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Sapt 14. 18W.
earnings from commissions and from plants itself firmly against fusion and tainted populism of the candidates
the loans of money by the bank depart- pledges its unqualified support to the named by the Cincinnati Convention,
ment shall be equally divided between national ticket nominated at Ciucin- Hon. Wharton Barker of Pennsylvania,
the stockholders and the farmers who nati. The state ticket nominated is as and Hon. Ignatius Donnelly of Minne-
may be the holders of non-transferable follows: For supreme court, 3. F. sota, and our belief in their fitness for
bonds of the company Lana of Susquehana; superior court, courageous, uncompromising and sue*
A hearty laugh indicates a
In order that the business of concen- D. O. Coughlin of Luzerne; state tread- cessful leadership, we proclaim them degree of good health obtain-
tration may be facilitated in the hands urer, Andrew Story of Crawford.
of the Farmers Federation and the Wharton Barker, who wa s a dele- pledge to them our support
work of emancipation speedily gate to the convention, spoke briefly, As American citizens honoring the
He Laughs Best
Who Laughs Last."
as the candidates of our choice and do able through pure blood* As
but one person in ten has
. , , . v pure blood, the other nine
accomplished, it is further provided by explaining the present position of tae mem0ries of our forefathers who dar- should DUrtfv the blood <U)ith
the by-laws that there may be issued People's party in other sections of the et} fight for liberty, and cherishing the c ««*///* 77*^**
ten million dollars of five per cent, country, telling of the active work oe- rules of eternai rectitude they handed 7? oarsapanua* 1 nen
twenty year debenture bonds of the lug done in the South and elsewhere in down to us, we are shamed and humil- they Can laugh JifSt, last and
company, or so much thereof as may organizing for an aggressive campaign lated by ttje war of "criminal aggres &U the time> for perfect hap-
be necessary to purchase the business next year. He further stated it as his si011" being carried on in the Philip-
purchase the business and good-will pi Arm belief based upon information ,pineg where we are doing under the
the commission houses of Chicago, Horn reliable and influential quarters, fold8 of our flag> that stands for so
Kansas City Omaha, St Louis and that Bryan would fail of the Democrat- much, much the same thing that we
New Orleans. ic nomination and that Gorman would righteously chastised Spain for doing
It is said that farmers will not stand be tJie probable nominee. He said with in Cuba—putting forth our efforts to
together, that they cannot be organiz- the ]ines thus drawn, Populists need crush a people whose only crime is
ed for mutual protection, and as proof not despair of electing their candidates proclaiming the truth that govern-
°I 7a "I ,, i iiis remarks were recived with mark- ments are constituted for the benefit
o e old Grange and the > ai mers Al- ed attention and enthusiastic applause of the governed, that all just govern-
liance. But neither one of these once .« , * .j* A ^
powerful organizations "had any provl- J' ' atr°*ter- on the consent of the
slon In Its constitution for the mutual T? an 8 governe<1' and wh0 have the courase
Populist of the state, was present as to defend these truths, against over-
all invited guest, and spoke a few whelming odds, with their lives. We
words, in which he pledged his earnest protest against this staining of our flag
support to the cause of Populism. consecrated to the cause of liberty,not
The Platform adopted, which takes of oppression, the cause of self gov-
■perfect hap-
piness comes with good health
Hood's Pllla cure liver Ills; the non-Irritating and
oply cathartic to take with Mood's 8ar aparllla.
protection of the agricultural class.
Neither the old Orance nor the Far-
mers' Alliance ever thought of the idea
of appointing agencies to sell at a prof-
it the products of their labor.
The old Grange and Farmers Alli-
ance were expensive institutions each
requiring an initiation fee for member-
ship and the payment of monthly dues.
Any farmer of the United States can
We guarantee toabso.utely cure
any case of whatever kind or de-
gree, external, internal, blind
bleeding or itching, chronic or
recent, without undergoing any surgical operation
cr interrupting of business. Sample and partic-
clars mailed FREF Address Hermit Remeay
oompany, Suit 108 Adams Express Building, Chi-
uago, 111.
very advanced and decided grounds, is
as follows:
ernment, not of subjugation, emblem
that we would have stand for right,not
might,love, not greed;and to the Presi-
dent we say: cease to ma wraek ff
Magic Dip Needles
For looating Gold and Silver Ore,
Lost or Hidden Treasures. Circu-
lars and Testimonials Free.
P. A ft. Agency, Palmyra, Pa
We, Populists of Pennsylvania, as-
sembled in State Convention this sev- dent; cease to make war upon the Fili-
become a life member of the Farmers enth day of September, 1899, aifiirin- pinos, accord to them the right of all
Federation upon the payment of one iug our unshaken belief in the basic men born in the image of their Creator,
dollar and be exempt from all liability tenets of the People's Party as ex- the right to be free and govern them-
and from the payment of dues. pounded in the Omaha, St. Louis and selves, extend to them henceforth the
But it is not necessary that all the Cincinnati platforms, and pledging hand of protection, withdraw the hand
farmers shou!d stand together in the ourseives anew to continued aavocacy °* chastisement, bring home the troops Permanently cure* all itching, Burning, Soaley
^ ^ j . Scalp and Skin LMseas.-s, suoh as Salt Rheum. Ec-
JOOOs Unsolicited T estimonials Say
execution of this plan for mutual pro
tection. If one-twentieth oi the far-
mers of the west and south who pro-
duce corn, wheat and cotton equal to
the export demand and who should
unite with the Farmers Federation
with pledges to abide by Its rules and
regulations, protection alike could be
afforded to every producer of corn,
wheat and cotton in the United States.
