The Democrat. (McKinney, Tex.), Vol. 1, No. 6, Ed. 1 Thursday, March 13, 1884 Page: 1 of 4

' j ■ "
Y, T]
The one-pound baby rmiitly
Uim at Lung Branch linn died
j of cold from exptisure to viol-
nia nrc
News rtatcs
rains in (?a Hfor-, desperado
lug the situation
Th«* southern fouii*
Railway com- ] tiay
Is interrupted. j in solitary
Best, a young married i
Knitde'* ret
I'iiiciniiati, was arrest
ly for luting the matlN
ite obscene lltcrattlie,
rnlt of bail Jnlled.
is mulct <■ >11 -I«l«*r-
13, 1884.
A ami Twmw Taaw, t AMdi«lnsi«|i*^!
An oWcer of the freasnrv do j on the second day's battle of, a aoauaxTowa m ax'* TKaamu:
a i iwrttnent recently took me on a I Mhiloh late in the uftcrmsm, hlioht imxo or *taiiv a-
i- tour of observafh
C. Scott. He killed no Uiw than
five men in 1877.
to huve
iiim in It
and is i
thm and
A cyclone
obscurity o
years ago,
only when !t
I In
to- tmir of observation down in the | when il was evident that tin
jcellarof the imaienae building .confederate* were defeated.
ryelMje*: where Uncle Sam will shortly , General Beauregard ordered a-r Ttie people of Borden town, N.
itand ex-{dcpt *it his millions. 1Hrwtl ri'livut. The writer of iIiIm in-,*l., are somewhat alarmed at a
and in the under the ensh room of the IJnl- ] cident met iii> with G< iiernl Cle- strauge aecident which
i tele-
of news.
lout III the
a lend*
JIM ocrnr•
ted Mtates's treasurer's o«ce n | burnt*, with out a single mini or red recently to Phillip Mat-
thew*, a welMttofwa resident of
met up with GuierulCls
I without u sitwlc mir
space aliout forty by thirty feet j officer with him. >Te rod.
cleared. Although i gethc r. We i
It in surrounded with enridgc who
remain uot the allghtest | roba-; Hardee sitting at the ftiot of n
bility that any stray burglar tre«. resting.cooi and undismnv
ed as he ulwuy* was timid tfie
H JHB e mUe tie
town cleared. Although j gether. We met (General Breek
even now it is surrounded with enridgc who hud charge of the
solid masonry, *av" only the j reur guurd. who continued the
uiniih KM wiiKiiiwn« it ^*iil in* of tin* liiirjfwnrd
made so secure that there will \ movement. Later we saw Won
will "get ii chance it
lire. The contract
the treas-
with the
ways was
worst disaster. We spent ait
vt.pv IU« *k>U). Also 1 Itm opposite, across
* owl, with fair Improvements, kinnI
frost l^atmeDt anil home. Prlw I7UU and
ling a ITCH
.fninoffWt' was nfterwiml seid to fin
weighs' Michigan City prison for bnr-
he is the {uhiry under another name and
u "V'a welMm proved 3-4 acre lot- a lightest milll who has ever been "'f* there ill '^77. lie roldieri ii
^U'V komt. well auttpiM with ronvrn- in the college. | farmer near Gil*on, Illinois,and
|uirb '«es, fruits, etc., is easy reaoh of the , . , , , lieing pursued by a
.iuar , «n. i London lu'wails a mnrked de-1 i„. ir «./. „11(i
The iin
the Yale tilllve
sixry-tive |M umls.T
doubt tfiafYfieruls more
quency and force In cyclones of
late years than half a century
What is the (alike of this?
The tirst impulse is to lay tin
government calls for a Juirglnr hour or two destroy iug ainmu
and'lirepnf)or pla^e fif Aei^hc Aftlon, ClebofiM* ffotng fi r«l
rel"— 'iimiaaa
vat 's part.
We hen
wounded responsibility <•>> the swift ties
"" " ' the
13. 13. 14 ■jiiI is. Tracts of unimprov-
ed land S nillea from town, fo |M>r aviv.
