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Business Locals
Cleaning and Pressing
"Work called for and delivered
Special, attention to ladies' work
and satisfaction guaranteed.
Phone 43 Seeberger Bros.
Heavy, impure blood makes a
muddy, pimply complexion, head-
aches, nausea, indigestion. Thin
blood makes you weak, pale and
sickly. For pure blood, sound di-
gestion, use'Burdock Blood Bitter.
$1.00 at all stores 14
—See us before buying your
dress goods and trimmings. We
can save you'money.
>, Cranz & Kessler.
FOR SALE—Two span§ of
good young mules, at a bargain.
10 • Max Steinmann.
—We still have to offer a nice
line of ladies' coats.
Cranz & Kessler.
, ■ .
Must sell at once about 2 tons
fine, bright summer baled hay.
18-2 Emil Baumgarten.
k My entire stock of six car
loads of all styles of buggies,
carriages, surries, hacks, traps,
.delivery wagons, carts, etc., at
car-load cost for cash. ,
18-2 Emil Baumgarten.
.Iron Safes ^
I have several good new double
door iron safes left. To close
out quick will go at cost.
18-2 Emil Baumgarten.
Bed, lodge and other purpose
rooms, clean and freshly painted
and renovated. At right prices.
. Proetzel Building.
Emil Baumgarten.
Different sizes and location,
about 800 acres. Prices and
terms to suit.
18-2 Emil Baumgarten.
Notice is hereby given that on
the 15th day of January, 1915, I
was granted letters testament-
ary over the Estate of Georg
Grohmann, deceased, by the
County Court of Payette county,
Texas. My residence and post-
office address is Schulenburg,
Texas. All persons having
claims against the Estate of the
Testator, Georg Grohmann, de-
ceased, are required to present
the same to me within the time
escribed by law.
Chas. Sengelmann,
Executor of Last Will and Tes-
tament of Georg Grohmann, De-
ceased. 18-4 .
—Cotton Mattresses to
order from $4 up.
5 Anton Beifeker.
—We sell the American Beauty
Corset. From $1 up.
Cranz & Kessler.
For any itching skin trouble^
piles, eczema, salt rheum, hives,
itoh, schald head, herpes, scabies.
Doan's Ointment is highly recom-
mended. 50c a box at all stores.
—For Shoe RepairingseeFrank
Coletka, next to Nordhausen's.
—Now is the time to have your
buggy or auto painted. Special
low prices. Anton Beneker. 5
-For a mild easy action of the
rbowels, try Doan's Regulet, a
modern laxative, 25c at all stores.
FOR SALE—Old papers for
wrapping, or putting «nde^ car-
pets or matting, at this office.
Grand Masquerade at Seng-
jmann's Hall Feby. 10. Masks
le. Gentlemen 50c. 17 4t
iby's croup, Willie's daily
bruises, mamma's sore
^andraa's lameness—Dr
rEclectic Oil—the house-
iedy. 25c. and 50c. 14
[''his month only we offer three
iecial fruit tree collections con-
fining splendid assortments of
rfruit trees, vines and berry
plants, especially adapted to this
section. You save. 25 to 50 per
cent, on fruit trees. Write to-
ir Home Orchard Offer.
Dave Shapiro was visiting with
"V%imar relatives Sunday.
Attorney Clark and Fred Ra-
bel went to Weimar Thursday in
the former's car.
Mrs. Perlitz returned Monday
from a few days visit wite rela-
tives and friends in Houston.
Miss Louise Blumerich went
to San Antonio Sunday to visit
with her sister, Mrs. Prove.
Eustace Cernosek returned
Monday from a few days stay in
Houston on business and pleas-
G. A. Skelton and Master
Donald'went to Eagle Lake Sun-
day to spend a short time with
relatives and friends.
Mrs. G. Frederch and daugh-
ters, Misses Annie and Lillian,
have moved in from Breslau to
make Schulenburg their home.
