The Tyler Daily Courier-Times. (Tyler, Tex.), Vol. 21, No. 94, Ed. 1 Saturday, December 21, 1918 Page: 2 of 8

and Club Notes
TELEPHONE—Day. SI; Night, 1057.
• V .
her Christmas shopping.
.-. U- .
Ta*- >.*; i- -r. ':■*
i y« ■..«
Kjr r ■.« i* ■ ¿
*(n*i r:r.g tt.s
J*. .«.? "tí .* t""*
a.*. .«as* *S' r-«e miff - 'ft *t **•
7- - ««B'4 • a* ie < -l
7 • 7 r'i'.t "*.vn £ íí'ír'í t.he ítíéí'.t
f? * - r ''V l* M\<i?
Tl *
Ci rrt: .3* *! ;■<* that ijvw'. Use
•: •..•.• f *
--- "i?jí « firi'i-fi,
r i-'i i • : * 5ü
i- • y she «« ■ t'" ■
7- . ■ i- •.« f win- f>.
*£ ti.;-. I
&;■ •..: i : • %s*s: ¿t t£" 'f ' ■ >«i
B-tsi.l* - *.:- ' • «•*« C. •
uifí'í- 1
Ar. i > - :* sa*£« ocje
Yo.-, rtsiruf Moca i*-., ares Tb -J" i*
A.-.4 not a sin.. t: .r.«r -< .r: a: v.-
atar —
But she sbo J * o rry Th<-.-« L«
tim'- to «bop
'Till mldnlgh- ' rer rw«®:y-
* * ♦
A Jolly good time for • • <•.->• -j* pr- --
ent wan the ©rd~r of th* d*:i¿" •'jl
dance party given by Mr. Ho* i-d
Hill, at Woodman Hall or. Th-r^Uy
dr-n a- tfc* y .-• • a- - ha i
A' the c.r.'■: Mslon sc.-hoc-1 wü di3-
rr. ¡tfcfrd for the holiday .i -a-or.
* * #
Th- Jojo. F< mrm- • -id ' •'
n ¡al Chri*t:r..i.s tre.- at - r-■
■ ' Mr- Euger.e Finle-. T.
r..'i!!ir 1h-cerr.>-r 17th. '"or":
us lúi custom, trie mem'- r-
«'i-i.' invited 4rje*tH. The
bcAutifully lighted. decorate
>>,i'ied v ••
■llftrr: .'.•. t. of the l-.--er.t-
''l iu tile .u- *i reé-;ir^: «
'.K toom. tth-r- refrt—hri.
t< M r ÍV •■'•
::. It* > r. : - Sir- am-
Í f ' ■■'■ the . • •
: dji 0'- ' tal'ie •* hi
•i phiw.
M - m :i.d ¿Ir-
* ' • * *
05wag ty
- 1 Mrs. u, -v
A . w- ib'.- : ■* r ■
üp S: an-: t> 1- •
* * *
With ho'idiy de. ration ' if hcT.y
wreath.® tr. i evergreens ga:ore. the
PWaciH' w. i in festive Fri-
day afterrif-in, when Mrn. I. I.
SOC £"
••• .</W «•(•-
::j. -/
\. 1 \'.vn
\ <ht
v\« t\>
K v'
He cou!dn*t control his
ttmptr nor his tongue.
J . *4 # / > /,f
For The
of the
--day eve-
¿. 4 . ,
.«vifiTi/ )>f
-.1 V • '
■¡ry to the
r T*ZS.
i. ut v cv y>
M. 11 ¡
1, , *• !,. ' 1 .
■ h.-in'.#,
5 yr.
t t •
*. re*- * .vs
♦ ♦

*.*. • tin.
. f • «
/i * V.
'Í ,VTX3
■"h.r i.
> , if f )tr 'jr/.
«/ / V
, ,N •
• . h /.!>, /
íts. After
Í*. >?|J J if 1>>W.
' %í' T u t^i
r )t*u*
X ? -4,k49i •«
x. '
> . r. *"
:t> f: •
f-r « j ; tic
•-mi AnlUn
• *
• • . —
■a. - •
♦ MftfW .'Ml
t>:/l|f.4 vl.-l
w,v .
• r.*.! v. - . ^
. . * T
■. — 4 J •
i v ;4n,H
!• V
11 !. X M
\ " 1 cl-hli;, V
v Vi
rs o:
wa -
M ...
