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TOe Palls &lflbti
Monday. December 29 1884.
Gathered by Reporters on Tlielr
Tours ThrouRh Town.
"Our Strategists" to-nlgM at Tur-
ner ball.
International railway trains on (lino
No business In the .liutlccs' courts
tlilt morning.
Yesterday ni tlio anniversary of
Innocents' Day
"London Assurance" at Turner liall
to-morrow nlgbt.
T my dpullis reported In tlio city
during 'ioi.nt week.
Mn iiicraila carnival nt Commerce
street rink on Wednesday nlgbt.
Fred t lie canlno wonder In tlio
drama at Kaslilon tlicalro to-nlgbt.
There will lie n liall at Odd Fellows
hall nt lVartnll on or about January IS.
Tlicru will lie n Cerman hall next
Wednesday night given by the Cleriiiiin
Some scrub pony races took placo nt
the hair-mlle track nt tlio springs yester-
day afternoon.
Sweepstakes clay pigeon shooting nt
Hunsct base ball park jcstcrilny by our
See the great saw mlllicene In "The
Sports of tlio Mines" nt the Fashion
thentre to-night
Otvlne to the absence of t lie unit or.
en Toys In general ore displayed In the no services Hero held nt the Christian
Avoid the Rush.
Call early to select from the largest
and most complete assortment of TOYS
FANCY" 0001)8 and CHltlSTMAS
l'ltKSKXTS of every description nt
Taw. Wjuxkii's Hazaii. Our slock of
VeloclpedcsKxprcs Wagons and Wood'
Dennett block opposite of us.
MIbiw leer!
Donation Parly.
The friends or Ilev. J. W. Nell 1). 1).
are Invited to Join In n donation party
to be given nt Ills residence Tuesday
evening December .10 nt 7:110 p. in. Fur
Committee Jami.hIiiiivkkStkvkV'.ox.
Elshth Cavnlry.
The Klghtli Cavnlry band hnve pre-
pared n very strong programme mid
one that Is net n performonco bv nmn-
tetirs nnil It will somewhat astonish the
citizens to find what kind of talent the
government headquai lers can produce.
A boy was thrown from a runaway
horse Saturday afternoon on Nolan
street and was run over by n loaded
lumber wagon under which he fell and
sustained serious Injuries In his hips
lie has been taken to Santa Iiosn hospi-
tal and Is receiving every attention.
Double killing.
News comes from Helena. Karnes
county of the killing of Sheriff I.enry by
n wealthy cattle man nnined Itlll Duller
and of the killing of Duller by Sherltl'
l.earv. This occurred last Friday while
SherltrLeary was In the olllclal discharge
of his duties In serving papers on Duller.
Oltlcers Elected.
At the annual meeting held yesterday
of Section 1132 Endowment rank
Knights of rythlos. the following olll-
cers were elected: President Deiijnniln
Coldenburg; Vice President. lobn 1'. W.
Street; Secretary and Treasurer T. D.
Johnson; Prelate H I). Hall; Guide
Jacob Soper; Guard M.S. Carly.
Death of Judge Brewster.
The sad news comes to-day that Judge
II. 1. Brewster of Austin Is dead. Ho
eutrered n paralytic stroke last Friday
and the efleots of this laid him nt rest.
Judge Drcwsterheld theolllee under the
Government of Commissioner of Insur-
ance Statistics and History and -was
wen Known in Ban Antonio ami uirougii-
out this State where he had many
Durglo.r'8 nald.
Last Saturday night n thief or thieves
broke In n back window nt Drady'i
Ofllce foloon on south side of Main
plaza and entered the saloon. They
were eviueniiy wen ncrpiiunieu wiin nu
premises and In search of a large sum ol
monev which thev knew was fnthesn.
loon. A pretty thorough search was
made Judging by the drawers ransacked
and cash tills overhauled but the only
article of value tney secured was a lino
ulstol beloniMnc to one of the nroorle-
tors. The money fortunately had
ueen iockcii in tne large sate or i lie linn
A Mean Trick.
This morning in tlio bat cave Just hi
fore Hecorder's court n negro called
poor one-legged tramp named Job
Johnson to come to the grating of hi;
cell and as the tramp did so the negro
tnrcw a nnnuiui or unsiackeii lime inn
his eves nearly blinding the noor fellow
Water was put on the lnured optics by
the tramp's fellow prisoners and ol
course mnde matters worse Instead of
better anil now t lie eves are both In
fair way to be blinded. Dr. llraunnagel
city physician had Johnson convened
to Santa ltosa hospital and the case of
vagrancy against Mm was dismissed by
Thero Is a very destitute family on
Vlclorln street near n colored church
In the Fourth ward.
See the great trained bulldog Fred
In the dramn"The Sportsofthu Mines"
lit the Fashion thentre to-night.
Six shots from n pistol were tired
Inst Saturday night on Dawson nnd
sinrr streets near the Sunset rnllwny.
There Is considerable loss of sheep
and eattlo reported In San Antonio's
vicinity occasioned bv the recent cold
rnlns and sleet.
