The San Antonio Light (San Antonio, Tex.), Vol. 4, No. 118, Ed. 1, Friday, May 16, 1884 Page: 3 of 4

he San Antonio Light.
lulrKtlanl nd Ort Northern
V.n . ra. s-ni I'. ro.
12:14 r-ni I t. m.
a1"!! m. Tils ft. rp.
Ivfmtnn. lUrrtubnrg smd ..o Antont'S
0:40 1.. ra. I
'NIGHTS PYTHIAS El tods-o No. i.
11. Vlltln tired
flDontcrcy tlovcrtlocrs.
This spnee will bo
ocuipleil by Dr. Alex
McMaslcrs l'liysl-
ctan nnd Burgeon
Monterey Mexico.
Miners Prospectors Farmers Mechanics.
I would call RptrfAl attention to nil who In
tend vomlnsr to Mexico for tho puipono or
wnrklnir mines fftrtri or cc?itru tniiny other
lmlnsir?ttiAttlty run nnoevprymintr
llulMrro '.aiechtinlrv Mini
. An Infuriated lotdler Kilo tleitn Umridei for
I Charting Hit Country
lovely shore ol 8ntn I.ucU In this city
lias been the noetic of n remarkable
tragedy. The cattle la n military bar-
rack tilled with Infantry. The tortuous
road down to the tea la bordered by
cabins Inhabited by the families of vet-
erans. The tragedy occurred on tho
night of Hauler Sunday about 0 o'clock
A lot of ricdmonteoe and I.ombnnly
soldiers began to chatl n Calabreto cor-
poral Jeering at his country mimicking
his iiatols and tantalizing hlni In every
way. A sergeant Interfered and drovo
tho soldiers to bed. An hour afterward
one galratore Mlsdea a Calabrlan sol-
dier of the Nineteenth Infantry stole
quietly from bed took his gun and n
hundred rounds of cartridges and sta-
tioned himself at the door of tho bar-
racks. Ho piled the cartridges on a
bench loaded his musket and kneeling
down began to tire upon every l'leu-
montese and Lombard soldier. The
llrst shot brought down tho ser-
geant who had stopped the warfare of
words. He tired as rapidly as possible
every shot either killing or wounding
a comrade. The steeping regiment was
aroused. As fast as tue soldiers sprang
from their beds they were shot down.
mo regimcni was nanto-stricKen. 'l no
graduates who rushed for the door and
tried to corral the human tiger were shot
dead. Tho remainder of the soldiers
sought shelter In their rooms. Mlsdea
then entered the rooms one afrer the
other killing nnd wounding all but the
Calabrcsc. From tho windows of each
room he would shoot down the soldiers
outside. In one room half a dozen sol-
diers had crowded under their beds.
Mniinotlo lUI'erlro f.tM
Tythlntr needed
1'. UN t'.nichmi
'Toolnnnd Mliitntr
nlf Trlniil
ItiM-k ilrl'lU unit
imiVtni. lMntlium Ktijta. Lmllnir unit Con.
nectlnir Wires. Octoiron Mltnnir Steel Drllllnir
nd Napping Hammers. Picks Mattncks mc.
Also IllfoVsmlth Tools nnd riuppltes. Iron nnd
tleel. Anvils Vines. Hollow" Ilrllls Forios
Jljiclilnery.Hc. PnitsOils VnmUhis
(ft ptx At tlio
.and s Monterey Jtlfilo.
VlndA tie Huntlaffo N Lanffstrnth.
Will l'lnd The
Hot Springs at Topo
MONTl.l!l.V Ml ".SI CO
Buporlor to any In tho country. In-
ducement offered for tho establishment of a
good hotol. Correspondence solicited. Ad-
drtM jum;s a. kamiiall.
Proprietor Monterey Mcilco.
Bound lor Mexico Bliould benr In
mind that the
(The Lion Drug Store)
nnounded aecordiiiir to tho
practice of the respective cnuMtrfcsb. etrictJy
.nr.ti.nt nhai-m-wltta. l.niilUh. German.
French nnd Hpnnlti spoken. A largo Uock of
roints arnniaes jmisucs isiu.
Mexican Curloaltlea a Hpectalty.
Exchange nn England United States and all
bougtit ana soia at current inaricri rates.
West End Hotel and Greenville Gardens
Tho nnlv fl rat -class American hotel In thi
city. Tho most beaut If ul reuortln tbosuhurba
of Monterey. lively ftroves and cooling
Streams. Special apt-rtment for families
lealtlik-st titirt of the eltr. Hot and cold bath.