\t •
er.Usitaine.j mem he ra at f
F. st Fr*:- «rer-t. with
evening. About twenty-ft*e '■ **
r home on
U«* .iii i -i regular holiday f. >:;\al
Old Sant.i wa- th-re in all V - iflorv
lad «a* i .lite liberal on th:.- c ca-
h. n. presented as many as a
.'•Z'*n pr->ents ail dainty and useful
to each member.
Mrs. T. N. f'orl>-tt played the ¡art
of Kanta Ciaus and her imi rsuna-
t n wa- Indeed, very clever.
Vis.tor were Mmes. l^iura Kidd.
Siigeie Edwards. Tom Kidd. T. A. Cor-
Í ty :i and iliw- Stella Weeks.
A3 Or.:.:
Ma.-y 7
■ —. Sun >. Km ^
*•' ' 'f'f, >\i / n *' " 1
? i í \ il th, hniv , -,
"! r*, 11141.'• %, y¡' -
i.lK. / h" vn I, "*S,,
♦ ^ +
: ir* (MU IP:l. 4l «ti
a'U'. /
! < hnrrw / rt h< \!
i.iit vil ''fnf fin^'uii
' t«"-f tiv* I 1 /h.
♦ ♦ ♦
% "i.*r ji.'i' T / •
l- "i . i.TU tiivf A ? *
- " 7 r;:- * >• vt i.
]'/.í "* n
Vil V4ti*
• I'*--
♦ *
\ 1
.In «I Mi
>'.* *'
♦ *
V ^
; V' -S.
\!.v. V*|,,
hi lwtm
. ♦ 1 • 1 . "
"Mu 1 un'
• ; v
njiuil' rij.
" That Devil, Bateese"
See Him Ui the person of that Wizard of the Screen—
Monroe Salisbury
Ritistte Latour was a devil-may-care sort of fellow, his only fault be-
in*; liuk of control of Ills temper. TJiul'.s why they called him "That
V v i Ilrttei's-i'"—and maybe that's why lie blazed a trail right into
art of a Montreal society Kirl who had kone to the great North-
Wii-t to forget a mistafce in love. Bui the trail was beset with diffi-
ctut.ta: oh. yes, indeed.
* + *
•l'". UV'.'t'V,
• •.l .iy. iiftor
Mvs. 1-
of >4s Tom
.'V\ l't SÍ'- IS
.1 so v o re M-
¿4iiuiuiiMiirriiii;i!irwi. w«-!;^ii!iniwi<n!iiiiOTifiii!ni]wu!iniiiiTiiiinHiiiiniiniiMBniiiiiMii |
Dress Now Claims All
A ttention
N.-w York. De . 21.—Nc-.v the'ftvt. Tailored suits were prominent,
¡ iliw Weeks contributed quite a num
enjoyed the excellent program. tlM ^ of plitno t0 the pleasures ¡ war is over and our men Will ■« com-¡and many fur coats of nutria, squirrel,
Hats were
dances be.lng played by Mr. Hill.
* * *
"At Chriatmaa-tidc the open hand
of the afternoon.
insr hack w. must take on a very gay muskrat were in evidence.
done on the battlefiedls "over there."
Sandwiches, frozen pudding, choco-
i 3d caiwÉ^ made the delicious mepu
*«. daintily served to the fol-
lo*.*.? membra and Ku-«ts: Mmes. f>)ur mood is reflected in our dresa At
Scatter It* beauty o'er se-i ; A land y,- A Kidd W. H Key, L. Self, O. this early instant the change Is al-
And none are left to grieve aiote, I r c Hudson, J 1'. Etetea. • ready noticed. tCbmen are buying
For love Is heaver, ir.d in..- • j. r j. .. . . w. H. Crawford, D. M. more and in every way they are trying
In thin Hjiirit Mr- Io om .. t_ j, Kidd. to look their best for the returning
primary supervino:, asked r.:.e teach- | 7 .. _ J> voted to send flowers to soldiers.
«•rs of that division 'o f a.i). ,';er y:/. jj Carrlnston, a mernl>er who ¡
Saturday evening, l <-m^r four- . . Ki. ij;tuifhlers- Hospital
aspect a happy air. and make ihem! .small and tailored. The popularity
f«ei vhat we appreciate wftt tTft^Ékve. of low-heeled tan shoes and spats was
teenth, at Mrs. H. H C ii' t *.
