The Democrat. (McKinney, Tex.), Vol. 1, No. 11, Ed. 1 Thursday, April 17, 1884 Page: 1 of 4

« ,
1 KY Uoomi&rOltB,
.VJ«' tillsMjr,
VOL. 1. NO. 11.
Farms for Sail!
ai 1* am ar nam!
.. 390 Hm, tin* land, principally pral-
i .v. In Ywung Co. fWo.
i 1. A dun of 100 acm; 100 In oulttva-
4 nillea from town; a ftnt claaa
* 'm l Schurz declines a $100,
ooo gift, being raised fur liiin in
Nuw York.
—mmmmm i i
1 ■" —
Makea the Hntr
Kaxi I a. St*mr,
M'Kiiiiu). -
81 A YEAR.
Ml'IU>KK AND Sl'lclok.
A bill increasing tin* salaries
of Judges of District Courts to
$ft,000 lias passed tin* Senate.
During the past week tin*
Niagura Kails, flat, April 10. i
Thomas Vedder and N. H.
Plenum, brothers-in-law, drove The I'nion Pacific Rullwa\
to Government Island yester- Company, which succeeded to
day. Not returning, search the franchise* of the Union Pa-1
was made this morning ami clfic Railroad Coin pans, has
bonded whiskey bill, that was i'icrson's body found on Luna iiied a petition asking that the
up ill Congres- was defeated Island, shot through the head, older which made Oliver Ames
by II Ft I'tJllj, V ;!c.
The remains of the late Mini
titer to Russia, Mr. Hunt, are to
be received in New Yo.s. with
distinguished honors.
The horse and buggy were Receiver of the Credit Mobilier
i1 uml lied to a tree. Vedder's lie vacated and that a citizen * f
«l' i! s were discovere<l lying the State of Pennsylvania be
oil the ice but no trace of him uppoiuted in his stead. Tin* re-
was found, li is supposed the iiiovni of Mr. Ames is asked for
men quarrelled ana Vodder upon lie- gr« tiiul that he has
done nothing to wind up thenf
the Credit Mobilier,
Taken toTnitk for Sorao of His Fro«
Tulk in the Btato Senate- A
VrofcKHor'n Dcfcnso.
To lht< I irnus-rat.
lu the speech of Senator John
Johnson, of Collin county, de
livered in the Slate Senate on
the tirsi day of February,
the following passages occur:
"Well, as senator of my dis
trict, I was to appoint four
students to to 11 ill* .Sam Hons
ton normal school. 1 acted in
accordance with tin1 require
' "Y • * ♦ • •
and imblished in the Dkmocuat
of McKinmy, on the 201 li ult.,
animation. In- utters a malicious pected physician in moderate
fulsehood, tiutl in saying my circumstances, and a most csti-
pupils failed, he uttere'l another mable and liighlv esteemed
falsehood, as is evidenced by lady orphan,entirely depend) lit
tin- report made by the hoard upon herself.
i of examiners, and exhibited, not j M. B. Fuankmn.
to'the (vuh tant■- only, but to Pilot Point. April 7, ISM.
many others; anil not oiilv so.
but furnished bv the board for Tho **xof
publication in the Fori Worth Nmv t,iat thl! tWlM.,.Ilf ,,oflt!lgo
. 1 u,th,M:- '"'p" In* has gone inro effect, I lie fob
were nga.n examined on enter ,|f>ui * ))f fl|>Kt
: the institute at lllllllsv i lie, r,l
and we hear nothing of their
failure there, but on the con
ir i y,the\ were assigned hon-
orable positions in their clusses
an I maintained them with
rii j . across tin; juitiing uuicidc by jumping in- lairs of
ers. This is the specie ol [() the rapids, ilolii were re- which, i
treacherous basis of our , spectable cithaens of Suspension ent. and
nief Is <>f the law', b\ iij'p'iiitiiii;' cre lit; and lurther, in compli
the hoard to meet' at I he time unce with the published regain
17. A goad lot and bouu In Hhort's
nddltton; ftrooma, a biffli, nice location
UlUOU. , „
10, A I i* lilcnoe propert jr. w*U lin- j ^
h laiMisniiieui <ii uii a^i leuiiiirai
• j implement manufactory at that
! point. Texas otters a good field
. j At re lu«no« propertjr. wm lin-
I i rored, located on the hiaheat bill In 1 lie
town, about 4 aore* attached—will aul<
•out autotantlal taan who would locate
fceia to educate bla family. JMMO.
