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Friends of the Dew- COUB8K OF TtlK DEMOCRAT Of and said "here Koliertsoii. VUU
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rmm week to week. ami til
FAHT AMD FUTUKX. un. ruining > «*ur | taper, I'vr
Tin; Hkmih'Uat look ncca*imi all around town ami these
The fair, Mini am we think, al-
together Just articles we have
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'r. must from <la\ In dav we arc ill some lime agn In take up it sub fellnws arc t inting up aud you ,(t reference In tin*
... .... . i .i Still'
cmilitv final*, tinm elicited sniiic
WliiU* then* in a discussion
PollKKT yiKKN.
m* ■ " • • ■■ --— Stolen or ttnved>N "Lod or Mis*'
of till* autyta t of county Una a 1* «*' >" that tin* HmttvUury of J
ees going on. till* 1 KM4N H.IT will K,al1' mnde hi* escape, some Calais. Me...Iline lW.--Koreat
Ink.- Ilit* nccusimi lonffeiutieu time last week. from the con-j Area are raging northern*! and
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feed '
d ■( tlt«* i'twl Ultlrr. Ml'KUlllf),
'.•iiil-rln timtii-r.
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•f messages from lilt* Ject llllll wa* lieillg ilUcilssed h d Is'lter go carefull) , ,,„T mn- mi- -miTiTi nn-wTi unm — y ,
:m«h'|<a r urging in I lie Kansas I'll} Times, refer ,lM'rV " 'J'*''''.M,,1M,,,n 11^ j mm me lit frmn various quarters. proposition. predicated ujmn lines of tlie ea pilot eity. We j TJ,« ei|/b
iei rev elation* ring in tin- gmw ing custnm nl pt«4 • ''' ' " *1"1 11 " 1 " These enmiueiits have, as llie the present management of nur are not informed as to how lie w |^|i a dense smoke.
M-lie • uiday nt hankers amt hanking "loini. am lasguun In «m .lU|t|{4. kunw*, iiotiu all cases ' count \ funds, ami their present eluded the the vigilance of tie* Laiirt'iruiius are at work and
• iM'rat on and nu ami uow the f - ..... I . • - . . ■ .... .• ... u.. i., •« - • « n.. . -
Ot lt TMiil'.T.
Knit IMIKfllO.NT.
ALLKM ii. Tilt IIM.W.
Km: i.n\ I i;\<>i:.
'i'nl l tMi«ii\i ha- llif iot ni\
Ttie h w *r linljst' nf 1 'nlltfress
•il )Uli«*r. rt',,',lp' "•
reader- nf the 111-. \|«
lis to make turtlii
nf ntlieial al*U> ei a in I tile
iuiiik nf rin^s. « t« Mm ft m iii-iiiuiitiii- Itt-t t.uiin^ the -ure on and nn and now the |MM.n fnt«*tlu? 1>km«m icat | iii«m1«* of manipulation.* The asylum nflhvrs. lie iM said to' more will mart to-nitfht Mid to-
titty* nuttf ami tlml miiih* ti«*^ of |li** «*iisio4litiii^ nf |iulilir ^ ^ th inui*« llnjtiuj; loMd ourMMlv^Hriiflit btv I ('olllii t'oimtv Hank lM*in^ tin* iiuhhcuI through thin city , morriiH to ti^ht tin* naiiM1^.
nlie d<tf« li lt call ill Hill' nflli*i
ami point nut 11>ik. that m tin
fund- in I.f the r"Url> a,,<l ^" nthly the eraft
deposit of >u«*ll pllhlie monies
an iuvesti^atinn. if it eoulft Ih ! treasury, and the treasurer a on Sunday, on his way to some
had. nu Tuesday umruiuK the j salaried "ice-water" secretary terra ita-ngnita. VN e have m*t
seen auv one that knows, oth-
Ikes Moine, June sfii. TIion.
