The Democrat. (McKinney, Tex.), Vol. 1, No. 14, Ed. 1 Thursday, May 8, 1884 Page: 1 of 4

t ■ I ' • yi*'-
X11 Fj
W. H. V A KNKK'tf
Kurlli Hid* Manure,
MoKtnn*r, • T M
#1 A YEAR.
Waco luul a $00,000 lire on
tlx* night of the sM.
Tha Conductors' Hall at Deni-
son wus n grand affair.
Don ton. May 1.—The alarm of
tin- startled the residents of tl:e
city about 8 o'clock tonight,;
The Gatesville Advance is which was soon located nt tin.1
▲ Coloaaal Criminal Trial.
i w ki.v i: ii cm uk ten wit-
corhuptiom ih offiol.
•ball Our
Do Pre-
MKNTs To Tltli TWO r« I.IT
• ' lleKINNKY.
it will soon occupy.
The cattle drive
The most colossal criminal
' * trial was at Catania, in Hlcily.
, |>riiicl|tally | ral-
ilftiln cwltlvn-
fruia tpvm • ftnt dIim
and bnaw in Hhort'*
• high, aloe Ivvatiun.
i reach ovur 2)00,000 head.
The cold water men gained
the election over tile whiskey
■ ring at Giitesville, last week.
iKr treU lm-' Heavy rains have beeu falling
•M^lhihinihe ! all over the State, some harder
will null than know n before for years. *
E. W, Harris, brother of the,
editor of the Greenville Banner, j
committed suicide at tiiat place |
l>Ht week
In tin* course of a aerm.m on
the'Jot h lilt., on cnrruittion in
said: "The
evil* of corruption started with
greatest power during the iast
war. I never so much lie*
t from the flames, but i mIIMVd.inWonii of the Ul 11 wpwWic form of g
purpose. as it had gain-; 'n,tnl 11,1 1 d" • f"r
eu ioo much headway to be sub nature «,„] js Htim>o«ed to com-1 frt<t t,mt a,0 other style
dued. Insurance on furniture j«. i,rjirjindaire with anarch-' have been (wamped long
and building. ♦iMMi. J* Sim he arlst of the i a«°-Thow i,ttV" *"'" < les
B. (4inr.1T, of this town, is !?!!;... . . ^ C'J1.'# onacn -« ill this nation within the
, erecting a stone building, which j residence of Mr Win Eavis, in i "%"• ■> Tuluiago said:
the north part of the city. Ma«>> |0 i,t put on trial on charge of
Texas,! rushed to the burning guiding (being meinlM rs of the Mnffln
daring the coming season, will | mi used every available means Mocietv, which hashing ?l ,,,
HjaBy ' " " 1 ... ti." Ill a ivpuolu
to save it from
all to no
ed too muc
would iOMtO
iull>. «HU>.
' " > and-tin-
and flm-
Mf |Cf9.
aiUaa M. S- of M«Kln-
1IM, inuaUy timbered
«—railro«<l aarvey
•ubar, rnoiixh to 4
a candidate for
for this countv
•xxsz" sisr- ^
victims, to the nuiuln'r of
1have sent iu their names
mausiiai.L. to the proseruting ofllcers and
i offered to appear as witnesses.
Marshall, Mav C>n the Many of the prisoners are
third dav of Februarv, 18«t. a wealthy and influential, and a
rttatali fioo«r «o
id id limln r and
land 3-4
i>ar acrv.
last week. ^ I ...
t'hai lev Hal ley, a cattle man. ^'h-grani was sent from this city i nmall army of 119 lawyer have
was knocked down on the streets to Charles Srua.-t. at Waco, urg- heen engaged for their de.ense.
of Marlin, last week, ane rob-; him to coine home
I to see Ins sick brother,
at once The result of these e\|ensiv<
Tlie dis jueparation is (hat the govern
patch was sent at 1 p. m. and re- meat has no public building big , |/!llll|1\:"'V!1,lal.
