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... Short Sketch on Armstrong County History - Claude News History of Growth and Development of Armstrong... County --- Inez Christian Doshier A Short Sketch on Armstrong County History --- Claude News Growth... and Development of Armstrong County *- Mrs. C.B. Hunter Recollections ----------.... ---- . W. W. Hood History... Products of Armstrong County ..---. Writers Project Temperature Rise Was Welcomed -----* Claude News... -- Olive K. Dixon From Claude Argas ublished 46 years ago Armstrong County * Miscellaneous - Writers

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... Organization of Armstrong County by Flizabeth CollinT Beker There is no definite record..., Wheeler and Armstrong countie former one county. This county was Wheeler County. Iast Armstrong County... of the dates durfii, which Arms rong County was once a Tart of other counties. But we do know that this county... was once a part of Tnm Green County. Tom Green County at that time included Jack, Wheeler, Danley... and Armstrong counties. As can be seen that included * large amo nt of territory. In later years, of which we

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... and Animal Inspector. Armstrong County was named for one of five noted inmstrorgs of an early day in Texas.... It has not been decided as to which one of the early day Texans of the Armstrong name, the county..." and the people took his adv-ise sine SIc which time the County seat of Armstrong County had been C AUE71i. he... z mstrong County The first Ccmissioners Court of Arnstro g County met in the Claude iotel... on Monday, March 17, 2190, with the followin: officers appointed as County officials for the temporary

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... Armstrong County The club motto, written in the minutess "Make the best better". On a hot day... with the able assistance of Mrs. Vaden, the new agent for Armstrong County. Soon even the men of the families... of the county federation of Armstrong County clubs, and does its part toward making that organization a success... were attending the demonstratkns - and oe" j'ng them. Under the successive assistance of the county... of the club for their home town benefit, was their paying of Mrs. Vaden's salary after the county

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... Armstrong County Fir t Riailroad in Armstrong County In 1P87, the pioneer residents of Armstrong... County saw the first big black "iron horse" come snorting and parting across the prairies. That first... some time. "hat should they name it? The railroad had dubbed the little switch Armstrong. Should... Armstrong it remain? While they were thus cogitating, the engineer with the idle curiosity swung himself up... for the Denver road. John Hloffer, the first county

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...-five thousand dollars. J. N. lanmer founded the first newspaper in Armstrong County in 1*94. The Inadian seare... Light Company in 1928. Clause is the only city or town in Armstrong County that has electric lighs.... In 1924, city water was put into the eian of Claude. Claude is the only town in Armstrong County that has... in Armstrong County that has gas.... in Arastrong County. A city well and tanks were put up in 1892 on the courthouse square. The jail was built

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... and again I shall live, live in the grass and trees and flowers of Armstrong County. Wse, the common people... in the arhandle of Texas. To the members of the Armstrong County Development Club and especially to that vital.... This county was the home of my irlhood. I have laughed and wept there. M ay graves are in that cemetery

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... Armstrong County civilization. Daninty curtains were provided for the windows, towels, wash basins... community, like that of Worthy, benefited from the decision of the commissioners' court of Armstrong County... women in Armstrong County. Thus ends the first chapter and the second begins. The aim... of the demonstration clubs in Armstrong County was to foster a keener interest and enthusiasm in home-making, based..., resulting from t-e efforts put forth by the members of the Worthy Club, to employ a county demonstration

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... Armstrorng County the early days of Panhandle civilization. The Lakeview school in Armstrong... in Armstrong County. Some sixteen years before that time, Mr. Christian had entered the service of the famous... in raising Hereford cattle. r. and Mrs. T.S. Cavins are pioneer residents of Claude and Armstrong County. Mr.... Cavins came to the Texas Panhandle before Armstrong County was organized. For years he was the president... teaching certificate b attending a summer school, became one of the pioneer teachers of Armstrong County

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... Armstrong County lESTEOZ'46 COUNTY, SC LLAEJS Barly mail routes Early architecture First..., Armstrong County, was erected ix 188e . obntil recently, it was the home of *rs. L. h . thorn, the first... railroad Ar~strorg County peior~ers how Claude ot its namre Early :"ail Routes The first rural ma-il route... in Armstrong Count.- was established in 1915. i. Scott iaycock received the appointment to be the first rural... route to be established in the county. tri-weekly route, route I, ws cr-ated and r. J. R. Hickox

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... Armstrong County J. M. HOWY LIEDD SULAY, JULY 30, AT ANANTONIO 1958 J. M. "Jim" Howe, died Sunday... of Armstrong County, Monday, Aug. i, 1938 at 2 F.M. at the Methodist Church, with the pastor, Rev. G. E.... At the age of 11 he moved to Armstrong County with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Howve and spent... to San Antonie for treatment. Mr. Howe was one among many of the old timers of this County, having spent.... Turrentine in charge. r. Howe was born in Collin County on July 11, 1878, and died July 30, 1938, in the home

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