Farmers organigations or communi-
or those grand principles of human lib
erty until right shall triumph over
might, love over greed, do proclaim:
That there are two great domestic
questions before the American people,
UJ the money question, and (2) the
railroad question, which involves th
trust question. And these questions
we would solve by the issue of papei
money lrredeemaoie in coin,and by th<
nationalization of railroads. v\'<
,, . « . . . Scalp and Skin LMseas.-s, suoh as Salt Rheum, Ec-
that are engaged in the un-American fcema. Scald Head. Chiblains, Piles. Burns, Baby
can parties uo not advocate these rneas-
ties desiring to know more about tho kuow luat me Democ,.allc M Hepub„.
plans, purposes, etc., of the Federation
can learn all about the matter by ad-
dressing, Walter H. Allen, Meridian,
work of rushing a people struggling
to be free.
To an alliance with Great Br'tain
whose ideals, though unfortunately
shared by our President, are not ours,
we are strenuously opposed, as we are
to entangling alliances with any for-
eign nation. The Monroe doctrine we
would emphasize and extend so as to
embrace the Philippines, saying to
monarchical Europe; hands off the Re-
monarchical Europeetoisnhrdiuoindlnu
Humors. Dandruff. Itching Scalp, Falling Hair
(thickening and making it Soft. Silky, and Luxu-
riant.) All Face KTuptions (producing a Soft,
Clear, Beautiful Skin and Complexion.) It con-
tains no Lead, Sulphur. Cantharides or anything
irjurious An easy, great seller. Lady canvas-
sers make fl to 13 a day. Druggists or mall 50c
Capillaries Manufacturing Co,, N. Y. Address,
low raten. Tax-lifts set up and printed.
Better write me when you get any large
order necessitating much press work or
composition. I can probably save you
money. Work guaranteed.—C. M. PARK,
Dallas, Texas.
tues. Vve Know that they stand in tne publicans of Amercans and the Phiii-
way of solving these questions, and we ppines, they are under our protection.
cannot prostitute our principles by sup-
porting the canuiaates of either of sucn
parties. The Populist does not want
a goid dollar, nor a silver dollar, but a
paper dollar that will be an honest dol-
The state convention of the People's lar, something that gold and silver dol-
party which met here today nominated lars, the volume of wmch cannot be re- pean affairs.
We cannot look uncernedly upon any
attack on their institutions, any inter-
ference with their working out their
destiny as republics, and in our turn
will in the future as in the past scru-
pulously avoid interference in Euro-
MADE: Bull-
strong. Chicken*
tight. Sold to the Farmer at WkolewO*
MMi roll; Warranted. Catalog Ret.
WlathwUr, UAUaa, 0* &
Bos Ml
We declare that where trusts and
monopolies are not the artificial crea-
tion of transportation and other dis-
criminations and that can therefore be
become a fact on earth, thus would
, „ . . ....... ,. . . . ... the power of corrupt bosses be destroy-
a full state ticket and placed it upon guiated at will by the government and Believing that our democracy should ^
a platform that is a ringing exposition in response to the demands of trade, be a democracy in fact as well as in
of true Populism and flat-footedly en- cannot be; and he does not want the name, we demand that the principles
dorsed Wharton Barker of Pennsyiva- railroads to continue to be operated by of direct legislation, the initiative and
nia and Ignatius Donnelly of Minne- corporations as preferential cariers but referendum,be extended in our system
sota as the candidates of the party but by the government us common car- of government,that the people shall be destroyed''by "the remove! of such dl*
next year for president and vice presi- riers; and seeking to secure these able to govern themselves, veto the cr|m|nations but are the growth of
dent, respectively. The nomination things and being unable to acts of their representatives who may natural conditions are and must con-
of Bryan by the People's party nation- secure them by voting for prove unfaithful to their trust, become Unue t0 be monopolies because of tho
al convention would not be listened Democrats or Republicans who their own legislators if their represen- very nature of their being, as railroads.
to by these Populists and under no clr- are opposed to these things, who tatives refuse to obey their commands, gteam and street telegraph and tele-
cumstances would they give him their are obedient to those who profit un- carry out their will. Thus would the phone lines, water, and gas and elec-
support. The convention was well at- fairly from things as they are, he must people ever hold the supreme power in ^rjc lightning plants, necessarily en
tended and representative, and all ex- support his own candidates their own hands, thus would they hold joying special rights, that the govern-
pressed themselves as determined to And therefore as true Populists do a decisive check over their servants, ment, the state, the municipality must
make an aggressive fight not only in we solemnly pledge ourselves to our thus would they put those servants in be the monopolist in order that the pea
support of the state ticket, put in noin- brethren throughout the land to sup- great measure beyond the reach of pie may be protected in their rights.
ination, but to make their party a real port straight Populists for President temptation by putting It beyond the Where monopoly canno; be destroyed,
factor In Pennsylvania. and Vice-President in 1900 and no oth- power of those servants to sell out the 0r where, being of natural growth it
By the action of Its convention today er, and asserting our supreme confl- interests of their masters, thus would a la not to the interest of the people to
the People's party of Pennsylvania dence ni the probity, ability and un- government of by and for the people destroy it, the government must be the

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