The Democrat. (McKinney, Tex.), Vol. 1, No. 1, Ed. 1 Thursday, February 7, 1884 Page: 1 of 4

*1 A YEAli.
J Th* First Fn«.d-Shttkin8 Prortdent
t I in* r<
C.E and SMALL!
A Lest Boy Wound. I Tho Modern
Texas si.hi out ii!.. ! Vth!'.'I Ml" ' Herald of the 30th | Many think Ht«?\
lor thi- pu^t V. u was ii.-i.-i v 2tt«v*' M«a#more, the' the true remedy l\
1 * w\_ww mailvj fourteen-year old son of Mr. J.! time. It In not mrtL, .... ....
he lawlew*! till who came t > his publi
Before that 11 iti * the
_ I H ™—!. . t t\jioy j jwvpulaee had aierely made a re*
.•iyK'miin, an t nfrivigely euuugh l,ul <n' r ,:'ght. and nothing had tho midnight did f 'tho nip st|x.*rtfiil obeisitm o to tho i'n s:
the wages of the workmen UJe 'H*ui heurd of him up to noon J nlpa.--W: .xuhac!di Sub-rpri*'* ' dent as tle-ir imme* were an
tumbling. not lnuk hi* father wan v«?rv ! We all admire PA wisdom of! iiounce.-V h tt <>1*1 Hickory, who
w.U Fny tho policy of prop c uiurui«d. and with bin frienifs tho man who Mot llet < hi barn > ib>pi* d nil pomp ami affecta
TrxAs araws.
ave found Ut uorai Jackson vvnsthe Hint
. , .. fence-cut-: President to innupwwto tho
, [ourt*,<,n-yoar old mon of Mr. «I. tin#. It in not iuumI lftw hut! custom of shaking tho hands of
My 8moru, wont gunning in
tiio Trinity bottom Monday dist ricts a taste df It* herd law i Wps
*1"ooooiK>o am'thtM mon or air.j.: ling. i m nor m**
|H. do t ill'liu. jf • (L TrT^v'' n?' ih' bul-taw. ««
the trinity bottom Monday districts a taste «f
Iron monopoly i'\i*t« in Petiti l,,,or?^ng, and as ho remained and tho it see how u \
lot'iing had tho
ui> to noon ! nip*.
ai't '«inu well at Hryait
itjt h" t w ook.
wants u telephone
system. and i
The oil iitili
( searched tin- rlvor bottoms for to burn out a iat
Doctors my m.',. vln-iulil rid ! ws il, that some sc . refuge iu it f!o; J t
lie on tlm right side Tho well 1 mi"118 B^'knt nad betallen him.: a very e/le< tiv«* oj p
oducut'Ml j ofiii,.iai always lion1 • * fouiuI hiui at- ^ lo8t iu!law W('uW ut> ,l"ub
•" *t' lilJ
"n othor - i<.
bottom out which ho was I to fonco-cJttin^,
tiii'mh had | tion >mi<1 not hing if no? dvm-
i|ody w«ih j .H*ralic t<-ok •how hand in hi-*
. S hi;rd; tirm aJMlhoii: t grip.
[Ut an ond
0,000 t
not'(i Ins! yi'nr
ilamo wan iu1'.
in Nolan ooiifif \
W ;o-. if' lo Iti
jisMOfialion v. ith
(.(' ijs'J' H '.Oi K I,
dn;x to hav« it
.f Toxas mar-
nfi-t of cotton
• t . plentiful
1 || now \f.
vi a buil'tin<r
;i r.ioito! • (
i i'i1 p * •>«!?■; '11 m! >
trod with ii
kliu "
Wol V/aut of Laws, B« t Wnot
"Tho trouble U 'i-«t w ant
Ijuvn. but of thoit onfor out«<nt.