Mr. James Daly of tlio St. Leonard
hotel had the misfortune to let n heavy
trunk fall on Ids foot this morning badly
lunshlng It the foot.
- A very nice little leap year hall was
given by n number of jounir ladles to
their gentlemen friends nt Meyer's hall
last Saturday night.
George Custer Daldus son of Mr.
nnd Mrs. Then. Daldus was christened
nt the CiiiiiberJnnd l'resbjterlnn church
)esterday morning.
The bodv of Denlnmln (Jreer who
died recently nt Ihe.Naneo house was
Donllng Green Ky
Grand New Year's ball nt Arbeller
Vercln hall Wednesday night by the
Arbeller vercln. the Lmiir has re
ceived n bid and will be present.
Santiago del Vnlle n Mexican kid
ho ran nwnv from Ids parents In Mux-
co. Is supposed to he In San Antonio
nu ins miner is nero scnrcuiug ior mm.
Mderuinn Dolton w 111 resign his posi
tion as Master of Transportation in the
nited States Ouarleriiiasler a depart
ment on January I to enter business In
the city.
Mn or 11. D. Adams mnde his annual
onntlon of n Pair of shoes to each of
the Utile orphans In chnrgo of the sis-
ters of St. Joseph's Orphanage on
iilstmas day.
Yesterday morning early some coals
' lire fell out of the large lire nlaco nt
he tint cave on the lloor unit burned a
rge hole In the flooring. Fltyitwns
tingiilsiiea so promptly.
True as Gospel.
Medicine hnseost the world more llinn
1 and has killed morn than It has
A lie Is like n ent. It never comes to
you In a straight line.
H hen you strike oil stop borinir: uinnr
ni an has bonred clean through and let
he oil run out at the bottom.
reimtntlon for happiness wants ns
much looking niter ns n reputation for
When n man measures out clorv for
himself he nhvnys heaps the measure.
lhero lire two kinds of men 1 do not
ant to meet when I a in In n hurry men
ho I owe nnd men who owe me.
The man who has not an enemr is
really poor.
Advice Is like castor oil. casr to irlvo
but dreadful uneasy to lake.
Laziness Is ilko moner. the more n
man hns of It the more he Eeems to
When n minister preaches n sermon
that pleases the wholu congregation in
nine cases out ol leu no tins prenrhcit a
sermon Unit the Lord won't endorse
Politeness never makes anv blunders.
t often gets snubbed but never gets
en i.
New Time Tible
International and Great Northe
railroad: In cllect December 23. 1SSI
Departures. For St. Louis via -Ml
St. Louis Iron Mountain and Southern
7Nj p. ni.: ior i.areuo. e::n n. in.
Arrivals. From St. Louis Missouri
Paclllc 1U:3. p. in.; from St. Louis Iron
.Mountain ino p. in.; iroin i.nreuo
n. in. J. J. Cnr.w.
Ticket Agent
Ftshlon Theilre.
The management of this nonulnr re
sort offer an entire change of bill to.
night Introducing their entire mammoth
company In a bright and attractive olio
anu. conciuuing me perionnance wuu
Mr. 8. J. Wheeler's celebrated sensn-
tlonnl dromn entitled "The Sports of
the Mines" Mr. Wheeler appearing In
the triple role or Dick the Sport Old
Ited Eye and a Texan cowboy sup-
ported ly tlio clever actress Jllss May
Olive and the entire powerful dramatic
company. A noticeable feature of the
drama Is the Introduction of the won-
derful trained bull dog Fred whose re-
markable noting attracts universal sur-
prise nnd calls forth most enthusiastic
applause. The drama has been In care-
ful preparation nnd Is mounted with all
Us necessary musical and mechanical
effects nnd new scenery.
When vou come across n man Hint
neither flattery nor abuse will stimulate
ici nun nioiie ne uns gone 10 seen.
An Idler Is twice a Hi ef. he not onlv
steals his own time but hangs around
ami tries 10 sieai jours.
I never knew n mini who livid nn
hope but that ho spent his oh I age at
He who has nothlnir In do In llils
worm Put niiiuse himself hns the hnnl
est Job on hand I know of
I never knew a man to brair of Ills
money or his pedigree w ho had nny.
luiii rieu m urng liouill.
What n man gets for nothlnir. hu U
very apt to value nt Just about what It
cost llllll.
Had Better Stay Away
m tlio Detroit 'rco Press.
I like to know nbotit some olllco un
der Cleveland ?" he said as he beckoned
a lawyer noross tlio street from the door
of his saloon.
"Well what Is it V"
"I llko to know if I vhas to hnf somo
olllce. My place vhas headquarters last
fall for some Cleveland glubs.iind nil der
boys tell me I vhas sure of something
"Then you are looking for something ?"
"Vhell 1 dunno. Vhen Cleveland
vhas elected der poys began to drop In
here. One or 'em hu ams! vimr .
bustmnstcr vou vlll make for Detroit?
jiy u corgi
dot in hi
the crow
crow d comes
calls omit
'"Let ills convention como to some
order. Wo vhas now In der presence of
der next boss of der Custom House. I
calls for three cheers for Carl Dunder!'
