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>jj_. .. . umirsrt
VOL 1.
NO, 8.
The Alamo Mpress
P. h: BUQrOR,
nof af Y PUBLIC. (>n?eyarc >r m ;
agent forthe 1 Sal* and Purcha* of r; al )
; Esb te—Transcription find tray latl««n <>f
::i'ais v. ¡-uictt is published cfcrj Samr- spanish, :e*?c «*x ecu fed in the sh*a'.te*i
order Justice of tha Peace. Offee,
N<>„ I; Navarro Building*. íebí 15 ru
day t ( j
Thh Trí wítki y i*: i.V.ushc'levery mon-
c,iy, Wf Jno.- iiVy ai.«i Friday*
i ¡'.¡re opposite Un' Post Oftite.
j. Y. >KWT<t 8. J- ü. RA/cccs, gm.
xfwícmib a baccus,
Projirietora am! pHhh'*fiérk¿
'y ^
1 4 " v> ^ lki'r ' t„ . 0. «CHIíEICHBR
¡L¡ f ('}') p*\t aimnm Ot i
t¿¿ Five scot to «me _ | f SCHLEICHER & Ái\ A%
vv nttén f r th« Ai*mo Eirre*-. j t0 draif the men off and prepare
Rccollcitioni and Reminiscenct^ jfo-a retjreat. When the aid ad-
OF I varead t > their lin'iH, the sraoke
TEX A# I\ *\j i having blown cfT, he L« ovrre 1
A t'Oh,l;.fcf,T i ills To a y or '/vvr | fp.;, there was hut a handful of
, Americans opposing them, ana ha
i v it?ppl'I'cnv j -■ * ,*r i i..v/> o/' twfc ■ t . M *
'• ™ f rr"u.' / r/-• .L, 7'.,,.' (4# p..' ! -mr ,. . I ra;:;ed their men and returned to
A:::?±,winJ " ' 1 '• Magee- Expedition. ,v,-:wnu andreeuMtu c™
I of their cannon. The American
' i
dealers in
M BLE ;.V FAX!) Y f)lt Y GOODS
Notary Public
promptly attend to ail bte h. erar . v*||
to kirn. and i • • f j
writing drawn up with a«*Ci.rat-y. I>«
aituma taken in t wn an«í cuuuíry> 1
Warrant agent. ac u,
-i "'r r
Main Flaxa,
ft-i t)t f
>Van Antonio, Texas.
¿T.ví;.'£ OÍ'PV. ,
, «, EL A.~ FI.0R1 AN, AGENT,
_ 12 An j J;: (! _ Jt .
!*ejj t<* one ai.hirt\->9 20 00 | I,and and General Agents, tan Ávtonio -ETNA IN-UKAXCE COMFAKY.
TÍU WEKKI.Y : ''Teres. Will attend to rn<« pm cbW an 1 G¡lAUTEliEÁ> ISJíj.
""" ,v, of City property, Land, a h® Land t
U" I rrmt ♦n^A l.^rfnn ,f !h:,1s .J& ' U U -'! * !
" Uirlpt. to the location of latida, jgfeeting « «, . t ,
H 4. iAi « i . , ¿L*JÉ . í AMI .1 -IS M ± I '-Li v «' 1 « 1 Í1 i. ft. I 1 li il 11 r; a Is O \ i «a f 11 VM i r AJ \ t l jT j
. 2 0;l!«r title , procuring «I pnt.-.i:-,. p«y,w r i,mur*nc.o i\> Ihj , . , n r'h u they had liOt-uund «inore
ou Iment «♦< Ttixea, *} o*eoLieiMion-'«?ÍÍ to tbe ' *• ' ; V . water, :-they v^ere hred t*n íroiu the j j ( • r. ■
:e «'M - - ja, i trw^act u ?-.n and rt- nvih , : ieroua i<ie in their rear, i i.e
S'TÉ! " i,., i,,, khutí;u ¡ckot i.v tw„P¡c<-.- <.r cai..,..n. , , <, ,,, ofis4>,n|i). 9, French bigding. v,^ ,lu..ih(, ti.«t p«,ri..a p.:J I t - - . .. | «n.l s u e „f the |>rwo-
. , haTinxp d s ovcred ih= if own
Coktfkts.— lite battle Koutt of the\. . . . , . ,F.
