The Belton Independent. (Belton, Tex.), Vol. 3, No. 9, Ed. 1 Saturday, July 3, 1858 Page: 3 of 4

A I<Ner {torn Jerusalem to the
Ut nit,i¿tBc Fori* Universe if$u¿
Numerous oeravans of Ofa " "
pilgrims front; different parta
rope and tho Ottoman: Kmplr
-arrived here, and tho Oreóle,
nlan, Copt, and Latin convents are so
crowded as. to bo unable to afford
"accommodation at all. Crowds of
people throng the eaiictuar
iroii morning .till, night, aw the
'Church of; tito Holy Sepulchre is
never .empty.1 Tho number of for-
•cigiiers here in estimated at from
15,000 to 18,000; On the 19th of
last month, a caravan of 28 pil-
grims arrived from France, and af-
ter being welcomed by tho Latin
patriarch, obtained cordial hospitali-
ty from tho Franciscan monks. A
week after a German caravan arri-
ved, consisting of thirteen laymen
and eight priests. Ono of theso
last js< tho Canon Strauss, president
of the society of the Holy Sepulchre
of Cologne, which raiflea'gsubscrip-
tions for jiromoting CathWcism iu
.the Holy Land. Up to .thin day th©
services at the Holy Sepulchre have
passed off without disturbance be-
tween the Greeks and Catholics.
■* •# i-
CoxKSQft$Hr tottie Resccip.^—Har-
ían Hyde, of Greenville, part of
Norwich, lost his third-wife one year
ago. About a week since, he Went
to thg'cqiiieiry, dog open the gra ve,
opened the collin and took out—
what?—-áxt of false teeth; far the soke
of iSi goht fiatet Hyde "confesses,'"
and justifies himself. Ho is about
fifty years of age, a house carpen-
ter by: trade, in comfortable circum-
stances, and a member of a Christian
church. It is currently reported that
he tried to get the teeth out as she
Instadilihis house before the funer-
al, buttbfe rigid, musclcs^rould not
reja*. The women ot Gfeciiville wish
to tar and featberhim>; All of which
wégather from the Norwich1 Courier.
—Boston Post.'
—sneered at, snarled at, rated in
politics, scoffed at in morals—is the
subject section-—treated as a young-
er brother—and of tho half blood at
that. But when tho alarms of war
blanch tho cheeks of cravens,, wo-
men and children, the hot-blooded
Southron mounts his war steed, or
dVops his rifle in his arms, and with
tho spirit of chivalry rushes to meet
the foe. Then "thero are bids from
the 'South"—bids to stand before
.the leaden half of-war and prove a
valorous ancestry. The blood of
her sons is not thick ob molasses,
stopping at every turn to make a
fourpence: but liquid and ensangui-
ned, as the pure streams of honor
down which it descends.
Tho South has its agriculture—its
commerce. Her people
superfluous wealth in that
erty brought ro plentifully to
them by tho cupidity of Northern
shippers. They aro careful of it,
they clothe it, feed it, cluvate it, ut-
tach it to their familcs—to the soil.
Heneo they have no "bids" to make
—no speculations to watch, to make
government, directly and indirectly,
minister to their personal, selfish
ends. Of that government she asks
no fiwi—she asks justice—the
she is stronger iu patriotism, more
determined iu purpose. With equal
intellect and less numbers, she has
reversed the centralizing tendencies
of government, ai.d is gradually
swinging it buck to constitutional
moorings. The South has no bids to
make—no bids for loans, for power,
for interest. Execute the compact
and she is content. Violate it, and
- The Spartan.
Tó Destroy Bugs.
Mr, At Hall, of Washington, D.
G.', predicts the failure of the Atlan-
tic ocean telegraph. In a lettqr to
■this Tribune, he says:
Strang as it may seem, all theoX-
pefHneiits vet made by Mr. White-
hoUse and his assistant clectriciuns,
and tho (result of which they have
-congratulated the company and the
scientific WOr)d that the electric part
•of the work is accomplished, have
left out-<uf -the account 8nc half the
entire eircwit.
