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HUK8PAY, MARCH 20, 18K4.
———I II I I ■■!
MtM€ MIJ-llSHOl'H.
A new Iron folic*1 is I wing btilli
around tin* court house Hi Slier '
Ill China titer*.' are now IHfa
MiH innariea uiul iiasistttnfN, and ,
tin* kom]m*I in freely preaehed in 1
every part of the empire.
lr am i n.
A Milhou*:. 'o Daughter.
cikic KX I'ltKSs thikk AT Mil.-
\V A t K KK.
•M h
'4 i
i A Xew York ladv has tfone to enmpiuiy agent at S
k ft ictt AC TMHtl Kloridn to Bpeml the whiter f< r w|lo dei-nnmetl wlti
w n mi <w IMW' ! *h benefit of heitt« g< who ik an ^mo.iwki a few weeks
riliHt. want*
Itnse by a
' near ChnAetoti BWodneidnx
night two wet knagc. Dr. Hun 's
-Pren- reHidence w|i:{ burned by an
Pacific K\i>rvhh t incendiary. ftnse being hun-
St. Louis jteft.'d. wan ,uiresfed,*J>ul a
wltii nearh uiasked mob .overpowered tin
ks ngn, wa guard, took '
I arrested at 10o'clock thi* morn • over the hei
iug by n Milwaukee detective and then hut
Kort Hmitli.Mnr' li 11. (Jreat! M".« k > \th,lLlml,*h
HX' iteuiciit-yjevftih in Franklin ; b*r of Mii.ltonuire .'ohn Macka.>
county over Wte hanging of .John i,m' J',e "Vn", rs" ^'aj-kay,
of masked men
Bpeocb of Honorublo John Johnson
in thu Bonuu , Feb. l.-t, 18S4.
Milwaukee, March IK.
ris« Tiller, the
I Mtulliviin, the ]iuifi .. . ^ , ,
1 to wager $1,000 that with hit* i and #80,000 of the money re j > r three ti
ALHO ltOlSKS AND I*OTS* IN i hare list he can knock down an covered. A young man lookiup i to make
! ox. like a tramp, with a stun 11 proclaimed)
_ . . . . , I moustache, brown hair, Hiigh'-; la*t and
• The Baptist church at La - • ••- •' «
.. HKte^inon#) vi
- r .. , .. ,,, pwll||
,IM «Hk Jnl,' t vllrtl K«*v;_Major W
.1',.bnl|t. unoblriwive fettiui-es bm*e.
about I-to pounds weight bought \V.
■ a t •* 1111 1^ • L I t I k j • kit < ilui • >t I 'ik t'1 knYiie
A. Black.
- ;.s worn
theory is
with one eve
In* can com
•Mjr r«ieh of the* to collie
.. «. 1 meeting.
. farm* 11-3 uillac j
town. ju«t the plara forndalry.orartuy , Tile single eve-gl
little bom* near town, f tout). j i,,. ti„. .ill(|a, * rri1(
T. SSOki'IVm, lino Intnl. principally | r*i- " ,,u'1' • 1 n<
rlo. In Young Co. IWo.
II. A fnnu of IftO arr*a; 100 In cultiva-
tion, 4 njlU'* from lunn; a Ural rlaM«
place. rifiUU.
|j. A a-hlory houae, with s rooniH.ncll
flnlabMl, and 1 «.<■«<• lol. well improvctl,
•I the «nig«< of town. Will aril al a good
bargain to aarurc a plaoc nearer IiuxIiichn
Matr*. fl w.
17. A gowd lot and lionur In Short'*
addition; broom*, a high, nice (oration.
JO, A I raaldence property, welt im-
firovod. loeated on tlw iii)
own, al>out 4 acre* attac
aoqM fMbattalial man wht. . -
bare to educate bla family. $'JS0u. Mil. She weighed nearly
II, « crraadjoining tins town of Me-j pounds, was nearly llilie
Klnntn*. In t'ttlilvatlon. with farm houae (. , .. .
and liriprovemeuta. I*i-lw ar<U) or half ■ n'gk. and inca^llled till***
of atuna for Visai). I around the shoiihh'rs.
n. A amall iiouan and lot on Kentucky . .
atreat, renting al $0 per month. 94no. ! Texas reports place the mini
w 1*4 acrea with ftjnn houae and lm- her of slu ei) in the State at
•rovameni* H. H. of McKlnne.v, 41) acrea * , .. . ,
iu cultivation; balance prairia and Hue 7,<HK),tMM), and estimate the wool
a trunk at tin* store oft aipele^ ■ luerchnnt of Charleston, J. M
llongan and < Why lock, also
and told tt ten da\ s , 01J Tuesday,ar.<fask
ed to have it shipped to (I. 11
that he can see
much more than
Thlrfy thn-e convicts iu tin
West "Virginia penitentian
were recently confirmed by tin
shi j
A giantews named Ann Dunn.