.-.-if.: Ill 11... offli. 11,1. H,. i imuugli fur 111.- trial*, mid im- In,'..
C- Cl.l.. nl ....II...I .... I ......I.. lu.Oll I till III'! «ll III III iwlllllllll ill.llll ^ ' " ■
. ffti*
of Jtockwall,tlm- C'leburiieV water-works hav
farnu l« ot«m in tented and work satisfac- Stuart called and made inquiry been obliged to postpone them -.V' " * ., thioi
r, holanmi iM*tiii*< tonlv. throwing water over 1<" ] never,il timea for the dispatch, until .lune. The proceedings .i ' .i*' ' i •• i
Mill K'Anil
feet liigli. i and was informed that nunc had will then take place in the r'y'ou^lfuow■ as'lvelTas
oils cudtoiu, ntiMleaty could
never consent to reveal, of which
the effect, neverthch'ss, as r f all
It was the opinion of .iohn true art, is elevating and inspir*
Siuari Mill that the extreme iug. But, as the higher forms
socialistic doctrines of his time, of art are conditioned by
though threatening disaster to the l« wcr,* from which thev
the pence of society, tended to gradually emerge, b it probable
tfoml, since they must compel that the total effect of nude art
the higher classes to save them- production is so far good that it
. . selves by educating the lower, ought to l e eiicouri«g«Hl, unless
I never so much belieied #\,„i y(>t t|,e power of the gov-: a careful discriminaiiou be
form of govern* (>rninent to arrest a youth de made of the higher from the
sertcd by his parents, and pre lower, and oulv the former be
paring to enter upon a career of exhibited*" -North American
crime, with a view to teach him Review .
a useful trade and the rudiments
of an education.has been strenu-
ously denied. To those who
think thus, the right of the state
lo make a good citizen of one
against his will begins only
when lie has become a bail one,
efforts may prove
tiws were greater through th*, Moratory, That the change of
war contract*, and so it tilled attitude desired mav involve a
its ciij of iniquity a little soon wt.n,.rfti lightening of the r s-
er. And there they lie to ila> traints of law, and Justify its
the Democratic party and the («ncmies iu characterizing it as
side by side a "new toryisin." as being a
carcasses of > jvhipse from' "iiidustiiclisnt' to
Tho Vital Quoation.
swamp three moarchics. The
heuiocrntic jttil^jUcd its cup
of iniquity befo™ the
Then the" lieimblican r..
came along, ana its opportw*J I Hint alt its
>rt%i ••!
runit i« mnilr to
Um Arwm MiJJr oiHl,
Ut 4 laat ui«*nliimrd
w th« luid and giva ;
ID WHt of MuUin-
f, I4ttin aultjvaliun, lialanuv (mihiiiiv,
cxxe-tir' •*'"
and was infornieil that none had will then tnke place in the , ' j* ' ' ' 1
been received. On Monday, the Benedictine ('hurch, as the r.tV' lhat iiartr ^T^ni/aMin! in
5th, the dispatch was delivered eonrt house is entirely too small un,rlv ntterlv
tohim, thirtv-sixhoursafterits and the city lull is being en "J, ' * ' *
. . « '• ii i i i i... «i... ]v..:i.i: t.. coiiupi.
[ o«raa, 75 in uullivaiion.
Hani, liith
_ illivation, 25
•il'taidw, balauco tiiubc,
"lag vjBtur. He., at *10)
SrflS©3larilfffjv : wnt"r ttnfl was <,n,VV,H,,,•
7wf ' Tht> thieves who stole a lot of
•VfeSSytfuS'SKtVtk££. V"' . fro... \Vi,r,,s.
