The Weekly Civilian & Gazette. (Galveston, Tex.), Vol. 25, No. 4, Ed. 1 Sunday, April 27, 1862 Page: 1 of 4

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•- I* I ya tota fall faith
Casualties in Moore's Regiment
Here**. Apta It
M<mre'a rfgimen!, are Lm*ut.
l> rrft w
A Id arm <m óf
IMS *t>Ü
tow* 138,ttt
tor* beeu
M,; Mr. Mawift, W, • h«w
y, au.1 *iwin jouafjpou of
kilted In
woundedareCapt. AabbelSmHb,
* Lieut. Gallagher, Q. NHjjfji
. E. Joea, W. W. J «)M
per cent od thfs
labor, t«
of their
#!«■* the
fiiási '■
fTI|1 Wwl o
i addretf
r*lo* « Í
r*^l end p-rs >e*' propeft
<ied and ap-
iamrset of
farthe wtfrakn m at
r ■■*.:
E%a Wtf nolan
•f fWM«J*Kot Dm rfchl!* *****"••
rv fta (hiato Kit toU te 'ft*4*? **• ***'
• fee atmadteyafcfaíj trepidation.
fltam. % Jéii itrt, mirtoas to aw am
to i(i&. Il«tiAiWef tb#,
a*m af eatfrftHmsatc «M Divbfe iHrtd, Ct«*h j***
l^Jptai. $Jfce fe*a fctw , 4** w
> %S bottli ftfIA, Wtoawe'try'a c- : <<I thousand
■ ■I'M
From all tto Ufa mall u I mm sbte tocotteC,
hi kilted is UH, nor wowad-
That af tfeeanemy.a'tbtmgfe
PHlH, I thick, «nd flre or
without ambition,; I Márnn^ April 1882.
•f wot -tbí'ng that i>wr 5t> . 1 Wrote roa yesterday of the death
, a happy tosne, of Clark L. O wet end yoUug B W Houston.—►
hi* • * a —ase of, la*t nifrhi Mr. P-«.te, iir<wrly paAir of the
of his own great Meji-o, now q carter master, sad Sir. Tnrtort,
|h"t aH far s «an■ sutler, tefarmsd a*a t Cspt. O wen of
sr «lavare to his rrglamnt, was bot is the bowels, •* It
Í Intel bte hnaorvd Iteac* nridge taspita!, aot dead, threw dsrs
a ftmUrg place la b*« ws slate • bal iba Jihysiataa pnwoaocad bin inevf
•ItttoderfvU B - orned. Hnwtoa e « k*iwn t« haee beea hadlr
by ftarj pa-| at'saded. .';;S6rtea the battle be had ant toes
fheard ínv ; réiftore had preraited Out h«frs«
the law sf fofarral ' is" soum? hsaptpif. bal eoold aol to tmead, end
Vail aad -rallaat'j an* de*mai tn|reHib)e; he «nay ha prisoner.
la the front m hi* c-m anT," Jnl« Stewart <>? Ualtreton, Is ttoiasief—ad
sadl aUtoatghsAm| ordered back, he ati'l prv^- heard f^nalaa tv■- t-a-t'-.
mi la tfea Isaac, a*tjf the Faioí «easenfef lard j th* arelJ dt\«d. Moore's fPC^aeat «ra Si
fe- toa¿ m As ea%rshle Mi of fW il. b Monterey, It tintes tr«a Corialh. P-Hrty Set
9-* *aNf aad jfaHHf. lili jtof. alao been j,/ the araaoded at Hi -Hurst, w*ar Jaeksnn.
•"•P' i^*aa la bia n asa . - '1^w*>Wa|r eso Pa* C Brooks, of C vi. M<xire's rejrlmeaf, esi
a aa"hiíhaa la hte pannt<*i|^th- kilted^
sad aad loss of ttoir proaoistOf sad brsr^ Os Tharaday las . Opt. Morfstl and others
sao, « le that fee Ai*j as tfte hrare l^re hiiaafht *hh'm o«r liajfc^rea haadred pri*.