Table unexcelled. Charge moderate Special
terma to lamuiea oy ino ween
iiguuui piet-Kant nome.
month. A dc-
TI1UMAB ClllOOMK Proprietor.
City Property For Sale
1. Three and ono half acres on Naooadochei
street running to Han 1'odro rrcelr with im
provements nna iruu orcnara on ground
4. Two lots
tbroujrn 1
6. IMC
through to Presa street.
Garden street running
i Houth l'rcsa street runnlnir to Gar
den street with improvements.
0 Loti No. KS and 13 block 48 corner Llvo
udK ana uawson ireeia wun im proven
7. Two lota with Improvements on
street between Avenues D and K.
H. Five lots corner Austin and nn
streets. Immediately eust turn of i
rail war.
V. Fltty-ti
mediately t
beautifully located.
11. TwontvfoUrat
Tedro crook at crosHlotr of International and
Hi i n mitral I madi.
12. liouHoand lot corner North Concho and
Ibor ditch
J 5. Ten lots In Mock No. 6 above Upper
Lab.r ditch.
io. ruioeniou on urana avenuo neanxme
IT. Three and ( ne half lota In Prut hnmtw
tcad corner Commerce Uuk and North
18. lots In lot No. 72 near Trospeet htll
strrct railway at prices ranirlnr from $100 to
risoa ioi on etuyiorma lyinirweatoi interna'
mnal detot. and east of Alizim rrralr.
It) Five acres runntog from Camden atrcot
to upper Jjaoor aiu-n.
SO. Three lots on KJmlra street corner Tron
XI. Beven'loti on Jackson street
Blxtr-flvo and ono half acres under fence.
with Improvements known a "race aud fair
23. tJoventy-flrolots on east side of Austin
itreet above SunBet round houso.
24. Twenty tlvo lota on liurteson Lamar
i Sou tli Florci street
running back to river.
ikfia. cnmnrumsT
national sunset ana Government depots Ban
r Inter-
Pedro springs and other parts of the city.
whtch we offer at liberal Driers and on mi
terms kibo ui iiiuir irrixauie iinai in
We will examine titles write conveyances
attend to the renting: of bouses negotiate
273 Commerce street.
Dead Against Him.
I'rorn tho Wall Ptrort News.
" Ven. I was In (hot oil deal lftat year"
lw April lSThi eastle oflMr- to "? ttrr" th?
W on the htll oteriooklnff the table -.nd I aiink av- In a way lo
"Hut you hail somptlilnglent"
"Yes about $2.1000."
"And you liare used ttmt to inale a
new start 1 suppose?"
"I used It tn net Into the Ice business
last fall bellerlnfrthat It would be A
mild winter followed by high prlres
and now where am 1? The stock I've
cot on hand lias so chilled tho farms fur
three miles around that I've got a dozen
suits fur damages to crops!"
N Effect.-
Krnin Will street New.
A Now York grain speculator who
was In Chicago the other day happened
to meet with a Dakota man at the hotel
nnd naturally enough Inquired:
"How are things looking In tho for
"Fine sir: verr line."
Hut this cold wavo has probably had
effect upon your wheat lleldj?''
.Vol a bit. sir. When a wheat field
has from three to six feet of snow
holding It down a three-rent April
wae won't mako a slnglo splinter Uy!"
Tor May. By Hilton L Young 201 Weil Houston
10 nice cottages near the I. A U. N. It.
It. depot; sizes and prices to suit; Just
the thing for railroad men.
i.) new collages irom z to . rooms
ach. for sale and rent near the Sunset
i nice cottages t nnd S rooms each
corner of Walnut and Dawson streets;
S1300 and $1100 very cheap and easy
1 nice cottaire. corner Xolnnnnd Olive.
rooms only $1.VI0.
10-room two-storv residence. Mramittn
street high ground nnd well finished:
Just the homo for Invalids l'rlce $.Vi"0.
o-room iwosiory cottage corner uuvo
nd llitrleson streets elegant place:
Two nlco residences on Avenue C; one
for $K00 and ono for $1500.
Residences nnd choice building lots In
all parts of thn city. Call for our guide
and circular.
KorlOdavs. ctistomets to bur the foU
lowing boots shoes and slippers:
i .nines' nigu cuii'rencn oootces.
Ladies' common senso heel nil kinds.
phla pebble goat common sense.
urn tallies' f renen kiu iow suppers.
