The San Antonio Light (San Antonio, Tex.), Vol. 1, No. 10, Ed. 1, Friday, April 13, 1883 Page: 1 of 4

The San Antonio Ligtfit.
Vol. I No. 10.
San Antonio Texas Friday April 13 1883.
Ten Cents a Week
We Have the
Boots &
Ever Exhibited
j Alamo Plaza San Antonio Texas j
iiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiMfiiiuniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiaiiuiiitiiiiiiitiiiiiiiiii)tiiititiiiiiitiiiiiitiitiiiiiitiitiitiiiiiiiiitiiiiniiHiiiib
Brilliant and Radiant Oils !
Aro tho only safo 110 llro tost brand. Thonbovo brands wo guarantee Wo olTor tho
STELLAU IlItANI) of 110 tost yellow oil to cloeo stock nt very low prices.
We also have the Common Low-Test CHESTER BRAND
Which Wo Request Rids On f5MKlrEi!3 "X
Waters Pierce Oil Com'y - - San Antonio Texas.
Houston Street next to Dr. Herd's resilience.
All tho delicacies of tho season.
Fqr Parties.
Imported wines liquors nnd cigars always on
hand. IKM-Sin
To lie Offered Only a Short Tlmo by
Cohan & Koenlglielm.
13 dozon still hats at CO cents cuch worth
? to sum
-i dozen flno wool hats at $1.00 each wortli
7 dozen Mexican felt hats at SUiOeacli worth
100 moro of tlioso Kcnulno Indigo blue Manuel
suits Just received by oxptess nt 8Ji0 woith
Ml durk cusslmoro suits at worth $11.00.
SO durk easslnicre sultunt $11.00 worlli STLfiO.
GO durk cusslmeru suits at $ll.f0 wortli fS.U).
W dark eusslmoro stilts ut SI (Kl worth JO 00.
CO buys' blue llannol suits util 00 worth 83 GO.
100 pairs boys' casslmoru kuco pants at $1 00'
worth $1 60.
150 pairs English cottonade pants nt $1 25
worth JM 00.
fi!i dozen all silk handkerehlofs at CO cents
worth $100.
This week wo offer special inducements to
city trade and only uk an Inspection of tho
above bargains to convince you that you can
buy clothing or anything olso In our line us
uiiuuu ui us us in uuy eugiern city
Just Itccolvcd ut Jim lie's.
A largo assortment of irents' boys' nnd
youths' ready made clothing. Call mid see
litem. lUill-tf
Merchant Tailoring;.
Cohen Si Knoulgholm keep tho llnest lino of
Imported und domestlo goods. They havu tho
best cutter und workmen In this city and their
prices urn tho lowost A lit guaranteed or no
nulo and all thoy ask for Is a trial lleinnuibor
i nu piaoe ami aim JU ntuin 1'lazu. upis-tr.
Will bo received ut this olllen until VI nVlnntr
Monday 10th Instant for tho painting ofsov-
unu uiniKi's over mo duii ivuionio nvor.
Specifications to bo had on application to tills
olTlce. J H. (''hunch Mayor.
April U 1883; 4.9-Ot
I'ropertY for Exchange.
A house and lot In u central location for ox-
change for a ranch wortli 1000.
A doslrablo piece of property In llocrno for
exchange for city property worth $3000.
ltto norcs In Kerr county and sotno mouoy for
a good piece of city property
W. E. Hilton
208 West Houston streot.
Tto Good Enough to Note It.
Mr. Park Doe manufacturing Jeweler ond
ongnivnr has taken part of tho sloro at 211
Commerce street whoro ho will carry on tho
business of u manufacturing and ropalrlnif
Jowclor. Dllllcult work and lino engraving u
siiecialty. Trudo work from nil pints of tho
Htato solicited anil satisfaction guarantied.
Park Doe "11 Couimorco stroot Sau Antonio.
Just tbo Thine tor Summer.
Mr. Frank A BoHel has Just rocoived a flno
lot of tho Improved Triumph Coul Oil Stoves
of all sizes sultablo for all purposes. They will
poll roust and heut anything without tho
necessity of a Urn. Prlco from 75 cents. Cull
and too them ut Hctrell's store Alumo streot
opposlto George Utillnl.'B. 1-12-1 m
Finest Stock of
0 i
o i
00 i
in this City.
