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Friday, October 16, 1942
Of Local Interest
The News Welcome* Contribution to This Column. When
You Have Company, Go Away or Entertain, Phone No. 3*
New War Production Board Meets
By Reporter
A meeting of the American Le-
Ifion Auxiliary wag held on Mon-
day evening. Oct. 12, at the home
of Mm. J. W. Skrabanek, with
eight meml>er present. An elec-
tion of officers was held and the
following were elected for 1U43:
President, Mrs. Cleve Bates; vice-
president, Mrs. Tom Jackson; sec-
retary, Mrs. J. J. Krupa; treasurer,
Mrs. J. W. Skrabanek; chaplain,
Mrs. Fred Deutsch Sr.; assistant
chaplain, Mrs. Tom Jackson; sgt.-
at-arms, Mrs. William Deutsch;
reporter, Mrs. Emmie Rowland;
corresponding secretary, Mrs. Al-
bina Blum.
The meeting was closed by sing-
ing patriotic songs.
The Lutheran Indies Aid held its
regular meeting on Wednesday, Oc-
tober 7, at 3:00 p.m. The meeting
was opened with a song "From
Greeland's Icy Mountains," which followed by the scripture
reading, Ps. 113, arid prayer by the
pastor. An interesting talk on
"Evangelims" was given by. Rev.
Poehlman. A reading, "If This
Isn't Our Job," was given by Mrs.
Johnny Hein. Mrs. E. H. Pape read
"Where Is The Silver Lining"?
Genesis. Chapters 43-44, were dis-
cussed in the Bible study.
A short business session was
followed by the song "O Zion Haste
Thy Mission High Fulfilling," and
the Lord's Prayer. Refreshments
were served by Mesdames A. H.
and E. H. Pape.
of Giddings and Rev. and Mrs. P.
Gogolin of Prairie Hill were dinner
guests Sunday of Rev. E. C.
Poehlman and mother.
Mrs. W. W. Worthington of Bay
City, Miss Mary Worthington,
Mrs. N. E. Duncan and daughter,
Louise, of West Columbia spent
the week-end here with Mr. and
Mis. Irvin Worthington.
Mr. and Mrs. Langston A. Wood
and family of Waco were guests
in the home of Mr. and Mrs. B. I.
Addison here Sunday.
Mrs. Annie Mase Hilliard of
Bryan spent the week-end here
with Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Moore. ¡
Miases Sara Nell and Mae Bess
Savage were week-end visitors in
Miss Gwendolyn Smith spent the
week-end here with her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Smith, return-1
ing to Austin Sunday afternoon, attending the University of Texas
She is a freshman at State Univer- WHK {he guest of Miss Frances Du-
sity. ! shek here at the home of her par-
Jimmy Marks of A. and M. Col-|l'nts< Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Dushek,
lege was at home for the week-end. )nVt'r the week-end.
Word has been received by the Mrs. Grady Hester of Brechen-
Duseks that their son, Pvt. Theo- ridge, Mrs. Selden Graham of Den-
dore Dusek, has been transferred' ton and Earlee Struwe of Washing-
Di n KT v ir\ r- i. . .
Shown at a meeting of the new war production executive board In
•Vashington are, left to right: Rear Admiral H. L. Vlckery, vice chair-
man •( the MariUme commission; Lieut. Gen. R. H. Somervell, com'
manding general, services of snppljr; Charles E. Wilson, newly appointed
vice chairman of the war production hoard and executive committee;
Vice Admiral 8. M. Robinson, director of material and procurement;
id MaJ. Gen. O. P. Echols, commanding general of material command.
Miss Mary Alice Conway, who is
— m r wax tutstin .\ni> >i«hih —
Oscar Schiller of Cameron spent
several days here the past week
visiting his mother. Mrs. J. O.
Schiller, and other relatives prior
to leaving for San Antonio Friday,
where he joined the U. S. Armed
Mrs. G. E. James is visiting in
the home of her sun, Hugh James,
and wife in Pendleton.