1 by .la< kwonla i hand an ' ,vill.
in' tho proffnant remark io-i
!: Nov.'i* eofro«pit{ideut by on ■<;
lln botfer. j t tui'o owin-rn •*■ Jnidl
nttoj. !« d tiff reront livj
I ronveiufon ;M Knn Autof
rk itivoft in ih • briefest <-p
it iui" tho tenor «d' the i>ot«ition.
hold and ut„nniont^ aditueed iui
thofo t'oiitmii:. fr -m n.o It rat do
veiopmotil of iiio fi iu'o cuttii
di>tempor intoa I vn..' 'u m I
ii.s. il fi>r r.t'A it lo'f nf
|le. All*"' •! HIT'.* a(T« hS
u 'lOl fi-• r Koild
|"iii urn! Ii'.nt",'. I'rn < {"!* nmi
tih d amitnst hnu wldb
I'nitocl Stall's mar.
turky. I'" ^;i\> lln- repots ar«
oi all oat by Mormon agent.
';nn rm
Ifst elUflPli Hilfirvmi; Hloekmen" wouldrith.-r! .•« ***• ,,f ^r ?) resentativeM
di'os:.,. He had run up to rent : thiiifts ivmaiu a.- they are. in Congr««H. Not thoalightoHt.
his house t.> the government for! it }s the lesser of the two evils! l^musylvaoiH lioptibliivtns
committee purposes, and pro- Hut there is a way for provid «ro iu favor of letting the pr<-s
tested that lie was out of puli-! ju^r protection to the property ejit tariff al^ne. ami *• • nr.- the
A newspap j-cdiled byacolored tics. As soon as lien gc ts hi:<; ,tf cuizens without d< p -tutlnt-! l'^mocntts. When th' P-nn
uiuu ^aya tin*coloredjM-oph*are wind again, however, In* will;
ing a whole
Mt'll-ii'ii't'm ;*«). .'{-J ui-rc 1<U; it
w vi! with ■•<iii\. ii-
U. Vli ..m 1'!)M ttftM'h 0/ the - . , 1 1 .1 . I I -n — — -
w.^i. for Logan because iioguti is lor crawl umhn* the stake rope* and 1 don't want to
,< IV f-irtii. ^t-L iitili' from the colored man. Logan is for collie
the colored vi ie, wititotit refer- ro
past few months.
It is said I hat th o* ! < t: t a
single complete 'viret' liie h'ft
stnnding in Hrowrt com/.y
\ cattle pfo, o \\ ii'i .
bin u
We i ^ylvauia Kepubiicnn politicians
i ' "■ ' ■' ' ' " "
press the 1 rginly,e«! m
of len< O-Cilitiiilt. law
and law-defvb ^r. and
the f<xtndation i:i ]M*a<'
cattle pfot \ N 111 • dcrforniiv h '•lative lie
sti<!''k bv I .:!■ 11'i • . ' • *t required l.V til- t : lilts of
J'l'i' •• ft-! utSuirt, vrn < «./y
te^near imvii, # '
Ilr. Isunl. jimi- eljco to age
K in,
Mif 1W> liiti's; li*i iti i'iiUIiu-
uiD(*m frotij itiwii; 11 ilr-i i-lus-:
:i. M nmi )v 'I'm' I,. 1 if iiiiliii|irnv
fi utile.- from tiiwr. **:• p-r : «Tf.
2-"tnf> luiii-c, Willi >• nMtiith.wvll
I, iindl ncri-lot, w.-ll lii.prnvHl.
;!<i' ..r l i'.v;i. \\ til m'!I hi a uuml
1 10 ••■fusiTi' n in'Mrii* l imlli«;M«
$ I :> « >.
^iukI lot .'iini Itoii-i" in Short'*
.'i; ."i;i yi.i.-!, h hI^lt. iiifi- Inrutiun.
omiition of servitude.
or previous;
the stock t snout, "Do not. touch the turHf,
me up smilintr for another i ^rowiiiK ban, to drive out the for fear of alarming tho bad- j
und. - Ihillas llerald. fence cutting rat. Rule 1 we m-s** inlereritsthe lii'inonaM i/
• ! should provide means to detect "f tie* titate ecliotheir (-ry. "'it'«''
u Id p
The tallest ra« e of men in the i and punish the fence-cutters. It
If the preaent Hession of con-: * " r«*' e American imiia
gross pLses a lair tori if law !
