The Democrat. (McKinney, Tex.), Vol. 1, No. 8, Ed. 1 Thursday, March 27, 1884 Page: 1 of 4

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1. NO. 8.
# 1 A YEAH.
It costs $5,000 a year to sup-1
1 ply the national government
; with nosegays.
Uilt eckp girls in the new
LARGE and SMALL! 1ETJS&r*"* daUK'"
Josh Hilliugii has hud a be- of left to him by a
western lumber millionaire who
admires his <j>clling. Lowell
tlint FrwJ
Austin. March 81.—'The gov
ernor to-day received a lette
from Col. K. A. ftttrke, director
general of the New Orleans Ex
position an follow
to your* of March
nay that suitable and sufficient
snace shall be reserved for the
that at t.
to han 1 *« " •
same. There
The projeetioa of a railroad
connection with the northeast-
ern section of our county Is
ripening rapidly, as the
of the cltisens
j subscribing fOU.otX) to I
l inck l £JX! K",U)r o" MlwuH
' sIiowb, It wooM to
'lexas exhibit
early date 1
. 7. WO htm, fin* land, principally pral-
|rle, In Yumdr <"« . *<>* .
J I. A farm of IAS acrea; 100 in cultiva-
tion, 4 mile* from town; a Hrat claaa
place. S'iWo.
17. A good lot and houae In Short'*
It Ion; Oroouia, a kl||b. nlm> location. '
well 1m-
i white
Men on smiwsh
the mails up to Moere'* Flat.
Ornnitcville and other hitch
mountain postoffices in
Tiie postmaster-general
ordered that iio business ct
Iffsioner* de-
y buildings I
ensure in assigning
suitable ground in a desirable
location. I greatly appreciate
your effort in our
will certainly see that
tcrcsts arc not neglec
build to
however, to look further ahead
than to a branch road from Kel-
ler. Grapevine is directly on a
line from Fort Worth to lie-
for snace 'and! Klnn«y *nd Pari" «fh a line
rorspaie,anti thronffh U|4J Northeast
portion of Tarrant, and a part
Denton, and di-
A Fight for Hard Monoy.
of i>ullas and
vides Collin county, thence,
through portions of Hnnt, Fan-
nin and (>elta and the southern
As the recent change iu time
has awakened some luqulry on
this subject, the following uc n
may lie of interest: Juliti- I'm
sar rectified the calender 441 1).
C., and by means of thecalcnla-!
tioiis of his astronomers made1
the year of its present length.
This, however, is suid to In*
really II minutes too much,unci
by the time Pope Gregory XIII,
came into power tiie surplus
had reuchctl II (lavs. The Pope
had sufficient influence to set
aside earner's method, mid
the new calendar was accepted
at once in Italy, Spain ami
Portiignl. U gradually came
into favor in France aud
The recent decision of the comments or tiik pukss on tiik
I'nited Slates supreme court, on oi'IihunaTokiai. campaion.
the legal tender question. hns '
alarmed the hsrd tteiiicy jHMiple i I'nttDAniuTr or tiik oovkh-
. 111* t OlO < • I I'tlllJilCK, . i...
-iiagiuc they discern in the
vision un approach to an tut
limited, irredeemable paper cut
reuey. It In not uiiilkclv, Ik
•re the present session of Ton
•*ss emls. that that body Mill
bi* brought to a square and fair
test on the legal tender ques-
tion. Since the decision several
measures have r.ou.. d
iu both houses
touching the mutt
t these, in spite and scop*
r -«iu. .d caijy-owthei
tif Congress against, the it
< r, and some wjj$| begue
oid antagonise
Hcltou Journal: The Austin
Statesman aunouucea tliat un-
der its new maaageinent it will
not oppose Ireland's adminis-
tration. While they'claim the
right to crtticise the acts of all
public officers, yet thev will not
-mfthe open and bitter war
aministration that
nder the old man
tatesiaan. The
A 1 rmldcnw property,
ved, located on the hlgbeai hill In the
li, about 4 acred attached—will suit
i aubatantlal man who would locate
13."inK?wubfarmhoS?and iu>- The German government will
vcmenta 8. W. of McKlnney, 40 acres
cultivation; balance prairie and tlm-
bills or advertisements sha)
hereafter Is* allowed to lie stuck
up in postoffices.
e comptroller
etl over to the local
«*iil lection some
checks sent in by collectors.