VdK aa fÉa toltte ie!d. f.,r thr liberte rf bis r.ptsrrd n *a«4pírtles«á Taeadsr sod
s Ilia |.. Ttes Hod e «eh'^o.^ iitrers, l*fl«re. Thía I Irani lb« Uea*
asrit aad e«aie c«o their 1|e«s tn : his irrril V Hawea, (** of th« flon. fcicbsr# Basóte;
andtoa I haeo wit-' wpaaw t^ rv^rtee thess par- ' ^ Keotockr,) art '1 '* Woa d<?d in the bead, aril
f alsafe. T<m +&*■ bef^ yoo re-i^^y- n" M ainete*-n, hta other threr
se^ee ^h*s kasa heard as**- thaa l ess anrHs.]brothrrs sre la ;the *m«y | his father, o«a ee>-
fca^a law ta CmI. M,^'s itglM-ila!*#^ fe #iih 0<iaM
lib abnat taro totadtad. J |teara Tid aH day yaawedse that 4re ^eoboeta
edkw% b fb la oaamtstMl, • WM* * *&x *f Fort Ute ^
a the bo W behared o*r ^ as said the. Fort tod b«aa atteekad.—
|l|toB| yi|g| , {s no r* Uib'e ne^s of either «f the ra
tora to r
ss «ell as those
tvssnÉ, al thte tía , of its dis-
they,: thwrfbr , j' recommend s
s Committee
this b<dy to
. H.4H.R.
■aro aprts the
in tbs ahostructi >n "f
ILod, sctn rdin{r It
be sotmiotad
«mfitr' aith tbs Directors of
R. aad, If posstb s. ts sdbrt
by which in'erest saa to kept
nest toe arrea ay tata
brlíga far the asa
rooimst sad
Att af obich
Be H ordateed
of the City of
Tkai Umm d^ll ht
, o^B ® •
T#fa« Rwrsf^ irers la sllj1^^^1^
as* am aw
. €4 ihartoañe
É> 't=««w dees lyrWi .• ^ ? t auS-rei bieJ s nkralíl.T
is fAat epsst I -tors not. Wee shte to team
■*m ead^teat accarecy I drsijmste ^tie killed
. sad o*iaa#sd„ ' AUh«*a|rh I bar# heard of snaie
§■1 eos kfNed, ss tore te * me d,M' páncst
-1 asee thoaght a hast ~ fwt - s*tfw to B*me
! aaan~ Cel. WharMa h*d three or foar horaaaf
a CI s Tsmr ef*.a i^ t
Wiet be left On**
ta*h. tHei Ciioia-1 Terry eras be'-ter, Mr. B.i^i
isi'sMl la eAtnp.
The eoitoo is prepaid here to to barnt. Tte
. rieer,sf f W ix * > > t is i«*ha |#fifaia' ah
the Has. A írestorer¿rft # than thsn ha* nc
irarwd^ f r many years is snt'eipsted. IV
,**1 sreeor loor Df>r^*i*|jof h*re lately toaa eaíoaaíra iaall tbia son*
"* ter. aot ds «eeo*^ ^ üiáira,.r^áhagr. haya toe íto oasaas 4^
A. Ba
Ote Mayor sod A
in eoaneil coa
seessod, teated «nd
I Manteipal year, J8dl and
aaa-aightb of oaé #r seat on jtbe
all seat sad pets
tíslreetfto, to bp s
the Koatdstitdi >f
■ 4 for *m
• O'l
' • '-fafiMa' Iba laianil iJ 1 flat
' Mai «a tto' wafntaadi má .la
hoods tshaa doe, ia^ acoen
A mpoti set of the Ugfei Mra of ths StaU of Tega*
epvoeod, Joo«My ttth, .MH.
^ac t. That the tax iaipoead sad teried by
this Ur ttosose, shall be ai iia<M is tbe assie
War sod SttHaadat the s bm tiok,as.the
taatei of iMaai^. m
Sao S, Th*« this Ordiosnca shall Mks ri
aad to is ferae freaa aad after te
1% áAsfJfsp* end ifeard *ÉT
Ids ¿\> y Gtir**** I
The Treesarer beretrith eabsnits Ute Aenaal
. A 4S t #1 é a ^ ek g tft if É hfc^O
o*o|VaWI W aw ^O ■^V9WfTVPQV^Q Mi "ef "MP
Ci y of Oelreotoo, foe the year palling F<|rs|
ary 2$ih, iMi: ; .: |
W**- IV>osrht a wes
hridtie fWmi d e I «tend of Gal
inis Point, oakba ta«< I, and to
b wtoisdae. Hi i' |
thdlóiiifaiaiii of th*
snaarrJith, lWtfJ™
WM, 9. That the taaÉÉHnAeiB^ ^ted hf
this Ordnance, shall hesNHwTtn the tno
way, aad InlteeiRd at'tUe a t e time, sa the<Hh«r
Uses of this clrr
Hip. I. That this Ordn«nee «hall take effect
aad bs ia fores fn m sod sft-r its passsge,
Oo motion of Ahfanaaa lluribui, tbe ft 'es
were saapsadai ; said Ordaanee
tecond tina sai snanimoosly a _
Ths ^losrlag coasewateatioe wss
fro the Aaesesner f the Way Tas j
Oommmmicati#* fmmtkt A*m**or of
Tear/to tk* (My mnd Commit of tí
fwe. . mfl
Will Bis Boaor, ths Msror. esaee a retnrn of
square*, Ac., A„ used fur the ase ««f the pnhlir.
