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i irTitifniVT'T-Tiriiii
JRT. '
L. Davidson, J. N.
H. Teichmueller.
y, J. L. Storey.
C- L, Neese.
ce the fifth Mond2y af-
in March and Sep-
Dntinue six weeks.
roi>s Lod<£e, No. 195.
Meets on Sat-
urday on or be-
fore the first full
moon in each
month. Trans-
ient brethren are
corially invited
to attend.
R. S. TjtffNER, w. m.
Fred. Ebeling, Sec't.
K. of H. Lodge,
No. 1501.
Meets on 1st and 3d Monday in
each month. Transient brethren
in the city respectfully invited.
E. L, McKinnon, Dictator.
Fred Ebeling, Secretary.
I. 0. 0 F.
; County Court on
, April, Tuly
me three weeks,
mmissioners Court
' in February,
constable. . Court
' M«nday in each
Meets regularly each Tuesday
night. Transient Brethren are cor-
dially invited to visit,
M. C. Levey, N. G.
N. L. McKinnon, sec.
illustrated articles, etc.
CT * " ..
for 12 months for the
ce of $1.75 cash.
♦hree papers a week, or
or a ridiculously low
O. d. H, S.
Freiligrath Loge
NO. 14.
Regelmaesige Ver-
sammlung jeden
Donnerstag vor
Yollmond und. 14
tage danach.
H. Beneker,
E. Peter Sekretaer.

Do as Dewey Did-
When Dewey cut the cable, boys
He oiled his bloomin' guns;
He'cLfcired of lettin' cobwebs grow,
An' makin' useless runs.
His peaceful orders made him sick;
So, as soon as he was able,
He chased the Dons into the bay
An' cut the
When Dewey cut the cable, boys,
His fighting blood was hot;
He thought he'd get instruction
To Retreat without a shot.
He gtiessed whose feet were thrown
The War Department's table;
An' so to get a chance to fight,
He cut the
House •
- * -.Wj.. . . - . <-
When Dewey cut the cable, boys,
He sought the right of Perry;
He says, "I'll commodore this fight,
An' not be Hanna's jerry."
An' when the Dons were eatin' pork
He shouts above the babel:
"Remember the Ma(in (e)ila, boys,
An' cut the
When Sampson cuts the cable, boys
An' Schley can't read Mark's writ-
They'll quit their "peaceful" loafin,
An' go an' do some fightin.'
Unless you want to idle rot,
An' wear a Wall Street label,
"Remember the Ma(i)n(e)ila, boys,"
An' cut the
Tells How Thousands of People are
appointed in the Klondike.
:kly News (Galveston
lished Tuesdays and
sue consists of 8 pages
special departments for the
Sunset Camo No. 120.
with us. 4
F. Youn6, C. C.
r. Jr. Clerk.,
Meets regularly every 2d and 4th
Wednesday. Transient brethren
are cordially invited to meet with
is. M. C. Levey, M. W.
ition. We
11 as
t^ehulcnbupg {©odge,
* Ho. 226.
Meets every 1st &
and 3rd Wednesday
night in their castle
hall over Yovngs store
All visiting knights
are cordially invited
to attend the meetings
of the lodge.
W. H. Upton j C. C.
C. 8. Vepder K. of R. & S.
Chr- & Chris,
arten. Jr.
i :
ines and Cigars
I Landscape Photographer.-
Made by the Instantan-
s, quicker than a wink.
Old Pictures Enlarged
work guaranteed and as
' Patronizing
ital Parlors
1 ure and
Bt., over
< without ptetea

©ermanta IDerein.
SSerfammlungen ieben ©onn=
afienb Dor SSotfmonb urn 8 U|r
J. Oltmanns,
Geo. Mueller,
SRegelmafjige SBerSammlungen
jeben lten uttb 3tpn $>ienftag '
SRonat. 3L Schumann,
^Jaul ©<$itmQnn,
Tiahpmingo Tribe
NO. 96, I. O. R. M.
Council fire kindled
every second and
fourth Wednesday's
sleep. At their wig-
wam in R u a s e k' s
bank building.
James Caldwell,
N. L. McKinnon,
C. of K.
A.-bt 03?xL©3r. at^Xiarw
Weimar, Texas.
Will practice in all courts of the
ite. Office over Townsend Rock
An Editor's Hard Lot.
A melancholy picture of an edi-
tor's life in the state of Washington
is drawn by the Roslyn (Mich) Sen-
"There are always those who will
kick. For instance, if you publish
jokes with whiskers on them, some
will say that you ought to be in a
lunatic joint. If you don't print
something to smile at, they say you
are a pessimistic fossil. If you
spread youiaelf and write a good,
original article," they will say it is
stolen. If you reprint an article,
they say you can't write. If you
say a deserving word for a man, you
are partial; if you compliment the
the ladies the men are jealous; and
if you don't the verdict of the ladies
t fit to use in the construction of
rustle. If you stay in your office,
are afraid to remain on the
streets; if you do, you are lazy.
If you look seedy you are squander-
ing your money; if you wear good
clothes, you are a dude and don't
pJjy for them. If you play a social
game of any kind and get stuck,
you are a fish; if you win you are
a tin horn, and so it goes through
one continual round of ^pleasure

