The San Antonio Light (San Antonio, Tex.), Vol. 4, No. 5, Ed. 1, Saturday, January 5, 1884 Page: 1 of 4

The San Antonio Light.
Vol. IV. No. 5.
San Antonio Texas Saturday January 5 1884.
Ten Cents a Week.
Of Receipts and Expenditures of the City of San Antonio for the
Month of November 1883;
GatrxiUL Fund
November 1. To amount on hint) from Ootober.
November 1. To amount overdrawn interest
November II. To amount Collector's reoelpt
November 17. To amount Collector'! receipt No. 41
November 23. To amount Collector'i receipt No. 2
Novenibor 80. To amount Collector'! receipt No. 43...... .........
November 91. To amouut paid out of general fund for publlo Im-
provements to date
foLim Fdkd
November S. To amount Collector's receipt
Novcmbor 17. To amount Collector's receipt
November 23. 'lo amount Collector's receipt
November 30. To amount Collector's receipt
llalanco due Treasurer
Bfecui. Furu
November 1. To balance on hand from October
November 8. To amount Collector's receipt No. 40..
November 17 7o amount Collector's receipt No. 41..
Novcmbor 30. To amount Collector's receipt No. Ml.
School Fund
November 1. To balance on hand from October
Novombcr . To amount Collector's receipt No. 40..
'To amount Treasurer's receipt from Btate ..
To amount Collector's receipt No. 41 i
To amount Collector's receipt No. 43
PDnttoIrioviuiNiFoNi .
November 1. To balance on hand lroni October.. ..;.....
Bexar Countt Fdnd-
. November 30. By amount paid for salary of city officers
Street Comml"loner's Department Pay of laborers cartmcn car-
P'uliTi and salary of Street Commissioner for October 1883 215.1 20
ay for material and repairing tools.... ......... assi 80
Ditches and IrriKatlon-l'ay of salary of Ditch Commissioners Uu 10
Fay of laborer... "- '0 60
Fire Dunnrtment-rayoteDKlDcori drivers oto. for OctolKT 310 45
Pay of mat rial .... 1175
Pay of one span of homes for Hook and Ladder Compani 301 vO
City Engineer Department-Pay of employees for October 409 41
Pay for sharpening tools etc 19 17
Hospital Modfclnes Eto-Pay of Santa Itoia hospital for keeping
city patients In July and Autust 604 63
For burial of paupers. July to October. 118 00
Salary and forage allowance City Physician...- 120 ID
Salary and f orago allowance. Sanitary Policeman CI 00
Payor A. A. Staacke. for material.... 63 CO
Pay of L Orynski for medicines to city patients 65 00
City Pound SAlary and rorago allowance Pound Master October. f 8 13
Salaryof stock driver 45 00
Pay I or f orago.... 47 68
fiaaMnri Water I'jav nf vas bills for Aufxust. Sentember. October.. 1.B70 "a
Fyof rentof hiaranta 2000 00 $3670 29
Publlo Improvements -Uy pay of laborers cartmen and material -
used for mscadamizlug San Pedro avenue 2431 10
lly pay account of grading San Pedro Avenue 601 00-8 20!4 10
lly pay of balance due on San Pedro Avenuo sower 1547 08
Uy pay ot account of curbing San Pedro Avenuo 1.M8 00- 3090 68
Miscellaneous Contingencies-Pay for provisions to paupers 143 76
Allowances to paupi rs LI 00
Kent of Telephones .10 00
Attorneys In caso In U.S. Circuit court ; 600 00
Salary of messenger and general utility man 00 00
' ' ' Mlsccllsncous repairs and contingencies 283 15$ 1070 00
llalanco .cusu on nanu
Police Fond-
November 1. By amount duoT'easurer from October
November 80. By amount paid Police pay roll for October 2190 93
November 30. lly amount paid Tor salary City Marshal for Septomber 150 00
November!) lly amount paid for feeding of pr.soo.ors.' 170 87
November iio. lly amount paw special ponoo ror cemetery August to
October 80 00
November SO. By amount paid Pancoast Son account clothing al-
lowance 84 00-$ 2G31 82
Bi'ictAt Fund
November 30. By amount paid for Interest
November 30. By balanco cash an band
November 1 to 30. By amount paid for salary
iiv amount tald for eoal. wood and putting
lly amount paid torfurnlture eta for school
By amour- t paid for stationery . i . i
lly amount paid for Insurance on furnlturo
Public IurnovEUEirrs-
November 80. . General Fund; balance on hand
November au. ronce f una oaianoe aua Treasurer
November 80. Special Fund balance an hand
November 30. Sehool Fuad balance on hand .