PtIcj #ao par sere.
. AS6 acres IS inllea 1 E. of McKln-
near Clear lake, uioatly timbered
Faad—tine winter sanga—-railroad survey
through It. good fimkar, enough to 4
n « pay for It at $'i in per acre.
90 acrea aplendld timber and land 3-4
it in oy c
ask ertMlif for lfl,000,000 marks. | Mr. Gay, of Kdwards county,
to l>e mainly used in construct-! was before the state land board
tug tor)M>does along the Baltic
sea board.
A commitle of one from each
posi of the Grand Army of the
Republic in New Mexico, is to
be selected for the purpose of
i„; having Kit Carson's grave
pluccd in rcspectablc shape.
kpatrlck, 9 mile* from MillwoodTreasurer Pratt,who abscond-
ikwnll Mad. for th* 4 laat mentioned ,.«l, i„ with $100,000 be-
* * ! loi.Kii.K to a MiiNcluiBvttl* *.v-
. ? J acre* 13 mile* weal of Mi'Kiu- i ings bank, has been sentenced
1 U) f«""' ,v" <••'* hard labor. He is
oimi N)iin^fi ft nnr Rprititf miti nci^r , .| * « *• . ■ •
ling A-at«r, orchard, barn, Dili lake • now 7.^ years old.—Keg. (iain-
nd otii-r improrementa. SHUOS. osville,
1474 acrea, 7fi in enltlvatlon. U
One of the stage coaches run-
_ north of Millwood, gu per acre.
Ill acrea I Mile aoutli of KockwaU, titn-
$2 per acre.
.137 acrea I at olaaa farm; ItIO acrea
iltlvation, XI timber, balance paature,
icf $UKI0. Keferenoe ia made to J. H
9 inllea from Millwood
t4i-day relating to his claim as
acfnitl settler. He loses his
claim under the act of 1881,
which made the price of land 91
His proof
'arts. The building of tDe pro
road would muke Grape
-• a station on a through line
and give Fort Worth another
• great connection to the North
and East, liesides giving* coun-
try now tributary to Dallas and
Paris an opportunity to trad;
at the Fort. There Is no ueed
to attempt to build the whole
line now. Titis is written mere-
lv as uii indication to our coun
an acre, jus proof" was not;.- t... . ..
very clear, and the case was t'T'J*0'1 that tort \V orthisalivi
- to their ener
Ion. 1&
prairie outaide. balance tlinlier,
never falling water, etc., nl fill per
iicvsi aaaiaaaap^ nairaj ri« M ia gr««i
A bargrln une«|uaied in t 'tdlln
37. 7 aerea land In weal part of Mc-
1 luoey not far from the College. *700.
UN. NO acrea A| inlloa N K MrKlnncv.
J la ciltlvation, 3ft in paalun. uioatly
brairia, well fenced. aeH watered, good
Improvement*, good iieighborhood. hear
* ureh a*d achool; I at claaa place for a
■t-ciaiit (uhUv. ||gm.
SO. A flue farm 1 mile east of Itock-
ning Is'tween Elko and Tns-
carora, Nevada, got lost during a
snow-storm Inst wt>ek, and up
to last account had not been
heartl from.