41 ta calUtaUopi, ia aaatura. ini«*ily Pierce Oil ( o.. in Ijiiredo, were
ltirti<LMy*S,|lto^,,leoe *' T<'xus foi'ipri^es fc>8 organ-
rn* A tooteha *« •; ea.1 or Uock- '^r<\ counties, and territory
wall, la Rockwall eoauty, 146 aeraa. ton enough to form Umi more with-
affiSS^fJSS*SJS S'.JCl," il! '«• vloldtll^ th,. rollKtltution.
or4payiaaLta with Jo p r ccnt Intaiwat. | thigh badh lacerated llnirs-
aUaaah 11700. Mf>a A. II. Ufa war, at j day, by a heavy stone, which
*SrW|S,acwalor4a, ofR0ck-!,u'* .w s fviag to swing into
wall, faa prairie land wHb miiic it.n-, position III Austin.
[ oroT«iaaau, kuuwn aa tha Oaidrntiira! ., .... . . . , . ...
•laaa, rauaatly tka projwrtv of Mni. ShI- , (*eo. Belk, charged with klll-
ua II. Plakatt, baiirvaa to o« worth t>9 ing a negro and burning a
|rlimrl. in (trayson county, on
M. A mmII ffnirh hra, atx>m 46 ChrisfTiias day, lias been releas-
. aUWaaftlnklaa .Ixnu « ,,:j hond.
timber, ao Inar land in ihu county
% v The case of Morris vs. M.
Irouaa of® room* on T«nn\Ht. in ■> u.,:!....,.. „ r. ..
ipart of UrKlnawj. Pilra$*w. 1 • «ailH*L\ , tt.i;> decided for
14tMa«aa,oa which ia Snider'* ; Jilailltiti, lie receiving
-go^ laod aiui anwb tlaa ilinUar. | damages for the loss of both
.5 mile* h'g*-
iSl^rtio T^rTi7*frT.i*V/ii.'« man by the name of ,Iobu
hot aola. A bargain worth looting I lioiuas has tiled suit against
l alan«a on long (talvestoii News, claiming *10.-
' (mki damages, because of an
Bob Solomon, uf Denison, was been received. On Monday, the Benedictine Church,
stunned during the storm of
Thursday and seriously injured. . . ,
He will rcover. * ; receipt at Waco, lie came home i larged by the building of a new
tuiiwiiim- ivu,.i„„ i. f. at once to find his btother dead wing to at dale the tin
*u&±>w .--•"n'r1—
That Feuco-Cutting.
gut drunk. ^11 into a jiool of.M,,,,lm,,y
^ 1 • iu rase came up on regular
claiming frifi.OOO.
riu "
call this morning,
was the principal w
not represented
The court after
hearing the evidence gave judg-
ment for fcJ.fsMi.
company was
by counsel.
morning, and Stuart
principal witness. The
44. A ho«yp and lot and an luiiuiprov-
I ::::
jlvoa oa half tha aaiount.
No. 4ft. Oaa of thv l«-*t Prairla Fanu*
la tha eodal/, Waore*. tlO la^ oalKva-
4loa. l4tfnipaatuiV.%7 1n timber, well
watorad. A good hou*r of r> room* ami
olhar ioiprevoiueut . Hltualad IA inilcM.
aaarljr waat, from MrKiniii-r, on Itow-
lalt Croak. Prioa $M> par acrf.
47, «lota in T. T. Ilnnlley addition,
Jloith of tha eollaga.
41. A 9-aero lot. with, honw of two
looaaa, half a ml la aorth«aat of lit* court
banaa. Prloa, MD.
49. Homo valuable aainiprovtil | ro-
pertj, adJdMflg tha railroad anil da|iot
arnnda. tftmn* ftoea at lto«l Kutatr
M. lift! acraa grazing and farming
laadala t'allaMliconnt)— #1 Mp«>rarrr.
M. A IMV honaa In nouth part of
lowa, f4ft0.
