The Democrat. (McKinney, Tex.), Vol. 1, No. 9, Ed. 1 Thursday, April 3, 1884 Page: 1 of 4

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•Ml itvdrjr.
MrKlnney. - Tt.
' <
, APRIL 3, 1884.
•1 A YEAR.
■ M
"Who i* It
I "two-
The si in 1
niroploftnnouncoiiipnl whs
in the various papers yes-
terday flint .lulin Young was
ques-1 dead. Few people who read the
now. i notice know what a strange and
had i eventful career wan ended. John
Young was about 40 yours of
when he died, and, during
mattkk that dkmands
In Short'a
■In location.
re. Kal-
woflb fit
P^N ^n.
■jtt aeista,1
phMM*. :
17. A
*), A 1 reeldenew MMwrtjr. watt im-
proved, lorated on the hleheel ball In the
town, about Caere* attaehed—will mi it
foibc aubatantlal man who would looato
hrrr to mlnrilt hit fctnUjr. 9<M0.
•J3. m wtw wit* form bouaeand In.
provhimti H. W. of McKinney, 40 win
m cultivation; balance prairie and tlrn-
Itfr. PrlMblW par am.
•jj. MamnllnllwH. E.of MoKln-
n*\. near Clear lake, moatly timbered
la iid—Una winter ranee—railroad anrvey
*k1 . tiroujrb It. nood timber, enough to 4
41m.*. pay for It at 1110 per ncre.
M una aplcndld timber and land t-4
in lira north of Millwood. M par aei*.
00 arm I ml la aoutb of Buck wall, tim-
ber. M per acre.
M? acm lat flan form; 100 acrea In
cultivation, timber, balance paature.
iTlce $1000. Heference la made to J. W
Klrkpatriek, * mllaa from Millwood.
Mwkwall road, for tbe 4 laat mentioned
j i?eea. He will abow the land nnd give
pari Ionian.
A fti aorea IS mllaa weat of MeKIn-
nev, 140 In cnltlaratlon, balance paature,
3 (food bouaea, n tine spring and never
falling water, orchard, barn, tab lake
nnd other Improvement*. WOW.
M. 1471 acrea. 7ft In cnlllvatlon. 1ft
awna prairie outalde, balance limber,
good never foiling water, eto., at 110per
ner*. A bargain uneqiialed In t 'ollln f'o.
It. 7 acre* land In weat part of Mc-
Xinner not for from tbe College. $7<V.
*. ID) acrea <U milee N K MoKlnnev,
■4ft in cultivation, 3ft In paature, moatly
prairie, well foneed. well watered, good
fmprovementa. good neighborhood. near
4>hur<°h and aehool; lat claaa place for a
finl-claae family. |IMQ.
30. A llae form 1 mile caat of Kook-
wall. In Korkwnll county, 146 acrea. 100
In cnltlvnlion: balance in paature, with
timber and water, good dwelling and
r«<ni hoiiac, orchard and |>ecan grove.
Prl«>c $3000—91010 in caah balance In 3
or 4 payment* with 10 per cent IntorcMt.
all flaah 1*700. Sec A. II. Brewer, at
Rockwall. „
tl. 100 acrea J or 4 inilea eaat of Rock-
wall, ine prairie fond with eome im-
provement*, known a* the Wanlenblre
place, recently the pr MD of Mr
lie H. Pickett, believi
er acre. Mend lilda
It-Klnney. Texan.
34. A amall prat
m, Ml In cultivation
M timber, no Oner Ii
37. llottae of 0 rooma on Tenn. Ht
■ North part of McKinney. Price I
I 30, U6M acrea, on which la fjhltfer'a
l.ake—good lnnd and much tlnn timber,
per acre.
41 The l r. Sullivan Farm, A mllaa
tf.nk of Parmenvllte, 1074 acrea—107 in
cultivation. wall fenced - good land. 3
fcnuaeaete. A bargain worth looking
iifler, **,:« —half caah balance on long
ilnw with Int.
