The Democrat. (McKinney, Tex.), Vol. 1, No. 12, Ed. 1 Thursday, April 24, 1884 Page: 1 of 4

Makes the Bwr
•• «■ • *"
ItftU Braaer,
v ■* 1 Mb" <i * -"<if *• *■* ' -
Ditr Goods Stokk,
W. li. V A H N K H'M
North side Square,
McKinney, • Texr.s-
NO. 12.
#1 A YEAR.
Farmstor Sato!
mm mt * mat
Nine-tenths of tin* papers i'
thisstute advocate Hw
tionof Ireland.
TliLKti ft A MM.
Brownsville, Ap. 17.—About
11 o'clock thin morning the boil-
"Don'tbe afraid!" said a snob; «r of the pumping engine in the
to a tier man laborer. "Sit down I United States garrison explod-
and make yourself my equal.'' I ed with terrific force. Sergeant
"I would half to blow my brains McNtiliy, company (I, itttn iu-
oul," was thu reply of the T« u- j fantry, was bruised and scalded
ton. I in the face, and private Mooney
An o)M MNiun farm is one of th« snrne company, was in-
the enterprising plans for uink- \\nrvA n"fJt lmd-v waldud <>n the
uey in tlm vicinity . f 1 hpIV 18 ,v
T. 3)0 toMi An* land. principally prai-
rie, to Young ct. imu.
11. Ann of UO tvnii 100 In cultiva-
tion. 4 nllu fewb town; i BM class
olacs. ISfiOO.
17. A good tot and house In Short's
addition; ftroouis, a high, nice location.
tluuo. .
JO, A 1 rssltieace property. well Im-
proved, IoviImI on the highret lilll in tbe
town, about-I acres attached—wilt suit
some substantial man who would locate
hen to educate bis family. *&* ■
St. 1M acres vt farm house and im-
Rlavement* h. W. of McKimiey, Mi sores
i cultivation; balance prairie and tim-
ber. Price $2t> per acre.
M. U& ama l.i miles 8. K. of MuKIn-
aar. near Clear lake, mostly timbered
land—Una winter mage--railroad survey
Ml through It. good limber, enough to I
tlom pay for It at fi 6u par sore.
- land 3-4
rr arm.
(wall, tint-
ktf. |l ptf AUfi* «
U7 tutraa lat olaaa farm; 100 acres In
cultivation, JK tlinlMr, balance pasture,
Prloa fdQOO. Reference la made to .1. W
Kirk pat rick, 'J uil In* from Millwood.
Rockwall road, for lb* 4 tail mentioned
piecea. lie will abow the land and give
' lb. ig nores Ul aillaa west of McKln-
uejr, 140 lu cultivation, balance pasture,
S good bouses, a due spring and never
falUog waiaf, sfchard, bam. tbih take
'a hIJ mSw in viritivation,
aaraa pralrla mhMc, balance timber,
lug money tn tUe vicinity
Savannah. Fine, fat, stall feu
< *>oMMiiussell for 40 cents eacli.
Itefrigerater ears arc kept
running all winter. "Faith," j
said thu Irishman who looked
into one, "it's the fust toime I
ever saw a cellar on whales.
N. Y. Commercial.
A cage ('outlining twenty
convicts fell two hundred hi d
four feet in the Pratt coal mire
at Birmingham. Ala., and but
one man was killed.
rery little hope
of either recovering entertained
by the physicians. Hot It ends
of the boiler flew out. doing con-
siderable damage. The men in-
jured were standing at each end.
One was thrown against the
door, which was carried twenty
feet from the bniiding. Pieces
of the boiler were found half a
mile from the engine house.
Several others were standing in
the room but were not injured.
has been
| Tight Trousers.
| "liere, conductor, this young
\ man's fainted."
The words were uttered in u
i tone of great excitement by n
'stout woman of about forty
j years of ago, recently in a
Columbia avenue car, and as
"Over $W,u0O.qpO
1 JiVs!!1-^1.f°r I MP°hc a slim youth wht was
Bpoaoh of Senator Johnson on tha
Tsrrsll Bill, Delivered in the
Senate on the SI day of
linury, ISS4.
Below we gtva the | eecli of Senator
Jobnaon on tbe fenw quaatltNi In full.
