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yxjg MKXiUAN national
fMatamoros Division)
On tod after Monday, March 23 J,
1885, IttfaM trill ran m fallows*
A sUiporoe
Brownsville Locals.
J «0 a. 1)9

0:42 <•
10:18 "
J0.^4 "
11:27 •«
12M "
*2:12 "
1:1 j "
1:42 "
2:27 p.m.
2:42 ••
3:00 •'
1'veflfeMetoa, err'*
- Roeitá. "
'' Eaeoedido,
" Capote. "
" kmwntda, '•
" La Mttnii. "
" Elian , "
" Rayucm. "
'• AlifuIduilS. "
" Rtfynowa Vifjo "
'• Las Prietas, "
4rV Sun Miguel, I've
5:90 p. m.
4:30 f
4:18 "
3:42 •'
3:06 "
2:33 ••
1:18 «
1:06 "
12:45 "
12:18 "
11:83 u. m.
11:18 "
11:00 "
TrnioB up tbo road from Mata no
ros to Sad Miguel wilt leave Mon-
days, Wednesdays and Fridays.
Trains down tha road from Sun
Miguel to Matamoros will leave
Tuesdays, Thursdays und Saturdays
W. W. Maybkkiit.
Asb'I Supt.
As this is the birthday of Prof.
Engster ho will give a birthday
party to his scholars. The ladies
will bu admitted tree, Gentlemen
not (scholars 50 cts. each. Dancing
will commence at 7 p* W.
The rivor is ov«r 18 fleet above
low water mark, aftd is on a level
with the bank at ¿Santa Cruz. Along
the lowlands a great deal or fine
standing corn is flooded, which
may be ruined. A fall of 7 feet is
however reported nt Edinburg, arid
if the flooded crops do not stay too
long under water tliev may not be
O •' v
materially damaged.
morning filled
A magnificent electric light tow-
er, 156 feet high, was inaugurated
rtt Vera Cruz, today.
The rain of thi
all the cisterns, and gave the corn
on the highlands plenty of moisture.
With no more rain,and a low river,
a big crop is assured in this valley
this year.
The Harris is duo oft' Brazos this
It is rumored that there is to be
a chantre in the management of
n O
the telephone exchange.
An ankle corset for the roller-1
skate¿¡aloonatics is the latest inven- ^Ie ^«smoimmtanCollector-.will
£jon_ ~ t look up folks at .Point. Isabel afooht'
li this «retiuli. Kor in;-tunco, ,«o-' lvlilil"'' ,0 PJ«. >'. 4,1
'Ic wiH puv moro to 11 weekly tlmn caution 1 ^
Combinations discloses some, tun-
ny filings in the newspaper business ;
pie will j
a daily for their advertisements,
and yet, when that weekly com-
bines with the daily, though it bus
exactly the same subscribers and
circulation as before, they won't ad-
next Sunday.
■t <
noon salute in Matamoros
i e
Sevv York, it appears that there
are 14,UT newspapers and period-
icals published in the Ignited States
and Canada; of these the I'nited
States has 12.U73, an average of one
paper for every a,SOT persons. In
1884 the total number of newspapers
was less by .823 than at present,
and while the gain this year is not
so marked as in some previous
years, it is still considerable. Kan-
sas shows the greatest increase, the
the number being 7S, while Illinois
follows with a gain ot 77. It is
curious to notice that ^New \ ork,
the scene of so much political ac-
tivity during the last campaign,
should have one-third as many new
papers as the state of Pennsylvania.
As an index to the comparative
growth and prosperty ot different
sections of the country, especially
the Territories, the number of new
papers forms an interesting study,
and may well occupy the attention
of the curiou?.
Matamoros Locals.
The Autufiano will touch at
Bagdad on the 9th on her last trip
down the coast. Gem.Peña, C'olo-
nels yilfqsfl&al.Áti'd' GéÍJfcCfcl.'§M the
other pa^aeng«rs* w$I .embark on
ican fias was also displayed todav.
as a mark of friendly respect, on the
garrison flag staff.