11. A Mill and Gin Site, Imllee North-
went of McKinney; about 0 acrea lnnd,
with latge ciatem. A good situation;
the name from which Cummlna' Gin was
burned laat year. Prlen 9300.
No. 4ft. One of the bant Pralria Parma
In the county. Mi acrea, 10 In cultiva-
tion, 140 In nialM*, V In timber, wall
watered. A good bonne of ft rooma nnd
other Improvementa. Situated K> mllaa.
nearly weat, from MoKlnnay, on Row*
lett (Wk. raw 19 par mm.
40. A One little form, ft mllaa nearly
eaat from Piano, Oft aeraa, 90 In cultiva-
tion, 3ft pnatura. to good timber, flood
honae, orchard and vineyard. Terma
993 per acre till lat of April.
47. 0 lota In T. T. Rrudley addition,
North of the collage.
4n. A 3-acr* lot, with honae of two
rooma, half a mile northeaat of tbe court
bouae. Price, fau.
■40. Home valuable unimproved pro-
jifcrty. adjoining tbe rnllrond nnd depot
grounds. Terma given nt Real " "
iW. A aplcndld lot with aood
h*«1 other Improvementa. All got .
our «f tbe Nneat vlawa In town, on Honth
Tcnncaaee street.
nnce on time.
fit. Look out!
envlne; 3 nine of
fr«lem and <
low pramna
caah. or will
alue. or '«r«er nmonnt ana pny
other tmcta for aala not
I If yn« dm nothing on the lint
yon like, nend no a description
of what you want, how yuu ran
make payment, where yon want
It, ete.
Are invited to mil and see us
at the
ftirwarding their InAetests.
hnvlsg mosey onn hnve In-
Texan ^¥er got
from a saloon as
Free Preoo.
as far
Tlio 11* us«> Committee < n
Affairs, by a party, voir—t! e
Denr.jrrutn fnvoring and tl.e
Kepublieai's opiHtning—Vsh
agretui to favoraoly report,
w ith two uinendm< nts, the bill
preimred by the Paeifle dele-
gation in Congreos for the
veution of Chfneoe intra
the pr« •
(■General Beauregard live* in a
hnndsonu*, modern, raised eot-
tage house with a mansard roof
on the west side Ht. Charles n< -
enue, between (Tlio and Krato
streets, New Orleans. He also
owns a fine plantation on the
Teclie, will make money out of
his just published book is a
stoekhohler in the Louisiana
lottery company and altogeth-
er is eouifortanly well off,
though he ram** out of the war
comparatively poor.
One of Ingersoll's brightent
sentences is tit** following trib-
ute to womauhood: "I Ml you
women are more faithful than
men. 1 tell you, a a rule, wo-
men an* more faithftil than
men. 1 never saw a man pur-
sue his wife into the very oiteh
and dust of dagradntion and
take her in his arms. 1 never
saw u tnuti stand at the shore
Oliver asnl Deputy
Sheriff Kaweer have under ar-
rest three men charged with
cutting W. J. Johnson's fence
! i this county. The evidence
against the men is venr strong,
" tbe bound
and they will no doubt
over to appear before the gi
Jury. Tnie is the only n
the only
cutting in our countv ofnee the
adjournment of the fegislature,
and I think this will be the last,
as our people are determined to
enforce the law.
Politics are very quiet. Our
county, I think, to in favor
retaining all the state officers;
favor Terrell for cougress and
i*. W, Glasscock, of Willlain*
*on county, for state senate.