THE Loglsluturo adlourned n.i1nvalnn
KflllT PflK'rlll In in !..... ....... I
and jail.
ltUAIHim Irnn wnrli lmiu i. ...... . ..r
dull trudo.
itrtv III fnm f " wv.u mu OUKUU ill X7111IUS
Loniio: polico ore to rcceivo ptcunlary re-
w aril for discovery of dynamite.
ClitANOEii Solomon Is tho name of tho now
Postmnster elect of Decatur Texas.
Kx-U. S. Marshal J. T. Ukown Is under In-
perjury. h '
Many persons woro killed la a panio caused
by an explosion of gas In a thoatro at Ituvol
1' ranee yesterday.
ltvi.nrai-v-i-.-- iFah.mii a i-
owlth approached 'him in tho Interest of the
pcnltontlary lessees.
A Lynchburg Va. yesterdoy lynched
Hurth In Wythevillo.
II. A. IIuiiiiank Is still Postmaster ut Laredo.
polntod was erronoous.
H Jllll V NtfT-ll a iinntin. .. m ......
suleldo In Cluvolnnd yest'erduy to' rid hliiisoir
of pain from rhoumutism.
JudoeIiA whence. First Comptroller of tho
KuiisiuuriHi mo leauer in tuo
gubernatorial contest in Ohio.
Owino to tho exhaustion of tho fund for fees
.... -iiui-oai-mi! ' euenii cases tuo trial or tho
most Important out vis Mio-trnxi.!
The informer Carey says a Government de-
tective Informed hhn that If ho gave testimony
rrooly ho and his brothers would bo pardoned.
Iiie Gulvestou Hour mills owned by Miller
.V iMItrllali. Vnllin.l nt C.KII n V I
S.'M.OOO wore totally oousu'ined by flro yostcr-
IIon. Ciiaiiles Fahwkll denlo that tho
" i"i raiius uiivn iimm soni anil says
t ho syndicate refused $3000000 $1 per acre for
Di8Tir.Li:iMaroshlpplnir lariro (luantltles of
which has arrived. ' l y
t imiT trees wore stripped of tholr leaves and
badly ilumneed by a hall storm at Mlnooln yes-
terday. Some of the hall stonos which fell
Tho committee of tho Ilinulcsrath has rn
r i i i i " ."" "u i"r oi uisuiaruK in
which ho advises Importation of hog products
ltiiarmt. Uiimw t..i... I
Pl l . ..iiin una iiuuriueu U
r . .T r '. jiuii win soon
Join tho Catholic church and that thero aro 2000
Pkte Connelly a notorious St. Louis thug
died yosUrday of Injuries received rrom n sa-
loon keeper named MnCarthy last Sunday. Ho
hud refused to pay for drinks.
The IIouso lias adoptod thoSonatoblll pro-
viding for n reformatory for youthful con.
vlcts with an iimendincnt providing for the
admission of al foinales sentoucod to loss tlian
live years imprisonment.
The Texas . Journal of Education n monthly
published under tho auspices of tho School Su-
perintendents ol tho State will bo published
next month at Houston Instead of Sun Antonio
us formorly.
AiinimiviM In- 11.. .....ui - .
clnccr of Toxas aro: .V. 11. Frazlor M. II. Mo-
l.iuirln J. II. llritton K. l Oray II. C
Withers Alex. Hojrg H. C Sohmldt .1. C. Mln-
ter James Nance W. S. Haywood and E. Y.
As the timo for tho Czar's coronation ap-
proaches tho ltimslan Government Increases its
precautions. Tho latest measure Is a ukuso
providing for Increased vigilance on the fron-
tier to pre vont suspicious persons from enter-
ing tho country.
(JkneiialDiaz denlos that ho came to the
United States on nlllclnl business. He says
that ho Isnotco-operutlng with any American
syndlcato pf rullroail operators and that his iti-
lluencowill not be itsod lo obtain possession of
trusts on prompt notion of tho reciprocity
treaty. Tho so-cnlled (leimim land snhemolu
Moxlco Is wholly Illuminative.
It is estimated by persons thoroughly l'u-
iiilllArwHhtho subjeottliat under tho now
law reducing letter postage and regulating the
pay of Postiuatora the receipts of not inoio
than oiio olltco In every four on a general uv-
iiiuif o will be In oxeess of Postmasters' salaries.
