The Democrat. (McKinney, Tex.), Vol. 1, No. 9, Ed. 1 Thursday, April 3, 1884 Page: 2 of 4

ttui bim bouio Trml. eouutr> lawyers and school
This trial nnoes leisundt on. ^ 'v
"■>' iWegulAiitioa.
OWUIN' IM'MKifi "«i' \ l inen.., I*. ..rn.
• i.! \ l< \ rii.'Vi -<<s, . i'i in .nut. ha11
I'll! KS[> \\ .\l*l<lI.:i. Ism
liomiiifN. Bv what meuim, sal-
a.-u-tiiiin... WIi.iUit *"• I-.V |*ril,|j; ntt.l
u«4k-i WW. rUriu ''"r" «l y
Klllc'i'd fit thr
I Otlli. , t|. Kinm •«,
r.t tin l.'e*t i
hf.ih-^ mailt r.
01 i< 'i i« i-rr.
V"\: cm. 11• > \ •.
A i .i .1 :N rut it >i A
<n; i.i• l . Suit.
.V« >11 N IKI .I.A M).
Whai will Ih* ili«' results ur«
• <' I' ll Hull' hii far a*
• In- political result is concern
oil. The main <jitcitioTi for us
is ill-- ifiuMoii which this trial
per <lav, while Mr. HIi. or
some other tuuchiite politician,
is in favor of more bogus pro.-'
We tire i4f« laed I hat llltler
the pl> lit jnaii.<;-eine|lt of olll*
cuiitN jailj tl;' prisoners are
permitted M «* iahiii>,li ami en
force certaii policy regulations
of their ov. ij. . hich, if tve are
not t "iv d itch mistaken. con-
li..> -u lnilicd to I lie pailv in What iahouUl tltu ikriwcrutic Pur-
j *ver and its chosen i( pr< •*e«i- ty Do '
'to. ' .in ant el ti. |>«'ut<H'rutic* majoriit < I
!i tie fad ilia! Idling and ,|lf. ||0|1«(. of Kepiescntnti*.e
*'s p' dilitltr service upon the rX1>,.n(|ittuv,;
The' 'T'at ""m*• 'undies have 1"-'"' .mite ha, 1 fruitful hundreds of millions ,1
)(f source of fraud for a .p.ari -r of m.,,N r,h,.(, |a) ,
;i ''••'"'i'. • I every tiling , I(
shaped to tempi the con:ia< tor j,.,|iS; holdall ..Ulcus to strict
lu ihe-c dats of dudeism and and corrupt fllcial* hat iny aco untnbilitv: expose and
«leprav ii \ it is refreshing to *<ee 'h" route- iti charge It is as j^jni^h ofli.-ijt! r:i -< alitv.
1".\-v.u to t.ia'di.od aid ( . | ■••mm. it f • .r nn-i; lo fat .en , .jr (.f ' What have the people dot). >
t i nil to u.iddl* .,;e lr. . fiotn ih.* ot crmm r • ' t I! .. a/M 'j'u.m.l u> lur * . .. cratic par
ititute, sulfdaufinllv a school ... .
. . ,i '• ... .. i thimr ollcntuve in it.
■ •I . nine n that institution. ?
, i .i . ,• ,i nothing t oi,;,L. tout
I In . Ih i tin- nniuii ol the , *.
;i!le,;< ! irn j. i htrity of -.aid po
lift' e; ' a I •! i.' lUeiit. When a
HimillllMIH . ■ .
Ireland's Spcoctx.
An much is liein^ said l y
sotiM- «' f (Governor Indund*. one
niiew in reference to his Hpei t'l:
made before t he coloivU "• >in en
t Ion at Ali;11 iii h'st \ car. e re
produce it in full ttint our read
Ws mav :•('(• lor theni-eUes,
whether or mil tlauo i.s au\
We K«*e
tlie entire
diM'UmiUtt tii'it does violence to
true .-late.'- manship
Kept the industrial elem. nt
til' ' (.11*111 \ lon^ elloUUh.
^toiiith e
Aflcr lt,i,((l(i<-.(l lie rtnltfi I
I>r, on' . "Ilh-I-H, he is ret^lllt'eil tlMuiuht torn* convention vt'UM non-|iolii-
,1 . 4- • ,;i . lent .'111(1 llolil'll It Hi. > . liul I Mtlll I'd
V ' ' 11 .!*•'' Itto ihroUKlioiii .tour piorfudin^ « f
••t | j|« " initiation fee of V *tft(lin . If von linvc titcl h-iv !n tiic
1 , ' ... i'«i|'!?'>l o> build u|. ran. nutaironlMiiM. ii
^ r :'|" purchase o! ;uci \>.n u.r\(>i. Imil n-v-i iiik-i m nl..