i3. Ittaorea with farm bouae and lit*- road to great lilt lire prosperity.
provemonU 14. W, of McKlnney, 4U acre*
in eultlratlon; balance prairie and tliu-
or all such enterprises, and tin
city tlmt is wide awake enough
to secure one or more is on the
b«r. Price <ji) nor acre.
lift uiilea ti. B. af McKSn-
ta. SMacrea
uejr, near Clear lake, uioatl.v timbered
' 1 " . • nge-roi!
■K'l winter range—railroad aurvey
TO through It. good timber, enough to 4
timaa pay for It at $2 <ai per ucrc.
V' aorea apl«ndld timber uml Innd :M
mil north of Millwood. $5 i>er acre.
M aorea 1 utile aoulb of Rockwall, llui-
Strong evidence that canni-
balism was practiced among
some of the prehistoric inhabi-
tants of Kit rope has been dis
covered in a cave near llnins-
wick, (icruiany. in Belgium
and Spain similar evidence lutd
been found before, but had
been dismissed s doubtful.
$5 par acre.
ait acre* tat claaa farm; 1U0 acrea In
onltlvatlon, Ml limber, balance paaturc.
Prlea 94000. lteference ia made to .1. W
Kirkpatrlck, i milea from Mlllwotul. j made this confi
Roekwall road, for the 4 luhi mentioned I t v
plaaea. Ha will ehow the'Un.| and give u' ! . . . i
San Francisco, A]uil ! . The t",v\ pending
coint room during the tiial of
Sharon divorce case to dav wa-
in great coiniia<tion. Mrs Shaw
un, a witness for the defense,
was on the stand ami Judge 'i \
lur artoraey for Miss Ilil! wa.-t
subjectl ;g bel* ton severe eross
e\aminatiou. lie said I j ro
posed ,o show that tile witue-s.s
had diui'd at disreputable places
find visits a?i assignation !;<uis
with strange men. Mrs. Shaw an
manifested intense exci'inerit
tide of one huudied,
... . ^ — , .. . , . -" j tlon B. by laml: F<u everv single
secretary of the board of educa- J'bcant to an app.dntment, ac letter not exevediug :to milesV
, I' flhg d, i. in. < I\ | insi ructed and tliev tioiu , in ti grmh' of one hum
uspelision ent, and has no lis sets except , ' l,1lu" l" ) n5!.
,,,• „ mi i. I was iiilointed by the | ent) li\e entitling tlie
.i u'i"'(l" dollars left on j jjimt pierson, afterwards coiu-
tlie 20th ult. to go across tin
tile tlVw UblUUS Wli™ Ul Win Npe
usury system. ^ j Bridge, New York. whyt might come out of a
Dallas is making n most; *-e-« | upou a promissorv note for ,. „ , .
vigorous effort to secure the es- kxcitinu codkt si km s ^.00().(Khi luought iiirainst the : uo,i Vfn- "• iwKet), Mutt tlu
tablUhmeut of an agricultural1 ! Union Pacific Railroad Co., ami be pro «*^ .J'1
i> t , pounded to the candidates plicants tiom Denton count)
iieiirioiiei' se'n o il i"|'j i il'n v. ' wo'1^ " e and not t. * ai<* S7, the two Others HI I 5?
l.ed in |.r , 'ir-iii ' (t -e t'r 1 ! be opened until the board met.: caeh; ami still further. Senator
i MolS lu Ti if \ V York il uud ju t .hat they Johnson, a few days before the
: T, . y ^rmlHl , ^-'"lm.r l.e opened, tor We session in the i«i ti.ute con,
Which proceedings have lien ' rwl,M.lM,Hl ,M". b. the j nence.l, an aimointn.ent |o
brought 1) v tin said Ames ' '"Uestions and the.,, >. de «one ol thesiut" ssful.