, l*acher. Detroit, Michigan. Iff
left the valine, which he aske
to have placed inside or the
J trunk to save him the trouble
j of carrying it. When about to
I put the valise in the, tin*
j clerk dropped it and the clitsji
burst asunder, the bulging coti
was born in (laliforiiia and is
hnrdh tv.«'iit\ years of at"
Though a young lady of decid
e<l U .iuty and many rai .«
coiuplishuieiits, mite is hut litth
identilied witti the fashiomtbh •
world, having sinre the dav s i
ise out, beat liiiu! *'•* « ni!y ehildlmod pref.' rre. j
with their guns i qah-tcr mlJess eonspic -
hint to a tree two; °*,s walks of life Her earl\
in the emb'itvor ■1,1dm-ntion was careliilly iooke '
confess but he ! ufter by her lliodiel', Vho is he.
innocence to the ' a "diligent student. Miss
turned I Mackay 14teakm >Ven«4if. tier
• .inn and itatlai^ Hui'iitly. ti,e'
'inier with esin-rial grnce and
ichucsg, and she is i|tiife profi
i*>nt in music. She has a voite!
f touching swei't liess a lid ]*ltt ll
s. and her singing is greatly
prominent men, have been ar
r *ed of the mob.
More trouble is anticipate*'.
adluiied. Some weeks Hgo.
Monkeys au Cotton Fickcrs.
'.piscopal Bishop Betet.kin',thus ' lents rolling out upon {he lloor.. Hugei, who n a wealthy plant
Ldmittfiiir to church member j On gathering up the bundles,' er, living near Georgetown, S
Idp | lie found them wrapped 111 I'a- * tried the expenmenl. In
; . . , , eilic Kxpress Co.'s labels, and imported n u Chimpt n/.ies
' wlcii it was announced that she
! o t'lid s i ug ill I lie choir < 'f o|l«
•f the t'atliolic churches of Pur
The project nf using monkeys is, the house \V,;«. crowded v ith
for cot ton picking has long been ' pcctant \ i si tors, but she ;i
jdi 4'usne I end 1;«•.t year Mr.
giieai inn mine
:di«*d in ^"•don, recentl.y, aged ^„, v pa<.Uag*
,r l H)
bor. l*rlc« fJU par acre
it. M6 acres 16 mile* . K. of McKln-
nev. near Clear lake, mo«>'.ly ilml^red
land—tine winter range—railroad aurvey
ad through It. good timber, enuugh to 4
rtmea pay for It at 60 per acre.
MO acre* apleudid timber and land .1-4
Milea north of Millwood. $6 per acre.
M aeraa I mile aouth of Kockwall, lim-
ber. V6 per acre.
197 acraa Ut elata farm: 100 acrta in
cultivation. M timber, balance paatura.
Prler |>4000. Heference i* made to J. W
Klrkpairlck, 3 mll«a from Millwood.
. cr< p o r ti ie pi eseiit year to be
; worth Kl,r>oo,000.
It is stated on good author-
ity that there are 12,&00,000
horses in this country, the ag-
gregate value of which exceeds
1 close I'xamiuatiou disclosed
contained a
prize, the total amounting to
nearly $00,000. The police were
uotifu'd, and with a description
of the mail traced him to a
cheap boarding house iu tin-
Third ward, but he was not at
home. They found his trunk
which were young but well tain
cd. was furnished vithu
sack, li«''! to their necks and
••at to tile Held with the negroes.
A monkey will always imitate
u man: and after a little practice
eui It olie woilhi take a eoMoll
row and pick the cotton much
faster than the f'ai kii-s. As soon
the cart to
back to work
and sei/, as the boarding as one would get his suck lull
house people said the man was would throw up his tail and
*: : *\ out nil night. The scamper back t<
pidice continued searching the e,nl^^ '"un
city, thinking he must be on a i ut full spec
spree. This "morning lie n*-1 was they w
! turned t 1 the trunk store to ask 1 all. and when iliey raced with
about the valise, and was ar-! each other, would actually till
i' rtuii:iti ly uttm-ked w ith :
serious illness and was unable
ii| penr. She i of a decided
ly devotional nature. She i*
now at the head of a benevolent
association in Paris nud goes
about in person among the low
ly and unfortunate of that «• i 1 \
like a heavenly messenger of
peace rind h \ e.
A recent incideip in her life
ven beautifully illustrntes the
strength and simplicity of hei
f:>ith. ller motiier wan seized
with a violent illness and for
days her life w.0 despaired of
by all except our Utile heroine,
who, when the physicians them
d. Hut the trouble j selves had not a word of coin-
ould pick bolls mid ; fort to give, took hei nutid and
j w'ent (juicily away to the fa
iu<'lis grotto of «>:tr badv o
L* ngfellow said: "In tlw I rested, lie has been at the Itrd ' the sack w ith earth. When left ' bondre> and there fell upon lie
world a man must beeither anvil: wanl boarding house since to themselves they would go to ( knees and prayed live hours
SobtfiraU Mad! for'lba i'laat mentioned 4,«' hammei." Longfelh w war i Marcl^Sth. bui it is not known playing, but on "any body uje | without censing for her ninth
piece*. || will *in;w the land and give wrong, however. Lots of men j whether or not he hoarded an', preaching would go to work in cr's recovery. Whethei that
particular*. ,lw w<-t of McKln-' an> n(,it'1,,r l'u> active haiflmer where else before that. Be stantlv. They proved iniprac i jiray'er. so c'rne t and so elo
1401a cul lrai' .jn, balance pa*ture,! nor tlie sturdy anvil. They are Hides the money, there was u tieahie. but it is evident that ! <|iient. was effectual or not, it is
large amount of*\alnable Jewel-, with i'" p> i t' i M.^rth y could a fact that hei umtklter dhl sur
from r> in the valise, fhu money : i ,tltib**'d- I vi*e. and that she was restored
keep to, it nvyer desert placed in lhy'M .yi.uKi,. nf..;*.
your own line ot ialent. Be Hxdiange batik. Vu iaor wIwmxs, in Flat
what nature intended y on for. j ~ fv«ilier• Hhe
aee, 140 la cullliai on, balance panture. "« * • nnoi. in
I good bau*ea, a tins- aprlng and never nothing but bellows.
faTllog water, on:i.*rd, barn. Hah lake
and other impro*ti..ent*. j Whatever you are
mu till aflawti *•*. I at <tnll Ititinn 9f • . '
* . 1471 acraa, 75 In cultivation, 2i n.