Max and Julius Schwartz are
in Oklahoma this week ^picking
up a few car loads of horses and
mules for their trade in this
The farmers have been busy
plowing the past week and gar-
dens are about all in. No condi-
tion can arise that will starve the
farmers of Texas.
Remember the Jasamine Sis-
ters mask ball to be given at
Sengelmann's hall next Monday
evening and favor the occasion
with your presence.
In some parts of Texas, last
week, the thermometer fell to 32
above and snow fell to the depth
of 5 inches. None of it was seen
in this section, however.
Unfavorable weather caused a
postponement of the masked ball
billed for last Saturday night.
But it will be given next Monday
night and a fine time is promised
all who attend.
Mrs. J. C. Bostick who has
been the guest of Mrs. Fred
Helmcamp returned to her home
in Fort Worth the first of the
week. Emil Schulz, Jr. took her
to LaGrange overland to catch
the Katy.
J. P. Thomas received a wire
from San Antonio on Wednesday
that he was a grand-pap, that
there had been born the day be-
fore to C. P. Evans and wife, nee
Miss Fay Thomas, a sweet baby
girl, weight nine and one-half
John Honselka lost a $75 horse
last Friday evening by having it
step through a hole in the bridge
over Foster's Creek. The open-
ing was so small that they had to
cut the board away to gat the leg
out and it was found that both
bones had been broken and the
animal had to be killed.
Glance at the figures following
your name on the Sticker and
you will know just how your sub-
scription account appears on our
books. It is not our aim to
force the paper op, any one and
if it is coming to your address
and you do not care for it call
and pay up if you are behind and
everything will be satisfactory.
Last Thursday Mrs. Emil
Schulz celebrated 'her birthday
in a fitting manner and a number
of ladies were present to assist
in making the affair an event
which would long linger in her
memory. Among those present
were, Mesdames G. Bohms, R.
A. Wolters, W. A. Richter, Gus
Sengelmann, A. Sommers, Gus
Brauner, Otto Brauner, Paul
Stuerke, S. T. Schaefer, H. P.
Schaefer, Anton Foster, Chas.
Flocke, F. Bohlmann, Hugo
Arnold, F. Wilks, I. E. Clark,
Otto Schulz, Fred Helmcamp, Joe
Schenk, Ferd. Sommers, Louise
David, Emil Miller, Eschenburg
of Shiner, J. C. Bostick of Fort
Worth.Misses EmmaSchumaker,
Martha Schenk, Tony Mertz.
S. A Vodicka attended, the
mask ball at Engle Wednesday
F. A. Bezecny and Jos. Kruti-
lek were out to Gleckler Wed-
nesday evening.
E. H. Pratka, wife and child-
ren visited at the home of Air.
Pratka's brother in Oakland,
on Monday last.
Miss Cecelia' Wallek who has
been visiting her sister, Mrs. R.
B. Delaney, left Thursday for a
visit with relatives and friends
in WTeimar.
Mrs. E. W. Cook and daughter,
Miss Gladys, returned to their
home in Grayburg last Thurs-
day after a visit of several days
at the Nordhausen home.
Cornet for §25; also a horn for
$12. For an early sale might
take a little less. ' Ed. F. Hein-
rich, Route 2, Schulenburg,
LucilleLove will beat the Opera
House Saturday night again this
week as before. Those who are
following the story pronounce it
fine and the plot is sufficiently
defined so that you can start in
at any section and pick up the
Henry Schaefer met with quite
an accident Tuesday about noon
while out in the yard cutting
wood. The axe caught on the
clothes-lines and in descending
fell with great force on Mr.
Schafer's head just above the
right eye rendering him uncon-
scious for several hours.
Jos. Krutilek, for years a resi-
dent of Schulenburg but now lo-
cated at Taiton, was here this
week for the first time in ten
years to visit among relatives
and friends. He states that it
was Mrs. Charles Gerla and not
Mr. Gerla, as reported, that died
over there a short time since.