l«v\ i t ourvt-MK on the subject
will ) robabl) be read with some
, attention:
Febriuiry "JM. I/Utf, was the
first act lixii.v;' rates of postage
i on domcst ie let lei s, and estab-
lished the following rales, to
tal e I Ifect June I, I
! Act February iTii:.', Sec-
cording to the report made by
the board of examiners the up
lmv e | t
, ud^meiit
d t nitt if
open* *1. n
the Credit
IS ;i SSefl
M<dtilier siioiih! r. r ver in tlie
suit brought up il (lie
ihi(1 note the aiiionut so recover
i I wil! i>e di-fi ilu'.red among
tie pro
i : i,
au 1 hurriedly jutt h i hand in
v 'ej. . . her pocket as it to draw a ret'o! wiii 1
i. limes recently , , , , , , , •
a- • . ...pi • ver, but was checked by the le .> i
_ lacraa 19 mllea wen of McKln-
h onltlvatlon, bunuioe imature,
' houaea, a line aprii .: and never
' watar, oiohard, burn, ilah take
1 luiproveuiauta. WKJWi.
| am, 7ft In euitlvalion,
IVM prauria outalde, balance limlwr.
Mat aavev failing water, etc., at $li) per
aara. A bargain onequaled In (Jolllu < o.
if. 7 aorea land In we^t part of M
K'.noay not far fro. r the C'oUaya. H70u.
It. MO aerea 0| uitlaa II • MaKlnney,
i cultivation, N la Mm,' Moatly
well fenced, weu wajawd. good
iiuenta. good ailnpiN, near
i and achool; lat ciaaa plane for a
aaafainUjr. gUN,
>0. A One farm I tulle Mil of ltook-
wall. In Rockwall adttnty, id awns, U*>
ui cultivation; balance lu paature, wltb
timber and water, good dwelliug and
rent hoitaa. orchard aud pecan grove.
Price tiWUO-fUBO la vaah balance In it
The N.
'ssion: "There
in the Senate
of the United States sixteen
Senat( rs whoowi! their election
entirely to the indirect use ol
money and the exercise of cor
counsel for the defence, who
i implored her to kee]> cool. l>,u
, ing the excitement which pre-
I vailed, McCune Shawau, a man
j about '£'2 years of age, and son
its sioi khoide!*>* and creditors
i iher than the petitioner, v\ ho
be left out III ! lie cold, till
iii He- meanwl/ile it ■ jiitlg
nieiit shall be confirmed. Judg«
Butler issue i
a rule on lie*
CnjUil Molidier and the Heceiv
er, Oliver .Ames, returnable on
j iqiiestnuis and give them a de
«t i eided ad van I age m. r t hose that
LiU.W lit.t wlutl <pie tio||;, would
I be a l.ed tliein. lint Mr. Baker
j lid not send them to me. h
tin m to Mr. Frank lin. t!
I'c . -or of file f cllo. 1 at Pilot
i'< iui. w ' ere t he * v„miuntious
were (o l.e held, and he . Flank
lin} lutudi d them to tin board
op. n. us ! tlr y belit i erl 111a•
Fi 'ink fin had poste 1 his s! u l
i eatand ihere is n> «J« nI t in
in v mi ad t hat they were setll to
oil test It i s t ■
poratc power and influence in ajiproaclud
their respective states. Why
mince wordsThe Democcatic
party cannot throw stones at
the Republican harlot. They
are not without sin."
The windiest liar
try is n Georgia editt
of a r<
or 4 pnymeuta with 10 par cant intercut,
all eann liffU).
Bee A. II. Brewer, at
1 or 4 mllea eaat of Rock-
e laud wltb aome iin-
own aa the tianlenblm
icently the property of Mr*. SmN
okett, bellcv«-d to ae worth St3
Send blda to IT. M. Tbompaon,
. Texaa,
ralrla firm, about l*
A amaii prairie (arm, anont i.<
j all in cultivation except about li
aerea timber, no finer land in the county
•T Mouae of 0 rooina on Tenn. St. in
Jlorth part of MoKlnney. Price fstm.
M. MM acrea, on which la Snider'a
Lalfa—good land and much Una timber.