It teems from recent experiments
that two and tíjree words a minute
•can.- bo. Torced through tho "entire
cabtoi" and upon this result we are
assured th?t the electric problem is
. ny, to say mottling of the press and
the wbrhl. v
These experimenters will learn,
"when too late, that it is one thing'to
ttohda dispatt^ through tho. "entire
cable" with i{$|ftvo ends brought to-
gether, .' and quite aiiothpr thing
when it two ends are: 2000 miles
•apart, nrtd the electric, wave has to
tiavej, the whole length of the cable
and return through the water, which
all electricians should know, forms
the home.stretch of submarino ca-
bles with single conducting wires;
and as water is not so good a con-
ductor us copper-by S3 per cent., it
will b# equivalent to oddin¿ about
30(1 miles to theijr present- cable be-
fore their experiments are worth the
sine they consume.. -
" Fi'om'tjife extremo difficulty in
sending reliable signals through
{tahat will be, when laid down, less
than have the actual circuit,) I am
compelled reluctantly to record its
inevitable failure iu udva^cc;.
A Good Role—A man who is
very rich now. was very poor when
he was'á boy. When asked how he
got his riches, lie- replied: "My fa-
ther taught mo never to play till my
v?m Was finished, and never to
speiid iny mbney until'1 had earned
it.- Jfl had bnt one hour's work in
, day, I must do that the fiist thing,
kltkr tfihr-t
wan ^ed-Jo Play; and I then
cosl^play with much more pleasure
(ban if i fcÉlM though tfbf an un-
Jiaiahed task: before my mind, i
«¡¿riy formed tho habit of doing evo-
ry'th,ing iii time, and it soon became
nerfeotly easy to do so. ft is to this'
n>we my posterity.^
iOM;ÍÍ&BK .—The English-India
■Government have instructed, itijoffi-
eersi jnlnditi, that when tho natives
of Onde submit, the only pledge that
can-be given them is a guaranty
4hat their lives shall be safe. The
.ownership of the soil, with certain
exceptions in favor of Rajahs who
rhave remained faithful, is declared
.confiscated to tho British govern-
ment., This arrangement met with
Lord EUenbprough's disapproval and
be retired from office.
of the
remagltti ^
from parcas south of Washington!"
What apolitical history is reveal
ed in this seittenccl It tells tho
world that the %uth «tanda almost
aloof from Govmtomcnt—is aliena-
ted from it—caring little whether it
sinks or swims. Since her conneo-
tion with it her products have form-
ed two-thirds the exports—built up
a marine tounage the first in the
world; she has paid more than half
the revenue—she 1^ been quiet,
orderly, reasonable iMemands, and
indifferent to offices ot honor or pro-
fit. The North has fattened upon
Government bounties—on salm on
fish, on manufacturers of woolen, of
cottou, of iron, of rum, brandy,
wines, &o., on jewelry, tlrugs, books,
clothing—in snort, on every notion
that, ingenuity could invent. Her
Ships do our carrying trade—enrich-
ing builders, owners, masters, and
crews; her merchants become prin-
ccs in wealth—bankers for pastime,;
vvw ... ..«-««.w*—wuuavM) jut uMMfUQ. ~ — r———credit
money begets power; and the Sou ara cheated or destroyed. No for-'
Mix half a pint of spirits of iur-
pentine, and a half pint of tlie best
rectified spirits of wiue iu a strong
bottle, and add iu small pieces
about half an ounce of enmphor,
which will dissolve in a few minutes,
Shuke the mixture; well together;
and, with a sponge or brush dipped
in it, well wet the bed and furniture
where tho vermin breed. This will
infallibly destroy both them and
their nits, though they swarm. The- ¡
dust, however, sli-mid bo well brush-
ed from the bedstead and furniture,
to prevent-, from carelessness, any
stain. If that precaution is atten-