Mnny who aaw its ay nopal* In the News
have expreaaed a desire to read the
•PJU'b aa delivered, we therefore give
|4R to the apeeoh entire;
engineers and working m
along the route of the Pan j the ear fell forward and dropped ••the Ten-elf Mill, brings up «tmMtioue
ship canal,' said Captain , ;|t .. rt|(, .truw of the greateat Importance of any that
VViltbailk who lias been ! . . ' . ' . ever come before this senate. One of Its
more than u year engug<Hl in
Seal***! beside her in a t*orner of Mh. Phmuiknt: This measure know n
"as the Terrell Hill, brings up <|iicstlone
of the greateat Importance of any that
, ever rome before this senate. Oncoflts
W Ith the assistance of a gen- main purpose* Is to cheek the spirit of
Memphis, April 17.--Specials
Arkansas, reports
from Helena
liuri psy wr ti bi f« w yma
110 him splendid timber and 1
<allaa north of Millwood. per
88 acrea I mile aouth of Kovkw
hope, sir, you will not pro
ceed to extremities," said th<
lover at tliu gate, as
heart's furious
striding <"r>wn the ,v A r Kansas, between ai:
patrtif winter boots. I^ouisville j (;f by the sheriff
-ourier-.lournal. | tlipee brothers named Chas.,
Among the humorous inci-1 Squire, and Joseph Moore, who
dents of the great llootl in tin-j had for sometime been engaged
a • . """• • •' iisaaioar-iin, i' |"/a*.*"
as his swee ;a ti^ehr yesterday the
. II!1 western portion ol'Phillipscouti-
ie walk with a tv Arkansas, between at v sse
good never falling water, etc., n
aera. A bargain unequalkl in <'
S7. 7 acres laud In weal pert
Klnaey not Car from the
to., at $IU|
olllo I
of fe«-
Ohio, the }M stmastej* at New
Uichiuond telepliotied lo the
postmaster at Cincinnati; "I
nave packed the postofficc in the
garret, and do 'I want an\
more mails uutil sju-ing.
Hark! l>o you hear the unit
tering thunder i It is the gath-
ering of the clans. The consoli-
dation of tbe Sons of Labor as
they get themselves iu order for
their battle against monopolies
on thh 4th of Novenver next.—
Lebnon, (lud.) Bee.
i «
in stealing horses. Their guilt
j was established by parties from
! whom they had stolen horses
and who Hud traced them a dis-
tance of 800 uiiles to where the
stock was sold. The three broth-
ers tried to maketheir escajw in
a skilfbut were prevented by the
posse. Charles Moore, leader of
the tfung. was shot though the
small of his back, th _ n-tl'et
lodged in his stomach. Squire
Moore was also desperately
wounded and will probably di«.
"oaepb Moore mane his escape.
* '* e sherstfs posse were
though the Moorcs
fhre and for a
dred^.' i ttg opera I ions on the canal
mid who has just returned home
after a tough tussle with the
dreaded swamp fever.
"Plenty of money there, then,
uOh, plenty. There is only
one thing more common than
cash, and that it* death. Men die
like the leaves in autumn. Only
the Italians appear to live. The
dead are disponed of without
ceremony. A shallow grave; no
prayers: and all is in a moment
forgotten. There are now 15,-
ooo men at work on the canal;
mostly ueurocs from .laiuuicu
and the French West Indies.
These negroes are brought over
in droves as fast as those at
work die, and 1 venture to say
that not two thirds of the Ift,0<l0
laborers now at work will be
•{live a year from now. It is
dreadful. Five thousand died
tlemau the conductor lifted the
senseless youth on to the seat,
and two 'minutes later, as the
car passed a drug store, pulled
the bell strap, and, followed by
hulfu dozen interested pussen-
gers, five of whom were women,
' carried him into the store.where
lie was placed on a lounge in
the back room.
A doctor was hurriedly sum
moned, and after s disappear-
ance of about ten minntes the
young man and physician came
out of the room which had been
kept closed, arm in arm. The
young man's face was still pale,
und lie walked with a very per-
ceptible tremor.
After u few moment's rest the
| young man got in another car
and went away, and the doctor
said; "This is the foiirlh case
this month I have seen the dead-
ly effects of wearing tight Irons
ers, and had the young man not
communism now taking sueli deep root
in our greut state. A:iu I may torn *<t«
that not alone Is oiircommotiwealth look
Ing with Interi'st lo the action of this
call HcHnlon, but we an* now lielng
watched from every quarter of the
I'nlon. sir, thU thing of communism In
nothing more nor I«km than the «|ilrlt or
high-law-Ihih thai brought about the
late bloody and rulnou* war. The talk
about the abolition of slavery, when it
was tlrnt heard in the North. Mas made
sport of. Just as frnor-eiitling Is. when It
ia railed communism. You then ttrsl
claimed that the constitution guaranteed
vou your negroes and that they were
your property; and you thought that
" they were a race of
cari- for; but human
aralnst taw and Just
tnose who were called *he best men ot
the countrv faced the stei l and died In
tteha'.f of tbe negro. And why this rami
acrea to ke«p th«< "settlers" fromgettlug
Its benctlta. Hill litis is uol tin entl i>.
