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Friday, October, 8, /9&2
Snook, Texas
Saturday Nfte
October 4
Jerry Dykes
Ami Ih Wnlmi Raabhri
Sat, Oct. 4
Ray Krenek
Fren Rosenberg, Texas
Om Mile South College
Station On Highway 6
SJ>J5.T. Hal
Thursday Nigbt
October 9
Music By
Ray Krenek
Adm.: 1.00 person
Milam County Stock
Sale Moves 490 Head
Pour hundred ninety head of
cattli were rold at the Milam
County Livestock Auction Barn in
Cameron, Wednesday, October ',
according to Pinley Blackwell,
manager of the commission, and
were somewhat lower on all
Top calv«3 brought 24.70 per
cwt; good cows and calves, f ISO
to $£23 per pair; good stocker
cows $1S0 to 9168 per head; com-
mon stocker* sold for $80 to $115
per head; fat cows brought 911
to 917 per cwt.; canners, 98.00 to
912.0P per cwt. Heavy bulls sold
at 910 to 918 per hundred weight;
and light bulla brought 914 to 9IA
per cwt.
Market was very active but all
dames sold in line with the big
break that all livestock markets
have had tnu week, said 1.1..
Card of Thanks
I wish to express my grateful
appreciation to each and every
friend who po graciously remem-
bered me during my recent ill-
ness both in the hospital and af-
tor I came home. The lovely
curds, gifts and flowers and the
many other nets of kindness were
greatly appreciated. Your visits
also meant so much to me.
Mrs. M. B. Neighobrs.
hops, cashier and waitress
wanted. No experience is neces-
sary Apply Mr. Joe Perreri at
Triangle Drive-In, at intersection
of old and new College Road'?,
Bryan, Texas. (10-3- 8tsc.)
salesman to work in Burleson
«>nd other counties is needed. .Or.
Pepper Bottling Co., Bryan, T x-
us. (10-3-tfc).
O.D.H.S. Hall
Deanville, Texan
Sunday,*0ct. 5th
Music «y

Joe Cervenkar
DANCE -S.P.J.S.T. Hall
Saturday Night, October 4
A. J. Winn and The Drifting
of Radio Station WTAW, College Station.
Sponsored By
Dime Box Volunteer Fire Dept.
Admission 75c
Henry Haisler
Wins Fifth h
Cattle Judging
Meet Held In Memphis Was
Warm-Up For National
Dairy* Cattle Congrua
College Station, Oct. 3 (Spl.)- -
The Texas A. A M. College dairy
cattle judging team won third
place in all events at a meeting
attended by 11 judging teams in
Memphis, Tenn., according to A.
L. Darnell, professor of dah*v
husbandry and the team coach.
Henry Haisler of Caldwell won
fifth place in individual judging
of all breeds.
The Memphis meet served as a
warm-up exorcise for the Na-
tional Dairy Cattle Congress now
being held it Waterloo. Ia.,
Members of the team 'n addi-
tion to Haider are Billy Challes
Fresnal of Bryan, Alton P. Py-
burn of Roby and Curtis D.
Beeves of Port Arthur. All arc
seniors majoring .'n Dairy Hus-
Teams fr/ m Kentucky and
North Carolina won first ar<i
second places in the Memphis
Curtis Lehdes
Raise Cattle,
Hogs And Feed
Myaterv Farm Of August
29 Is Located Nine Miles
Southeast Of Caldwell
Local Scouts Chosen
As Ushers At Texas
Aggie Football Games
When Texas A. A M. Collate
meets the Kentucky Wildcats lit
Kyle Pield tomorrow night, for
the first time in history, as far
as is known here, the Caldwell
Boy Scouts will serve as ushers
at the- game and all other home
football grmes played there oy
the Aggies this season, accoid-
ing to announcement made by R.
W. Slovacek. Jr., Scout Master.
Members cf Scout Troop No.