nther w roup iii piihlit atfair> with them. .\s the readers of « ut «im n. «ar<j list jji i^ fu||,#wing note wan addressed to J outside of the ltnuk is an uum
ami surest tiiat the heuiocrat this paper will Item witness we '"ig nur Im^ >u< k * ft ot j on the Count \ Treasurer:
ventilate it We l>cjj tn sa\ t«i presented the w hole matter iu a al"' ,',M< 'I"' |,''UMo' why you i iiumn-iut
all wlm thus take au interest iu just ami wismmlii•• nv, , r-v fi^eeuiimi. An.iyourpa Mlli B4I(IiM> " nn* 1 • N j "so-calleit," tlv « per cent upon "" 1,11 Mr" '"""""W tour uromid l*M world arrive«t
the w,.rk of reform iu stale ami w itlmui calling .. io« the P' have so mud, to sa.v the count v. and one per train Sunday, and left on the1,,,.,,. flliw aftl.Pllooll g<MM,
eouiitv artairs that u 1 iuicuiiniis the nlliceis a,,">u, fl,e democrat s outniWes •
your Ihh4 t<> ilif 'Ti-iht nf th* tMrtrrfiit 1 cent oil tin
In have their su^irestiiins ami nf the Collin Coiiiitv l auk or on. lire tr\ iny; to cor
pass t| tliiiii n \| n active friendship, and w ill ^lad Mr. Ila^lev. tin* treasurer. The, r,,l'' | 'ii«* sentiment
1*l*u.U !' H". ' ' " 1,1 I* make notes of anvthiiiK tliev issue si|iiari'lv presented was
the :<Of||. Alliell. . . * . . *.. ... " .. -
■ can Iuiii^ to our knowledge ot the ille^alitv ot tin- present at
The general • muiii'tlces of puhlic att'airs Hut we must he raii^eiueiit. Since we he^au "o vasth im iease its power for
the He-iiuinii will iiit't'i at Hon. left to our ow a jud^im-ni ahoiit this discussion twi of mil* conn W°nd tn the people. If there
It. A. William's otft cf in I>n 1 Ins. the time ami manner nf hriu^ t.v coiilemjioraries and a uum- ,'r,, office
toll III) ftuitU. uiiil alait atulf If thrnr
•iiioiihln urc itiiu mi ilepiwit at ihr ('« !• eitllel' hailk
• school iuom>v. Xnw next uioruiiiK- We have lieen health and spirits. He will
k will take tlie conn- trying to learn whieh way hi« continue his trip to-morrow
rnpi pimiic seniimeiu. Ill two lln« um> Uaiil * Ala., i.lraaj- f . .,11 trail! went so
,....,,,1.^ ti... ..I.,#!.... .r ililr ihr iinviial ttn (Irinwltit tbiibank 1,1 "• * ami , in im ail nu
mouths mon tin «ii. illation of j |||e ;„M „f Iwci on m.,.,.), ,,f t|u. treasurer for governor or ai
the Dkmock vT wilMs- such as SMIIi. I«s . Aiwwer at un.<*>ami obli^.^ , , ... . ,.,.,.,,...1 ir}in%-
r.-m us Homkhtsos. one and nne hall iter cent, ami <emeu, ti anv
Hank ?
train went so as 'o inform (It.
auv one else cou
there he, which
It iniirht he i
(4alvestnii, .1 line $1.—Chart**
the eve nf the jf?th i ist.. ami inj; these matters to lijxht. We herof"kerh stone politicians" of newspapers that
the committees from Collin are
requested tn he pfes. n!.
Texas 4o years air" v*a> hut a
desert. To dav there are autre
than Io.otKi,immicaflie, si paml
hnrses, mules and swine in the
8tat«'. ami the cotton i n .p last
year was wurth more than J In*
etittoli crnji of the entire I'liited
Stutes in 1MM.
Hlaek iis liitlejfrnw I,
says it supjioses ( >1 Ogleshy
will 1h- chawed up h\ I lie 1 )KM< • j cy. and will he com,It-led It
riu'i. Thanks, not auv if v nu pigeon hole some exposures iiii
lil lIn-v are in older. W
will not deai with auv matter liav< felt called upon to throw
cousciensciouslv feel that thev
of the kind except w!n ii we feel all tliM dust they could into the 'u" H,idure any further ris.
oiihim it.iMMriM>\. one ami nne halt per
Mr. lhitfley sent uo reply to thus nave twn thirds of the pros direct inn he went.