I.V A Shatory houir, with K roonia,w«ll
anlahtsl. and I acrv lot,
st tha «dgf of town.
barvala to a*«ur« a |Uao nearer bualnew
ke«*p on hand will Ite stored.
uiu have forward, d a petition j escaped. He was finally cap- f rees st work in nature and im . awaiting the order of payment
to Congress asking an advance ' ture,! in St. Louis and on his, changes working liti the tu imlividuals and ;or| omiions
The entin* walls and ceilings
will lie sheathed with solid steel We heard groans in the wood*
and the floor, which is at least off from the road. It was twi
twenty feet Itelow the level of lijjht. Proceeding into the for-
the adjoining streets., will be est we discovered a poor fellow,
laid ill cement asphalt. Tlieey-' ~ *
tire cost of this vault will In*
*40,000. and it is here where the
immense amount of gold and
silver coin which the (Jovcru-
nieiit is obliged bv necessity to
'i. well Improved,
Will wll at a vnhI
of s> to 3 cents duty on im|>orted
eantre. flJUtt.
17. k good lot and hoiiae in Short'*
addition; tnoui, a liigb. nice location.
10, A I realdence property, well im
i propert.
>ved. located on the liljrhi'Ht hill In (be
wn. alsiiit 4 acre* nilaeheil-
aubatantlal man who would lo«-ate
Kennedy, the author of the
prohibition bill in Iowa, has, il
reported, just received official
notice of hi* title to aliout *3?.-
wiil'Vwit as heir of a wealthy
5— . .. - ... li'ishnuiii Intelv deceasotl.
here to educate IU« family. fiMlO.
SI, Itt acrerf ddloiniiiK the town of Mo- t frol|1 Krt^liillo
Kinnev, In cultivation! with farm bonne . * L"J . ,ro"' r '/
and Improvement*. I'rlce *£MM or half stllte i f /acatecas, MeXIco.say s
ofaame for tiaaii. tlie final spike in the Mexican
«l. A mna 11 house and lot on Kentucky < si..., v ..,lsl ,|r;
atreet, renting at per .nenth. WflO. V , IHH«a\ was iimwi HI-
SS. I*J4 acres with ftir.u house ami Im* day III the presence of a distill
and his lifeless liody was dis-
covered on opening the "soli-
tary" this morning.
trial for the Gilson tragedy es-1 « 1,1 «•"' «^idiere as they are entitled t4 it. Just
cnpetl with a life sentence." His | *}> * envelopes it. The sugges- lievoml I saw three young col
prison life has been marked . **« ^ plausible one. I lie red ored girls at work on a hir
with three or four acts of des- j sun-sets, the iinmerous comet* pile of waste paper. 1 hey loo
peration similar to that of last. living in and oufeof sight, the | ed each scrap over carefully.
Saturday uight. He used his. .nexanipled Hoods and drouths and appeared tj
iiiid*'rclothes t« effect his dentilO'clones and eruptions was informed .
these und scores «f other dis-, that these girls examined all
turbnncc*. out of 'the common the waste paiM'r in the treasure
—justify the suspicion that department. They gel there day
there is a physical revolution in and day out. looking for
foitt WORTH.
Fort Worth, March R Sheriff
Maddox this morning arrested
provemenu8, w. of M. liinney,4iiaeres ,r,,lshed assemblacc There is ' im* morning arrested
In eultlvatlon; balarn^ , ralrie and Urn-1 7 , . , , . i , V„ two brothers at the I'llioli depot
M. Mfiacres 15 mil.S. L. of llchin- the ell\of Mexico t« the Klo ,7 itl t «. tll<1
ney, near Mear lake, uimitly timliereil (l,..lIl(|,, i ',M > an. nu* " .I"" 0,1
orj, sirm * ireii m iiiooriro
land—flue w inter rang- -railroad survey
ed through it, good On.Iter, enough to 4
lines pay for il at *2 .W | er acre.
Wiacreo splMidid tlmlier and land .VI
miles north of MIIIwinnI. 96 per srre.
IM acrm I mile Hoiitb of Kockvnil, tim-
ber. *:• per acre.
8*7 acres 1st class farm; I0U acres In
cultivation, XI limber, balance pa ture.
