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ti* ÍHNMfC C. 'all
DAY! You kM« that, as if
"•II days of the year and all
yeoni of tlx ages were not
HERS!" Let's pay tribuí# to
Metber Sunday, by writing her,
telephoning her. going to nee
her, «ending her a present,
flower or a telegram and hon-
oring her. if she is among the
living, with a red flower, a
white one if she has passed
along to her reward.

I SHALL take this paragraph
to congratulate Leroy A. Duo-
wall, publisher of the La (¡rang
JOURNAL twice. Once for the
splendid 34 page bonk hi ha*
written on "The Story of Monu-
ment Hill," which relates the
story of fallen Fayette County
heroes who gave "the last full
measure of devotion for the Lorn*
Star Republic." It is an interest-
ing, truly historic and well writ
ten account. Second for the news-
paper he is putting out at La
Grange, one that has been recog-
nized by the South Texas Pr *ss
Association as the Iwst all -around
weekly newspaper in South To u
, in towns under 3600. Of course,
there were many newspaper- in
South Texas which did not enter
the contest, but there were many
who did and the hor«i is well

ALSO Ol'R hats off to Huhc t
M Harrison, retiring manage? of
the East Texas Chamber nf Cum
merce, who se'.'Ved that organiza-
tion faithfully for 25 years and
huilt it into the largest and mo«t
potent regional civic organization
in the world Hubert has been re
placed by • ro-work<r. Fred Pool,
but Hubert will stick around nd
help run the ETTC without hav
ing al! the responsibility arid
heavy work

NOTE FROM Frank Bowers
says "please accept my belated
'congratulations' for the Hole in-
One membership I guess after
belonging to the "Woodmen of
the World" so long it makes you
feel n little better. However, you
need not feel so individual about
it as I stopped off on the wsy
to the club last week and bought
, a new pair of golf sos and the
time I wore them I made a hole
in one."
NELL/) Strickland left jrester
day by train for Newark. N J
to meet his son Cpl. Nello Jr
who gets out of service after !
years. They will drive to New
York city in Junior's ear, see
««matinued on last pago I
Fred Pool, «7. «ill
general manager of the East
Tesas Chamber of Commerce.
wMafc covers a 72-eonaty area,
on July 1.
■e will succeed Hubert M.
* Harrisen, general maaager of
the chamber for the laat IS
years. Harrison will bssams
esecative vice president.
Poll's promotion from sea isl-
án! general manager was an-
nounced by Charlea F. Few*.
Bast Tesas Chamber president,
follow lag an executive commit-
* tee mealing of the chamber's
board af directors.
Coach Miller
Accepts Poet
At Groveton
Coach Ed Miller of Caldwell
has boon else ted Head Coach of
Groveton High School. Miller had
coached for one year at Bogota
and four years at Calvert before
gopiing to Caldwell. While coach-
ing at Calvert the Trojans won
district championship in footbnll
and knsketlmll, His Caldwell Jr,
Ri«h football team finiehad the
ssnaon undefeated.
, Miller ia married end Ike
Caldwell 5iruts
Subscription price: $2.00 a yr. in Burleson Co.—42.50 oat of Co.
May 10 Is Deadline On C C Banquet Tickets
Miss Addison And Miss Broaddus
Make Highest Records At C. H. S.
Mary Sue Addison
\nn Hrosddu* — Xt l*eft
Breaban* Gets
Set For Big
Maifest Week
Brenhsm — iSpli Downtown
Brenham *as deck. <1 out in
bright red, white and blue bunt
ing this week in preparation Tor
the city's 05th annual Msifest
celebration scheduled M iy 11 an I
Now only final hurried pre
pnrations remain until the junior
day. May 13, when Carol Lynn
Voelkei, dsu|Her of Mr arid Mr.
Travis Voelkel, will reig.i o/v*r
Una court of "LovsUtal" with her
king. Bryan Greenwade, son of
Iff snd Mrs B. P. Groen wade.