the ahnve, iu writing:, hut sent cut cost of ruiiniiiK
Imhlers, office wor,j ,,y our utitee laiy Ki#ht hundred dollar
who delivered it that lie would nuinhers would he saved to tin* lelt our city so soon reiuaius | ca]>stan of a house-moving ap-
reply shortly, that it would tax-payers of the county. There unexplained. Whether lie left j naratiis. while in motion. The
take a little while to uet up the is tin L'ond reasnii for iiensinii- ^°r his own jfood or that of the °i ) was badly crush«^1 liefore
we will select a time propitious very worthy tfenth'iueii win; up now and move out of the such exposures ami criti thoujthl our position uutcnahle., |'onut> . N oil had l "tter start
the apparatus could be stop-
( oiilitleut of heiietittin^r tin* puh eyes of the people and obscure P'o*ress of the HtMocitAT. stateiiieiits desired, amt that he ill); a high salaried clerk, iu the community at large does not
lie by doiiiK so ami in all cases the true i|iiestioii at is^ue. Some h nl heUer begin to jm<'k j wo„j,| hriug the reply nver person nf a tmmitial treasurer yet appear, liutahaga-phohia
himself. We waited f. r the ujmn the cmuity. The mere i* thnught by some to linvej mik oi'ti.ook k.vvon.viii.k
promised statements >iutil Wed-: clerical work done by Mr. Hag prompted him to an early con- S,,K
nesday evening at f ::tn. when ley as secretary for the bank, nection with it-going train;1 Sherman, June
cisins. We will not take u,
any question iu which the pen
pie are interested mcivlv for
the full of the thllltf il illIISl lie
to enlighten the puhlic. Tile
I lemocrai \% i 11 strive to <lo ii-
wiuk in ordet and with
have lunl the ma ii In t •« I to come
to tile |l| VIo<'ItAT oflice ;itl(| te
in time gentlemen. The "Ho-
valpus" has held its own thro*
us so The puhlic has nothing " " ruggle of four
I., fear fro,,. He- . lass of people "'onths, and is rapidly getting
please, Mr. Waxy. \N e have
heard of nothing iiini-- in Col.
Ogleshy's otlit inl i'"ImIuc|. fje
is one among a thousand, ami ami take their turn
when an ofticcr ireai- • \ • ry hodv
witli the fairness that he does,
and k eepfi everv lliilii.' • ' K , lie
will hear no complaint from 'lie
Hlmocu.v i .
to which these last named gen
tleineii belong. They are will
deceii i'i^r lo set down and reason up
on the i|i|estioii. ami will, as a
rule, favor the right policy
when tli -y find what it is Hut
everv man vvlio looks to the
•lit good should careful I v
the following not" was sent to could all be readily done by however this was. his business weather since Saturday has
Mr Hagley. either hank Just us well as by was evidently rolling. It may been very favorable to i
hav e
some "specimen bricks" that
W ill of UeCessitV have lo lit* up
We are avoid listening !• that other
tflad i" learn thai the people of class lirst named Their art is
the count v are beginning to he that of corrupting public senii
aroused as to the reforms in our meiii. Thev are the menial and
count v affairs that are sought to hired w hitew'.ashers of those w Im ,_'l_ 11 tow-sack ha Sheriff
the entire tield under its con
trnl. If ymi can't stand the
Ukmockat you can do as the
boys amt gals when the old
folks won't let 'em marry just |irf *.
••cross over into the Nation." f
w here you can have things your
own way. If Hrothcr Homnr's
got nothing to pack his dirty
shirt iu. we have a second
hand carpet hag iu oiirofticehe
is welcome to: ami we can coot
Hkuociut Orri. a. I
Jane *>'<, lss.|. (
MM. It. !• I BY,
VV - have not ru'elveil a r*|ilv ..
IHIcr w ril« • yr l Ttlav. alxnit tin* linan
rial M>ri(i) of nur comity. Wr would ■
It is nice for t• • have such
men j|s Prof. \\ l,i K..y Hi-own.
of (teoigia. and iii"i'e recent'\
of Vamlt'i hill I ni l • i -ily, as
Pi evident of our I ni\ i sity, but
the poor l ov s and srirls all over
Texas need a toiiiiin'ii school
education Iii -1. ami <>ui Slate
had better turn lid attention to
preparing the common minds
for the I nivn>it_\ instead of
carrv ingtlieiu throiiirh ii hearn
to pucker lllt'll w l.isllr
a luighlv host who will he able
tn sfaml before til r I'd mhiiicd
assaults of while washers ami
hull do/ei's. ami we s;i^ to all
gin* us time and we will make
your work nf refnrm ifni ii is
the people's vv ot'k I .'I success.