and an elect oral bill, cats down ' ,'J''
' world an* the American Indian-,1 is a crime that can as easily be '7,r>' between the body of (
07, i stamped out as anv other class Hej-ublh .:ns, and this di;
cows and a hog were ki'b H
# • 1 c
There are sixiy w •!! organ |
i/.ed publie schools its Nav 'tro1*
1 nlT"
I to,
lative measured
! !l«
>Ufit \ , besides 1 he cit v scl . -o|.
ere ts a well-deHned differ ,.hl„ n H :i! roh,rad-
iu the opinion
emeu lefert
si rong ynui hail
in the e.M'CUtive chat I'.
tin re would have ! ,** ii no no
c «. !iv i'or the < xtra aesjuon of
a rife
' if a,
i noon
I J. \V
piiii hh'i ' rr*::lt.i;i'i iiriiin ri.v, ui I! iui
In coij!, lo'iii il tin tlic lii^ht-ni iiiiliiiilii
.. .. , ,, , 'h ',u,< " ii*'^ '' u 'b'pth of N«i! 1 ln« h'gi;diuure, as there meal
, stomped out as any other class "♦' lvepunif us. ami tins <1*.-, JUllt y Htin vfM|„K ,,,.n>n ir,.:i4|v .,r, the uu'ut. !->«>oks lawn
tlnun, of lawlessness. Ft. Worth (la ^''era e is sure to liml expres • , r . , . •ir? i< ,• fem ei iiilin fencimr
1 1 rank the whites of the l7nitod I zette sioii iu tie* action '/ i'ongre.^.s 1 A movement i * on t«*■ >• 01 I 1,1 1
upiuopriationstoiin luue-stba- stales, averaging UTjrfil il "lies i laud in the Nntional (Jo.iven « large v.ool s> ourinvr <;j' ^'V\t - «*J; ««d
sis, auu gne.> J iu dohii 1 otiei t|lf3S4, n:i^,,nK rank ns .1 hiring the performance of a j lions of the two parties "*■ hiie and umtoit c! nrin^ ehiablis'n , I' '?1.. 'K. {[
jUM'ice, it cau atljoui u and Jea\o, foiimvs: Norway, 8«*otlattd, i thrilling play i:t Norwalk. j the great majority of the Ui :y j ineiit at K< rt Worth.
1!|V'^ "i' 'U\V ril/f'M British America. Sweden, Ire 1'ouii.. last week, ft well-known | oeratn in Congress wiP fjiv, e 1 Hauls Sullivan, at Victoria
| land, Denmark, Holland, lliiii-i physician of the town, who sol , substantial taritl' reform, tin*, -vcentl v sold !o«m .. cirlinu hejj
i'he.e are l,t 7i,be^hi\es . narv, Kngland, (.lernmny, I'ni | «'• *" ent« red the theater, was' Kepubllr-un oopo>it;on can d" to North T*-\a.s parti«*s it
ed staies colored. Wah'S, Hus among the audience. When the j feat their policy .mlv by tin
iu l*'i.liter', from wnich wen* ta-
PO on. j.
tallest 1.swallowed the poison. It dying.
1 *r■'re or half
4 :mr«*n iitin<rlu*«l--will Miit
"'mi who would IociUi ke|l l.'l.s! aUtUIUU 1 {),JSt)7,i'-lO sill
l*'^vfliiMii'Vliuidfi)iliil)iilH Amiiiik ..... , ,
. i* . ufi'k iiion. w nil (.inn luuin.- |)ound« of wax, tin total value are from Kentucky, the mean ; ,w|d her lover and trie lid* art
of the product amounting to height being 78,(577, and tin*! wrliigiuc their hands aud crying
shortest are from ( onuecticut. j helplessly : "What can b
. .... U(!,:.S7 incJios. Illinois ranks! done f" the doctor was seen to
1 he hv< larg'-st cities iu the (welfth, and Wisconsin ninth. | be laboring under coasiierable
i excitement. At last the terrible
seem# was too much for him.
li| r< .fii'.i ill>.
i- f..r
MUftlI ht>i!«M* leui lot on K(iiUii<*k>
rciiiiiift .".i >ii Mi-mili. j>i,"i<i.