ded to, there will be no danger of
soiling tho richest damask. On
touching a livo bug with the tip of
a pin put into tlic mixture, the in-
sect is instantly deprived of exis-
tence. and should any bugs happen
to appear using the mixture, it will
only be from not wetting'tho linen,
&q., of the beds, the folding of the
curtain near tho rings or joints,
or holes in or about the bed
or head-board, in which - places tho
vcrinin néstle and breed; so that
those parts being well ^retted with
more of the mixture, which dricé as
fast as it is used, and pouring it in-
to the joints and holes, where ihe
sponge and brush cannot reach, it
will-never fail to destroy them.—
The smell of this mixture, thotogh
powerful, is to sqmo persons very
agreeable. It exhales,, is extremely
wholeaoKC, and to many however,
in two or three days. Only one
caution.: i* necessary, but that is im-
portant. The mixture should be
wjII. shaken when used, but never
applied by candle light, lest the spi-
rits, being attracted by IbeflsrS of
the candle, might ^ause a -conflagra-
tion. i
Uauron i* ma FIELD Aoaix.—A
New York letter.of tho 28th ult., to,
the Charle ton Courier saya: j
. Barnnm is again before the pub-!
lie. He comes out to-day in one of
hisgeunine, old fashioned advertise-
ments. The laat scheme of this
great catcrcr of amusements la to
import in the fall the entire opera
ana ballet companies of Her Majes-
ty's theatro, London, accompanied
by the eouduetor and lessee, Mr.
Lumley. Barnum has arranged with
his creditors, and is now ready and
anxious to make another fortune.
Ho sayathat it will cost $3( 0,000 to
oarry but this laat great project, and
to have 800 subscribers, for twenty
nights, at five dollars oach night.
ImpobtaKt Truths von Wives.—In do-
mestic happiness, the wife's influeuco
is much greater than her husband's:
for tho ono, the first cause—mutual
love and confidence—being granted,
the whole comfort oij&e household
depends upon trifles more immedi-
ate under hor jurisdiction. By her
management of small sums, her
husband's respectability and
Ti June Sttli, ..
Bomid ChtU*, to dato,
f*ERTIF]CAÍE No. 2-4578
^ for thrco huudred and tweuty
acres issued to Tlios. F. MoKinnoy
and Sam. M* Wil.iuns by tho Com-
missioner of Gen'l Land Office on
the Sfith day of May 1867, if not
heard from iu throe mouths wo will
epply for a duplícalo to the proper
officers. T. 0. FROST
jnly8v8i9i8t. .
'4uhe can stand tlio constant leaka-
ges of extravagance and mismanage-
ment; and more is spent in trifles
than woman would easily believe.
The one great expense, whatever it
may bo, is turned over and carefully
reflected on ere incurred; the income
is prepared to meet it; but it is pen-
nies imperceptibly sliding away
which do the mischiet; and this
the wife alono can stop, for it does
not cffmd within a man's province.
Thero is often an unsuspected trifle
to be saved by every household. It
is not to economy alone that the wife's
attention is so necessary, but in
those little notices which mark a
well-regulated house. An unfi-
nished crúst-stand, a missing key, a
buttonless shirt, a soiled table-cloth,
a mustard-pot with its old contents
sticking hard and brown about it,
are severally nothings; but each
can raise ¿an angry word or cause
discomfort. Depend upon it, there's
a great deal of domestic happiness
in a well dressed mutton chop, or a ti-
dy breakfaBt table; men who grow up
seated in beauty, tired of music, are
often too wearied for conversation,
(however intellectual;) but thoy can
always appreciate a well swept
hearth aud smiling comfort. A wo-
S. LEWIS having pre-
sented his account in final set-
tlement of his administration of the
Estate of Frnaeis Lewis, deceased.