4r !toe i r. Sullivan Farm, ft milea
mill of Farmeravlile, W7i acw-a— 111? in
aattlvatlon. well flanoed—goo<l land, tl
leeetc. A bargain worth liNtklng
—half cftah balance on long
A Mill and Uin Site, 3 mllea.Vorth-
t af McKiuney; about fl aorea land.
good altuatk
utniina* Gin w
Prairie Forma
«f two
the conn*
who t^ild
rooster r!mt was/taug)if in
a cyclone and blown one hun-
dred aud lift) yards and had
every feather st ripped olfof him
but when he lit he flopped what
was left of his wings aud crew
lustily. We have Ochiltree and
Joe Mulhattuu iu Texas, but
this Georgian wears the plume
as the greatest and tuor t artistic
story-teller. -Greenville Her-
A story of a lishy nature comes
from Oregon. It is about a man
and a dog. There is nothing
remarkable about the mau, ex-
cept his powers of narration,
but the dog possesses varied ac-
complishments. Among other
things, he dives into the river
and catches large salmon in his
mouth. Recently he was by the
side of his master, who was fish-
ing through * hole in the ice,
when he discovered a choice
salmon, and dived down ult« s n.
The current carried him beyond
the hole aud under the ice, but
he swam fifty feetuntfl he came
to anther hole, whence he
semtnbled out M'lth the fish in
hU mouth.
Many people are under tile
impression tbat railroad com-
missioma are very recent inno-
vattapg. This is a mistake.
Railroads corniuissioiui were e -
Judge Tyler but w;is stopped
by the hitter's fonf, who threat-
ened to shoot him down if he at
tempted to draw a pistol. Judge
Sullivan ordered the witness and
son removed from the court.and
immediately after declared a re-
A.t the opening of the after
Mr. Franklin by Mr. B«ker foi
the aisi of April ui \t, to show ;I,ar f'lTT flirl for ^
cause why the prii) er of the pe
titioner should not be granted.
The Eleottral
of eledornl
votes will i
the number necessary ror a
choitte. For the sake of conve-
nience the States which are not
I, making «01
it was his duly to send Ihem to
me and not to him. * * * *
Yes, sir. the line haired stock
must be educated, and the poor
boys of our country must go
without an education, bitt must
lose no time in making a crop
to jjia.v for educating this Hi.e
hatred class. * * * *
I had appointed those l'ecom
si i n
one of the rt'.iccessf
I t' ! his rollnI s
Bui to diow how utterly base
!e.^« theseitrciisutions are, I now
late that the aforementioned
iptcMioiix came to me in a seal
•d envelope addressed I t iny
. e'r. :lie envelope containiti..
ah-) the 'i tis I ruction,-, pie. ion.- Iv
un uttolied. 'riieipiestioiis were
-erurely locked up and no one
ever saw them or knew I had
• hem till 1 deli V el'cd t hellt tot he
.examiners, aud I uevei intiinai
I either dili ft ly or rene I e I y .
a thouglit or :i)i idea
if what I lie ipiestioiis contained
or their character, nature or im
For every single letter over «H)
mile ;. ami not exet«' ling (>0
miles, S cenls.
For evel) tfillgle letter o\ el'lMI
miles, ami not exceetliug I«mi
miles, ill cents.
Forever) iii::h letter over l«HI
miles, aud not exceeding ITm
mile-,. Pi I *„ cents.
For every -ingle Piter over
l." o miles, and Hot diug'J(N)
miles, l."> celit i.
I'"> r eV iTV siliule |e| |e|* oVef
.'(Hi iiiih's, and m t exceeding
miles, 11 cents.
I'or every single letter over
Van miles, uml not ev«ve I lug 11*41
miles, "in rents,
I'"1 evel1)' simde Idler over
:i.*iO mih and not exceeding -lao
. miles. "A' cents.
I'ol e\ el) ^ i 11 Li I e letter over
-I:H utiles, "in c tils.
For every double letter, dcii
I blc the said rates.
the three pupils who ap
pen re I before the board I ha<
noon session the judge refused doubtful may be classified un- mended b\ the board, J(_did not
her further testimony in the del* the two headings, North satisfy Mr. hranklin (his stud-j
case until assured that no one'«nA South. The former are lulling 'after being posted) t . .
aud the stitte board ignored the gaged iu the examination; the
appointees, and appointed those I third one Ijpvl spoken tome iip-
Uiat suited them and Mr. Frank-' the stif^/ct but up to the
in the court room was armed
and would require the certificate
of the policeman at the entrance
door to that cfFect.
solidly republican;
are equally democratic, and
the hitter
•, and
are almost
Chicago, April 1 J.