Under existing law It Is Fald all postolHoos
tnwever Insignificant contribute about two-
llf tbs of tholr receipts to tho Qovcrnraont
18 ni! GUII.TTir
AVlmt the Public Think of Rutttlt and
What Is to bo Done.
Tho Imprisonment of ltusscll was tho all-ab
sorbing theme yesterday. Opinion Is much di
vided as to his guilt. -Many thtuk that ho li
tho victim of doslgnlur deputies and yet they
cannot hldo from themselves tho fact that his
courso of Ufa was such as to conduco greatly
to the crime. Others think that tho circum-
itnnccs show that ho is guilty and derived an
udvantugo from the frauds nnd this Is evi-
dently tho opinion of the Jury. To Judge
Turner to the officers of tho court and to the
Jury thu trial has bet n n very painful oiio from
.huh ii-sociuiuiu wan mo prison-r. 10 ineir
credit bo it ssld tliey havo dono what thoy be-
hoved to bo tholr duty without fear or favor.
ltusscll still declares ho Is innocent and his
friends aro working to secure his release. A
petition Is to bo circulated for tho President
to pardon him nnd tho aid of tho law Is to bo
invoked for u writ of error
In conversation with Mr. Iloono of tho firm
of Tarlotoii & Iloono. last nlirht. It was unilnr.
stood that ho will proceed In a fow days to
ttiuuiiimun in appivior n writ or orror wnicn
he hopos to obtain. If tho writ Is granted
ltussell may be ro leased upon ball and tho
trial postponed for souio time.
Prite Iluhe Suicides With nil Old Pistol on
Government II 111.
I.nst cvcnlngshots wero heard on tho Gov
ernment hill nnd on proceeding to tho spots
man was found lying In n mosquito bush near
u saloon and a fow yards from tho rond. The
man had evidently been shot under tho oar and
tho ball mado Its oxlt near tho temple on tho
opposlto sldo of tho head. From tho powder
burnt condition of tho faco It was evident that
tho weapon from which tho shot was tired
was hold vory closed to It. Justice Adam held
an Inquest on tho remains of tho deceased
when It was shown that Ills nanio was Fritz
Hlllie. a German. Hired 1(1 venrs. 1 1 nJliml Imnn
musician In St. Louis and ciuno bore six weeks
ago ror the rcncllt of Ills health boarding with
Mr. Wllllum Splutueh 6f Vllleta stroot. Whou
ho was found after b' lng shot he was uneon-
clous. A pistol was found near him. lie hna
hud boon much doprcMcd lately und when in-
terrogated his troublesn fow days ago ho Is
said to huvn remarked It "will all bo over In a
day or two." Thero is llttlo doubt that tho
case l8 0tio of suicide. Huho's wife and two
daughters are In Germany; onoof his sons Is
employed la St. Louis and another In Colorado
Items Gleaned In the Ilotol Corridors and
From Various Other Sources.
Mrs. Thomas. Drown has a flno boy. It
weighs 15 pounds.
Mr. and Mrs. A. Conklo aro staying at the
Mcngor. Mr. Conklo is a well-known cattle
Governor Modero o' tho neighboring State
ofCoahuila Is expect .to arrive horo In tho
Mr. E. A. Gonzales arrived last night having
escorted his two sisters to havo their education
finished in the city.
Mr. J. McCloaky of Somorsot camo In this
morning and speaks extravagantly of tho
present condition of ciops.
Mr. A. WIshart representing tho Two La-
redos Larodo Tcxus is In tho city auu paid
tho Liuiit a cull this morning.
Colonel It. O'S Ilurko leaves San Antonio on
.Monday next for Now Orleans and will there
address tho Irishmen or that city.
Tho friends of Miss May ltoso will bo sorry
to hear that slio Is suffering from un attack of
chills and fover. Her speedy convalescence Is
hoped for.
Major Alex. Moore of tho Capote farm re-
turned last night from Now Orleans and is
accompanied by his brottier-ln-lnw Mr. 43d-
imiud L. Tyler of New York.