tlila system of oppression, other large
laud holders fenc« itieir |tue e *)ons and
turn out ttielr stock until cold Heather;
and here comes another stock nun with
tasi herd of lei* thousand cattle >m this
nei|irbborliv«Ni of *'aeltlers," and they eat
out tbe last blade ot glues tbe pout' uian
has. Hut tbe pasture man si ill lias the
lincst gruss ton e et aaw. lie tunis his
sttM'k Into bis enclosure aud the other
* stock man drives his oft' to gtasa; and
what is lb" poor "settler'' to dot lie
1 hasn't a dollar to move hlin awa> nor to
buy a bushel of com ftir his stock, and
they must die and bis children mnxi
fer for milk and bread. Mik-Ii ia sUwl
at tout mads. What good will roads do
. In this easel* If tbern were highways
, around every quarter section of land,
what lieuetlt Mould lie derived from
them uith the irraHt all fenced in. Now,
sir. there Is t ut «me remedy for these
"settlers" lo resort to. thtr their stock
aud families may l>c sated from htinKcr,
| ami that Is to cut the fences Unit shut
thcui out from "protected" graft*. I'mler
such clrctim*tau(M's who Mould not cut
! the aggressive wlref
Senator Houston and others have nobly
, confessed their silis, aud say 'Itsi time
I lias proved Hint the policy of giving
away our lands w as wrong. Now. sir,
thisConfeantou by these uetillemeii Is
glory enouKh for me, for I have voted
measure of that
as one of tbe four
denouncing the |*>licy
of our forci.-tthers in giving away our
lands to monopolies. \ ou can Minimis
report in the Journal of the t tiiisiUulioit-
y on iitotigni mat giorv ettouKii lor me, n
people that nwhiNlv 1 against every iiinn aud
Itv stepped in and kind from the Hrst. I mi
dice to the owner.; m ho reported a hill denoi
sed them. Nom-. let its ohsrrve the
groMth of this higher law doctrine.
What was the strength of the party
when their lira! candidate tor president
run for that high otttcc? Mr. llurucy
their candidate in IMU, and recciv
7.IHNI votes In the t'llited Slates; in iM t
they poli«>«l 112,1411 votes, nnil only sU-
tecii y ears ffout that time they elected
thelr'presldeiit Ahraham l.lticoln.
.Iiirinc lh« n.-t thrw month...
but the large pav tempts the Inive been iu great duu u - ...t. . «t.i-
brave all the danger. I
to have
* company appears
unlimited supply of nione},
id pays oil every two weeks."
"What p'otrreics has been
made in the fo'.p yt arsi'*
"V ell, two nilami. half«
t!je ei -11(1 proper lias been <1
out. Original * tU'.e
. JlS ^ .
In celtlvatlom fctllwr fii peattse, with i
timber aad watar. good dwelling and
rant hoaaa, orahaid and po. an grove.
PrleeSWUd—SlflW In caab balancc in U
or 4 payments Willi It) per cent lntereat.
all eaah ftt7ua Sea A. II. brewer, at
II. l0OaarwSor4nilles«MtofRo«li-
raa Hying in
HHP—**' o ^
par acre. Send bid* to f. M. Ibompaoa,
to-. «
all In eaitfvatlon except about I
In tha ooantjr
fall ;esfon News thought of him? |
Marion has lutd ample time to
prepare his remarks.
i?..... aii i Marshall. Ap. IK—The house
t .. ll.uU tocratic Alleghany, | jn whirh the smallpox origiaat
mn'tii v K"*s r?m" ed wa« burned last night. All
. Ji recently ajijiearm^ the patients bad been removed
ou the streets each sucking and nn t|((. luorriinff viou«. The
dredged to a
feet, but is in
tleep in the soft
pressed down by
tin1 dirt thrown
side, filling iu the canal from
irueatli. A great deal of
iiowever, been done
ii shovels itt
-wetion v
■ of fourteen
< nly six feet
swamp lands
the weight of
out ou either
tint bar, aa iuer land In
Honee oM rogma on Tenn. At. In
nana 1
North pirt er MaKlhnejr. Price «nw. I
IB. 140 acrva. on which la Knbler'a
[alt* goad lend and mnoh tine timber.
nfiflntr. AnlHvan Farm, miles
north •fAurioeatllls, ICf aerea—107 in
cnltivatlon/well fence<l—good land. 3
honaesetc. A bargain worth looking
alter, $1,100 —half eaah balance on long
tlaa with tat.