! sacii as tobacco, « l,S. V'.fi im-u part ami piim't oftliln Pfo| 1iv
. * ■ 111';
ft 11III 1 h'' X ot ei'li III''!:' > ! , . ,i' I
I..! ilie;.- a- i .• ■ Indian ttai's ari
• 'eat
ki t A
'■'o( til" I1IOI "V,
V *
If I he "fresh tish" i e
IH pfOllif.
oftiiiM Muii'. Voitr dfiiaiirf Ht*c Itns>' J
li i- h i unlikely that tin-
\arioiis iadepeiideiil political or
^aui/.aiioiis ol the country will
unite and present he name of
It to save the country from
.tirii i up to ticcompli-di (•• i tain tu^mlc, fraud and corruption,
end-. It was a-common ye i> h, |S7i they Kavu thr lietuo
iii'o a> it is today, tiaitield
willi ilic mIiIick. When iit*- wiiiipn
,, uoiild iinilerttikc to nImu* novfrin i"nl
t "pill Up ol* has not In ll;« tr lull- •••«!■( |(> ioiu- (letriio< nt
1,,. .,,,,^1 I,.,,.., ttu.v tin en ity oftvrotiK. Voii #rc hi
1 dill (| in all (ircv Hutfvft 111* wiiilcii eiyov,
. : (I ret I 'aslu.'s laid Oil hint |' ^iii'i'Vi-r ulir.d^" lilt* (..(Villi
t « r 1« ilolniir IhnJ tviiloh in di'irlnirntftl id
v. 11!t ;i -trap Is there any rea tin* !>«• t inn mmm ot'i>oiii nw- v«hj
son tvl.v a nan should tie rob crl,u'!'p lbt' °r',,,,,V!V lur",,r-
^ on have no i lunt >'• nil In .juil/ruu nt
cratic pan\ an opportuniTJ fr
iiieant (hi.- pi<«.-( ( uiion suoiiid ,j(, Hoiueihin^, but they (jtiii
,, i ..i . i ,i , ,i ,iU' '' ""l-v- :.v d tl h< secr-'t principle and turiii'il to policy
III i Men littller •(• till' peolile i,. . i . . . ,, 1 . . , i 1 1 ' *'
• L 1 'V employ a f.'Hiid to mitch aml nominated Ib race ^recl v,
rhe proceeding.- for him, and wl.irli \v -a K"'ai bluiuler. in
not ailow a Step to be taken Is?t; the people tlicd the same
jiart\ a^ain ami tiny eiect
wlm petl ill tail for fun tiM-n III.-iiim moi., (if Ilic couri . ti n
|iiliiti>'ill lili'i'! Hllf of w lilt• - ill lu JUllK
IIIM'II ii'n,ii flit' ili'i'iH''.lU ol' (>.ir ->il|il*i'lo:'
I..] f 11- _ ' t "'li'l, 1 <' OOTTI ■ I., (t| Hi. i' < (In n«
I.son, Ol tt t'.ii.tll. il von. yen ic'i- talHii',' I'luini >-i ..|ii'!liltiir
"'"tii" 1 ui ted
Sena I 'I .Va S' \ li;' -
an in vii : I ion i • ail'
Te\a- V derail* at I 'i
■ CCl ']l| > '< I
itliont hi ■ ktiowh- lye and con
sent > Where i > lilt' trouble ?
i >:<i
i d I heir pre-ideiit*. but a!|ot\( (1
annua! t< the cruise. The law tjM< Repr.blicnus to ;de:.l
t* lo* >i i* lit the bottom (*l till-- lice and thetu standing
which t\as the
most. e-jreirtious bun-
tlei* the iicinotT.ilic ]<a!t\ e\er
made. In |*.s,i a poor man
bed and wl
#>!* <*U< !'V
Mr. Will
man \eur.- of Ul^e, but a you knu-.v i;..tliinir oi". Ii Im v<nir dntx
, • , to Hllblllll l-ltlltll > to itlc (ll'l'i-lou. III' tll '
Sllort tl.■ .e nijo ha Vl tiji" been en f.ce-io. ^ mi V.ill 1.1' «-Ioi'.i In «l n* It urn
■ , i i• : i..; .. 4- ,t iIihi .IiiiIki. 'l'uriH'r'iol( i l ioin* hnvi- !•••• u
. 1 •* t (•'. ol -oiUt violation oi I'.e t,v ii.-iii |y all t lie iliHiricl
law and rufusiiitf to pay his lim 'l "'<> >• >ri*
• cnpal lf ttl itrrhliUK wlint n<TiKiuti#< art'
U'ai; srni to Jllil; Uliu Oil t*|11 « r rijrht nml wron^'r I h*- Stf|in«m I onri
. ... .. .1 . . ... . .. oi tin* I itiiwl miih^ «!••« ult- thn; i|iir
in*4 \s« - t«lki'U i HUH in In. s ti | }0|| a 'ntj, ronrt lir- tUu'Ultxl will
F. IVf. Ball fie Co
reunion at I'aii-. T' \a-. on tin
♦'I t of \ pril. If ti'i -ad*
throughout the -'ate have
agreed to pasH the veteran*
to and from tin* contention free South ;!nd Southwest thatofler-
of chill LT'**.
evil, has remained there nianv guard,
years, sub.stanlinlly the same
Kort\ tears air.> it vtas the
I W Iv'i'itiry. chuirmaii of
tile republican cotlliuittee (.|
I*i nt• i'i ci nut*, ha called foi a
(.'out eat loll lo be held oil Satl'l'
(hi t . A pril I -1 h. at 'J p. m.. at
conn lioiiitt the ci11 of I>'*n
t 'II, for ill'* ptirp"-' ol -el' t tili:.