fl'JI n<-r>-- v, ii.ii farm Iohhv ami im-
(in iits S. V. . (•:" Mr.Hiunt'*, in ;n-rev
llvHticiK t al:iii '«' iiruirji1' ;• n«! tim-
f'rli'i- $•'.! |i, r ncr<
Switzerland, and
the States the
part came when- the tl«e heioiuejaid of a -inall majority of Di-m
ei. to
)?i:t |.* r
j roadu whi 'i'Vi-r needed." Ad-
I mitting tliat lln al plenty of
J lawt , in iputni'i) at least. r dal
' ing to tli< ibject - ti!' ntioned.
oil I he tat ule Iii mikf. M doi :■
: not follow thai in ipmlily they
I tiited Slates rank i'IS lo] loW . |
New York, 1 ,iivM>.ys>5l; i'hilu-j
r..n."i hi "r i. itr • s. i . .Mi hin • b'lphia, liiooiilvn, Ul7,-| ' 1,1 and foivottintr
' place it w 1 mn'Id'sensL>inors^i'an e jumped to li fee, and shout
);is'hil.:, .1 ill ill* r. ••Iioui.'li io I toil, ■«> J Ue«e aglin ale . , . Mofe th-in this he nnisl : "W Ve her coflee. you
f ""'■:Ki.ui,^..'uk,wICI,.;
h'ngland, w ith ^r,<xxi,i>00 iu- has the ipialit}* ol gootis that nfneiidi} hand pulh d him b.u
habitat t-,. has oni; Uu.tKM) res : tl «^y desire to buy. Hence, no
iilenis of toMkoi birfcht ljciiua matter how suitable the goods
;.y, with 'V "V r°r which
ooo! ha> u*J5SBltabioa. j Hiai.t, goods and the customer,
in Ktaace tlim*^nam8iF}ia in-' uiuhi be broughi into eommn
crease of 2<Hi.ootj in tlm last five nication in some way. No hotter
| plan has been devised than the
i uye of the ad vert sing columns
'i lie young man who has j uf the newspaper. Manv honest
money enough to enable him to' iWVl. fujfed in business be
live without Wtu'k, and who has ■ came they have used a false
no definite aim iu life to louse economy; have failed to let the
an honorable ambition and stir j people know what they had to
hi.s i nt-rgii s, is treading a peril- • and where to liml it. Many
ous path. Dot till concerned: charlatans and rogues have
see to this. . amassed great fortunes simply
! by the means of advertising.
w here he w a-
P jut
actors w
The Democrats ol
Th" b.i^ine^s failures in Te\ , .iri such . ■ to meet thefh nnw
I If.l I iiiiiUM'.i 4*1 * « \ ,4** ' • f. ■
Pennsvl ns during ls" '< are reported at , of Justice ami sound
• • !l*io, tin'lotrtt''abilitiesattiotuit llnll,'v s it*
po]i< \ Me this as i;^|Kl
orlli of MIIIw«mm1. in-r nt n*.
< 1 ini.nil u.' jt.i' l s1 sill, ilm-
.awn. l'<" i i-ro« in
|j,".:ui''i: ;iu>:uri-.
V:n ih hi".i '.. .1
fi -'ii rt^rovfr.a.
.Die t i!i<t ini-M! ielii-tl
tin* IuihI iiihI fri\f
I'Tl't 12 I'lUt'H Wl 'l i f Ml'Kill-
vania, tlion, are not in hartuony
with I he party in the country, j!,ltr '•
They are not only not in ' The Texas Heal Jvstaie .\:<-o
motiy but in actual hostility! elation has been incorporat"il
with th" great body of the Do Capital slock. $*j(ki,(hh>. luad
uocracv on this question, judg quarters, Dallas.
high, lli"ll't«IUIl|,l'"l;iN,ti"l,:.i |l„nr,| I
ol th*.* men wh*i imve undertak
to liwl ll...m. Th«j- rotjuot ,.r n.hl,.h «w|i ««,
••air; l'c tnis\ 1« wnir> on heir .. . ;
I'l.ll.' v <.r I'liu... li'-ll, M Ih", 'ivi-'lf'l*^' | THW _IW,IMOh- Kiwt"..f
into his seat, and flic surprised ' well know, at I ye! they insist; A company composed j>f the t
ihe laws as the-, niand
j or insathcietit. w itliouf ad«
executive vigor iu the state gis
j ernmeiit to
i and maintain
! tlio\ can
, inoi'i than in'-ons'-quen
sold during the pnst weidc. over j | ish on tle> sttilute
ipoti forcing their policy upon! leading cili/e
"fates in which it would be fa <:it*' has pure*
I . M. ihi . ' iw. l X'ili
fence cutting
monitor to felon\
[;HIH'«* hi
hmivr of
K. M. S
Minis' i
thd i.l'li i' e
' W. h. i ' • Kf
unit ih'mt
,i lull- 1*1
erili.vnl. Iiiirn, li-1;
vrl I',!-, ^li'imi.
