The Sticker (Schulenburg, Tex.), Vol. 5, No. 13, Ed. 1 Thursday, November 3, 1898 Page: 1 of 6

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Texas University
- • - •
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: vv* % J-:-v;r"5Sj
IMS 6^ MHIi^
ro. 13.
Price $1.
r Schulenburg
Situated half way between
San Antonio and Houston, has
1200 inhabitants; electric light
plant; three good gins; compress
and cotton-seed oil mill; good
schools; good hotels and solid business
houses. It is the best and healthiest
town in Fayette county. This paper is
the official organ of the county.
to gin your cotton
Your patronage
em . Mm
John Wroe
Wm SchneD,
M H Stramler,
C Hoppe,
H.C Heilig,
H B Richards,
James Kerr,
S A Shelbnrn,
J Sfiacekj
Louis Barthng,
And Huebner,
M Fernau,
Jos Peter,
J H Hildebrand
sr term.
u ' -
West Point,
Fayette ville,
Haw Creek,
Petit Jurors;
second* week.
Glass (col) Christ Koether,
H Haidusek,
A Rosenberg,
Christ Schoppa,
L Liebe,
J T Campbell,
A Schumann,
H C Garlin,
Paul Haschke,
J Dobbin,
Henry Cox,
J Dippel,
J December,
J A Koenig,
Ernst Graf,
Jno Salm,
Carl Kloesel,
Emil Weishuhn,
M M Parr,
J Adameck,
J F Kollaia,
Fritz Seelke sr,
Louis Eainosek,
J Johnson,
Chris Daniaschk, •
Franz Schoppa,
Chas Letzerich,
Sain Kenedy jr.,
Henry Letzerich,
Ad Kainer,
John Koepke,
Theo Helmcamp,
Emil Baumgarten,
Herm Krakosky,
O Wagner,
Aug Noak,
third week. '
A C Bogart, Louis Luck,
Ernst Michalke, Carl Leo,
S Sanderson, (col) F G Corde's,
Conrad Letzerich, Peter Kulhanek,
h KaMeh,
Jno Moerbe,
H Bledsoe,
Jno Giese,
Aug Hackebeil, •
Wm Friemel,
Fritz Holter,
Ernst Noak,
Herm Jochen,
Aug Lorenbz.
r«fi. • • • -L
Seelke, Jr
A Brown,
J H.Mays,
Alex Dornwell,
C L Glass,
Jul Ladewig,
Jno Kieshng,
J H Mehner.
Ferd Dietrich.
H G Gerdes,
Ben Wacker,
Gus Krause,
J G Sitnpsdn,
Emil Kaiser,
Frank Lidiak,
Tom Heller,
John Karigch,
Geo Hatch, (col.)
G M Johnson,
A J Polansky,
C P Johnson,
J C Bohannon,
fourth week."'" >
, W A Johnson,
er, V S Croft,
Wm Kempe, Jr.
Hy Beneker,
Paul Benedikt,
C Foerster,
Herm Noak,
A J Brown,
Emil Koebelen,
Franz Lacina,
J S J Allen,
Jos Kainer, Sr
Jno Killough,
B Ling,
Ghaa Wolf,
Emil Benedix,
B F Johnson,
ke, ■ y.
J N Hall,
Otto Neumann,
" Graf, '■•••'
Guardianchip of Albert Bauer,
et al, minors, continued.
Guardian?hip of heirs of Anna
Siebrecht, dec'd,.continued.
Guardianship of the heirs of H.
& W. Frosch, de'd. continubd.
Guardianship of Rutherford Roos
et al minors, annual showing^ ap-
proved and ordered to record. *
Guardianship of the heirs of Mar-
tin Dippel, dec'd, continued for
Guardianship of Dan Wilson et
al minors, continued for appoint-
ment of a new guardian.
Guardianship of Otto Templin et
al, minors, account and showing
approved and ordered to record,
guardian having had final settle-
ment with ward Alvina Templin,
who is now of age and filed her re-
ceipt the same is approved and or-
dered to record and guardian and
sureties released so far as relates
to Alvina Templin.
Gnardianship of W. E. Perlitz
et al, minors, continued for report
of auditor on showing on file.
Guardianship of Heinrich Gress-
er et al, minors, continued for re-
port of sale.
In the Estate of Alex Shrop-
shire, dec'd, continued for report
of sale.
Estate of F. M. Moore, dec'd,
report of.A. T. Bradsbaw, admr.
approved arid ordered to record,
aud funds on hand to be turned
over to admr. de bonis non and
admr. de bonis non to make distri-
bution among creditors.