Although «H aoeh f.rnperfy is eieoipt, it will
be neassaary to show • n the Assessor's books;
the porpoasa for which the «*roe i«W*d.
The AsshmoT wonld,) «Im>v rnrteat, that tfte they
hoard of Alderiooo, iatw anc il «sieaibted this
eeeoteg, woatd coaiHer the law reapet-tirtg the
'ax on fsTriee *od bridges, which are assessed
uoder the Isw far rahwdg a reeeoae h defrsr
the rxpeasaa af the arar. Koa te
•orto tasnsge tbs tax oa the I
Ik# ksy - '-S' ■'"¿is T 2: I
' JIMay April st, mi.
Os >oo of Alderman Grurer, all ths poi
•a of the asid c* m anie«Aion that relates to
«he Bailraad bridge «ras referred to tin Bridge
C<>tsm titee.
L. 8. Wood A 0>*« «eeonat for enila,
waa referred to Cnasoi i (tee en
AcdteMt^e.«•,.. . • • • . ....... . •.«. jJ-ÍP
And^slsa, Mgrpby A Ssnd^rsos's aca>iaot k
gas fixtares •......• •*>.. f........... as
:; ' Ths Wowing saaied sceoonia were audited
ef aad ordered In be gai^ to wit:
10# 4t
■ fl 00
H. B^holrdtHlgar, workonenr S". i 8 50
O. fcobieneeamrtng aate*naes I «
H'Opital rhy icisa%oaooaot f r March. 23d 04
[«•mphta Arslsncbe. #
—This distinguí*hcd
I .now a ca|t:
ocropany, a#ttl m wottndrd
taihe little of Slitloh, and is now
tth'a, in our city. We ars io-
t ta kte able to tatc to h ia
he is doing w« H, and may aooo
" on dotv lie is a
tbe arar, fíe
if ta of health, tnlU
ipteheijílíng er«
He is kttoWn thr<uigtowl !
ioeot and n Eurepesii i
ited Texas as ttioi
her stragpjte* for iudepeoder
to our city so excel len t, ««com-
haiHi* . .
taentar apon his martial d«
like a tiger, a^ did the
[Tdga«. Texam never fail
attle field «hare
lata tbe war i*-gap.
and daring and int
tanks Nffo^d to ho State* in
O' tho world !
ero AccnaBU from N
Mexico, j
« <a¥ ■ ' n
Lom at
^ 1'
I Kite
ahí* ta W
Usa Mrxits,
om r
Lrwis A
of ihn
M 47
■ Jlorth.;
" litt, snfBt-ient to
'lbr«^ihefeb lseaj
atoras enongb u
ths, ■' -ffef.-Tóri' ia tb"
frontier, being t5t
3t Arat high. and a
Pnsoniers In Coaledi ra te
Casualties in MooreV Regiment.
■ 4—— ■■'' ■ *a* '* ■".i
RiCBMOiW, April 17.-0fldál dispeMtot*-
éatrtd tela algHt from on ths Paaín als,at«n
IfcTT t" tneaiy énmasenead a furloas k idHkrd-
Bnes «I hslf psst t o'clock ycatar«
r, eoationiag until T p m. Thaa
í« «a attack up">o our aentrs, sodarsra
splendidly repaUad.
Tbrj tfhfd to f«Tce Geo. Q^b*t
tween Irxe' and Wsgaor's mills.
. They waded tha^creek, sod, fhf a tanatent,
ix-cupi d soma of oar rfl# pia, hat <toy arerá
drireo Ogt and repnlsed wiih heary kr a.