t'i )ti'tii.
itil**. Imtiiii. r timljii*.
■a u'i i". el*'., it ; ! 11" !
. l,ri(U:i>tl i!l I oiiiil i o.
„ The r, . - ,k , ,
Hie l .iw waning until the majority in
!litbiti;Uil|i^PHpMpHpM|h'd;6oiigi'ess representing the par mares an I
j ing ejsexfnere. for tTie purpo^ i„ tlj,, W|,(de colintrv have ..|1Jtr ol.J ,'olts to
1 of bringing aversion and con presented a tariff bill, tmy do *
t- nipt upon fellow citizen- of .* j.,tfj,-ir purpose to hold an
the same country, lacks the 1,1}|,*|y State Convention, resolvi'
spirit of genuine patriotism a> I for jirotectitm, aud forestall the
of th
'< ng rognJ
nUtfe or MM at. %|l< outset
! classes concerned in the fen
flirt •<(
ti tie.' ' "lll-'<«'
i! •.. x 1'. mi l« iniH'i,
. jii i n•** iir«*. ii.only
w«'ii wul.'rcil, >t«'«rtl
F'oil i i . ;lili *rin.<i<i. in ur
i• 11 > IkhiI; I-t (ilmti* i'or n
Fo|l:ji;iil> .
p \V ",iar < c in Ii.' rliniil
nnou- *""•
IfUil ^ir'" ' Uoi k-
•j llockwnil (oii'ity, II'- Arri'n, lmi
'.r.iioi:, hnhui''' i'li jiiiHtiiri. wiili
(1,1 *i!'l wnivr, atoml <1 %* • Kin^r mid
riUI'C""''. iltl'il l.r.i! tfMvi .
|if prr:i.«o f|.M in iMf.!i Iihi.iiii-e iii it
iyi:!i■•ii> wiili |(: jicr ••cut inn-ri M.
•(i *27' t- 'i' '.. It. Itri-wt r. ut
,vn*i a er 4 iiiilon n t ofltock
Mr. John Kelly, the eminent
s- on his Tammany liail statesman, has
loiiid be ' written the following letter:
Iltir (ir.irii
What would be thought of a
man who should propose to
base a gigantic, mercantile or
manttfiH'iuring busbies
debit alone. lie wo— .-
brwtded insane or an idiot, still: )n my opinion the candidate
the government has established s|l0nld'be chosen from the Slat,<
the best banking system in the York, for the reason
world upon what it owes for that New York will be the piv-
tlm powder ami lead consumed 0tal State, and unless wo can
on tin- lath of Man h at fh" San ,-ntiimr tn u^b
^"i irllt . ' llown Its
"J rronui Is On | r« j
t'f I'irl.Clt, I ••ll«*\«-(l
iu the late war.
carry New York w« can not
t 'ltinr* .
tf till* <1
It takes, thirty live pounds of Ibunocrath; President,
ear to sweoteH the average thoroughly coliviltee<l
habitant of the United States iof' Ul?
iniul wah «>iii" I in
i us tli - (inrdfiiliiri' i
proii.'rty of Mr . s«I- j
•\<-d in In horiii i\'i
i i iit- in r. m.timiiifimmt, sugar
tnilrie fun ii. nUua J.'i ' *' . "i"',.,*! v,o ooo/mhi no choice, but he should be a
L^tiei, i .ilioia ii a >«'"*. ,,r in known well und
Pk.-r inri'i in til.- county pounds to supply the whole >• rsoii w lio Is Kliow u ^ well aiui
country for twelve mouths. It
is said that we pay more than
$MHi,0<M),ooo annual
ported sugar, and
lie wondered at that
in nit I nii!«'« from
ill Xiiwiifo coiini; . No
j *iy In tier tlcin I'iiviio:
j I |ICr ISI'TC, tll'lf III' H-||IJ*tlVO tn!l">
flier in p . an.I .>( Ilii'K U at if!' jut
hImI and iliill ,i ri d on tin* earn nt
III df wlltl ll t-nli licdnllc.