November ao. Publlo Improvements balance on hand..
NovemberOO. Uoxar'und balance on hand...
December 1. Balance casb on hand i
$60093 00 $ 50003 00
E P. Claudon City Clerk.
The abovo report and orfglhal vouchors havaboen duly examined and tho same have bocn
found correct and U rctnruod approved. JOSEPH K. DWYKIt
Chairman Finance Committee.
Uy J W. IJraxlley. tand Agent.
Nice cottage well built fronting east on
Milam square. No. 005 offorod for loss than
present cost.
New cottage elegantly finished Tjooms one
block from San Pedro avenue $3500.
Two story commodious bouse nf It rooms
halls and galleries two cisterns stables etc
on Ban Pedro avenue. Great bargain.
Eight room hard rook bouse and two room
soft rook fronting on Market and Presa at recta
and adjoining Casino ball. Splendid Invcst-
TlYacro farm within two hours rldoof the
city river front six room house celled through-
out 60 acres cleared and fenced orchard nf
live acres good well and cistern. Prloe $2000.
Six nlco cottages In Ward 4 price $1200 to
$8000 paying 15 to 20 per cent rental.
Improved farms dairv farms ranch proper-
ties with live stock large bodies ot land In
Texas and Moxlco
Hbusnof4 rooms galleries etc. with 4 lots.
No. 1110 West Houston street.
Two large lots corner of Boledad and Ilodrl-
guts streets. ... .
Two nlco cottages 3 rooms each on Fannin
street. ' .
Nice cottageof S rooms on Avenue D.
Cottage ot 4 rooms galleries stable eto
3 cottages or. Avenuo 11.
814 acres la Kai ues county on Hondo creek
fenced. 100 acres cleared and II In cultivation
15 miles Couth of Helena and 7 miles from
Ualleyvlllo. Flno Improvements well grassed
No. M
1344 TO
745 M
8KS 83
010 l $4C37 62
No. 40
No. 41
No. 43
No. 4.1
Ilu3 00
IMS 20
UU0 00
W3 23 13(01 43
1.1M 23
30 03
63 64 11237 i
$5237 es
0000 oo
24 61
21 31 $1071 87
tl(3W 75
$7101 00
18 or.
ID fil
211 31 $C3 87
$9(3 33
51525 00
$roa w
$028 20
$488 68
$933 16
$160 70

1M0S 70
$ 31135 03
$31835 47
on bonds ot 1974 1875 and
of teachers. Janitors
un stoves
141 05
204 00
7 45
houses. ....
10091 45
8890 13
W0 75
7234 87
Pobllo Notice.
Publlo notlco Is hereby given that Messrs.
Adolph M. Cohen and Alexander Koenlghelir
residents of San Antonio late partners com-
posing the firm of Cohen & Koonlghclra whole-
sale and retail dealers In clothing and gents'
furnlihlng goods and merchant tailors who
conducted their principal business ut Sau An-
tonio Uexar county. State of Texas on tho
13th day of December A. D. 1883 appointed
the undersigned Louis S Borrof San Anto-
nio their assignee undor the act relating te
assignments for the beuetlt of creditors their
deed of assignment being for the benefit of
such crodttors only as will consout toacocnt
their proportional sharti of the estate and dis-
charge them from their respective claims.
Under tho ameuded aot tho debtors will not bo
discharged from liability to a creditor who
does not reotlve as much as one-third ot tho
amount due and allowed In his favor as a valid
claim against the estate.
Loots S. BERd Assignee-
San Antonio Bexar County Texas. Sir
Orrtcx 8. A. Banitart and Fertilizing! Co. I
San Antoolo January 6 1881. I
The Hon. Mayor and Board of Aldermen
rvtnntv Juda-e and County Comnlsalnnera.
members of tbo Board of Health and members
of the press aro respectfully Invited to attend
the trial ot the New Odorless Excavating Ap
paratus at tne wane uiepnam on niunuay
January 7 at 10 a. in. weather permitting.
(iioHaa Caen Manager.
H. M. Landauxr Secretary
Arbor. Titles Wot $1 $1 23 il to and up to
y&i at iiuuyaa e si uoiameroe street.