I'rice |MM. Heference Is made to ,1. W
Kirkpatrlek. S miles firom Mlllwo«sl,
ttockwalT road, for the 4 last ueiiOoned
pieces. Ite will ibi>« the laud and
9B*. SiS acres 12 iulk>s west of Me Kin- <
ney, 140 In ciiltlviulon, ln«lanc« pnttiire,
r 9 g'Mid houses, a tiiif Mpring and never
failing Water, orclmru. harn, flslt lake
Md other Improvement*.
W. 1474 ncres. 7ft In eultlvatlon. 2'i
acres prairie outside, balance timber,
good aever failing water, etc., at $111 per
sere. A bargain unci|iialed int'ollin ('«>.
37. 7 acres land In wext |>nrt of Me-
Kinney not far from the College. S7ix>.
* . H0 acre« <ty mllen n K Mr Kinney,
tt in cultivation, %> in pa«lure, mostly
Cftlrle, well I'enceit. well watered, good ,
proveinents, gwsl neighlMirliMNl, near
church and school; bl elass plaee for a
•rat-claaa family. #lftoo.
Ml. A flue fanu I mile eavt of Itock-
wall. In Itockwall eounty, I4A ere<t. lot*
In cultivation; balance hi pasture, with
tlmtwr and water, good dwelling and
rent house, orchard and pe«mi grove.
I'rice KUtia I.Nm In cash balance in .'I
or 4 payments nltli 1 per rent intereHt.
all eash See A. II. lirevvi r, nt
31. Itm acres 3 or 4 miles east of Itoek-
wall, flne prairie land with some im-
provements. known as the Oardenhire
brought II bout
s that lie |>ey«
, siiringing from i
' a confederate private, lying in
a sitting position against a log.
| pallid, faint, dviug, bowel*
, torn out, suffering uuiitteiabh
agony and 1 waging UihI foi
1 merciful dcnttiT There was
notiiing in whielt to remove
him; lie could not l>enr hand
ling if we had had an ambu-
lance; there was no hope for
him but spetniy death, the
quicker the better for him. lie
pitifully prayed us to end his
torture. We hud to leave him
be very busy. (in the falling night to whine for
by tuv guide the dissolution of body and
hoiiI that alone offered* relief
from his measureless misery.
; It was a cruel and suggestive
case of war's horrors. With a i
that citv, as it is thought by
many that death alone will re-
lieve the unfortuuatt mall of hi*
ttirible *ulferiug*. Mr. Mnt-
thew* is about 40 year# of age,
and ha* carried oii the butcher-
ing biisiuess iu Hordentown for
iKituy years.
For fifteen year* bciuMlwom
three fain-
>w. Tbuy
the aanM>
fore cuusit
ble. Mr. Matthew* lM«eame *o
llsetl to the false teeth thut
he often. forgot he
any in his Jaws other than
Seiinine molars. They were so
rmly set ami clung so closely
to thi' roof of his mouth that he
never considered it necessary
to remove them before retiring.
Night in and night out Mr. Mat
thews went to bed without giv-
ing the false teeth n thought, as
tlicy were always iu their right
place* when he awaWeaet^, in
ilie morning. On the a'"' .1 - r
Washington's birthda >
Matthews retired as usual
out displacing the teeth
aliout 1 o'clock in the tuoi
he was awakened by a 'hf
sensation iu iiis throat.
several minutes lie wa « sel:
with a violent fit of cougli
iu the valuable papers which have "poor fellow" as terrier)\ ut ami then, us lie collet te<$
md our' ' " "" *— * —J 1
wurld, springin
t f which we cam
Grande. j charge of murdering !>r. smith.
The mouth and fool disease ] jn Wise county, some time ago.
has lirokeii tint among the cut- j ''he sheriff of \\ is '. Mr. .\lleii.;
tie of Woodson county. Kitn.. i was after a gimg of horse thieves i
and manv cattle linve already ' ami called on Hr. Smith tiud
died. Tlie Governor of Kansas others to net with him as a
hns tehgrapiied t« the (\mimis-1 p<wsc. When the mbbers were
sioner of Agriculture to sentl
surge« ii.
J t conceive,
results the
measure and direction «if which
we can have not the slightest
hint.—Atlanta Constitution.