deh'.'.iies t > attend the stale
republican cotitei:iion which
to I>e Ii -Id ai For! \\ orth on •'i•
*jsi!i of \pril. Iss-t
ed a hart, t lot the -j ecu la tor; lead th<* partv and i\« there tt a*
then tin North;test. ami lath i wreat sum* of mom y -pent on
it I In* boumlles.-i bari'i'iiiiiss of tin* other -die the Democrat-
the West, tt hich hate offered 'Vei*e defeated. lu INS-1 tvhat
to the 1;• Koiite contractors arc ne going to do t 1 p to the
ii n. j t at I et I chance-, of fraud pteseut almost nothing has been
Win i- it thai while so done. The House has fritted
mailt bill* are being offered away about three mouth* and
*oiii< i.ia* iIocs 11111 amend thi* done nothing toward exposing
am one to each hand and an
oth. r tt ill: a stiap laid "n tie
lick until tin* old man think
It should be c
mred. the corruptions by which the
\ iid • li" fact of it not bcin,. election of I KM > was carried, or
cliaugi i matt i i * 111 \ is perse a
*erious impi achnieut of Ih •
the infamy of the Star Ibuite
robberie-4. etc.. and are but jn-t
'I In fdi'Tinan < 'oitriei*. spt*nk partt in potver. A• thar mean' trying to pass a trvri 11 bill. Ii
i11r- | i|- (iriit -oil count t, | id for the fir,t p!*o>.'cut i i fail
t« .•< t" furnish < • 11 i 11 n ..t or and . !-•< th« !a--i K A it--rut t
three more nu ii to run I'm Sher
iff and a-ses-oi. il candid' 'e-
fof these ofliceS I 1111 >llo|'t
Thank -to I In* kind < oiirier
Hut tt i hate a lot of e\i t*a ti'ood a in I no t uie tt lu tt an let I ai hoi:
men out for said "Mice, ami a c*t pros cinioii could i;et tin
man or I tt dlpliiroin I iray s< «ii moral support of the Admitfis
might reduce We average. nation.
Again, ttliat i'elation exi*iet
bet w i-eii I In* i<i t i t in potter am
temtfe"? n^.y
Secretary of the Kxet
tu mil tee i.f the p*trt\ in j'ott
i •> 111111' something was being
dt me. The people a I < t h < • i"
lien. Ma<*\ei-l, testified thai ouj.rhlt aroused to tin ncce:-*i
he left the cabinet becau se \ r tt of (Irit ing corrupt nnn from
thur's administration was in
•ynipatht with lh^ thfei.daiit*
A cotit eiilioii of the auli mo
t|0]lo1|s' p ' f lite I Iliie-I Stat
ofllce and bringing ba d% o>u
gi e, ecu ti it'll I i o si ui p! it it \ ." ■ • a
oiiLt ami honesty. ^ "t there
must be gootl work done at
hea (quarters there will !"■
tvati! ' !'« r
i>1 ! part} .
w ill be held V.
t '!i
I e||Ce
llih, lssl. loi the I'n^iglof
iioiiiinaliug a pr< -Tth utial
ticket. The tfilota of ii prcM'ii
tation tt ill be four (h legates
itel tout alt« i nates lo rn < a> h |j}|(| S(, |< njr lieeti an ( b
er, ami a gootl, aclite, eU'ecilve
worker in t lie campaign id* I.*sKi>.
Tile tvh"df st slelll of i*Xpe(|i|i
iu the ' rami
tv i 11 hat e to
t i lie salaiie "j ..y'Q
l'o««t til i 1 11 '|'s , ttlli' Il
i ab. .lit < 'tie h.11111 red : hottsaml.
i. e. the jr -esstn. jil from them;
till' l|ea-!;i'ies of e 11 pol.'l! io 11 ••
iti'• resit d in tin continue,I rule
of lilt* present pan t ; lln* \a
bo.\, a mail holdinc each foot **"t«l re fnrner. Whtit yon rfhottlil do Ih
to cdiicnti' t iiur pi-oplf ii tt InvitMl mill
uiilfil lit lln .sin!''. If you lire tvi'onjxcii
In yonr iviijfiotih «■ t-. s. your rigliif nn
lo pulillr ki'Iioo'h or nut of your !# <•: '
ri^luc, I ln'lit'\f yi ii tt oulil In* nt miiii '
Iobh to tltai ;ti y -it«*l> nr'u-tnni " ugiiiunt
ing ii.' could not stati'i upuieier tin 'vu. uiroiiMi )i% ... (/rt-ui
i i I |. .1 ... | • Iii'inoti'iitit' iii'c.le: and rifhi iiriv I
one hundred licks gate up In- l||1|rlli lt.k voJ, iv;,l(l Ulttt |M,t> u ,,„lllK
Itlo'leV. What do the l'< Ililc f,,r ll.-*'l .tell I'.*' 1^^ -oltMIK upheld
* . 1 ire llplt .Idlli' l«'tV
ltit 11\ of iliis as a 'ii plat ot 1'Ik> ^ovi'i'iK'i* nilt'Ucil liii- convention
loiieine "i tut t'lifist i',11 in I'f. dint il iriii I" tU''i: iniiMv.sih. tlo-t tvill
11111 1. 111 l III V,ill), t .ill ] . |k ;0 iii'linltl tlii-ir itotui- JKM.pjH ;t lit!