Kxtrcne Cold Weather-Anolli
Abont O'Konuell -Deadly Pie
Denver Wedding.
Leavenworth January 4. The office of
the Kansas Prohibitionist wss entered by un-
known persons to-night and one of the forms
pled and half the type thrown Into the stove
and melted.
New York January 4. The business fsll-
nres for the last seven days In the United
States number 319 and Canada 29 ; proba-
bly the largest number of commercial casus!-
ties ever reported in a similar peitod.
New Haven January 4. Albert E. Kent
of Ssn Frsnclico a member of the Ysle clus
of 1853 who one year ago presented Yale
with $50000 for the erection of a chemical
laboratory has added $25000 to the orig-
inal Cirt.
Chicago January 4. This has been the
coldest dsy ol the present winter. The ther-
mometer stood at 14 decrees below tero at 9
a. m.; at II It rose to two and at one o'clock
had fallen again to 14 below. At Omaha the
thermometer Is quoted at 17 below and at
Dubuque at 26 below zero at 9 this morning;.
Minneapolis January 4. Specials confirm
the reports of the coldest weather for years.
At Bromerd at six this tnorningthe thermom-
eter stood 41 below sero at Fondulac 30 be-
low In this city to-night 35 below and going
down. Last night it ranged from 30 to 35
below. It is believed that to-night It will
touch the lower milk.
Chicago January 4. Judge Smllh of the
Superior court rendered a decision to-day de-
claring unconstitutional the act of the Legis-
lature under which damages could be recov-
ered from owners of homes in which money
bad been lost at gsmbling. The principal
reason given by the court is thst the constitu-
tion provides that each act of the Legislature
shall have a title and that only one subject Is
to be embrsced in one act.
Galveston January 4. Samuel Thomp-
son representing the Odd Fellows of Texas
will soen call a mass meeting in the Cotton
Exchange here for the purpose of learning
what indacements Galveston will offer in case
the society decides to elect this city as the lo-
cstlon for the proposed $100000 temple.
Several prominet citizens have already inti
mated mat encouragement 01 a decidedly sub-
stantial character will be extended.
Montreal January 4. Sixteen boarders
and three sisters of the Notre Dime de Lour-
des coavent are dangerously ill from poison-
ing. Ycttrrday a meat pie was served for din-
ner and all who partook were soon after
seized with vomiting and cramps. Two boar-
ders are dangerously ill bat the remainder are
recovering. The doctors say that the poison-
ing is the result of tainted meat which al-
though condemned by the inspector was sold
to the convent.
Denver January 4. Lait night a strange
wedding occured on 15th avenue in this city.
The bride was a y year old and a white girl
the bridegroom a black negro. The ceremony
was performed by a white Melhodiit preacher
named Hodges. Some years ago the mother
then a widow with this her only daughter
came nere irom i.anaaaana a lew months sgo
msrried a negre named Harris by whom sue
hss three children. It Is reported the girl was
forced into the marriage. The neighborhood
is thoroaghly excited.
Milwaukee January 4. The steamer
Wisconsin which lelt for Grand Haves
Michigan on Wedne.sdsy evenlog never
reached there and a terrible exposure of 40
hours In a terrific gale and severe cold made
this port again at noon to-day covered with
ice three inches thick. The captain ssys that
he never experienced a like esle in all his ex
perience on the Iskss. The thermometer
stood at 33 degrees below zero at five p. m.
and the signal officer prophesies 35 degrees
Deiow 10-nignt. ine streets ore almost desert-
ed. Baltimore January 4 The Manufactu.
rer's Record publishes an article showing a
remarkable Increase in the cotton" mannfac-
t jricg interest of the South In the last three
years and the figures show that there are 314
cotton mills having 2276432 spindles aid
24 873 looms while in 1880 there were only
Ifo mills with 711989 spindles and 15222
looms. In 1880 the value of manufactured
cotton was a little over $31000000; In 1883 it
had risen to $35000000 or $40000000.
During the last three years and a half $820-
00000a have been invested by the new and
old cotton mills in machinery the bulk of
which wss paid to Northern and Wealerj
machinery manufacturers.