The I iii v ei sit \ of \|adrnl has
caused a ureal elian^e in 1111•
language of 'spain. Thai Ian
giiage is verv nearlv phonetic
Auv 11 ne that has simlietl
that beautiful
can see f In-
la nguage
ad * a lit ages
ini| ti'lance
l•■in. ami (he
he brought al'oiit. The !)etuo- are s\stt'iuaiicallv ami techni
erai is gathering into Us ranks eallv sucking the life blood of
the people They have low ami
dirty epithets for those who as
sail their bosses. They In k the
• 111si from their masters' feel
ami wash their dirty lim-ii.
They stand ami spread forth a
sheet with w hich to cover llie
nakedness of those for whom
tlicy siaml guard. Tln-y have
Now while t Iu* eaml it la tes for not independence of thought or
County Commissioners are emu action sullicieiit to entitle them
ing lo the front, and the people confidence or respect from
are making up ilieii minds others. While we are accused
about whom they will have as of mistreating officers ami do
i11*_r injustice to the Collin I'o.
Hank and a host of unkind
thing- are aid about tin" course
of the lH vio. uvr. Not a single,
statement of ours has ever been
of this verbal reply we sent a | :vH; admitted, then we submit, j lirioiis flight he may hav.
third iiote.a copy of which ,s |all fairness
III the people thought lie had immense iui:'r
Warden to cram his "ducking
britches" iu (those he wore
when lie run against Colonel
Weaver, lie don't w'ar'eiu any
more) and we have au old tin
bucket Hilly Hagley can pack
his ice water in to the county
line And if you will just wait
a little and not hurry off so ab-
ruptly. we w ill try and fix up
that>f i institution, the jail, so! '• m Hagley al this iftice.
ynii can take it alnug with ymi. | ^"w it will begin to dawn
There is hi, anuiey iu liaviug "pnn the minds of tin
it alnug. l>rnp us a line or two tin
here also given.
iiKMIK'H.VI (ikkick. |
., „ .iiinf i"i. lHKt. i | far Ichh complicated ami much
Mil. ilMU.IV, .. . 1 .. . .
liKiaSiit: V tutfi'iit wonl Hint 1 hail safer plan of ctimliicting the
iwived your«r. Nothlnir ..f th. ,)||sjm.SM> We submit further
when you settle down again.
kind hit* 1 iffn tlflivcrc.i to inc. IMphhi'
•lalf «lift In-r any aimwer Inn* ui-tunllv
liet-n to-iii or not. IMrattf aimwi-r iii
writing!. Vour , i*tf.
Ohms litiiikiii'«>n.
The same verbal reply tts to
No. '2 was sent in answer to this
last. No written reply or
statement has vet been received
Dkviockat that there is
that the Jiresellt "ice waiter
oil Oil!
hours of such looking •were em-
are inclined to the old vvav of
allowing the people to elect a
treasurer who is duly qualified
ami takes the responsibility of
handling the funds, and places
them oil deposit where lie can
do so to the best ad vantage.and
prospects of Summer Normal
would have been forever blast-
ed. The community ought to
rise up and sing a "Te |>e uin."
ntosi'Ki'TS oool).
Fare vou well Mr. Secretary.ah! time.
PAINTER VS. WHITE-WASHER, ft." ^mlW"lk ,>"""r
Coiintv Judge I'm the next two
veals, we will call special at
ten!ion to tin subject of puhlic
roads ami county bridges. The
IM:viock v i will advocate the
most liberal system of public denied so far as
highway s ami bridges through :111v individual
out the county , and will not cast
its vote for any man w ho fails
to come out liherallv ami ev
h""r : w,,,,K ,,,,
had heapesf. and then Tol,KM(Klm; INH4. |owi!,K to the late spring and
Iti'll t'V l*ii I li«a ( 1nttikii iu 1/MkL iii<
It inijriil not In* limit.* to inform the heavy rains. Cotton is looking
>•«• " ati'l l.i- '"1' '« vnr.v l.oi-kwanl. nt.3
investigation in this matter.
Mr. Huglev came to this office .. t f ...