Guardianship of Albert Homutb
et al, minors, continued for guardi-
an to file pro • r showing herein.
In the Esta.e of E S. Homuth,
dec'd, final showing continued.
Receivership of Emma Carter et
a), minors, coutinued for final re-
port. - ^ r
Estate -of Emma and Annie
Heintschel, dec'd, final showing
continue* J.
In the Estate of Carl Stephan,
dec'd, continued for report in lieu
of inventory. *
In the estate of Carl Michaelis,
dec'd, continued for report of sale
Guardianship of Fritz Fricke,
minor, continued for inventory.
Estate of Chas. and Antonia Ha-
jovsky, dec'd, continued for report
in lieu of inventory.
In the estate to John Tzschas-
chula, dec'd, inventory and ap-
praisement approved and ordered
Some Things You Should Know.
Ernst Prilop,
Alex Rosenberg,
S G Blackburn,
Wm Mar burger,
S J Gerla,
Aug Pietseh,
H a Green,
H Graf, ^
11 Seamier,
Wm Froeiich,
Emil Sehofct,
Emil Creu^bauer,
John Bittner,
Fr Young
Ernst Gloj
isen, Fritz Gebert,
J L House,
Jul Lau.
sixth week,
Sam Iiedfield, E B Kessler,
a a;/
£v * .7-
•b '
John Hruska,
G A Froeiich,
Wm Trueper,
Ottmar Kallus,
Wm Hahnke,
Jim Blanks,
Chas Lueke,
J Chalung,
Wm Fisher,
Henry Knerp,
Fritz Schnell,
C Brueggmann,
R D Saunders,
Paul Horbe.
Adolf Kaape,
H Moeller,
Frank Koether,
Wm Truper,
H Burger,
i Of
Buy Ken-
jr the Distiller
itely pure
or sick room.
J C Speekles,
Chag Anders,
F W Peters,
Chas j'alke,
Ad Falk,
Chas Efcuafc,
Emil AJbers,
C Matejovsky,
June Hart,
Ferd Biliimek,
G Hagens,
A F Hoelscher,
John Naak,
Joe Fritsch,
W T Hubbard,
P A Anderson,
F Kainer sr.,
H Borchers,
A Behmer.
A cough is an easy thing to Cure
if taken in time. It is dangerous
to neglect one for any length of
time. Dr. Simmons' Cough Syrupv
is guaranteed. Fifty cents a bot-
tare aimed at the
instead of the heart.
mawy me J shall
" exclaimed a love-
young man.
if you do, please go
," was the cheerful
"for 1 heard papa say
you to hang
% i
Should Know
First, That times are generally whatever you
make them. If you have hard times, it is usually
your own fault. You are the architect of your own
fortunes. If you build with the proper foundation
you build right; if you use the wrong material for a
foundation you build wrong. You should always re-
member that the foundation decides the destiny of
the architecturs of your life. You should always
start right in life, and always select the best and
wisest means to pursue.
You Should Know
2d. If your object in life is to achieve success in
any undertaking you should learn to discern be-
tween the way which will bring success, and the
way which will cause failure. You should listen
to reason under all circumstances and never bow at
the shrine of prejudice.
You Should Know
3d. That if you sell your cotton at 4c a pound
and turn around and buy your goods from irre-
sponsible-merchants, you had better make applica-
tion to the poorhouse for board. That it you don't
have the opportunity of spending your money at a
first-class store like Mistrot Bros. & Co, it would
be advisable for you to get 20c for your cotton, but
if you have a, chance of buying at Mistrot's it is not
then necessary that vou get so much for your cot-
ton, as the low price of our goods inflate the price
you have obtained for your cotton.
You Should Know
4th. That if you get $10 for a week's wages and
pay 020 for a suit of clothes ffom irresponsible par-
ties, whose goods are" high bougot, then it would
have been best for you to have gotten $5 for a week's
wages and bave bought your goods at the right
price from Mistrot Bros. & Co.
You Should Know
5th. That a merchant cannot afford to sell with-
out a profit unless he finds out that his customers
are buying their goods from his competitois for
less money than he paid for his. That being the
case we think he does well to get cost, and those
who buy from him have no advantage to gain, and
all to lose.-
You Should Know
6th, That if you sell^your Cotton at 8c a pound
and pay $15 for a suit of clothes of the California
makes which ace being sold at that price in the
bigh-priced stores, it would have been best for you
to have sold cblton at 4c a pound and have gotten
the same suit of California clothes at $5 a suit at
Mistrot Bros. & Co.'s cheap sales.
