
Alamo Music Hou
220 Comraorou street Huu Antonio.
Finest Slock of
in this City.
House to Kent
Containing live rooms hall and two naileries.
on Nolan street. Apply to Oconto II. Kal-
toyer ut Kultoycr's drug- store Military plaza.
If You are Suffering
From torpidity of tho liver or constipation of
Tobln's (treat fiver medicine. Every boltlo
is guaranteed to you and your uionoy rof unded
For sulo at Cluvlu's'drug store and by C.
Schasso. 3-21-ura
A Card.
How to Rave inonnv fnnd rimiirRi hv tnVlno.
Turko-Husslan baths or Steam Hath for your
colds rheumatism dumb ague and all skin dis
eases can uo iounu at. a. .ii.ian a.
tJornor Uomineren nnd Alnmn Rtrfwrii-
Also. Hot and Cold Water Hatha ut 2.1 cents
oacu. 4-0-tf
Merclmnt Tailoring
Cohen Sc Knonlirhclni keen tho finest lino of
Imported and domestic goods. Thoy have tho
best cutter and workmen In this city und tholr
prices aro tho lowest. A lit guaranteed or no
suie unci nn limy nan lor is a trim Ilcmcmlior
mo piuee aou unu mi muiii riazu. up2-tf .
A Wife Wanted.
Correspondence with a ladv or widow tier.
man preferred from HO to 10 years of axe must
be Intellectual und rclluod und u good house-
keeper by a gentleman (widower) of means.
Auuress in eouuiionco.
4.11-3t. Cnro San Antonio Light Office.
Important for Iltntiuea Men.
Mr. Culob Manic agent and attorney for tho
collection of accounts charges onlv 10 percent.
upon goon paper otnur rates cquniiy rcasuna.
bio. No churKO unless collections uro made.
j trial is respectliilty solicited Good refer
ences given ir required. Olllco nt Dr. O. 1'.
Young's southeust conierof Main plazu. 3-1 m
A New Lumber Turd
Kd Steves & Sonsnre now preparing toestnb-
usn u iiruticti iiimuor yard In tliu corner Kit
t.omincrco street unit tlio sunset railroad truck.
Tnelr extensive sheds with a lino two-story
building for olllco our noses uro ncnriim- nun.
plntlon and side-trncks uro being- laid for tho
ensy huiilluir of n large stock. Thoy will keep
on liniiil us lino nnd select a stock of nil Wind
of lumber as can bo found in tlio market be
sides u i tin hup oi snsu uoors ami mind. Tlio
llrm of Kd Stoves Is one of tho most solid ones
In this city and long experience in the lumber
trudo will justly warrant a Inrgo share of tho
piiirnnogo oi our constantly-increasing popu
New York Journal : It is doubtful whether
the law to prohibit the issue of free passes on
railroads to legislators will pass in any shape.
If it does pass however we insist it be made
to include the press and be declared a mis
demeanor lor editors to accept a dead-head
tiCKCt over any rattroaa. Lake uxiar's wile.
the press should be above suspicion and it
asks no privileges from the railroads or from
any oilier power except the people.
Dallas Times: It is said that Dallas con
tains about as many men of the ox-cart gait
as any town in Texas. We have often denied
it and blushed when we lied so clibly The
herds of this class of animals in our midst
drove the Pacific Construction comDanv tb
Fort Worth when we could have obtained it
by Givinc the company free Quarters. We
not only lost that but we lost the Fort Worth
and Denver road by it. If these same animals
are to control in the Narrow Guage road mat
ter we win lose It.
The Sun speaks of John C. New's aspira.
tioni and disappointment : The death of
Mr Howe cave Mr New another chance. It
would be very pleasant and comfortable to be
Postmaster General until Secretary Folger
should be prepared to resign. It was high
t:me for the President to recognize Indiana.
The President did recognize her but he did
not recognize Mr. New. It is a very bitter
months of self-recommendation he (ails to
oive satisfaction and another is lifted into the
Cabinet. Poor Mr. New .
pui tor ine inoiana man to swallow. Alter
The Hum Thomas Connor Sues SherlrT Fos
ter for on the Ground of False
Arrested for Fatllnr: to Obtain License for
Helling Lightning ltods-IIInta
nt h Counplrncy
Whllo Thomas Connor a well-known light
ning rod agent was standing on Soledad street
near the corner of Main plaza last Thursday
he folt a hand laid heavily on his shoulder and
heard a gruff voice enquiring his namo. Turn
ing ho saw a tall stout man In black clothes.
