The Alamo Star (San Antonio, Tex.), Vol. 2, No. 2, Ed. 1 Saturday, September 9, 1854 Page: 3 of 4

Thk B
Hi, *•*. ! Our bott «topped U take in wood, ©a t&e
curloslly t íhean see legons ¡ shore among the crowd, win a KcirtttcViaft, b
ofihcib at any day,, lisping and fn*Hcing aim- j looked remarkable stupid, both hinds J* hfs
'ess throogh éreativh, on táeir patent leather j pockets and hi# under lip hanging down. A
toes, behind ft dicky and moustache, potir, j dandy, just from Vermont ami ripe for a scape
silly creatuVést they eicite my commiseration , lipped nod and wink atl around, savins?:
and I sometimes feci as though i should like "NoW, I'll have some fun: III frighten the
10 take them tip with a pair of sugar tongs, 1 greenhorn." He jumped ashore with a long
By a Baker—The Storm of Liberty—il
rose in the yeast, may it comióme to give its
light until it has leavened the whole world and
prepared fur the fast great baking
—By a Diy QjOvU Merenant—our National
Flag — May we never measure it by yards nor
sell it without a reasonable advance on its first
com. aiding transportation an4 insurance.
spread them out on a ro*e leaf and leed them ¡drawn bowie kuife, brandishing it in the face j By a Primer-Plymouth Rock— The Impos-
wkh a pap spotn. . A pretty bit of live satire of the green 'on, exclaiming - , ing stone. on which the form ot our UbarJe*
f hat bearded woman is, to he sure ! Wonder j "Now I'll punish you—I've been looking &>« . was made up, may it b: a typs of their perp
they don't challenge her, for invading their! you a week" «."V , nut.'.
feminine teriilory, 1 «• h* By alai,or
I meet so many <\f these bear Jed women,
that it in perfect relief to me ta see A broad
shouldered, full chested Anakim o¿ a Vermon-
pot his hands In his poeketslnd loaol.ed about.
"Maybe^1 said he, "there's somebody else here
that hasten looking for me a week." But
there wasn't
The Vernjonter has since gonat/Texn*.
The fellow kiaM fly at the assailant,
he eV^ÜMlr^Ki tobe seared,
but as bowi«MÉÍl áNtie-nettr his face one
ofhisfcége fist* suddenly treated his pocket,
ter, withNl fist like a sledge hammer, a voicc : und *<dl hard aiut heavy between the dandy *
likoMar* and a, stride like Hercules. I can ! *** > 5 mi the poor fellow hrd* floundering in
get {> something akin to respect for such an the (.Mito. Kcntuck jumped on hoard our boat,
embodiment oi^kijScnlinitj *K but these be-wis-
k^red, ^e scented, He-era vetted, be-jesveled, b¿-
<e vat I asilujtty-despised Lillipption Gaudies —
these bearded women—Betty! tlu'ow op the
wjiadow and loosen tQf bcftífl^e-Nl'ut^ifBt.
.i. ■ „ ... — -
Ouoosih) ' ScBiffK,—'Whüo*m tfay home
the other evening, we were startled by a satind
that emenaud from a German grogshop not far
distant, hurrying to the place we there witness-
ed a scene common to grogshops. Two meft
were seeing, one of them apparer^ly sol*r
who vas the ownejr^lJi^- <^ttbtli*hmei t, the
either beastly <iruúw%í|k beiúf handled pr tty
roughly by his aatafoaist when a third one
jumpiug np from atable near by parted them,
after which there was some pretty loud Wj
But amidst all thh confusion we hearrl some
one singing, and on h okh g round Saw an old
No proof of Temperance—a «Tan with, his
hat oil", at midnight, explaining to a lamp post
the political principles of his party.
A lctnonless Irishman was observed one ev-
ening slicing a potatoe Hito bis hot whiskey
toddy. "Why, what are you abii^V* Inquired
Charley.* "It's punch I'm iijakinjjl"
The American Union—Bui ton.
ed tip by the patriotism of our anoesters : M iy
its needle of virtuous indignation prick the
goose that attempts to rip it asunder.
By a Miller — The Mayilower—Ground
from the grist of oppression it turned oat n
By a Banker—'The pilgria Stock—Abov
par in everv Mirket.
■■■■-■■ 'I *MI« II twill ill'1'"
"I don't believe it ** any use t# va crin ata. fóf
small pox," said * bade *oods Kentnetóan,
"for I had a child vaccinated, and lie fejf*1
of a window and was kilted, Sit less thai
week alter."