•or^a ic,e outaidtf.- b.ila: r«i tliober, - 1
iroort never failing water, etc., at $10 per
acre. A bargain unequalcd in * 'oliiu < o.
$7. 7 a cm land in wc*t part of Mc-
Kl iney not far from tlta Cullege. $7im.
**. K) acraa uillcs S K McKimiev.
46 In cultivation. S& in pasture, month ,
iiralrte, well fenced, well watered, good <
improvement*. ac>u«I neighborhood, neur
church and achool; let cla** place for a
ttral-ola**family. l."«oo.
HO. A tine farm I mile e «t nf Itock-
watl. la Rockwall county, Ul> acre*. Km
In cultivation; balance in paature, with
timber and water, food dwelling ami
rant houae, orchard and pecan grove.
Price fMW-$imo In caah balaix-e in 3
M IpitnmU with IC per cent intere*!.
U700. Nee A. II. Brewer, at :
SI. ISO acre* H or 4 mllea eaat of Rock-
wall. Mae prairie land w itb aouie im-'
provementa. known a* the Uardenhlrc
and you will succeed; be any
thing else, and yoti will b. ten
thousand times worse Jinn
nothing.—Sydney Smith.
There is a great deal of noise
made because a Kentucky jury
sentenced one Crittenden to the
penitentiary for shooting a ne-
gro. If a few fcentlcmen niur
dorers were hung it would be
T11 K AT Tii K i'l.AOt* K IN KANSAS
Neosho Falls. Khs.. Mai'di I t.
! - liieutenant Governor l''inuey
received a dispatch fr uu th.*
gv'ivernor aiinouncirig tliat the
.legislature would be convened
1 iu special session and urging
, the maintenance of strict ijuar-
antine. Also a dispatch from
is y ears of age and draw a
(«o\erument jwusion as tin
willow of a soldier of the war of
lfil'2. She rem. mhers w ith dis
I inetness a journey made by hei
at the age of 'J I 'J years, from
t'oevriian's toll de Park, after
1 vi* e, auu rnai su< whs ivstoren ,
ka^ illustin.'fs |s of that kii.^1
11111 M1111111 1 v t. 1 • <*T I'I'I in, MI.ItTT*
oneu ouhl
nature am
I life
T IVotu sucii a
as hers. M
M11. I'umiukat;
In K's "'K l".V *«'* upon the ppreh
ninlt of tlixulioil iu lielut I of in* |.ru|iiv, |
w ill juv to 1 111* aH«einli| K" <>' cieii line
till* ib oo.littlih th'> Ucl Hpeech I uln ll
ever innae in l' lp II ill. hut i Inicud u> I
xprak Itie truth, live or die; not t he I I
have atiy thing (ifi'Motutl atrutii"! llii* Iton-
itl*- or nnv member of It, lor I don't be
lieve tliat mortal man wit* ever treated
better than I have been by the members 1
I.e.'e KMeplllbled.
I *ald a few ila>* uuo thai .here were 1
Iwenty-aeven eaiididnie* for governor In
the Senate I ilitl not mean oiitnpokcn
eaiulldatcn. btil there are ax many talen-
ted men and i|U.ilille<l for Ihe |ioaillon. '
von knon the iieari i* iilway* **IUIiik.
hut tlie lie.>h 1h weak, and I v IB furlher
na* thai If any of yon are ever candidate*
forrtta'e ottlee and come to iuy town. I
wnnt you to 'iiake my botim< vritr home
while then ^<111 wltbitiie k'HiricM loymi
all, I honeailv ililnk it would have been
better tor the sinle, had nbout t * o-tlilrdc ■
of Mm been defl ated and left al home,
a"') lli y •' 'i.i n of le ■ t'.'ain*
been elected ttnd oeliI here Willi more
• • ononis, tor .*nu are umlnuliii ill\ the (
ino*t eitra*iiirsnl <• I of man I evev had
anv experience «itli.
t never Hitw the i!.iy I would \ o-
led for Jinlne 'I'ern II fur siate Senator
• .it arioiini of hl.< unlionnili'd i \ 11:011
ifabee, hut lie 1- my tir*t rholec lor I'ni-
led siati'" senator. I think lie and 1 oke
would 111 ti(• i' h I' 11111 hard to heal, I>111
don't want nrh talent in iliut in the
state Seiml", tor it i~ like (.louuhliik; n
hor*c worth one tiioii*aml tai.i i<
too intieli to kei'ti hit. Imtr in lix. The
Hi'ent t rouble w Itli oitr preneiii senate I*
too much talent. and > 011 don't know how
tin working man live*.
Now, Mr. Pronldeht, I eome tu fact*,
and defence of tti> aineniliueni. ,
l lwy e:i> tlie state eannot be run on tit- '
teell cent', on lit'- one hlllidriii dollarn.