"Vhen ho says dot I feels good all
oafer. und It seems right to set oon der
peer." "
"I see."
"Vhell almost enlery night n gang
comes nroundt to my place to shake mo
py der hand nnd somebody says:
"Hlpl hip! hurrah! Carl Dunder
vhas solid mlt der coming ad-
ministration! He picks oundt der fat-
test olllce for himself und remcmpcrs
his friends mlt der lean ones!'
"Vhen somepody talks like dot I feels
sohmlley und soft und I tap n new keg
"Don't you pcllef I vhas der Custom
"No sir."
"Nor der Dostofllccf"
"No sir."
"Don't I liar somo place nt $2CK) n
"I doubt It."
"Wasn't Iovcn Invited downto Wash-
ington to see Cleveland go mlt der
White Douse?"
"Not unless you Invite yourseir."
"Vhell! vhell! So Shako und der old
womans vhas right nnd der poys was
putting some soft soap on me! Say!"
"Dot vhas all right but I like to say
something und doan' you forgtt him I
To-night dot same crowd comes roundt
here nnd somepody vhll begin to hur-
rah for der next bostmaster. You ought
to be here I Der dog vhll bo loose anil I
shall haf two glubs handy and you vhll
see IS men In sooch n hurry to get omit
doors dot you poller soma earthquakes
vhas shaking oop Detroit! Shtist come
roundt nnd see how n disappointed
olllce-seeker vhll handle two gitibJ und
n pull-dog I"
The Turner association wlllglvon
New Year's ball at their hall December
III. Only members nnd their guests
(strangers) admitted. 12.2"-Ut
Members of the Arbeller Vercln
get ready for jourNcw Year's ball. The
arrangements this year are very exten-
sive. lMW-'-'t
Oranges bananas grapes pears etc.
fresh and ehenp nt Ullbcrt'M I Houston
street. 12-17-Jnnl
Those are nobby checks Inrendymade
suits nt Pnnconst A Son's. 10-20-lmo.
Candles mado fresh every day nt Gil-
bert's -I Houston street I 'J-L -.In nl
IijrUso the Excelsior polishing pnsto
nnd haro your sliver ware replated by
Dob c Emjm.m:. 12-2-lm
Every smoker should try "Little Joker."
See our neck wear for fall
lU-20-lino. 1'anctmst A Son.
A bran new piano never used cost
$X"i) can bo bought nt n bargain by
calling on or addressing T. D. Johnson
I.iciiu olllce. 11-12-tf
Jay-Don t K.noi ijtK does the most
slvlish monograms In tlio South. 2-lm
Our custom department Is superior
this fall. Finest of imported anil domes-
tic gOOdS. 1 ANCOAST & SOX.
Hats everything new for fall nt
10-20-lmo. Panco ist & Son's.
j5yI)0K t Ew.i.kk. make tlio finest
Jewelry nt tlielr factory 211 Commerce
street. 12-2-lm
To) a mid Mexican curiosities at Gil-
bert's I Houston street. 12-17-Jnnl
Tlie Art studio
Of Miss Mnrie Upton will open Monday
January IS for n special term of six
weeks. Those wishing Instructions In
latest designs of oil painting should enll
at once ns the term will not be ex-
tended nnd get class rates. Doom No.
7 Solednd hlorU. 12-27-llu
lor Recorder
I desire I" announce myself nan enu-
dldule forlfecorder Initio coming elec-
tion nnd respectfully solicit the votes
of the citizens. JoiinE. Oru-r.
City Taa Collector
We are nuthorlzed to announce Mr.
Fred C. Hnnelsen ns a eandidate for re-
election to the olllce of City Tax Collec-
tor nt the ensulngelectlon 111 January.
Allerman-Thlrcl Wird.
IM.tor fun .Vntiiiili) l.lit.t i
Please announce lo my fellow citizens
of tlio Thlid ward that I nm n candi-
date for re-election as Alderman to rep-
resent Ihem In the Council nnd shall be
pleased to receive their commendation
If my nnst record merits It.
JiitlNH. llouox. j
For Alderman rlrst Ward.
The LiiniT Is authorized toannounoo i
.Mr. .i. unnagner as n canuiuaio jor
re-election as Alderman from the First
wnrd nt the comlngclcctlonlnJniiunrv
I'M.-. 12-lSMf
For Street Commissioner.
Lmiir Is nulhorlzcd to announce
in Its columns the name of P. Nelson for
he olllco of street Commissioner nt the
coming city election InJnnuary.
The Lmiir Is authorised to ntinoiitirc
Fritz liiissl as n candidate forrc-electlon
to the olllco of Street Commissioner nt
the ensuing election In January. 22-tf
Yvo nro authorized to announce it. Wai.lack for the olllce of Street
Commissioner nt the ensuing election
R. C. Nixon
Hereby makes his announcement ns can-
dldato for Street Commissioner nt the
coming election In January.
w. A. Doyie
Carpenter and builder. 21.1 West Com
merce street next Dally Express. Storo
Proposed Amendments to i
City Charter.
;lng n specialty. All kinds of Jobbing
ilnptly attended to. S-2U (i-ni
The Latest Novelty
Is the Wlldermuth patent bed springs.