The cattle killing in Chicago
for the year ending March 1,
all. In KockwaU county, l4/i acre*. 100 j 1884, 11 limbered l,l8Sj,U0.i head,
i cultivation: balance in | «n<nre. with llurillg tile same tittle 1)11,702
mber and Wgr. gooil dwelling and ; wm, „K<.k,.d.
houN , orchard and |H'c«ii ffrove. r . ' . , tl
Ire <iowilncaah baianre in a f think any other city in the
4 payment* with 10 |ier cent intereat. I world can eqm
eaab ¥twa ^ A. II. Urewer, •! i
•kwjjL ] ctil (1.
■ ii|rrr* t Sr t ikIIm rait of Rurk-1 Forcigneri
2*4 I* timrtr howl with *om«- iiu- i111i|il f,
! AJ <Tt« *r t M Ibe Uurdeahln* ,
proil. .".In t pmp-rtv «f Mr*. Mai- ships, cam 1
i •mi to he„wortb sn,i| ;n carrying and fetching
}>ost]Kiucd until A|,rll 2t.
Robert Jciu'K, vcol) in a fit of
delivUrm ti^mens last night nt-
' tempted to kill his wife with a
knife, and then shot his own
brains oiitwith a pistol. The
woman was not seriously hurt.
SiH-retary Raker received to-
day tie: board account of Sam
Houston normal school for the
month ending March 15,
amounting to (II,007.
Jefferson, March 21.—Tweiitv-
five bales tif cotton, fnim J. )>.
Ilall, of Pittsburg, consigned to
K. Mandell & Co., New York,
which was lying on the transfer
platform tif the Texas ft Pacific
depot, caught fire this morning
and was nearly a total loss; sup-
posed to have caught from the
switch ;>iiiriuc imssiii
rgv and interest. If
the road is built to Grapevine
by subscription, it will be easy
to bond it for sufficient to build
to McKlnney, and tl^it. Louis
& San Francisco wilM^n con-
nect It to Paris.— F<iR Worth
Gaxettc. _
Messrs. Sjiencer and Kidenour
who returned from their rich
copper discoveries on. Thursday
Inst, have told us of a discovery
they made when in the Grtnd
Canon which is almost too mar-
velous to lielieve. In the basin
of the canon which was once on
a sand In.mI, and probably tliou-
snuds of years ago a broad, level
plain (but the narrow passage
way is now hemmed by walls
118 feet high) they came upon
iaairiut in the roc"
, an act of Pnrliaiuent
legalised the change and this
gave use to the terms 'old style'
and 'new style/ Hldit uitms its
It mny seem, whenever riots
occurred «.! that time,
for whatever cause, this change
was made a busis of a complaint
b} those who did uot under
stuitd a word upon the subject.
Hogarth iu his picture of the
election riot, represents a man
drunk in the gutter, white near
by lies his bunncr inscribed:
'Give us back 11 days/ This
shows how readily )Militicians,
even then, turned everything to
an (iccount. The recent change
is only a more perfect attain-
ment of a uniform standard.
H)ieaking of time it is very in-
teresting to see the number of
men watching the dropping of
the ball at the telegraph build-
ing. This is done at IU o'clock,
thus indicating Washington
time. The importance of even
one minute is felt here, since
the banks close at :i, and all un
pa!d notes go at once to protest.
Hence a trifling delay may ruin
credit. The sub-Treasury
closes at two, and aif it opens at
10 there are only fouf hours of
public business. Time, under
in the house t y
Hewitt, of Alalia ilia.
uotmincc matters,
the root of the qtMUti
'ng: "Congress shall
fjww to make
dd ami silver coupnegai
•r in payment of debts."
is proposed in the futm of a con-
stitutional amendment, to lie
submitted to the states for rati-
fication. Whether Mr. Hewitt
cau pus)- it. to a vote remains to
1m* seen, .it maiu^n s)tccts the
supreme court dtnMoii will find
favor withCon^Hmmcii, especi-
ally those mmo hoUV to the
strong and flptral government
idea. It want novel itiul bold
assertion oft he vast power und
authority resting in Congress
Everybody knows that the con-
stitution does not vest such a
prerogative in ^Congress as
priuting paper and giving it the
sovereign attribute of legal ten-
der money; nor does itp explicit-
ly forbid si h action. But the
supreme court decides that Con
gress may do this, and for that
matter we are of the opinion
that a majority of the people
subscribe to the same theory,
cede this sovereignty ofi
ugress, however, ami a pre-
MarlifcBalUl 1
I loom, we Smi
Fleming Imoui, but the Tifggest
boom is the Ireland boom, "and
don't you forget it."