I «t ie- in hi nie figure* and *ee wlnil ha*
been done. In hone*t da> h. w hen llaiiiil
ton wit* a|ipoinieil go\erimr, 1 r«-
not a dollar In the ireiimiry. and lie rail
ed hi* friend* aroiiml iiiin unit i^ked 1 Ie 111
what lav *iioitld lie lmpo*ed upon the
iii-dple*' Some *abl .in ccni*, other* itiild
SAeent*. bill he -aid he would trv il al
124 eenlN. anil hi* people talked 1u.1t like
von do to-dav. Mtiitf it iMiidd not fu> ilutte,
but lie mil on i'-'4 eelil*. plil«1i'ver> ilolbir
lie owtil, ami turneil the goo rnu.i'ht
over to (■!•*. I hi'M-kmorloii wltii ut>
llioitaaiid dollar* In the ireatury. Um I
am met by the argument that there m a
great ileal more to do now than tin ti, the
dltlereiit department* coat double what
they ditl ut 1 Inil time. I admit I lint to
a fuel, but what wii" tin amount In- iiail
to a*i<e.'* frouiV l.i"<* than one hundred
million*, ami now it i* the h'lnili'eil ami
tweuly-.teven iiiilltoii*. While you tay
II take* two to one to run the gmern-
tm-iii now you < olleet live and a i|itarter
to one. I ld Throekuitirtiiii noi impoMe
upon u* til eeni* on eomuion iiroperty,
*lielt 11* iaiidt and *toek, unit l.ieent*ot)
money,noli-* ami depo*itand turned
the government over to <io\. H*vN with
on er one huiidi'eil thvueand dollur* in the
Now, Mr. I'reatdfe it. I <yiotc from
j¥\ vi
nlicc.ld CI
■i the enlist
- m .a 4
1 in' 11 i>
vtiool niuendliixnt 1
a"', 'iin'lcnt
.ouis Sjiectator.
ground. Shecan <i(,ddes* Khea. wh
give a ^ ivtd de eri '
I'le tiling It would ne a ,, , , .. t, . . •
«tlut rvl«M.n.---Kl. Woithli,. 1 ""
.. • j nnttee here to draw on the cjtt
* tie association there for
In a recent lecture
"The i for
plftoe! recettly tho property of Mr*. Sal- ' Rainbow," Professor Tyndall
no If. Ilckell. belleveu to he worth $1'J described
per MM. Svnd bid* to F. M. Thompnon,
McKiuney, Te&na.
described the rare phenomenon
of a white rainbow which lie
«xp. mses in quuruutine. Kv
cry possibb' etibrt will be mad*' :(,f
to keep the infected herds abso-
lutely isolated and it is thought
mil prairie farm, about 45 had witnessed in the Alps, and , this can be done for some days
MtM, til In cultivationi Mwpt •j'""* ®' also in Hampshire. This rain- at least. The fetding is very
' ' ° e • bow is caused by rellected light! hop*'ful now, as w ith ihe de-
Houm ofo room* on Tenn. St. in on a mist atmosphere. The , structioii of the inflicted herd
5f.^,,!ilI*whtcl^7 iSlder'. ! profes'rshowed how to produce all danger will be over.
t*U—Sood lauti and much thie timber. | this phenomenon by artificial
means. At the mime time it j woki.h's kxposition.
was shown how, when the air is —
for instance, New Orleans, La., March 14.
spray is mixed -das. H. Ends, in London, has
wards a battle
de crijition of the
battle of Fiattsburg. The first
cannon lired ai the battle was
heard by In r al Hichiiioiid. Va.,
where she then lived. Hei fa
1 ctilties ar. good and tier power
repartee r* uarkublf. She
reails and w« rks without the
aid of glasses wuich she has not
used for M.r* years. Until two
years ago, when sin* broke her
I >Mtieinu m l"f) old to admit of
ti«uccesslnl investigation of its
origin. According to the at:
cients it was invented bv tin
Jiri'Set V i" I
.lujiitei from Saturn, ('oiitiug
do*« u to modern time.* dancing
has alwaysstoi,d in high repute.
The country dances, derived
merely from a corruption of
enntre-dause, i. e., a number of
persons placed ojiposile each
other to begin a figure, became
by this confusion of ideas root
ed in rustic favor, naturally be
cause these dances introduced
take—good i
fS per «cre.
41. The I>r. Sullivan Farm, A mile*
aoftk of Farmer* vi lie, IH«} acrea—107 In
oulti«*tion, well fenced-good land, 3 ' composite, as,
h«Ml*taet*. A bargain worth looking
•Iter. |il per acre on long time for moat 1
of it. " ~ | with prnfflue oib spray, a still
41. A Mill ud Gin Hlte, S milea North- j w'ond-;fu! rait bev results
weat of Mc.Klnnevvabout <1 acrea laud. Milch as is to be seen ;n ft most
Wtthlarge elatern. A good altuatlon; a|i j„ western I'l.iun,
the eatne from whiclt t'ummlnaUIn waa .... . . .. , ..
Mtrned Saat year. Price gflO). whither the people flock from
4W. All unimproved building lot,M)x*IO ! far and neur to witness w hat
Price *M
No. 45. One of the beat Prairie Farina
In the county, WH acre*, wo In cultiva-
tion, 14A In paature. *7 III Umber, well
watered. A good houae of fi ruoiua and
other improvement*. Situated 10 utile*.
the^' call
hn. '
'The Ulory of liudd
Four hundred million human
,_T beings urn followers of the Ibid
neMtyweat. ^m ^Kinney, on Uow-1 d|,ist religion. Ibtddlui was
wit ( l rU't® $•*! wr it • •• * * • « e u.
