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... Armstrong County FIRST BARBER IN ARMSTRONG COUNTY - 1875 In 1875, Doc H oward was on the Jo A.... Ranch and was supposed to have been the first barber in Armstrong County. He cut the boy's hair with a

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... HISTORY OF ARMSTRONG COUNTY VOLUME II Compiled by The bman' s Development Club 1939 Bound

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... Armstrong County HISTORY OF THE JONES FAMILY Mr. and Mrs. ~i. E. Jones were born in Louisiana.... They moved to Texas in 1876; they came to Armstrong County in September, 1889. They filed on land eighteen... and made their home in Armstrong County. Mr. W. E. Jones's first occupation was farming and stockraising... in Clarendon, Texas, moving his family out of Armstrong County for six or seven years. He then moved back... to Armstrong County and returned to his former occupation of farming andstockraising. The second rural public

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... -2- Armstrong County By this time, Mr. Christian had severed his connection with the J. A. Ranch... ago, is on the north rim of the Palo Duro Canyon, which divides Armstrong County. Of late years... today. Four children, all married and living in Armstrong County, are: Jones R. Christian, Mrs. Lloyd V..., with other men, made trips to Mssouri each year a d slected bulls to bring into the county. One other child

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... Armstrong County FIFfT YEARS ON THE PLAINS Febj 20, 1939 Fifty years on the plains in the golden... of Armstrong County had to face, however, they neither regret having done this Mr. Jones was born in Bradly... County, Arkansas, He eane to Armstrong County in September, 1889. Mrs. Jones was bern in Ellis County.... The ranchers, the railroads and then the nesters makked the progress of Armstrong Coenty. The development

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... -10- Armstrong County yet unknown. Since the death of Mrs. Adair, attempts have been made to find

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... Armstrong County He went to Washington in behalf of the A.A.A. program, and in 1857 he

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... Armstrong County During Jim and Molley's last visit together in the Panhabdle, Jim sold the *Nest

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.... RcClendon and their families, he arrived in Armstrong County in November. Then a stream of imigration from... Collin Counti trickled into Armstrong County and I honestly believe that Collin County furnished more... settlers for Armstrong County than did any other County in Texas. Some of our former Collin County friends... who settled near us in Armstrong county were: Mr. and Mrs. Henry Lynch, Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Timmpn, Jim... Hibbitts, Father had a well drilled soon and no more was it necessary for us to haul water. Armstrong

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... Armstrong County NRS G. o. VINEYARD, 92, PROMINFIT PANHANDLF CITIZEN, DIES HUMB Mrs. Mildred... Armstrong and Potter County citizen will be held Monday afternoon at 28tclock from the Blackburn... in 1889, settling in Montague County. From there they moved to Armstrong County in 1891, where they were... the funeral service, Mildred Caroline Drummond was born April 15, 1845, in Gwinnett County, CGa. She

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... -4D Armstrong County Bibliography 1. Burton, Harley True, History o tof J Ran, Van Boeckmann..., 1935. 5. Potter County Libary, records. 6, Winter, Nevin O., Tex the Marvellous, L. C. Pa ge

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... -3m Armstrong County The sun peeped over the hills that morning to see only a pile of ashes

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... Armstrong County Preface This paper has been written for the readers and lovers of past events

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... -6 . Armstrong County in the Claude cemetery. Mr. Stewartts sister moved to Claude and lived

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... .6. Armstrong County of lands, owned, under lease, and that grazed without lease covered more than... and at different prices. The first land purchased was 12,000 acres located south of Washburn in Armstrong County... a million acres in Floyd, Hall, Briscoe, Donley, Armstrong, Swisher and Randall counties. Besides... at this point for two years when, in 1879, it was moved to Palo Duro near the southeast corner of Armstrong... County. Prices for land purchased ranged from 20 cents an aere to 35 cents The largest single tract

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..., adjoining Creek on the south, and lay in the extreme southeast corner of Armstrong County. Also, a part..., and in the southwest corner of Donley County, but the most of it actually lay in Armstrong County, but all... of Armstrong County, and probably did not cover more than 50or 60 sections in all. It was an ideal place... of what was then known as the Flats, lies in the North central part of Briscoe County... connection of the community life of the county in which they actually lived, and we feel sure

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... Armstrong County Another Old Pioneer Goes to His Reward Mr. C. M. Luttrell May 26, 1859 - December... came into the Luttrell home after it had been transplanted to Armstrong County. When the Panhandle sun... and their children have done more to discover, and develop the possibilities of Armstrong County than any other one... to the development of our county. Mr. C. M. Luttrell was born near Mulberry, Tennessee, May 26, 1858. He was the son..., whose home is Hidalgo County, in the Rio Grand Valley. Lawson Luttrell of Lebanon, Mo., died a few years

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..., thus his first and every vote has been cast in Armstrong County. It is interesting to note that only... Ben. Christian J. C. doodburn UNUSUAL FACTS 1940 marks Armstrong Count's golden anniversary - fifty... who came west to punch cows the year the County was organized - which happened to be his 21st year.... There are several lone graves scattered over the County, the identify forgotton. Mrs. John Gorin was the second... young lady in the County - she being a close "runner up" to Mrs. Emma Hawthorn. VALUE OF LITTLE THINGS 4

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... Armstrong County If there were some way to compute the sum of all their efforts the answer would... of us appreciate what your lives have meant to us and our county just as much as we know how. May you

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... Armstrong County MR. AND MRS. J. 1. CHRISTIAN PIONEERS OF ARMSTRONG COUNTY Many were the young men... of thirty-six years in Armstrong County. Always progressive and alert to civic improvement, they have helped... in every good move toward the growth and development of the county. It was in 1889 that Jim Christian, a... youth of twenty years, left his boyhood home in Jack County, Texas, and came on horseback to the JA... that he returned to Jack County and brought his bride, the former Miss Georgia Jones, to the camp

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