"Mr. Jones, will you take
coflce J tr JT **•
"No, I thank you, I prefer my Writer t
Mr. Jones lived at a twenty *blf
Soon aftí'r the A*. ¡can war, an American
captain and an Englishman met ia Venice, at j
er, i Yuuare an A me r kan, sirl'' said j...
the Englishman. "J reckon 1 am," returned,
the captain. "You have the name of being j
man setting in a corner, «inging'away perfectly j great warriefs," " Ycst" said the yankes, "*e !
unconcerned. We left, amused at the sceue we shoot pretty well." "But ho wis it you were
so anxious to makepeace with Mexico I This
"You are
"Sonny, can you speil 1"
"Yeth, thir.'*
"Well, 111 me h e a r y o u,M
"Mo las st s—Molasset,'1
' Well, go on."
"Pleathe, thjr, I ean't ¡ I always 'atie
come to molasses.'* *
"Caí! the next boy" ^
Jkad jusiwitnessf d.
r- tWu Truth." the correspondent of the Repor-
ter, has been caught trying to pump Home in-
formation out o ('our devil concerning the feet
and Hand* that were found in our off*# ; he i
not quite sure that he t««Flhe truth in hi«« rom
munication to the " Reponer." Ws do nol
wilti to say anything againsl the gentleffl^
| t#f would s|i^É|^ntitnatf that'frwíA is strati
jger than :-K
Why are men of enterprise like emetics
cause you can't keep them down. The young ]
n who got this «ot, was Tast seen on Taes
evening. As he was going towards the
new bridge and had a bar of soap in his hand,
his friends &ur_ he stabbed himself and after
:r wards thrcW his U>4y overboard.
Mess. Editors allow me to correct an enor-
mous mistake ««ieh has a pea red fn*your Last
issue, it was tHnt the fashion was to wear
♦ ftoorowed Watches With Buckskin Guard ."
iya not Buckskin but it is a grJNk rope and il
donot Bel lye (t as Soon as my partner old
Big loot, come Back t can produce the article
in dispute
It wooddo weft to Sttte that 1 suppose Big
ibothaa goqt aeourting a>4>e took the tmtdr
with him
to all tile jrouag Ladles
Bespt. wry
yoar aao**< U.Ser vt
(tfct iiOiintlli |Oupg Mao]
ger, I'll just te 11 you one thing ^4'il4#e d—d if
we offered to make p/hce with you !"
' « '• '••'V ' I III |IH i1 -J. r.Ml .-. -f
Many a teudef:'Sirís broken,
Many a gentle heart diMrcst,
By a careless Silence spoken,
Bpoken only as a jest
PA&n you not alarmed at the approach,uf the
King oi Terrors T" said a minister to h sick
man. "Oh, no' I been living six and thirty
yeah with the ot "Ten ors—the King
*. anu« I be much worse!'
I be lollopii^jiijNfre In old tim *s considered
direuiions f^r buytng a horse : "
*mn' ^u>' Mw.
""" I^WPp^S|>t tl, try hiift
If fhlcc white feet, deny him.
If four white feet and a white oofre,
Takeoff ftliHaiinéglvc It ti the erows,
Do you keep match' *^M a* § wag of a
don't look murh like spunk.'* "You are an ! tailer. "Yes, all kinds," was the reply. "Wétí,
EngHshttian VMnterogatedthe Yankee, " Yes-", then, I'll take a trotting match." He was hand-
"Well," said the Yankee T** I don't know J^hat ■ ed a box of Dr. Brandrvtb'a Pills,
our folks offemi to do with Mexico ; but sfr¿n- , . t . .
Ma, has your tongue gal legs 1 '
"Got what, ehik\ V
*%iJ5* t legs, mi."
'•No—but what made you ask that foe'
"O, nothing, only I heard pa say your?
was running iroru moridifg"till night."
vmh' • . ■ .... .. , . ^ ^ lym ipi ^pp
"I meant to have toKI you of that hole," said
a man to his who had-stumbled into a
pit ot water. "No mailer, now," said the oth-
er, "I have found it,"
nr We learn thai (ico. P I'inlay of th3 Reg
istcr, Port Lavaca, shot Chas. H. Jtwdau ac
• i
wns ioti to tchant of that place,
—A person arguing "merely
I neon
ToeTfcTf tía
T7 andToosTngnKm temper be
cause be gets the worst ol the argument
Pac Society Mt bmtUac'univeraal biuth-
crliooj, ind Inda^laclll iititoiMerx lM(t>a(c.
tMt la imm Uk##S«| «•« tovkckoitlw
peace *[. „ . v. v:
IIT Oen. Concha, the murderer of Qctoxm-
; den and hi > Ifftive conn ads, has btscn rc-appoin*
ted Oaptafu 0C4ieral of Cuba. I -
There were twenty deaths froin yoHow fever
inSavana rjtfcpitite^h Augiia Thedis
eut iti
arcoeful manners art the cqéiwjH form
reflnemei^ IuUm aiiémd good alRietioua tn
*"*> -4i.' i «mm '
bMh," «Ik* firltow vhea Im waakkM
oat oí dooft
- "T'-m
:jfe .

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