Chicago January 4. The extremely
cold weather has retarded all freight and pas-
senger trains and malls from all quarters of
the country and delayed their arrival to-day
from three to 16 hours. Eleven miles south-
west of the stockyards on the Wabash stands
a stock train of 20 cars of famishing freezing
live stork. The train was snowed under ana
stalled on Tuesday night since which time it
is believed the animals have been without
food or water. A rescuing party drove within
three miles of the train and then abandoned
their sleighs and walked the remainder of the
dlstsnce. Al'hough several engines have
been sent down the train could not be
reached. The party have returned and sev-
eral are badly frost bitten. It is believed the
stock perished to-day.
New Orleans January. 4. A Baton Rouge
special sayst Valmer Rector colored was
hanged to-day for the murder of Duncan Wil
Hams on December 3 188. The crime was
cold-blooded and cowardly. It Is staled that
Rector also murdered his Hep-lather without
provocation but escaped punishment by laxity
of the courts. On the scaflold Rector addressed
the people and warned all to avoid wlilttv
which brought him to the gallows. The Sheriff
drew down tne black cap Used the rope and
stepped off the scsfTold' closely followed by
Rector. The culprit was taken back but
refused lo remain following the deputies
when they left. The Sheriff was compelled to
call en bystanders for ass'ut incr the deputies
being unable to keep Rector on the scsffjld.
The prisoner uttered terrifying screams and
begged plteoutly for llle. Finally his limbs
were bound snd the hanging proceeded. It Is
the first exrculioa In this parish under the civil
law since 1862.
Washington Jsnusry 4 Representative
Springer at the earnest solicitation of promi-
nent Democrats both here and In the State he
represents has concluded lo accept the posi
tion on the House committee to which he was
assigned by the Saeaker. He says that he Is
not unmindful ol the fact that great inluitlce
has been done him and his conitituents built
is not lor him to decide whst position snail
fall to him on the committee and he therefore
accepts Ihe situation In good faith and will
proceed with zssl to discharge the duties as-
signed him. His committee will at once in-
stitute a thorough tnvestlgatloa of the Depart-
ment of jusilce. He does not predict any
result except that the whole truth shall be
known. He says that he has no friends in
the department to shield or enemies to ex-
pose. The Investigation so far as he is con-
cerned will be nonpsrllian and Impartial but
as thorough as it possibly can be made. The
committee will ask Ihe House soon after
Congress reassembles for authority to send
persons pipes.
Pittsburg Jsnurry 4. The number of
idle men in the city at present is unususlly
large owing to the glass strike and depres-
sion lo the Iron and coal trade. An adver-
tisement In a labor psper on Wednesday for
20 coal miners elicited 300 responses In 24
hours. A prominent labor leader claimed to-
day that If he would' advertise for 1000 men
to work on the streets at $1 10 a day he
would have 5000 applicants Inside of a week
Reports however from various iron mills of
the city show a better condition of things than
was anticipated a month ago. Nearly all the
iron and steel mills are now running with
fair prospects of an Increase in business dur-
ing the present month. The Republican
iron works on the south side have shut
down for some time on account of a break.
They will start on Monday however with
plenty 01 work to keep tnem going steadily.
lay a train of the largest tollers in the world
while several other mills are now worklne
double turn. There seems to be a prowler
demand for iron and manufacturers are daily
f rowing more hopelul. Business is increas-
ng and the outlook Is more encouraging.
DuDUN January 4. The United Ireland
publishes an account ol the murder of Carey
ritten by a gentleman who received it from
O'Donnell and not to be told as long as a
chance remained to save O'Donnell's life
The account showed that O'Donnell deliber-
ately killed Carey and there was no struggle.
Carey made no attack upon O'Donnell and
had Judge Dcnman permitted O'Donnell he
would have told the whole story of the kill-
leg. The story says that O'Donnell was not
acquainted with Carey on the voyage from
England to Cape Good Hope was not a mem-
ber of any society recognized Carey by the
wood cut he ssw at Capetown and resolved to
kill him. He intended to go with him to a
farm at Port Elizabeth which Carey had told
h'm he was going to take andthusshow there
was no spot on which Carey could not be
shot. Finding himself alone with Carey he
could not resist his desire to kill him. Carey
p.rceivcd the danger and said: ' D you
know met" O'Donnell replied: "You are
Carey the Informer. To hell with youl"
The bullet sped with the words and the deed
was done. Carey clutched his own revolver
but too late. O Donnell fired two more shots
ana t-arey roiled to tne deck nobody saw
the shooting except O'Donnell's companion
who threw her arms around him and filled
Ihe ship with her cries. He bad told her
that morning that he meant to kill Carey and
would hang for it. When Mrs. Carey reached
the scene O'Donnell said to her: "I had to
do it." '
Jacob 1Vbar & Co. Pioneer Dlstlllars of
Kummal lllttara and Cordials.
