The Caldwell News and The Burleson County Ledger (Caldwell, Tex.), Vol. 52, No. 33, Ed. 1 Thursday, November 18, 1937: Searching Inside

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... of the ordinary, that I hardly believed It myaelf, when Mra. Kate Slaughterback, Fort Lupton, Celo., told It to me... and canvasbacks that were stopping over for the night in a lake away out In one corner of the Slaughterback ranch.... Kate Slaughterback knew from experience that the hunters wouldn't bother to follow the crippled birds... in quick succession and three sets of rattles beat out a death-tattoo on the ground. Mrs Slaughterback... for the ranch house. Mrs. Slaughterback tumbled from the saddle, clasping little Ernest. Her hnnds were raw

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