While the city takes on a fes-
tive look, work continues day and
night on the decorating of some
30 beautiful parade float*. Seim-
strsases are bus? finishing the
i Continuad < n page four I
Beer Distributors
Devote Time To
Raising Cancer Fund
Wholesale beer distributors in
Burleson County devoted their
time last week to conducting an
educational and fund-raising cam-
paign for the American Cancer
t hi ring the •♦•••*. th. Il.fritv, 'i.
and their driver sa'.rsm-n > ralied
on «II r* tail beer d.-aler in th
c«'U'ity to leave educational leaf-
let# and t<> give them a cha- ,
contribute • the Cancer S <■ ety'
research, ed •• - tt " il and service
Mr Edwin Slovacelv. owner of
the Pearl Beer Distributing Com-
pany. h-aded the drive he-e.
Blowout Causes Car
To Plunge Into Tank
Near Here Friday
Major and Mrs W A. Galle-
more, who had been stationed at
Randolph Field and who were or
their way to Arkanaas last Friday
afternoon, narrowly escaped death
by drowning when thei. caí
■dunged into the T. L. Goodnight
tank on highway 21. three mihs
*est of Caldwell. Cause of the
accident was a blowout.
The car, n 1048 Packer!,
jumped the fence, bounced once
snd dived into the tank, when
the blowout oerurred. Water
reached almost to the top of the
car. The two occupants crawled
out the window, which had been
open at the time of the accident.
TTiefr luggage and clothes were
soaked and the car was damaged
badly by water. They remained
in Caldwell until their car was
ready for travel and then pro-
ceeded to their doatlnntion in
Revival Meeting
Chrisanian Methodist Church
will hold their revival meeting
beginning May Id announced
Rao. R. L. Jnckson who will be in
charge of the aeftcea. Mr Lewie
will have charge of the
Four Yell Leaders
Are Selected At
Caldwell Hi&h School
Veil leaders for 1955 .VI school
year were selected in an assem-
bly program last Thursday by
the student body Those selected
were Ina Faye Watson, Evelyn
Vykukal, Mary Ellen Mclver. and
I-sNell Smith Ina Faye Watson,
the only yell leader with exp.-*-
ience, was choosen senior chee>
Miss Dusek Is
Named Member
Honor Society
Corpus Christi. May 5, (Spl I
Miss Frances Dushek. mathema-
tics instructor at Del Mar Col
lege, was named a national honor-
ary member"of Phi Theta Kappa
at s formal banqnet in Hou*t >r.
on Fnday, April 22.
Miss Dushek, who in February
was made an honorary member
of the local chapter, was dected
to the anti<<nal honorary member
-hip in th scholastic -society for
junior colleges by members from
all over the nation. She has been
sponsor of liimmi Sigma Chap-
ter of Phi Theta Kappa a* Del
Mar for several years and dur-
ir'if this time has i>een active in
tContinued on pag* f >url
County Ahead In
Saving Bond Salee
Burleson Cou- ty is sligh'.ly
ahead of the State average u
their quest foi a $64.394 quota
in US Savings Bond Sales i*
was announce ! t his we -k !-•
George Fali. county chairman
Fall said tha' people in this
•ounty ha.'e bought almost 36
• ercent of the quote set for them
while the state average is 25.61
ner cent. Seles amounting to
$13,883 were reported for the
month of April.
Local Youngsters Are
Duke And Dutchess
Miss Susan Clark, daughter of
Mrs Gladys Clark, and Donald
Jerger, son of Mrs Marian Jer-
ger. were chosen dutchess and
iuke from Caldwell for the Bren-
ham Maifest which will m held
Friday, May 13.
No More C Awards
For B Members
Members of the Caldwell School
Board voted to discontinue the
presentation of footbnll C sweat-
ers to members of the B teams
at their regular meeting Tueeday
night. All C athletic awards given
by the school hereafter will be
confined to members of the A
teams, it was snid.
Mrs R. A. Mayor of Henaten
and Mrs H. M. Shannon of Rich-
mond arrived hare Tueeday for
an «atondad visit ertth their ele-
ter. Mr T. L.