2b8 have bee i looking forward to
this big treat for several wo'-ks
and confirmation of their ap-
pointment aa one of the Scout
Groups to take care of seating
the thousands of football fans at
Kyle Pield this season came as
a big welcome surprise to them.
They will be on the job in the big
stadium Saturday night and all
ether games when the Texas
Aggies are plcying at home.
Due to normal shrinkage your cattle will
We have buyers from at least
4 Packing Houses
Every week and plenty of stocker buyers
Your cattle will be weighed on Print-O-Matic
electric scales
Milam County Livestock Commission
The "Mystery Ftrm" which ap-
peared in the NEWS on August
29 and whi h was identified at
belonging to Mr. and Mrs. Curtis
Lehde, is located nine miles soutli-
east of Caldwell on route i.
Curtir brought the farm in 194«>
and it consists of 191 acres. 66
of which a.-e in cultivation and
the remainder is it' pasture land.
The pasture has been improved,
cleared and most of the timber
Mr. and Mrs. Lehde have one
daughter, litile Jessica Earliti-j,
eight months old.
They raise feed as the major
crop on the farm at Lehde's and
about 20 acres of «otton are
planted annually. They spechili "*
in Hereford cattle and Duroc h gs
and have a number of sheep.
Mr. Lehde is a member of the
Burleson-Lee Soil Conservan >n
The first house that Curtis
built on hit; farm burned down
in 1ÍM8 and he han re-built. Ev'ry
buildiiiK on the farm has li en
constructed since 1047. They have
all modern lonveniences and a
Cine water well, They use Jol.u
Deere farm equipment and b;;;>
leed and fertilizers from Une!
Johnny's Feed Store and Burv-
son Countj Co-Op Store in ('aid
well. They i- nk at, Citizens S* a •
Dunk in Somerville.
"We have Loen taking the Cald
well NEWS i> our family as I
as 1 can reí ember," Curtis sa'\
• wee*******
♦ H I X «
Mr. and M s. Oliver Glu lit"
Underwood and little daughter o'
Dallas, M is. Jim Barrvtt of C.i.d-
vwll. and Mr.- John Dan C'>il<-y
wer< cuesta .,| Mr. and Mr-<. W
it Colley la*' w«ek.
Mr. and Mrs. George Cowea of
Ft. Worth o Mr:;. I/ittie N
comb of ('.':.Id<ec!| visited in th •
F. VV, Jannt '.t and J. E. Ph"tfi y
home?- last S.mday.
j Mr. and Mrs. Payne Phegl.-y
.iid children, Jean and Margar-t1
of Bay town "ir.ited their parent.
■i*ul (rrandparents here Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Lou Eberspnele-r
( Sweeney, Mi. and Mr« T.
Phelps of Pre. poit, visited h. ir
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lee Will
i'ims the pas week end.
Mr. and Mrs. Pete Calvin nf
Caldwell visi;ed Mr. and Mrs
Bill Kazmir last Sunday.
Mrs. Ger ild I^eatherwood arid
i.on, Tom David of Houston were
guests of ami Mrs. C. M< -
Farland las'., week.
Mr. and Mrs. Warren Boyd C il-
ley of Austin were the guests of
Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Colley last
week end.
Mrs. Willi- Elhert of Victoria
<nme in Monday to accompany her
t inter Miss Abhye Clanton to Men
Antonio, where they plan to at-
tend the nurses home-coming this
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Williams of
Laredo were guests of Mr. an I
Mrs. Lee Williams thhr week end
Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Jackton
and son, Manuel .'¡sited in Now
Waverly, Monday.
Patsy VVi'iiums entertained a
number of her littlo school mates
in Caldwell, Saturday night ind
Sunday with s slumber party.
Since the next regular meeting
of the American Legion falls on
MondaV night, October 13, the
opening day and r.ight of the
Burleson County Fair, the Legion-
hires are calling a meeting tr
take care of their business nnd
complete then plans for parti-
cipation in the fair activities.