II. 1Mb out! A naaaty now atrain
aaflar 9 glna of 70 aawii owili. with
Ibader* and oondanaara eaaiplata. Onr
boaa praaa and one utaam i ri*«i*. f l,mini
aaah, or will oxchangr for land of et|iitil
fiao, or larger amowiit and pay th«-
Denison. May '2.—One of the ;
most brilliant events in llenison
society circles for a long time,
was the fourth annual bn)l given
by the order of Railway t'ou-j
ductors iu McI>ougairs opera-
house last night. The elite of
this and neighboring cities were '
largely represented, and the af-
fair uac noted by all to be the
grandest success of the fenson.;
The ojiern-housc was hand-
somely decorated with Hags
and ditr'erent colored lanterns
used iu railroading. Music was
furnished by the Meine Bros .
of Dallas, and was of an excel-
lent order.
Prentiss, the rapist, and
Chambers, charged with being
an accomplice, were taken to
the Sherman jail yesterday
article which appeared in its
Coll' lis.
mm. i... , i* • i . Ivii4aii law Here. A card app
II, I Vt lm fci T ol iu 'his morning's lb-raid-News.
' i i , | 1 nx'' ,'' n calling all the good citizens to a
ship t f liifi.tMHi, "ind has'paid n,,i.-«s nieetiug at M o'clock this
over I.SAH.IHMI to bet,elieiaries "V",,mg " !>'
since its orirnni/'ition means of putting a stop to the
* ' j frequent outrages committed
is worth far more upon defenseless women iu our
few nights since the fence
Alex. Cockrcli1* ranch on
Mountain creek was cut, men
tion of which was made iu the
Herald and other papers. It
transpires that the damage was
and can be covered by #2tN).
The report was evidently much
exaggerated, its the following,
telegram from Governor Ireland ;
was received at the sheriff's of-
Austin, Mny il.
Sheriff of Dallas county :
What is there iu the reported
fence-cutting at Cockrcli s pas
tureif Can I do anything to aid
you? John Iiiki.anp,
Pepul \ Sheriff Lewis, ill
charge of the office, answered
his excellency, stating that no
aid was accessary and that the
damage done was evidently ex-
As most nil of th" latul in Dal-
las county is fenced in, it could
not have Veen the work of those
who are termed fence cutters in
the true sense of the word. It
"Now, there are three things
for us to do. First, stand aloof
from political oflicw unless you
have your moral principles
thoroughly settled. Again, be
faithful to the ballot box; do
not sa\ "I will go where the
rabble are;" push yourself
through and vote. Another thing
to do is to evuiigcli/.c the people
right, (tod save the Common
wealth of New York! Ood save
the I lilted States of America!"
Souacluao* Kitikiug.
The Bryan Knlerprise says:
"From what we can learn con
' ccrning tint will and the wishes
of the Dem icratic party of Tex
as, John Ireland is not the
choice of t'ic majority for gov
ernor." Well, where in the
world l* -i the editof of the Kill
terpripe been for the past sev-
eral UioiifhsJ If he has beeu in
Texa where have his eyes and
his ears been? If three fourths
of fc'ie press o ftklM State eudors
illg t le adMiin'stratioii of Ouv-
err or Ireland; if the quick re
fur; I of Mime of our ambitious
aru leading citizens to enter the
lv- #••• against him; if the .allure
• if any opponent to show wlierin
he has failed to discharge his
through mischief or malice
(loud sense . ....
in a woman thai personal beau- "'."I'd. 1 Ins is a step hi the right
ty, and there im ver was a man direction
of auv forcv yet, whose misfor-
rhere was some tlauger of i" the opinion of the officers and j (jufj<.sus executive of t'.'s irrnat
lynch law hen . A i-ard appears "Ihers that it was the work of \ (lf Hjlu,„|a,. diversity, as
some individual who cut it wH, us a member of about a
dozen important boards etc., lie
KPNNKI.k. is on by law; if the ability to
Record: Tuesday evenill ; :'V''1*1 ,r°u!,U' in,h:; m'"'"t'ofa
Mrs. I'nderwtiod was visitingat threati ned turmoil in certain
Mr. Willingham's. when Iu i ••«'tillicting interests; if ll.escand
little girl ldelle. fell into a larp c
hftnd should lie against ft for its
extirpation, and its authors and
vendors should be punished.