Miss Mary Sue Addison, daugh-
ter of Mr and Mrs B. I Addison,
with a four year high school
average of 96.3 was declared
valedictorian of her cla.s.s this
week, when officials completed
checking the records Miss Ray
Ann Broaddus, daughter of Mr
and Mrs M. F, Broaddus, was a
close second, winning salutatory
honors with a four year average
of 94.7.
Both young ladies w.-r • givi n
parts on the program f n grad-
uation, which will be Monday
night. .May 30. Mis- Broaddus
will deliver the salutatory ad-
dress "Thrill of an Id a," while
Miss Addison will speak on the
subject, "Youth Seeks a N'.-.v
Working Principal."
Five Teachers
Resign Jobs At
Local School
Five teachers, re-elected at a
school board meeting two months
ago when all Caldwell teachers
were re-employed for the 1955-
56 term, turned in their resigna-
tion notices this week, it was
announced by J. M. Hare, supt.
Mrs Jane Hilgemeier and Mrs
Jimmie Tyree resigned because
their husbands have been called
to the Army. Band Director Mel
ford McNeil has resigned, prob-
ably to accept a similar position
at another school and Mr and
Mrs Ed Miller, both teaching
here, resigned to accept work at
Groveton, Texas, where Mr Mil-
ler will be head coach at the
high school.
Second Shots Of
Salk Vaccine Are
Postponed Here
Second inocculation shots of
Salk polii vaccine, which were
scheduled for Burleson County
school children in first and second
grades here Wednesday, could not
be given due to shortage ot the
vaccine, according to Health Of -
ficer T. S. Roach. Dr Roai h
stated that he hoped to obtain
th" necessary amount of vaccine
Friday and if so, would give
shots next Wednesday.
Mrs Turner Goes
To Managers' Meet
M rs Annie Lee Turner, mana-
ger of the Caldwell Chamber of
Commerce is attending the annual
Chamber of Commerce Managers'
Association convention at El
Paso on May 5, 6 and 7.
Two Student Pilots From BAFB
Killed In Separate Accidents
Henry Valigura
New Operator Of
Foster Station
Foster's Service Station, which
has been in operation here for
several years under the manage-
ment of J. E. Foster changed
hands this week and Henry Vali-
gura is the new elation operator.
The deal became effective May 2.
Mr end Mrs Fogter are mov-
ing to Haskell in West Texas
where Mr Foster rál! be connect-
ed with the U. B/Beil Conserva
tion Service.
Mr Valiirura is a nativo Burle-
son Countian. having boon born
at Porters Chapel He ia married
to the former Miss Milady Peceña
and the couple have one daugh-
ter. Joyce Ann. «even year# old
For the past ten yeors Mr
Valigura has been employed m
Caldwell by the Pepei Cola B>>t
tling Company He is a veteran
f World War II. having served
two yearn.
Mr Valigura stated that he will
endeavor to serve his custom-r-t
in a friendly ami • >urteous man
tier and that he e
tain the same e
has been prono,,
years at the 1
extended a .* •
•veryone to *. <s>t
place of busin*
Mr Valigura
I; .lidie Humhl pt
*"•' t'res .mi t ;
tube repair and
¿i'" smir of en- -
xpects to mai l
fficiency whi h
e I the*" pa '
• r station H
invitation to
m at hi- 'iev
continue t
■ ¡arts. He will
do tire an
washing ar
1 truck.-.
Bryan Air Force Base, May 4,
iSpl) — Two student pilots from
this Air Force Base were killed
May 2 in two separate crashes
involving three training planes,
it was disclosed Wednesday.
Killed ut 6:30 p. m. when his
propeller-driven T28 crashed as
it approached the field for a land
ing was Aviation Cadet Linus E
Amberg, 20, of Waseca Minn.
A mutual defense assignment
pact student officer, unofficially
believed to lie from Spain, was
killed, probably in mid-air, short
ly before noon near lola when two
T-33 jet trainers collided whili
in formation flight. His name was
Three others parachuted to
safety and were uninjured. They
were Lieutenants James H. Web-
ber of Tezarkana, 700 B. Cross
Street, College Station; Rex Nei
aon of Henderson, 311 Walt in
Drive, College Station, both in
structors and Lt. Gilberto Urreau
a student pilot from Bogota, Col-
ombis. South America.