Mr. Victor Calvayrac formor proprietor of
thu Commercial hotol Laredo and his family
aro in the city on route for tho City or Mexico
wheie Mr. Calvaymo proposes to establish a
French restaurant und hotel.
At tho Hord HotclJ. A. Thomas Lullng; C.
J Dilggan Mrs. I. Morgan Seguiu; S. M.
Stewart llcevlllc: J.J. Young Hidalgo; C. W.
Harris Handera; D.'P. Ilernurd llruckett; J. II.
Mann. Mann's Crossing; W. C. Crer Korrvllle;
T. II. Miller Seguln; J. WIshart Laredo; E. A.
Gonzales and two sisters nod J. Castellou Mon-
tcroy Mexico: J. M Campbell Mc.Mullcn
county; W. Calvnyraoandfainllv Laredo; W.
S. Haywood Jolferson; J. M. Waller Mexla.
At tho Maverick Jesse Watson Now York;
Ira H. Evans Palestine; Frank Clark Interna-
tional inilwuy; (1 E. llennott Dallas; M. W.
Dubois II. IS Wcntworth Elgin Illinois; O
Meyer Dallas; L Sanger Vaco; J. Hessln;
Palestine; J. II. Foggltt Hear no; A M. Carter
Fort Worth; E. KobhiHon Dallas; D. It. Smart
Kansas City; Juntos Pendie Mrs. Pnudlc J.
lleuumnnt London; J. C. Davis New York: S.
E. MoMlchnel Now Orleans; A. S. Lewis Nnsh-
vllle; 11. F. Youkuni Texas; F 11. Hudson Oal-
vestou. At tho Central Hotol D. M. llrowor Yutes
Center Kansas; Simon Frosor Handera; A.
Canunovas John Trainer St. Ilodwlg; J. D.
Andorson Cuoro; II. F. Hulloway Waco; J. H.
Morrill Pnclflo Express company; D. A. Mo-
Tnguo Dallas; W.s. Hudspeth John A. Miller
Handera; W. S. Miles Fort Concho; J. F. War-
ren J S It. Mo1 'racken Choltan Indian Ter-
ritory; Henry Jones llryan Toxas; F. n.
Parker Corpus; A. P. Gomes Matumorus; O.
It. Plorsol Handera; A. J. Smothers Hullettn-
vllle; 11. IC. Deal Moulton: H. Vaughau Flu-
onlu: L. Schwartz. Hnllottavlllit! w n
Driimmond. A Vnnhnm F. Griffin Moulton;
It. S. ltoynolds Seguln: G. II. Dobbins Padu-
ran a. u. miiiiiu i.uimg; jj. nuu -Mrs. Loup
Ion Springs; W. II. Andorson Lockhart; J O.
Martin Floresvillc; Junn Pena Moxlco; M. 8.
Ilunnct Cuoro.
At the Mengor Hotel W. IC. Cleveland Krlo
Pa.; J. H. Hall El Paso; J. F. Crosby and fum-
iiy Houston; Air. ami Mrs. A. L'onkle Kansas
City; 1). It. Uirdsall City of Mexico; j! P. Halo
San Frnnelioo; Mrs. Jos. Solnsheimor two
children and nurse Galveston; Geo. W. Polk
Fredericksburg; W. II. Taylor San Francisco;
John Stewart Heading Pn.; P. N. Hasklll
Chicago; F. W. Hicks Montreal Canada; W.
H. Newsom (lalvestou: J. It. Addlngton
Towasville; J. L. Kirklaiid and Colonel I). H.
Suyre Now York; II. Arnold Auburn N. Y.;
P. Hawkins Maryvillo Mo.; 1-'. J Martin
Mlteholl County; II Keller Eaglo Puss; J. N
llennott Jr. Hartford; W. A. Scott New
York; 11. 1. Frost Jackson Midi.; John S.
Conway Gonzales; W. Nolto O. J. DurTan Mrs.
L. Morgan Heguln; Suslo N. Holt Alloyton;
Jra 0 Davis Now York; W. A. ltowo Now
Haven; A. Calhoun Abllone; II. II. Morrison
Now Zealand.
Steam Laundry
Tonent A Vnn l)on Hurgh will open April 21
on Acequia Btreot No 32.
Tho Elk Lodge Celebrates Its First Anni-
versary at the Sail Pedro
And IEoj-Hlly Untertnlns a Large Party
or the Fair Sex Visiting Members
and attests.