Denver. March 518.—Probably
fifty buildings of all sorts were
unroofed by yesterday's wind-
storm. About midnight a por-
tion of the rear wall of the Lit'-
dell house was blown in. The
guests were previously warned
of the danger and escaped in-
jury. The exposition building
was jiartially unroofed. A
young man named Wood struck
oy a falling wall on 28th and
Curtis streets was extricated in
an unconscious condition and
will ltrobably die. A coach
the (Tircl* road was blown from
the track, near Fleming a sub-
urban station, nnd one )H rson
was seriously hurt, Tbe dam-
age throughout the city will
ventlon it Ha oJHtWtest. A
prudent conflertljtMMft would,
therefore, deina:lathsRM *tcoti-
vinciug evidence of tteiftpolicy
before abolishing it.
9. The nearer the approach
to unanimity in tlic selection of
a candidate by a nominating
convention, the wore fully is
the popular will reflected and
the popular choice uiore certain-
ly presente0 to the people for
tuelr suffrage.
8. The greater the vote by
which tly* nominee io chosen the
less eiicouragenieut given to
malcontents and mutineers in
the party.
4. As it requires more "wire-
pulling," bargaining, trading
und packing to control two
thirds of the delegates to a con-
vention than to manipulate a
bare majority, the cltancen un-
der the two-thirdN rule for the
succeos of such methods are
firoiMii'tionally diminished both
ii tlie convention itself and in
j the selectiou of delegates there
! to.
Ii. The'history of Republican
conventions, acting tinder the
tunjority rule, shows that dark-
horses trot through under that
rule quite ao frequently as they
Z, time probablv forty years
{tent in a fight against the
le was arrested for avery
, ana
wars o
crime from theft to
was never convicted.
Tne story
be a long one; and
his various iudictmenU
ais would ne a long one
they all ended In the same
wordn, "Not Uuilty." Toting
was a born lawyer. Without
education or refinement or read-
ing, he yet neemed to absorb the
whole criminal code. He watt
hiit own lawyer and the shrewd-
est members of the bar had to
bow before his su|ierior dexter-
ity. All the cas^s again*t him
were strong and clear. Tho pros-
ecution was always mm* of a
conviction, but when the time
came for trial the keen eye of
Young would detect .some Maw,
lie wus a clear, black-eyed,
well-built, handsome fellow,
with the manners of a refined
£>nlletnan. Nobody could talk
'tter or smoother than he, and
none could wear so aggrieved
an expression when any one wan
brutal enough to accuse hiui of
wrong-doing. Sometime* he
threw the mask off and laughed
cynically at law and Mocietv,
and boasted of how lie wan able
to defy the one anil bent the
other.* His crimes were all of!
the same kind. He was no vul
Sar robber who resorted to
rutal force; he invariably tnted
stratagem and finesse. Once he
violated these self imposed re-
lu the calaboose at this time
is a fallen woman known as
Nellie Black. She came to Ital-
ian a few weeks ago and routed
a honse, she says, not for tlie
purpose of conducting a niaison
de joie, but to rent rooms to
single and 'to men with com-
Cnions. She was arrested and
sd in tke city eourt for keep-
lag a disorderly house. While
her house may have come with-
orderly house as defined by the
Inw. 'She hnd no money with
which to pay her tine, $100, aad
consequently was sent to the
calaboose. A more loathsome,
nauseous place capnot be Im-
agined than this city calaboose.
It is a stench from top to bot-
tom; it is lined from cellar to
A fas Kut fl^otteAUpa
Early in the morning of the
$kl ult. a valuable houud own-
i ed by Samuel Ward*eU, of Ox
ford, struck the hot trail of -
fox. Mr. Wurdwell recently-
refused to take $100 for this
hound. Toward noou, after a
long, hard chase, the fox and
hound were seen running along
the railroad track near Mount
RoekyChurck. The ruiuble of
a coming train was heard. As
soon as tlm locomotive swung
round t% curve the fox seemed
to give out. "The poor fox,"
said the enginwr, "could hard-
ly drag one leg alter the other.