The base information offic
said that young Amberg wa-
making his final turn to land at
the base when the plane spun >■-
to the ground one-eighth niih
north of the runway across High-
way 'JI It barely missed a hoi: e
This is the first crash oi this
type at the jet training l a-
which durin-j th" first quar:er
of this year led Flying Train
Air Force in ai: safety.
Cadet Amberg \vus just com-
pleting a solo navigational flirhv
II was a memb of ela^- *>?>
which commen< >il training in I; ' ■
March He attended Lorn <
iegi in Dub'.nrie. |o\v;i, ef •
leaving school f > woik an>l i '
join the an for-
By T. (¿. Rocket! — Vo. Ag. Teacher
The membership of the C ill
well FFA Chapter expresses its
appreciation to Smith-Seibert
Produce and Sanitary Farm Dai
ties who recently contributed t
the chapter in order that the or-
ganization may furthe develop
its farming project operations.
For many years, the* ■ concerns
have supported the FFA whole
Tixiay and tomorrow (Friday
and Saturday) six Caldwell FFA
members will have their Lone
Star Farmer applications checked
by the Area III Checking Com-
mittee. David Schoeneman, Frank
Chmelar, Franklin Sebesta. Wel-
don Peters, Hubert Bednat; and
Charlie Kovar, Caldwell appli-
cants for this degree, will meet
urith the committee at Blinn Col-
lege in Brenham, so to determine
if they are eligible to advance
their applications to th? State
committee this June.
This is the largest number of
Lona Star Fanner applicants to
apply from Cnldwell and it is an
Indications of the outstanding
production project programs that
are carrying on nt
Ike Tasas FFA An-
sociation selects only two per-
cent of its entire membership to
receive the Lone Star Farmer
David Schoeneman. 1955 Dis
trict Star Farmer, will compete
with three other candidates for
the coveted Area III Star Farm
er award.
Two County Girls
Chosen Dutchesses
For Pageant Show
Miss Marian Simpson of Cald-
well and Miss Benita Novosad of
Snook represented C a 1 d well
High School and the A. A M.
Poultry Science Club at the 21st
annual Cotton Pageant, Style
Show and Ball which was staged
April 2P in the new Rollie
White coliseum on the campus of
A. A M. College.
They were two of the 200 dutch-
esses representing clubs and or-
ganisations throughout Texas and
adjoining states.
Hog Market
By Varna Andreas, Co, Agent
Hoc Market: Tap Cm
Mrs Emms Reid, af Dallas
Manager of the South aad East
Dallas Chamber of Commerce,
will sing several songs at the
snnual Caldwell Chamber of
Commerce banquet which will
be held at Caldwell high school
gymnasium at 7:30 next Thurs-
day evening.
Final Rites For
Vine Marek Are
Held April 22
\ in Mrii'i k. 7s passed away nt
home in Dime !'• x Aprii
aft- ; a liog -ring iM .-ss H u .
>■ rn in Yrovce. Moravia An:.'
J'\ ls7>; vhe: h- lived t '
• '* 1 w >>en a - a y >unu i> >\
cm t • ■Vim t i sv'.tic. On
*■' v- • •' - - l1*'. s i ; h . was r.:a.
! to M ■ Kornelit Blacar an 1
• •• •' ' 'V ' 'i le Box c>mmiini
ty where he had made his hti>.'
for the past 58 years. He was a-
active member of the CMB
Church at Dime Box and contri-
buted *nuch to its growth and for
many years was President of the
Board of Elders. Mr Marek als •
served as President of the Mu-
tual Aid Society of the CMB
Church for 32 years until iil
health forced his retirement. He
was also a member of the SP.IST
Lodge and served this fraterna'
>rder as secretary and president.
Funeral services were held fro n
the new Dime Box ckB Church
April 22 at 3 p. m, with Rev
Albert Michslik and Rev. H. E
Beseda officiating. Burial follow-
ed In the church cemetery.