nice piir. Iii 'Irifllcy 'fvudilltlon to
; .n .-IM-1 .
lrul>' as it doejf that of trti
Christianity. And it thus di.s
qualifies itself alike for the of-
fice of a conservator of public
morals in its own circle, and a
friendly aud profitable adviser
outside of it. The Master had
his eye upon this weak spot in
human hearts when bespoke of
the Mote and the Hoarn.
The detailed statement of ex
peiidit ures of the Ft deral Treas
ury for rivers and harbors
shows ^hat the bounties of Gov-
ernment have been very un
equally distributed. For in
stance, Pennsylvania has drawn
from the Treasury ou this ae
count ♦ I,«K57,101, v liiJe the ap
propriatioiis foi the rivers and
narbors of West Virginia
amount to i(il,MH7,r«aS. Jlut «>1
national Demo
This is a narrow
Antonio Y lego ranch.
Oats were killed lit many
parts of the Slate ihe late
.John A. S"dwick. of!
cfutic. part v. ...— ,. a , if.
provincialism that bliudlv re I M«'^eun:in coutitv lost ir- ado.
I'll sen to reeogni/.e tin* fact* that .; uf wts. II- had .hio aens sow n.
there is a great country as well • Hllis coutdy cattle have gone
as a gn-at party beyond tip* through the winter ^o far in
.VIlegauy River. It is in the ^ood condition. The oaf crop
.-•pirit of faction, because it ig i.s noi killed and nearly all the
notes the truth that even iu land i- broken f >r corn j lanl
Petitisylvaida a large portion of ing
the Democrats, if md the actu I A Wuu!r.. mj|1 J|t r,ll(>rH(|l,
al majority of thetn. are no. m - (.. u 1jx(t|, far, a)1,,
sympathy with the protect,,.,, ,n.4;.|l„ll.n will he i-hipp' I this
ists in their p, tar.H ruol|tj( j, wj|| ||Jl(i||f
reform. II these Pennsylvania |iul„i.. <1 hamls
Democrats who are in hnrmon) ,
with the majority in Congress! Fayettle couni) complains of
and in the country desire repro rain and consequent scan-ity of
sentatiou in the next National
Contention they will have to
bestir themselves. I'liless they
*hi, they will wake up to tiud
aggravate h«* evil, inflaming
siill more tLe lavde. o spirit, iu
creasing 'h * nunibev of law
breakers and law dehors, and
-tituulaiiug ihoiM to more tltor
oiigh ortcai'.i/ittiM! and more
do qierat* coiirscrf. The prob
loin of a siitlb'ient rt'iiiedy, lis
has been cotiti n b d all along in
those column.^, confers .'in'1 piv
ot*. ami must always center
ami pitot, in the precedent of
Ml llict -iii executive vigor for
the enforcement .if the law
The common sense • f tic conn
try is coming to see, with such
clearheaded and outspoken
statesmen as John Hancock,
thai this in it-• -1 {* npari from
personal or political consider;'
should not be a!
fit* V V
.... . xi. , , I themselves and their party in How Knglaiui Itoriows lSorForesti.
all th.' stnti- M rhlKaII hai he.-i, I,. .lv.,ni, h<i(ly and auiimuntl in tl," «i -l'. , , , ilf h-
.iflri'iisiir}- ji uii'lrnng, Iut to ; , .|'hil .1' l|.liili ft".
ol d.
.. fnmt und fineli jwirclics und pin
)C<1, Tfim. si. In South pari of Mc-
,%ip . f.oi M ft front, bv 'J'J'i liack.
vfli.tvo ooine other trr.cts for Mile not
* bed icrr.
see nofhiiu; oil the lisi
VIS II lie icripttoll
nf, how you can
. where you want
3 There seems to he a well or
4;gatti/.ed and de| rmlned eH'ort
to break uji the lottery busi
c '\ and see
tad our services in
Wg their interests.