Mr. and Mrs. Alex Weyand and
Mr. and Mrs. Harrison Cobb of
Austin were guests of Mrs. J. A
Bowers and Mrs. B. I. Addison over
the week-end.
Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Schiller and
son, Alvin I^ee, of Bryan visited his
mother and sister, Mrs. J. O. Schil-
ler and Miss Annie, last Sunday.
Mrs. B. R. Teague and Miss Julia
Hill spent a few days the past
week in San Antonio visiting their
nephew, Harry Hill, and wife.
Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Brewer spent
several days this week with their
son, Horace Brewer, and family
and Mrs. Toi.t Carter, their daught-
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bowers o!
Houston spent the week-end here
with their mothers, Mrs. J. A.
Bowers and Mrs. John Renfro.
Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Giddings spent
Sunday in Houston with their son,
Wallace Giddings, and wife.
T-Sgt. Raymond Uhtig and wife
ol Camp Barkeley, Abilene, arc
visiting in the home of his par-
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Emil Uhlig.
They also visited relatives in Hous-
ton during their stay here.
Mesdames Gregg P. Easley, Xen-
in Windel, L. C. Eakin, Geo. C. Fall
and Miss Kate Smith were Hous-
ton visitors Saturday.
Rev. and Mrs. W. G. Tillmanns
from Pine Camp, N. Y., and is now
stationed in Nashville, Tenn.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry G. Womhle
and Mrs. C. M. White were Bryan
visitors Saturday.
Misses Lydia and Milady Luksa
of Austin spent the week-end here
with their parents.
Mrs. Ed Boehmer. Miss LaYerne
Boehmer and Alton Mueller of Col-
lege Station were guests of Mr.
and Mrs. Erwin Homeyer Sunday.
Mrs. F. W. Mueller accompanied
them home for a week's visit.
Mrs. Hays Bowers and Miss Eu-
nice Morgan spent several days
this week in Houston.
Mrs. T. L. Bunk ley of Temple
spent several days the past week
here with her father, P. H. Simp-
Mrs. Monroe Berndt returned
home from San Antonio Tuesday,
where she spent the week-end with
Cpl. Berndt.
Miss Mildred Drgac of Freepurt
spent the week-end with Mr. and
Mrs. John K. Drgac and family.
Mrs. H. H. Womble and daught-
er. Miss Adine, and Mrs. Adine
Heslep spent several days this
week in Houston. They were guests
of Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Green and
daughter, Miss Mary Willie Green.
Mrs. Sie Pillow accompanied
Mrs. Goree Martin and daughter,
Ethel Fay, to Bryan Monday, where
Ethel Fay is being treated for a
broken arm at the Wilkerson Clinic.
Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Bell and Mr.
nnd Mrs. H. D. Reeves drove over
to Martin Sunday and spent a few
hours with Rev. and Mrs. W. O.
Cpl. James Hejl and Mrs. Heil
came up Sunday from Victoria and
spent the day with her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Skrabanek, and
Doris Ann. They visited relatives
in Temple Saturday. Cpl. Hejl is
with the Air Force and is attend-
ing mechanics' school at Foster
Ion, D. C., spent a few days here
this week. They were here to visit
their father, Johp Struwe, who has
been ill for same time.
Miss Princess Moore came in
from State University Friday aft-
ernoon. Misses Nancy KaufFman
ami Hazel Hearne accompanied her
and ail remained here over the
week-end, returning to Austin Sun-
day afternoon.
Alwyn Addison of Midland spent
the past week here with his broth-
er, B. I. Addison, and wife. He is
at present a Civil Service employee
at the Air Force Bombardier Fly-
ing School.
the past week here as the guest of
Mrs. H. G. Womble, returned Mon-
day to Ft. McClellan, Alabama,
where Rev. White is stationed as
Chaplain in the U. S. Army.