All persons interested iu said estate
aro required .to appoul at the July
Term, 1858, of tho oounty court to
beholden for Bell county, Texas,
and contest said account if they seo
proper. By ordor of Baid court.
july8:9v3:lt of said court.
-Ud- uori. will And i'DlToa'a Pon Whit*, und Whkat
Wuiskity Jus! tlir tlitnR. lh*y *tv dl«tlllO'l In It -.,
and Importad bj- tha undanikuail. nd offuru-l to tb«
trad with a piwltlve guarantee that th y*r" pur«,
and free from all tha pollona an commonly uned la tha
adulteraUon of llqnora. t. H. IT I.ton, *cv>.
Main atreat, Hoaaton, Tacita.
nrlIXlAM K. KARNES liavlnc pre Rented hit
W aoulvmont uf lila HdmlnlatralIon ofthn
eaUleol O O Kamei,deceased, all paraonaliiternated
In aald e«tate ara horeby r quired to appi-nr at the
Janefrta, 1848. of thufou.ity Uoun, lobe h'lden
. _ - |i*, nd pont<jit aald acoountlf
(alt* Court
f<r Rell oonotj?texaa, and oontoH aald
thejr aae proper. By order of aald Court.
JnueM I 6 OADOSLL, Clk o' i
pound of .flesh—no hlotid. Weaker #>an may love lier husband devoted-
thau tho,North by many millions-- ly—may sacrifice for.'unc, friends,
_ large stock of AJA
Selected for this market and adap-
ted to the season.
They havo also received an as-
sortment of
usually found in Southern Drug
Stores, such as Tooth Brushes, Hair
Br'tshes, Cloth Brushes, Scrubbing
Brushes, Blacking Brushes, White
Wash Brushes, Paint Brashes, Nail
Brushes, Porto Munnaics of Buck
and Morocco; Purses, silk and cot-
ton; Velvet Purses and Bags; Fans,
fino and superfine; Hair Pins, Knit-
ting Needles, Crotchet Needles, Hem
tiling's & Co's Noodles, Darning
Needles, Bonnet Boards, Banker's
Cases; Tenets, msm-tod; Pencil
Sharpeners, Ivory Tablotn, China Ac
Bronze Inkstands, Sand Boxes, Port
Folios, Visiting and Conventional
cards, Gent'* coat Liuks, Watch
Keys, Twcxers, Thimbles, Spec-£ll
tacles, blue,green and white; Pock-
et compasses, Hooks afejd
-Lines, Spring #^™,Hooks, Mftr
bles and Balls for the Bovs, Cologne
and Hair Oil for tho Girls; Chess-
men for the Cents, Lilly White, &c ,
for the Ladies, Wood's Hair Restor-
ative, Lyon's Kathairon and Barry's
., . . ",ei.r 'i'"'" Tncopherous for every body..i Per-
their domestic, are their fit-st cuss;ou caj>a, Phot, Powder, (no lead
family, country for him—al o may
havo the gonitis of a Sappho, thtf
enchanting beauties of anArmida;
but—melanchuly fact—if with these
she fails to make hij homo comforta-
ble, his hcait will inevitably escape
her,, And women live so entirely in
the affections, that, without love
their existence is a void. .Better
submit tlien> to household tasks,
however repugnant they may be to
your tnstcs, than doom yourself to
a loveless home. Women of the
higher order of mind will not run
this risk: they know that their forn-
The State of Texas—County
of Milam.
r.t. V
Attachfsnt for Debt in JostickCovrt,
PsKciacr No. 1, Mi la* Coukty.