• * ' , turn Iiiiii out al the end of two
'ci. . <i ..:# • ... .. on the appearance of our first
llie Mieritf, county treasurer . 1 * .
and Collin National, article on this matter, and stiit estat„ Hut if we must ac
Hank haying been chawed full ed thai he could show up the , present plan we want
of hole.s by the Hovalpus. tak Whole business in fifteen niin-; 5t „ . ... . ,.
in.r Unnoiv Hrn.lli.v MI..I m„,.L '... u >4,l, l, h« d and tin business flin„ the \\ nxy that according
on a more econonii i to his ,iolicy lie has no right to
I ours has ever been ing < rauuy Bradley and Black1 llteM. and pay off everv
ii as we know, bv NN axey for deMserl. the next , .. „ .. .
,.„l,l I,', tiling tn iiiiIitwUI In- tin11limn-1 * «l'l
rything. l.olllllll.tlH,
thing fn order will be the Coun-1 wl,,on w'' •,|,!,IMM*e meant he, (<||, basi8 Ah .qce-water" trcan- criticise the acts of an official,
tv clerk, tax collector and the i «*o"hl show the county fund* if ur,.r M nice thing to have but By what right does he suppose K
I'Mrst National Bank, garnished ' desired, lie afterwards stated t evneimive a lnviirv nt I onr city dads have not the ca
"ill, «.«• KUtrk VV,*y mill, mi (lit* ,.f „„r H. t! I"'"1.' "• • |
Mi'rriii'v. In miiki' miiithi-r till1,...,.. „.. 1,1 L.V.™ " " . ' 1 I>nt«-li";« « i.l. ««lk.
and recogni/.e ih
of the phonetic ".v s|,., 1ami the "tit the county . and w ill not cast believed under oath. Our sc-
beiiefit it hasov. r our own. All i,H vote for any man who fails vercst articles have never been
the leading periodicals ,.f the «oine out liberally and ex declared to be unjust or un-
united States have adopted p'h'tl.v oil litis important mat truthful by candid men. If our up for its ravenous maw.-
#omeof these rules, anil the.lay ler. The, pie don't waul any statements about Sheritr War-
1« not far distant when there monky ing with the r. ad and den. the County Treasurer's I lie above growl
will Im* a universal cham'e. bridge subjects. They are a affairs, or any other matter our for a thorough
mn'cssit v in everv sense. The were untrue, there are three •he peculiar talent nf flu
note that we should have an *hhi perannum.
answer shortly. What reason i flirilisl,
Queen Victoria's purchase of couuirv people must couie to other county papers that would ^ heu we find so much of a cer
- - - . • a.i r 1 1 1 County Treasurerf Did he ad-
town to sell their prod. .and hav e been ready to publish any tarn styl.M.f expression,such V,M1> wit). t,,os„ who int)Uenced
our business men must prosjier contradictory statement bro't cnaw, maw Arc., in a Mlmrt
if at all. hv their trade with to thein by any one. Hut no H^h* production like this, we
these country people. The long such a ifiing ever happened — instinctively call it a very
lilt's amount had been used for
to purchase of common wool
a ftfm.iNNi set of peaiIs for
wedding present t• • Princess
Beatrice shows how one in
power Uses the people's money
to satiate tlu ii ow 11 desires. If iuteruptious of this mutual in only now and then a rotten egg "doggish effusion, and con-
lerctiurse between lite country would hurst in the sanctum of elude that it must have cmaual-
ami town people hv had roads the town cow organ or in Cran- from a source dccidedty ca-
hlaukcts for the pom instead of ami a want of bridges is both uy Bradley's chicken coop. It "iuc in its character. We may
fine India shawls fm this weal s«>rioiislv iucotivenient and dam is singularly strange that the venture to suggest a few reflec-
aging to both. It will require poor down trodden and starved 'ions in order to relieve the ca-
the utmost limit of the tax al officers of the county, hav ing at nine hallucination of our neigh*
Stop thi' heavy lase- fm one or lowed by law to meet the de least two papers at their com- bor. First, if the "Hovalpus
two years Som<-nations hojist mand of our present imperfect maud, have not shown the pub nr any nther living tiling should
when road and bridge sy stem. Nml lie in what way the hiviornvr by divine appointineiit or other
the people are justified, under* has outraged them. .\ poor, wise, get the Waxy into its
the present state of things, in helpless ami defenseless set! "hungry maw, iu less than