Mr. \N !.- •!! was not a criminal, itomi' rot. mu nt. to t«olor hm
on ilit* ru. I ttio I j'iiiim. Ill mi id lir tto.i!;l
silt il a- to tlesert e this treat Hot k to lotriiilc tt 11 ri' In- ttns not
. .... ii |,,. , :i.. ttflt'onif. lie -jiel.|. 'f dcslriti t'"iiH.
' ' ' 'Il ti! ,i dim,( pi'itpli' (it'lnl di--
to disc, I e Hi ripe-. Il i :• not iri'i'lion'i. vtuicli ii ntcndfil tifi* hi
. . . . . no iiu jii'.s rnci'dl«irticitoii.-. Ill* iccotuit-
evert' man w ho is put in jail i-a i, 11•.t to tin* t otmi'ii . !iuni -t'lumi,
lie i is i c.*i 11*#.( I III in. (mill \ itnd r -|.i'Ht *il tvlml In- :iitl t h«*H in lit. I- protMl in tu glllllt. ,)r||i „ m|ii! ,.,>lllnis,<(1 j,, , |,e («■ yiio
.lads tiie not for the torture t v
t n of I ad men. They are otilt
fot the <• continetneiii. Ibiuish
meats i ..ti only be inflicted bt
law. II th" ininate- • t our jail
m e l and must have tobacco.
tt hi k> • At'., let th. t outitt I'm
tii-.h ih- -e and sc.. thai prison-
ers tie t >t get th-'ia by robbing
and whi pping em li ot her. 11
bad cm ;arh lo have to go i jail
and oiei't i me et en the i nm
cent art impjittoned,! but ( • be
f. .1)1 it-t I ^t I . i cipeil A/f
bai Kiii nt and iuhumanitv.
l ow TICK i:s.
I.OW l KI< KS.
i.ow vMfvm.
coi'i'.t'c. unfatnfdlilt io iI.i- lalli'r. li
it" him Knni jiii'iuturi- it. f>.'c tin' i i1
ilfiu'i; <if the profit-, unit In- itMUiiv.l
I Li tin Mich tvit t hi- let'iinj; of white pr<>-
l.ll" 1,'l'lll'lllllt t\* ll ill' JH'OJlll' ill-!!' il)
I'cvuh ii'ioh'f til Hit' projrri'!<:i of your
iiti't. mil itict nrc K'dntr to conti'iitf
1 iii*ii . lull, in oli't'iili1 \(Mil* I'liii.. II''
hiurr 't"l tin1 «'diu rI ion of i lie nice muM
ti. to .-«>|..plt*-!icil ! '• til" *f.;tc •.•fi'. i-ri-
ii.. . i. initiut'iiitie ti'." k '"i* 'hI i'"vi'ii'-
i.ii-i.i hat; in. i .'.t -r M i'i'inplIcJi tluil
aifV. 'I'ht' <ft cri.iu*: lioit^rli r t In- font en -
linn diould i'oii«idcf lie -i'IkioI :ini«*n«i
iiicnii to iIn- «'>ti: litiiiion, nnd indii'iiti'd
A "i li 1 t Lis ail vv.« ad% hi d you will bo c njriuonii that we
Jb spectfully,
I . t fi t i lc.'ii'ly tin niv
(.1 I licit* hi lot i-
distrii I. four front each lerrito
it a iid four from the |>i-tricl of
I 'olunibia.
Thti FlotUor.
ti nal banks tliroiighout the
jeet of Htispit ion that inaiiiifac couulrt, and tin* fret- use of
tured iinhlavit.s and sjuiriotis euonn >u re- uitfi*' to corrupt
j ii tats conic instanllt ami 'he ballot I".*, All this, with
vividlv to evert politician a -tr<u'.g lickct, after ltm>'ing
when il was otilt nientiotied. and tpuuii'ling, they can uui;c
We are info;me.I that leltei*n Uut. the one steal is not all !| lliet <b I unite on OarliHd
have been I ei ei t ed bt gentle Whi h t lie ofiu'i lia I t'obb. ■:'« were ami Al tlittf, ami i*" the helMo
men iii this city from Mr. W .1 uuderjoiut; a t.,i^us prosecu cratic party wm - the prize
Austin, of Denton declaring ,j(Ml there tt.- .s an opportunitt die must present a uniti'tl front
"to the eiietn v.
toll. \-l to III .'.I'MllUCI'l tliNt thl't i II-
vili' inri'i llfrt'd l.'i\lll'"i!1. III *:.(!, nuill'!'
t III' pn••- '1:1 (' ' -! III!! i.'ll II li'l t .'I'Ut I .-I x
I ri I I I'ltlill.ll llllt I - ' " 1 I . l|.' i ■ ': ! tl
pom il. I'" 1 lie :<iil•-it(} 1 !i ' ml""!'(I. •
it' I . .'.'I'I t i i'■ >1 I" • ui ;ill*m I
i.ui *p.. .* . him! I:' t * * 11 . j i . !(.i' 1.1' 11' .i.!. .