I.oul Oulnzo heel French kid sllmicrs.
the llncst In tho market.
dents' low quarters all styles front
the cheapest to the Ilnest French kid
made Just received
Tho name wo assumed wo try to keep
up and have therefore all styles nnd
makes to m nu v;inuercuas wno pay us
a visit for sllnners; also a full lino of
trunks nnd valises.
Sl-lISt Cor. Houston St. nnd Ave. C.
Rubber Stamps
Sin Antonln.
tecs as he entered and pulled him
floor. Although he fought like n tiger
hi. gun was taken from him and his
hands were tied behind hint. He bit
and scratohctl all who came near him
mi ne was nnauy gaggeu. iueanwuue
he barracks was tilled with terror. Af
frighted soldiers sprang from the win-
dows brcnkltig legs and iiruis and the
place echoed with tho cries of tho
wounucii. zunoko mieu every room.
ho walls were furrowed bv bullets and
blood was everywhere Six men
vern killed ouirtgui anil live were mor-
ally wpuniled. Tliey were al natives of
Lombard? nnd rieumont and of cood
The Calabrlan was neither drunk nor
crazy. He recognized his countrymen
while shooting shouting; "Don't bo
afraid. You are Calabrese. I'll not
shoot you." Seeing n young conscript
ntinklng with fear he .pried; "Keep
lulct You're only a conscript 1 won't
nuri you'' in nu up iircu ncnriy u
rounds of cnrtrldges. When arrested he
snarled like a tiger and kept it tip tho
whole night. General .Mezzacapo ques-
tioned him beforo he was Imprisoned.
He replied that ho knew what ho was
about but that he could not bear tn hear
the ricumontese ana l.oinunnls make
fun of the Calabrese.
He fore olnlng tho regiment .Mlsilca
was n brigand. He has often boasted of
his deadly exploits to his comrades. He
frequently said that he hated mankind
and that no loved no ono not even his
mother. He Is SI years old red-headed
nnd has high cheek-bones. Ho was sent
to the prison at Castel del Xuovo. The
hospital of I.n Trlnlsta Is filled with his
victims i uousanus aitcnueu itie iuner-
nls of those who were slnlit outright.
MIssMcCaule) Playa s Joke on the Good People
or Jersey city.
New Youk May 5. For three or four
nights past crowds of citizens have gath-
ered at tho corner of Jersey and Newark
avenues Jersey City to watch for the
appearance of a ghost that wos given
n local habitation In the popular Imagi
nation over Love's grocery store. N lne
o'clock was tho hour nt which the gob'
lln usually exhibited and on one even-
ing there were from 1500 to 2000 people
around the house. They Interfered with
the passage of vehlolcs nnd pedestrians
and the police were finally called upon
tn disperse them. Innulrv shows Unit
the excitement was created by n young
I'ort iiervts. gin nameu Jicunuiey wno
s visitinir witu n inmiiv nnmcu Biinuer.
llvlnc on the second floor of the building.
Mrs. Shatter says that the bobbing
shadow of a man's head on a window
curtain Biicirested the Idea
ghosts to some Juvenile mind and
n crowu ox ooys gatuereu nrounu
the building shouting that the
house was Infested with goblins. Sites
McCnuley made un her mind to supply
the deiunnd for a chost. and that nlirht
she covered herself with a sheet and
mountlmr to the roof crawled stealth IV
nlong the edge. The electric light Shown
full upon her nnd tn Its glare she pre-
sented a weird unearthly aspect.
"In my country home" she said "tho
show might have attracted the attention
of a neighbor or two. but when I looked
down on the street and saw hundreds of
people glaring up at me I was frlght-
eneu in ino cuiiuuuiiun i uuu crcaieu
and withdrew as speedily and graceful'
lvas'Iovuld. The next time I under
take a practical Joke like that I'll not try
li on in n cuy. a nau no iuea mere
would be so mnch fuss about It.1
esterdnv it became cenerallv known
what nnd who tho ghost was and there
wns no crowu on me sireei corner iuhi
night. .