49. A Mill and Gin Mite, I miles North-
waat of MoKlanaft nhont 0 acrea land,
with large clatern. A good altuatlon;
tha aame from which diamine' CHn waa
barned laat year. Price $HOO.
No. 4k One of the haat Prairie Farms
la the county, IM acaaa, 10 In cultiva-
tion, 14(1 In paature, 87 in timber, w&U
watered. A good honae of & rooms and
tber Improveiuenu. bltantad 10 mi lea.
larty weat, fmm McKlnney, on Row-
It Creek. Price $;i5 par acre.
41. A line INOe fhrm. ft mllea nearly
from Plane, OA acrea, 10 la enltlva-
, fft paature, 1W good timber. Good
■a, orchard em* vineyard. Terma
Bjper acre till tsf of April.
4K0 lots In T.T. Bradley addition,
Veftb of the college.
_ loV. wMh honae ef two
n mile northeast of the court
I, $aw.
Bone vnlunble unimproved pro-
M. ifa'plendld lei with good house
and ether Improvements. AH good, and
ens ef the dnest views In town, on Month
piifhug at a thick cigar. Tin
only explanation riven of their
conduct was "a bet for May
festival tickets."
Gold is quietly droppingout
day by day. Oil the 12th. #1,-
000,(Km was shipped from New
York. If it were not for the non-
exportable gecenbuck a first
class panic would fo. ow these
shipments. The folly of making
our money upon an' exportable
article of merchandise in termi-
The appointment of a vounp
woman as a deputy sheriff in a
Pennsylvania county suggests
a rather novel and interesting
vocation for women. There is
no reason, unless it be physical
inferiority,why k woman should
not discharge 'the functions of a
deputy sheriff as well as a man
does. And if she happened to
be a really pretty deputy sher-
iff there would be mi danger of
anybody's resisting arrest ex-
cept hardened offenders of her
own sex.
fire was of incendiary origin.
Win. Blackburn came to his
room in the second story of W.
Pierce's residence last night,
undressed, went out on the gal-
lery and when his brother, the
doctor, came home found him
lying on the ground in an ir
sensible condition. F!e had fall-
en from the gallery, fourteen
feet high, striking on his head
Mid shoulders. He has never
regained consciousness and his
life ?s despaired of. He la a
man of gooo habits, and a civil
engineer byprofesHion. The un-
fortunate affair is much deplor-
ed bv all.
Williams vs. Conger, involving
to eleven leagues of
eneofths Bneat vl
•Mar, t tin of
out! A nearly new steum
ehfine; I gins of 70 saws each, with
fcsdm and condeneen complete. One
T:(!f? ar-^
or larger amount and pay the
•innpiu iiki<
If ytta 'afa nothing on the list
/on like, send na a description
of what you want, how you can
make payment, where yon WMt
' s>..
in WrtM'ta «U m< m« hi
uing mn
doga r
a little hi
4>0ud II
A abort time since some gen-
tlemen were enjoying the diver-
sion of eoursiug, and having
lost sight of the hare, one of the
]uu!ty rode up to a boy when
tile following dialogue ensued;
"Boy. have you seen a hare run-
ning this way, followed by
"What do you mean—
twown thlag I" uYes."
long eanir "Yea."
"A Uule white under the bel-
ly 1" 'Y«a.' uHa4 l a short
tallF* "Yes.*' "And long legs?"
Boy (after a pause) "No, t have
not seen It.*'
m- a 'eat .
Mr. E. T. Jaffhty, the riehoat
of New Yorks' importing mer-
chants, la neariv aixty-eeven
years of awe. and im ploys aN.uf Marshal, April 17.
three huiidriHl clerks und above • i.(iw cashm of small tsu was tin-
sixty commercial travelers. | u. day in thosamc fami-
He attends I)r. Hall a church. |v where thu diseuae originater1.
andiuajp haaaea Ummw 4niiim ,iu negroes. They were at once
services holding hlsgraud^'hil- tmnv^yed to the pest-house and
Waco, Ai ril 17.—In the U.