?ln"iint inoTi'-y can lmvc In-
Ulon « iu,', oim| land (M P':«tnlnvi'i«i
|i| 11 yw cm i. n liinch IM MC.
I «tunm for Ii, i
Resj eetftilly,
r. M. THftMIFMlS,
Me Kinney. Texas
ias had experience in public
ife. There are several men in ^ ^
Ily for im this State who would make able j taj appropriations footing up
it'is not to j Presidents. *W as to the • |() In th, light of
... i plafloriu. It s toiild , thoaiv appropriations it iu not
ing men nre seeking to increase provisions regulating the t<4iill. j «iitii«*ntt aiKlt^raii^fitt thtr io«*u.ri
ill" stigur product of the nation s.° "'u| ing of the eloquent llorr, of
Miillicieiitlv t« sujtpiv the homejT,t,Jl favoritism in behalf of ^ when UJ4l " ®" " "
■Li:kef. " f"w fke interests of| Je spotUMlt 1
many, rhere should i e a pos
tal telegraph system, and the,.......i/;.
lands owned by the (f< veru- j ,KWI1.
Ii.ont should be held for actual. ,]|H mountain
ness throughout the coiujtry. setth is instead of voting to in-J Wisconsin I* acompiir
The light against the Ijoitismiia dividuals and corporations mil-' a.tiv«'lv young state her rec eipts
lottery has been in progress for i lions of acres as subsidies, and ,<(l. uJ,,j Jjaibors up to
some'time, with the advantage rigid economy in the admlnis-1 thj^ f ||tl„ ammml to l>4,«10,4;H5,
thus far on the side of tlm lot , tratioti of the expenses of our jur ||ttJ|rly ,vvin. Inluq, ai4
tery. Dust briday Mr. Doug- (Jennral (lovernment. Of course j llj(I,ru|>t,|a,,,<i to Massachttseits
!.ts, manager of the Henry Col- then* are many ideas which oc- j ^ fOIUHiati«m of the (iov-1 A free and-ea-y sort of a f.d
lege lottery of Kentucky, was j cur to me that f nuglif send you , ermliHlt. jt js pretty evident! low of New York says the re
art-osted and gave bond for his relative to the adoption of a frillll fjliw ,|1Mt imim- ductioiiintr
ap|ieaianci' in the I uited^tafes platform
'circuit court, and yesterday the mit at all important
manager of the ImliauajMilis general sense.
i wheel of fortune was arrested visions stated
i iu New York. Congress is also edly be
_ i taking a ham! in the tight and Democratic jnnnonni v« nven j Samtml.) Randall has boon ater Hekots and seart pins
• some half down or more bills tbm platform for the next Pres- for„mi|y nominate I for tin j Norrisinwn Herald.
us have been inirodnced, ls-arlng idential can vans. pre-ideucy by two weekly!
on th- subject. State' legisla-1 ' pniier* in Pennsylvania. The i When a man enters samph
tnres, jwditloal conventions and Mr. John Shirley, one of the ,.ttn ^ a loud one, but he is a room and s«s?s a person then
expositions, all have a hirgesf land ow ners in Australia little deaf.
"One of the bcsi signs in the
Republican parly lo-day if that
no' artificial boom is being
worked up for any candidate,
nor i* ilie parfy machinery
being manipulated iri favor of
any candidate. There is a
getteiftl feeling that the iiotu
inafiou for Pivnid *ui musi be
perfectly fair, und also a general Hometdlng can, of
feeling that any representative j,|H,.,ing on t
mail ho nominated can l« MrafH
elected " —Colli til bus Repllbli
, . - tlofis w]
w;u..r in «..)! 1,11.1 riM-nw. it
i i.r.-r |.i.ll>- |
iii''i'.|i ii: IimiiIw. Still ill.-
~ * enforeeinent of the laws, which
would haie bee,, comparatively
almo-d a" e:i*t\ a? lifting a tin
gel* of the executive llltnd, It ltd
it I utiilortaken at
perlune moment, will become
The forests of the Culled
States have been ho mercilessly
strij pod of trees that a wood
famine is almost inevitable in
a few years. Tin* lumbermen
have been allowed lo do pra- ti
cally as th**y jiletised. and the>
seeiu to reap always and sow*
never. Ibit an end is i omiug !••
that reekles-; mi'tiool 1 I jc <•
dure, and tin* lumbejm-n iheue
selves an* beginning to see that
"something" now done.