Terrell Star: The people
Texas are almost a unit in favor
of the re-election of
John Ire-
Wilis Index: A correspondent
of the Galveston News s
Ireland for crttor an*
for Lieutenant
head of th<
State ticket.
isfied. A better
be made.
Gatesville Advocate: The af
fairs of state are bilious jte<t
now, and the governor should
have ft good degree of the bili
ous ipmpernmcnt. Without a
wuste of words we are liquid to
say that John Ireland IV. that
Kaufman Hun: There is no
question but wha^Gov. Ireland
will be his own successor.
Abilene lleporter: Hchlqiikin
the history of t he state hasafty
ingratiated himself i'u
thv iswulc i1-
err a. a
Mid for
trie farm, about 4r Our helpless merchants, in
on except about «>
r land In the oeunty !
317. llouae of 4 room* on Tenn. St. In
lorth part of McKlnney. Price $st«i.
I .18. !4«t S-.« acre*, on which 1* Hnidi-r'a
Mke- -it<kmI land and much line timber.
l>«r acre.
. The lir. Mulllvan Farm, ft inllea
#orthA ?'Mariner* v I lie, IS7j acrea—107
hult(ration, well fcitced—^ikhI land.
bon*eaetc. A barsain worth looking
ifter. fib per aereon long time for moot
Pf it.
43. A Mill ami Uln Site, Smile* North-
meantime, cau only look on
withJtUcir hands iu their pock-
•t^kibli'H don't come single.
evAh Hjioii cattle kings. While
the nippers are at work, the
inanufticturers are combining
ami barbed wire is advancing
price.—Ileg. Gainesville.
The live stork raisers of Tex
man from the effects of an acci-
dental pistol wound in the foot.
His remains will be brought
here to-morrow night and be
buried Sunday, lie*"as an old
Jeffersonian, Wing >*m<mg the
first who came he^Jle left
here in 1880 for Fort Wortn,
where be has resided ever since.
St. Paul, March
sociated press
Yankton says:
'21.—An us-
special from
Hie Missouri
, „ .., ^ , , , , a^< "robbed" the "school cliil-1
IS tfiS- eiisrro."^ J'XarillS; thu tiix on j river rose fifteen feet last night,
be aauif from nhlrh Cuiuiiilnt' Oln wm* . last year—that being lite III-1 it lid is full of heavy ice. A gorge
|>iirn«'d i *ay ar. Price :ww). crease In the value of live stock ] was formed below, the wafer
In the countr.xat ucrwa! uo W cuit"a- in this state over the assessment! running over lowlnnds and two
um, 146 in pasture, rPiu fmbcr, well (,f 1882. Ft. Worth Ga/ette. j miles of the Milwaukee & St.
! TI t- I>.New; P ..I n .k h v« t......
varly went, from McKlnney, on Row- York who regularly attend i ed just below the city. lankton
fV aLiKHX nearly ' Sunday schools and there art
{•aat from Piano, «.* acna, 30 iu cifltlva- l(Ki who lire member* of Ill ls-
[ion, paature. to good timi «r. Jiood I jjall churches. The whole niiiu
nouae. orchard nnd vineyard. Term*
PJO per acre till ltd of Aprfl. \ .... •
\J3. « lot* in T. T. Bradley addltlou, 1 New l oi'k is estimated
mrth o^thc college-
4S. A Il-acre lot, with houae of two
looms, half a t ill«- northeuMt of the cm<rt
toiiae. l*rlce, ^MllO.
