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*■ Í
. *7. *• , Morton Hijdn, 1s
«laokiflUo to tki Clementon Kite-
trie Light A Power Company. I
call bit
j «feus, for wi
and room-mato#
at tha Instants of Technology; and
although ha choee eUctiicily,
«hila I look chemistry, wa agreed
to "kaap in sight'' of aach other
after graduation.
Aa it cbaeoed, I immediately
secured a poaition at 4 aupar" at
Aba Pancoesi paper-pulp mi It at
Becket's falla, and Marion took
service with the Cllmenton El c-
irie C mpaoj, which hu ita plant
of tsi bin* a and dynamoe on tba
0 her side of Uie falls, but carries
i* el-ctric power, br copear wire
Oiiiduour, lour miles oeeilsnd to
Clementon vi'l ge, the 1 hire town
cf th« uoui ty.
Tf" ugh a sult>i i I* paper m 11 is
anything but an earthly paraüiee,
1 bad, on the whole, the easier
and better aituation of the two, for
Mertou waa iu tfce serves of a
company with scanty capitel. They
did not sllow him h« lp enough,
and he waa often 00m pel led to
work like a ''nave" h;m«eif, and
be astir night and day.
Evrry one brought hia griev-
ancee to Marion, and that poor
fellow had no peace on weak days
or Sundays. And all the while
the company was nagging him to
cut down exptnaes and make ita
atockpey a dividend.
Marion uaed to oome into my
Utile laboratory at the papar milla
—whah he had to ran over to the
Fall to patch up aomeibing, which
waa about every day—ana tell me
liia tarabita. He would thump
hia haad down on my blotting pad
and fairly groan!
Than be would jump up, *'I
must go." hs would eay. "I'm
four pages behind on the 'kick
book, " and off ha would go to in-
▼ atigate complain ta or do the
work of a laboring mechanic.
Among his eerioua vtxations
waa ona ariaing from the circón.-
alance that the company, when
«reding the conducting wire from
the falls lo Clemen ton, had ob-
tained permiaaion lo aat tha polea
in tha pa-tore of the old Blake
farm, theu occupied by an eloerly
man named Mosas Myers. This
inan Myara died of "grip" the ftl-
lowing winter, and hia brother Cy-
roa good poeeeasion of tha farm.
Cyrua Myara waa one 1 f those
dogmatic, little-edncakd persona
who attribute oyclonee, oroolha
and neaily every other meteoro-
logical disturbance lo the modern
use of eleetricity.
"Needn't talk to me I It's theee
00bearned wiraa, so msny of 'em
rnnnin' criaecroae and every which
way all o err the country I Thaae
dynamos, too, avr it op and git it
to leerin' rouud. 1 make no doubt
railroad raile help earry it. In
ten jears more nobody can live in
Ibis c. unty, ibe rate they're giin'
in low 1 Thrre'U be some kind
of a tornado every other day!"
My. rs very likely believed one-
half he said, and tha mur* b*
talked the more inclined he felt to
bili* ve the other baif.
it happened that tba lightning
struck a tree iu hie paeiure one
afternoon during a tbuiider-ebower
in June, and not Vrry far from tba
power wire. That waa text enough
(or him. He harnessed his hois-
sno drove down to the office of the
eiettnc company about aa eoon aa
it eloj pul rami g.
'1 waj.t ye to take the! infernal
«ire ol yourn out of my percter,
end 1 want ye to do it right off,
tool" waa bia first salutation to
M*rt< n, who waa ¡be only cne in
the office.
• Bui 1 utd'Mood, Mr. Myers,
th..i)tur hioiher, Moves Myeri,
wi en br owi ed the farm, eold our
t< mpai.y e light of way for their
wir* rcios< thie farm," replied
Merlon, (or be wee «xpected to
fight 'be bstiles of tbe electric
con.pai y at all timea and against
all comers.
1 don't cars what h«i sold or
what he didn't stM" txchicu'd
the angry man. "lie waa de-
ceived, my brother Motes wa*; be
didn't kn<>w what he wss doing
But thst ftrm is mine now, and I
know jest how dangerous Ihsm
wires be. They draw the light-
ning, that's what they do. I'm
net g< in' to have ail my slock o'
cattle killed by tbem tarnal wireel''
•I'll give je j*et three davs to
take thai wire oflTn my premises,"
he added, aa ha flung out of the
office. "Jeel three days and no
ilwk i Kt U ainl ctt'n my land In
three dijt. down aha
ad viae yon not to
Myera" rejoined
following him owl in aoma
"You are lieble to g l
killed if yon meddle with it.''
"Don't you worry youreeIf about
me, young man!" exclaimed Cy-
ras. "I'll look out f>r myself
But you tsll your folks to get tha
wire oflTn my ferm.''