" OltEF.tino:
IT Appearing to the Court
•* upon tho return of thejherffi that
the defendant, A Kirtley,% not tOibo
There never was a ray of. star-
light in tho Mammoth Cave oi Ken-
tucky; only the red glare of torchés
ever lit its walls. So there áré many
men whose minds are Mammoth
Caves, all underground and nuligh*
toned save by toe torches of selnh-
ness and pansión. ^
found in the county Milam, and
PlalntifiW having - made oath that
defendant is abodt' to remove his
E,roporty beyond the couftty of Mi-
lam. ,
Tkete itre therefore to iemnand jwtt to
cito by Publication according to láW,
in the WecKfy^Independdnt, a news-
paper pttblislwdin Belton, Bell coun-
ty, Texas, the defendant to bf and
appear at the next Jtfctice Court, to
bo held'btefore me at the Court house
in the town of Cameron, Milam
county Texas, in the last Saturday
in July IMS, to answer the Plain-
tiffs by note.
He$o ftiljiot, and due retara
make oecording to law.
my imod this 2«th of
Jttne/48W. • 1
jTk..Wi ,
I J 0. Rogers, Sheriff of Milam
county, dé'hereby certify thek the
foregoing citation íb a true .copy of
tb original eltation now in my
hands, fyr service, and in obedience
to tne above command I hereby or-
der the above citation to bo publish:
ed for three sncccasivo weeks pre-
vious to tho last Saturday in Jwjjr,
1858. in the Weekly Independent,
a newspaper published in Belton,
Bell county, Texas. This the SAth
day of Juno A. D; !1858.
jnly8v8;9:8t Shff. M C
, Tama,
Vt/.LU i>raüUu la tua U*i| Judicial I*-. twiu-
and Car?ell Alao. In the Hupreine ti Federal Courta
al Aualiu. . IV C? "
B *Sj ..-elal atlenl'un vleen ta I And «u, ttara. In th lUftlacTty,
•Vm and l#m|iaMaa euunHm. ]unat-trk/
nitaui cilema saw atuxiT
Rleaai Eisglaes, *e.
Stationary Stsam Ekoivbs with Fldc
Boilers, Sooar Mills. Ooax Mills,
LooWbcbls éo* o SomuBM mak-
cúctubi, kbou
ot alaa No. 8, Mjaraaaly (uarantred par (act lUelilnarr
and to aaw readily MlW fcet af limber per dar, we
furnlnhlac a food Meehaalo bam our awa wnni to
erect It and teeeli the partlea ta work It without ad .1-
tloaal coat. The purahaaor mlii freight aadbau-
rauca fro41 tie city of Kew Orleaaa only.
F KGINB AND MIIJJB ooupWU of alio No. 4, wo
furnUhlns a (nod Meehanle euartaed aa above, wUl.
out 4600 Set of lumber per day readily,
Par |D,tM
ENGINE ANO MUX complete, .of «too No. a wo
fiirnl :hlng a gooH Mechante and guaranteed aa above,
will cut ii.MM aetof tumbea yet^day readily,
Each of the above ENGINE-'ha« a Pulley for drlrlnr
a Corn Mill, and oau bo leadlly applied to drive Ooi-
too Olía alternately with aanlnr. The e.oat of larse
or email Machinen le about la proportion to tho
amount of work to he done.
t-iuull Kuglne for driving Hoar Milla, Oota Mills,
Cotton G!na,fcc., fco., olwaya on hood or ballt toar-
Every Machine cxpre«*ly (Uarantao.1 a> hero (eptre-
aentad ur the purchiiMr baa the privilege of returning
tliem at our expense,
These machines require no brick work and can be ere?
ted in oue week after thvy arrive at the ^laeo of deaU-
natinn. and are particularly adapted to the wants ut
Tasaa and the South generally.
No. W Common at., New Orleuu.
r. s.—Mr. Ivena' address from the (rat of Oetobor
until the Brat of Jane, la No. 80 Common street,
Kew Orleans, and from the Aratof June nntil tho let
of October, Rlehmond, Va. When the above bctaea
are ordered—pari las purchasing can have them deliv-
ered in Ualveaton at the hbove prieea.
llesvy shipments of theae oolebmted I1i«hinea ar-
rive in N. Orleans during tbobualnoaa aeneon of each
year. We call particular at enUon to our impravod
Gnglnca for driving Grist MIUs and Cotton Oins.
a. C. MI L1JCK.