A hearty resjionne wa.- • -<i by
the attendance and good The
decoration of holiday seas' r, "X>r,
changed the thoughts fror-i r.'xA
Tabled were arranged lor f rty-two
and the game progressed mo1-*, en-
thusiastically. At the con'-'usi'.r. de-
licious c ake and chocolate w« ri h'-rved.
Appetites are whetted ^'y menial
diversions, so the hoat'-ss v.,-is moat
charming in evoking rnu< h alertness
and laughter from the j' • ' irii,'
The personnel of the p,-ift.y was:
Misses Settle, Baily, l iwler. ¡"utch,
Sessions, Boyette, Perry,; ,./n, 'Jiigs
by, Watklns, Hiñes, r;ian«, riilmore,
Whltaker and Mesriame:- I-tot'i rs, Hob-
crtson, .Iones Miller t.'ok> 1 an: liana*
* * *
Marsh School te.-u h' rs and pupila
were imbued with the t'liristmai sjilrit
as was evidenced by the |. 1«1;: 1 ;iIri ;:iven
by the di'iiarttnental n.nifsi
1. ('horuw- Seventh (trade.
a The of Bethlehem.
b Noel.
'' 2. Original Composition
wi ll clio en.
John Murk, Lionel M
y. Itea<llrn- \ ('hrlstmas 1.1 Iter
I'reeda Mluckwell.
4. ChristmaH Story
Robert Templeton.
5. Address "l>n. Customs and Man-
ners of the French "'hildren."
Mr. i'.tt H, Healed.
6. Heading ".Inst Before ('hrlstmaa..
Muiiy Hutler.
7. Pin no 801%
Mabel Lee l«iwi>'iue.
8. Billy's Christmas
Mnrjorle Barton.
9. Folk Cnrm , ...Seventh Ortidr Olrls
in, Bending Mary O'Conner.
11. The <>1(1, • >lil Story,.. -Fíit|j (irade
12. A Hream Mildred Bealrd
Too hiuch praise could not be given
the children for their most splendid
rendition of each number. The vis-
itors were especially attracted by th«
decoration of the auditorium, the work
cof tb« Imvs and girls. Cj
nofH,school and visitors were very
fortunate to hear the well dellvemA
QS^eeh by our returned soldier, ¿fir.
Pat Tlealrd. Through personal con-
tact he ably depicted the French chll-lof $ami
00 o _ Ir5
Mrs Sejf w.:i entertain at the next
- g. or. January l?th.
* * *
Tv. Tyler Commercial College stu- very pleasantly enter-
• i.r.e.; :i\ the college auditorium Thurs-
day evening the occasion being a con-
ert given in honor of the students
■a ho are on the • n t,f departure fot
their h irnes to sjiend tin holidays.
Th" affa:r was under the able direc- I
tion of Mrs Ixiuis I/nrst, and the sfden
1 ■'! program rendered proved t' be one
of the most enjoyable musical events
of th" season.
Th" program opened with "America."
sung in chorus. Miss Gladys Ardis
>'aw- a tending, which was entail-Ins-
ti' d!y reei jved. Mrs. Thos. Hall, ren-
dered a very pleasing violin solo.
Mi ■••is Variria Oarnett and Virginia
Mmmbrl'-k, delighted rill with a violin
Miss Nanrili 1 light *-ing most b"hU1 i
folly, < did M mi 1. Durst and Anna
l./'ii Vbheelei ip, !'. > r< : 'lit inn of a
'"•htirming duet number.
.1 •.* to the \\iti!d, The l.ord Is Come'
'iir- in Concert, madi .1 happy endiru
to the rnu'dcal delights of the evening.
.lust l.efol I till e|
C. K, Snowdi i; : iv
Krimmer Claims Notice.
For many years this fur has remain-
ed in seclusion and very little of it. was
used. But thi.- season sees it brought
into prominence by one of New York's
leading houses. It appears on a suit
of dark blue duvetyn and makes a
tight collin- around the neck and long
tabs down the front. The mandarin
sleeves are finished with heavy bands
that give a touch of richness and dis-
tinction to the creation. It Is particular
ly attractive fur, but it is to be worn
by youth and, 1 think it safe to say,
by youth alone.
V\ in Effect.
Th■ .1; h the purchases are more plonti
ml the taste remains fur m lict colors
number liev. ,ai,d simple lines. This may he uttrib-
talk in word uied t0 the fact that Atiieiir.n Women
wishing for each and all more conservative by nature than
' fl M. rry Christmas and a Hap- tip I 'n-ivli women. For new nay col-
w ^ ear. ki . ar. appearing in Paris, The boule-
* * * l ira pleasing riot of color; ana
AT THE FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH, ¡h.n indeed * reflected the positive
Miss Sadie Haffcrty will sing at th
SundiN school hour for the Men' Bi-
ble Class at First Baptist church.