Why -I' "Id lln Ii'^isluino' i.dopt .li"
li",'t'.i-s mil' of itix ' I *o ilie pf.tpif'i
type -. 1 l;t I It I*,. . i>li:(' Ill'If 11 t Ulllllt I 111'
(••'t.i•}i ■ \t i ■! • I' ■.., Iii - |i. i tile u.-f
till .J'iiM'' t>: .1 ' . . I till.I-:tt. it •• 'I '.
jri to-, t i'ti r.'.oiiix! - -lnmil. mill t'o"*
'.I ..iff till' tlhilt mill il U
toll!* (li'l t II' l.l.l U • ill III l! I.I 'k . Ill' 111'
ili i'stoiitl ihry tt i o- to 1'iid dt*U'ffiitt" to
ilio 1 .<M '-t 1!'i* t ciiiion, in!
II n •-1' 11' ■ t ■ ",:iti"< i on Iii "••prcHi.nt let,:.-.
111,(1 dlt'.lltl *hotV 111" llllt lllllll^'.fl llllt i
itromiiiii.:: <otulltiun ot tSicir pfopic
n> ri'*. i It.; t ti- it net' I In*;, uetv doinu in*!-
orht •< ih-'. in oihi'i* portions of lln-
tvhol>' ui.rld, I'- :..•! mi ll here have
l<llf:i;i l.-llldr, fJOi ll ... l-t|itnI hot - utitl
Ibi*ic i'iiBln *>.-< In i'omm • nnd SttUi* tlc-
ptii'ltin-1tli4 Into* ii .. d without looking
1:. M. Ball K Co.
tt as
his intention t«. be a candidate ,to pbiiulerlhe Treasury.
foi floater, at llie c.miug eb*c -pi,js js ]„,w i{ UJls done;
lion. We think that Deiilon (Jeolge Ml'ms teceivetl Not.
should hate the floater this |sm, a retainer .f -1?•.'.*•<H>. entire ]ia:;< to sh. wing the polit
time, as a matter of courtusv. ^ iihiu ttvo months lie put in a jeal scntiiueiil oi' the State, as
fa'lr.i tvu.
I lie i iollvtoa 1 't e t tie Voles all
. The cftti Iiti'rvfi 'ltd.
The -t ''lie.-, t hat II it e I ra i'-
pil • 1 ill t lie great hog I'p 'li - <*!'
the enure \-\ Ml the 1;; • J j'ett t!; V
may be taken as a fruitful
limine of houghi tor those v ho
take the :i. in the hurry of life,
lo draw* i'inclusions from his
fort's i.etit:. One Hertter
murdered or aided to murder a to rjii-e or I'oipr. ilul it you ft" Oil aitvny.
• ii ii , i I-,.., i • i'lkitn: polltif.s ;.r ii ,ki* uriit anif.-i. and
illlZlll I.i tolo blood fdi his (..U) nol .,nvird to Itirow oll'llif -litu kliv
tin 111 * * t . and confessed the crime, nflhl* or that |m tv for tin- ;fO"d of tour
. stuit1. you tt UI do no v.o'id, ^ on dirndl!
lb* t 'H s 111 et j ami round guiltt l.'lou,. tollii* jcuiv ihnl 1'i'st ftliyiiifs
,• | i,, .. • ., , i 'r voili* t1 IiiId11*11. pr*ol *",i> Hocli-l t ntill fit-
i I Ul.m-sli llgh.e|, ill. lead of jfnr,.ei. ^4,m. riKlitx. I tion'l cnt'i' what
muitleV. aad sentenced to fwen l""'l> von-for: no umii i*\«>r liftml
. nn- r >-i. t'o|ori*il nii'ii to viiii- tor any
ty t ears iu tin1 penitentiary, onrtt. it in lu- r'ylii iuselect hi-puny.
I'lililit se-it itui-nl neeiTN to )i*i\e ll«' 'onttndtd the colo.'cil man w ho
5 1 r ",l didn'l e\<*rt'itH* lii^ indgenuiii iti.olin);
revolted against what aeeins to tvnn not entitled to vole, ami tviif r*i-
. i ■ i rennl lo it duty to )iIm no-e autl country.
Iltlfe oi' ail lliatleqliatl penalty 'Hie t ivHrijfhia litwitie#-' wiu sfltle it-
I In i h i Idtt tin iic; t-r s;ot illhitlc i i n
imriual Kfimol or i-otle^e, and •;ii•«• t •
ii:n out of evert hundred new tt i ! in
1 In* fill tire. nl..'., we ni'i' willing t.. !>.•
i:i \ . i! lo etilii'ilie (.« I rt child. ' .lit l:i;i. k
mill wlilie, t.'the irrude ol nn Knirli-h
eilut'iilion, iiiul then if Ihey n-pire lo .i
eolli'Hial.* eiliiealion. let tin in pay for il.
I'i.e.v vtilH up tn ltli| Mny. Iieltt.-eli nine
.i Mil I en t lino .nnd lit*liars hi our ilea ir> .