Tlio best ever made and as cheap as the
cheapest. Smoothness nnd comfort
combined Cnn be seen nt No. ts West
Houston street. lJ-li-IIUI
Just Received
Dy Dice Drothers another supply or Dr
mug s now uiscovcry. u-u-ii
For Rent or Sale.
Tno-Btory house 7 rooms S acres of
Irrigable land '.'m fruit trees on South
Garden street. Apply to
J. W. Dihoikv
11-KI-tr 102 East Houston street.
Fresh Crated Horse Radish
chipped beef etc. at Dcllis'
Oysters Celery Came
at llellls' cor. Houston st.nnd Ave. C.
Kalian Coal Company.
You will llinl it to your advantage to
buy jour coal ol A. Drunl Ml Military
plum telephone 2.11. Delivered In nny
quantity to nny part of tho city nt low-
est prices. ll-lli-lm
Fire Works Tojs tie.
lit llellls' cor. Homton st. nnd Ave. C.
S. S. Floyd & Co.
Drokers In trraln. cotton nnd provisions.
No U Solednd street. Home olllce Gal-
In obedience to resolution of tho City
Council tho undcralfrnod bcrebr (Ires notice
that application will be made to the Nineteenth
Uitlilatnio to charjgo tho Charter ot the City
or San Antonio by tlio adoption of the follow-
ing amendment! via I
Sectidx 2. Tho bounds ami limits of IheCitr
of Ban Antonio within which said corporation
shall have Jurisdiction shall be denned or a
circle described br a radius of three rallca from
tho "cupola" of tho Cathedral of Ban Fernan-
do as tho centre
Sec. 4 The Cltr Council shall prior lo tho
nrit dirot December 18X6 dlvldo tho cltr Into
eliht wardij tho boundaries thereof shall be
Hied by tho Cltr Council and mar be changed
from tlmo to time aether mar doemeipedl-
cut so that each ward shall contain as near as
possible tbo saino number ot Inhabitants or
Sec. r. That on tho socond Monday In Febru-
ary beidnnlnir with tho year 1rs7 Mayor
Htcorder Collector Street Commissioner and
twcho Aldermen shall bo voted (or and tho
returns tor such election shall bo madoas here-
inafter prolldcd.
flee. o. That tho Hist election under this act
shall bo held as provided In section 6 and
every two years thereafter shall bo tho regular
thartcr election for elccllvo oITlcors. Tho
terms of all Aldermen elected prlr to Febru-
ary. 1W7 shall expire on tho election of their
successors on tbo tint Monday In February
gee. St. That all tlcttlona In tho city shall bo
hold In accordance with tho Stato law govern-
ing elections and returns shall be made to tlio
Mayor In tho samo manner that returns aro
mado under tho Stato law. Tbo quatltlcatlons
of v otero eh ill boas prtecrlhod In artlcloOof
tho Constitution or tho State. Provided that
at all election" whireln property tax puycrs
only aro allowed to vote thoeo only whoso
names appear on the last assoliment roll
of tho city shall bo deemed property taxpayers.
Sec. 31. Tho City Council shall bo composod
of tho Maj or and Aldermen. Ono Alderman
to bo elected from each ward by tho voters
tticroor and four Aldormen to bo elected by
tho voters of.tho city at large.
Tho Aldermen shall hold office for two years
and until their successors aro elected and qual-
ttled Tho At icrraen elected as representatives
ot the different wards shall bo realdonls there-
of at least six months prior to their election
and shall vaoato their olllco if at any tlmo
they Bhoolt rcinovo their rcsldonco therc-
Beo. II. Tho substanco of tho prnpcaod
ehnngo Is as follows i "That tlio City Council
shall havo power to bonow morcy on tho
credit of tho city and Issuo bonds lb rvfor to
an amount not to exceed 50000 during any
urn llsal year. To ruako ft loan exceeding
JWXW tho question must bo submitted to tho
property taxpayers voters of tho city and. If
auiulned by a majority ot tho votes polled
ailch to in shall bo lawful! pros bled such bonds
.hail not bo sold at lss than par nor boar a
greater rato'of Interest than " per c?nt."
INoTE.-Ilema'nder of Sec. 41 unchanged.
Soo. 4" To appropriate money end prnvldo
for tho payment of tho debts nnd expenses
of thocltyiprovlJed that tho bonded debt of
tho city shall not ho tne eased nor other evl-
denccsof debt bo Issued exceeding fifty thou-
sand dollars In any ono hscal year unless au-
thorized by ii roto of tho property taxpayers
aa herein Uforo provided. Tho llscal jcar
shall coimneiice ou tho lit day of March and
terminate on tlio laat day of February follow
Son. 7). To restrain regutato and prohibit
the soiling or giving away of any Intoxicating
malt liquors by any person or tlrm altnougn
duly licensed by tho Stale when tho placo or
business of such person or nrm Is connected
houso wherein gaming Is permltteu to
bo carried on; or where tho samo I conaecieu
with a vaudeville or other placo whoro the
atrical performances aro held by whatever
cared when sucli places or vauuovne
has been declared by the City Council to be a
placo where tbo Idle v Iclous and evil disposed
persons habitually congregate or where Indo-
cent performances aro allowed.