•ed the eye « f the usually
igilant officials in the offices
al t ve. Frequently tliev find
papers of inestimable value.
teretl a* a mother tonhl speak
to a sick babe, and a tear in
eyes that in the battle gleamed
like fire, Cleburne sadly left
the unknown soldier to his lone
Iv death struggle in the tlurk
night. I. W. Avery.
senses, he found to his ho#*o#
that the plate contain^ ■/ th«?
tee'h hail slii p<<l down hi
throat. He tried
mi vain
Five Cents i Day.
The cumulative power of
money is a fact very generally
known, but not generally ap
▲ Kcutueky Propbetio Dronmor.
S- ■■ ill* iMi'urin Mfir • « ri«i s i •
„ !.„ l. all -f llu- |K, - lull Sinilli 'v " f"" '1;,-
.•ii..k-I Smith w kilirll. n«. ,"r* 'S
A professor of Greek in the
Hinsdale classical institute hus
turned up iu New York with a
scheme for the organization of a
matrimonial stock company, i . ... .. ,, . ,
lie claims that mm capital ofj. !i , •" yiV Ua,V''r' 14
$tfu.l *i a lirnlit of 9lft.~i.iHMl . W " .•...lilt}
l«- ri'iili/.'l. Til.- iiroh-sNor Iuik " ' "' .'• ««l> i iiti l ' "I
reach the ldate with his fingers,
the pin
en he
awoke the
at Ills
in oifrani/.-
After st ven y; ars of idleness prisoners will be taken
rho larger furnace of the South ' |h>cntur in the morning.
Boston Iron-works was lighted
up Saturday for the casting of rruniAsi-; ok iiloodkii catti.k.
twelve inch ritte imirtnrs for tliej
riiitcd States Orduaiifc Depart*' Is'xington.Mo.. March 5.—L.
nieiit. This will be the first of Hrondus. representative of tlu<
a lot of five heavy experimental Lucieii Scotl Cattle Co
guns authorized' by the last j of Ijcnvcnworth, Kan.,
reds < r friends, but who might
..jUtf-thr KMro|H-au and American
nuitrimoiiial company. The
and the
!uetitl>crs of his family
of course, were dismayed at Ills
plight, and all kinds of means
were resorted to in order to fish
the teeth out of his throat. It
seemed thut every effort ill this
direction onh lodged the teeth
more firmly'. When morning
dawned the sufferer was so
was in
hy exi-n-ixhig Ih. iwrtl- [ '."i"'J"
.-f.- „f thrift! rifti.ll> Hdhcrt-d tu1"r" M'u " "
ill the pust, have set aside a
respectable sum which would
materially help them to main .
tain their iiidependeiice iu their i". ?
old age. Ijct u* take tin
rSBSSTS ,r";'i" I.ii.1 KiikIUII
' 1 - I -> u lll(111!|M.r iii uh 1 Im- iitimiirrii'd.
i is confidently expected that the
profits for the year's work will
foot up at least (MOO.IIOO. Tile
will take into its mciu-
.......ii berslnp certain of the nobility
' f . of Spain. Portugal,Italy,France
" . Germany ami Kugland. Each
Congress. "• the city to-dav, and purchased ' eents, wlilcli we tlally pay
! seventy head of bulls of Thomns have our btwts blacketl. to ride
I lie Utilise f onimntee oil Pub -, B Campbell, paying a a car a distance we are able
lie Minds to which had lieen re- | for the bunch. The bulls! b walk, or procure a bat I cigar
ferret! the Northern Pacific land „r,. be delivered in Ma v. The we are better without, ami see
grant matter, has tiecided by a Scott Company, which is a small what its value is iu the course
vote of 7 to 4 to declare forfeit- one as regard the'iiumlier of its suppose a | nleiih of money but no
ed all the lands unearned since i„.u iaai t,....w^«i btiy of fifteen, by blacking ins |/|,,,Ti;io,,(i lln
lion. On Sunday night three
weeks ago he dreamed tliat lie
saw in a vivid manner the fig
tires that indicated result of the
unquestionable respectability,! Senatorial race at l'rnnki<>rt,
ami will have to oay a certain and^these fignri>* were tel. t 7.
initiation sum. These foreign
zens, has liatl four or five drcnui*
scattered oyer a period of Whwnak from iNiiu mid fii«ht that
years, w hich have lntm verified ' |IO(.o„hl hnrdlv sit up iu nn arm
iii a wonderful manner, lie very j p, He down
seldom dreams, but when lie has ,M1, r}llll(, sllf
one of his prophetic tlreams it [ foeated. Drs
impresses him greatly and lit*
coitlidently predicts its veritica-
mdilesare to be married t<> am
bitious American ladies who
place, recently the property of Mrs. Sal-
lie II. Pickett, believed to l e worth
July 4. I87H. This would forfeit
38.0H0.tHNi news worth *8o,ooo,.