A Family Tree Afia'r.
"John writes here," said the
old man, that he's been promoted
to cap'n."
"Why," said the old lady "he
wuz a colonel when he went n!"
"I know it," said the old man,
"but he wuz one of thjse fa ;ii y
tree colonels, and the govji'uieat
has $ private opinion o' them
family trees. They cuts 'em
A Strficse Custom. *
■ The Bayanzi, who live along
the upper Congo, have a custom
which makes life a burden to the
married women. Brass rods are
welded into great rings round the
necks of the wive*. Many of
these rings worn by the woman
whose husbands are welt to ;lo
weigh as much as 30 pounds, and
fhis burden must be car j 1 aa
long as they live.
Wonderful Clo?k.
In one of the town halls in a
Japanese treaty port there is a
remarkable time pie e. It i.i con-
tained in a handsome frame,
three feet wide and five feet long.
^Lt represents a noonday land-
scape, very cleverly carried out.
|n the foreground plum and
cherry trees appear in bloom,
while in the rear a hill is to be
seen, from which flows a pretty
casoade, imitated in crystal. From
this cascade flows a tiny stream,
which wends its way between
rocks and islauds, and finally
loses itself in a stretch of wood-
land. In a minature sky a golden
eun turns on s.lver w as, striking
the hour.? on silver g >ng* as it
The dengue fevex" is with us
again. The first indication of the
trouble is a severe cold and a sore
throat. The fever follows. Last
year the same fever did not make,
its appearance until September,
going day and night of
far there is no night, go
area of country,
divided up about as
Koikook River, Alaska,
To The News: Having
friendly feeling for humanity and
my friends I feel it
my duty to try'aud inform them as
to the true situation of affairs in
this land of too much cold. Now
1 know enough of mines and min-
ing to see things right and 1 am no
sorehead over this matter, as it has
not been very expehsive. This is
a country I have long wanted to
see. My health has been fine and
I am now here waiting for a steam-
er to go to St. Michael's, 500 miles,
leaving my little boat for the first
time in a water trip of over 2400
miles from the head of Lake Linde-
man to this-point and quite a voy-
age on Forty-mile, Seventy-mile
and the Koikook rivers. These
rivers run swiftly and one can by
which so
from 100
to 125 miles in twenty-four hours.
This makes travel quite rapid.
From St. Michael's I will go to
Kotzaba sound and see the latest
excitement, which I expect to see
is worse than the rest. 'Now I will
over-estimate so as to be more than
fair to the country. I shall review
the situation as actually seen and
will start out by saying there are
less than 150 paying mines in all
the northwest territory and Alaska
combined, and there are probably
over 7000_claims staked in all this
These claims are
follows, that
is, the paying ones: Fifty in the
Dawson district, five on the Stew-
art river, five on Pelly, twenty on
the west coast, thirty in the Circle
City district, five in Manook, fif-
teen on Forty-Mile and possibly
twenty scattering. Now it has been
said that it is a hard country u
prospect. Well that is more than
true. There are the long, severe
winters; deep frozen . ground the
year round, and mosquitos and
gnats. Well, 1 thought it would
be hard to teach me anything new
about them, but I had only dealt
with small specimens before.
I think the number of people so
far to come in Jjere this year about
0 will
out or try i
high early, 1
the market a
those that i
cause to con
tity for the ntj
The stories o
been greatly ex3j
the nurhber of rich
output of all this vast distrTc
about reach 8700,000, of which
Dawson produces about $6,000,000.
The output of Minook was less
than $100,000, still a Seattle daily
publishes the statement of $1,500,-
000. The great dailies of the Pa-
cific coast exaggerate to draw trade
to Seattle, Tacoma, Portland and
San Francisco. In all my know-
ledge of mkring countries this is
the very best one for the. men who
are not hardy, old prospectors to
stay away fjom. While the Pacfic
coast has so far been greatly bene-
fitted, yet now when these poor
fellows flood their coast again they
will have to take care of many of.
My boy Fred has gone out and
will likely be in Galveston in Sep-
tember with all his dreams of great
wealth gone, but in good health.
It was a great trip, worth the mon-
ey it cost. With all the old and
new prospectors who are scattered
over this great country there has
not in the last eight month's been
a single new strike worth mention-
ing. and lifeMs too short to follow
up such prospects for any great
length of time in a country so bar-
ren of ordinary comforts of life.
The transportation companies and
the merchants of the Pacific,
through the medium of the papers,
have given the poor chee chocker
(which meaus new men) a great
dose that they will long remember,
but for old hardy prospectors who
who love the beautiful snow, un-
derstand Indians and dogs, and
like to live outside the pales of
civilization, there is in this land a
paradise found. W. A. White.
P. S.—I have just read this let-
ter to several old-timers who are
here and it has their entire indorse*
ment. W. A. W.
i *
Highest market price
paid for cotton seed
delivered at oil mill.
Will pay the cash for
same or take it in ex-
change for hulls and
cake meal, as desired.
^ngelmann Bros...
fa i i m i i i is i i
The Dreaded Consumption Oan be Oured.
t. a. slocum, the great chemist and scien-
tist, will send to sufferers, three free
bottles of his newly discovered rem-
edies to cure consumption and all
lung troubles.
Nothing could be fairer, more philanthropic or
carry more joy to the afflicted, than the gener-
ous offer of the honored and distinguished chem-
ist, T. A. Slocum, M. C., ofNewYork City.
He has discovered a reliable and absolute cure
for consumption, and all bronchial, throat and
chest diseases, catarrhal affections, general de-
cline and weakness, loss of flesh ana all con-
ditions of wasting away; and to make its great
merits known, will send three free bottles of his
newly discovered remedies to any afflicted read-
er of the Schulenburg Sticker.
Already his "new scientiflc system of medi-
cine" has permanently cured thousands of ap-
parently hopeless cases.
The Doctor considers it not only his profes-
sional, but his religious duty—a duty which he
owes to suffering humanity—to donate his in-
fallible cure.
He has proved thei "dreaded consumption" to
be a curable disease beyond a doubt, in any cli-
mate, and has on file in his American and Euro-
pean laboratories thousands of "heartfelt testi-
monials of gratitude" from those bene^tted
and oured in aU parts of the world.
Catarrhal and pulmonary troubles lead to con-
sumption, and consumption, uninterrupted,
means speedy and certain death. Don't delay
until it is too late. Simply write T. A. Slocum,
M. C., 98 Pine street, New York, giving ex-
press and postofflce address, and the free med-
icine wiU be promptly sent. Please tell the
Doctor you saw his offer In the Schulenburg
Kentucky Dew Whiskey
Distilled of Carefully Selected
Grain and Pure Limestone Spring
Water; Matured in wood and bot-
tled under our own supervision.
Kentucky Dew is the leader of fine
old-fashioned Sour Mash Whiskies
and for mellowness and richness of
flavor has no superior. Buy Ken-
tucky Dew bottled by the Distiller
if you want an absolutely pure
whiskey for the club or sick room.
For sale only by
It was Hard on the Betters.
Washington Post.
A well known capitol employe,
who has tried the Demosthenese
mouth-full-of-pebbles and innumer-
able other schemes to rid himself
of the painful habit of stuttering'
turned up at his office a^few morn-
ings ago wit
Billiard and Pool Tables
We keep only the best
Liquors and Cigars.
N^^taurant in