"Mine Gott In Kumrael I" will be ejacu-
lated by many a Geiman as he smacks his
lips and wipes the beer off his beard and the
tears of fond memory from his eyes as he
reads this description and learns that right
here at "hand and within the reach of his
hand and wallet is. made as fine pure and
delicious Kummel as his father ever spanked
him for taking on the sly In Faderland when
a kid (boy I mean excuse me; It's the cli-
mate) and as dainty as what the old time
monks of England reveled In when they
laughed ha 1 ha I ha I and they quaffed ha I
ha I hat and they lived on the daintiest
cheer. This delectable beverage a kind of
cordial is made by the old and well known
rectifying house of Jacob Weber & Co. and
the prominent and pronounced flavor Is thai
of carowayteed.
Upon our late visit to this enterprising
house we were persuaded to also simple
their famous Universal Bitters of which they
are sole msnufscturers and proprietors and
being solemnly assured that they contained no
mercury srienic iodldeof potassium or strych-
nine and only the best ol tonic and health
giving blond purifying and appetizing roots
herbs seeds and Sowers distilled with the
purest of alchohol we yielded gracefully
and took our "spoonful every half hour unlit
relieved." We had however been restored
to our customary cheerfullncss and vigor.
Hitlers are in demand and is rapidly increas-
leg from all parts of the Stste.
This firm alio manufacture a fine extract of
hoarhound from the shrub which Is gathered
selected and cured under their careful super-
vision and belnir compounded with pure
svrun is very palatable and is reearded every
where as being very efficacious In the relief
and cure 01 coins caugns sore throat etc.
Anlsee is also distilled par excellence by this
house. Fine tognsc is always kept in stock.
This bouse being the first distillers in West
Texas deserve credit and support for their en-
terpriie In establishing among us a manufac-
tory which is not oaly a success." but furnishes
pure goods as anyone can see by calling at
any time. They can also see there at work
their chief distiller Mr. Keifcr who has bad
an experience 01 40 yens. yuiix.
Return To-night.
BIshoD Nrraz and Fsther Genolin will re
turn from New Orleans to-night where they
have been attending the funeral ceremonies of
the most Reverend Archbishop N J. l'ersche.
What MaJ.r Edwards ot Missouri Has to
Say About An Old Comrade Who
Passed Away In Hfuston
The following from the pen of Msjor John
N. Edwards of the St. Joseph (Mo.)
Gazette Is not entirely correct. General
Magruder died In Houston and was burled
kere but the remains after resting for a
couple of years were exhumed and taken to
Gatveston where they were reinterred. The
tribute from Major Edwards Is worthy of his
Rifled pent
Hurled In an obscure spot In the graveyard
at Houston Texas a subscription is now be-
ing taken up to Inclose his gtave and put
something upon It In the shape of a token that
he Is still remembered by the people among
whom be fought and died.
Magruder was a wonderful man. He stood
six feet four inches in height and had a lorm
hlch the men envied and the wemea adrred.
His nerves were all Iron. Foreign travel and
comprehensive culture had given to his wit a
zest that was always crisp and spsrkliog. He
never lacerated. To the sting of the bee he
added the honey of the clover. He could
fight all day and dance all night. In Ihe
morning a glass of brandy and a good cigar
renewed his strength and caused the cup of
his youth to run over with the precious wine
ol health and high spirits.
He loved msgnificent uniforms magnificent
horses magnificent riders and magnificent
Gifted and graceful in conversation he was
a pet In the boudoir and a logician in the bar-
racks. He had studied French in Paris
Italian la Rome and Spanish in the hstls of
the Montezumas. His horsemanship wss of
the English kind that is to say not grsceful
but impossible to be surpassed for firm tiding
and endurance. He wrote little love songs
that ere set to music; one of them "I mo
cent" had in it the plaintive repimngs
of a soldier lover and the ssd
rhythm ol burial bugles. la the
Cnmea he astonished the French officers
by sleeping at the front with the Chasseurs
under fire. In Mexico he sent back to ihe
Archbishop a lady's perfumed glove he had
found in his calace when the city was won
and with it a note which read : "it is pretty
nouch to have belonged to a Oaten would
she have pardoned me If I had appropriated
it!" As the Archbishop sent him the next
dsy a basket of delicious wine' It is supposed
that the fair owner of the glove mutt have
looked leniently upon the handsome Ameri-
csn soldier.