Tliln pleasing number will hp fol-
lowed by n violin duet, given by Misses
Varina flarnett nnd Virginia Hambrlr.k.
At the «iIi Aen o'clock services Christ-
mas Anthems will he sting In chorus,
followed by „ violin solo by Mrs. Thos.
Hall nnd a song duet by Mrs. Durst
and Mini* Sadie Hafferty.
At tl f evening services, Mrs. Wm.
Spink will contribute to the musical
program a beautiful song solo.
Kv e ry 1 >od y wo! c r me.
♦ #
Mrs. Ton^^ r.ny w„„ hostess to her
brldite club oh; Wednesday evening of
this weeii, at a very delightful series
° %
1 «•
<5^=300 O
ie 1 joy thru is in the hearts Of al
Satin and Velvet Dresses.
The Horse Show always gives the. op-
portunity of bringing out the advanced
fashions.; This year many new and un-
usual designs were seen. The most
dominant feature of the general a pear-
¡mee of all was that each Individual
wax dressed according to her personal"
Ity. For many years designers have
tried to persuade American women to
use discretion In the selection of
clothes that are becoming to them, not
to wear something merely because tt
Is the style. At last their Influence
has been felt and we have the pleasing
remtlt that each ope looks her best.
(One ^harming Jdmniif\person wore a
«mart black velvgl Ofess cut square «I
Come Along and See
- ..;¡
tack of influenza. She has been ill
for several weeks at a hospital in
Denver, Colo.
* * *
Miss Ethel Finks left today for Mar-
tin, where she will spend the holidays
with relatives.
* * *
Mrs. Li. D. Carrington is reported do-
ing nicely, after undergoing an oper-
ation at King's Daughters' Hospital
The crown of pride, the drunken-
ness of Ephriam, shall be trodden un-
der feet.—Isaiah, xxvil, S.
Holiday Travel
Is Very Heavy
Holiday travel is on In fine style.
Every train in and out of Tyler is
crowded to the limit. It is necessary
for the southbound Cotton Belt day
train to put on an extra coach here
and other trains need additional coach-
es to accommodate the heavy travel.
There is no telling how heavy the
travel would be if the usual holiday
rates were in effect, such as prevailed
before the war.
Mazda Lamps at Starley's.
Great Big
For your Christmas Dinner. They
have just come in from New
York and are the finest in Tyler
Price 2 quarts for 45 cents.
Sam V.
fl w
,V«*oe m****^HAnH
TOA O t v ^ M A R i
O MOCall
All Charm and Satin.
Leonard skin and natural muskrat
are worn extensively now for street
wear. Th Hi' utility and service hrtve
proven their worth. This was one of
the things that the taught us ail-
So they arc recognized and appreciated
for their value In keeping the body
warm on A crisp day.
Soutache Braid on Satin,
One of the dresses shown here is a
simple fascinating little thing devel-
oped In satin and the collar of pleated
Georgette in a contrasting color. What
a dainty finish Is the ribbon at the
waistline, and the saucy bow at the
left side! The other 1 a (Combination
of serge and satin vhlch Is quite suit-
able for afternoon wear. Rather medie-
val :n style and depending on the long
row of buttons down the side as its
At The
Just Look At the Program
For Next Week
Home talent Vaudeville and Win-
some Ethel Clayton, in the Paramount
Picture mignificent "The Girl Who
Came Back, with Elliott Dexter and
Theodore Roberts.
Tom Moore, Everybody's favorite, in
"Thirty a Week" a big Goldwyn fea-
Christmas Day
Marguerite Clark, the Screen's pret-
tiest and daintiest Queen, in "Out of
a Clear Sky." Big Paramount offer-
Pretty Shirley Mason and Ernest
Tru'x, in the Famous Players-Para-
mount picture "Come On In."
The Great Gaumont Serial *The
Hand cf Vengeance", and a variety of
subjects that is sure to please-
TIl,t Pr'W of actors, Montagu
the necl^and a smart little(%iue. The sole trimming, It holds one's attention I
whole gave a charming Victorian eftlind wins high f* or.
' * Love, in the extraordinary World-Pic- •£'
*turco offering, "The Grouch."

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