S. district court this evening
the jurv in the big land suit of
■Mh■■■ | i
the title
valuable land in this county,
rendered a verdict for defendant
Conger. It is understood that
the plaintiff, Williams, wHl ap-
I the case to the United
tates Bnpreme Court, as the
property is too valuable to give
up save* by the decision of the
court of last resort..
The case* of the fourteen men
who attempted to rob the Gulf.
Gtrtorado K Santa Fe mail train
last year near Blum .station,
came up and were dismissed as
to four of the defendants. The
remainder were continued under
bond to the next term of court.
■ ■ ^-e—e-
Ban Antonio, April 17.—At
Oaatroville, Medina county, to-
day thu grand jury returned so
indictment* for fence-burning.
Mine of the parties failed to
give bond ami were put in Jail.
The others gave bnll m the sura
of$l ,JW0 each. The town ia full
of fHond* of thin criminals, and
a detachment of state troopa la
keeping the peace.
in these"
progressing upon
mountain which bars tlic way
of tin* ennui from ocean to ocean.
This uiountain is 400 feet high
and nine miles in circumference,
and is to be cut down with steam
plows and carted away. The
company has been compelled to
to spend <S¥0,(K)0,(HR), as 1 said,
to locate homes through the
swamps from which as a basis
the work of digging out the
canal can l e earned on. The
work necessitated the building
of railroad branches into the
swamps,and the making of solid
foundations with stone and
gravel hundreds of feet wide
and utiles in extent. Lulntrers
get$4a day,and skilled mechan-
ics .i ud bosses from $ 100 to ftifio
a month.*'
"Will the cannl ever be finish-
ed r
"Not, I think, unless the
swamp sections are constructed
with piling, und that would cost
so large an amount of mottey
that tne scheme could not pos-
sibly pay. But the company
appears to have all the cash
necessarv to carry on the work.
—Philadelphia Record.
m e m
The following petition has
tieeu signed by many, and is
being circulated. We hope it
will reach Congress:
To the United States Senate
and House of Representatives:
We, your petitioners, earnestly
entreat your Honorable Bodien
to defeat any proposed amend-
ment* to the Cornmtution of the
U. S. calculated lo limit the
Kiwer of the people, or their
ifpresentatives, in any manner
whatsoever. We insist upon
poprLAH government. We be-
lieve the people are competent
to control their financial affairs
and all other iwtereeta. We
pray that the further Issue of
money to ba><k lu stopped,and
that instead, Congress shall
supply the neefls of Aie country
by the teeuu of full legal tender
"Tight trousers?" one red a by •
stunder, Incredulously.
"Yes. -sr. iigiii in.users! Why
vms cannot imagine how often
oft*. " ors have to treat cases
> 'Uincbs brought on by uoothcr
• ijse. T.ike liiat young man.
Tor instance; Ills trousers were
tit least four sixes too .nituli for
i.iui; not too short, of course,
but too tight, and for hours and
hours lie had been walking
about with a pressure of at least
27ft pounds to the square inch
cm ItiKolexii vivisectoriarteries,
which are situated in the calves
oT the human leg. This Ircmeu-
ssure forces the blood
* anti
llrittm even unto death? Ilecutisn eoine < ul I'oil vent Ion, |>ttKe Ml. ami I wax oa!l-
ofthe mntiters of n gro servants oppreii- | ml un oltl fogv, und lu til down for eight
yours by tlo* trii-ndn of monopolies for
imi'li views a* tiie.44'.
Now, sir. I think I have shown (but
IliU in no mere okln dim-use of tin hotly
tiolltle Imt Ilutt tin- troliliif reunite* to
• In- '.one. Now lor the ri'iunl>'
I ilioiight. when I ptaw tin- got.<rn.>r's
ii,«•*.:!"V n i .iii.:ni'i'i .in. :i . (. hold a
I>i*li il|.i>n lilt- to. • loi nil tliimligi done
lo Imu! iiml tin-* the) int. Unit we
w onlil nioet w itlt no ilitliciill.r in solving
tile prtilili-iii; but tin' Ntorkiueii itotut
linoelteil the starch out of til em, ami mm
wt< must full litti'U on otirown reHwurvea.