/\s for the more siii tl>*, but
seemingly less harmful forms,
while something might be done
"The Government itself has
become a menacing factor in
elections. As long ago as I87tl
I expressed the opinion that
the opposition must embrace at
the beginning of the cntivassea
two thirds of the voters to main-
tain a majority at the elec-
Those are the words of a
sagacious, farseeing statesman.
Be for the election of IK?U Mr.
Tihleii foresaw iliat the Govern*
incut, "n menacing factor iu
' elections." w.oiihl use its "myr-
,,M| iads of oflice holtlers," its con-
trol over powerful and wealthy
corporations, its corruption
fund "levied from its dc|M ti-
! dents and contractors," to over-
throw the will of the people by
frauds on the ballot box, the
purchase of voters and false
'Counts, lie has learned since
the election of |h?ti that a par-
ty dishonest enough to purchase
a President'! could be base
enough to steal a Presidency.
What wonder Mr. Tilden
should clearly see ami strive to
make all men see that tic pres
ideal election must be fought
uof on the details of reform but
to secure a Change, which is
the first effectual step to any
reform? No reform of Admin-
istration is possible," says Mr.
Tilden, "so long as
the Government is di-
rected l>\ a party which is
under the dominion of false
doctrines ami animated by
enormous pecuniary interests
in the perpetuntion of existing
After the experiences of
lH7«iaud I mho all sensible men
understand that the vital ques-
tion upon which the future
safety of the Kepublic depends
is not shall we have a t'fiauge
but can we have a Change! -
;s indicate "e*e
•ft, tusacr**, 11 mile* little northra t
from MrKlnnajr; fin acre* in cultivation:
th vary brat of land—fritim
«fi d alia, with utack t-hhnu J
i if, £e. In good aaficthl>r
Veftlant to atore, pimt-oltire. mcIhniI.
rhnrch, Ac. 'I'eriua. |i;i p«>r at«rc, one-
third raah, balance one and two year* al
111 percent, intercut.
ft", Una of HM itf«Mt hdtldMg block*.
Ite«i Kiitate tune it wus to marry a stupid
or shallow woman, who did not
esteem it the crowning blunder
and calami ty to his life. Pitts-
burg Chronicle-Telegraph.
The youugcorn iu the vicinity
of Llano was killed by the re-
cent cold snap. At Gainesville,
the frost killed the corn and
cotton. At Beiihamthe frost did
and deep cistern coutciiiing at
least ten feet of water. Her con-
dition was immediately knomi
when every effort was'made to
Fort Davis, May 'I.—S|>crrin, j get her out* Mr. W. happened
who, it will be remembered, was to be at home, and ran to the
arrested and jailed here last cistern to get into rescue the
I>oor child, but lie was so large
|e could not possible get lit at
at Miirphysville, Texas, broke the opening. Finally, Mr. P .1).
jail last Tuesday night, nl- Morrison succeeded in getting
Four DAMS,
January, tm suspicion of having
foully murdered Mike
though his escape was not de-
tected until Inst night. Sperrin
is about Jifi years old. about five
feet, stands erect, will weigh
Texas proposes to put this
same south Texas gentleman,
back into the position he de
sires to till for another term. A
oapcr injures not only itself,
out the cause of journalism,
w hen in the very face of cleat
and tho hill* and
Price, f*
but little damage. In Bell conn-
i hot!*#of i tVa rhw wus frost on tin* low 'V 1 * 4!,ti,V,!n '11V* M.IMi
Jd!".£& ' "!«. I'"/ a,id,,| air,>< and'l'ight moustache;
no color iu the face ami very
pale from ctnifinement. He has
sadly; One of the unsiifr.-mhle relatives in Oakville, Live Oak
McKinney; high, iTrv. rich
'aw of both railroada
farina in the iliRtnniia
serious damage.
m a-
The Houston
• ' i <111■ •
Ue.'tgwll •
(# ***•> in
land, with line riaw of both ratlroada.
