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Scbulenburg, Fayette County, Texas, Friday, December 24, 1926
No. 16
care of the
same manner. Not
boast^of a school
'this who has the
Merest of the school at heart to
an extent as large as this.
After thelbanquet, round table
talks were made, and two cap-
j tains elected for next years foot-
ball team, they were Morris
Baumgarten and Hefford Mitch-
| on, both to have equal rights
and privileges.
After adjournment the boys
and girls got together in the
friendly spirit of companion-
ship which prevails and cleaned
out things. v v Vp-I
Jcn^st Baumgarten, who was
itertained the boys
>er of selections on
larp, Mr. Garrett
fctar. The evening
pleasantly and will
Umbered as one of
Lirs of school life
rger Dies
Tarviating Business
Section Now Up
For Consideration
It is the plan of the State
Jghway Department to start
on tarviating here not lat-
next week. In order to
ain St. and Lyons Ave.
section tarviated it will
ary for the property
in the business section to
pro-rata. The State
11 build the center 18
, then each property
ill pay his share from the
18 feet to the curb,
he property owners
0 this our business
1 not be tarviated. The
eers state that the
ey put down would be
Iff the ends constantly
and they refuse to put
this or any other town
property owners come
the deal.
Its up to us to get busy on
this thing right away to secure
this good street. The cost to the
property owner will be small,
only 44c per square yard which
is absolutely at cost price to the
State for this work. We could
not under private contract get
it done this cneap. So lets all
fall in line, get our roads fixed
and do away with the dust from
the gravel street, keep the busi-
ness houses cleaner and improve
the looks of our streets 100 per
The State proposes to tarviate
starting at Mr. Olle's place west
of town, going east to a short
below the Czichos home
Dn the east of town.
Lets all co-operate on this and
get this built while we can get
it this cheap and get the State
to maintain it. Lets improve
this good town every way we
can, make it a better ana hap-
pier place to live in. A town we
can all be proud to call our home
town. All to gether, lets sign
this up and put it over.
No Bug-Bear For
iThis Section
iger, one of
«er settlers
tfter a ling-
ad was 76
h on their
Alma Green-
Tyler were
nds of mat-
nge by the
tractive and
Mr. and
of this
r\ in Eur-
ry when
ted here
Xmas Play At
School Excellent
The Christmas play at the
school house Tuesday night was
a pleasant surprise for the many
folks who took the time to at=
tend. The various grades each
had their part in the beautiful
Xmas story, the various fairies,
and the various characters who
hold sway in our hearts when
we are tots the mythological
stories of Mother Goose, and
all the tribe of fairy folks that
are read to us, were all protray-
ed. It was very beautiful, the
costumes were splendidly made
and suitable for each number on
he bill. The High School Glee
lub sang some half dozen
ristmaa carols. They did ex-
eptionally well andjshow the re-
sults of training under a good
capable instructor.
The school faculty and student
body have a right to be proud of
their play,iin all seriousness and
candor, it wad fine, each number
harmonizing with itsjpredecessor
blending the whole into a Christ-
mas atmosphere seldom secured
by a program.
The spacious auditoaBm was
beautifully decoratecF with
Christmas wreaths, the- lights
were turned out and candles
furnishing the lights diAwf the
entire play added coji^Hnily
plendid eSe
It is customary for everyone
to complain that there is no
money in the country, that bus-
iness conditions are awful, that
we are headed straight over the
hill for the poor house, etc. But
now that the end of the year is
in sight, and the '1 new year is
peeping over the hill all smiles
with happy anticipation of the
many surprises it will bring to
us all, let's take an account of
the situation fairly and unbias-
Fayette County this year pro"
duced 35,526 bales of cotton
which we marketed for a price
ranging from 11c to 18c as com"
pared with a year ago when we
only marketed 9,522 bales at a
price of around 20c. Figure it
out folks, then add .to this, this
season we raised enough feed-
stuffs to |feed all of our ' stock
and a surplus to sell in many in-
stances, compare this with hun-
dreds of thousands of dollars we
paid for feedstuff last year
when we failed to raised any-
Then figure the tens of thous-
ands of pounds of turkeys, we
sold from 25c to 31c per pound
this year as against 15c to 18c
last year.