Schulenburg Citizens
Profited By It
It you have backache, urinary
troubles, or dizziness, headaches or
nervousness, strike at the seat of
the trouble. These are often the
symtoms of weak kidneys and there
is grave danger in delay. Doan's
Kidney Pills are especially prepared
for kidney ailments—are endorsed
by over 30,000 people. Your/neigh-
bors recommend this remedy—have
proved its merits in many tests.
Schulenburg readers should take
fresh courage in the straightforward
testimony of a Schulenburg citizen.
W. [A. Johnson, says: "I was
severely troubled by kidney com-
plaint. Backache was the worst
symtom and I could scarcely get up
after sitting. Doan's Kidney Pills,
procured at Breymann's Drug
Store, removed the lameness across
my back and restored my kidneys
to a normal condition. During the
past few years, Doan's Kidney Pills
have kept my kidneys in good
Price 50c at all dealers. Don't
simply ask for a kidney remedy—
get Doan's Kidney Pills- -the same
that Mr. Johnson had. Foster-
Milburn Co., Props., Buffalo, N. Y.
17 2t
The work which has been done
Ion the trees about town the past
| week will prolong the life Af
many of them, as a good coat of
whitewash will kill numbers of
the tree pests and makes the
homes look neat and attractive.
Mrs. Rud. Stieber proved her-
self a charming hostess Tuesday
afternoon wrhen she entertained
the Comus Club and a few sub-
The hostess met her guests at
the door and escorted them into
the parlor, where the tables were
arranged for the game of high
five, which was enthusiastically
After the usual number of
games, dainty hand-made prizes
were awarded to Mrs. R. Nord-
hausen and Mrs. E. Baumgarten.
Delicious refreshments of salads,
olives, sandwiches and various
kinds of cakes and hot coffee
concluded the pleasant afternoon.
Those taking part in the hospi-
tality were:
Mesdames E. Vacek, Henry
Herder, R. A. Wolters, E. Baum-
garten, R. O. Perkins, Henry
Neuhaus, Oscar Wolters, R.
Nordhausen, Julius Schwartz and
Misses Matula and Campbell.
House Bill 263
By Tillotson, placing the Uni-
versity of Texas, A. & M. College,
States School of Mines, College
of Industrial Arts and Prairie
View Normal under control of a
single board of nine members.
Board of Regents of University
to select four members of pres-
ent board; A. & M. board to se-
lect four of their number; College
of Industrial Arts one of their
members; these to hold office
until Feb. 1, 1916, after which
time the Governor will appoint
three members to serve six years,
three to serve four, and three to
serve two year. Terms six years
thereafter. One woman mem-
ber required and not over two
members shall be graduates of
either of the institutions coming
under their control. Members
are to receive no salary other
than actual expenses. Board is
to have full power to appoint and
remove all officers, faculty mem-
bers, etc., of the institutions and
to provide for extension depart-
ments, etc., to keep the institu-
tions in close touch with the peo-
February, 1915, will not have
a full moon, a thing that has not
happened since 1866 and that
will not happen again until 2,500,-
000 years from February. The
moon in January was full on the
first and will full again on the
thirtieth. In March it will be full
on the first and thirtieth again,
and cuts off any possibility of
February having a full moon. It
is an odd combination of circum-
stances. If there is anything in
signs, 1866 was a peace year
after a big war.
The Deere Corn and Cotton
Planter is Foremost
When it comes to strength, durability and easy
running qualities. Remember when you have
John Deere stamped on a farm implement it
means the Best. Sold right by
Standard and Tourist Sleepers
Sunset Limited
Electric Lighted Sleepers and
Oil Burning Locomotives
Steel Coaches
Electric Block Signals
Heavy Rails
Rock Ballast
The Route of Safe Travel
For futher information a#k the
Local Agent.
OpposGd Bill to Increase Employes
Washington, January 27.—In a
speech in the house today against
the bill increasing the pay of em-
ployes in the public health serv-
ice, Representative Dies sounded
what he declared to' be a call to
"rally around the flag of individ-
ualism and old democracy." He
said, in part, "I am going to
stand for the man who pays the
taxes. I am going to stand for
the individual against the govern-
ment. I am going to stand for the
people who have been hoodwinked
with false promises. I am going
to stand for the farmer in my
district who has been told that
the government ought to buy his
cotton, and I am going to tell him
that he has been buncoed by
bunco steeres, for the govern-
ment "ought not to buy his cotton.