Journal says
t f the uiisuffcrablc
evils tif life is the fact that a
man is exposed to danger of be-
ing assaulted by Peck's Bad
I, 1 '"r ... "f • ' ' " 11 "'•'a
fid. A * #rairie farm, ia milci went or Buy, whenever he opens a ].a
McKInne^, ljy mtdar fiMicc—l*>ln ciiltl- per, whether lie 1m- at home or
her out, but to all appearances
she was lifeless. Dr. llelni im
mediately applied restorative
ane recussitating remedies,
when she soon recovered. It was
a fearful shock and a terrible
ordeal to her grief strickens
ami almost demented pareuto.
and particularly her mother,
county, Texas. His parents who stood by the cistern ali tlie KJ
reside in Kansas City. Our while, the efforts were being i 'is "a matter of most doubt-
sheriff will pay $ir>0 for his de- made to save her, ex] eriment,' it merely
tention in any jail iu this state. ! weaken* the regard for a good
A tire broke out last night at
i pi
preference foi Mr.
eugMn or ans1 '4,ir else. We
a?ree with it 1n all that it has
faro- ;. ,i|,-. to say of that distin-
guished Texian. but when it
wmhs of Ireluud's re uoroitia-
— — - . ... , , i ttforgia wages war in earnest
TA jy-Tg.«yw,yt,toI,one- l|f office or in a barber shop. sub military post tienr here,; 11JMM1 ||,e Police Ibixette. her
j an;oMo*thlrd ili Mvoytara. 1 The existence ami malignity of the 1 inery. Jonrttjen ( supreme court having just af
in, a 40 aoae pralria Ibrm, <4 ialle« that siwcimen of iinregenerated g^yernnient iniinials wartj nurn- firmed tho Justice of a fine of
^rfM^aaoy; Wharealn^ilya- :Htiiphfity makes life,nt times, a to death in the star. e« ; loss one thousand dollars imposed
1 ' W,,,K heavy burden. aboutThuT nitedStatw * 1
SI have at>me other tracta for aalc not
rlhod i^cta.
•If yoa aee nothing on the list
you llki
sense that it ought to be am
bilious for, and makes a state
nient it ought to be ashamed
of. Dallas Herald.
militancy," may be tine, as
Mr. Herbert Spencer contends;
but the fact by no menus s<
the question of its necessitv. If
modern liberalism, *ilh its
regime of contract ami the re
suiting universal license, is to
laud us in anarchy, then wel
come the return of militancy,ni-
ton ism, with its regime of
status, for the sake of its ac
company iug social rtjs'. raiiit.
"Another entire supposed'
ii might tend lo the destruction
of our civiM/ntiori,) "was the
prevalence of an imuiornl liter
aturo. The question wiiat to do
with such a literature is not free
from diflirulty. save, perhaps,
as to its grosser forms. These,
with their pictorial aggravations
i should be relentlessly ferreted
out and destroyed, (t is amaz
1 inglv that a civilized commiini
ty sfionld permit in the mails.
on the book stalls, iu tlie hands
. of its youth, openly, the shame
less profanations or the printer's
art,w Inch are so common among
us. This is a new danger.whicn
the abundance of money, the
cheapness of printed books and
papers, arid the universality of
the reading habit have brought
upon us, and which has become
extremely pressing while our
law makers have bc u asleep.