Pancho Alvarez died in this city
today. Two other deaths are report-
vertise in it at all. Now ain't that j ed, those of S'rs. Ramon Garcia, at
a curious condition ot affairs? j 15 mile lake above town, and of
Carlos Monette.
The temperature today did not
rise above S-i.
The question of tlie uuy. " Has
war been declared between England
and Russia?
Today Judge IIune lined George
Henry a dollar and costs, for going
to the house of Augusta Henderson,
calling her out, and beating her up
pretty Lad y. All the parties are
A couple of nights ago a fellow
(Special to The Cosmopolitan)
Hio Grande City, May 5—Judge
MuCampbell and Dr. Macmanus
arrived from Brownsville this
morning and will leave for Corpus
this evening.
The railroad between Laredo and
Peña was so badly washed by the j named Julian Luna, enticed a for-
ptorm Saturday evening, that trains! mcr mistress of his, named Refugio
can not run, :md no mail has arriv- J Hodriguez, to a retired spot .near
ed from the north since Friday—I the grave yard, and there, instead
mail trotn Corpus is on time. jof giving her a kiss, administered
1 lie river is rising slowly, on ac- J a uiost unmerciful beating. It is to
n.m-.t of heavy rains voiteidny a.ul i ho rOTro<l th,lt thc eom|,ativc Llma
.h« mominir. Tlmt part of ti wi]| filU ¡,ftu ,lie dutches of the
crops iu the low lands south of Rio
Grande City, have been destroyed
by the river rising over the banks,
several unsuccessful efforts were
made to drain the water off' and it
U feared that the corn crop will be.
a failure.
Dr, Robertson, U. 8. A., will
leave Fort Ringgold as soon as the
railroads are in running order, on
two months leave of absence,
Edinburg, May 5—The district
court convened here todav.
At Sail Luis Potosí Jorge l'ima,
a protestant minister, abjured his
religion, all for the love of Maria
Gedovins, who would marry only a
Roman Catholic.
At Frontera, Tobasco, Srta, Man-
uela tfellioia, poisoned herself. She
was but 10 years old and the cause
was that her mother reproved her.
In the capital, Juana Dorautis,
tried a dagger its a euro for heart
Hclic. on account of her lover hav.
Jug abandoned her. I>nt the wen

prnmptiy i,
Flags were displayed oq Mexi-
can consulate and custom house to*
A savage horse nearly kicked
two small but active young citizens
to fragments last evening, and
would have succeeded had not one
hid in the feed box, whilo the other
took refuge on the roof. #
My experience with Holmes'
Mouth Wash has been so satisfac-
tory that I can endorse it for the
purposes for which it is recom-
AV. C. Wardlaw, D. D. S.
Augusta Ga.
People generally, and even those
who may be termed steady readers
and close observers, have but a
iaint conception of the magnitude
and influence the press of this coun-
try has attained. From a careful
examination of the advance pages
■n missed itsaim, and Juana was ('1C> 1 «-i«litiim of the American
I <vl the w|sh f.>,y j ^'H'1!'0'' ''iivclnry, ¡«sued-May
-t. by (x<>. 1'
i\< well vv (
All the flags were displayed on
the public buildings this morning,
and the U.S. consulate, in honor of
the anniversary of the great Mexi-
can victory at Puebla. At dawn,
the day was ushered in by the
thunder of artillery and the music
of the bands. During the day the
troons paraded and also the various
1 •
benevolent, societies turned out. The
soldiers made an admirable dis-
play, reflecting great credit ou the
officers commanding. The socie-
ties also looked well. In the after-
noon there was speechmaking on
the plaza. This evening there will
be a grand display of fireworks and
a concert at the plaza de Hidalgo,
besides the attractions at the fair.
The chamber of Commerce held
a meeting last night, to take action
on the question of the return of the

which heretofor have been re-
turned by the officials, but a recent
order requires them to be produc-
ed by the merchants. The cham-
ber appointed a committee ot seven
merchants, to wait ou the collector
of customs and request him to sus
pend action, until the secretary of
the treasury could be communicated
or four candy , and fruit stalk and
an, assortment, of all the way from
six to a dozen tables for the sale of
coffee, etc., make up its entirety.