requiring the coining Coinmis Can't stand to hcrattlcil up" a three days time, it would vomit
si.'iiicrs court to utilize every little! Better get out of oflice, him up. Second. Pirst Nation
means at their command for the then, ami let those in who can al Bank is not performing any
!t is now in order t<i begin to building of bridges ami the stand to he fold nt their
instruct the rising u'< iteration grading of roads. ,\ court that deeds. we have been informed by de-
us to what a grand jut v is (if will step fo the front on these, ,\ll w ho are com ersant with pnsitnrs. within the last few
course the young are ignorant, important matters need not fear the curreiti street gossip that days, who claim to have made
for some old people don't know, tin- indignation of the people, tilled tliealr for some time after the proper inquiry , none of the
In the first place vv«« ha ve heard Take as an illustration of ilu* tin* prospectus of the licmocrnt 'officers, slock holders or em
necessity of which W •• speak, made its tlppearlflice iu •Illllll
the crossing of llam Spring ary. will remember the many
Branch, and Honey Creek, on severe licks laid across the
tin- Weston mad In had hotel of I lie infant "Bovalpus"
weather these are impassable by this same element that is
for waiti'iR, and very bad cvvn now cry ing persecution. Some
iu goitd wcallim .K larire e\ of these poor, shiftless wards of
tent of our county . w ith au iu the people w ho hav e tilled ofli
iliistrioiis ami energetic people, ees fm y ears and grown fat hv
him to withhold tils statements?
There is too much mystery
about this state of things iu
thy person, the clamor among
the I ovver class would he less.
of a full treasury . hut
money is taken from the masses
uml not needed, tlx is a rub
Oil the masses
What ia h Orunrt Jury?
tax payers at any tlnu
he has refused to dn sn
adv ice nf the nfltcers or direct
an,i if ed by Mil class teachers holding repair. Old hunters whip a g ashed away a Chinese house,
by the w " hiss certificates, An ex- hound for trailing small game, drowning tlm«eiH;(m|muts. Ttie
... wmiltl , I..11 S"H| Km-inijK In. .nu- fterr. ■'"* •
^ n t>io. , nilioi
grace to the profession. We Jefferson, and < or bin and liart
. of till! 4*. I — . #. ...
.)! !
tiuiiul Hank nr of certain muii- arf* praying for ffai'li^r* who riir(' v\
!ll(i in v. muiuii iiilf I!«r * —
uml telligeuce to secure at least a right lo criticise official mistnip. ^'at. r sjiread before reaching
rtiii.'iit". 1 HI,.,,-, i„. ihinkn tiM' .'in ."'T?,*.':
( nuiicil small game. Igm ss if , " Wfts not
1 *.vstem „|,| hoi'sc "old "•••'penough to sweepawayany
officers rests in the education of the Ocorge" was on the streets as ,Mlt a few small houses, and
said that il i~ a huiubuu; sec
«Mtd. it U a fraud; third, it is a
model law breaker. NN •• are
asked what light a gram) jury
has to call in a witness and af
ter sw.11 ring him to s,.« recy
propound questions that they
have no earthly right to ask.
A ml that simply i"t •he pin
js e of getting up a little sintl
not interested ill W hilt the First
National Bank is doing. Ami
third, if you must "play d« g"
in the future. \oii can find Hun

Harnett's intelligent "pnrp"
nil OII.,-r i i, 111.- ,|,nl lirnl i-Ihhh .-.■rlill
"i m... ba . .....I tli.- im .hr nr.- rt| f,.r «iii. ■ tli-i-Mc.v of •
• A ... 1 .. 1...1 *1... * • ...
jiose of getting up a littl" sintl are by ilnse had < ntssings sucking a nurse" bottle held to hulling on the street.where y'oil refused to show lent flint, if they can pass iu a . "I"1*
to use against tie ii .-m inies. placed at a serious disndvani their lips by the tax pay ets nf can g« through all the evnlu- Uj, «eallcl on. and tngeth first class examination they can , ' L'V"*!,1**-it'V'V*',i/p'!'"' V
We have to say in answer that age during most of the y. ai the county. were loud iu their tiniis in the art nf "play ing (t|p ^-Jth all the fuels that may teach u first class school. There by such men'as Ueorge 'NN^hi'te a,,<'
no grand jury. as a body, will The public good demands that denunciations and industrious dog. be properly connected with the are many persons now teaching K*. H. Stiff, |. K. Graves and P*'"!