Oar tnoofw bebared nobly. Al !• o'clock
f. M ,all was quiet.
Oar ítm araa «O jtilW, itieladlng Ool,
rt of Jflit 15th Korth Carqifna
it. Stl over 74 wo<anded; 8 artil-
killed, and a lioaitxer disabled.
April !• —I o the Peaate to-
ll was repertod by lbs Committee
I Affairs 10 raiae the rate of poatsge
on «ingle letter* to trn etnta after tha I
The hill w*« placed on the calender.
on fla^a did mu
ThaOlk liraaair and <1wy would
the deaign agwd opon
report was present
■ aktetl
mI ^^1 'I*1
half way he-
gtM secodbts
Their foree k d,0ft§. All
illrr, Jackaoa'a farct ^
afly. 5o indicationa of as early angada-
nr incma
rf# «tera tr, sa:^'
tM ni'-t t*e
Gai.rxsri>v, April It'«♦.IS'*!?, I
-a"*lnwi¿?wrai2?"rw!,L '
•*- ■^Wted, tfiete own fof.o- j BaidSngrr. Retesase, Parrow,
t** iMh w^■■• . g.r ag tb m th-i coQteniK of Barlbaft, Jwrkef, K K*o t«r.
aaar as* cli'at'S drew a^sw sabres and i^bed| !^*^®<nvBam^^t«rna«. s6d>
f .-r ft.-r w .
- 1- ^ ¿Li-' _fa_ kilt-a t«o A patii-on was received-from J)
f V 11 ***"< r«*<* *j 1 ' ^kmg a redactan m t< e s^m-nt if
toafr Issi tfty. to A ©«datte ar.J >?,v^ lo Or. in .:i n, ssid petition wis
ifiñtoa Ihn. Culms silk i '-IIÉ 't 'S'j I*- lit "il r ri ill r 11 til l ' '. ' «V
ateas Wmsada<l. TSta «Utecaaat.I.: hear11'- !. The.spplieatK>s-« f F. L. Jdnemaaa ws«
KmniwatktM; t«v«W•««*<>! wy«w« t* *"«« "
-tig tr ú*m -U*1 (Bífcrrsd to Mi*et Oah it«e«.
7 V T r"*l TT!I / ' The rKllm <•( I>~B A R rdtll, avk|r>g that
aam ftoai Mr E<faarde ef Baa Anmafa, wbotth^>0^f m w ^ ,efa8 led to íbem, ernoaat
aas'-iatást«^v t^at M j *r Harri# o seted io f.«f Tax so*crpMd bf lttou for ttoyear
Cm mm gaita * am ir and kiltel fmr wrtb Oa «úOstlra^ tbe asnas ass gr*otsd.
H rn Ssi -¿ i Ths Rgportsaf yraa ,#rer aad, Mai ahi| aapa
km wwMk t ' tk. lM«írr^**í- V«f.x B Mdb, Fin .
sf tbe t
1 beard
^s k«wkr Of Ais great j ^ Rej^rt aest receiT^d ftona (inanes Gadi
^ lisrr« m*k? «be «late- mi(W witb the Asniw| ^,hé Trea#urer
Be tras «ofaatee* Aid ta t$a General. f./T 1 1-2, wbieh is atfalows ;
yVea usases W re hit déariS, he s ked if bel To Hit JI n r, the Mkfr and Board vf
,mm b«rt , to «CfCsd the bou««a f kte b>wt! Átdermm: ^
• t M kát tu ... ^ . i* .. fi4|. Y< ur soderaígned Committee Oa F nsnoe aad
AattC bal ha «ras o> aft. ii^al k i s JUrcuar-, herewwh s< hmii ths Treasurer's An-
;as ewtaay plaoíed a batuap flpd w « níMj K*¡r'rt, which tb« ibd ti Tect,and wh^h
i raS fere n tli i fns|(Í0a whsra! embraces oo.y tbe acttisl r-ee'|>¡s ü>d dwbnrse-
■i k ur rm ttot to**ry; h« griioi^di nSarDo« Tvtt.
.+«*> 9*** íhsorésr ta tto C Im^I, h U> g%re fjfbr Csattrurtioa,
^ tn • .< men jo sdrsscc, aod Jtnmc- i hesriog « p<^ét interest,. 33¿3¿ 33
||j¡|^taaraed aad reportad ths «rA^r giren 'and - - - - ■
•f.S*Caa ad^. ^fp*ltNa|
■ tal udar l*e
C< mmittee, were sd «pted.