This is truly encouraging. It
will lie interesting to see what
menilHU's. has $?.* investtsl
in sOwk.
jure* were IM,
the former fi r Hlackburii ami
the latter for Williams, ile
went to Frankfort the next
uighl and tolii Capt. Joe Hlacl
Young, Shlp^K
| and iiOiigstrvot were culled iri
I to relieve the man, but coitlt!
I not devise any means loe.vtuaitt'
the obstruction. When die
! physicians saw that the plate
could not lie withdrawn, tliev
decided to cut Mr. Matthew^,
j throat open and iu thut way
take it out. Though In* was;
> suffering excruciating pain Mr.
| Matthews would not con *u' to
.Jefferson. March 7. .\ large
catamount was killed Into yes-
terday evening i-illy two or t (nee
jmrirrn. ^end Milt, to F. M. 'I'liompwin.
farm, ahont ia
cKlnne.v. Tetus.
M. A small prairie ....
acres, all in t'ultivsOon except alNint « to House resolution as
nersa timber, no Aner land in ihocuiinty 1||U(,|, lno,,ey now iu tin
17. llotiee « ftf rooiu.H on Tenn. St. in
North part of McKinnev. I'riee jstrn.
M. I*t M acres, on wliit'h is Snitler'n
I<ahe—ifood land and mnrh line timber.
•ft par acre.
41 The I r. Sullivan Farm, ft miles
north ofl'annersvllSe, l*>74 arrei-—107 In
cultivation, well fenced- ikmmI land, il
houses etc. A bariinin worth looking
nfler, $16 per acre on long linn for moot
erf It.
«S. A Mill and tiin Site, a mile* North*
west of McKlnne.v; about (i acre* land.
with large elstem. A good situation;
the same frnm which t ummtiiH' Oln wa«
burned last year. Caiee ft.usi.
a. An iinfmprovnd building lot .Wx2*i0
Price f«W
flVI have some other traeta for ante not
nwiarlbed here.
the Senate wsll tlo with Mms pro- from town V y Mr. Tom
]Hisition. I ribune. 'i'arrans. while out deer hunting.
Secretary Folgcr, in replj irg There have been one or two
to'how more killed tiroiiml here this
Treas- winter. Tin* bitter one is said
ury can be applied iu liouida- ttihave eaten n great number of
thin of the public debt w ithout chicken* this
embarrassing the dc]iartmciit. thought to h«
says that after making all de-' here.
riuctiou* ft r special fumls, etc.,
and providing for a reserve Tyh
fund, there remains as a final
own boots, or saving his car
fare, or going without his cher-
ished cigarette, puts by five
cents a day, in one year lie saves
$18.25, which. Iie'ing banked,
bears interest at the rale of ft
per cent, per annum,compound-
ed bi-ycurly. On this basis,
when our thrifty youth tenches
the age of sixty li ve, having set
hi* five cents per day religious-
w inter. This is I aside during fifty years, tlie
the last one i "'anl* truly surpriaiug. lie
has accumulated no less a sum
than $!?,81KI.I7. A scrutiny of
r, March 7.—The brothers progress of this result is
of George Stone, ami sons of the! interesting. At the age of tliirt
pedigree, lie COIlt
of arms, etc. 'I lie noblemen are
retpiiretl to In* genuine and re
spcdnhlc, and (lie ladies who
are to take them, or be taken liy
them, for better or worse are al-
so retpiiretl to be genuine and
respectable. It i* a square ileal
all round. Of course, men who
do not belong to the nobility,
but who desire toinarry w ealthy
women, will lie admitted into
the soeictv
, .u.i -i i . • . • submit to the proposed IS ra
burn that lie would In- elccted | tloll a ,ftM{ n.|,ort tlu. ,.|h
a> li'f''n" 'I't c presence were forced down his th -oal in-
of a half-dozen giMit lemeu wrote t|„. Mtomnch. This did not
i /' V?'' "" wall, t aplaiii, u||«.viate the poor fellow -< «uf
Blackburn expressed much con ] fur in a little wl,il« hi
hdeiicc in Mr. ilai per s dream , Htomaeh Is-gan to sr.el The
i ,. , """'".Stomach iH-gan to swel
lie rt'Milt slniwet. him to be sharp edge of the p!wo-<-t •
t. It will be reme.nbered , 1(f n'n<( N||
and th
thut tlie vote Mttiofl MH, 57. bill
lt«*pres«*ntaiive Harris hnd seiiJ
wort I to Hlackburii that hi* vote
should be cast for him if it was
i'erms it'iVsoiuible. |""q«ired, thus making Hlack
burn's actual vote 04. Midwa\
(Ky.) Clipper.