I believe, gentlemen of the house,
that a little inocent demogoguery
is a good thing in congress, but
we carry it too far. From this
chamber and from the chamber
at the other end of this capitol
we are educating the people to
believe that the government
ought to buy their produce, that
the government ought to find a
job for them and pay them a sal
ary, that the government ought
to look after their health, that
the government ought to take
care of them when they are old
and in poverty. I wish the Ameri-
can people to know that all the
government can do is to give
them a fair equal chance in the
race for life. I have made up
my mind that I do not love an
easy place in congress well
enough to keep on holding it and
eating the taxes of the people
without telling them the truth,
and that we are deceiving them
about the functions of govern-
ment and about duty that the
government owes them and what
they ought to expect from the
The bill Dies was opposing was
Vogt & Pra
Cash Grocers and
0 Produce Dealers
We have a few bargains to offer for
this week such as the following:
Infants' Sacques, regular 85c now 25c
Infants' Boottees, regular price 25c now 20c
Children's Auto Hoods, regular 35c, now 25c
Children's Caps, regular price 60c, now 40c
Ladies' Wool Sweaters, regular $1.75, now :.$1.25
Labies' Wool Sweaters, regular price $1.50, now...$1.15
Men's Sweaters, wool, regular $1.75 $1.25
Men's Sweaters, wool, regular $1.50 $1.00
Many articles in Dry Goods and Notions at Cost.
Cash Only.
When you have to pay:
$1.50 per sack
SI 60
$2 00 "
$2 50
You should
100 pounds for Mixtrite stock food
Milo Maize 4**^/^1
Wheat Bran
ltice Bran
Corn Chops
Shell Corn
the feeding of
Alfalfa Hay:
When you feed alfalfa, you need only half the grain and
your horses will do better than when you feed double the
amount of grain and prairie hay. We will sell you alfalfa hay
at 55c per bale in 20 bale lots. Better try alfalfa at Once.
^ ou should be sure to try Mixtrite stock food, only $1.50
per 100 pounds. Better than grain. Feed your chichens Alilo
Maize. We will have another car load in a few days. Leave
your order now.
Southern Produce Co.
Schulenburg, Texas
Hotand Cold Lunches
At All Hours
S&eyu/ar 97/eats Served
t/Joard Ay 7)at/, 9/Joe/c or TTfonih
Will try to please
Mrs. Louise David
In the Levey Building
. |j RBIflURANTp
Palace Barber
Hot & Cold Baths, Cleaning & Pressi
Laundry Agency
All Work Guaranteed schulenburg, tex
Special for this week:
We have about
75 gallons of pure
honey in half gallon
jars which we will
sell at 45c each as
long as they last.
Make your hens
lay now with Dr.
I~Iess Stock Food. IVloney back guarantee.
Wolters Mercantile Co.
The $135,000,000 cotton loan I government is a pauper, -with
Sengelmann Bros.
fund, subscribed to by banks
throughout the country ostensi-
bly to aid distressed cotton grow-
ers, will go out of existence on
February 1. The Federal re-
serve committee for the "loan
fund," says that only about
$12,000 was applied for. * If the
fund ever had a really good in-
tent, its purpose seems to have
been choked to death by red-
tapeism. - The cotton grower
needs to get the thought hrmly
impressed upon his mind that
"the Lord helps only those who
help themselves," and that the
money to expend only as
reaches into the pockets of
producer of wealth and secures
it. I n the game of seeking favors
in the disbursement of the;
so secured, every other int
can givethe farmer two points
the playing and then beat him
for the stakes.—HoustonPost.
Even housewives could leai
some smart housekeeping t
from £he modern armies. "
in this issue of our
they are " Fe
the Trenches ,5f~
It is worttf -;

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