B0C..7I. To prohibit and punish ths owners
leasees or agents or theatres or other places
wherein Indecent lewd or Immodest dramatic
or theatrical representations aro given and
adopt summary measures for removal or sup-
pression of all such entertainments or eotab-lltthmcnts.
Beo. 78. Tiro City Council shall havo tho
right to enact all noccssAry ordinaooes to
strain and punish vagrants mendicants street
brggars and prostitutes; to restrain and control
all gambling and punish tho keepers of all
game and gambling del lees with as great
penalty astho samo le punished by the statutes
of tho State. Tho Itccordcr'o court of the city
of Ban Antonio shall baio concurrint juris-
dkllon of all such misdemeanors when com.
mlttcd In tho corporato llralloof tlio city of
San Antonio
Sec. 103. Tho Clly Counctl shall havo tho
uowcr to pass publlfh amond or repeal all or
dlaances rules and pollco regulations not con
trary to tbo constitution of theBtate and
essaryfor tho order or good government of
tho clly or tho trade commorco and health
thorcof. or that mar bo necessary ana prope
to carry Into ilTcct tho powers horctti vested In
the corporation or any of its officers; to enforce
the observance of all such ordinances ru i
and pollco regulations and to punlih viola
Hons thereof by nncs ana impuson
either or both or by work on tho streets or
other ptibllo works as may bo provided by
ordlnaucoand required by tho Judgment of tho
court: provided that no flno shall exceod $3X1
and no period of Imprisonment shall exceed 00
dai s In tho county or city Jail except as neren
otherwlso provided and for any One penalty
and costs Imposed by tho llccordcr tn tho trial
of any cause or complaint before mm cxecu.
lions may Issuo to collect such tines and costs
to bo levied and cxecutod In tho same manner
that executions are rrom courts of Justices of
the J'oaco. Tho samo shall be' Issued br tho
Itccorderto tlio Marbhal who In levying on
property and soiling shall havo llko power a od
within said city limits In which tho punish
inontlsbyflio only or by flno or Imprison
ment or by both; provided that no floe shall
exceed $300 or period of Imprisonment exceed
ninety days In the city or county Jail except
as herein otherwlso provided; and provided
further that said court shall havo concurrent
Jurisdiction of all cases for keeping disorderly
bouses or bouses'ot prostitution within tho
limits of said city. And said court shall bo
deemed always open for trial of said cases.
Bald court shall havo full powerauthorlty and
concurrent Jurisdiction .In all cases arising
under tho ordinances of ssld city or IbeBtato
law aa hereinbefore limited; and over any
breaches and violations thereof and ef any
and all persons thus .offending .'Including va-
grants gamblers prostitutes anil keepers of
disorderly houses and to try and determine
all suits actions and complaints charg-
ing a violation of anr or Jlnaneo or aforesaid
laws and may grant new trlalaon motion tn
writing. showing .'(sufficient causo and
duly sworn to and all prosecutions trials and
proceedings had In said court under this act
shall bo governed by the laws and rules regu-
lating trials prosecutions and rroccodlngs In
a Justlco's court In forco at tbo time and shall
be a bar to prosecutions for tho samo offense
la other courts. Tho llecorder may require
of any person arrested under tho provisions of
this act a bond for his or her good behavior
and to keep tho Kace or for his or-her appear-
ance beforo said court with good and sum-
clent sureties which liond as well as all other
bonds taken In any proceedings In said court
shall bo payable to tbo city of Ban Antonio.
I lo shall havo full power and authority to
Isauo subpienas f or witnesses and to compel
their attendanco by process of an attachment.
Ho may punish all contempts by flno and Im-
prisonment or ilthert may Issuo subpienas
writs of capias warrants of arrest search
warrants executions and all process known
to law which a Jusllco of tbo 1'caco of this
Etalo may lawfully Issue and all of said
writs and process shall run In tho namo of tho
city of Ban Antonio bo Issuod servod and exe-
cuted In the samo manner as the llko process
would bo when Issued by a Jusllco of tlio
Peace unless herein othcrwlss provided. Ho
shall also havo full power and authority to
administer official oaths and all oaths and
affirmations and glvo ccrtlOcato therefor.
Tho llccordcr shall bo cx-ofllclo Justice of tho
Peace aud ho shall possess and execute In
tho city. In criminal cases all tbo itowers
and duties of such officer and shall
hate tho samo authority and llko power
with Justices of too l'caco In tho prevention
and supression of crime. Provided that In no
case shall ho entertain Jurisdiction In civil
suits. The City Council may dctcrmlno what
costs. If any shall bo chargsd for proceedings
In and for all process Issued In said court; and
tho llccordcr shall perform such other duties
as may bo prescribed by any ordinance of said
corporation that may properly and lawfully
bo reoulred of said officer as the Judge ot said
court and as aro not Inconsistent with tho
laws and constitution of this Stale; provided
that all money collected from lines of whal
er tharactor lrafosed by the lleeonler sliall
paid Into tho city treasury for tbouseor
s clly. The llccordcr shall receive tho sum of
ICUI tcr annum and be allowed no riesln
arising from the violation of tho city or
dinance but only In Stato cases when thereto
lb irled by Iho Clty'Coumll.