! „ , , r: J „ , , /- , " /1 'es« condition, retired from their
■ í/í.u- i** - t icrct rontfat ■— t ictorij <.rainfd '
(■¡¿■i last — The Atncrivans lieJtir&tii, twojires I posliijfitlj^ lcAflQ^ thtj CUCIDy a
I rr-:. lit •" ; of theMericarmutíü and iht tr t oloar Oil wh:eh íhf'V eoutm-
• . " mf
\ruim ron ^n-pturrosity of Misando— i ,,eij to diachar^f their camón fur
£:ce- u i ion vf 120 McrwaU. . • - . • t
J T j an i,our : ^írKi^ the Ame: .cuna
On approaOniiu; a thick chappa-j , ,
* 1 - 'Ainple tiine to get out oí their
n a t1 s o ¥ a d v r 11t j s! g :
111' a.-'. '" ' • ' C t' I - - 01 00
«• •* ;> r • • - - "t ' ■: ■>•<'. ' in
| _ wfr'iittH - - - - 50 •
** «j".r "ttl/t* - T 00 j
*' ¿- ant .j'ttr - - - - - j 10 00
A liWritl din "UTit will be ra-u!" from the
,-t rati -, i r acivti tisemeuu f>i)
• • -'u. > (Ui«r'.
\ : IT< if* tu t lvo lines' of le^*.
.a ; . la-tit ii.scned in iipat.i ii, <it r-
just's atuounting to above
! | Thirteen Mtliiona of D.dlara,
II>Ytiii \ Vi'' P avli rni 1 tftlont \ f*J ? C i t> i y < i * • í 11!' ? ¡ *■ 4. i ii ng t.:-,* alii «t> of tl<e
1 XillAMiL and cuwlijpiluzl ,| com^anv and -the ih: ^$tv of Insurance.
The incouiti t«>r th<* past j t ar
r „f . . i , . „ :.(lHr>'.0 ainoantod to near Two Mil'son
J?.™;1!.™. *,Lrr2i.,,?!M 25! Diíiurs. wbi-h « üi'.idi « tb „ 4.,«Mr: „f tl,c Au„, :„M dra.
i nerp w!;o had been'-nrelle Hi San
iitillerv, l uii iiudmir tl,e en<Mi y ! a, , • ,• ♦ 4i „ 1 •t\ 4i
*... J } Antonio, into the ranks with tin
protected bv; thn timber, thev w , . i i i
*• j m< xicnrii. had commenced a «rene
charged, leaving their cannon, j rj|i sUu(rhu.r of ,;ie rHr<;..tinK
wmc!' h *! b" k"" <i,AV" "ue thira I Aii'crh in order to make fair
.ion A'.vit nook ."A'/iVr/.w
W.M !
\( i "ii rt'a.-< nabl^ ternjf and
-! in the diií<;reot Ijmjruases.
A'.. - C 'inrauuieaúons addre.<red tn
•••—• - ... - •. ¡ .•_ -
Prof e.s.sioual Cards.
Tt NS'i'AJ.L & ilOWULL,
Vmwd State, *0.1 KurM bo.M^jaod tLat ,,r \..¡'re iu,urSucc ci.w|', " ,
«.Id. «...I c.,ll.--u..11« laada ou|-Jtbe«l, g#v ¡fl )|t,i Umii j tltro'tgi: Ui«
ti'rms. Dqiiniti". ?-v. \ t'*i andlnterett I'he unuer^igned A^ent. is authorized ■ fnemy pu
allowed on periuanent time ct'j^osi^Mi. ... i.r... ..J J '• f
tn <
l fiCY
w> ath**r for iheroKelves
Hiiüiu, hi iiiUtfd list* < j
' ■ i'i; lo1: v.i m
ryíuin^ ihem thioutrh i , , , .
broken uuwfj, cut them .11 <^u ir-
iOMt of thoee wh t !¡ id
sav a ntoni r, TFXAJ
oí Smith's
•. r « , i ' ' ' 1 i?vit C'Wiui«k i «K- taa 1 lii vjt*r, u ! 1 ) | ,
to ¡««ue policies against lo.dá i)\ FLrtj. onl , . . , t)i'oK^n uow i, cut ihem
Buildings, Stocks of MercuánTi^e. Ware j14Í<' lUiClwt l wi,lCJs prev< at.\ ; t . , - ..