Such literature should be dealt
with after a new method; it
should f e treated as we treat
venomous serpents; eveK man's a
Mexico consists of twenty
set ell stales, one federal district
and one territory. There uro
set e|| cil ies of over 4tUHM> popu
hit ion. The City of Mexico lias
.... iWo.'MM) inhabitants, Put i lo
b> forbidding her importation. 2nn,nnn,ai,d Leon l20,ono. Civili-
by declaring them not the sub /utjon <MlU4i<,„ of l,c large cities
• legal contract, and by jH very primitive. Many of the
built of turf
. .. . in the ground
... . .•. judicious censor «it h« iit a window, without a
ship, which should forbid the U|h,„ r|||lj). s|oV(( or ,M,d yM|
a village of this wretched ap-
pearance will hatea magnificent
stone church with nave, choir,
chillie of hells, fretted ceiling
and resounding t|oiue, with a
front of onyx or jasper, with a
mill ble pulpit and silver chati
ce| rail. ' llllsitle of the villages,
stragging one story building,
covering four or five acres, with
a tower in one corner surmotii
ed by a bell. This is a Spanish
farmhouse, or a hacienda. There
are 13,1 Kin of these haciendas in
Mexico and they own foiir-Hftha
of the land. One owns 4,<*N)
square miles and another owns
in,!**! square miles. The pro-
prietor of a hacienda lla-es in
ducal state. He has soldier*
other like thing
eutive failure '
v-ry naturally desires the gov nhip. which should forbid tin
eniorship as soon as we can get publication of matter not til to
it, and vet this same north, (m* printed because of its
moralilv a measure, the
'ive failure.' then let US keep prohibiting their sale to minors 1* nrt;, JiViuiVl.ri. I
■I. "a failure" in the gllber fif either sex. still more i.e " f'.'.'Tiek i
torial chair. North Texas -ted by a judicious eensor ^/i!. \ * t !
yon llk«, Wnd .. it<-M< rl|.il n! ,i"f, l",,th ""WH
•fwb.1 Mwt. yiw <«■> ?im?
make payment, irlien? you want
... . ,, . „ by au Atlanta court upon
troojis will probably Im* placed Montrose, nil agent of the Ga-
in cani]> iu the I hats mountains zette. for broadcast distribution
i ... . . j— It is per-
lUer. I Ills will cause the south- Imps forgot ten that the Police
ern part of our county, now Gaaette is under the ban iu
Texas. It may not lie *oid
Of the 116,000,(KM) pent . „
Japan, nearly,iioo in isso near the Hio Grande, this sum- ,tf that pablicalion.
were farmers,
Art InvitMl to mil ami see
at the
ne in In * nais nmiiutuiiis
*t Is p
in almost equal m,*r' I his will cause t-he south- Imps forgotten lhat the Pol
sexes. ,'ni I ,
own the devoid tif American settlemont,
tax for it to f ^.v tt kmeii. without incurring a heavy tine period. Five catacombs have so
Three-tenths ; "'thout protection from the As a result of this it goett'direct 'Hr oponed. These yield
plo\ men! of w liich the
for freedom to do w hatever one
pleases has too long, perhaps,
discouraged among us.
The evil could be cured, how
Th,-K,i«. .i..-1 '{.A,,"lof IilV;«,viH* '•'V"l"r "
ties, and hy more pointed religi
ous instruction,accompanied by
a \ igoroiisciimpaigii against the
priHluctioii and the sale of all
the noxious matter like that
which is suppressing the sale of
intoxicating liquors. And here,
also, a cliapgc of attitude is
much nwcdfd. Hithertogitcna
work of artistic genius, no mat-
ter how filthy its stihji-ct or its
treatment may be. flic blind de under his command, a physician
voices of culture have made to nt tend his tenants, and
Tin*Times says that Professor haste to stamp it as sacred, and many of the peons on his estate
Maspero. tin* distinguished have refused to let if tlie. Words are virtually his slaves bi«
Kr.i.Vh EKV|,l„liiKi.l ,ll« nl "
covered at kkinm n the ancient ity of such a worship of im-
khwmuis ( the pauotiolis of the tuirity under the guise of art.
Greeks), between .Asaiout and No expense or effort is |«h> great
Thebes, an immense necropolis on the part of governments to
cause they are in debt to him,
and the law makes theni his
serfs so long as they owe him.