She Proved to be His Adopted Daughter Aged 17
Instead or the Spinster Aned SO
Cijft'Kt.ANii May 3. Jacob Krltch an
Inventor nnd manufacturer Is one of tho
solid business men of this city. lie Is 00
years old and lives In elegant style on
llson avenuo. About ten months ago
his wlfo tiled leaving (wo children a
young man nnd an adopted daughter a
robust girl or 17 named Hertha. Last
fall Bertha was pluccd In the convent at
Nottingham n suburb of Cleveland. Mr
Krltch recently beoame enamored of
wealthy spinster lady nged 40 living on
White avenue. Lust week be took hlj
alllanccd to the convent and calling
upon hU adopted daughter presented
the spinster to her as his wire. Lust
week llertha suddenly obtained a leave
of absence and catno home. On Wed-
nesday Krltch and llertha left on the
morning train for Krle I'a. where they
were uiumcu uy mo jiov. jur. vainem
The couple returned to Cleveland vrs
tcrday and Krltch took his young bride
back to the convent school. The White
avenue spinster Is nearly dlstraoted over
the manner in which Krltch has deserted
her and threatens to bring suit for
urcnuu ui promise.
A Heroic Man.
From tho Ualtlinore Herald.
The boldest man In this country lives
at Illllsboro' 111. and his name is Isaac
Mcl.aln and tho particular act which
entitles him to distinction Is that he has
married his mother-in-law. If we could
impress upon foreign powers the Idea
that every man In America possessed
this same sublime heroism of soul we
would no need of an army or a
navy. A man who Would marry bis
muiuur-iu'inw wouiu simply smne at
threat to turn a Krupp gun on him.
Notice to Property Owners.
ClTVCot.l.KCToir'.Crlici t
Hdn Antontu Mh)' fi ikhs.
Tub Btatr opTkxas i
County or llcxnr. I wiiert'scartaln pnr-
k nwDlnirnrniK'rtr ill tho Cltr of Hn An
tonio hat falltxl to conalruct tuilr aldnwnlks
afterriUQnollroirtvcii.MrMivilrcHl tr ticillou
I or "An Ordinance ICoti tilullnir Conatructtnn
fif Hldownlka" and tho city having constructed
id siaewama u reiiiureu iy bocuuii 7 or said
Henry E Vernor
3-11. lr
2U1 WoU Houston itm-MOl Fnlntnd
romr-r un alalrt nin No. a and 4. I
In all II.P citato anil Knlcral Cfiurtn.
Dealers 111
Fine Groceries and Cigars
nil. jrnu will norrr trmtt IU
Phaetons Buggies
vbU-h w? triMranlcc. Otll
til Hu'cJad Street San Antonio. Toa.
f. J. Wence's Confectionery
Mm' Hardware- Iron Steel
A Brief Description of the Diseases of the Eye Ear and Thr.oat With
a jeva References of Remarkable Cures' By On
N. S. Burnham -4
kinds ot Job Work I
rromrtlr a'tended to i
ljr KAtll. & I.AUX
mmernf llonham ami
CiocVctt it reels. Mr.
Rarl claims to to the
nsl.r Anatomist of tho i
llnof In Hui Antonio.
Ban AntniiHi lunar lolt tho iim4 nt a skillful apoclallat In treating dlanua.1 ot the' Urc Ear and
ThmaU Tlio InbablUntaot all tbla Immeniw Btato when rwiulrluar tho aervlcea ot suoh skill
wcreimrllMtomskoloniiournMtodUuntrltlMatsrritireiiMaucli as Kansas Cttr
lU luls and ChlMlro and atlllturthrrnist. In order to ohtaln relict tor dlsoaars affllctinc
thceo orrans and parts.
Manr of tho rllUcnsot this Btato who won! to Kansas Cltjr for tho brnellt of an oculists
skill made tho acnualntanm of tho Otutlst Aurlat and Larrnrtst.
XDr. IsT. S. BTjirrilieirri
who.MUbrito-f (hoIUniuuClij Mo. Hro Itir and Throat Inflrmarr. Thor. one and all
unitol Inunrlntf hlta tororaetothUpulat tn Toiat. Flnatlr UUlnjr health rauitd hj tfaa
Kld climate coniolM a cbanr. Knt io San Antonlovalnodaiipoclailit who wu known ly
I nom of hi r own tnttstooa and raonr In tho Bute to powria the requlnlto akIH tn all of It
dellcatoantl tarlitl oitorntlonsaiiittrcaltTicnt and iIhm locating berethe rrratctt tucccai bat
crowned hi rfforttand bo bn$ won th enduring imtltudo of hundrrda whom be haa (rratcd
fruin all irt of the Mm!. A fnw of them arc glvtn tmlow aa refer nw
.1'40 lion. Inn street.
uppllo.1. l'rlcca
5jSafetajSTi inod.nito. 3 Slim
V. Lorra
falii Tailor
ordinance and tho Mttyor Imvlntr cirtMleil tn
llio tvlow mentioned niuounta for col
un n
iar tho
Therefor.'ln my capacity. Tax Collect or of
BuMilty In accoruanco wltli hcctlunV of Mid
roiH.rt; owner to como forward
I ottj from date of this tmttco and
innuntaiet outxtlto each irNitectlvo
If n'ot oald within adld time. I am reniilrcul
by Htctlon 10 of tal l onllnanoo to levy and a-'ll
j iiiucii oi bhiii ropcny as may ne necessary
satlstf tlio cc it of construction and oof
otlon. F C. Hal'eises
City Collector.