Later and he was ridinrr with General
Scott down the long street ol Iturblde. Gen-
eral Garnelt joined them and Magruder drew
a little back for his superiors to consult A
white puiT of smoke curled out from an open
window a sudden report followed speedily
and Garaett and horse went down together
nn ounce dsii lotcnaeaior scott nia broken
Garnett's thigh and killed his charger. Fear-
ing another fire Magruder galloped lo the
tide of his chief and covered his body with
his own. The old man's eyes never dropped
nor his voice changed in Intonation.
"How long win it take you to batter down
that houtet" He spoke curtly to Lieutenant
Magruder pointing with a sweep of his finger
to the nearest and from which the bullet
came. "An hour by the watch General."
"Then open fire at point-blank range and
leave not one stone upon another." It was
done and well done and those who saw
Magruder soonest afterwards noticed that he
had another bar on his epaulettes and had
been made a captain. War was his element
the blvousc bis delight and the battle-field his
perfect inspiration.
Prodigal fashionable foolishly brave some-
times a spendthrift generous a true friend
aod a staunch comrade the surrender of
Appomatoxnade him an aged mm iu his
prime and wrinkled his features grievously
which had before resisted all the attacks of
One who has winde.ed far and long with
him in other lands and in sweet sunshiny
weather relates how from Vera Cruz to
Chapultrpec he went with Magruder all over
the battlefields of Ihe Mexican war. The
light came to his eyes and the fire to his face
when telling of Contxcras Cberubusco Pe-
rote Molina del Rey the Belen Gate Cha-
pultepec and the City of Mexico. His talk
was never ended of Scott and Twiggs Wool
and Worth Smith and Pillow Harney and
Kearney Taylor and Quitmen McClellan
and Grant Lee and Beauregard and all the
other young subordinates who afterwards
played such bloody parts in the greatest of all
dramas the American civil war. Of Mc-
Clellan he told this incident among a thou
sand: "The fire from the bill of Chapultepec
was terrible. Fifty pieces of heavy artdlcry
were massed against against my four-gun
battery at point blank range and in the val-
ley below a regiment of lancers was forming
for a charge.
"Our fire had been slackened and the men
were lying down. A young man sat beside
one of the guns amusing himself with pick-
iug up pcuuics ana snooting inem irom his
fingers. The lancers came nearer. I called
to the young officer whom I had noticed and
he sprang up aalutlog 'Your name !' 'Lieu-
tenant George B. McClellao.' 'Very well
Lieutenant take command of one of those
guns and disperse those lancers.' The gun-
ners rushed to their pieces. AH the great
csnnnn ibut Chapultepec went to rotring.
riie battle began anew. Worth was sweep-
ing up the declivity. The lancers were routed
and the next I saw of McClellan he was smok-
ing a cigarette la the Palace of Santa Anna
his fsce as black as a powder keg and an
ugly wound In bis arm." What a book bis
life would make in the hands of some men 1
Life once intended to write an autoblogrtphy
iv nciacr 11 was or not we do not know.
Most certainly It was never finished. The
brave fond heart Is pulseless now; the form
of the stslwart soldier is dust in its far away
grave. The laurels that he gathered and
wore so well are faded and gone.
The ltacorder's Court.
A blowing of fingers a stamping of feet
and the geaeral red appearance of the ttrslght
notes pug noses Roman noses and many
other kinds of noses which adorned the
numerously different colored faces ol lite
habitues of the Recorder's court Indicated
tSit cold weather wss operating on their quiet
behavior while the Interested proceedings of
court seemed to Interest them no longer
and Ihe Inquisitive glince gave way to one
of let me get out of Oils at the court and
give me whisky and fire. The Recorder
himself looked frozen and statuesque from
his elevated position and looked still colder
when evidence of any length came up. The
upshot was that three vagrants were given
shelter In the bat cave for 30 dsys (and
were'nt they glad to hear It) if not able to pay
$10 each At the tine Ihey "smole a ghastly
smile" and glanced significantly at the large
holes to their pockets. This the Court un-
derstood and the Recorder shed a frozen
tear white Captain Shitdeln with suppressed
emotion showed them the way to their 30
days hospitality. The rest of the esses were
dismissed; and talk of transformation scenes
wasn't that court empty In Ibe dropping of an
llulldlnc I'ermltl.