Tho Elk Lodge of tho Knights of Pythias
celebrated Its first anniversary at the San
Pedro springs and right royally was It dono.
Invitations woro sunt to tho select frlonds of
tho members and thoy wcro liberally accepted.
At Bo'clook tho membors und their guests be
gan to nrrlve and thoy were cordially rocoived
by the Ileecptlon committee. Members of tho
Elk received from thorn their golden badge'
und visiting Knights wero by them adorned
with red badges. The guests received n whltu
badgo nnd refreshment ticket In exchange for
their Invitation cards. All tho budges wero
appropriately Inscribed with tho arms of tho
Knights of Pythlssund with u designation of
the character in which the ltdy or gentleman
participated such as "guest" etc. About 0
o clock the bund played and tho party us-
setnbled In tho dunco hall. Dancing
then commenced and was continued.
with short Intermission until curly
this morning with a heartinet-s chaructorlstlo
of tho Soitthorn people. Tho dunco hall was
prettily docorated and tho ladles wero In most
cases elegantly attired. The scene as presented
during tho dancing was such as has been rarely
equalled If It has over boon excelled by uny
of tho many gatherings at the Springs.
About 11 o'clock order was called and
Colonel C. II. Clifford Pust Chancellor ad-
dresiod tho members and guests In the dance
hall and said that Elk Lodgo No. 3." met to
colobrato Its lint anniversary. Tho orcinlzn.
non nuu nuu n s ion inc. ooiuir louniieti on
February ID lbOt lit Washington a gen-
tleman named Itathbone but in 1882 It had so
lncremcd thut It numbered ubout 12000 mem-
bers In irood stnudhur. It wus a hard mutter
to say what good It had done. It wan founded
on mo general principal which actuated tuo
Ku'gnuor oiu. wuuii mo people woro op-
ureasud Knlirht errantry nr so to nut down
oppression und to right tho wrong of tho op-
presseu. iu tnu primitive state inu miigius
did good service but they In their turn became
oppressors una somcoouy nuu to suppress
them. Then cutno secret associations. Indi-
viduals wero powerless but by combination
tliev becamo n nower. From the frau-llo slnirtn
stick of tho ltoinnns they becatuo u biindio of
sticks strong ana unurokcu. incy couiu not
meet oponiy so tney nice secretly in sucn
places as tho catacombs of Home and as a re-
sult we have froo government fruo icltglon
and liberty. Wo do not say tho Knights of
Pythias has dono or will do this but wo say It
unites tbo members In a common band of
brotherhood and eases tho burdens of life. If
a member is sick wo nurse him if ho dies we
bury him If he leaves a widow wo seek to help
uer; 11 nis ciiuurou uro lett. we try to cuucuio
them. Men may say 11 these things uro so good
as you represent why this secrecy unit
mystic ceremonials. Wo say tho church is
good because by Itsprecopts it teaches us to
do good but It does not put forward uny force
and say you shall do It Members must do
their duty for wo huvn thut power In the or-
ganization to enforce It which tho church
" lodgo " bus not. Wo uro young nnd dis-
carding tho objectionable features of other
organizations we seek only to dtsseuiluato
such principles as can bo well carried out."
'1 ho Past Chnncellor concluded by observing
that ho could talk for some tlmo but It
would do no good aud only detain tho visitors
fiom other pleasures. Colonel Clifford's ad-
dress was well delivered and was listened to
with marked attontlon. Ho carefully avoided
the error many orators fall Into of talking too
much Ht gatherings of a social ehuructcr
The order for marching to the refreshment
t.tble wus then given nnd a procession of
members nnd guests wns formed by Mr. J. S.
Itamsey Master or Ceremonies headed by tho
Chancellor Mr. T. W. Mullaly aud proceeded
to tho supper tables whom leo cream cake
and coffee wero liberally served. In response
to tlio loud calls for Mr. Mullaly ho tuountod
his chair at tho head of tho tablo und toasted
tho Elk Lodge. Tho party thou returned to
the danco hull and continued thu festive dance.