Callaahan. M Mrs.. 1 lot froatlnr 73 vara
cost Ido Boiilh Fiona strt-et bounded at by
UxryoraveuuH 111701.
C-ttlltiBhatt llrian. 1 lot Boulhcat corner of
Outltwauand Hotitti Klorra atrcot. tWi 70.
Illif nowlty. J. V.Mr. ion 1 to a. Incliiiltc.
Mock T nriifliml jot 11
north lid.) Crockett
oaat Imlf of lot 15 and
t.SLl UK.
(lallaalier. Kllnbeth Mr. t linnowthwot c
or Last Houston midiNaccKuochta aim
a ntt-tved tlio Uryrat rtm'k (if Kiijrllih.
ch and Herman pooIcver broi.pMtuthla
yica ana color (miy nrsuclsM
feet lit iro iranti d.
ilest Instruments llrst work. Itrnsnn
nlilc rntrs. 113 Knst llouiton slrrrt.
J M. liCKl'OUI).
ltooniM IS nnd :t No. 1 2 HOlctlml St.
Ban Antonio Texas. lUamlnallou ot tltl4
and Ural nidation aaroclnltr. I I tr
1'. CMMI'llCM..
V. UMI'lirlX.
(vt.MiMiKMa mm.
Dealers in Hay Grain and Feefl
North ald Aim
1 1'lnri.. hn Antonio.
245 Market St. San' Antonio.
A fatt rvmarka In rcirard tu tbiadlHaAontar not b outof (daco hero aa tl la to comnon.
Nearly at) liaro tho tnuiMo at aouio time latlioacutcCfonn and rail It a cold ffotnetlmva they
art) aware they hardly net orcrone cold until iber haroanothcr. Tho cold or more properly
flpeakln. tho catarrh then becoroo lub-acutc. lly nevlcct thla runa Into chronlo form.
8omtiliD(4itlilott&llnthonoMjaometlmcathothiworboth. Sooner or later. It affect
the eara caualnir frciiucut ringing or roarinr In the ran or other nolsra. Sometime violent
Infltmatlon ntulnjc eifrucUtlnjf pain and the acutencai of beartnjr. la leaaentd tn a.
H-reater or leaa drjrrre. Very ofli-n too Itcitcnda up throuitb allttloduct from the noae to
ono or tho othirond even both eye caualnr aereral different form of dtxcajici of the eye.
Nearly all are familiar with catarrh in the fonn of bronchi t la.
Catarrh In all Itafonaa and nearly all lUaUves can bo cured. Hut people nesloct It and ao
do phyatc'ana. They neither prrparo themachra with the InitrumenU or knowlcdjo mfflclent
ornccenary totrcatthUtroublfioedlfleJoaaarule(aod thus people thcmaelvci do not
apprehend tho danger tbey arc In when they contult a phatclan and ho toll thorn OI tta
nothlnv but n cotd" and yet that ao-cllod cold In a vaat number of caar a la the first itart of
deafnetw blltidncMoanf amell loMofvolao nt LarynulU lironthltl and Conaumptlon
Any or aereral of thu may follow and bo cauted by a neglected cotd. llolow are a few name
which I havepvrmlMlonto uw who have been tnatcd by me wlthbeneQt for Catarrh In tome
of Ita form alnea I kavo been loctol hero t
J.K. Itoblnton.Ouurrh In throat ttan Antonio; T. n. Johnaon Catarrh In throat Manager
9n Antonio I.ioiiTt F. Kuhn Catarrh ot the buid Denver Colorado! Mlaa Mary Fraaer
OiUrtti of I ho throat and eara Not a Scotia; Frank Newton Catarrh ot the throat and eye.
San Antotitoj Mlaa K. Umndabur) Catarrh of tho throat and bend San Antonio.