•••I.'ool ftuii'.. nnd between tlu'e • unit
I -I l hi i .-hi (I tin! *u> uf tiie't t ■ :e ' i
fimilH, hi ti.'l ii* o a <;>e t In. t t!'- j.\ j
eanuot eilll lo «('lt"('l OUOUI'.tl lo II .e Up
tliiit which i« already Itupoi'itl upon u>.
'I'liert'l"!*!' we wnnt no more n.'hool tax.
there being already more than the iiec-
einarv ainoiint, Keapeetfully.
ilOIIX ilflllNMIN,
MeKinney. Augn.itil, Iks:i.
hi If. hut tin Mltleiuenl in longer delated
lit stieb tlnkcriiiK tbcfe conventioo*
for such a crime. 'J he m isses
weri' aina/.eil. ll was declared propose. Ai tfj*eK..he deiuanda have ile-
. i i . iated a. mill toil lor theui, made Ity
I,ill f.■ic.i i' io ., .,..i * I -Vl .. i> i i . ' that twentt other lliavdert rs in over-/etil'iUH frienda of litu colored peo-
Hllt publte inleresf illlist not be ." * ' ' ' ' • billtul bt Its reporters. . . .. . ■ ll.,,;,. ;„o pie. their condition would lie belter.
... ,. i .* . ttttll espen es at the rate of 'Ihlirman is the choice of •*' I • I'lie<}uentloii will be solved when you
sacriui'etl loi sake ol coUllent, ,| ,,a. ..r ,• ? i punishment as di.l iierner. Imich the whtt?' race flint voiirx la ilnir
. . . eiiunl Itt erlm afion, Intellltfenee and tuor-
1 liat colli IS,court houses, juries lit itttutlinir. I'1'hla WO * ajiplauded.]
wete Ii-Jitills furces iiul the lim l>r,,i' :i-ul nmlierat let iheiu «• .
I ' S ,111(1 I III I.IW |hf() « PI ('I'll', el lln .:' eltl*:-. T>U*n VOItl*
Vers tt eiN* nothing short of ntlentlon lo .tehool*. io votir moral and
. . * aiK'iul elevation and hom* maltern.
criminals thdliscltes. The Your rare If-dollar more for it.-eif here
lieni.b. eol1i*cteil in vwi nnm 'J'etttH than any where ill the «or!d.
1 1 11. I ll I.I t,i, i IIUIil nnd you ahoilld kowji nlti'iiil. I am here
her,. ;{,()(H> to l(l,i>0<),aml man II- lo eiicoantjte you in tiiisand to dlmwitr-
, . , . aire tixelcMi d'nii'iiaaloii of oilier matter.
ed as a vast unwieldy mob up- ■„ , ,m
on the jail, and demanded the ip0 tho Voters of the Seventeenth
prisoners. The doors wen* bat- Senatorial District.
fered dow n, the court llolls ' was It twins my ileitire, and feeling thai
• i -i . i - von almuftl know aoniethltu of what In
lilllUi'fl. till vast mob surged jfulii^itn Iiirnlnat lite Uihorinir ptif i of
anil I'llrsed, regiments of-mali- ' cai.vnaMnjr Ih*
° dlstrli t. but on aeconnt of bad health I
till Were called ollt, lions.$ «w ftifeed to ileidlne. If there ever was
.?r.7a per day 'I wo months af :f its t*cporter:t for president.
Oui si tei count,) should put forwards lie rendered another agju .st fl for Tilden and W for
forward a thorough repiesenta- bill fot Ao.'Juti; two mouth.- la >Icl>onald the two tu \t high
tive man, and one alite on all ''*r, a bill for $7^11-1; lour t ■*j.'i were scattered ami '.Hi
public questions. Mr. Austin 'o«>th> after, a bill for
, . . t lijec fin iii t lis laier, a lull f.r Ireland gets l p.i for governor,
mat he that man, tti do not i, n. ,,, .,..i, i., ,.. i,;n • . .. i ; . . - r
M..t. n, two uioiitiis tatci.a lull against 14. lor Huberts for
know him; we only say ftu-tk.\?<m, and within the foi Kleintuing amUM undecided.
this much b> tvut of sitgges hitt ing six months bills for Ireltind s couim- is ap)>i*oted
tion in this matter, hoping that $!7imi and ^W/itMi. From first to ^lo,again.-1 Is disapproving
!>.'iif<M. «ill mm.' .a.i r.iltv in m«l h.-..t.o.iM.'.1 S10I. i,*
. . * Mav < r in all. lorlnn* !ti favor of out*
w hat slu* does. Tin* other lawyers together State convention, against 41
drew about $!Ni,<mo more, lie for two, ami li' umlici<led.
orolijibly eartu I his titoitet (is fu*-or a majoriiy rule in
tor th • rogues escaped. World, the emit eiitiotis, against Jit- for
Knuvea or Navy
M"tie> is now wanted for tin
I'l'MI' I I" |l"n I'lllH'U l"l III' .« • i I
; -I' ..*• wi.r "'« ' «^- . l«ll..l, i
cruisers. Is congress going lo ,l'" •" the convention of to etc,
appropriate money fornewves 'l,lv bet nine almost uiiitetr*a! ;uhi, against 4" for one to every
ie|Mf We hope not; as mailt ,llal 'b.-iv was some sort of ;h>m and !! nmli. ided.