Onr rented* for all lltene trotllilen ia tbe
I'errell lllll. and Its eltlirney in sttllicieitl
for u speedy otire of fhetllm>to<i<. I elaim
ilni, t kni ii iIoom J ii hi if.- in all partieb-
tti«- |ioor a-, wi ll to. ihe rieli. lit its |iro-
rislous an> |i«r^on may turn out twonty-
H\e Inai! of rattle, itilrr w It lilt he ia
fori-ed to lease or ow n ten sere* Tor etteli
beutl of stm'k lie may ba « ruiiiiiiig at
large. I,et the violation of wty iirovlsion
of the law t . a felony, nmt If tlte rli-li
man lta* any laml lying all around the
! tioor man ami enclose* it witbotil glv|n,—
■ iilm an outlet, he sbutiltl ronvleted
In s,t mi.ulhy with thin coiiiiiittnistli
I splri'tV Nexi. I aak if tbore la any i-aune
fvr our peon).- going ofl'wlth stteh a I'tnu-
! mtirlstie element? Let its First,
wc w ill rail in iftii'Sllon s.nue of .he aet«
' of our i:iitional goM-rutiient. Wiat was
tlir tlrKt }rru!u! feteaiy 'lite |>eo|ile of tln-
rnioii were rolibi tl of ^3l,etNi,(NNi tiy the
! I'nloD i'lrllti Hallway. N'exi, our eon-
grens voted theioSeUi'S baek sal-
ary and an eitraamoiiiii of $2,iNsia tear,
) ami then complimented President Oram
with n t2b.iM'imr«asi of nalary, inaklng
hint tbe iii'jt- hi in of yrsi.tHlU etteli year,
when be never bad made a >ear un-
til he got Into Ibis high office. What , . . .
next? i Lq put greenbitoks down to | ? felony. Ami if tbe "a« ltlrr nits tbe
i«r; then took forty ' fence, "mitke ii a felont w itli tin. naute
in ami bought ! punlaSmoiit. This will pla«* all on the
greenbatdts; same looting. .Some olijeviiomt uro urged
air.ilust tltlsliill, iiroiulDeot among w lilelt
is that there In too much of it. Well,
althuinh the virfhu
paiu he is liable ut any momeut
no topple ovbr In
unless relief
a long mid
likely to follow. It is a similar
trouble to that experienced
when it wa« the fashimi for
ladies to wear very light sh'eves
' forty et ids oil the
I Ibtnisitiid dollars
; one hundred thousand In ..
took tbe hundred Ibotisaml In greenback*
and bought a hundred thousand hum!,
bear)t>K interest from date; the holder ot
i tbe bond then got a oliarter for a bank
I and ninety thousand dollars besides as a
; national bank circulation; tie* results of
all wlileb la be haw one hundred and
iilnaly thousand dollars for forty thou-
sand In silver.
mnat have suflVrod Kf thin
uiukkug Operation.
lOple, m uaual, were
in aswuttiij und i this aa<i-
f is promptly giveatbfj*bl«a
I scriotiM illness ^

ami drawers ofweter. Neallb
order, their Imuios w«ea autnpted ftnet
taxation. IMd things atop beret Ho, tor
tbe greenbacks, kuvwn as trrusury natea
were made exsuipt JkapJ tasution. end
Hi H H as a eonseiiuence thawMUe never wire
eveetit flint in the of IiirItt' any otber kind of uioaey aeUw Itrst day
t xtepi tiiat in tut <as« ot it^iit of^'JwillMy. |n ad.liilon lolblaweare
trousers t lie matidlal is heav ier, • paying live huudretl millions annually In
the arteries are larger, and the be way of taritts for the protection of
x^nli u l.i tw .1 on «>• •!u , Northern mannfecturers. I his enormous
r.^1't lie mole tiangerous UK ,ha ,.01IHHIn„r ,ll(f oul of „,,,
I'.tld tltuicull to relieve. —a nil ground; anil must ps) not In pmportlon
Fn the money be bas, but according to
the children be bas. Sir. If I ware worth
a hundred millions and bad only a wife
loo much ol it.
tliut is ulw u) h tlic cry tvbau tlie poor are
to be protected. Wbal more does the
Terrell Hill dor AI the very low rate ol
four cent* per acre. If the lands were
tensed, II will yield twelve hundred
thousand dollnrs io the tuiaaal available
school fund: und si eight cents per acre
ll would bring the luitneiiaeatiNioi i wen-
ty-four hundred lltottsuud dollars.
Senator Terrell propoaea to tupi « t an
amend men t tlxiuir ihe lease at thle laat
rate, which muki* the cost ef Stflngt*
heaii of stoob, thruttgh bptli sdotar and
adeljthia Record.