Figure between $75,000 and a
$100,000 paid out here for pecans
this year as against nothing
last year.
Then let's consider, the fact
that eggs were around 30c to 40c
this season, figure the many
thousands of these each and ev*
ery day that a<*e sold in Schulen-
burg. Then let's ask ourselves
are we really headed for the
poor house? Or what is the real
trouble if any exist? Are we liv-
ing too extravagently? Has cred-
it been too easy to obtain and
involved us to an extent beyond
our income?
Folks business if going to con-
tinue after the first of the year
just as it has been. No use cry-
ing .'.hard times, as they only
exist with the other fellow in our
imagination. It's true some
folks are hard hit and are up
against it. But they are in the
minority and few. We do not
have the wealthy farmers we
once Jboasted of who are lending
money right and left. But we
have a good progressive well-to-
do farming community, with the
rank and file of our farmers
honest and willing to pay up. Of
course we have dead beats and
spend thrifts who make no pre-
tense to pay their honest debts
but spend their money as fast
as they get it. This 'a the man
who is injuring the ecitire com-
munity and making his honest
neighbor suffer. >
We still have several thousand
bales of cots&on in our territory
which wiUr be ased to pay debts
when iy i? sold, cutting down
the me^aflants accounts.
Mr^ Merchant, we have noth-
ing to fear here, use good sound
business sense and let's go
ahead, business will continue
good,a big building program is
in fsight for next year, road
crews and other payroll projects
will be on. Let's stock up on
what we need and get out and
hustle, turn all the trade we can
toward ISchulenburg. Remem-
ber the old proverb, "The early
bird gets the worm". Start in
now to build your business
larger than ever, get {after the
business, offer ^specials and in-
ments peri he folks to trade
Schuto^burg and at your
ce ijflHrticuiar.
Business Houses
Extends Thanks
The business and professional
men of this section are grateful
indeed for the patronage extend*
ed them the past year, they
have a separate page in this
issue with some exceptions who
have individual advertisements
thanking everyone for their pa-
tronage and wishing you one and
all a Merry, Merry Xmas.
This is done in a spirit of
friendship and good will, that is
the basis of all business worth
having, and the governing factor
in all congenial business rela-
The Sticker joins with our
other business houses in
extending the greetings of
the season, if we all down in our
hearts wish each and everyone a
real Merry Xmas with Smalice
toward none, we will have in our
hearts the Xmas spirit! for
which Christ gave His life.
Let's forget our petty jealous-
ies, rivalries, and the little mean
things and thoughts we have,
and let's celebrate, next year a
good many of us will have cross
ed the divide. Let's remember
that they put no pockets in a
shroud, if we can make some
one happy, that is worth mpre
than gold.
Road Progress
The* road outlook for next
year is brighter than it has been
for sometime, [that is the new
building program. Amile of road
will be graveled from Kana's
corner this way, to be [extended
from time to time as funds are
saved from the maintainance
fund. The Hallettsville Highway
has almost four miies of its road
completed, although not open to
the public, the fact that this
much is completed^ gratifying.
Two and a half miles of Tarviated
road will be laid in Fayette Co.,
starting immediately, a carload
ofTarvia will arrive here this
week, three big steel tanks are
being built by the Ruhmann
Mfg. Co., to store this to avoid
demurrage to the Railroad Co.
As soon as the highway is com-
pleted into Hallettsvill the gang
will be transferred to Schulen-
burg to start working that, road
to the Fayette County line Then
Moulton has its share of the
funds for a 10 mile tarviated road
from the Fayette County line
through Moulton. Our road dis-
trict has some $13,000 left on
hand to gravel its share of the
road leading through here from
North to South, but this has
been on hand for many, many
years without action, who is
blocking progress? we do not
know, one faction contends that
its the other and we continue to
be in the mud. Lets hope this
money is used up and as much
road built as possible. Lots of
money can be saved the tax pay-
erys this week if we had Sthat mo-
ney invested inroads instead of
laying in the banks at some 3 or
<per cent interest. The number
of people getting stuck and hav-
ing to be pulled, others burning
up their cars in the mud. Why
can't we get this money invested
in a road? Thats a question we
would like to have answered.