>*í tai .tris ,
r, aad d Seaasd
ity, ría:
sd seportid kto # rdtr giren snd . « ia or ^«warsettoo, . t .
tme fee ssrs, eoold sot 67
" ya cowi w sm Issued contingent
b a«vs. O í b a retém, from thereto for Contracti*-cra#
Al «M paid h* f t
«ios B aae Bo. *...
AnM<aot paid frr ssftetoa
of Fire Dj arta>s t......
Aaaount pad far f*rte a
Amt peid for Printing. .
Amo«nt p ltd far taxes fa*
Amount paid far capense
Msyor'a «flics repairs..
A in iiam paid for Bight
^ *tc|k«Se « ....... i •, . . ..
f«r atectios
IIHSs* *
Amount paid far Boads re-
Am'nt pmd for H^aeeatoa
Amount pild far 1>« kill-
lag ...t...........
Am a t paid fiw M.litary
sad Citr defsnse t..
Aaaamt paid Aasw e w and
Collector far Assessment
tsn 4S
504 43
II tt
181 M
J.430 M
' M
*M 99

Raeahrad CBy Tase ...... 1«,M5 42
do far sak Bond s
(Cia«defease).......:,.* A
Rre'dCHy faraste Bo^ds.
do do da do do
Treav at tt. la|HifiaC 4M tt
Recti red far Barhnr das« ^821 73
do do Licenses.... 2,498 18
do do Market..... 4,1 It «5
do do Mar«ra Co art 212 85
Ttji Ü
150 00|dt,tT3 «
da Gratrtt.
ft '
d ^-^'s rate t. 41,«. } <• ked l sn if he was I>raw and rej>* «, *t ^0
is a« 4 fm, to tras afraid be wss acrera- [9** 't^crast'.
14,000 Ot
imo% Ssrift utSt^ eTgr"i e ta ra ata a?* to I®11 °ht«h)ad orar oa/enemies, "a ho dosa tnk
drawn Feb. 28,1862, 1S^28 1^"Itesw that a rietay ahtained by as in 'I ennee-
s«K. |a«t
CivrxAL Fc*®.
tbe rein lail from bia banda!
mMRPI orer
ho sartdte
■awf af Mann's ted ■ lis
rants ««« «f tho tea, helped bun «id; sod laid i
H. « • ir'wtm,
pailor a uMa ; to.earwed him-with aWsrk : . ...... 1tU$ «3
Itot <ttM^jtt- ant- be know a, got sa amhulaace Bonds for Military defea- ■jatemi
t m s. tto erar. •«* lf rt ,ft'
was tn a a:«"png p-s¡ . . .. ■
. J Z^t . . Boods bearing 12 per el
i jat S*** hocee sod tok * M#000
• taaorts boar log toperct ín-
! wria%,. ..i.............. 15,Ttt
is ü>r MiliUjry defea-
bearing It |«r ct ia-
tost sad brarest try destiaed t.
Me* «li*^h, Terry and 0weO,
550 Ot
UoamaL Fcko.
f*-< m Island It. Bo ant'
;surer's Report.
114,000 00
35,70t 00
1^03 05
3,404 72
JDiaav aaxuxirrs.
aa fol «me toflNt sadared mors than tbay ¡ Total 161,tt7 777
Thaf laatetad as hmg as. pnaaibte ¡ fair-) Which, with xnpaid checks, will smannl in
Sid tons baeu s waats sf life jtbe aggrcgal t >, asy 1183 000.
wili bare ! To P*1' fa' tbe payment OÍ coupr.ns and
"v n. «n«re^ ícnrreat <he city, roer Coman tb*e
"" thave wi report, that there will be s Urge deftest
w.B ont eircad s tbou-.teijuret..^.. is all its br«Sch«*. Ths barte ar
s ^ that one of .their dues, which baa toreMfare to-u a a nrce . f
k - - « _L_ ^fasmditrahte wrtaaa teah to tbe Oesaeal aa
«tr« X s ^ ## ^ ^ ^mid.has since the ftr-l
ifeick. t v -tl timber, of duly last, ceased to auks retams; white
tto Bus pit I tea to be m r>ed . There witl
be a great falKng «dr m receipts U>r liceossa,
markst rtot, an Í uics oa mercha^lix- «nd
rem *'d from the city } with a diminu-
to us ralee of real estate, fa «*« of
A Ti< uot paid Hospital phy- .
sicisn f^2 83
Asiaat poid hr
Burials 1« 38
A antead paid far repairs... 153 83
Ataoaal totaaet fa. Bth,
1882 3,481 72 313^6150
Recti rrs.