. large
Happily, tlo'l'e iri liifle
feai of similar dearth in Croat
Britain; none, at any rate, un
ardor of accomplishim-nf the
longer it is th lav ei
to quoin II :i fire i
Ik'tut" tost
to mtteirt a
si*n of a ■
'I'w*. tiinu In
rnifiltur trlth
Tin time
when the
fir st-
an incline Is
brakes befon
montum has
til the great landlords are re
formed out of existence. For
almost the solo reason lhat Kng
world expositions, all have a htrgesf land owners in Australia liuie" deaf.~ '' ~ *'ith whom he has sworn oft'
word to say about the power, has just purchased from the] — , the man Inside navs he eiu red
inlluence. etc.. of these institu- southern Pacific railroad all the i federal courts of Han to warm his hands, while the
camels us«sl by that company ]<*ruu«dsco are blocked witii "ther says he Just dn i t ed iu
in carrying goods and freight Chinese habeas corpus cases.
across the desert* of Arizona, .fudge Hoffman wants congress Puck
There are about ftoo animals to appoint a commimsion to'
now living. Mr. Shirley in- dispose of canes. ' "Dig
tends shi)q>iug them fo Aus- • -• —
tralia. where he will use them state b itnls to the
to ascertain tie* tim
e of day
, tiidis. In the meantime, tickets
i nre sold, the wheel is turned
and somebody has captured a
few thousand of the liltliy lucre
while many others are left out
! in the cold. That wont" law
will lie passed by Ihe present
cotigres touching the question for tarrying purposes on his the Agricultural and Meehnnl btit where ci
, rhere e every reason to is'iieve. ♦ r;,t!le raneh" . Kort WtHth I««!««* Tl««v4an. I. l##4.jcentetarv room for all
li.itlar. Herald. fias^te. Annual int«te^ c« rpi«^a!. d 'mirier tonrtu'l
graves for old follies
and error*,* says Kiln Whoeh r.
credit of Thai's the way to do, dear l.lla;
ill we get enough
mitiiou.sof tree,-.. The "lamh-d
duke," w ho commenced opertl
tioiis iu 1?) I. pi'ittte<l C7.0*MM*
tree/, covering 1 in res.
uincipivlly upon the Dunkebl
tills and in their aeiirhborhood.
The present Dilko of Atholo
pi; ats trout «oo,ooo to I.mki.oihi
tree;, i vcr\ year. The t' lrible
storm whu'li destroyed the T.iv
bridge blew flown of lln;
Duke'f trees, but the loss aii i
hardly uoticeable. Si. •lames*
Il speed doV. tl
lo put on the
too much mo
beeit ucquired
The tin.e to deal wisely ami "f
ft "lively v iih an organized, in
fcctioiM ami dangerous law lo .s
iiess is to moot it resolutely a<
the outset, throttle it with a
grasp of iron and crush it out
ai any "o t. VVhat.ever tlcco-.i
of such a freattnoiif, it is vast
ly less than the cost of I lie o
podte treatmout, which won
palter with the evil aud allow it
to become more compli'Vited in
its nature and more defiant of
-inthority in its spirit, and fo
accumulate more and more mo
meutuvn iii It jjnin becked pro
l re« i.-- Calnjfcm ^iews.
Five rai'i-oads uow ceiitio at
Fort Worth, Texas the Texas
and Pacific the, Mi-soiiri i'n
ctlic, the Tr.tiiscc'iitiiiental. the
Fort Worth and Denver and
the Onlf. Colorado and Santa
Fo. Two other roads are pro
e bllilt.
j> efed, ami w ill s<h h be
subdue fawb's.Mi/
in peat e a,iii .oniVr*;
amount to oo'e *
— ihroul. It
j Tin: Dkmoi kat Is only
year Itubsepifio for it.
♦1 a, Our ai'iiuinotit Is
reason, tiot pre| ml ice

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