Surviving are five daughters
Mrs Kornelia Polasek, Mrs Al-
bina Mikulin, Mrs Vincha Juro-
ska, and Mrs Lydia Peters all of
Dime Box, Mrs Millie Mikulin of
Brenham, two sons, Vince Jr,
and Joe of Dime Box, and ten
grandchildren. Mr Marek was
preceded in death by his wife,
July 31, 1950, and one dnughter,
Mrs Julia Proske on February 10,
hogs brought $16.50 per 100 Iba.
There were 162 head sold for
Tueadays hog market: Top fat
haca brought |16.6i par iM Ike.
aoM fee
About 400 Are
Expected Here
For Big Event
Tuesday May 10 is the deadline
on ticket sales for the tenth an-
nual Caldwell Chamber of Com
merce banquet, which will be
held at the CHS gymnasium here
May 12, it was announced by
Mrs Annie Lee Turner, manager.
About 400 Burleson County citi-
zens and visitors from surround-
ing counties are expected for the
event, which features H. T.
Tellepsen, Houston financier and
president of the Tellepsen Con-
struction Co. who will deliver the
main address and one of the fea-
tures of an outstanding program
will be the singing of Mrs Emma
Reid. executive secretary and
manager of the South aiui East
Dallas Chamber of Commerce.
Mrs Reid, a talented singer, was
the first woman to serve as
President of the Chamber of Com-
merce Managers Association of
A delicious meal is planned for
the occasion by Walter Jetton
Catering Se.vice of Ft. Worth
and will be served by their staff
The banquet will start at 7:30
o'clock and tickets are available
through the Caldwell Chamber >f
Commerce for $2.00 each until
the May 10 deadline on sales.
About seventy five invitations
have been sent to prominent folk
out-of-town and Mrs Turner re-
ports that she has received ac-
(Continued on last aag*>
56 Ribbons
Are Presented
At Dairy Show
Burleson County dairy farmers
and young members of various
farm organizations exhibited 56
head of dairy cattle at their 1955
County Dairy Show, sponsored by
the Caldwell Chamber of Com-
merce and the Burleson County
Dairy Association.
The show was held at the Fair
Grounds April 28 and attracted
more than 300 persons, including
dairymen, businessmen, farmers,
ranchers and many others inter
e>sted in the dairy industry. Bar-
be in- was served to approximate-
ly 300 during the noon hour.
Bread was furnished by Mra
Baird's Bakery, soda pop by
Pepsi Cola Bottling Company and
milk and ice cream by Sanitary
Farm Dairies, Inc.
Merchants contributed about
$1 oo to the show for ribbons.
Five rosettes and fifty-five rib-
•o's At . presented to owners if
the animals in various age groups
and classes. Breed champion fi-
níales were shown by three and
received rosettes. H. G. Hughes
(Continued on page fourj
Former Caldwell
Man Passes Away
In Houston Saturday
■ .'ir" ,'i' "•
Funeral services held Sun-
day May 1, at 3 p. m. from
Phillips Luckey Chapel for John
H. Skopek of 4727 Wiley Road,
Houston who passed way at his
residence April 28 at the agt of
67 years.
Mr Skopek, a retired farmer,
was born June 13, 1887 and was
a resident of the Hogg Com-
munity nearly all of his life. He
suffered a stroke about a year
ago and since that time had been
living in Houston. He was a
member of the Baptist Church.
Services were under direction
of Rev. E. D. Hellard of Houston.
Interment was in Maaonlc Ceme-
Surviving are one son. Johnnie
of Bmdley, Illinois, throe step
sons, George Spocek of Led bet
ter. Charlea Spacek o' Houston,
and Willie Spacok of La Porte,
two step-daughtars, Mrs Mary
Smith of Auatin and Mrs James
Millar of U Porte, twenty-three
grand children, three grant-grand-
children, und one slater, Mrs
Aáelph Pnaak of Temple.
Pallbearers wore W. H. Oetf.
fin. a B, Mafbll, " '
M. L. Miller, A. L.
A. T.

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