11 AVE taken for the present
** A. T. McGorcle's old Btsnd on
the west side of the publio square,
iu Belton, where thoy are now recei-
ving and opening a general stock of
purchased in New York, expressly
for this markét. Thoy would invite
the ladies especially, to call and ex-
amino their st0ek" of
Swiss inuslins, Jaconets, plain and
cross-barred, NansookB, Swiss in-
sertaos, Edging, Bonnets and Bon-
net Ribbons, Fiue Lfnen-eawbrio
Handkerehiefs, Hosiorv, Gloves, &c.
Brogans, Wool Hats,, heavy Brown
Domestics, Planter's Linen, Cotton-
adea, k a superior article of Bleach
Fiddle bows, Bridges, Tall piwcb,
Resin, German, French and Italian
Fiddle Strings, quite a variety-—'
Jews Harps, Thermometers, Pom-
ades & Rose Oil for the Hair, Pocket
Knives, good ond true; Tacks, etc.
They also announce the arrival
of Bome
Fine cigars, Pickles, Jellies, Preser-
ved Strawberries, &c., Candles, Toi-
let Soaps, Starch, Sec., Madeira,am*
Port,,Slierry, Teneriffe and Cla-WA
ret Wines; Old Cognac, Old
Dock and Pinteaux Brandies; Hol-
land Qin, Old Scotch Whisky, Texas
Ranger, Nectar aud Monongahela
Whiskey, for the sick; Now York
Steam refined candy, Raisins, &c.
Castor Oil, Lard Oil, Linseed Oil,
Train Oil, Copal and coach Varnish,
Spts. Turpentine, Lampblack, Impe-
rial Green in Oil, Black paint in oil,
Prussian Blue In OH, Hemp Twine,
Msccaboy Snuff in jars.
Another lot of Gomstocic's Medi-
cines—comprising Sick Headuchol^
remedy, Rheumatic Liniment, Sar-v^!
sap villa, Brown's Pain Killer, Pink
Syrnn, that pleasant remedy for
coughs; McNair's Acoustic oil for
desfnosB, which Mr Jenkins praiées
so highly, Balm, of Colombia, that
long tried prepsra'tloft for preserving
Half cannot be mentioned Test we>
make too long a list, bat. call and
examine for yourselves. We have
a thousand things stowed away be-
hind, oh ihelves, udder counters, and
in boxes, which we cannot show lor
want of room, but which wo want
to Bell, and Dr. ¿aitliind and Bud
will take pleasnre in showing them.
If the Dr. be engaged in the Post
offlóe or in taking a picture, ho begs
his frienda to look around for them-
selves, and to indulge him for a few
minutes. Small favors thaukfully
received. Cash- wanted in small
seras as well as large.
janelítf CUt CO.
.ed aud Brown Domestics. Brown afetttUM^Ptbosoi.tiu!'
Ready made ClotMaf.
Boots and Shoes'of all kinds, and a
haudsomo assortment of. Gent's and
Boy's Hats.' Crockery, Glass Ware,
Woden Ware, Saddlery, Cutlery, &
all Goods usually found in a Dry
GjOQjds .Establishment, all of which
Vm bo sold low for the Cash.
Call .and examina for yourselves
No charge for showing goods, btit
ft great pleasure taken in showing
to all who may favor Us with a call.
>. OoUmui, • • -• .«• - - rreprletor.
Formerly manager of the Arcado Hot*).
. mny29-4r3tf
ouuutin Bu
fthe Kstnte or L
■nnaliitarueud l«
1 com
.is3p.-ss:= —-r." -:
fce found all i
■are akt s yia «ml la
abft eolnrutthirbltoIkcv.
valued at MO.
ph. JrBC, MMohta MM,
Mn rks«w3C
on lelt shoulder, valued at WW*.