Merlon r pcrted Myer'e threat
to his emplovere. They etid little
exoept to exhort their electii'ien
to look ont for the old firmer; end
if be did them damage, to ootain
evidence again ! him. Tba duties
as detective for the oompany weie
thus added to Merlon's regular
work—without increeee of eaia'y,
aa ia almost needless ta say.
Tbe directors even declined to
lake legtl advioe a* to what meaa-
urea Merton mig^t r<sort to for
the protection of their property.
Feeli ig insecure aa to this, Mar-
tin himself paid a fee to a lawyer
to tell him what he might or
might not lawu ly do if brought
intocolliaion with Farmer Myerr;
tor be knew that if he msde a ouia
lake, the eoulieee oorporation
which be served would leave him
iu the lurch.
Myera, who did not lsck for
homely sagacity, waa loo crafty
really o tear down the wire. But
at about ten o'clock on the fourth
eveoiog after his vieit to tha com-
pany's office the Clem en ton arc
lights began to "didder" unploaa-
an>ly; aad Me:ton was up nearly
all night, readjusting car bona and
otberwisj altemp ing to reetore
uni oroi illumination to an exar-
perated municipality.
Next morning he eel off at sun
rise to patr* 1 the wire over to
Becket'e Fslts; for be had already
acked me by telephone to eee if
there waa snything wrong at tbe
power-honee, for the «lectric oom-
pany kept no electrician, but a
mere watchman in the power-
On croasing the Myers peeture,
Merlon came upon an iron wire
about a hundrta feet long, with a
atone el each end, lying trana-
versely ncroes lbs power wiree be-
tween two poets. Evidently the
atone attached to one end of it bed
been thrown over the oopper wire,
thua partially grounding the cur-
rant at thia point.
Apparently toe mischief wat Ibe
act of aome one po*see*iog a littl*
knowledge of electricity. Merton,
having no doubt aa to who had
done it, removed the iron wire
and carried it directly to the My-
era farmhouse, where he foond the
owner milking oowe in hia baru-
'-Is this your wire, Mr. Mjers?''
Merton saked him
"My wire? Where d'ye find lit"
"Acroes the eiactrio oompany'
power wire," replied M rt.-u.
"dbo, nowl Ye dent tell me!
Did it do aoy bur.?"
"it partially grounded our i-igot
current end impaired tae 1 gnu 10
"Sto' niw! How did it ome to
do that?"
"Why, by conducting a pert of
the cuireot iiitu tbe ground, Mr.
Myers," Morton repli*-d, impa-
"Wei, now, that's curi's, sint
ilT But I'm kinder g'sd on't, fer
that's where tbe stoff ought to he
—d>wn iu the ground. Never
ought to b«>en go', up out'n the
ground in the tu t piece.''
M-rton rem >netrated with him,
bu< tbe old fellow w«s much u>o
cunning to sdmit lia be had
I leced the wire there. H i ui*-r lv
chuckled. No sstiafaciion could
be obtained from him, nor yet o
much as a ssrsp of evidtu-je
agxiorl him.
This wa< but tbe beginning of
Mertcn's troubles with My*re. In
lbs bepe of purprieing him, M r
ton peisusded u.e to watch witb
him in tbe pasture on two rainy
night'; but we did not catch the
rogue at hi4 trickf. Yet so sur
as there came a daik, wet niick.t,
tbe Clementon lighta were iu
j trouble; and Mertou would £o*i
Ibe current grounded somewh* re
on Myers's laud.
The mitchief msker learned at
lensth that he oonld mske more
trouble by gf unding the currei t
in moiat land, aud began op« r«t
ing in a swamp, near where the
Siwer wire entered bis pavura
is motive wa" probably to w try
and harsis lh** (ompauy unlit 11
was glad to give up ita rights and
remove the wlr ; hut as this would
oocrsion an txp nse if several
often prevent
DeWitt'* Little
Hmall prc<-;uiti<,n<« mi«*ch>ef*. DeWitt'
Karljr Ki< er« are very «tnall ptlU in
*i*e, but are mo«t effective in prevent-
111K the in« t nerioti* form of liver
and utomach trouhlea. Thejr cure oon-
•tifMtion and headache and reuníate
the bowels. , T. V. Murray.
Fok 8ai.e a Bahoaim.—One
omplet** set of /Cell's Kocjrclopedia
in good condition. Apply to
Stan CnpomcLKoffice.
Kunning «oren, indolent ulcera ami
Hitnilar trouble*, even though of many
y«?ar'a atanding, may Ik* cured by
ualwg DeWitt' Witrh Haael Halve, ft
•M*othe«. atrengthena and heaia. It ia
tbe great pile curc.