1 • r I. .1.. . i... ..... .i. Tln.d Ii iu u„l*.. i.. ....
tV Nt'ji.
Waco, .April I. --Kx-Oovcrnoi*
Hubbard is I t.-> fu night on
private busim -. bnf talked
freely on public malters. flu
says that the proposed North
Texas A Louisiana narrow
gi'Uge road with which he Is
couneeted will be built nlinost
wholly with Knglish rapilnl.
The i oust ruction ttill be i nan g-
iirated within the present year.
The route of the road ir* from
Tt ler via Kaufman, MeKinney,
Sfiernian and I'alopinto to
llainesvilli*. With reference to
his connection with a "triple
thermic motor." w hich is to ri
val steam, Governor Hubbard
sai«l, w hile in New Vork recent-
ly, he lmd witnessed ih«* works
of the new motor, the basis of
which is binulidiide of carbon,
and he was convinced that it
hud wonderful power, but lie
hatl not taken stock in the com
panv as reports! in the associ-
ated press dispatches and would
not do so until the inventor had
demonstrated that the motor
can be applied to locomotive*.
The test will be made iu New
York in a few weeks and the
, val rn- of of the invimtion tHH
«.h,i,WHi. .n.h ami Lrirkhm- n o.'« tu«t. tr n
were used; Hemer was secretly eite/mmKcd them to vote ttwanhool lux
i. . i. . ...... time wli-.i the worldiiK f'liMi* should lie
were broken Open, shots Wert! awake. Ii ia cert a in it aowi We tlnd
mill l.avI H|.|.r,.,„ iut fr '''tOliut il .... I<i... 1.1.. li,.' . i' > ;'f" J"
...1 tt-iihiii th.* l.iHi iu ii il,.<",ill-, l.'.i'liiiir lii'M «.l III.* itnrl.v and if 11- lern.". i. T'*..'* ' ti"i" l"i
uUwiUiinrni last two (Oi.uies ' • , president, Ireland is to be our
a,. ......i- vv i,.,e., ii.m ii 'I had not been for discords m ' ■
to the navy, tt iiere lias it ^ next governor and tin* majority
go net To knaves--eertaiult l,ar'{.v- l'M' prosecution rule is to prevail in the State
not lo the navv. flow is it that VVn,,l(J ,,ot ,,av,, been cm convention.
the navy is always found to be < Was the prosecution
in a bad «wlit"ioii, juM as a ,nt'r • l«' d«"l to ei,din a .tu.
pri,siden«ial canvass routine,,, i tioi.f It lu,s N-en justly said
cc« f Is this fund wanted for that "not an angel with a llam
th" cruiser fund, or corrupt J'^ ^vord but a public robber
. * .. 2*1. .. l.nll .1 . I. .. I..
. i JI..I.....K..U ,.,i uiio upon nn. mid nuill the i|Ueatlon of raw
eonteted tii ( oluiuluis.bul stld o«i1«l he eolved when Ihev oroved our
the violence continued to rage. «-t,ual edH.atlon. IniidlWence and
^ morn I ftandliiK. I hia waa hbrhly •" -
ami man V lives Were lost nnd platided lit I lie whole negro Ileieirn
ii,miv i.emile wounded etc. Hut !fJh t^vwHon.wKl■' on#em fel
The ritv of Mexico will have
a gornreons celebration. Mat
Minister Siirirent has been
.. . ..i ..........1...I ..t.. li... or in i eonvernon. anil no one own oiaiiie
mailt people Oil lld d ti. Milt Um n,.^ro for ndolclng over aneh ntldnn
linallt order was restored, and a* tliat,comliiKa> it ilul trout Uovurnor
il m tV milv remains to niorali/.e * "« • cannot esartu iiKtve
, * . . . . , w Itb him. for I would ihV vou. mv cotiit-
over such upheavals in socO'ty. trrnien.a philn qimrtion; «-(*ttl4l the ne-
We mat unfitly conclude that irru rlae liurli enoiiKti in ediiejitioH. Inteb
mu,ufi«>i ill! Illi MM will develoti ''P'1''1* a",, nipral standing, potaeaaed
inanite-i injuiies wm uiveiop 0fBn ,.r„Irt.rl? Jn ,h-IH ,luirlei. toen-
bnd results. I hat when the ter vour lamlltV lie reeoitntod n visit
ntawses are aroused life and to tiie nt'^ro normulai hotil. and repented
,. .. ., u..4t*.... 'Ci,..# wlmt lie mid then- In it* |>r ui e,«nd
tti" rriitnl iiiiiu w uorruiM . P . . , , . , pinpei 11 UIBt SUltit. I llllt , thait the ne«ro normal aehool
.* with a bull do > ivtolt er "tuinls nomiiwttisl nnd continued ns mob law is a terror to nil. And Mbead ofthe itnan witeije. Now.