! Arkunana.
i Dflrworv.
iv rcpu
equal 1)
their electoral vote
equal, as follow;
St'lk! l>eui South Solid Rep Nortli
10 <'dorado. ...... :1
.7 ConnnliCiU
.: Illinois ...
..4 town
12 KunaaH tl
advised but one of them to be
! cniue a contestant for a schohu
' ship, aud she, i was w e'd --ir i -
tied, could pass a satisfactory
| examination. One of t !i• • oilier-
I did not know wished or even'
thought of appearing before the
board till she was actually en
i For every triple letter, triple
, tin- said rates.
' F.very packet weighing one
ounce avoirdupoi i to pay at the
rate of Ibur single letters for
each ounce, and in that propor-
tion for any greater weight.
time of our last conversation
To which 1 beg to make a few bad not decided to go before the
brief unvarnished statements.! board.
idea that either the board
News Mattooii, Illinois, special j Kwitiicky... . . .13 Maine.S; place designated for tlieexnmi
gives the following Additional !;nH*.,1#nn, 2 I nation iu tin* Seventeenth «lis-
detailsof the double murder of MbwiMhSai'.'.'.''.V Mi" noaota .. r triet was Pilot Point semimuy, I
M'mriourl iii
*rollna. ..II
>llna . .
h 12
Kia .. .<)
Hliodc Itditud
Vnrawlii .
WUnonaln 11
tnblUlivd in some of
more thou twenty-live
bat it ia only within
the aged Fleetwood couple. The
old folks slept on the lirst floor
and a married daughter, a smaji
child and the hired man, Jan
Winklebach, slept up sta
All retiied early. The dau
ter was awakened by hear-; ,,,otnl 148 Totaal ;. im
ing Winklebach going The total doubtful states a;e:
down stairs, but dozed off. She <California s svw York ... .Ki
was aguiu awakened by hearing IfJl1*"* <>hl° 23
sottrnls of blows Struck in t-liu : New JeracyTotal «4
riom below, but went to sleep 1 Of these doubtful Stattw the
again. Shortly afterwards she j democrats carried California,
Bread from Ornsa.
On the west coast of Kugland
grows a sort of sea grass ipor-
ihyra laciuinta) w hlch is iuude
nto something very like bread,
n the main it is gathered by
women; they then wash It and
pluck all other plant* carefully
^ „ _ from it. ^Uter tltin it is boiled
.. 22upon receiving from the board «>f education or myself exerted j for some two hours; then the
'n|of education notices that the any unauthorized influence In ! mass is cut in pieces with knives
ami kneaded into loaves. Oat
meal is then strewed over it to
give it greater cohesion aud a
more inviting appearance, and
then it is baked. It keeps in
summer for four days, and in
securing the appotjatmento| the
successful candidates from Den-
ton county is too preposterous
r forwarded to Judge Goodlier, for-the consideration of any one
>f reasoning.
"After 1
ori«wittmpell1ne «I ('°Hin county, and Judge ; capable <
Pooaylvariia ail [ Scruggs, of Denton county,; The Senator says:
j; copies of the notice, and hand
had appointed those recom- • winter for eight. Many women
eil a copy of the same to tln<' mended by the board il did not' ou theco-ist of Devonshire earn
editor of the Pilot Poiut Post for satisfy Mr. Franklin, (his stu ! their living by selling this
publication in his paper.
A few days after this mv fit
tention was called to a publica-
tion over the name of Seb'ttor
Johnson, giving informalMfU
that the examination would be
mijde at McKinney. lu tin
dents fulling after being posted) j bread, and most of it is sent to
ami the state board ignored the Swansea (in Wales), where it is
appointments and appointed much liked by the poorer class,
those that suited them ami Mr. Scientific Press.