The AirloTa saTandtorda.
Apolication, $l;eacli letter sent
ami received, Ti0 cents; invest!-
result $?,ftH4.281, which nuiy Im* late G. W. Stone, who left c< n-. °ur hero lias atfort>\ $87
itpl lied b any Government pur- siderable gold buried on his at fifty.. $1,807; at sixty, fH.W'J.
pose, aiitl that the l* st answer fnrni near Troiiis', n portion of After fifteen years saving his
of what he conceives mny be which has lieen found, mnde annual interim! more than etpuiis
clone, in the way of liquidation complaint in the Justice court his original pruicipnl; in twvii-
without embn^rassment. is per- here charging him with em Iter.- **,!' iM "n0"' *.nan
haps w luit he, in the use of Iii* /.lenient. They • believe that he d°uble; in thirty-five years it is
best Judgment, did on the 21st hus secured and withholds con- ,ur ",ne* its much; in forty-
of F«d runry lnst, when lie cnll- sldemble money h ft by tliefcr!"v,'}'',ftW,". is eight times as
etl for the redemption of the $10,- fnther. Btone waived ex'aniiun-1 'nucli, and tht? last year s iuter-
If ysee nothing on the list #-|ier r,,,lf l^nds, jwiy , thai and gnve InuuI in $l.ft00. '7* "r. trtl ami a half
j* j *u m. iuinft .!« able May 1. 1HK4. ! • m time* as much as the aununl
jou like, stuul u* n description * ' m , , momhmh.y iv ticks amount he put* bv. The actual
of what you want, how you can w..i.«.« i...- t caali amonnt saved
make {ukyment, where you wnnt
It, etc.
gating lady's propei(v $2; guar
antoc of her respectability, $2.*i;
certificate as to her oh\sieal
condition^*.': wedding fee*, one
percent of the lady's property
Remarkable Ruina in Mexico.
The Astors are the Im*sI of latitl-
lords. They always reduce the
rt.'nts of their tenants in times
of great commercial panics,
knowing that it is quite impos-
sible to collect under the origin-
Some remarkable ruins four al grant. With returning oros
miles southeast of Magtialeaa, lierlty, they have always cheer
Mexico, have of late attracted a fully restored the old oriirinal
gotsl deal of notice. One natural ligh prices, and withtiut being
v ram id ha* a lutsis of 4,:cio im|H rtuned. first adding a raise
thews e.x)/erieueed aioit y..'sv
than ever. Yesterday he mum
feeling Worse. For we«dts oast
lie has not eaten au> fotsl
whatever, and unless relief in
soon obtained it is feared that
he will starve to death. The
ph ysician* have conclutletl to
o|icn his sttunaeh to-day, ami
for I hat purpos«> a dozen of
Philadelphia s most hoted mcd
Teal men will la* iu uttcudaiice.
Philn. Iteconl.
feet ami an elevation « f 7fto.. A
winding roiolway leads by an
to the original tax in order to
uutke up their virtuous losses.
Aw invltetl to call ami see us
•t the
aad conunantl our services
ft rwarding their interests.
hwsnt having money can have in*
tWMtlon aa to guud Und notes to Invest
In nt IS per cent which ta mneh bettor
than alMrltig It for little or no Interest.