This meeting will be held on Tues-
day night, October 7, and mem-
bers are advised to keep this date
jn mind and attend this important
The Auxiliary is also calling a
business meeting on this date, at
which time, Mrs. Bessie Womble.
out-going president of the organi-
zation will install the officers for
the coming year. They will tlso
hear report" from committees
•,vho are n w busy formulating
plans for Lhe food booth that the
Auxiliary keeps open day and
night during the Fair.
Mr. and Mrs. Pink Wslsh snJ
ron, Earl of Houston spent the
week end h*re visiting in the
home of their son-in-law ar.d
daughter, Mr. and Mrs. W. G.
Humphreys. Earl Humphreys and
his friend, both of Baylor Univer-
sity also sp"nt the week end in
the Humphreys home.
Mr. and Mr*. Chas I'. Lewis and
son, Russell of Clute visited over
the week end here with her moth-
er, Mrs. Ida Calvin and family.
Wrestling Resumed
At Brenham
Travis Phillips will resume his
weekly wrecr'ng shows Saturday
night at Brrtiiham after a weel'i
layoff, due to the Washington
County Fair. He will present a
card that features three of the
top wrestlers known in Texas,
plus a newcomer who has won re-
cognition elsewhere
Mrs. Lilitaa Fleckenatein, . I!i.
and Miss Mary Bredhauer an t
Mrs. Clem Kaltwusser, accom
punied Edwin Slovacek to Burton
last Friday, where they attended
the funeral of Miss Annie Bret-
thauer, held at 2 p. m. at the
Burton Lutheran Church. She v/üs
the youngest daughter of Mrs.
August Brtstikhauer, who will he
104 years old on her next birth-
o ■■■
Mis. lona Simmons spent sev-
eral days ¿his week in Houston
where she went through the M. D.
Anderson Cliiilc. She plans to re-
turn to Houston for future treat
Truckload Of Posts
Burns Near Caldwell
A 1948 Chevrolet truck, loade 1
with cedar posts from McGregor
caught fire about six miles north
of Caldwell on highway S6 about
3:46 Wednesday afternoon and
was completely destroyed. The
truck and posts were owned by
Mofford Rny of McGreggor. A
passing motorist hailed Ray and
told him the "ear end of his trucK
was c-blaze. He pulled to the sid"
of tht road and attempted to put
cut the fire but it had got too
much of a head start. He was at
a losr as to explain how the load
caught fire.
Mrs. Ed Mahlmunn nnd Mr .
Edward Smith entertained at the
Mahlmann home, September !4,
Wednesday evening with a forry-
iwo party honoring Mr . J. O
Sloan, the occasion lie in if a sur-
prise birth-lay paity.
After sev ral games of the
chosen diversion, the hosier,si s
served canapes, cake and coffee t..
Messrs and Mesdames Jake
niann, W. Humphreys, W. J.
Muhlniann, R. W. Melver, Sam
i'a -:, A Sa> tei white, latk
.loidon, Clytte ('alltf-iii, J. O.
Sloan, and to Edward Smith and
hd Mahlmanr..
Twenty Nine Youths
Register With Board
On 18th Birthdays
We are listing below the names
of registrants of local Board No.
85 who recently registered up .n
leaching their eighteenth bir;h-
Kenneth J. Helton, Smithvillo.
Charles L. Hartfield, I^xington
Erm's Autry Nix, Caldwell.
Raymond Clyde Rapp, Jr.,
David Wildams, Jr., Lyons.
Ernest Richard Roberts, Jr.,
Lyi n...
Kenneth L. Boedekttr, Chrles
Philip C. WUhelm, Red Rock.
Adolph R. Knebel, Smithville
Thomas C. Pennie, Caldwell.
Ludvick Miller, Jr., Smithville.
Clarence V. Dungan, Jr., (iid-
Elmer Lister, Lyons
Domingo Villegas, Somerville.
Goidon Wilder Martin, Elgin.