It staggered along a few yards
and then fell all inalieap.quiv-
eriug as if in the agonies of
death. Housed to one despair
ing effort by the Hearing cries
of the hound, it rose to itn feet,
staggered wildly, and fell all in
a heap right in front of the cu-
gitio. The diig was alnuit to
grab it, when suddenly the fox
gave a tremendous Wrap, (Miss-
ing over one corner of lite cow-
pit y
is a
as the train passed over
ilog.M -Portlaud Argus.
whore she had boon morally
wrecked waiting for the wnvei? f ..j —
to bring( back eveu her cocpMtfUiieyeiMie the wiud reached
* ' ~ velocity of 57 miles per hour,
to his arms; but 1 have seen
women with their white arms
lift men from the mire of degra-
dation and hold him to her bos-
om as though he wits an angel.
do under the two-thirds rule—a t,lli11.i1,n« H* wok trmv<*llii<r
■uiall fai'liunit winli wlmrc thw J" ,IS '
vote* decide. The charge that t,is fttm v l£ at
ih^Jtwo-thir«I«* rule is uudemo- tuncy.
orotic is untenable, lu all leg-
l>y tl
rl wl
aarri't with vermin and is reek over one corner of Ate
ing all over witli filth. As the catcher and out of danger. The
city marshal said yesterday unwary hound wan cuught und
nfternoon, It Is not fit to put a; ground to «lenth bt>twe«>n the
niau in, much less a woman. | wheelo of the cars. "The
The woman has Is-on there eight r,nt(" added the fireman, "actn-
days and is now sick, * i'n ally hmked around ami grinned
sician attending her. SI e -
fallen woituin, it is true,
nevertheless she is a woman,
and has feelings and sensibili-
ties and is decidedly better than
a brute, however frail she may
Ik«, however far from the wit! s
of morality and virtue ami true
womanhood she may have stray-
In Austin and San Antonio
the good women of those cities,
the Christian women, refined
and elegant ladies, with churity
in their hearts are founding
homes for the reclamation of, Mititation and the town. The
fallen women, attd^ Thrist, who child began to fail the very next
when the harlot in Jerusalem day, lost its memory, and suf-
was about to be stoned ntopped frolll routiiiuul drowsi-
and wrote in the sand: "Let him 1 ness. A week later it died,
who is less guilty cast the first without having been really ill.
stone." Christ who forgave tin1 The corpse was pi
A Buootaa Snot of Child Murdoreru
The Nov<n> Vremya warns
Kusniuii mothers of u new reli-
gious sect which lius given sev-
eral proofs of its existcuce. In
Kostov, on the Don, an officer
cngngM a middle-aged nurse
for his three-year old son. She
as very attentive and seemed
fond of the child, but after two
months she suddenly left the
probably notexceed (lft.000. At islatlve iif dulibenikdMe
■ a two-tl.inlH vote mtdfometimes
but no
" inney
serioiM damage
BnaTsalp Ttolono.
At '' Keating, Pa*,
Hentmlych, a pretty,
haired girl of fourteen, on the; failed.
90th of March was laying in
itfareh 88.—George
and his wife, of
ftkmnfling fame, trying now
a man at Mineola, the facts
of which wen* learned to-day,
Nellie when
dark- \ for a
A nearly new atenm
70 aawa each, with
complete. One
semi-conscious condition at the
residence of Frederick Hcihhold
of (M(S North Sixth street, that
city. Her limbs were perfectly
rigid, and the dispatch says she
has at times the semblance of
death. At intervals when her
mind is sufficiently rational to
enable her to speak intelligi-
bly, she gives vivid pictures of
heaven and the appearance of
the angels. 8lnce her baptism
last 8unday in the ice water of
the Schuylkill river the girl has
labored under intense leligiotis
excitement, resulting in this ter-
rible coma. Reverend Mr.