He*| eetfully,
McKlnuev. Texas
clinetl ttidoubt w hether tlu>iN*o* chine* tuken Kast. A numlier
(ile wtmld approve lis provis* of Pittsburgers will la* interest-
tin*. It is certainly ojien to etl in the pro|iosed monopoly.
tin* charge of being ]w«rtiai to — — a ^
bank*, and it* effect, whether l^.iiisvllle, March T.—Luke
intended or not, would *cem to Hlnckburn. Kentucky'* htimnne
. In* to defer calling in security ex-governor, will cstnbiish an
bond* until such time as bond* asylum hen* for inebriate* and
; not u*ed n* the basis of circuin- lunatics. - Arrangements have
tlon sludl have been called, and ~
I do not think
to thus discriminate
banking associations and again-
st all other holder*
the Government,"
A Chinaman came into the
ladies' cabin on the ferry Isait
and took a seat beside an* Irish
market woman, lit* neemed to
want to make himself agreeable
and, rubbing his huiids. remark-
ed: "Belly cold.". The woman
looked at him with an air of
"Ma, I' in now seventeen. May
I enter societyf"
••You will hate to ask your
father, Lixxie."
"Oh, lie's no grum: I'm afraitl
••Hiieak to him prettily, dear,
and fie will hear you. He'* in
the sitting room."*
liizxie summon-* eon rage ami
goes to her father.
"Pa,dear, I'm now seventeen.
May 1 enter Mocietv f"
"What kind of society!"
"Why, the best, of course."
"No. Ho you suppo*« I'm
going to have'you make a f<«ol
sixe from five to ten, Hixtfen and horae s hoofs liaa passed. I ll- of vourself ugoin' about h r
even eighteen feet miuare. There der thu htaif-priiit* of the Astor* saying 'caw' fur car. "faw'j't.*
are no wimlow* ami but one en* nnd their army t f devastator^ for, and such uigger i ilkf N ;
trnnce, which i* always from nothlnggrtiws out fodder for the never." - Ky State .loit
the top. Tile height of the ceil Astor family. W hen this tribe
iug is ttsuullv eight feet. The builds a new block of houses
Iin place* with <nnd they an* always at it) they
ItT/wTl.tKiHev Vli tUi' 'Vi t'r r°ntempt and replied: "If you'd ■ P" l*Me that they are there-
iL^hlfuWof 'T'.V ,r f2rr" ,n- Pnt yer shirt inside yeristnts niains of ancient fcuni trilie*.
iiiiotisaiitl nimiii I1'* Bttfittek, former- yer tsrily wouldn't becowld, yer ~~
v nsylum. Will h.vthen blaguard.'' ! The Kuglish parliament has
rters or oonos of have charge. • trmnhwi aiiHimsi r..e *•. ! !«>.
walls art* coveretl in jdnce* with
hieroglyphics and figure* of; leave bare place* for the tfnnnt
men and uuiiual*. It isiiot im finish—the cornices to the
ng, the fire I
fixture* all
coiling, the fire places ami the torn of his glass. Wh
gas fixture* all on the plea
Solon natd ill great affair* it
was hard to satisfy all sides.
granted fUjo.flno for nil Irrign-
The clgnr manufacturers of. tlon projection in Mouth Africa.
The secretary of the Interior Cinciunuti threaten to lock out storing nineteen square miles of
has ordered all the cattle trail*, on Monday, owing to disagree- water, with anaverage depth of
iu tin* Indian Territory opened, inetit l etw4>eu the men. M*n
that they cannot possibly know
whnt the taste of the tenant may
be. "All Sin" might take a les-
son from th«-*e *imple-mimlftj
and iugenuou* )n*npk*.—('our
if rJoiirnnl.
Sill scribe f.i| the llKVoi |* T
The alarming rumor *<nncs
fnau Austin that theo! ial* hk*
ha* adoptetl the habit of |>ut
ting a Jump of *ugar ii, tin
him that? Galveston News.
After the th'atli of Mrs, tlurv
Haven|H>rt, in Camp county,
thirty (tlie empty intirphine bt t
ties were found in her rtsnn,
ami several in her satchel. She
is supposed to have died from
t«xce«-dve use of the drug

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