The Natianal Banks
the 40th Congress to
In the atate, , ,
ihe law now Htmi'ls we have to pay <
ven hundred ihonaand tlollara to ran the
free schools it yeurby taxation. And i>
appropriated slventy-tlve thousand dol-
lars Ml year for the'purpisteof guarding
the west, and they are now uskltig for u
hundred thousand
stockmen's fauces, whicl
t ul ul to twelve hundred and seventy-It ve
tbousund dollura per year to run tbe
mors to gttanl the
«^h w Ul swell tbe
m oiiJiurrfi viHinim* nn«i nun oni) n wire. • * . . ..wi
•fit! you bail • wlfi? ami t*n < lillclm* and Hll!?!{ /{Aff'V nav.
Wftpu wurllt oil I v t en tlitiumiiul doilafa tti^ln fl w hthimi. eVlll til# las
ware worth o.ity ten tnouaami aouan, •„ ,Ulld i claim that they wlU
you would pay tm-twelUlis more to run
ibis government than I do.
lint now let us come lo our own slute,
tbe great "Ixme Star" stale of the I'nion.
and see If she has done Just Ice bet w eon
tbe monopolies ami the people. Hrst,
she has |(lven away ;«i,tMt acres ei
Iter public domain to the railroads, and
exempttHl seven millions of arres from
taxalltui for twenty-live yeflrs. Did she
atop lie rev Ntt, sir; sbeaxeuipted the In-
ternational railroad, with all Us tine llx-
turea, from taxation for twenly-ltve
Vow think of what effect these exemp-
lioS* have upon the poor people of our
maturing bomis for thirty ve
It was done, but they kicked at
H 1-2 per cent interest, and or
tiered Haves to veto the bill.
lie obaj-ed.
The 'National Banks asked
the 47tIt Congress lo repeal all
their taxes on deposits and on
capital stock, und to reduce
other taxes so as to stop the
payment of the public debt,
ana save their bonds. All this
wuk done.
The National Bank asked
the isth Congress to furnish
them (00,0(10 more withont
additional security, and rejieal
more taxes, as there is still
money accumulating to pay
bonds. Also to amend the l;oii-
stltutioii so as to make the peo-
ple }N>werless to furnish tlieir
own money. These meuaures
have all been introduced, and
much of the time of Congress
used in discussing and pushing I •ppreuai.n ""f l ,";
Ih.m thRMSh. B
*—" * ife ooversd the
_ tbete iMNtense
herd eat tale la
not. But wa are met by thn opposition
with this klad of nn argument. They
•ay this measure will raise the price of
the railroad lands. In reply to thai I
w ill only say Hint such results will be no
Injury to tne slate, ^nd this was the
same argument used when you were giv-
ing away the state laudato ihe railroads,
that It would raise the lands of the farin-
en. Now, w hen wc try todo Justice be-
tween the school children and the mono-
polies you cry out tlibt It will raise the
value of raiirVind lands.
Mr. President, I have not referred lo
tbe Iste slnverv wnr tor the ptirpoee of
re-opening old* sores, bul lo show to this
stale. Tha International rrtad was p«r- senate the svmpathv tbe people have for
milled by the stale government to lay the oppreaaed and what is known aa tbe
her oertlWcates In tract* and bodies to higher law. If vou will only make the
suit themselves; and as much as tuu.tNW law* bear equally noon all classes-the
acre* were located In one county. > es. rich aud llie poor f am willing to vote
air, think for a moment, onty four bun- the last dollar In tbe state treasury to
dred and eighty tlioueand acres of land suppress ths fence-cut ting. But If yoa
In Wheeler county and four hundred . ontke It only s line for Ihe rich man to
thousand acres of that amount exempt frn,.,. |n the poor man. and then Im
front taxation. You see by this that the
eighty thousand acres owned hy the
faretere of thos county are foreed to
shoulder all tbe e*(tenses of that county
prison the poor man Air cutting his wnjr
out. I will never aid In executing snub a
law. I would rsftiee such aid for the
tor tbe sett twenty flee years, and many
olber counties are In nearly as bad a con-
dition. What do you tldnk of this ills-
orlhilnetloa against Ihe people and tn
flavor of a monopoly with Its millions?
— the aftpreertes stop here? No,
Is it not time the Industries • stonopoites, for they have
of the country were inquiring w*ter*^ .ti'iLiu
where this thing will emll Is It I RSBt*
paper money, and put it into
dreu and aurrout
Hie aummerplace at Tarry town
he leaves dally In Ma ateam ^
on which he takes br ak- ' * " £ "i
m goea to the wheel A young man of Johnstown,
thu craft himself, j Pa., one day last week dellber-
every precaution possible is lie*
ing exercised to prevent a furth-
er spreml of the diseuM-
A young man of .foln
looks j utely
ii in
to Mm
of hla two
■■■■H .tet-
another has re-
X Y.
ctmimltUrd suicide by
of aa electric .shock.