Calcasieu Lumber Yard
East Commorco Stroet and Sunsot Railroad.
a 1 i. WHlIUtj 1J11UNUJ j uuauj
Flooring Celling Kenctne Shingles. Entlis l'nllngs While Pine
and lied Wood llnlslilng Lumber
Sash Blinds Doors Fencing Wife Builders' Hardware PainlF
llclng In connection with ono of tho largest mills In tho Calcasieu lteglons wo aro pre-
pared to furnish bills at tho shortest notice. Address alt correspondence to
San Antonio Lumber Co. - San Antonio Texas
P.O. DoxIS. TelephcnoNo.SOI.
veslon Texas; branch olllees nt San An- I property aud soiling shall havo llko power
tonlo. iloii8ton nnd Kort Worth. HM7tf authority astho Sheriff ot tho. county lu
cullons Issued from tho District or County
mo uiy orug store courts and tho laws of tho Stale
?: i villi iv. has you!" Vhell s .;t rm .rr . i.. .r ... I.. .. ..1......n.i ii r .i
dlo'iiee'Vomvnnn i.m.'ill'J celvfl1 bo. 'ns liolldny I cir-t as to tho execution Issuod from tho ha-
nes In. und onii or ilir i.nvi Kuuu"' i """""K ceiiuioiu uressmg order's court and any person upon whom
niuiiii uuo oi uer pojs cases. Morcnce sets slinvlng sets. nail nnrrniiri. immni. i.
sets infant sets odor cases olirnr cases.
cut glass and cologne bottles; also n
large assortment of Wright's Palmer's
I.undborg Colgate's and Lubln's per-
fumes at lowest cash prices
milled until payment of same with oosts and
In defauitthereof may bo Imprisoned In tbo
oily prison or may be rcq d to work on tho
stroctsor other public woils of tbo city for
such time and lu such manner as may bo pro
Arlisttc v Ided by ordinance provided sueh imprison-
Ono of the lines! establishments that ment shall not exceed 00 days.
pail ill luiiio ii not s exas can uqasi 01 n. Recorder shall bo oleoted by tho
mi"nmS.rS.t it ..i ii'i -lUalined voter of tho clly. and shall hold his
fr'tlst". Z .?r0nShM.n olllco for tho term of two years and until hla
"o 'b'dom st l
trrnvlnirs chronics anil nalntlnrra nrn nn failure to perform his duties may borcmoved
hand In an endless variety. Picture
frames mouldings nnd materials for
fresco and sign palntlngln largo varieties!
China decorations and material for wax
llowcrs In a large assortment.. Kir.
Mueller receives direct from factories
large shipments of paints oils and other
of In ire r. Now. I llko tn nav nn
vhas right. Jlv nov Shako aars I lnnn
get 80 IllUCh ns n SclllllplI nf nll1n nn.l I .nDlnll.. .1... ...u
rnir . f "'" 'Ier "lle a i filoss. and lino domestic nnd Imported
ti. i..i .... decorative wall paper are specialties In
"1 guess they aro right." his establishment. I'MU-ly
by tbo Cltr Council; ho shall bo the chief Judf
olal magistrate ot thu city and as such hall
noida court within saia city oyuionsrao
Hecorder's court of the city of Ban Antonio
which said court shall havo concurrent Juris-
diction and cognizance of all misdemeanors
Wachcs of tho peace. Infractions of ordi
nances and all other causes arising under tlie
laws of said cltv; and said court shall also have
concurrent Jurisdiction of all misdemeanors
arising under tho Crlmlual laws of tho Stato
r g Clran your Silrrr llmm and Cowr Ware vilh the Eieeltlor
W fl I I M Votihing l'atlt. Jlrtt in tlie mrlJ. Our agent mil eall on ym irfM
DOEl"& ENQELKE 211 Commerce Street Agents for Texns.
WlllTams & Russell
(Successors to Soule & Williams)
Paints Oils Varnishes Putty Brushes Kalsomine Alabastine
And Step and Extension Ladders.
sell at Hard Tin
wo ars now prc-
prenared to con-
Poles and Fixtures. Art
full II
p-ired t(
No. 233 and 235 East Houston Street
Poo 17. Tho Cit Council hallliolnvi'n'pil
lth full ikwit and authority to uradoantl
macadamize curb rave repair or dtherwho
enur plaza it ret t rr alley
henover they abnll declare by a toto of
three-fourths of all tho AMunnen thut such
lailroeMnt if tor the pub'lo lntcreit.