Bcorva mora might be added to thlr llat that I bare cured alnoo located In thU city but I will
only loentltm ono more aa a rctnarkablnlnatance of how much rood can bo done that clau ot
lncurablo(H-catledtCunBumptlvtA. (Uv Tye nt Lwm Spring t had Catarrh for some yeara
In tho hend and throat tloally tbo luog bcamo affected and he had aeveral hrcmorrhar m and
had ii vt ry lad cough bruuiue much etnaclatod and a oonQrmed Invalid and waa pronounced
by hit pbyalclan In tho last and Incurable itaira of oonaumptlon. Ho came to m for treatment
laatwlutur nutirl) aoarairo. Ho commenced to gain tleeh and went to work In the aprlng
nnd I mw nn more of hi in until a few daya ago when be otrao In brarglng how well he waa
and wel-flud thirty iumi loom than Ik ever did.
Tlx Ears.
est cornt i
Murray Ann Ira . vaitt one half of lot 10
Muen'ch.Mttrtyuortli hall ot loulu dnVil and
its 12 to 18. inclualve. iQUth B.du Vlutailsi
street SU7 S5.
atarsnau. joo anu uaroi l ioi irontirg lis
VlrtorlAfitrret. IB.
Uodrlauez.duan. 1 lotfrortlnti 19
eim ilJe Acnuta sttrtct bounded
John lllg (H5 u-i.
11 07.
Cotiimurcv ai d U-ona slrott
T.lot 1 btoukl.floutliwcet
meice and Houth Concho
Office at Landry! Drug Store
2iA Alamo I'lazn To!ctbuno 2iU. OtHcobcuri
tiom Hn m. to fl p. m. NIshtH at raldcnco.
yr Nort h Flore and fit awn TeU phono 370.
No. 338 East Houston Street)
FurnUhrs llmt-tilass rtirular mculsdally and
uieala .to orderat al hours. Also 'icecream
case (.to. a) cm
San Antonio Til Ap'liaMtSl
Tartle nro liercby notified that tho City
Aw-Mincnt Hook for tbo rendition ot taxable
property pcrannul and real estate for tho flic at
year commencing March 1 1K91. are now open
and will remala open to tticlude June 90 tSS4
All penou concerned tn the above aro re-
spectfully rcguotted to come forwnrd and ren
de their property subject to taxation to tho
undersigned a required by law.
G. FRASCH City Assessor.
tml Deal r In Walclaj
(lanionds Jctrrlry
Sllrrrwarc Clocks
rcrCall and uxainlrio my .luck and prlres be-
(oroburlnirclsowhfro. All iriiode will twaold
unuiT ftriucn irijsranio. it. heiitzbeuq.
No. 2S1 Commerce Street
Main flsisak Ran Aol.ulo. tftu.
3 1 I
A few wordtnow In regard to the cur may not bo unlnterealrui to tome ospcctnUy tbotw
who arc auiTercr from varied and numerou forms of dlwaM. Very few people noed urging
tocotuult an AurUt when they haea.dlik-barffOof mitUr from It specially If accompanied
by a foulPincll )tt aumo will and that too ft mi go a it may found In this dayof enllght-
incnt by advlcttof ph)i1clana but aurrly It laueverdonoby ono who under land dlseasoaot
tbla organ.
It la a lamentablo fact that aomo of the older obyalclans (without any upevlal knowledge on
thl twlnt) have a prejudice twalnrt tho atoppagu ol purulent dUcharrea rrom tbo car but thl
Ubsiscd uK)it tho rrroutoi) teaching of old French writer. l)u Verney and Hard. I). II. Ht.