Musselman, of the Evangelical
Mennonite church, the girl's
pastor, is fn constant attend-
ance at her bsdside. lie said
to-day: "1 have no donbt Nel-
lie le in exactly the same con-
dition as was St. John,the evan-
gelist, when he witnessed the
wonders of the other world de-
scribed in the book of Revela-
tions. It is given to but few
people to behold such manifes-
tations. and believe that little
Nellie is devinely favored. She
Is now having a glimpse of the
great beyonn, so that when her
spirit returns to earth she may
tell me and her other friends
that which await us all. In
one of her lucid intervals the
young girl said to me: MI can
see Jesns and many beautiful
angels. 1 don't want to coma
ltack to earth. The angels bavn
crowns of llllles and stars on
their heads and trumpets of
silver in their hands. Tne mu-
sic is grand, and the streets are
paved with gold.'"
The girl has never been fa-
miliar with the scriptures, but
ska now relates many Biblical
facta that she never knew be-
ohows startling famil
more, is required to pnss meas-
ures of grent importnnce. The
selection'of a proper candidate
is of the highest importance to
a political party and to tlie
state. Hence he should bear
the fullest indorsement of his
party ]s>ssible.
McKinney trie'd These are briefly some
compromise, but; reasons that may be urged
His wife re-; favor of retaining the tw
have anything to do rule. There may be stronger
reasons for nholishitiK it. 1
way, and saw a young girl who
struck his ftutcy. He at unco
assumed the role of conductor,
and threatened to put the girl
off the train if she did not yield.
She was a timid, uiild-inanner-
ed country girl, and was ocared
into compliance.
was done with
For weeks the
full of the outrii
one was
colliu, when a
placed ill tilt
fuses to
with him and he'is in a situs
tion for offering to accept a
bribe to suppress crime. This
makes McKinnsy show up bad
in all offenses and proves him a
consummate villian.
PttoM chic at jo to MKXfcO.
Chicago. March 98.—Tlie first
throngh l arty from the City of
Mexico over the recently com-
pleted Mexican Central rail-
road arrived here from Kansas
sms of Mary Magdalen and
made lier soul an white as the
snow. Christ smiles upon all
efforts of this kind. An you
mvasure so shall it be meted
unto you, says the*scripturc.
This woman sent a petition to
the city council to forgive her
of her dereliction, to remit her
fine and let Iter go, nnd slif
would leave the city. But no;
„ That prostitution must j fai.aticul woman, who says: "It
is of the long careorof crime would cotue; be suppressed, and to suppress i* every vt
irged in ; to an end. But by some legal j this evil this lone, lorn wottinu j the evils «
o-thirds | technicality he slipped out of: is immured in the city culuboose
with its filth and its vertuin,
papers were
rage, and every
satisfied that Young s ; fnet.
• council said rum shops were \ children \fy means of
evil to the city and it is a (They are inst igated to
.4 'PI. •• 4 m m Mitiut M *«• a a
burst into the house, throw her-
self upon the dead child, and.
crying bitterly vaid, "the *afM$<
woHian poi<4on ' t^iy child. JfKa
was m> nurse . •fore, aad Mow
she ha* i.oisoited your foot
boy." The woHtnn opofea the
truth. It luw l%«l«wnffrttisT
in Itostove there fr n society of
child murderers, who jmmsoii
do so bva
merely present one side of th«
City this morning. The
from the City of Mexico
made In five days.
"■ave Hert"kl&{s Hp Wtft."
technicality he slipped
the clntches of the law,
boasted of his oticcenn.