Every evening there is a respect-
able crowd present, but there does
not appear to be much money
One of Commissioners Ham's
adventures at New Orleans is
related by him as follows:
UA little thing that made a
great impression on me when
X was a hid was an advertise-
ment in rhyme, printed in the
Maine Farmer, when it was
published at Winthrop by l)r.
Holmes. It ran as follows:
••I y."a Whit man tn his friends,
This humble notice, greoting sends."
"That couplet has come to
me a hundred times in the
course of my life, With Mr.
Whitman I was not acquaint-
ed, and it was such a simple
thing that I don't see how it
became so lixed in my memo-
ry. One February day,, at
New Orleans,0 • white iny
>t1io lights'were far away from
Winthrop, a-fine looking el-
derly looking gentleman, ap
parent!}' about 75 years of
age, came into the Maine
" 'Are you from Maine?' I
asked, as I asked scores of
" 'I am. My name is Whit-
man,' he replied.
" 'in what part of Maine do
you liveV'
" 'Winthrop."
"'Mr, Whitman,' I said,
'do you remember a rhyme
like this:
"Ezra Whitman to his friend1 ,
This humble notice, greeting sends?'
" i guess I do; I wrote it,'
said lie.
" 'Well, how long ago was
that printed^'
" 'Fifty two years.' said he,
after thinking an instant.
" 'Pretty good advertisement
to last all that time, wasn't
Prof. C. J. Ei
I Aei
N-ixt door to the 0P
Lessons from Tueed
to Jane 5tb, 1885.
All thooow^d
taught. 1
1 liuiuUy.—Uhilii,i,u
p. ra. Ladies 9 to 11.
lor gsptlenian.
p. m. Rehearsal for \
i to 11. ' •
FridayH~.p,uty ni#hJ
and all Indies free.
scholars, 50 conlg each.
For tortus address.
Prop. CHAS. J. £|
^ P. 0. Box!
R. U. Rkntkko,
Yesterday there were two deaths
in town, Concepción Barron, aged
7 months, of inanition and fcjra.
Valentina Quintero, aged 30, of
\ esterday the police arrested,
Serapio Molino, for striking Maria
Dolores Machado; Florencio her-
ma, for hitting Genaro Narraroba
on the head ; Timoteo Trujillo and
Escquiel Rojas, drunk and carrying
pistole, Antonio Benitez, drunk
and disorderly, and Timoteo Ler-
nia and Aurelo Muñoz, drunk and
down. Beside these a woman,
named Secundina Gonzales,for cut-
ting another,named Dionieia Bucn-
o., <l|
The fair is not as robust as usual]
lhree roulette tables, two monte
gaines, half dozen chucks-luck
boxes, a pair, of sweat-boxes, three
keno lotteries for the dissemination
ol'cheap crockery, a merry-go-round,
jlHilf a dozen bars and fondas, three
A cross-walk—the walk ta-
kon by jealous lovers.—Chica-
go Sun.
A cross walk—the walk ta-
ken byT a stepmother. ,,
The public is hereby warned
against a bar room bummer named
William More, he will cheat a dead
negro ont of his eyes ; if he is al.
lowed so to do. Look out for him
Adolpiius Glaeveoke.
Piano Recital
Prof. R. KIERS,
Assisted by the Pest Amateurs
On Wednesday Evening May 6th
Opera House,.
Seats can be Reserved at
Practice in all ¡State
Courts. Will inieatig
lands, pay taxes, em)
Pena, Rie~Gru
Express Coi
Leave Peña on
Mexican Raij
And comfortable 2
cord hacks on i
Wednesdays and Frit
turning from liio Grl
alternate days, «¡«j
connections with M. (fcj
for Matamoros and Br
' JAS. J. Ntf
Elisabeth sti
Brownsville .
First class g<
the very lowest
for cash-
x- 4'->'

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