I'rorturing a plain iron rod, he
held it in his hand nnd touched
nn exposed eleetric-light wire,
flenth was instantaneous.
tug Will en<l t Is It j To be told. The poor fbraiera drove fhe
n«it time for a little legislation ! Indians front these ssme regions ofconn-
ftirtheproduclngpeople. -Iowa ; S JS/SttSllt'fsfcni.mblld
Tribune. > driven the red-men sway. And now
— -e>^so—1 comes (ha wealth of monopolies le ea-
The Times aaya: At one time ! toy the fruits of the so-called border ntf;
Mnrinn Mnrtin rums to Dnllun Hans, that they consider good for sotb*
Marion junnin came mi imuas ^ au fht. bU(0d wurk wf olvlll.
and informed U that our peo mTioo Tbe capitalist says we must
pie should not ftght so hurt! in have thin country. The ••settler" claims
a...CW«rrf. waibcn, «hh«i. ; .««
At the very aaaau nme he waa * aa> ihe capitalist, we bavr land ail
inlonued ttiat when hia advice eraasd yoo, end wef will fettee you tip;
r-- waa wanted we would see that Bu? there Is snldher
circulation by IIrat paying o<T; he had an opis rtunity of giving i etaes that is in a better eooditioa. They
war bonds with It, and then by It, postage lirepaid. Marlon ia ^m^kThrt^dtori^rtoi^
building National ltaiiroads sinndy awful iu his knowlodge nJTand m>ws to give uk tor their cbii
liow people ahottM conduct I dies. They have twenty or thirty acres
aass^mmaa flas^a
iinwr wiw
ulntion m
and Telegraph lines for the reg. J of liow people ahottM conduct l dree. They have twenty orthlrt>
of inter-state uominerce-1 them selves. In reciprocation of, SHjV S2TikI?L!Intbe^vf?aamJtto
At luttlH.'iv.^ Cnn- i ' A "
> have a clear purpose and
icy in the hill before the
te for reducing the burdens
taxation- Whatever May be
the fate of the bill In this sea-
alon It will constitute the mnd-
a polir

ntf vl rtt
they are sot able to
int Hw
Is Ihatr
though mej^rnay have a sufficient
advised him lo
go Itni k into the shmlea of liri aaMMnt nw uasir own
vate life. The people stand on . comet at Sngllsk company et capitalists
i«. and Hm «V ..y ft,r £
allow yoa to klO a rabbit oe their land,
aad weald call such a trespass treason ta
(iood water muat be scarce In the King. Theee capitalists haveabun-
emteand reasonable platform 1 Cisco, Tex. A salooa there ail-, Ja JfiLylS
of the National I)em«icratlc . vertises "sandy well wuter" aa a Tith t^ingtbelr Meek W is this
party tn the coining election, 'specialty. I wev.thee meetsleoimeeIs taWhon*of
verv resson thai while Ibe man of wealth
is hacked up bv the stale tbe poor mnn
i Is l*n to run his own boat; end If vaai-
petled to go to law lo secure and protect
hla rlgbta. he never geteout aaeceesffally
liecanse he has no money. Ills
nape la to sell out: and wptMiWll
fenced In by an Kugllsli lord. I
do vou ;ittp|tos« it would take a poor man
i to get hla cane through out ooarta and
get a final decision upon It* N«d less
than Sve years, fn that time he and hla
children would starve to death.
And now I will say In dosing that 1
have not dwelt tbas at leegtb as thle
class legislation for the pursues of array-
lag the poorer classes against the Heh,
but 1 simply desired to do my duly aa
this occasion, and. If possible, toy Id to
some extent In everting the evil eon-
sootieiicee of this fence-cutting business.
For I honestly believe that If tbere Is
not e radical eMSge In tfce poller of osr
government tbat civil war will again
Isevliatdy coma. I hope I may sot live
to see It, for It will be capital against
1 labor, and men of properly, more than
! any otber alase, should U? to preveat
' war. h r they bave all lo lose and sothlsg
1 to gsln.
m s m
B onds, t' sury.T-ewksberry,
1 lelars, K-vil R ogues must go,
in the motto that will elect the
t next President, and singnlar
i enough the tirst letter of each
word spells Butler.-Oakalooaa
tStotS! Messenger.
Then none waslbfa pi
Then all were for
Then the great men hell
And the poor men hr
Then lands won
Then spoils
'file Rotueas <
Is the brave

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