Ikken nn ky ¿ MeLanghlln. as
«blie apota at oorner of blanl
in*** an point of shonUers,
Anilrreou. JPBC,,
ittyri nld, branded
ll hds hfgn, nli
, .. v^f edat|lM*
mare mule, abt"
bran t en l«tli ♦
Ukiha, valuad at
at |M
Taken np bjr Eiv'S" M'nr.nb
M A Supple; if, April fx, 1||R,
years olu tills >pr'h{, it Wnds
wbl«e to the pneTom Joint. '
snpt under tko icfl ore, no
ble, value* at tit,
Taken nn by W i) Tei
ASuftSnTSr. Mar «.II
Led a anuvrbtU ly iwel
Oar, (•par'ah bran<t on tko
>tsti. ' " v
Ikken np by John Fnl
W. Ikur.JV, May H
blub tor «years
dei, and
April lTtke ISM.
* Mapa, m nao tooenia i
pooLSCAl- and tlxitiT
* MOllvcA
§tüüup uJSÜ^nTto a
p^KCILi-Pabet's BUok Land
— . • '.1
ju.. HelveU, aiiS nuue
Q.I.A-M 1UMSLUW, not aU(oae yen.
Q.ARDEK CTTIH.—Ian4reth ft BeaV
-J -;
AU uimiiiU. II T.k,
pprrr asp wtwow
r—A trstrateortlele.
of Bell
din* sonnUss that
rocelmd a-lorgo bd<1
lee ted «tot-k crlontlk
¡mpsredto exms
a hi* lino with
i ■
IU liiiAUh
Weekly «eaynnfc
Oflveirton News.
H - ik •
Uietnntlily the ftn _
n «ond tngllsh Bdneatlon. Fn|
within the first, ton •<«« v
A _ inanes on tbe First N bnday in Juno,
(beingThe 7th day.) ThU la a eplondid
opporiunity for eblfdrtn to acquire a know-
ledge of the English language. TMHfrhir
olpal has had twenty years experience is.
teaching. Tliiaja not only the healthisst
eestionla TexalPliut amongst the very b«st
neighborbooda, and-moat Ssautiful.
The RAtga or Tumos are Two Do)ls.s
.. ir month ¿or Ten Cents per day. Pupil
entering seusnl withis two wM)b will be
charged for the whole terqi, aSd feo deduc-
tión wi.l be made, excepting loesses of pro.
TimkM'r f Thtrti+tz atort aamt
a¡ íuwi;
b'4wu As r uows-r *.•* s>asb*a
OvOiegrspM, Reedltig, Peimamhip fir4
Ussoerin <Ue¿sphy and AfttuaMs fir
nontli,. ,..i/,/t .hi ,.. ,.
Continuing tbe Jiasrtibedvnneed AiWkwe.
«isa Blrfaihrifariish ilrtiaMi
Gentlnuinewitb Aifobm, Miliesi^by, Cbena-
letry Fhy.M, |j. IV H«to t rSwSq sñdÍS>
. .'-ifni
• o« op
NtmCK.;. -
RiiS off from mv raaldMMÍi
k Belton on tbe fa ¿if Mateh,
red sorrel Borsé, with a
lMgod, a flne travi
yeava old. laid
died, «ud Is soma I
I will pay a ""
Pnescnsers tor Aust n, Ooaiotoe, etn. li-nne
ttíroanh lieVots. t Jf >ls >n< stasea. sa*BaU
rf^to nsrrlsFiiy«ornijMi yneyhn oStslnid Soñi
f' ';é;
month, at the
f ■ ^ JÉ,
$¡w,} é
jp. ''.
. ' XV-' Í
nL JijJk
ImtJÍ I'mM
Oet, 8, AWff^qk'
•iO id.
" >'* ■'

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