P. T. A. Meeting
The next regular meeting of
the P. T. A. will be held at the
school house Tuesday afternoon
Jan., 4th. at 4 o'clock. Every-
one is expected to be presenjb as
To Gravel One Mile
Toward LaGrange
We have just been infoimed
that work will start almost im-
mediately to gravel one mile of
road from the intersection of the
Old Spanish Trail with the K. T.
at the Hollub Filling Station ex-
tending toward LaGrange for a
distance of a mile ending about
where the Haas homestead is on
the La Grange road. This is
very necessary as all traffic had
to stop on part of tbis road dur-
ing this rainy season, the peo-
ple Jail going around by the
school house.
Tbis gravel will be placed in
proportion to the regular stard-
ard required of state ( highways.
When completed this and the
mile on the other end from
Kana's this way will cut the dirt
road distance two miles less be-
tween the two good towns of
Schulenburg and La Grange.
Senator Russek is working hard
with the highway department
to get '.this gap closed, we are
thankful for every mile secured
and know that ere long he will
be successful in getting the
the balance O. K.'d.
To Gravel One Mile
On La Grange Road
No Fireworks Shooting
In Fire;
The City Council has instruct-
ed City Marshall O. B. Slfihwenke
to positively inforce tfcie City
Ordinance which
penalty for anyone she
works of any descrii
business section of town.
Shoot your fireworks at
is the admonition given
City Dads, don't bring it
and endanger the busing
tion. Let's take warnii
comply with tbis order,
Schwenke 2 remari
would regret very^afEfch td~
to arrest "onyone ^violating
ordinance but as he stat
"Orders are orders", he mus
do bis duty.
I C_ Til ~ -I -Cui'
Barn Destroyed By Fire
Sf| Ig
According to Assistant State
Highway Engineer Ed. Templin,
one mile of road will be graveled,
starting the end of the week,
from Kana's corner, where the
gravel now ends, working this
This is made possible by mo-
ney saved this district in main-
tainance.f As money is saved in
the future, other pieces of this
road will be graveled. The grav-
eling of this Jone mile will be
appreciated by the people who
live on this Toad and the public
in general. Only one night dur-
ing the recent rain, twenty two
cars were forced to spend the
night stuck in the mud on this
The graveling of this road will
be done by the State Highway
Crews, no contract will be let.
f j : ~ judu
W. L. Baumgarten and family
left Wednesday for New Orleans
where they will spend the Xmas
holidays visiting Mrs. Baum-
gartens parents and other rela-
tives and friends.
Novelty Dance
will be given at
New Bieiau
Casino Hall
Thurs., Dec. 30th.
The Babe Schiri
Adolpb Kainer, Sr., had the
misfortune of having his baifn
destroyed by fire Tuesday night
between seven and eight OiCku£k. 1
The cause of the fire is unknown.
He lost in addition to the build- 1
ing, all ef his feedstuff, harness |
a lot of farming implements.
Mr. Kainer, fortunately,"car-
ried some insurance on the
building with the Engle Mutual
Co., and insurance on his feed
stuff with the Bluff Mutual.
While the amount he will receive
will not cover his losses, yet it 1
will be of great help.
Mrs.: Ed. la. Etliinger an
children left Tuesday for S
to spend Christmas.
-i': *7 -a'. 3
Will Be Held
At Freyburg
Sunday, Dec. 26th.<
7 Miles Northwest Of
Schulenbui g
Gifts for all the
Schbol Children
Everybody Cordially Invited
■ : . . . -==
Given By The
Fire Department
Schulenburg, Texas
Sunday, Dec. 26th.
A highly polished [genuine
Maple Floor
Music By
The Babe Schindler
The Hall will be decorate
suit the occasion i-*
15 2tc]
|u are
Herman Son's Sister
Lodge No. 64.
Schulenburg, Texas *■
Monday, January 17.
Music By
The Babe Schindler
v Orchestra 5
That gr<
dance of

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