Eh'C.'JOI. In ttip wMcnlntr or etralihtcnlntf
any utreet annuo rr alley tho City Cou ti
ll shall determine by ordinance tlio manner
tent of curb wMcnlnj and ttralKhten-
InK I'lKm tho tiling of mch ordinal. co and
thot'U.nof tho t rnpoetl wldentnjr with tho
County Clerk it (hall h- ihnduty or the County
Judirc tn appoint thr dielatcrctted frootiold-
of 1 1 10 city at cominli8loneii Mr ho after
Inifduly guoru to act with 11 Icllt y h-d iiupur-
tUllty fchull carefully ibttmatu tho Vdluo or
the propirty iucesarv to bo take i for audi
wldnnniic. inaklnira nop'. rate c.tlmiiic m
tho case of lach owner. It tball be turrnatt.T
tho duty of tlii Conjinlloneri to is'liualo tho
TuInK toany property on I ho a' reel
acd in Iho lclnlty that tbry tnay conelder
benefited by Iniprovcuent nllnj? with
their report n list of tlio owners of such prop-
ty and the amount of the supposed benctlt.
Uted separately. In uach caeo. On tho lllintf
f such report with tho City Llerk tho City
Council ha.l at their Crst moetlnsr thereafter.
le live dit)a public notice throufrh thooBielal
jurnal at what tlmo aald reports shall b
acted upon (which shall not bo less than ten
dajs after tho ezplratlou of Slid uotloe) and
alltartktfecllnir a? (trie ted by tho action of
suld CoinuilBHloiiers may bo hoard by ino
Council on appeal. The action cf the City
Council shall bo limited totholncreasoof value
of tho award for property takn or decrease
f tho assessment for supposed benefit to
property by tho linproemcnc contemplated.
Tho City Council by tendering to tho owner of
tho land taken Iho amount ot tho award may
attneoenterupnu and appropriate said land
to llio purpose of oientnir wldeiilni or alter
lutr raid street alley c(4. The benefits re
I Kir ted and as may bo revlunl by tho City I
Council shall bo asiesaod ns a special tax
against tho property and shall bo payable at
suchtimotu tho Council may din ct and said
lax shall bo a licit upon tho property until tho
a) ment thereof and tho City Collentorehall
roccid to collect tho said tux In tho tune
maimer o other tuxos are collected provided
that If deemed necessary tho City Council
may proceed In accordance with tho provisions
of tbopreccdtnir section S00 as an additional
remedy for the pjjllf ctlon or tho tax tnreln
Sco. SCO. That In addition to iho power and
authority vrunted to tho CUy Council to oJ-
lcct said assessments as tsxos as aforenald
they shall havo tbo further and additional
remedy of Inptlttitlntr suit In tho corporato
name. In any court havlnjr Jurisdiction for tho
recovery OR-alnst any owner or saw property
tho amount duo for any such worn to
mado as aforesaid and tho City Council sua!
Ide by resolution or ordinance under tho
provisions or this act for curryinir out and
executing the powers In thli title conferred:
and may adopt such resolutions and enact
sucb ordinances and make euch rules and
regulations ai they rosj d cm neeefsiry
Sec. 203. Wlrnevrr tho City Couoell shall
deem It nee ssary to tako prlvato property for
tho useof tbeplty such property may be lai
for such purpow US mamnir juh ciiiimt
tfon to I be owner thereof. If tboamounl
inch oonipomalion ennnotbe krrcl upon
shall bo thodnty orihoClly Couoell to ouuo
to bo statt in writing tho particular property
required tho name or the owner aud hla resi-
dence ir known and rilo the same with the
City Clerk. Thereafter tho City Clerk shall no-
tify the owner or agent If known ot the tiling
of euch statement. Tho damage to accruo to
tho owner by reason or such condemnation
shall bo assessed b tine dJiiDtf rotted free
hoi lers of tin city on. to be selected fjy the
owner or tbo oroperty one to be selected by
tbo Mayor tho third to bo selected by the two
thus appointed who after being duly sworn
to perform tho duties of their appointment
with fidelity and Impartiality shall assess tho
damages to accruo by reason or such con-
demnation In the event that tho owner of tlie property
shall rail to appoint the commlnalouet herein
hoforo provided for within 10 days rrom tho
service or the notice or the Clly Clerk tho
Mayor shall appoint such commissioner. Ia
the event that the two commissioners cannot
agroo upon tna selection of the third then tbo
Count t Judare. on application shall appoint
tbo said commissioner. Tbo City Counoll shall
provide by ordinance for the sertlcoof tho
Cheap Column.
.Mill KENT N.comttatrn of setcil rooms
1 cleaanilv furnished. New fiirietiir.;. lar-
etc.. for sale. Apply loJ. . llr.UIJ
MUin ILKA Nl'ltSKltllX of IWj t;ly don.
1 not pretend to compelo w Hi tnnsl- nt
WANTHD-Astisdyrnan wants a situation
oftaklna-carenf horses. irlvo ri'f-
crenco If rmulrcd. Address I; It. IhU olllco.
f ANTED A rouvR- Oert
hris tma s Presents.
1 10
1 1 iiandflomp new ci
gallery ity wittpr.
Addxts' Ioek
two blocks from i
p"clalty of diploma
Bolo-lad street opposite court houso.