G. W. Samuels lumber addition to dwell-
ing 11x14 west side San Pedro avenue; $60.
W. M. Copehatt lumber dwelling 14x28
west side Pine street; $310.
Louisa Cotellans aged two years died on
the 4th of marasmus in the Second wsrd.
kllzabeth Huntley aged 36 died on the
3d from ptralysls in the First ward.
Gideon Alder aged 3 years died en the
4th from scarlet fever In the Third ward.
1'rof. Tripp's Third Lactaro
at the Trinity M. E. church this evening at 8
o'clock will delinate the adventurous career
nf Prince Louis Nspoteon with pen sketches
interwoven of the Napoleon family tragic
death of the late Prince Imperii) and a glance
at the present political situation In France.
The Fott Worth correspondent of the Hous-
ton Post spesks ssdly as follows: "Shelly
McLsughlio a besutlful courtessn who for
ytsrs was the mistress of the Chief Eogineerof
Ihe Gould system who was killed near Waco
in a railway acciJent some time ago was to-
dsy Judged insane. She had been grieving
ince his death and finally her mind has been
lla Cava way.
Juan Parada the young Mexican who
ought the smsll-pox and who recovered
from this terrible disease much to Ihe joy ol
his medicil advisers Is dead. Death bent
00 having his victim one wsy or Ihe other at-
tacked him in the shape of an abcess In the
throat from which blood poisoning originated
and Ihe young man succumbed. He was 10
years old.
A Lecture.
Prof. Rote this morning delivered a highly
Interesting lecture on the orographic features
of the earth with its relation to drainage at
the High school to several of the young lady
teachers amongst whom were the Misses
Rebble and Martha Cook Mrs. Hebgen
Miss Moke Miss Haenel Miss Bee and sev-
eral others. Three of the colored teachers
Miss Harris Miss Frazler and Mrs. Grimes
were also present.
Tha races
At the old Fair grounds announced for to-
day are postponed on account of weather
unlit 2 o'clock to-morrow. Pools will be sold
at the White Elephant to-night. Busses will
tike passengers from Ihe city and return leav-
ing White Elephant at I and 2 o'clock p. m.
Also on Monday at 2 o'clock there will be a
match race between Crook'a sorrel horse
Silent Friend and Secrist's grey mare Grey
Elsie for $150 a side 700 yards and a match
race same evening 300 yards.
The Dud vs. the SlTrcury.
This morning's cold snsp uoprecedestedly
cold must have convinced those who buried
their overcoats and bed spreads under a
syringe-squirting lavender that lavender may
smell pretty but it didn't put fuel In the fire.
Fashion and la-de-da perfumery the dude's
cosmetic and old Boreas' powdered face must
now convince our people that mesquite wood
always delivered too long for the stove or too
slim fcr the fire place never made a reliable
contract with the thermometer. The then
mometer is a warning which showed this
morning that the old custom of our German
friends of having a feather bed on lop and dry
tinder wood In the shed are not always to be
despised. Let us have waimth.
Mormon Mlsslouarles.
The Mormon has come. Joe Smith's
emisssrles. Brlgham Young's kindred Apostle
Taylor's hired hands are la our midst. They
have come as emissaries seeking proselytes.
They don't talk coon and Irrigation the Jor-
dan river or stakes in Zion but they are
preaching that much abused gospel on the
Main plaza here. They are not makingmany
converts wilh their harrangue since for them
unfortunately their meetings are too near the
cheap barrel hcuses and not far from the mo
women vicinity of loose females. But Int&s
county not remote from here they hsvetnade
their power felt' snd are cndcavoiing to make
Judge Mason feel their power In the school
districts In desiring teschers with Mormcn
proclivities. Judge Mason is "sealed" against
This morning eaily one of those eatly
birds who aie said to catch the worm in Ibc
shape of a shivering pedestrian was observed
by parties In a passing street car to stoop
down and pick up a roll of greenbacks throw-
ing his handkerchief over it In front of the
new Maverl:k buildiag corner Soledad tad
Houston streets. This item may prove of
. interest to the loser.
i . -

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