f Young traveled about a great
question to draw out the op-1 deal, unwillinff, doubtless, to
position views. , cramp such talents in one com-
, munity, and many are the
stories thnt are told about hin
expedients to relieve himself of
the trilling annoyance of board
bills. One of his favorite ex-
pedientn was to play preacher,
city, yet so great in spirit, sine ! and hin flue figure, nis serious
enterprise, the delegate* face, snd his general air of re-
We favor Fort Worth as the
place for the convention. It is
accessible by rail from every
quarter; it offers ample accom-
modations; It is high and health-
ful; furthermore, neing a new
will see In' its magic growth a. serve nnd diguity made the de
revolution of the wealth, lnslon perfect. Sometimes he
Maternal affection Is a bean-
tlftal thing and every fresh ex-
hibition of its tenderness affects
us to tears. A wife-— possibly ally when
new revelation or the wealth,,
progress and development of
this section, which can but in-
spire them anew with patriotic
lost his head, and was guilty of
a more than ordinary piece of
Sitriotic rascality, but as soon as he was
. It has j brought up for trial bis native
never hnd the convention, and
the committee when it meats in
Waco can hardly ignore the
claims for Fort Worth, especi-
lemeuted by the
i supplen
generous hospitality which'your; years Young has lived a quiet,
shrewdness carried hiui through
and he used to say that laws
were made to be broken, and
that no law could de so worded
as not to be evaded. Of late
while hundreds of other scarlet
women with open houscn ablaze
all night, carriage running to
and fro till the small hours of
the morn ing, and during every
day the inmates of these nouses
clad in their silks nnd their
satins, their scarlet and purple
and fine linen, flaunt their skirts
on our pnvements in the fncen
of the ladies of the city, ride in
hacks and buggies all furbelow-
ed, a mockery to decency, and
all because they, forsooth, have
the money with which to pay
their monthly fines. This is
suppressing orostitution with a
vengeance. How many guiltless
men of the council cast stones
at the miserable,
woinuu's duty to spare
>f life to as many chil-
dren as possible, and to make
thejn share in the bliss of
hcuveu ln-fore the earth has
coiilaiuiiiated their soul*."- St.
Juntos Otwette.
lu some remarks in the
House a few days ago, Mr. Rea-
gan, of Texas, said: "If the
doctrines tnught by hint (Tlioui-
as Jefferson); if the principles
eiiuucinted by him ill his tnditi
cal career, could this day lie ap
plied to the Government of tills
country, instead of seeing one
vast seething (Nstl of corruption,
we should see the Government
purely admiuisteriHl according
to the constitution and in the in
torest of the jieople." Where-
upon the Washington Britic
unfortunate. ,.0n„.M lw<-k at the honorable
an old wife—on a certain oc-
casion fell overboard. The,city so gracefully'tenders' the
husband rnshes frantically assembled representatives of
about the deck, literally tear-; the Texas Democracy. At auy
ing his hair mit by tke hand-: rate, we all vote f? r Ft. Worth
(ill and crying in the most be- i down this way. 11. C. C.
seeching tones, "For hea^sn's
sake, save her, save her; sne Is
my wlfeP
I regions of Central Asia,
^hTfibln of KwlZ «" wooded, and watered as *
husband The UnS of I paradise. But with
fSHid'in 1<Mlt twenty-five years a
them foftl their efforta. flTon 1
rfrovwiiw hi. > ^ *UJ
1 away and the little that remain-
r^riSwT'JXr!! Thirty ynn w, *
of thrlr owa
j .it _i_vm .mi « nuensnta was one of the moot
orderly life, lie 'had uitiity
frieuds, for ho was of a genial,
generous uuture,nnd his funeral
yesterday was largtdy atteuded.
—Louisville Courier-Jottrnnl.
One of the curious results of
Nellie Black when her petition
to In* allowed to leuve
was refused I
The Hocial evil has been dis-
cussed in every city of the Union
and there hue never lieon a sat-
isfactory solution of it vet. It
will exist perhaps as long as especial defender he now claims
time lasts, certainly as long as
men and women are frail, feeble, t.0„H derwl as the result of ex-
S'tition | member with tho following two-
° <* > edged argument: "Mr. Reagait
has been an integral iMirt of the
Governmoiit situ-e 1857, expect
duriug the period when he,
with others, nought to over-
throw the constitution, whose
must be
and his opinion
creatures of passion. Govern it j ^.VientM. " l oes he r<tiuire the
the recent tioods in Kentucky ' ,\l.u can govornsd, Is pUblle to understand that a
was a pictorial Bible history ! •"y on*' r*lu my* snd let its |M,rtion of that seething coriitt-
■ " ' ft I government be tempered with tloI1 j, ^^idied in Itimsel
mercy, with justice, with a rea
souable foriwaralice. — Dallas
left on the walls of a smal
chapel near Worthville by the
action of the waters. The orig-
inally white wails were found
to be covered with exquisite
idcturvs of Bible history, which
(N)ked like fine steel engrav
ed was ravaged by lire during a
civil war. The consequences
ings when the waters subsided.