4fi. A tine little farm, 5 mile* marly born .11 bulla, about MHI years
•Mt from Piano, fii acre*, 3o in e.uiiiva- be' re C'hri.t, and his life and'
itlief orchard an^lnl-vall'' Tenn! I •' -o liings were very pur*-. His \
gsoper acre til! lat of Aprfl. real name was (miitama, while
l#!v,n ■ddltlon,; Buddha was simply a title,
: meaning "the Messiah," just as
jyt haTe eome other tract* for aale not; olir Savior's name w as Jesus,
i while his title was Christ, or the
been requested by Direcfnt
(ieueral liurke, of the world's
exposition, to ascertain the
terms tin* steamer (treat Kast
ern ciui be had u> bring exhib
its from Liverjiool and serve as
u floating hotel at the exjiori
tion wharf until the following
i June theu return to Liverpnrd
with ; full cargo tlimugh the
.jetties at the mouth of the Mis-
: sissippi.
riglit wrist, she was very acitvc igreater personal familiarity be
in row ing and knitting. Latt«'r- | tweci the partners, nml were
ly she stumbl'd iu a cistern more nr less nf a rnmidiig order,
several feet deep, witlmut in «The introduction ofthese dances
jury, getting out wifhout assist ; |nlo was at llrst
ance. Ib r fax rite songs, sung resented by the ton, but finally
by her with sj rit, ai |)(>itv ,,ri.vUj|cd. The kissing
of IMnttsburg' and "Noble bjids, in w hhh the ,.itt.,.-
of Canada." < if course she hits W,.M. obliged to dwell almost a
seen George Washington. She fu|,. |j^<
Iivt^k with her i ti, K. II. Kstrn, ^ tln*v woiiM have l> t ii t
w ho will b« r n inhered b\ old for the music ami danced quite
out oftuue, were, ju rhaps, con
roadmen as keeper of the toll-
gale at tin- 1 -rii end of the
old Coney Ishi d plank road.
Four generation of the Hstes
fafnily live in the house.
Brooklyn i'liion
Tho Da/ of }t«ckoning.
If yon gee nothing on the list
yon like, send ns a deseription ; sidered
anointed one
lism is
purest nf all
St. Louis, March 14.— A dis-
patch from llarrisburg, HI.,
says: Details nf the damage
by the tnrmidn which jmssed
nf Saline
yoT,c year hence,
iHfcJj, > our 1 nrle
dej wib be iunugu-
" r of fiese I'nited
be aii e and well
On tliis d
•March 4th.
Samuel J, T
rated presi«
States, if he
at that time. Then stand from
under, (l ye sleek and fat gi>vern
, lined to the country side, but
they could ea-ily become popu
lar these days, were it not for
Mr-, (•riindy. haueiug is not
i a matter of festivity ali the time,
j The triigedies of ballrooms
1 would lill volumes.
whale was recently blown
ashore on the Scottish coast
during a violent storm. Assnmt
a.-, the waters receded it wa*
npened and foiiml to contain a
man who still showed signs nf
life, lie was taken nut ami
over n part or Naiiue county . _
last Tuesday, has just now been ment pap suckers, robbers and • UntU ,t
! l.'iirn...). Ht'x f#™ h..u n plumlpnU ..f ihv ,,l"!'r"a!!1
fiitirvly d^mniyad. itrvvral fib. li >- •ifrw.kt.ning will lw m luiml u,-' • m, '
9t what yon want, how you eon i it win nlso interest our H,.rt unroofed m' badly damaged and you'll either 1m fleeing the J '', H ^iu*N? s
Bftka Mvment where von want1 rt,*,lTr8^lM k"ow'tllttt and a do«en « r more barns and wrati, to come, or be railing on
^ j missionary has recently armed 0fj,er niit-buihliugs tnrn tn the mountain* to fnjl upon you.
its <Hfl.
• in lieiiver. t (dorado, to concert There was also much
j flu* "heathens of America to damage to fence, cribs and oth-
i Buddhism. He is a very learn- er fttrn, pr<ljM,rtv.
Are invited to call and see ns and, eln ms that saivn-
I tiou is found only at the shrine
•t the i of Buddha. He 'claims Asiatic
theology as vastly superior to
URAL ESTATE F.XCHANCIK,. the beliefs of 'Europe and
i America, and confidently ev
and command onr services injpeets tlmt the whole world will
some day be converted to Bud
'H In
skin, portions <if which had b<
coine soft and slimly.
gestiw jltice
ch had begun to act on his
forwarding their interests.
PWiom luvlnc money ean hare In-
fkmnatlon aa to tnwl hind mHea to In veat
ImM M porcont «ldeh la amch better
IhMaUrliif It fac little or no Interest.
MeKlnne^'. Tevn«.
■ New York, March 11.
; Hiley, a telegraph messenger,
'was'found on the street early
! this morning a raving maniac.
He kept crying constantly: "I
'am Butts, the boy detective."
1 His brain w«s tnrned by the bov
Houston, March 14.—'Tire re
wen* sereral blooina of fine cot-
ton exhibitedm the cotton e*-
chnngt* to-dav. They are the
first of the season. Tlie cotton
came from fhe farm of Mr. Jno.
Meyer, near Cuero, wht has
three iwn^s in the same state of
lames advancement. Co'ton is nf
least three weeks ahead of
-Kufaula. Ala., Bulletin.