40. Heme valuable unimproved
people are moving out of the
nottoms and removing every-
thing to the hills.
A Bismarck special says: The
river rose twelve feet since noon xona) Champion.
ber of Chinese iu the state of
to be
No fewer than 30,000 women
make a living in Paris by the
. Heme valuable unimproved pro- t,1.iui.u.*5.„1 ,(rtiUei-il Mowers
v,adjoining the rrJInwd anddepot pHMtUCtUrti ol artinctai now«is,
round*. Term* given at Real Kstate ; and the minority of them are
Exchange-, said b\ an admirer to lie real
^ot^r^upn v«m<Lita! AfPgood,Vnd artists', imitating nature almost
ne of the llneat view* In town, on South to lierfectioll. At present there
enne**i-<- *ireet. fwMi—^aoo caah, hai- n„„,„y «f these women out few weeks ago and he was found
A nearly new ateam! of work, owing in part to flow- #**0 short; which, however.
l\ tWi
incites, Willie at uie o.iu in ilie
foot it is six inches. These im j
prints uppear along the narrow ,
! passage way ft r some distance,'
i and they are distinctly and
evenly eighteen feet apart,
showing the great distance the
monster with the human foot
could make at a single step.
The men had only Uhree pack
mules and prospecting tools
with them, or they would have
taken tmt the rock containing
the foot print, but It it* their in-
tention to return in a few days
prepared to perform the work
ami bring these evidences of a
monster unman race to tiie pub
lie gaxe. An Indian willi the
party, when he came upon the
tracks, remarked: "Hig Father
here heap years gone." The I
gentlemen makiug the discovery
ure well known a* reliable and
truthful.—Peach Springs (Ari
" Yes, 1 have read
pa]*u*s the Mtateiiieut tif
Postmaster General Jnmes
tie says:
the new*-
fore the committee in Washing-
ton which conveys the impres-
sion that the star-route prosecu-
tions were in some measure the
canseoftlie shooting of Presi*
dent Garfield. 1 am therefore
willing to have published for
the first time some conversations
which occurred between tiuit, nfalrim(, m,,lnn. ngui Tor tm
eau and myself while I acted as ; H |r(,|uaeV (,f gold and silver
hisnttorney. On several < rru com it w«i
constitution did not
or provide for Uic
emergencies that have come in
the Inter history of the nation.
Ou these accounts, then, the
'decision is a grateful sound too
large element, and it will be a
hard struggle with many Con
J pressmen to admit and vote they
iave not the right, or shall uot
do what the supreme court says
they may do. Hut the hard
money element is wonderfully
potential in this country, ami on
a fair and s«|iiare fight for tli
<fr|?iiity oT'fnc law, amV
has <loiic more, perhaps, toward
the suppression of lawlessness
in the state than any other man
has ever done. That lie will be
his otvn successor seems to ben
foregone conclusion. And it is
right he should, for Texas can
not well dispense with his ser-
vices for a while yet. Gov. Ire-
land seems to be a general fa-
voritcall over the -.t;:te, notwith-
standing the numerous candi-
dates that af looming up.
> esterday. The ice is expected
to go at any niouieut.
John Boyle, the City Treas-
urer of Erie Pa., whose term ex-
pires in April, has disappeared
and no trace of him can be found.
His accounts were examined a
The two-tliTrcfsTule was
invoked at the Baltimore
Hce on time.
Al. Look out
pnslne; 3 gina of 70 *nwa each, with
* jei* and sonden*er* complete. One
pne *t emu pre**. $1,000
".of equal
yon. see nothing on the
|ytiu like, send us a description
what you want, how you can
ike |iaymeiit. where you want
It, etc.
invited to call and see us
command our services in
brwurdlng thef^roterest*.