, > j 4 4 1, f \4 ,, . - , . , 1 . .nal nli ¡.t I . t'U lÍICÜ
homr* an/! Contents, Manufacturing E*- ¡ corrcct ( fílmate of their numb* rn ! , , -
tall)i«Ümeats, and Personal 1'rioj ertv gen- ,, , . i ar.o H.e miiüfi oí tri en ¡1
a on p. .es
iko f. ecí ur
lie tenders bis tbank*to í b fr^ nd a;
patrons at Austin, au¡i a A 8 P<at\ be mto-
, be remembered in . iii« enk^priae
. H:-íve i;*:-,oe:ated tl emnf kea in the ¡ |,ero ^ j,;, jj,
j * ¡-' 1 >1 ?! f l.iw in the District Court j f.-blt-f
• i H and the adjacent counties and 1
.!![<« ^uprein * and Federal Churls at |
A .rriii * "i:" Oiiioe in French's building ! . . ^ .
f UtK-U- *AI*M" ,LAZA' «*" A,SWMO)
f i, ¿iíOí nw * a. ii"}' i v y fs\ o" - « 1* \. • n.r > ; 1
i'eraih* Ef-peekl attention paid t the in- j *iU*- v'n apprqacunig an op«-n J ost i „ % ,■ , , ,
antom', nut I surance nf Uwelli..g H'.tl*e> aud cm Hil, thot- pel c.-ired, tu the!i I W1""n
ÍIT1L the w.11 TT -f. jteiits, for a term o1 1 tc 5 >eara. | Ir # entmy advanced, they dis-
Eotel in Au^it'.is n. w the || ;to8ses promptly adjusted and 8ur,Jl IM' a '!5ie (f t'^^p^niry j ^ j # •
of the Pla¿a iluu-.o oí our breastw u'ka, and tl^e ph;«nt'mi ; ¡ "} " M", ' ' "
jt|| policies issued without delay by thev had '.«« «.'ii pvn-Oj ,\>j- c i am her ,* J "v 1 C V* l' V"} 1Ui'r^y
wo I. 10 éhftrtr a t ;4 t i i í e-, *'? ■ il U U (ill i - « % # •. * * ■ i «... 1 it . t * • •
E. A. FLOUIAN. Agent,
tf ftan Antonio.
The Undersigned ha-* with great care
and expense built and fi^ivd ,out a large
Arrive^ Sunday, I "ike id a j, Wtd-
nesday an] Friday—irregular.
Cios a Monday, Wednesday,
uig ov'«'r ü : {iiitl tiie n« xt iHoiu'OJt
thev wen1 «a!]ntt(l by the enemy's
Wo Ii:.,- of itrtalerv, tearing . fl i ir T:,e-V eight
or ten America ib ibe next day,
j ^l'.iwn 1 y tie m. On that day all
* * F ) I 1 *
;v■ ie Pfto dea!h w!ie Í♦.II into
.. v.
the bruhh and Simba over t' ei¡-
in ad se it taring
in i o Un ir'« \s and fae
-sudden a: 1 ujtu xpecu-d attack by
a ,i .me Tit-
«. Ties
? _ 4, * , 0 rr !and coiióüoüiou8 hotel o® aide oí Fit^day and Satm day at P. M. " d> • ' ^
1 ¡MI,:. o^ntlU'V B«a5rhC«mál. A "AIL nl Spr'ng* | ■'"« ' " ' " •
\tn ven every alteriliate uay t v j \et j c driving thine t: e'n, m>
^•..vialnpe, Karüei , Mf%ina, K^rr and
1 ', -pie e u'fiii' u. Special attention
¿; vvii to land business and collecting.
I '' All Prolate Uusineas promptly at-
t- f i:< d to. ' jttn'J- ti
Attorney at Law, San Antonio, Texas.