The climax is reached. The
children iu an Austin Sunday-
school answcrM correctly who
w*s the "wisest," the"meekest"
man, etc., until the question
"who was the greatest.warrior!"
came. Then one little girl pip- •'nIH",,aii district,
ed out, "Belt Thompson !"—Oa *
xette. i Bread obtained
The impuiatiou nf Great Brit-
ain ami Ireland, is estimated by
the Registrar'-general at
ofio. Sent laud s pnpululinu con-
tinues to ! # over a million les*
than that nf the bmidon met
In India there are HO colleges,
'JO.ihki schools and 3,0110.000 im-
pils. This ihwH not hs k like
No good
man is doubted or
Miss Anna Fay says that Jay
Oouhl and Vander'bilt never persecuted e\cej t by those who
' trntranct business without con- ,n'V condeuii.e l by hi1* good
'snltmg n me*linm, -spirit and deed
, „ by dishonest
methods becomes poison. Only
when secured bv honest labor
does it nourish tne soul as well
as the body.
The orbit of Saturn i- r>.7oo,-
OOO.OMi miles. It would take a
train rnnning at tin* rate of :^i
utile'* j er hour Vl.noo years to
make the distance.
I,-m l . tii m ces, .i v ut llii* ai)n|ition nf '
the *hiiic. In rt Ki rd tn lite nrjfuineiit
j that il Invite« liicre.ia"d inxiitI'lJi.ln *nid, j
' under tii-' | m nt e .n<i it utini. ll It \ eent -i
■ i* permit t"iI, lint oniv tlilrt \ i • nt* i- Im-
|io*ed. If the jiuiciiiliuent if nil"|it'.'il, ii
in ifi cent* Mould he eiii'ii|<li l<•: ni-ni nil
|iur|i<i*eM, (Itlil Oi.tii i.i ||> 11 1'elitn f<,f
neliooi*. Whj *hotlld lht< l.t KlilaOire
adopt the llilie i ruti ol tax'r I'<> the
pen|i)i't re|ire*enlatlve* ei.ine here to i
violate the wi*lo'*i f Ihe people? It Mti,
Ihe peotile are ineii|i.'ttile of nelf-pivein-
llieiit. Ni.n I huve nolu' to the liiuiient
eent tlie tiiivemor cla lined it mi Id take
10 run Stale for (fetn ml |iur|io*e*. I did
thin w llii it view of Dtoiijiiiiff the luotilh*
of the udiulni*tratliiii. Whiini thev ndinit
hi* 'sea'aiie**, none of it* are Hilling to
di.utd hix honeaty; tin-refnie. I e|n:in that
he meant jii*t what lie oaiil wiieli he :
elainied 16 centa win Ihe hi|j(tlc*l. I went
the Ifi cent* heeaiiHc I kiif* ll ««• the
he*| that could he done Willi till* jilniln-
iMlratioii.hul I lione*ll> Relieve ilic Male
ean lie run on 7} crnfa'if von \ ill n\\r it*
a thai ha* the nerve to veto
IhoMc extreme appropriation!!, ami then '
Kive u* a W'K'ndatiire emnpoai'il of men
m ho have iIiik for a lix Iiik ami know tliat
11 taken one hundred cent* to mnke n dot -
lar. Kor p.-oof that the vovernineiit ean
tie run on 7^ cent* on on one hundred
dollar*, look at tin oionev we are *iiiiml-
In^ uniieet-n«arll\. We nave lo In-Kin
with one-third innre odh 1 rn 1I11111 we
need, nliil we have litiil a* hinh in* live
(iiiKch. w hen you all kiii.w om > iiotigli
to do the work. ^ oil now ha<e three
couimlllee clerk* at f I'• per titty, that we
h* ,e no more timf fur than a w;.kmi hn
for ll*V wheels, 'the llou*e l* till w or*e
when you c-ount the *<111* of iilllet r* that
are 11 itt^e* In the Mono-, 't hen we are
voted lift) dniij j,n|n r-i eat h pet- dav,
which I c«tn*ldei an ouiru^e and it rnli-
hery of our lahvriiiK people, for in 110
ca*e I have ten th<,ii*nm) ei>n tituent*,
ami liow ean I divide tln-j"- paper* with
them in order that lin-^ mav umicr t*nd
w lia! w e are tjiiltuf. Senator .lone*, the
leader of tin* extrio ajjaiu e, imw nay* It
i* not worth twenty-five eent* to the
Stnte, ami s III nev 1 <-a*t *tit.h a vote
Then when v>e tiune to Ihe State de-
partment*, i lie tlrni (|ne*tiun that prc-
Hiitii* lt*e-!f in. w h v 'hnttld thel v«..rk
Ie** than other hired hand*, are they not
working for 1 lie motif). ami 1* the state
money not the people 1 money? Should
we, ait aw nt* of the people, not handle
their money a* we would our own? I
hone*tly In lie vi' that If you *hould rim
eaeh department of Ihe State ** vou
would your own altiiira, il eotild he dune
on one-third, and the inmate* of a*yiuin*
lo treat tinm io> the average ela*« of pet>
lite, they could lie run on ie** than one-
Jmlf what liiey are at pren-til. '1'IioiikIi
llii* put* a 1111.11 In a clone olaee, the itTt-
fereiit depart mi ni* think ' am Hit irene
my. Imt they ure mUluken, I oniv want
lo dn Ju*liee between them and the peo-
ple that have thcHf dcht* lo pav, for we
are uiortiraging their boinenlend* for
IheiM' delit*. toniethiiiK Ihey cannot do
themeeivejv for their own debt*, and we
certainly *hould he caution* almut ereal-
ing debiii and foil ing the latKiriug elaa«
lo pa) them oil.