The rapidly multiplying rail-
roads will gradiialfy re vol u
which dates from the Ptomeaic prevent the approach of a plague thmi/.e business nuduiodes of
which kills its thousands, while
they jMirmit the ravages of a
lands, paying th<
the government.
of tfl<
With their ^
do nearly all the farm work. here. ^ ^ ^ about traus)Nirting it. 'fhis foutain as many us Qooo uium- young, who come under its in
The plow in common use is but Paris Mav l—'The fnmiiv of M«nie Montrose, who has just miws. A large harvest of papyri, Huence.
- . — _ result of this it g<„ HP ■■ —^ „ - -
• tilled lands are in the government, they will not veil- to the reader through the mails. IsfO mummies. The sites of moral pestilence which is cer-
s of small proprietors, who lure there. Iriic|e Sam, apparently, not 100 similar cat act nnba are still taiu to corrupt the spiritual ua-
tlieir wives and children, A bleak norther is prevailing having conscienttouii scruples intact. Il ls believed that they ttires of the millions, old and
1 " 1 ' * fhi - aft" ■ ,*-
HEAL K8TATE KXCHANGK. a spade, with a narrow blade Mr j"k P^^J.nif 'li'vin^ i^'i'^fhe «ome to grief inGe^igia, visited jewels ami funeral fVeasures is
nlHint tknw fwllonff. Thnn- In h,.,.,..'"v Thx.h I„m j-vnr «n/t,,,,k in nil -M- 'H
a fine climate mid much fertile |UM Hv .... it..r u iu ,„...u..i,,I the larger towns. A
and command onr services In
forwarding tfielr interests.
Panmna having monev ran have In-
fbrmal ion aatoffond land note* o inveet
la at it per eeat m blnh U murli lietter
aturlaa it Ibr little or no interest.
, , . . , , last by eating wild parsnips,
laud in Japan, and as the gov- The eldest daughter died in a
.M«Kint ey
crnnicnt and people nr favor
able to "outside barbarians."
ami their methods, it is Iteliev-
ed immense improvements will
be made in Jami agriculture
within the next decade.
Subscribe for the Dkmochat.
iInly *1 a vear.
few minutes after eating them,
and three others were taken
violently sick but their lives
were saved by the free use of
warm lard as an emetic.
Tlcre are forty prisoners in
fin S eriiuin jail! two of whom
jure tenia!'1-.
the larger towns. Atcach place
he hired two newsboys, equip
ped them in police uniform
toggery, and they .-«catf- red the
Gazeettc broadcast on every
street, giving it uway. If lie
was ever interfered twith aqy ,r(\.• .iccnpies himself
where In I exits we did. n*tfYicnr with forestry, ami his favorite
of it. It w: a eft foi (ieorgin to walk i« in the ottk wood* wln-n
bring him up fhort -Fort his favorite flower, the heather.
Worth Gazette, J jn in bloom.
Prince HTsmarck's minimi
revenues amount to about $?.*•,•
<** . He lives quietly, but is
hospitable, ami wishes all his
visitors to fee! al home while
under his ••oof When lit ingoti
life in Mexico, but for genera-
tions to come our southern
neighbors w ill Ih'regarded as a
|H'culiar people
Greenville. May I. —A young
man named Henry Harris com-
1s t a true word be spoken of milted suicide here to-day br
much of the nude art that fills shooting himself through the
our galleries. It is of two right temple. No cause can be
grades. The first is that of assigned for the rash act. He
which the nudity is the moat had just a short while previous
conspicuous feature miked fig gone to a barber's shop and been
ures. very clearly female, ami shaved and had his hair cut.
of tin* human species, but w ith- He is said to lw« a nephew of the
out a touch of imaginative editor of the Banner.
beauty or spiritual elevation.
The seeom* consists of really
artistic presentations of that
a vici-
whieb. uninfluenced h\
IsHiisiaun suffered
• isi.noo.oon iIninaire by
tin- past year.

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