4'rL e ;a I'rench'f building. jan'29-tf
which be will open cm tfcejUt of Febuary
1-59. He flatter r himself that bis en tab , , ,
lisbmeut will be fí uéd by ibe traveling lo 'o c>ocK -a.
public generally as ftiHy equal t«« the Vi escn ev. ry atifrnale a -,v at, ,
i- .ii n. -- _ ^.i i s > i " i •
jala med ' ¿¡e-Nletican inf.<nír\ tí.
want#cf all. 11^ will spa e no puin« t
> O
deck, P. M
ín í and uid tn t ¡o «• i!<
t j ' r; a 1 • ■
'' '<o u. .e saved by tin ¡Menas-
a un id Errando. They w e¡e kept
in c!oh| cotilinement í ,r several
n-i'iit1:^, and then ink* n out to be-
e -e.'t waiters c.n K« mr grtait man.
i i > v eo'.jid not condescend to he
' pads f r sie h masters, and
r v at Law. Uvalde Texas, will
• ,'i all the courts of Uva de, Ban-
Atasfo^a, Medina Kinney, and Mav-
í. h ¿ E. S. PiEWITT,
TTt.T. FJA MAIL VÍ0 (.< -Ii d
have his table ami all tbe aecoimuoda ions
at least equal to these of any h o ! in the
West. Attached to the esiabk-hinent
will be a large' a d ,well ventilated sta! 12 uVloe.k M
which will at all times b-é supplie t with ij s every a:teruH.te, d:*y at ?*
cuing the, scatj " u,e,r ♦•"C!4* Hie first
. ^ w,j$.it fpyr ()f thern
i , t i , , «>p >0 ft mm 11 v
Afi'svcf every alternate day by n small. Ue'4<-?,e|i parties—anm }
i-in-s of tin-in jiaving lir.'k. n duw .i i rV' r rrH'"f" i "" y perished
rh.-b«tpro<-endef ^* ^d^t,y_ex-; . {i>n¡. p y,_"M>iklUg da.iv |.lui:|
perience-! hostlers. W^<a. me^gejv. ! , ° * !
— i—me—>[, —; — ■ - to't'-.C LOaSt.
) e;t<
i l ! .
MRS ADAMS begs leev < to
41 r; i- 9 h Law San Antonio, Texas uith'boardand suitable rooms.
r .i nti -uo promptly to ail business en-
t . j t their eare. Office, iirst door
i./ ht.viS in E. Jonea- building, southeast
c rner Main janSN-lf
her frieUa! that sh« has take the 4 0vu;v k \ m
and e,wnm4dious dwelling house, buib I y . __.u#.rr..l4|1 a.,,.
F. Guilbeau last summer.o* Floret street 1\"'l ¿ " * 1
near the Presbyterian Church, whi re t b o:ciock 1 .d
1 few private families < an l>«-¡accomodated couMBCa mail nV/-8-,\£:nin:
by tl-e fati^ui s 0!' the mapcb aiJ i v) '
! .n the cha<e. j Col. M.tjK nuca fhni I
austiv matt.: j ndanrjv had il< <■', 1 ait:«
Arrives overv alternate day b\ ' Ure mounted Mexicans at ! run 'l " ■ " ' , v 1 Ul! *;e
*♦ h* n Arradondo
4 ¿o .1 liiniimi he 01 - i' red
t' [-u.Hue lift fugitives
«•au^i.t to
" f
•- >rwj# lit L'lir. Slin Anlanip, Tezat
í (Tn-e on Commerce St e« t, nfflff *lpii8t
i' az'a V\ ill praciiee in this and neigti-
borifig couiities. and in the Federal laud
ia,preuie Courts at Áustiu. • fllT
k. s. 11 i:\vitt, 1 el
Lawyer and Notary Publié, Sau Auto
I dYx.a* í'ifice in second storj, firs
J tii or. of Messrs. J. Ulricb & Co '• store
iai.28-tf . '
Arrives daily bv 12 o'clock" ?•«.
Ee 1 "■ j * ] :<d ! jiat 5! t. < i ■ * t
t or-
u 1 l¿
> ne x> «-utrti ii mu^i í e
'■y some oí e ei - v ; t at he
veto inform tbe public that \rv;v,, Vv ...i,.,.,-a.,* C; *„P
tout tbe pro^iietor of this 1 ' . '
John Moodle, and shall s day by b 1 M.
keep up its character as am [ Closes Sunday
bouses of Western Texas,
l^pxs'; >l' If- 1
*ww«fe¿v"r:r-- *1 Z\ '^yw„v^dZ.ZvZd s.,t«r
•• dsy -- | R -" «
and Wednesday
at 8 o'clock P. M.
CORPUS ( urísti mail:
* iyt -> W e<
i 00 day at G P. ^í.