Is your namo Connor?" tho man in black
"Yes; whnt do you want with mo ?" was tlio
"I want you to come with me. You are hit
"tv no uro you j- asxod Mr. uonuor.
"Mr name Is Foster and I'm thn hIh.Hit .r
Medina county."
"What do you want to arrest mo for? Tlicro
must bo somo mistake. Is there unv elmrire
"lou'll ucar allabout that. You Just come
with me."
.Mr. Connro protested that ho was irtilltlPKi of
any uiienscnmircDcaiouiy asKC-u hosier for a
show of his authority to mako tho arrest but
mu lu'iocst was not compiled witn. 110 con-
unuou use or ins persuasive powers however
and eventually induced Foster to accompany
blin to tlw olllco of bis attorney Mr. John If.
Couclnud. Arrived thorn Mr. I'nnnnr 111.
lorincd Mr. Concland how ho had been uia-nau
id: and summarily taken In charge. Then u
jimiir uusuou ueiwocn .nussrs luiieuiuu nuu
"What Is tho charirfl nimlnBt Mr. rmiini-V'
Mr. Copcland lnnulred.
--mo s cuargeu whu uoing tiusuicss witliout
license" said Foster.
"Have you a warrant for his annrnhmi.
"No. I don t nocd nnv."
"Have you anv proof that von nrotlinRlierlir
oi itiouinur
No. I don't ncod nnv. Kvervbodr hare
Knows me.
" Who had this complaint Issued ?"
To this 110 resnonse was made. Thnn Mr
Copelnnd read the law regarding arrests and
Informed Sherlir Foster that If he persisted In
currying out his evident Intention to kidnap
Connor ho would bo prosecuted. Ho said he
did not care.
" Well." Slid Mr. Concland. "I'll beitln hv
making application for a writ ot habeas cor
pus no tooic n seat anil began writing.
Foster stood by for n minute or two and
then said ho would go down tho street. He
oultted the room. Conoland and fnnnnrHlun left
Inn short time nnd on the stroctthty pnsscd
Foster. As l oster mere v bowed to them tliev
thought ho hnd abandoned his Intention and
accordingly they separated not suspecting they
were to experience any more trouble of Fos-
ter's making. Hut not long afterward Infer-
iiiMiiuu tiKmiiai iuiiwi was lougeu uetoro jus-
tlco Anton Adam and summons was liisiied.
On this ground though tho law. us claimed by
;ur. uonuor nun nis trienus positively ueciures
that Information In in isdeiiienuor cases must bo
brought In tho county In which tin offense has
bocn committed .Mr. Connor was taken in cus-
tody und he was subsequently required to
furnish bond for nppenrancu to disprovo the
pending complaint or In default suffer Im-
prisonment. Ho furnished the bond. Yester-
day Mr. Copcland brought suit for Mr. Connor
against Sheriff Fostor and bis sureties for $10-
000 damages tho causo of action being fnlso
(comtructlvo) imprisonment ntforts to com-
promtso tmvo oeen made unu tlio matter may
ho Bottled without further appeal to tho
courts. It issald that tho ofTenso of Mr Con-
nor was committed In L'valdo. Tho license ho
failed to obtain coits but J 1 .50. This sum ho
ottered to pay to Shoriir Poster but tho Sheriff
refused to take It. Mr Connor claims the
charge Is the result of a coupIruey with an-
other lightning rod agent. A denial of all this
Is entered by ShorlfT Foster and by Mr. Horn
tho agent referred to bv Mr. Connor nnd It In
alleged thut Sheriff Fostor hud proper-uuthnr-
ity ior overy ncuou uo iook in tuo promises
Tho facts may bo adduced In the courts.
lteul ICstate Triuiifuri.
(iahrlcl Kotoua tu If. Classen lots hi pro.
iimptloii survey .'ItiO of section II; consideration
Apollnarlo Aqullar and" Margarita Glurcla do
Aqullur to Max Hardcnwcrpcr lot west side
San Pelro creek; consideration $230.
Drego Castillo Juun Urrcgat ct ill. to Man
uel Vltigram do Sorola n lot of land south
nan k or uio oieoinu la miles rrnm Sun An.
tonlo; for S 1 nnd sundry considerations.
Oeoriro M. Maverick to Churlpn II. Men-lit
und Charles Ham; two lots In Milam bend; con.
J.A. llartmtin nnd Durham llurtman to
Androw Dennett city lot; for $.10.
Annie M. Gray to C. W. Muhono city lot; for
Herman D. Kampmaun nnd mother to
Oeddes Ic Asten rclense; consideration. m
William H. Aston und wiro und D. .1. Oeddes
and wife to C H. Merrltt and t harles Han tho
jiiiiiiiu iua iiroperty tor o.eui.