Among tho ladles present tbo 1.10 1 IT repre-
sentative noticed Mrs. Emma Levy Mrs. Mor-
ris Levy Mrs. Carter Mrs. Phil Del Mrs. Wan-
ker .Mrs. llrodowskl Miss ltoso F. Wltchell
Mis Fannie Johnson Miss Stella Ward Mrs.
Klduer Mils Martha Payne Mrs. Ilium Mrs.
Schatsky Mrs. A. . Lockwood Miss Muuilo
Day Mrs. Dsshlcll Miss Morrill Mrs. Jones
MIssMoillo Uenuett. Mrs. Smith Mrs. A. U.
llennott Mrs. A. J. II. Harbour Miss Simmons
Miss Inu Ward Miss Helen llonnctt Miss He-
becca Chow Mrs. Hoelllng Mrs. W. C. Ho.
bards Mrs. John Martin ot Paris Mrs. C. F.
Dallam of Waco Mrs. D. J. Koarney Miss Lily
Witto Mrs. Hollls .Mrs. A. Ilrown Mrs. J.
Hudson Grunt Mrs. E. H. Illulr Miss liaison-
bach Mm. Hyder-Taylor Miss Muggio
Hosenbtirg Miss Henry Miss Mlttmuu
Mrs. II. 0. Cook Mrs. W. C. Itlchards
Mu. Lestor Mrs. Shopard Mrs. C. F. From-
inor Mrs. Dr. Lowry Mrs. E. A. Leonard Miss
Bemlingor Miss Stella Dashlells Miss Hclfner
Miss Clifford Miss Hnttlo Gray Miss Addle
Upson.MIss Jennie FrolssMlss May Upson Miss
Mamie Craig Miss Jennie Hossaok MlssSalllo
Ury Miss Mollis Halls .Miss L. T. Ogdon Miss
Mary Wurzcll Mrs. C. K. Ilrenoman Miss
Mary Fisclior Miss Clira Waolder Mrs. Field
Miss Elliot Mrs. 8 J. Dwinell Mis. Tcnnunt
Mrs. G.D. Hocmer Miss Miimio Illg and Mlis
Louisa Fest.
Thero was also a largo attendanea of mout-
hers visiting tnombers and of prominent citi-
zens who appeared as Invited guests.
The eclobration was undoubtedly a great
success and will long bo pleasantly remem-
bered by thoso who participated in It. Tho
I.iaiiT congratulates the Elk lodgo on their
success and upon tho progress which It has
mado slnco Its organization.
Not many years from now one of the great-
est and most profitable'sourcet of income In
the State may be the' sugar Industry. There
are now within loo miles of Galveston some
6o or 70 sugar plantations containing about
3000 acres of land. The owners admit the
I profits derived from them have been enor-
mous and have formed an alliance with
Eajturn capitalists to stimulate theinduitry
by establishing a large refinery at Galveston.
It is a Irrrihle shnelr tn rn. r..nn . r.
singing "Salvation's Free" to hear the an-
nouncement that 'the collection will now be
taken."- Boston Transcript.
The Xntnral Chief of the Cherokees Prac
ticing Law In San Antonio
The natural chief of the Cherokee Indl.n.
is Mr. Ridje I'aichal a well known lawyer of
this city. Mr. Paschal is of dark complexion
as dark as a Spaniard and much darker than
most Cherokees. When informed of his
parentage one Botes that his features are de-
cidedly characteristic of the Indian Ills
mother was a Cherokee of the blood royal;
mi minor a wnite Aincrican.ine lamous judge
i.ui mm wiiu 1 me ana otners made lor
Van Ilnr.n . rrrii(linn . 1 1.. V ' -f
ol the most distinguished men of the country.
. ui auuic uiuc 11c was a mcmDer 01 me Cher-
okee Council; subsequently he became editor
of the Galveston News the leading paper of
the State of Texas anrf then began practicing
law in which vocation he is now engaged.
To a majority of the 67 members of the Chero-
co council ne is a diooo relative and of the
22.000 Chernlcrrs Inhabiting it.. T.-.:. l
can trace blood connection with nearly 5000
while the old chiefs of the nation say he is
related to half the entire Cherokee population
or 1 1000 petsons.
Mr A. E. Ivey publisher of the Cherokee
Advocate the National organ of the Cheiokee
Indians is visiting Mr. Paschal of whom he
a -cumin ne is 01 very lair complexion
but Ihoash only one-fourth Indian has fea-
lll .l.l. l u:. I 1: .