Yotf Should Know
7th. Th$tthe Cash system is the only balm to
the many aches and sorrows of the human heart, ,
1120 Men's Suits, taken out of
buildings before the fire $10
tied for report*
of nale
Guardianship of Julia Coyle et
al, minors,. continued for inven-
tory- ' S . Ipl ' 1|
In the estate of M. Schneider,
dec'd, bond, oath and inventory
approve"d and ordered to record.
Estate of Julius Weishuhn,
dec'd, countinued.
In the estate of Surry & Dicy
Winkfield, dec'd, continued for re-
port of sale of personal property.
Receivership of W T Criswell et
al, minors, continued for the ap-
pointment of a new receiver.
Recei vership of Alois Rohan et
, minors, report of receiver ap-
Mr. Percy Faison, our present
county attorney, and Miss Juliet
Ellis, of. .EsockkaK, were united in
marriage at the home of the bride's
parents on Wednesday' morning of
last week; the Rev. J. J. Cramer
officiating. Percy is well known
to all Fayette county as a true gen-
tleman, upright and honest, and
we believe Miss Ellis has chosen
weli. Miss Ellis is the daughter
of Judge Ellis, of Lockhart, and
one of the prettiest and most ac-
complished young ladies of that
city. 9he has many friends here
who wplcome her back to our city,
having formed her acquaintance
when she was a school teacher in
the public schools here a few years
ago. We join the friends of the
couple in extending congratula-
tions and wish them much happi-
ness and prosperity as they jour-
ney through life4—LaGrange Jour-
Guardianship of Alois Rohan, et
al, minors, report of guardian in
lieu of inventory approved ami
ordered to record.
Guardianship of Frank Kobza,
Jr., minor, report of sale approved
and ordered to record
In the estate of Arthur Aurich,
dec'd, continued for final report,
Guardianship of Bertha and
Pauline Schoenig, minors, contin
ued for report of sale of personal
Guardianship of the estate of
G Williams et al, minors, repor
of money and olaims in lieu of in-
ventory approved and ordered to
Guardianship of the estate of
Othelo Herm, minor, inventory
and final showing approved and
ordered to record, ward having
died bis mother is to receive his
Estate of Anton Kortlang, dec'd,
continued for oath and inventory.
Estate of GetfT W McCauley,
dec'd, continued^r oath and in-
ventory. -95*
In the estate 6T"Andreas Niet
sche, dec'd, oath on file ordered
to record and letters to issue.
Guardianship of John Stude
maun, minor, cause stricken from
the docket.
Guardianship of the estatee of
Amanda & Pattie Nelson, minors,
continued for inventory.
In the estate of R H Phelps,
dec'd, continued for oath and in
Guardianship of the persons and
estate of Od«5li$ Byowg, ipipar
continued for bond and oath.
Guardianship of the estate of Joe
Falber, minor, continued for re
porl in lieu of inventory.
In the Estate of C Paul, dec'd
oath approved and ordered to re-
cord, letters to issue.
Community estate of Agnes
Hrachovy, dec'd, application of
F Hrachovy to be appointed com
Ladies' 15c hose, Misses' 10c
adies' black hose, damaged
slightly 10 pair for 25c
Stetson Hats, in perfect condi-
tion i $2/50 and $3.50
Men's Guillot patent Suspend-
ers, in nice, perfect condi-
It solves all questions. It brings relief and con-
tentment and makes life a pleasure. To work and
get the value of your wages in goods is content-
ment. To work and not receive a sufficient remu-
neration for your week's wages when you convert
it into goods, is dissatisfaction and sorrow.
You Should Know
8th. That the credit system is the demon of the
earth who roams at will throughout the land. With
its sharp bladcd scythe it mows down acres and
leagues. It spares not th'e deserts but leaves the
oasis to mark the traveling spot which induces an-
other traveler to try the path also.
You Should Know
9th. That no man fan prosper if be gets 4c and
5c for his cotton and 25c anil 30c for his corn, and
adores at the shrine of the credit god; he may pros-
per for awhile, but hie doom is sealed. The crash
will come and he must sooner or later witness his
own downfall. If he* buys on credit he must get at
least 10c a pound for his cotton or he cannot afford
it. The credit price depreciates the price he has
obtained for his product to the extent of 25 to 50
per cent.