Annie M. Gray to A. C. Seliry ver one lot on
Sun Podro avenue; consideration 5T00.
Itecorder's Court.
Tho attendance at court this morning was
mcagro and little Interest uppenrod to be
attached to the proceedings. Tho business
howevor wns of a mixed character. Laura
Granway had been using Insulting-language to
a constable for which ho had to pay $5. There
was another charge that of being u vagrant.
He owned up to It nnd paid his $.1 without
hesitancy. Kvory vagrant cannot show so much
roady cash und at such short rotlce. Oeorgo
Washington for Illegally posting bills was dis-
iniseeu. t-rcconcui uarcia cnuureu tne clinrgo
of vagrancy und public prostitution. Her de-
fense was unsound she trying to mako It
appear that tho Jyrlo muso was to blame; J5
uue. u. nmugnier i. n. uuigiion T. Sullivan
and W. McKenmtn for being drunk nnd dowif
were nncd ?5 each. Nolly llurke vngrancy $5.
H. II. Druln and W. McKlnnoy for quarreling
and lighting lined J5. F. Jfuloyyiiskl using
Insulting language to n lady wns dismissed.
Mrs. Kemp's ciisewusulsodlsmlssod II. Decker
wus allowed till April 20 to erect his building
according to city ordinance
Judge Nooiiau Points Out nn Improve-
ment That Should lo Slade.
"I certainly think" suld Jndgo Noonnn to a
L.Q.1T commissioner "that many ot tho petty
felony and n demeanor cases which now take
up tho attention 0 tho District court could bo
sirahwlly dealt with by competent Justices of
m" 'n'"0.0' vae1 Ui lV"otlY'p' 11 ln
sooner ft wlnfaWo
system It is only n matter of thno. Tho pres-
ent system was very well In tho prlmltlvo days
of the city whou men rarely camo hero for
uiisiiies-i purpose out mo times nre niiereonmi
tho system must change with It. If tho sum-
mary system of Jurisdiction woro adopted It
would bo better for tho public. Inasmuch as it
would save expense anil facilitate business In
the District court. It would be bettor for tho
prisoner becauso he could got prompt justice
and It would suvo prosecutors much unneces-
sary trouble and expense. A prisoner In such
cases can be dealt with by tho Justice or tried
by n Jury whlchaior he prefers. As
a rule guilty men In suehiietty cnsesdeslro
prompt Justice nnd It Is bettor In the Interest
ot all parties that thoy should get It."
Ykaumno cnttlo are sold In Ilunict nt $3
per neau.
l'liKsniKNT Annum Is angling for black
buss near Jacksonville.
Yankek Congressman nrn visiting Moilcnn
Congressman In tho city os Mexico.
ltoimmui:z ItivKiUH. Seerctsry to tho Gov
ernor of Yern Cruz Is urged ns the Governor'
. TlIK Legislature has neivnl on maklnir life
Imprisonment the penalty for robbery by uso
in uriiuiy weapons.
Tub annual meeting of stockholders of thn
Texas Western Narrow Ouigohos been post
poned m unys or roauest or uoionol i-red
O rant.
Till: Dostnn Transcript donlcs that negotia-
tions hivo been openod to secure tho Kansas
City Fort Scott and flulf railway for tho
Southwestern system.
Tub Control Commltteo on National Labor.
legislation nas petitioned the President to call
an extra session of Congress for 'he purpose of
considering tho rolutlons between laltor and
Tub Solicitor of the Treasury snvs that not
withstanding the fact Goverumentlost nothing
hv tho emuirirllmr of diamonds liir Kinrnini
Ciicndct it prominent St. Louis Jeweler. Cuoii-
uet. snouiu uo inuicicu.
CotlNsr.i Tor Hclilllor charged with sotting
tliu Newhull house on Urn and citnalntr the en.
tastropho by which more than 100 person s lost
their lives rely on technicalities to secure his
Neaiii.Y all railroads in the State have In-
formed tho Secretary of the Texas veteran as
sociation mat nicy win givo rreo ininsporta.
slon from nnd to Helton to nil nronorlvaeeredl.
m.u vuiuruuH uetiTevu tuo loin unit tue oin
Cl.AmiK MAI.ONK Is a vorv nnnr mnrlninnn.
sor.I. it. Malonc. anil William Free n'eli.rk In
the dressdepartment of Sanger Ilros'dry goods
establishment had it street encounter ho shot
ut Free but tho bullet struck his father In the
nacK mulcting n piiturui wound. I ho trouble
nan lis inception in a quarrel by Claud und
THOMAS H. IIlytiIk died In Rnn l'rnnel..n
lasiweos: leaving a lortune or looo000 un-
willed. Since then numerous claimants oft hit
property havo npiH-urcd Alice Ddlth Uly tho
claiming to bo his widow; another heir it
unuiruter iu years out living in iiianciicswr
i.mmim n i-iaiuiaiii kuowu as aiico moKson
Who IirOVlOUS tn HlVtho's dealll. Kervol him nil
housekoepcr; Nelllo Plerman. who u few years
ugo sueu iiiytno ror a legal soductlon; and nn
other alloged wife who Is oxpocted to arrlv
soon from England.