Sow I I'omi to the nio*t louehltiK t'arl
of all, and I mu«t lie plain, though It eut*
deep on Iwn elaaae* nf people. The IVec
acliiHtl. Ih there «ucli a thing aa a tree
*ehool in ail Ihlt t>road Stale of our*? I
claim thera I* not *iit'b a thing know n to
mail that ha* property. I* not Ihe laal
cow that give* milk for the |>oor widow
and her orphan children mortgaged un-
der the free jict r I walil no tin-a free,
tloin In mine, ami if there 1* atich a thing
a* freedom in It, I muni eonfe>*that I am
blind and cannot «'•• It. What iaallthit
free nciiooi lor. lo educate the and
not iintortunaie'' ] ny mi for they tan
not attend more than four month* in the
year. Ilut tin re it * clan* thul reap* the
lieneflt of It. and ibnt la the ol(«* that
Jin* h en led Ie the government They
remind me nf a hoe that hat heen fatlen-
. d iu tt pi n. i!uit « ;:t h.uig ar uml lie
pen uiul ni. 1. up the 11' !>.• Inat fullo it-
ritle until It utiirvi"'. They are the gen-
tlemen tiint cry Soruial -t«ho 4*aiidaul
lege*, ami then • time* a heavy tax to lie
Vwtfd nil the people to e llleil e the e
tut n't people, . 1.. I.e .. u It 'll
t/ley II ,111 tl .ft III el'lley? 'I'lieae little
a laneheadttl feil<iwi« licit vim can )oli
out both cy 1 * w itti 11 tuliii-tnrk. iimi lli
f"i'iinildni; hui lo i e iii'i'iinil t'.e* e:i|iiii>|
and pick it1' lite cimnlo. Kv. ty man wa*
nul cut oui .or a tHiiigrc^Mimiii or a '.n>v-
yer'ir a preacher, nor wtui every h"rae
made for a race liorac. We have saddle
borne*, dray hor*e*, htiggy* ho'--e.«, the
.iiiarter home* and ihe lout- mile hor->e>
'i'he i|tiarter liorae can bent them all mm
quarter, but a lien ll conic* to four milet,
then he fallM «hurt. I lie tircai I'realor
iiumIc lM world, ami vou cannot chttiigc
il. Vou taiiuot give lmy* heatl* and
hor*eM buttnull. I now etlllie to llii*
t|iienlloii of uiaktuix negroe* while. 'I'he
'idtticittii*Innt* ie d them mut (iroi.tUetl
them to tin fh lirouith the Mchool*. I
wixli tn ijetil lairly •■• 1II1 the e.i"tt'ir
W ill! in ' • t> ; ill. I tictl till* geli-
iiiiion that owned them wear,, away
tliiil til ileal Inn wilt IiHiiu I tn-01 iu full
fellow nliip w lib II",tllllt w llotl 'hey prove
1 ) In- our ci|0til* In education nml Intel
I'jri nee, that tin i|ne*tliin it then *o!ved,
t lii't'efiife, t bey .ire ad vI -it'll by pollt Iclaiiti
to edueaie tie ir children, and I lien the
know I hat ii1 1. 1 -i w hit 1 . Ilr- ad vie •
to the tu 'Th frmii the nollilelan i* tiin
hoiif.t, ami ti< t rii.lentil I to I lie m yiro. tor
they at" i^nnraiii end full oT vitully. ami
wmil.I u'lve their li*'1 I" 11 .M'cinle on.-
y cm iv 11I1 the vv idle people, further-
more, ihe ptdioetan n lm fiteouiage^ liiiu
e.|ltallty, WKtlltl III' I lie til'--<l 0 III n to kill
a negro for attempting to keep ciuupam
with hi* daughter or in*uli hi--' "it.
there ar*' *ome ncuriHO p.-ewent, 1 wmh
to call their aptciai attention to the fact
111111 vv lien a v. tilt f man tvi!'" a nearo. tlie
oil!i -i>t ceneralty have bad iue!, In catch
ii i: him, and if e.-.itj-lit, tnunrti Itiii
Oil-1 till k ill lioliiillf; ililll, ami the rettull
in lie HMcatte the cllllebe* ol tile law, bill
let 11 neurit kill a w liilti man anil tin- luck
eli.'tn^' <, and Mr. m■jit'o i< eri'laiitly
eitlll'iil lll'tl pltlll 'lied. So voil *ec tile
I'liucatetl while man hit* not yel learned
tint vv ill lie t v 1 I leurn ttint blin k i.-> white
itlil 11111!* it to be mi ca*ier |ob lo eafeh a
coal black negro at niulil. than a while
mail. I have htalcd llii- for I lie benetll
ol the hone*t negro, alt I atlvi*e hint to
tir-t leach Iti" • hllilrcn tlr.t they are
tie«r«'i*. itiii) nr.' held *0 by ihe.e pounl*-
ini; poliiIciiiu*.
I chilin It via 1 linrtl to rob the be*t
blond of onr nttfl 1 nut rediiif l-hem to
puvertv bv the *troim ai iu of the coverii-
uit'til, ieav iug them vv ithoi.t a tlolliir. (nil
1 ask", w III IhN etn.,;.lire 'v itb the pr.vciit
law ot I'exa*/ I claim that it will dot.