A portion of the crucifixion was
on one wall. a representatio n
ofGethsemane and the twelve
the Old Testiment and their
Si mi all tin Mtamd krfl not«wtolnveac woaderftal word-paintiag. The
Chan etovtef M fcr IHtle or so Intaeaal. ; abtwe any ever heard from her
B lips before. Great numbers of
Kospeetnuiy, people come to the hotse dally,
r. V. fsoamn. ^ond*r ^ spreading
through the surrounding conn-
MeKlnaey. Texa«. tn .
^ The house of Astor aad Bel-
iatitles with the prophecies of montdo not speak as they pass
thrust his hands into Ms wife's
wet picket, pulled out a some-
what plethoric purse and with
Infinite relief said: 44Old wo-1 . . . - . i or itetnsemane anu the twelve
■—l ! Iwi tn> *f.£«ed thl. nHintry i "r""'1" '> "'•>««,1. ph..
awrth."—Duttult 1 ^ « • Th,.
The u...vh!K .und. of the ! P*"1"' 'y!1*1 *d Z* "
being no longer restrained by A 7i /
barriers of firests, are every j * Kentucky to get rid of
i.a<i -nit some of tlie pltenontenal lying
the land, and wbo h||V|,
Kli Ferklns in sending
behind, will
me almost to
Free Press.
by. The deadly quarrel be-
tween them an me from the
christening of a Belmont baby.
The godmot hers did not please
the house of Belmoat, becaue
the father and mother of the
child had quarreled, separated,
ami divorce proceedings are In
i progress.
day gaining upon
will finish by transforming it
Into a desert as desolate an tho1
solitudes that separate it from
m a m
Work has been begun on the
main building of the.New Or-
|r*Mfl<: po4itioll.
filing Kli
out tough s*
stories from
that re-
A Brenham lady was gagged,
robbed bv a
TmanmlfrnMon of Soaln.
Gen. Gordon, tlie commamler
of the Unglish forces in Kgypt, „f |h#. rlMM |htt| |(h
thus expresses his views as to - <
the future life:
"I think this life is only a
series of livtm, which our incar-
nated part lias lived. I have
little doubt of our having pre-
existed; and that also in the
time of our pro-existence we
were actively employed. So,
therefore, I Indieve In our ac-
tive employment in a future life
ami like tbe thought. We shall, ^
I think, be far more perfeet in a
fatnre life, ami, indeed, go oa
toward perfeetlon, but never at-
tain it.4
tion is emlsidied in him Mel ff
Can Ctingreos complain if the
public estimate lie morals at
the standard placed upon It by
its own members* It in a part
of the Government, and Mr.
Reagan's remarks applies alike
to every official. \\ e tire not
lie officer is necessarily n scoun-
drel or that a man must lie a
scoundrel to secure |Mdlticitl
preferment. If such has come
to lie to some extent the public
sentiment, it Is due to such ex-
trairagaat and uawnrrnnted as-
sertions by tnen like Mr. Ren
gan who are .-«up}ksuh1 to In* in
a position to Know whereof
her house
masked villain.
Subscribe f«tr the
Ontv fl <01.
A sewing machine agent was
recently attacked by a fierce
catamount near Dallas. Strange
as It ma> a j >| car, the catnmonnt
DKU«Hit.*T. ■ escaped witnont bo^iag wn of
* the machiiiea.

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