JobnUouaa. M.l) LL. TroreABorof DtMtaacaof Eyoand Har In the University of New
York Cltyi Surgeon of Manhattan F.yo and Kir Hoapltal; Consulting Burgeon ot Ilrooklya Rye
and Har Hoepllal cto. and who 1 considered the very best authority oo tho sbbjet-t say In hi
but wot k i Tbiru 1 no itatbotoglcal experlenuo on record which can suxtatn tbo aaaertlon
that It Udangcrou to stop a dlachargo from tho ear. Let anyone acquainted with anatomy
conilder thl tact that tboro la perbapa no prt of tho human body which ha more Important
anatomical relation. Tbo cavity of tho tyiupAnaum 1 covered over bra thin bony plato
which 1 In dUcctcoinmunloatlon with the oerebrtl meninges; tbo floor is close to the great
juglar Itslntornot wall I tho labyrinth wall oovurud only by very thin membrane and open
Inglntti the branch of the aoourttlo nerve whllo on tho ouUldo we havo a thin membra do
about aatblck a paper ltlcetuy tuathataooatlnuousdoilructlonuf tbce parU by sup
puration unics cureti in mis wn wouiu auononir imcr.iwuitu n mwiji uuca; icau 10 avrioua
troublc-aln tho brain and atinotlmec In tho lung or heart. I find a large percentage of the
nirri having a runnlng ear" havo also a cough and when the ear I cured the cough la also
cured 'gstcad of being worse
Then .aero U another claM of cums thai sometime consult the doctor tbey complain of
quinine pcrhap 1 given this may be relieved for a time butsooner or later returns but the
sufferer bad bl fear allayed by recovering partially from the first attack and so does not feel
any anxiety this time and tries the old remedy again It fall aud so doe everything else tbey
try and tbelr frlcnda don't aympathlsto a there I no external evidence ot the suffering caused
by this condition but thl. at least cauAosthera to hunt up an Aurlat who examine the car
and 1 e finds tbo car jk rhaps so far gone that it I Impowdbl to restore It full bearing powent
aiidbomust have great skill Indeed to stop the course of tbo disease and keep tbo hear'lig
from being lost entirely so far do thesocae'j run bofore'tbo people consult competent skill.
Ifpooplo would go to the AurUt every tlmsanjthlng wa the matter with tbelr ears and
not wait to consult physicians and others they would suffer far less and prcscrvo their hearing
much bettor as ncary all tho dlMtto of thU org ah aro curablo esp eclally In the first stage.
Space will only allow a few name for reference wbo bavo been cured of ear diseases here by
me. Bcoroa more might be added t
A A. DrNK-her San Antonio; W Doltart Uoerne; James Davis San Antonio; George sou of
W. C. Daugherty Sheriff Frio County rearsall Texas. W W. Ilerry Ksq ban Antonio Texas;
J. II. Murphy Ban Antonio; R.T. Allen Peanal!Tuxas; J HJoneBan Antonio; Major T. T
Tecl Bao Antonio; J G. Dlermeyer. Aan Aatonlo.
Silver and Plated Ware
Watches nntljeiyclry repaired.' Charges
reasonable. We take pleasure In show-
ing our goods and purchasers are invited
to call ttatlsfnctlon warranted. 12-1-ly
Alex. Sartor
John D. RuUmann hi opened a shop at
Rc ken roth's bul ding. No. Sid Market street
and 1 prepaicd to do all classes of worx
Charge moderate Watiifaction guaranteed
Watchmaker and Jeweler
No. 18 Commerce Street
873 Commerce Htreet
19 Over Ii. Itouvant'a Jowelry Store
Fowler. Berliner & Co. Proirielors.
3 Boerne Hotel
JAS. T. CLARKE Proprietor.
Iloerno a a health resort. Is unequalled In
this Stale or country. tttnoclallT for nuiinoiurt
and kindred complaints. The above hotel
htui tHen thorouably renovaU'd and tier-
n favoring It with their patronajre
III find evcrvlhlnir ai eouduclvn tn tbelr nun.
fort a can be found In Western Toxa. Inre
and apnclou moms with southerly exposure.
won turnuoeu ear tie wu anu wen ventilated
opening on verandas 180 feet lontr each. The
Itor.UNR HOTEL is directly oppudto thestajre
olRcn and within twomlnuteVwalkof the post
and telegraph otllw s. Mall and tlrnt-ctsjw siaire
aauy statrea win eau lor ana oouer paw
n-rsandbajftrafioat this hotel. Kvery atten
tlon paid to L'uesta and the traveling: public.
nrsi ciass acoummoaaiions lor commercial
traveler. lo-ai-iv
The Professor
I one of tho neatost pleosnntc-st qulotcst and
mostelcfmntSaloon In Texas and beep tho
very beat of M'juors Wines cto AU (renlle-
men athlrat will da well to vUlt and tUo their
friends to eeo
Tlio Profosiwor
No. t47Commcrcostr(ct.
Attorney anl Counsellor-at-Law.
Omce: Ko. 2fifl West Commerce street up
stair. Practices In alt the court.
Til 3Sve.
isNo. 505152 53 54
Btabloa-Cornor of .Avenuo H and Houaton
treet. Connected br telephone. All ordr
promptlyatUndedtodayornlffbt. Telephone
connection No. 809.