Sunset Route-
Double DqUy
New Orl
San Antonio a
...with Buffet Sleepers
Only Standard Gauge Line
Sleepers to City of
Night and Morning Connecti
New Orleans with lines to
New York, Philadelphia, Was!
ta, Cincinnati, St Louis, M<
EbeUne & Son,
with a reputrX J
Don't spend too much money in
trying to get something for nothing.
Don't think every woman who
looks in a jnirror i? hopelessly lout
| inadmiration.
t imagine every man who fig?
n marrying an heiress is a
tell by
that he had
"Well what is it?" they asked
him in a breathless chorus.
The stuttering man smiled greas-
ily and started to reply:
"It's a g-g-g-g-g "
The men whose -money was up
on a boy turned away disappointed-
"Just like my durned luck , any-
how," several of them were heard
to mutter.
"It's a g-g-g-g " the proud
parent* started again to say, but the
men whose money talked for a girl
were too jubilant to permit him to
"Of course it's a girl" they broke
in joyously. "I've got second sight
in picking winners like this" said
one. "live hit it right seven times
out of ten for years past," said
"It's a gtg-g-g-g "the stam-
merer, who was getting red in the
face, began once more, but the
men who had their bets up on a
girl were having too much self-com-
plaisant fun to let him go on.
"Come on here, and cough up
your coin, you fellows thagji talked
boy so big around here a few days
ago," said they, "Just walk up and
What you don't kr ow
Wrath began to illumine the stut-
tering man's face.
"It's a g-g-great big hod carrier
of a boy, you d—d idiots, and he
weighs fourteen and a half pounds!"
he blurted out, with the veins in
his forehead swelling.
"Kenol" shouted the mutual fel-
ioitators who thought they had
'pulled down' their girl money.
Then it was the turn pi the boy
crowd to issue verbal ultima bear-
ing upon the immediate payment
of obligations of hocjor, a^d to look
\yise ai}d deep.
stock is large
rket, and where 1
can do business on.
ighest prices paid on the market for coHott
eggs, fowls, vegetables, and every article
y the farmer and am prepared to guarantee pei
in any kind of goods desired.
Hay Presses,
Pumping Jacks,
Well Drilling Machin
San An tonio
Hmt Jpfer'T,- -"a '

Sunny South Ci™™
Pool Table in Connection. First-jifass
;:k i. '
(Bir^lssi i
Imf. J J . - -
Don't heap ooals of Are on an en-
emy's head until you burn your:
For a CI
■ /
• UC
* rI
■ 'i

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