Twelvo Lives Lost-One Man Cuts Ills
Throat to Kscapo Hut nlng.
A veil of grief overshadows Greenville
Texas. Last Saturday the Ende hotel a
three-story building was entirely consumed by
lire and 12 of the inmates lost their lives. The
victims were Mrs. N. E. Pruitt whose plead-
ings for release from the ruins are described as
heart-rending; George Pruitt a crippled son
of the proprietress who was burned to death ;
Louis Albert jeweler burned alive; F. D. N.
Uiley contractor crushed to death; Frank
West a railroad freight clerk crushed to
death ; R. R. Neal cotton buyer manner of
death unknown; Miss Lou Davis chamber-
maid burned to death ; J. E. Ford telegraph
line repairer crushed to death ; Hill a mat-
tress maker manner of death unknown; and
four negro servants crushed to death.
The inmates of the house who escaned were
W. D. Pruitt son of the pronrietor. badlv
bruised and mangled ; Dr. T. R. Turner hor-
ribly burned and crushed and who
may die; M G. Mars of Daingerfield badly
burned. The slightly injured are the follow-
ing: D. C. Hell painter; K. N. Denton car-
penter; Tom Victors butcher; Lewis Morris
Charles Brownel railroad conductor; Percy
Cox of Honey Grove; W. T. McClure a
stranger from Tennessee; Fred Ende owner
of the building and his wife and two daugh-
ters and a negro girl employe. The stories
told by the survivors beggar description. Dr.
Turner lay beneath the timbers till they
burned in twain and released him but not
until he was badly burned and mangled. Mr.
Denton was imprisoned and would have
killed himself to escape burnlnt; to death but
a second crash of falling walls released him.
One man cut his throat when he found that the
flames were consuming him. W. D. Pruitt
raved like a mad man when he knew of his
mother's horrible death and it required sev-
eral strong men to save him from plunging
headlong into the flames.
Says the San Antonio Times: "Mr. W.
W. Corcoran the Washington philantthopist
who recently reached the good old ace of 8e.
bids fair to be a rival of Peter Cooper. He
expresses his anxiety to live until he tees a
democratic administration." As Pefer
.ooper uvea 92 years the deduction drawn
irom tne remsrics 01 our Uourbon contem-
porary is that it despairs of the election of a
Democrat to the Presidency in 1S84 and 18S8
but has a sneakim kind of n nntlnn ;.
afraid to utter directly that the Democracy
will have a chance for the White House in
Tnlir n...- .1.- . .
Queen Victoria.' who c? d Z TmhTr
1 Peculiar old Scotchman who was imbued
with the idea that hi mission was to protect
le9-ueen " Person' '? "cretl were
thathewas not present when the Oueen was
lt ?tarT'!JhlllSncc
A f SUVtUiEa
Some Notes t.f Current Styles nnd Fault
Ions that Cannot Full to bo
of Interest.
Opportunities Presouted In Hun Anton
for the Uood wild Kconoiulcul Dress-
ing of the Fair.
TllO Importance nf dreu tn the fnlr nr to nn
admitted fact and In Hicho day it is equally
Important that n lady bo dressed not only well
but as cheaply as circumstances will ndmlt.
To meet these demands Is tho ulin of Messrs.
S. Mayer & Sons and those who visit their
handsomo storo at tho corner of Commerce
and Navarro streets will Mnd nil that thoy re-
quire nt prices that will suit their purses.
mring i hit wevK .Messrs. . ainyor x eons in-
tend offering the following articles at such
prices as cannot fall to command n read v nale.
and thoso who need them are advised
as when they aro sold thoy cannot bo ilupll-
"""i iimiijiiinin nKi mo low ngure ai which
thoy are now offered.
for ladles nnd children of uood onnlltv. will i
offered at from 10 to HI cents per pair. These
uro worth from 2.1 to 75 cents per pair und uro
fine utility nil pure linen nt from 5 to00 ccnta
which cannot bo purchased regularly for
A. beautiful assortment of ties llschus col-
larettes. In ull styles and shapes of tho uowest
KUttOrilS lit from .'I.- 111 iVl iinlni-e l'.r v
stylu and quality they cannot bo surpassed.