. Per*ona having monoy nan have In-
ifnrmat Ion a* to good land notoatolnveat
l n at li p*r cent which I* much better
i a taring ll fur little or bo intorrat
McKinney. Tex/M.
ers lu'ing out of fashion .and i
fmrtly to
itnd. Gerinany , ami A me
>rouglit to
itirtly to competition in ^ng-
was believed at the time to have
been due to errors in btmk-
kceping. An investigation of
his account is now being made.
His friends nfsert that there 1*
It is thoui
vention held in 1844, when Jits.
K. Polk was nominated by the
democrats. It was the concep-
tion of Komulus Sanders,
member of congress from Soutl
Carolina. at d its object was to
defeat Martin Van Bnren. who
was a candidate for re-election.
Mr. Sanders, when he started to
the convention, went by way of
Nashville to see Andrew Jack-
son, the then head and front of
the Democratic party, to get
his approval of the scheme, and
to get this approval It was ne-
cessary to select James IjL Polk
~ Tennessee as the compro-
sions, when alone with (luiteau
I asked him if lie had any ac
complice, or if any person
knew that he thought of shoot
ing the president, lie always
answered in the most emphatic
manner: "no; mi one but G<k|
ami me knew anything about
it." One day before he was ex-
ecuted, when I saw him for the
last time, 1 said to him: "Gui
teau, all hope of saving yon is
gone, and you mu*t die to-mor-
row, Now*, I ask you again,
had you any accomplice or did
any person beside you know
anything about your intention
to Kill the president ?' With a
wild light in his eyes, which
was impossible tif simulation,
he replied: 'No, no; no one but
God and me knew anything
about If. As I have often told
you, that is the truth as I ex-
pect to meet my God to-morrow.
liiiling Signal: If the News is
so anxious to defeat <«ov. in-
land, why does it not oppose
him in a fair and open manner,
and not stoop to falsehood to
get material to li^ht him with/
People are beginning to look
mid wield great in-
fluence in Congress; it would
(icrsundc some, cajole others
and whip in still other Con
gressmeti to the support of the
metallic stiimlard. And such
uu issue, if it could be formula-' upon ii as a regular Mnlliattoii
ted and put ton test, would com- i •"«««. wi,l> ««• regard for truth
mand the interest and attention j whatever.
of the country, for there are
muiiy people. Democrats and
Hcptihlicitns, who have very
conservative notions about
money and its qualities.—Fort
Worth Guxotte.
Dallas Times: It is gene rail j
believed that Go\ernor Ireland
has no more opposition to dny
than lie had a week ag«
yet, tile cattlemen met
veiitioii in tin* menntiiie
ll f on-
Hcltoll Journal: hike the <Ja
Honor the old mother. Timejxctte the Journal has been
has scattered snow flakes on her friendly towards Governor Ire
brow, ploughed deep furrows oil lund, and it would not hut e him
her cheek, but is she not beau- judge hastily or harshly
begun to stir
the politician* have
their Presidential
1 sundries are
, gloves, crape, ribbon, handker-,
chiefs, eight iKinnds of sugar, The anm
two ]Mtunds of loaf sugar, four of the engagement
l gallons of rum and half nound ' Frank Leslie, widow of the'ttoir
alspice. It looks as if the ' eminent publisher, to the Mar-,
mourners had something to1 qnis de Lcuville, of France. in ih68 and 1870.