The diBt.4UH.sol ihu eyoare wry u u me rous nearly 3U0 lu number cleurtr deilned and reootr
nlzod by the oeulUt all n quiring different treatment In order to euro them and restore a-ood
vision. Yet nothltiu; show tho folly of goinir totliu jrcnoral physician for treatment of this
onfaii thau tho fact that he bo only suiUttostly studied this complicated organ sufflcicntly
to rccoffnlze from three to a down It 1 in thl and tho careful application of properly selected
remedies to tbo and the different affection of t he eyo that the superiority and the tuoue' of
the Oculist consist.
Nearly alt the disease of the eye arecurable even In the severe form If clearly understood
aud properly treated and attended to In tno earlier Btairc before It has had time to detroy or
Injuro permanently the vision Hut those cose that ibow blemishes and defect of vision and
blind i km so frequently! are case in which there ha been dotav tn seeking an Oculist and
valuable time wo wasted by trjlnif some domesttu remedies or what I pearly a bad. trying
tho ordinary physician.
I do not moan by my remarks above to oondoma or criticise the general practitioner for
treating Catarrh or dlseascsof tbo Uvo or Kor that occur in his practloe. It I hi duty to give
relief to all who aro suffertntr In anv and every w av possible and no doubt all do the best tbey
can. IluttDcy will all honeatlvoonfos that tbev have not tbomeans. In the shape ot selected
rcmodleo Instruments nor tho time to acquire the skill and prantloa to do Justice to these
What I do want et erybody to understand is that there are a class of specially instructed and
experienced doctor men wbo bavedovoted money tlmoand study to these particular part
of tbo hi' man body In order to acqulro tho greatest amount of skill lu treating Its affection
and disease: and people who are suffering with any diseaso in theeo orxan wilt a far as
possible i ecover the best and fullest use of those organ who seek tbo specialist tba earliest;
and the physician will deal bonestly wltb bl patron wbo give them such advice.
I see In thl country many case or Strabismus ("crooked eyes" they are generally teraied)
which b) a dofect in appearanoo uncertain vision and weaken IU Nearly every one of these
case can bo completely cured and soiao of them without any operation. Children should
never start to school without having thl remedied.
Kyelldthat turn out showing tbo iasldo or those that turn In and Irritate the eye-ball can
all be perfectly cured. Artificial eye can be fitted and worn without any palu and to look
perfectly natural. I have a largo itock of them always ou band.
Oldgranulatod 1M cured Burely
A few name are given below for reference that have been ourod by me hero. Many more
might lo given If noocasary but thote bave been selected because each one represent a
different and yet most common form of disease of tho eye t
I). II. Ilrvcdloir Sao Antonio lllepharltl CllUrU; Major T T. Tool San Antonio Pterygium!
ILClladkUte BanAatunlu Oraoular Lid and Keratitis; Frank Newton San Antonio
Strict uro Lachrymal Ducts! II Lambert (Daughter) San Anionlo Ilienuorrhcaalo Conjunc-
tivitis; Anton IIalamudoSau Antonio Acute Conjunctivitis; J W Casey (Daughter) Ban
Antonio Iritis; ltacbel 11 real in ban Antonio Choroiditis Serosa; W A Curnaban San Antonio
Irldo Cyclltls; K. J Vincent Cotulla Uloer on Cornea; W II. Urowa Loosvllle Granular Lids
and Kcrato-IrUls;WJ.HogiTOIE4glePa Cataract; Goo mo Loeuburg (Daughter). Castro -
vlllo Strabloonii; Maco Sorcll llolmont Kntroplum and Trichlasla; ItobertUrier. rana Maria
I'teryglum and Leukoma: H C. Uurrts lUnoho. Chronlo Conjunctivitis and Keratitis; A C
Decker Btockdale Tranmatlo Ulcer and Hypoplou; W. J Terrlberry Ualtlllo Mexloo
Traumallo Ulaucoma.
lncludedlntborororencoglvctilstheuameof W. J.Hoggefrom Eagle Pas. Ho had been
blind for ) ears and tbo operation was so lucoessf ul and gave him such good vision that a phy-
sician who bad practiced la New York City for year said when be saw it a few day ago tba
It wu better than any he had ever saw be Ton.. Thl patient wo sent to mo by the courtesy of
Dr. II A. Koerppen of Pledro Negras Mexico who wo oIao kind enough to assist tn ths
operation and to wboso valuable aid apart of the success 1 due.
For further Information address
N. S. Burnham M. D.
Oculist Aurist and LaryiWist.
Corner nf Houston and St Marvs' streets.

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