You Should Know
10th. That our customers make their money from
us. They derive all the benefits of our closest
watchfulness over the dry goods markets of the
world. We make our money when we buy. . Our
profit is made in'New York, Boston, Philadelphia
or wherever our purchases are made. We handle
the manufacturer with an iron hand, and we always
insist on the closest margins and the highest stand-
ard of qualities. We make our profit by a correct
handling of the cash, by a knowledge of the details
of all branches of manufacturing, by a constant
watch for the best and the cheapest. Our custom-
ers make their money from us. It matters not
about depression of values, the low prices of what
thev sell, or the low price of wages. Our business
thrives the best when values are the lowest, as the
people then look to us and find io our prices a so-
lution of their sitnation. They find in our prices
a way to make up for the short crops and the low
prices of their products.
You Should Know
llth. That these are the facts which every man,
woman and child in Fayette county should know,
They should know where and how to spend their
money to the best advantage. They should know
Where to get the advantage-in the pnice and qual-
ity. They should know in buying from Mistrot
X, they have the guarantee in our name
and cheapest is to be had. We act as
agents. We stand as the Rock
,r, the key to the situation, a guarantee
treatment and the fairest dealing that tl
s businessman secure to the public
ity and
bad sheet,
111 • ' "
all i
Toilet Soaps,
5 cakes for 10c.
*ure linen towels, large Turk-
ish towels, puie linen nap-
kins. got slightly wet, now.. ,8c
Men's and Boys' Hats and
Caps, values $1, $2 and $3,
damaged and undamaged 25c
Cotton Checks slightly sprink-
Union Labor Hats, in perfect
condition $1.00
Tailor made Pant?, got out be-
fore the water reached the
building $2.50
Men's $10 Wool Suits,
$5.00, .
Were taken out of the building
before the fire reached them.
patent leather and other kinds,
$1.00 a pair.
Fire goods.
A gingham apron
5c '
in perfect condition.
Men's $18 suite,
gotten out before the water reached
the building.
in good condition.
Ginghams, dress styles,
10 yards 38c,
were slightly sprinkled.
A box of soap and a set of plated
spoons all for
• 25c
are all right in good coudition.
15c, 40c, 50c and 65c,
All in perfect condition.
Men's rubber suspenders,
- . 5c and 10c. '
all in perfect order.
Bleach Cambric Muslins,
got slightly wet.
Shoes at one-half values,
$1.00, $1,18, $1.25 and $1.50,
ail in perfect order.
Lrdies' belts, 50c and 75c qualities
in perfect condition.
Large size crochet towels,
Large size linen napkins,
got wet during the fire.
A calico dress,
10 yds 25c,
••' ^ '<■ f in
Fine bl£ck silks, were $1.5$ a y
are 48 inches wide,
85c a yard.
in perfect condi
Boys' California suits, ages 15
20 years,
Gotten out of the building
the fire reached them.
Men's 50c drawers,
Wrappers got wet on th<
during the fire.
Large boys'
■ to '!
wool suit
Slightly sprinkled.
Men's California suits. $10, $12
and $15 values,
the greatest of bargains, all in per-
fect condition.
Fire Shoes, worth $1, $2 and $3,
Now 25c and 50c,
damaged by water-
BROS. & CO.,
niunity survivor granted, J Pratka
and J Cernoeek appointed apprais-
ers, bond and inventory approved
and ordered to record.
to be continued.
Spare hoprs are the
the busy man's day,
shortest of
What ia it? A cure for Coughs,
Colds, Croup. Whooping Cough,
Hoarseness, Sore Throat, and all
Bronchial affections of the throaty
chest and longs. 50~doaes for 50c.
Money refunded if it fails to give
satisfaction; we mean Di. Sim-
mons' Cough Syrup.
The sins that pay best are
last ones we want to give up.
Hero-worship is too often
another name for self-esteem.
It is totf much to have to scratch
for a living and for relief also.
Huut's Cure will not help you in
the former case, but will sure cure
the Itch, Tetter or Ringworm,
Itching Piles, or it cost you noth-
ing. Price 50c.
unanimous nomination is a
distinction without a difference.
Uriah Jones, Hezekiah Brown
and John Peter Smith will testify
to the wonderful curative proper-
ties of Dr. Simmons' Cough Syrup,
l Sample bottles free. Satisfaction
or money refunded.
It is always hard to please a man
who doesn't know what he wants.
Why Dr. Simmons' Cough Syrup
is ths cheapest^ It is the only
cough remedy giving 50 doses for
50 cents. Money is refunded if
not benefited or satisfied. Try it.
Ask your druggist for a sample
Wise is the spinster who
lieves in the predestination i
The household r«
Lightning Oil. All aches;
quickly relieved, is
money refunded.

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