drink. iThe Marquis is a* Anglo
The Supreme Court of Mas- J Frenchman, horn in England,
sachusetts has decided that tele-1 Inherited his title from the
graph companies have a right to ancient house of Oliver de
erect lines upon public high- Lourncourt, which trace-
pots wtih great vigor, the t* oplc
look on with philosophic un-
concern. The chief interest of
; the American millions in this
but quadrennial contest is In hav-
tiful nowf The lips are thin ami
shrunken, but these are the lips
that have kissetl many a hot
tear from the childish cheek,
aud they are the sweetest cheeks
and the sweet lips in the world
The eye is dim. yet it glovst
with the soft radiance of holy •
the vim with which heisTt]
ing the resources furnished by
Democrats have —.it ——vv , .M-
carried New York for1 ing a President who will honest-
presidential ticket since ly and faithfully execute the
The two exceptions were laws, but one or two hundred
Tne platform
the extra session shows clearly
that he intends to have the laws
executed. The Jour-
lio doubt but that by
June the governor
great a change for
at the convention
accord, "well
and faithful
w ill
| upon
ways without making compen-
In a direct line to 105ft. He has
declaration in 18A8 demanded
"a tariff for revenue upon for-
eign imports," and in 1870 it
was more emphatic, saying
"We demand that all custom
house taxation shall be only
„jys —.— —- ,
nation for the privilege, on the a European reputation as a poet for revenue." The tariff que*
_ I ■ • « M M « *.•> 1 n a. .1 I.. <1. 1 it _ . . ! I . .. 1 _1 i.
ground that such use is of a ® painter, and is connected (ion was ign<
public character, similar to that with several of the leading lit 11450, in 18110, In MM, and in
for which the highway was or- >rarv and atistic bodies of bug-, jhts, And New York was won
iginallv taken. This does not land and France. It is under- for the Republicans. This doe*
agree with the decisions of the "tood that Mrs. Leslie will cole
Supreme Court of Illinois and *inwe, fter her marriage as be
the Court of Appeals in New fore, the active personal super
York, both tif which have held. visioi* of the business with
that the owners in fee are entit- identified
led to Compensation in
love which can never fade. AH,
yes, she is the dear old mother.
Tliu sands of life are nearly nut
out, but old as she is, she will
go farther and reach lower for
yon than any one upon earth.
You cannot walk into a mid-
thousand politicians have their nightu haunt where she cannot for president, and Ireland
chief interest In the distribution gee you; you cannot enter a prls- governor.
of Government natronage. Were fH1 whose bars will keepherout;
it not for this tne election of a i yon cannot mount a scaffold too
President everv four years ' ),jKh for her to reach, that she
would lie attended with little mUy atid bless vou in evi-
cxcitement.—Record. dence of her deathless love.
When the world shnll despise
and forsake you, when it leaves
GreeiiviJW Herald: Hunt
county se«ms to want Thurmun
Magnolia- will bloom over
tin* politicnl grave of the uiaii
who oppose* John IreUtad for
Governor. ..** * ■;... j
HIS 'SI . —
ignored or evaded iu There is but one otiinion
amongbusines* men from Maine you by the wayside to die, un
to Te tasas to the propriety aud noticed, the dearold mother will
Ruiillcans. nils does necessity of stopping the coin- gather you up in hsr feeble arm*
ke throwing away age of snort weight silver tlol and carry you home, ami tell
the thirty-six electoral votes of lars. Yet Congress halts aud y on all your virtues, tin til you
that stat« by the adoption of a dnbitntes. There is an "iut«*r- itltntisi forget that your soul is
tariff reform platform. To the est" that would not find so ready disfigured by vices. Love her
itintrnry, such a platform ap- a market for its pr<sluet if the | tenderly, and cheer her declin-
Miss Jui>a,
late General
alread} is
American Vu^Te in
English "best" soci
threatens to *c!i| .e
berlaiu. i '..prr-
ee--s«*n f
The Tex a" lMi't|>|«^V<clutioii
i Jm
,r of f&e
•liv ,is n
Tr-nch etui
III II- "" ------ - ' , "M' II It f'Hi a e Ml mmy IV | •' '
such during the five years of Iter tt*nr« to offer the iiily hope of 1'nlted States, should ceas«« to i Ing veers with tender devotion.; will meet yt Sen ^Vltonin.
widowhood. carrying It. • I*' a purchaser. Watch Tower, 1 tiny. .\| i il 'JtMli next
such circumstance^
abrev was ie-
ceivetl here
iu Ids office recent!
at Sher-

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