-.nniii niTVTllV HUMP. -V.r h1i nv
J ehantre ror city property iniOnere 17 miles
rrom citv on Handera road. yy tvrMB
SaAntonln Texas. 12 SI lw
"""US'iJay. DECEMBER 28 and 29
Comedy Company
In J. II. Havcrloj'a flieatest Hucccss
A Modern Comody wilttcn and acted Jut for
fun with new songs and muslo
provide by ordinance for the sort Ice of tho
notice fiorsjln beforo provided ror. and shall
also pro viae ino niemua ui wBt-wnijr uv um-
ages to accrue to the owner or the pron-rty.
That sections No. 7 8.010 11. is U ii l
10 IT. IS. 1. Sis 1 Zi K 28 00 81 81 1W3 Vi
and !M) be repoalcd
J II. French Mayor.
Plushes !
S. Deutsch & Go.
Grand Bal 1'f.ATKII WAIII
und fiult Mnndi..
fiifit eiirttors
lonrirrt t n guru und etc
lltlnir pllrliers
.il in. tel.
Napkin ring per ilozeti
HIM toli" III
.. :i in to 12 ol
.. urn lo l.'in
4 r.i to l ("i
.. :i no in lo i
.. II III to 1 no
. .. II IN) to 12 no iu to ml
.. ;i to it ui
. .. !." 10 to N) no
... a i to 1.1 iu
a to :
12 iu to :
T.I to I 2a
I III til 10 III
. 2 no to a no
is (U tn x. (i
i (I) til s III
. 3) III III AO 111
. Ill l III 2t IU
. is iu to :a iu
. .1 (II to 12 oi
h iu m ;moi
;i M to 4 m
2 (U to fl Oil
lo 3(1)
rult kllllos I (l to SM
i.u... mini ..nil.. s s oi m is no
II M to 7 Ml
7 (U to s ll)
. iKn ami furk .
kiiiriiaml folk.
klille. fork. sp
Klx c-otli'u spu
SIX toil SHM)I1:
Suirar skhju i
ill en
ui Imtter knife
ul lnitlur knife.
ni suirar spoon.
a iu to 10 no
l.i no
4 ni to 7 no
4 no in s 00
12 (U
11 m
10 so
12 U)
Fish knllu anil fork at 00 I o lis 00
Cnko knlMS 12(1)
Tonnupklii rlnirs 10 in lo a u)
Ami iiuineioustinliliiallons of allilescrlpl tons
rocket Unlies rrom Wo up
Hclhsnra a fixunnou uii
iuizora s i in w w
lies sollil Kolil ami
sin (X) lo 12(10 m
livii.'.ull.l .Ihnr.. .".I! (JO to tatO
dies sollil irolil an1
23 001O 1 10 00
esuiuilVis.'so'l'li'lifoiii! "!l2 00 to 75 (ll
i.t iliiilna. inlliHfnlille. 2 ll) to 10 U)
est chains sollil stiver.. 1 M to
ul opi
dial ii
10 IU
suiiii irolil 20 oo lo
lilies' lest ami opera chains
rolled Plato 5 l to
cuts eiiarnis anu uickcis soim
Kolil 3 CO to no 00
iMita' ehiirma and lockets.
rolled Pluto no to
Dlamonil snlllalro rlnirs (211 (ll to fun (U
Diamond cluster shuts 211 U) to 4il) IU
Diamond lace plus 20 in to 4m 00
IS 00
S 01)
Diamond stuits..
Build irolil lacu pins
Hillilirolilciiri Intra
Kulld KOld hlillca' sets
Holld Kolil necklaces
Solid irold ladles' lockets
Solid irolil hraoelets
Solid wild lialiyandcuifpl
Solid irolil irents sleeve bi
(n HO (0
1.1 uo to WU II)
71 iu to mn iu
1 (u to an in
3ll)to 23 00
1 All to 20 II)
8 (jo to tail U)
4 Ul to 79 IU
2 (II to 111) III
8 Ul to 100 0(1
i no to ii ii)
uttuns I fiO to no IU
Id irol.l ladles' do 2 Ml to 20 00
Solid u-nlil itcuIs' collar liullons. 101 to 5 ul
Solid irolil rallies' do 111) id a Ul
Solid vents' scarf plus 2 III to 25 U)
Solid ireuls' studs sliurlo l&tllo 5 00
SolldirolilKeuta'stuils.perset.. 2Ulto 10 00
Itl)Lt.i:i) M.ATU
I.iu-ii plu no to 3 M
Itiitiy ami ciitf plus 75 to 1 ml
Karrlnirs '. 1 into 3 III
Ijiillea' si
Arbeiter Yerein Hall
Wednesday December 31 1884
'I'lcketa lo be bail of Ocorgo Wagner
Fred Jleyer Henry Ueyer and nt tlie
Arbeiter Voreln saloon.
i to lo ui
1 no to lo in
1 (I) to 5 ui
s in to so ui
t'ilar lillltons 25 to 73
Scurr plus Mlo 1 M
Studs per set 75 III I Wj
I lmvo also tlio largest assortment InToxas
or Hold pens ami Pencils. French Clinks
Chlimwiiri'. Opera fllusses. Artlstlo 1'otlery
nnd.Noieltles. !
Mini orucrs soiicuco. ivriio ror rievf
274 Commerce Street SAN ANTONIO

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