T. V. Murray. for the News Chuossiclk
hundred dollars, the oompany
foond it more convenient to aooii
Merton for not obtaining evidence
against Myers so tha be c rald be
The herd wirked, mu h p*s
tered ycuog el ouHen became so
gr st!y worried and *0 ang-y, a*
weeks went by, thst he thougnt • f
arranging a eon t f electric trap for
My> rs, snd giving bim an alaria-
ing ■ntck. Fr o, this I dis uadid
ti .
' It is of no use 11 ge: angry,
Merton," 1 would say. "You
mo't regard the old man taper
sunaily, aa you do anr other o' -
"Ob, il'a easy for yon to eay
that to nt; y u don't nave to walk
aigot miles three or four time
ev ry fortnight to remove obstruc-
tions," Merton ree^onded. Bui
be refrained from usirg tbe eieo
trie trap, as I advi-ed
boon Mj era in d« ano b* r mow
by way ol embamseiog Mertoo;
be turned a ba< ->mpered hu 1 into
the pa"ture. Previously the ani-
mal nad been kept in a s'wsller
pae ure by hima<-if, wi«n a ring iu
hi uo-e and large ora- ha li and
chins ou hta horns Mvers now
removed these saf. guarde; and it
waa afterward learned that be had
encouraged nis hired man to teaae j
the bull in order to make him
more bellinora
But in this, as in his tricks witb
tbe wire. "Cy" waa crafty, for on
the day be turned tbe bu l inti
toe paeiure he po*t*d four or five
n Hicee of "Dangvroua Bull Here"
oonapiououety on toe feacj*, so
that he cool I nut He legally Itab e
it the animal attacked any one.
Now Merlon wa* obl ged to en*
tar tbe peeture evrry time the cur-
r-ct was eround d, end he cam-
near being g «red m<* fimt time L-
did eo. H« had enlered from tbe
farther aide and did n<>t i b«erve
tbe noti«.ee, aad therefore paid lit
tie ttention t the cattle till the
bu 1 was close upon him. At r
v me agil« do iging hi got awi);
but Ite bull fo lowed bun ebout,
roar ng and bellowing, snd he wae
unable to spp o«cn or work on tbe
About en br ur la er he came
down to th« Falla and a*k*-d me
go op to the pasture snd b*lp
him out, whinh I did. hi «r * u '*
• kiruitsbing I lured tha bul' to
rba a me, while Marion went
a ong the wire in e r b of Ui
Tne ai <?hi fhad b en don*-v *y
ad*< iiiy tbi« tioi'* A etrand < f
*>arb wire from the pae'ure f*nce
bad been ibrown over the p* wer
wire and grounded by thru ting
tbe end of it, down into w« t mud
in t*ia boro r o the s«aiwpy tract.
"The old scamp i* |e«mint
eometbing about ele<tr:ctty," M r
l n eaid to me '•! hardly ee
fti-w he d ee it ao neatly. I should
think he would get killed, f <oln.k
aroud b>re iu the night. I roo d
not hmdle tb<ee wir««e wileout mj
in-u a*ing t'lig . If a will g^t laid
out b«re some dark nigbt.
"i*Si,uid yoo weep, Meston?
eaid I.
"Well, ahoald not like the o d
man to be kiPed, tb« ugn I «taoulü
ilk- him to be puniehed."
We went around by Myera'
plic* to have another talk with
nicn. I wa« to do the talking f r
Merton. We foond Mr ra w «h
[Conti u-d on u«xl pag« ]
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Ettrof Motif.
Kotrayed by T. J. Newcomb, com-
miaaioner of precinct No. I, Hurleaon
County, on the eth day of Septemtivr,
II4**7, one light l>ay tilljr J yeara old,
13 hand* high, white aj ot in forehead,
no brand. W. N. IlKHi.Kr,
17-20 Co. Clk. Hurleaon Co. Tea.
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suffering and
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to ail wain, will ha
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h t guarar.t ed to give perfect
eat s's'ti >n or money refunded.
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2^ cenia p*r hundred.
Texas Baptist
Temple, Texas,
October 1897.
11 'i" 1 1 ■' '
For thin occasion the
Santa Fe will .scU excur-
sion ticket on (Vtolx-r 5
ami 6, limite<l ti i Vt« l*cr
13, at greatly mlitcecl
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W. H. KEENAN, Ü. P. A.
g 11 ■
• «tía*
Stokes & Roesler,
Saddles, Harness, Buggies. Etc.,
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sleeping, but we art* continu-
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Wc also do lK ot and wlnn- repairing.
1 i. ' '■ '
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I |

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