Major Murray Broaddus of Camp
Howze spent the week-end her
with his family. Mrs. Broaddus,
Billy and Ray Ann left Thursday
lor a visit with Murray James, who
is with the U. S. N. R. and is at-
tending Midshipmans Training
School in Chicago.
Dr. N. B. McNutt, who has an
office in Bryan, was a Caldwell
visitor Sunday.
Jimmie and Billie Gray, who are
attending the University of Texas
spent the week-end here with their
parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Gray.
Mrs. Ben Cummings and daught-
er, Caroline, of California and
Houston, were week-end guests of
Mrs. Jack Toombs and Mrs. I. E.
Mr. and Mrs. George Homeyer
Mrs. C. M. White, after spending and Mrs. Erwin Homeyer spent
last Thursday in Houaton.
Mrs. W. T. Thagard and grand
daughter, Becky, were week-end
guests of Mias Marcette Thagard,
who ia teaching at Alvin.
John Ed mood Fuchs waa here
for the week-end from St. Edwards
at Austin.
L. G. Bowers was in Caldwell
over the week-end prior to report-
ing to the New York office of The
Texas Company. He is employed
ii. the Comptroller's Department
and will work out of New York
Mrs. R. S. Bowers and M. Smith
went to Austin Sunday to be with
their children, Mr. and Mrs. G. A.
Smith, and family for the day. Mrs.
Smith, who hud been visiting in
the G. A. Smith home for several
days, returned home with them.
Mrs. Richard Phelps received
word from her husband from Camp
Haan, California, that he has been
promoted from Sgt. to Staff Sgt.
Richard is the son of Mr. and Mrs.
(¡rover Phelps of Cook's Point.
E. C. Poehlman. pastor
(20th Sunday after Trinity)
10:00 a.m. Sunday School, Supt.
George Homeyer in charge.
7:30 p.m. Divine worship service.
Gospel lesson: Matt. 22: 1-14.
Short congregational meeting
after service.
8:00 p.m. Tuesday, Evangelism
8:00 p.m. Thursday, choir prac-
Mission Rally a Success
Joy in the Lord's work showed
Skrivanek Is Officer
In State Czech - Club
AUSTIN, Oct. 16—Drawn to-
its results in the Mission Festival
offering. Elisabeth Lutheran church
held its annual Mission festival
Sunday, with Rev. P. Gogolin of
Prairie Hill speaking in the morn-
ing service, and Rev. W. G. Till-
manns, of Giddings delivering the
message in the evening vesper.
Th offering totaled $130.00. May
God bless the Mission workers and
hearts that sacrifice.
gather by a
University of
Cxoeh dsiesnt
the Univeraity
Czech Club m«
make a study of tha
customs of Caocli
as participate in
activities. During
past, they have achievad
tion through participation I
mural sports competition.
Among the officers eloctad I
club recently is Julius
of Caldwell, who was cl
To relieve
Misery of
Nose Drops
Cough Drops
Try «Rub-My-Tism"—a
fnl Liniment
Friday and Saturday
Mustard Greens, 3 No. 2 cans . ...25c
IGA Cut Stringless Beans, 2 for 25c
Clabber Girl Baking: Powder, 25-oz. 19c
J. T. Salad Dressing, 26-oz. -26c
IGA Glass Top Salad Mustard, 9-oz. 10c
Sno Kreem Shortening, 3-lb. can ..69c
Light & Fluffy Cake Flour 19c
Octagon SOAP, Giant... 3 bars .14c
_____ ,
Macaroni or Spaghetti, 1-lb. pkg. 10c
WHEAT1ES... 2 packages 25c
Okra and Tomatoes, 2 cans 25c
Tokay GRAPES . . 2 lbs. 25c
Byes Examined—
Glasses Fitted
Dr. P. R. Dunn, who haa fitted
(lasses for hundreda of people in
Caldwell since 1920, will be at
Burovik's Drug Store. Monday,
Oct. 26, 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.
one soma
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tab on your money than to start
a checking account with
a good bank.
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Parker-Astin Hardware Company

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