SAMUEL b. hall-
Closes Sunday and Wednesdas
at 8 P. M.
ft. 7.T) F. r1ck r l ürg mail:
violent content in which both par j ii(:rrn^ the M x can cit.zens pj;--
'b• n•• d, and au thone who h id ever
I. a PAscHAL,
San Antonio
and Counselors ñi''íf
-i . ' j
\t Attorney
■ iifiijpipM Antonio and
\iirtio, will practice in the Supreme and
Federal Courts at Austin and Gals^tow
hnd tn tlip District Courts of the Second
ana Fourth DUtricts, and in GonSSi
They will pajr special atten
L' 11 to all land business entrusted to
h^- febltf
- s: G. pWTON,
Attorney* a^^Ciair. ,Offijc—4ast door
•ff,oud story, Jones' building, soutbeat
{ C'j^g^jíü Antonio, Texas
en- hed S-afjliawana J^ljan? . - ■ '
ii oi j..-''ued the Am^f'irans ¡11 tie ?
ri'ipfr. ■ and met *1 lie en ''-uiyV ° '
cavahy as tljey advam/ed to « H-"i; 4 i'1,1 M1*' JU'ov !drd to-* --.anaf
CloBca daily at 3 o'clock i^-M. j plcte their Victory, and afu-r a ,:4u;H x'' r'5 }aaa:,iu d to pree«-t d
kaclf. pass mail>
ties sustained consideiable lo- *■
tije Indians losing tlieir chief and • *h tae ivirrg's service Cxe-
sdveral warriprs4-thfy drove their j' ! ^'"''adond.i L11 ally acc< d d
civalry fiomithe field. The\ wen tue.-e con.Iui us. They wa re*
not S(4en again during the day. 1 u"liiU:t
Madame rumor said they returned \ h'use«
10 ijoredo and reported their army 1 A bey ariived at the i nutty nvor
out tup, and jtheiinselv< s ali tha' ! oí' p lenth day aiter the battle
1 escaped. All the American" ¡ pi'cko¡g upa nun¿l er oí /rnericatia
d two days in iin^curin^
and preparing their iícef.
Read right íertifiate No, 4F9 isroe !.]' Arrives 'J'm*ad¡iy, Thtirday and ihttu t-«vn¡.'-u. .
by the Bomrd of I'ommlssioúers of Botar atnrday at 8 i . M. | that were able advanced up to the j *íiu ^ nine two nundred Mexa-ans
county to John W Smith and K aa-h Closes Sundays, Tuesdays and
Jone., .Miga* ul Pedro Huroey M...*l- ' Thufsdavt) at 8 P. M.
tor one League {and Lab« r oi land 1st
cla^st has been toM an<l this is to fc*
notice that if the same be not toned
withiu sixty days, a application wilt he
mad* to the eotnmisitoncr* of the iiene-
al Land Office for a d p icate.
gan Antonio, Sept. 2 >th I860.
i * ¡' e. jones
: ' —=
MAIS TIMk. . i'
i f.l paso mail.
Arrives Saturdays. ,
Closes Sundays by 9 p. m.
lakf.po mail.
Artives Friday by 6 p, m.
Closes Sundays at 8 p. m.
ban be ra mail.
Arrives Wednesdays by 6 p. m.
i | gloses Sundays at 8 p. m.
! Office hours : from 8 a. m. to
1 p¡. m.f and from 3 p. m. to 6 p.
m. Sundays from b to 9 a. m.
Hy Poat" Master.
e'hemy's breastwoiks an 1 picked | 0,1 e way- iney took every-
off their men at the guns, until thing^ jot value irom the /tmeri-
they sileucfd their whole line of
artillery. They had kept up such
an incessant fire with their aitiU
Ser y that the elements around
them weie a dense mass of smoke,
When their cannon were silenced
heir whole lino gave way, and
Arradondo having taken position
jug ground in the
ing his cannon si-
avalry gone, and in
on com ma no
rear, perceiv
lenced, bis e
fantry retreafin^ ord«r«d his aid ¡
cans, except the necessary arms
to kill game, and pern uted them
to proqeed home. But the poor
Mexicans that fell into their-bands
fared badly. They drew up one
hundred and twenty-five into line
for execution, the morning befora
t iey resumed their mareli for San
vintoui , aud shot one bundled
and twenty—five making- tboir

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