fun 1 < iid congress a * '' ndtiUtef to Hiissl.i vice Mt that coiolsjnid itirics caiillot if thi above alateuMMC. ih- line, the ne-
- , * | u: ii .tl,,.,, I lie gates of Paradise from "U.-Hn. till .Ml. mat i OUUS aim JUU*| i«iiiioi nntitml ai'hool am, the llrvan eotlejie
cenl foi such until Kill i lltui Hunt, lately deceased. affoill to tnrte wuh their duties, am reUdy foramal^.nntlon/
ii _ : . tr .i... i.....i WWS. tt ?mt Hate wi (ortic \N e do not hesitate to exi less I thoualu II huril when we
r...... ..u •, thi. werr roblnnl of our conalittnloniil pro|v
rears as to the conseipien. es, rrtv hM , (!o fKink thl* pruoorftWa
Upon siM'ietV, of public mdlJKIUI- hundred wonwtlmn iheHratrob-
tiou when * once nrtmsed. and l^rv:!^ dwofbBil(tlB«ni*ro«illepa
.. ,.^,,..1. p . nd iiruio normal achuola. nnd t«iai|(
"W 'l,f" 111" <«' .* ,h.«. P.IH.I, .1,. .,rr ,Ml„.„l
.'li wrib an th.' por„rtr ln lk,,r oi.i ...i .Mr,,.w
(Mllsei. • to e<evate this pooplr wii-r lhe;a nnd
'""r'".'f l.1^ a * ,Ul. ft,,,,,.,..! ,.|,|it|.|„ t.ii!i 11 "II. T. K. Nnslt. <mr iv)..-.-
- , . , (jruw fl-.uu wiiil.v |ii.lilU i .. tu wniiiiiv.. In tin-loo.-r h..u-i- nf
1""*' ' V ' 1 itl , .in I. uls|„t..n- th- two
doubHc*"' 'the proposed new miiiionaii s. lit .mu proitis r
n . r .., v i . .r. ., .... terms. w l| ben candidate for
^es-d^.tjv pirrite* sailing un No; by i i.i Niifcu. Our ]miati- U„. „| i„,o this year, ho we
d"i a black ling. cirins . enter t'ongresi jhh r hear.
what is claimed there arc mil-
lions in it fm* owners oftheput-
cnt. and it will revolutionize
transportntiion. as it is 8t per
cent cheaper than steam.
As to politics. ex-Ooveruor
Hubbard said that nobody
could entice him into . 1* Ing a
candidate again fi r utiv state or
congressional ollice. He wuhted
to hel]i develop Texas artd bhlltl
ftp his own private fortune, tf
the people want him as a dele-
gate to the national convention
lie would cheerfully accept the
charge hut he win not ah aspi-
rant for that or any other posi-
tion. lie expressed svnipatliy
with Ireland s administration,
and said that the fvfo third*
rule ought to go. It never wiw
a democratic practice to >tnrt
with. The majority inle was
fair ami deuiocrntic.
r kkui; f,l..
T( ricll. March Ml. Albert.
Ib'dge, a unti l iouslt bad negro,
who has long lived about here
a:i I lias been convicteil for
dr.iter and su'ndrt otiences,
reach, *1 tlie piliach* of his ail-
d ten • an i impudence Saturday
night, by invading tho prcm-
c es of Mr. John l egra/.ier. n
barber of this place. Ilodgo
weal in the kitchen after n
handsome mulatto woman who
cooks for Mr. Degrazier. Mo
was drunk and disorderly, and
this woman tied from lln; kilch-
i'ii t<i Mrs. I>egra/.icr's room,
when- the latter had retired,
Ilodg* followed her with a
d;awn pistol, making threatH
an I uttering loud oaths. Mrs.
Ih'gtawier wjis frightened to hoi*
wii's cud and began screaming,
and Hodge seeing he might reap
lhe damaging ellVret of pro
crastination tied. He is ut
large, hut the i tlicers are hot
afier him. He is the tvortw
tt pe of a negro, and this ntfnir
will go hard with hhn- if he i«
Sherman, April 1. Our city
has hail no tires of any const*-
ipience for months until this
morning wJmn a lire broke out
on .tones t ired iu the Sperry
block, occupied by six families,
which went like a tiuder box
and communicated to flm
Kclipse stable, owned by M. .1.
nildebrand thence to Myers
Kros' brick, tilled with fanning
machinery of every description.
Next the Unities cuugllt to
inidebraud'H residence, then to
Ktl. Moore's tine iwo-story resi-
dence, buniiiig I hem tu the
ground. Hotli the Methodist
ttnd Presbyteian churches r*v
eeiveil damages which will cost
something to reiiuir them. A
heavy wind was blowing ut tho
time. The jail was also in dan-
ger aad rhe prist mot* wvrvitaiken
out of thecclls, ironed and quar-
tered in the yard. Hildebraud
was insured for |WOii on dwell-
ing iu the i'onunercial Union
and $Kini in the New Orleans
A^wi'! lW tin household Hf-
fects. Tile loss is eSt.iniul*>d at
Thetu* is aln > insurance
of ♦''■(io oft the Kcli|Mii stable
in the Sun Mutual and 91.000
on contouis iu the New CUieaim
iusnmnce com] mny. Byers
Bros., loss Ih #8,0^0; insuruni e
in rrtv of London and Lancas-
hire. kd. Mooiv, ttf,00|i on res-
idence, in Imperial of London
an4-fl.'TtVi Mi'gi#M|^ in the Ni-
agra .Sperry Vi lomt is about
$?.nnii. * *

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