In hand bags satchels leather and shop lings
a various assortment Is offerod nt 60 cents on
the $1 off the usual prices and an excellent op-
portunity Is presented for obtaining urticlcs of
this character.
A new lino of parasols will then bo opened.
These are fresh and now and In all tho admlrul
styles und will bo sold ut prices vurying Irom
25 cents to $22. A lino brocudo silk purusol will
bo offered nt $3 whilst an extra largo twill silk
parasol will bo attainable for $3 00.
Tho ladles' underwear department Is well
stocked with goods suitable for nil persons of
nuy Position. They draw particular attention
to chemises which aro marked cents &0
cents. 75 cents and $1 which cannot bo oquulled
ut tliu price.
nro offered nt 10 cents nnd tipwnrds nnd gowns
at ull liiiuginublu prices. In coi-Bota experience
bus taught thoin
und thoy havo tho brands that are sought for
and approved by genurnl wear hi tho Northern
cities. There Is tho
the noted "Automutlque" tho Dlagraphlc tho
llamboo and tho celebrated Wuruor corsets.
Uidles should seo theso nnd examine their re-
spective advantages.
A good lino of llneno nti.i tiu.ii 00.. 1...
secured. Hiey tttko prldo In their assortment
which Is unequalled in prico and quality. All
linen towols of superior quullty aro sold as low
f?.'.Sa ""dozen. Thcycanllt up a household
kitchen or bar-room with these articles at such
u price os cannot full to bo sutlstuctory to the
Table clollmnf nil iinnllit..a n.i .n.. 1.
eluding tliu celebrated sllvcr-bordorcd Turkey
Curtulnlngs of all kinds und qualities aro now
an exhibition Inoludlug Ineo Nottingham
embroidered and tupid lueo curtains and uru
inurked ut low figures. Kvcrythhig obtain-
ablo In a good ilneu houso will bo found
which Messrs. 8. Mayer & Sons offer to tbo cus-
tomers during tho week but they dmw atten-
tion to their largo nnd elegant stock of
which uro of u deslrnblo churuoter. und their
toilet nnd dress sacques of ull qualities tinsur-
pasfcd In their lino ut prices that will suit nil.
In tho dress goods department will bo found
s k satins trimmings white goods; nlso lacing
ribbons Illusions and ruchlngs In prices ami
Btylessultablo for nil.
Onp Important feature of this establishment
should bo boruo in mind. The houso Is dally
receiving new goods In all lines us they uppeiir
ln Uio market. This week thoy expect tho In-
voice of now dress goods ot a very tlno charac-
ter and their buyer reports that ho Is for-
warding clegunt orgundleslu tho latestsuminor
patterns. Thoy uro
?hi;! ww ;roncl.1 lattcrn hats which will bo
shipped to them Immediately on tholr arrival
Irom Paris
In conversation with n LiaitT reporter tlilsi
morning Mr. Muyor Informed hlin that their
buslnoss had exceeded tho firm's most sungulno
expectations. Their customers uro pleased bo-
cuuso they havo only ono prleo for all. ami
treat nil customers with civility. Wo Intend
to do all wo cun to supply tho public wnntsliv
our especial line and to do what wo can to
merit public approbation.
The Great Wall of China.
An American engineer who being engaged
in the construction of a railway in China has
had unusually favorable opportunities of ex-
amining the Grevt Wall built to obstruct the
incursions of the Tartars gives the followine
account of this wonderful work :
The wall is 1728 miles long 18 feet wide
and 15 feet thick at the top. The foundation
throughout is of solid granite the remainder
of compact raatonry. At intervals of between
200 and 300 yards towers rise up 25 to 40 feet
high and 24 feet in diameter. On the top of
th- wall and on both sides of it are masonry
parapets to enable the defenders to pass un-
seen from one tower to another. The wall
itself is carried Irom point to point in a per-
fectly straight line across valleys and plains
and over hills without the slightest regard to
the configuration oi the ground; sometimes
plunging down into abysses a thousand feet
ueep. utooks ana rivers are bridged over by
the wall while on both banks of larger
streams "ronC "'"E ers Placed.
I A Baltimore man has iust died t nf. .ft.
being eduTatedTn Germ
in PaVi and a volume p rW Jn LonSon
SDendlmr ..mi Mr. iPvr..iJ; ... ?".
engineer acting for a season in San Franci co
theatres teaching languagesonewinterin New

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