Amonot balance March 1,
1881 ... lO.Olg 88
Aatoant for bridge tax.... 8 047 71318,083 78
Í)l BCfcaEM«NT9.
Amount pdd fatereat ou
bridge bonds IJi|i 33
Baiancs Feh. 28, 1 J.....13^77 13318,003 78
To am'nt of Bospits! Fund
Feb, 3ft, MW2
3,404 73
To sswvwni of Bridge Fund
yi2wx|#'¿luiil fnaJ16^? W lf'
♦tesen fan
and ser
Ban W4
On mot tea of ililafMn'
^pe^^es aa^
tíos af the Comar Hee%
Ü . fiap- .flrlOf r$*i,' f illlBt • IV - f WW." . •• Aa| gM^dÉ '
facte, mor t>irmitt«s w<-nld reenmmend j
o, ^ lkUM
et./, ud ,1 Ita
tins of ear sSiira
V*n Duns's army from Artonaas and
m TaatNMsec, tht Army Argns aayt:
Bo slat villi traa half ad err tto fall hi see
order to more our troops And the W«
of the Mtes^ssipfd was dictsiodj
wisdom. The recent battle fc
h by tfuops, many of wh <m h*d
m Virginia, from Pensaoda, I
lias a, aad Texsa, artorela
luit mis Iniiiirti it fí, >■ ;m
■ auTaw. wus *-*-. • a* m
shows Btel moat snnclnsteuty.
muring our tmops from Arkansas and Misan
tbe enemy will siso me/s hla troop*#om \
ssme Sutes.
Is Isot R will fVas. MíHS^ari sad Arkansas
from Federal truopSj Sod suable Use lamiera to
plan; their eropa. Wby wno'd tbs Federals
wish to iavade Mteoouri or Arkansas, if we tod
a* army tu either ? Bs kaowa that if We heat
him in T eoussaes, «ra will n>areh .idto Loaia-
rilte, Padacah, Cabro aad SL Louis, and be will
send eetry soldter to prevent as fh* whijipiog
bias there* ft it plain, then, that br gtdng
TeSrieHfltft wq arej|i'iig'.in Mlssonti by sno«ia
sad aerar mod. uateed of euteaiog Missouri |
by tto South we-t, we tbsll enter it un tbe ea- t.
Br the oas rstoa ear Jbeare army under Tan
Dora aad Pries wnuld'sOter with..«<
tHs chaace of reinfamementa, at poiats wtore
the enemy o uW, by means of the railroad«
leadiog from m. Louis, aeod immense numbers
to Impcdt our adr«nce; while, by tbe efher
route through Tennessee, «or army will march
alore with the «pteodtd srmtes under Floyd,
Pillow, Polk, Bardee, Bragg aad Bean
which ara n rw flushed with a splendid
i all i
had Ciftumd
Tsxaas^ ; (. -¿l
to«we«a Santa F« and Fort
the Ü24 I
with Fort Crsijr arl|lto
mmst ■ i rpi rr t\t «3adft^ '"r^T
a" vBll ^ elf UM | jt
Marca I, . j¡
.11,812 14
tiraaaialRtkiMl tax _ ■ ci* *<L« asii* at*thia$' that ato Is far the t ime orerrua.-^
_ 1 * ^ Tbe Federate haye a foothold in ererr Aaitbern
Stste. Tbi asme thing existed during: tlm re-
ro'ution that (xteta now. For aereral years
as* is iaat as rateable to Mteaourf as if
ad oa her «oil t Missouri ia oas of the Confed-
erate States, and Congres* aod the
bare declared that no !**« ♦ Will bs ftade wi?h
the United States that d< es m>t fncladt her. £lt
this aft-rnrvm as
s abort dii^tsnrn
Gen. Breckin-
snd F.^rritet and
who captured
cbtssd the remaindi r
ineatt of iofsntr r tbal
pparltl'em. íntbeconft*-
\ the Federsla, they ftr. d!