The office he holds is filled by appointment
uo ins cmtor oLine Aavocate who U elected
uy tne v.ouncu. ine salary ol the editor is
Slono a vrir. Tb nnbli.l. -..I... t.
$1500 to $3000 a year. The present editor
01 me Advocate is D. II. Koss an enemy of
iung aiauumg to tnc kiors family to which
Mr. Ivey owes his Indian blood
and the appointment of Mr. Ivey as
publisher was the result of a compromise.
The eintni. nf nnldi.binn in. 1. -i-
frayed by the Cherokee Government.
- now many vntrokee Indians do you
think are engaged In fishing and hunting for
a living!" asked Mr. Paschal yesterday.
'" About loo."
" You have a bttltr idea of the Cherokee
than 999 out of loco persons" said Mr.
Paschal " but the number is not so gteat as
100 it is only 17."
"The Cherokees are as highly civilised at
Texans" declared Mr. Ivey. " They have
their farms and churches and school houses."
"They're ahead ol the States people as to
a desire for education" Mr. Paschal inter-
rupted " New York Slate last year spent
but $1.50 per head for education while the
Cherokees spent $3.50."
" It's funny what ideas some people have
of the Cherokees. Wh.n in friinji .1
wile heard she was going to marry a Cherokee
they expected to see a sanguinary fellow in
moccasins leather leggins paint and feath-
ers and werf curnris.H n 1-.. .1.1
yours truly Uldgc Paschal a gentleman not
without honor in his f.imilv rirrl.
mr. ivey win return nome in a lew days.
And Other Notes of Interest by Gltr."
The " Hurricane " spent four davs hre lat
week Improving her Spanish. Her dog cre-
ated quite a sensation.
Mrs. Fannie II. Ward a well known n.u..
paper and magazine correspondent from
Washinpton. in elnnrdn- t... t .
. 1 . " 7 ' . it b mi u uiuntn
studying Spanish preparatory for a tour of
the Republic. She is a very charming and
-..... .-uj ucaiucs un aoie and easy
Governor A. C. Hunt President of the
K10 Grande and Pecos railroad with a party
of German capitalists and several ladies
snent Mondiv and T...l-.. -iu. !. . '
Vnt ' "K"l CClIlg Hie
city. They were highly delighted with the
Mrs. E.A. Peirce correspondent of the
Prank Leslie publications came in on Gov-
ernor Hunt's special car. She will spend two
or three month here devoting her time to
mastering the Spanish language. She enters
Professor Niard's college for immediate in-
structions. After mastering the language Mrs
Frank Leslie will join her for special maea-
line work on Mexico.
Captain S. A. Hemmingway and wife have
gone to San Luis Potosi. He look his elec-
tric lil'ht machinerv uiilh Mm .-.1 - .1
... t llu lllllv ulcrc
is an opening here for an electric light com-
juj u. u a kuiupany.
Governor Hunt's new coal discoveries solve
the fuel question for this section for all such
Major Jules Randell has rented a furnished
house for the summer and is expectinc bis
family from Ilreoham.
Mrs. R. G. Tileston and her daughter
Mrs Jcf I. Hibbetts will return in a few dayi
to their Kansas home.
Mr. Don Juan Weber's wife and son ore
confined to their beds with the measles but
improving and out of danger.
Colonel Lawrence and wife of Austin are
spending a few weeks here. The Colonol it
testing our hot springs for rheumatism.
The rumor in San Antonio about the killing
of five Americans between here nnd Saltillo
was without foundation. About the 1st a
stage with four Mexicans and one American
was he d up and relieved of some $400 and
the wail bags cut open ("just the same Meli-
can man") near Saltillo and from this doubt-
less started the rumor. All is peace and
quiet and the hotels are full of health and
pleasure seekers with a good sprinkling of
capitalists seeking investments.
The good citizens regret the resignation of
Mr. Sanderson as Freight and Passenger
Acent of the Mexican National.
Governor Hunt is completing arrangements
to supply this section with coal and coke at
living prices.
The street riilur.o I. .it:- 1.1 .
partment down to a regular basis and is duly
nonreeiatpd ami n.imn..j u.. i .
s . f-.u.u uy kUB natives

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