I'n tliiiik thai the-■ dccrcpid people that
W t-rc otter It! stood 1 IreuiliiitHliee*. own
liiK the lite -t imto nml Inilltlln<^ in the
whole coitnirv, nml hi ne*t pollticiant
that tiiul m> hand in bringing up tbi* war
thai reduced tIn-ill lo poverty. are now
itraygnig ibelr i luiiii* after litem, pick-
ing cot 1011 iu their old day* to mtvc their
III lie home*tcait't and the ln*t cow Hint
the Slate l.egl*lntiire hu* morr«it|jid for
ttie pn'•t'o-se of bulldiiyf nufro Nonuul
*1 luwil* and colleg'H, to |diice tin* name
I'tve.i' '* ived In a r '
i",lit not niH'-huutl od
ibwUtii. U,r lU«Uf l-.i>cr U
Qjl^pb^MlMyy|EUlii-ila\ In
■ill liieT have left than
one hnndrt'il fold worn cotiditloi.
were 1 belt alave* ilurinn ntnverv. ami an
tbi* i* done for the purpoMfot buildiiii;
up hitiin broken down pitlitieiau* wlm
renhy have no more reaped for a negro
tiian I lmv e tor it brute. I In n lliii cla**
ol while people who never could dig,
ami lm* ill w ay * been a bore to ttie stm
iiim-t go to college til tin t xpeliM' of III.'
vvorking pei-pie, al' I" make them beg
Utit lor ofttce and annoy the public In
lereal. Mv ri a«oii tor oppo*ing Normal
•-chnol* and collect run li\ tlie public, it
that the poor children who ure worthy,
and labor hurii lo iitake tbi.) money, nev
er get to college to enjoy if. jlnve I the
proolTo mittain nut in linn *livteiuent?
Well, a* Senator of my di*triet, I wu* to
nopolut four student* to go to the Sant
ifotinton N'oruial School. I acini iu ac-
cordance with the reijulreinenl* of the
law, by appoiuitng the hoard to meet at
the time ami place a* ln*lrneteil, uml
they met. I v#a* iufornied by the Set-
retury of the lloartl of fcltlucallou. (Mr.
It. Si! link eel. tlmt the neiiled i|iic*tlon lo
he protiotiuiled lo Ihe candidali ", wouhl
Ih' tent to me am! not to be opened unlit
the board met. ll I* but right nml junt
1 hut they *hnuld not lie opened, for w 1
could pit*! our frieuilM 11* to the i|iientloii*
ami give then) 11 decided at!vHliliiKe over
tbo*e that kfow not w hat oiii-Mlon*
w'Mihl be atket! them. K'lt Mr llaker
<1 itl not tt ml them In me. In ". .1 , In m
to Mr I . .in*.ill. I lie profe*«ot of the
Hchool at Pilot Point, where the exami-
nation* were to tie held, and tu Kratik
Inn handed litem to tlie Unurtl oucii, ami
Ihey believed that franklin had po*ted
hi* hi tub nt*. ami mere it no doulit in
my mi ml that lliev were m-hi to Mr.
Franklin by .Mr. Haker for ftint purport-.
uml'iiini only, for il w to- hi* duty lomutl
i Iu in to me. nod not Ititi..
^ e*. *ir, the tine haired *tnck mint be
edueilteil. am! lie poor Iniy t nf onr eolill-
try mutt go without an riliuallon, but
inii*t trite no time In making it eroti to
pav for etlucaling thi* ill e-hain*d elate
After i It .'til rtp|h>inlet! i iii mm* rei omineml
til by the Itoai'd, it tl ill nut *111 iti'y Mr.
Franklin, (III* *tudcht* failing after be-
ing poatei'n ami the Stale llunrtl Ignored
the appointee* uml apoointeii ttmsi' that
•tilted them and Mr. hr.mkl'n.
Sow I aak the laboring pcoiile. can
vou have any colilidcnce In the 11m-
liaired ntoek? Now It vv ill tie naitl that
I am oppot.-d to elevating tin negro, tint
that in a mittake. for im advice to litem
it, teach vottr children to wurk. lo he
bonc*t ami trulbful, that you are now a
free people, ami your chlltlren ttt
*chool alt the lime you have |o *pare
from milking an honest living, ami If rtvii
huve Hloien don't *tetl any more. Al*o,
teach tliem they are tt«gi'oe ami can
never tie anvtlilng el«e. '1 liert fore make
yiiur*elve* iioneat and u*wfui, and if a
white inHtt cornea lo nee your daughter,
kick Mm out of your houae, for lie U not
half a* got*] a* you nre.
It will ul o be ttn that I am op|to*ntl
to ti.nding thi* *harp-lieadeil ntock to
college, but I tell you I Bill not If von
furtiinh the money tliat *eiiila W11111 there,
hut | will ueve.r, a* long a* < J«mI tpnre*
rue, vote one dollar 10 oend theni to eith-
er n Normal Ktbool or college, for the
worthy children who work to make till*
money that run* tlie high nohoohi, can
tiever get there.
In eonaluiton. I will aav that I aui In
favor of giving to every child, hoth black
and w hlte, a conimon FnglUh edneailon,
for we have a anftlricncy of a valla hit-
•ehiHil fund* anil auhool laiid* If properly
managetl, to do thi* without taxing the
people one dollar.
A e.ti ju t i>< a iftrnd deal like
a boy, it iieetU an ix-eaaioiial
Iwatitur. 'Ih.* 1 oy yon ehonld
bent vnuraelf. but yott e in let.
the by v b'^tthe e#rj et,

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