, and woun<ed and kül-1
'd. Forrest rwelred a
near ths spine,
It is not tbon.'ht
Tia attire Federal
te' el y fail toclt in erfdswl
sttataihed a losa la hBled
orer two hundred,
4 m ml t m fa iwr xémiaI W
ct#di ifwiflboS'Wfc^' whldb I^ooi ' si
you captured
'hseu demt jreur d\
General thanks you.
tre proud a#
of Shi loh,,
result of your rn'or.
s> dyn
AiAs*' 1
Gv * l 6t f I'
i. xre.^%* I
ua to with our faifce**,
foitbr of Bia faror
«u Jent or pcñflh ü
O. T;
ad is
to ha
that lilis tfaÜSi
ini'rCn'n plaj
Bp flf. Fish
, to te to ac
whote Btatea wefS cí>mp'etelr «*r, rrun. New.
Y«Tk eay remsiftsd to posarjpdfteof the Krjush
throughout the war. They hold l >r a tima
t'hiUdelpbil, Richmond, Morfnlk and Charlea-
too, and yet we conqu^ri-d at l^st. We are
atn«ager lo-day ttoa ne ^áreerer bean befare.
Our patriotism te awe ana lft*h. We srede-
our Ima aod our fórtam-s to ths r«d
ia a man aer arc hare aerer done Itelore.
Nótwríth*Unr!ing tht gloom which has
bOea hanging orar the land, theOerinao ef-
tixenadf Comal ooaufy have mrtb«*n behind ^
their ncighbiai* la tariiing out to fa^it the
hattlet t r their adopted country. Oal of a
M " -ion of abowt but which
ility must barn'
^^ **dlteims^m^a* '
^ s 11 m1! s la 9$ ^pt
but heftm* it
rhPt^iTtsfACTiojt 15 Tax F««axL Aanf.—
IuformatKm, derirsd from psntea who hars
jast rrturudl from Bastnl e (**y* ths Mefa-
phis Argus,) say* thai iaat weektsru Kentucky-
Ref intents. Col. Man son and Col. Prise, ens
marctied scrt ss the rirer i oto Kdgefieid, and
dMmodsd. CM. Msnaon ma le a s| eeCh to the
regiments, teitiot that to did n4 intend to fight
another, dsr far Linodu'i Abotitioo iiormr-
roeut. LerialatioO upoa <^ e slsrery ouesthm
was ths csu«a of ths rteflmeota belt* disband-
•d. The Abolition gwrer ase tit tot tt°* m*ny
ia Us asryica who wwnhl be gladlo resign, hut
than 45(),tW«raiv|HH|
in the field. For ths out-
ifleayiotf/o* ^ #a * pp«^ ^ titel*
^ _ ahsr&ee, aryerxl thou-
lappa torn suhseriljrd, and the
rt tendered fti 00 to tlv «imimit-
with attend hi j? to the dinj ofci.
fonda, la on* family, there ars
and Ota d falhrr is
white he
, supfMat me w ets of
tit *< estnptieu to
.Mm, M ^ <n* / vnftttiiaw, oeot ton
old meo are loft to (o*dt aftar At
which it lall tto family tore todepsad
for a Nxwa, ^ :.H|
a* -
fen Which h a
t hadutr fl a
baftl# is
ful, and after
pa §f«pia« i aatppa •• •" "a c^i ivw .wiser.- ww^na ww* %
. ..18.877 13 18,330 T8 are preranted fr>>m sod« iu|f.
srJilsir " " *',ul M tk i**!***.
of th> l tb UH:
MlFs late uddrtkmplJ^la|ai that ame dia^
saWaciion eaiats in tfr« Federal army siooe it
got into Tenncasee. Thia f ading am «ite al
awst to umtinr at J|a*hfiJI«. Tb- 5.^b- Wjia
mmtM * >l .ipir/utt'te 'slart
free navigation of Hi
re hat s no d 'sp"«itii«
iaibs - Botfb .
| Iafta^aM«rtW Cangrena, on the 5lh inst^
Mr. GrVhdm, of Texas, oSLied lbs fallowing :
M^/ae7tWf Tlitt tbs Ctrtum'ttee of Wire ta 1
Me «na be inettsr ad to inquire l«dn the <
tacy of s isa ni exempt Irom tsxatlou,
re await
5, ; V
.t ,,
%} kill
«i 'i4-
i ¡

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