Fred Douglass, Jr., Gause.
Johnie Moore, Lincoln.
Douglas B. Richter, Smithville,
Fred Ernest O. Kubsch, Gid-
Severo S. Pena, Elgin.
John Hani >i, Jr., Bastrop.
David Santos, Elgin.
Reyes, Caldwell.
Raymond .Macik, Caldwell.
A. J. I/ori^', Bastrop.
Willie B. Burton, Jr.. Sm'th
villi .
Johnnie Diary, Smithville.
Quinnie Middleton, Chriesman
Willie K. Williams, Bastrop.
Mr. snd Mrs. F. J. Sandem re-
turned to their home at Clew
h.nd. Ohio, I rilay, after spend
i."if the week here visiting in the
home of he- parents, Mr and Mu.
F. 0. Greatl.ouxe, and with Mr
and Mrs. Melvut Gres thou- •
While here t'iey also visited ir
Brvan with Mr. and Mr* Adolph
Slovacek, Jr. The Sander* flr-.v
down in their private plane, laml
lag at Eastei-wood Field, College
Mrs. Willi. Hpears received s
message Fridr y, advisin? her of
the passing of her brother in la v,
A. O. Jonn-on of Mason. Th
Johnsons -v< re former í'«Id \ • ll
i < sidentit.
Miss (teorKin Jancik surf
her friend, t has iones of Austin
spent the we. k end here in the
home of her parents, Mr, an I
Mrs. F. J Janrik.
Use Classified Ads.
Caldwell Junior
4-H Club Meets
On Septenber 80, the Caldwell
Junior 4-H Cutb met in the Gym.
The following officers were elec-
Ud: i*reside,.t, Betty Kornegay;
vice-president Nancy Wallin; see
retary • treuhurer, Putsy Lina;
reporter, Linda Jean Sebestu; ami
Elizabeth M. rosh was elected dele-
gate for the Junior 4-H Club.
Mrs. Alfoid, our club leader
planned with us on some of the
thins we would do for the Fair.
We will have a 4-H Club fliH^ j„
the parade. It war. decided thct
we would ho;d our monthly rnett-
ings on Saturday afternoons. Tlo
club's next meeting will be held
after the Fair. —Reported.
Snook F. T. A. To
Meet Monday Nite
The second meeting of the
Sra ok P. T. A. will be held Mon-
day night, October flth at 7: ui
p. m. according to Mrs. Charlie
Orsak, P. T. A. president. The
regular meeting ni|rht is the 2nd
Monday of the month, but due u-
the fact chat the Fair falls o-,
that date, the p. T. A. holds their
nession the first Monday mirht
All parents and friends arc urv-,1
to come out kiid take an aeti.e
part in the buhines matter of u„.
. iganization and jret acquainted
with the sco >ol and teachers.
After th<* business session n
very interesting program I rw.
been arranir.-d by Mrs Oradat, tl..
second grade teacher, who spent
several yca:s in Hawaii, when,
she tauifht religious education in
the public ..'iiool from Ion n
She retur.ieo to the states f..,
two years and then went to Japan
where she tauifht for one year
after which sne again came<
Vlrs. Oradat *v 111 show picture.. .>t'
Hawaii and v-iH have her gr . ,p
to sing soi'i,. Dongf on the i,!.,
K rs tn
Richard Carlton was the nan,.-
tbo#en for the haby son h«.r •
\fi rod Mr Quince) Linn*'
i t of this c iy. in the Mtho> |l
I tal in Br Monday
.nú The yoi.nsr man tipp. .1 t .
settles at eight pound and i>
ounces. The proud grsedpai- '
■ •re Mr, and Mr . F H P.- .
of this city and Mr and ,M
Quince) Linn taedter Sr <if H ti
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Un Classified Ada.
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ever sold - and youll know why the minute you try it!
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sional keyboard. Come in and see us today I
« •
Caldwell News, Est. 1897
'«MS ****' «w f***

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