Franklin. ' |
In reply to the above I say I;
Lookout For Cyulonoa.
did not know
senato Had
wjis aroused by the smell of j Nevada and Nevv Jersey in 1W<>, j meantime ihcexum natioii qm\v made any appoint nienl#
smoke, when she called to tbe giving20 votes, while tfierenub-11ions, with instructions to de- the one from Denton <
hired man Hint the house wasTicaiiM carried Indiana. New liver tin in (the qucstionsHothe consetjuentljr eopwrillt:
tt d itH
Rfr: their joint perihelion. Tin
P •' time this event occuiTetl
He told her to jump ! York and Ohio giving 74 votes, j examiners, aud to no one els/«, j
down It will be seen that should the ' came to my * ldrea . XklMXaPfHMttt
te.'M>r fifteeuT years that they throats cut and naofls Iteaten in
much attention. wt ,-> ' -
on fire.
out the window. She ran
stairs and fouud the bed in 22 Nort hern State*, put downasj n
which her father and motlier solidly republican,go that
lay on fire. Winklebach, at the republicans will ne#
her request, went reluctantly to I votes to reach the net
arouse the neighbors. She ex 801. To secure this New
tinguished the tlainesand found and Indiana or New York
the aged coupie with theii
teachers iu the
ember that Sen
ihiiKou objected to having
examination conducted at
Winklebach wus suspected. He j pivotal State in I^H4.
t the following stole* had blood on his troupers and
commission: Georgia, wore a cleap shirt, though lie
Kentucky. Teniieaeeu. had ou a soiled onowhcikJw re-
OaHforada, tirmi at night. TUe
Bey, appeared as a re Pilot Point, the regularly ap-
ir Ohio must Im won. In all prob jgularly accredited board of ex- pointed place, and without the
n. ability New York will be the j amineis appoihsed by Sena<or shadow^ of authority appointed
To these individuals,1 McKlnuey as the place, and that
[ axel
' • • vem
umped dry and Ills axe,
ed with blood uml
■pirltualiam to bo Iuvoatigated.
If /on awnothi
you like, amid
of what you w,
make jwymem. i
It, L ^
5 'vn. M k
isf.c .">
§oe u
as a boat i of examiners, 1 de he «olect 'd but two examiners
livered tin questions as iustruc- i and they both from McKiuney,
■ ted by the board of education, the question naturally arises,
Hy the terms of the will of the . then ns igned them suitably "Why this unaccountable pr<
late Henry Seybert, a rich Mid j furnished room#, and left them cedure?" Lf'< subsequent devel ,
wceutrlccitizen of i'hiladelphia with several of the applicants opnients answer.
tile latter vears of whose life i for seliolarships. Here my con- ( But why the senator -'i<
rbed in the vain effort, tiection with the examination : have selected ho olt*?
at the truth of what is ended, except In the morning urobstrudve an in<(
ualism, a con- the sxamim ra once conferred myself upon who^
. with me on a point of oi ter in j spleeo is ]>a.*-s?i
ttion to u<
\ testimtsi several
from Ornyj
as my «q i
They were
In the
called to s«
and w
ig as con-
oung gentle
county. I
that the
• Dec |
lly as I
For the third time since the
egitining of the Christian era,
lour great planets Jupiter,
Saturn, Franus and Nepiune
are about to meet to celebratti
The last
nearly 200 years ago, when the
earth w as racked and torn with
earthquakes, swept by torna-
does and hurricanes,and drench-
ed with Hoods. Alt nstronomi
cut crank figures it out that it
was during one of these plane-
tary reunions that Noah's Hood
occurred, and that each recur-
rence of the event huw been sig-
nalized by volcanic eruptions
and other startling phenomena.
The climax, which is nearly
tie, will last but a short time,
wever, it will require several
nths to get things settled
own again.
Tho Smallest Adult in the World.
tin in j The smallest adult in the
ve ver) world arrived in this eifcy yes-
him. | terduy. This really marvelous
world arrived in this eifcy v
i terduy. This really marvcb
i the public freak of natue l a* little lady,
to the serin tor j Miss Lucia Zarate, twenty
epithets, nor did I Inches high, and weighs but
■' "A ' four and three-quarter pounds.
She ia 81 years old and p*'rfN$r
in fell
with those who de
ttor a disgrace to
and an excrescence
shown liim
Ing, on the
. V..oO ' ;/
mev- ■ ■■
■ / . " ■
:JL% . If1* ,w; f , -jaki '!• ' • ...^vAlL •
m. Itok .^1 I III II Ml. ....

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Robertson, Orrin. The Democrat. (McKinney, Tex.), Vol. 1, No. 11, Ed. 1 Thursday, April 17, 1884, newspaper, April 17, 1884; McKinney, Texas. ( accessed April 26, 2018), University of North Texas Libraries, The Portal to Texas History,; crediting Collin County Genealogical Society.