hi' guillv of such conduct. I such a state of things should iu their misrepresentations of
There iiiiiv be a few ilfsigning exist n« longer. We are iu the llemocral. Ami about our
men out nf \' w hn vv ill do such formed that the same cniiditimi third or fourth issue the county
a thing. It is said that every of things is found lo exist in press, encuiraged by this noisy
lias its •Indus Ji grand jury many nther pnrlinns nf mil hlmMl sin king nfticial hnsi.rais
ia uauallv a v erv good IhnU of county. The necessity of rapid ed a unanimous ami hideous
mkm. hut there are generally a progies* jn these public im howl against the bloody Henio
few rhmuic scheining ineinls'rs provemeiits is imperafivc, and crat. Not a word had we said J'' > as, rom t i * conntj.
We call Uie atteiitinll to the
circular published oter the
names nf a numlter nf promin-
ent citixelis nf the county in
reference tn a ri'giment of
tiinuuled men for the re-union
a lot of whitewashing ill *.N*e. let the whole Sllbjeet Is- opened , nf t,M. , frj,.|l(|H of „
Itl.1,1, t.,,h.v titi. j.'jiimHiIhIi-i' Jmlifi' - l>KWH^,Tf J
ad of nroseciitioiis in and Commlsshmcrs. I#I: • • ns ^ •
Hit iM'rfectioii must tint1 your opinions If yon have any.i^,w" ^ fnnd a.l this riuk« t. |?nrmers hold v mr wheat,
liH^.sff.i AH grand jnrnrs, and if ymi have mm.- y.,u may : Many g.n.d friends came mud •,
little angels i Is-sure y nu are n. t wanted. welhank I hem (iufhelr candor}, Karmeis, hold your wheal.
•ial business.
cessarv expense to the people. •haii from hearsay , thai he Stevens, a bicyclist, who star*-
%: ; til.- .i..-., h i-.. w.-i.o"
1 "so-called," five per cent upon limine arrived mi the mug ,ll||r around the world, arrivinl
o. tl
v. 4.1
Is nl llie prcs- 01 *1 .. ..oM... ...-1 ------- — •" 7 \J
g the office well for the liiinatie faculty to I Hhinsnii, a boy to years old, b
u ...1 ' I w-iis to-day caught and crushed f
lars in round keep track .. mm. VMiy he t4| j^tween the bar and '•
to rroiM.
Iiiiii. The cmtsfiiutioii ami the be lie was on his way to Terrell.1 Harvesting oats and threshing
{law being so changed as to with au intent lo he the Ii;*' to wheat are the order of the day.
•?- 1 ""ik" III.' tiftllk tin- Iri'iisiu-v it il. 1,.! "'" |wl J' bwl
v lo our! , ' • I. , ... ly blown d« w II by recent winds,
In* tiimn- would then of course I Asylum. If Hill Mcrroit knows hut llie warm sanshiue has
\\kl'iif'hitV*-"it Mt7>iiw" $iiri« wi'^'tln! be coiupellcd to go outside of anything of the said Secretary straightened them up cmisider-
Mout Truly, jjM stockholders to give bond.! of State lie will confer a favor ably. The former, howerer,
Mr. Hagley made ,, reply in and finis a compliance with tl ih.vernor Ireland by not giv-1 1m* cut ln th*
writing hut sent word by* thei,aw woiiUI he unavoidable. If ing htm any information on the I m \ m
hearier that "Hobertson already ,h''l,r"s,'nMs a proper system ; subject; at all will he ruosi-kets oim.ii IN iikll eot'N-
had his reply." On the receipt j "f things, which we have not ) thankfully received In his de- rv.
Temple, .1 line $1. The cr« p
jil'tisjiecf ill the county colltigU-
Who pay the money, the above j ests in our city which he stop- OUH t<( Tt.m]|>Ju iw excellent,
is not the more economical ami I ped to look after hut bankrupt j While the acreage in cultivation
political fortunes are hard to! has doubled in the last two
look after its mighty straining years, says the yield promises
•S eves. Two or three ,n ^a1 °f 1*^ wnioh w'ns
the best crop year that this
...... . . part of Texas has had for unite
plan ot running the thing makes ineiifly disgusting no doubt, a-whilc. Harvesting is about
the office a sine l ine appendage There is no t,uesti« u that had done, ami both oats and wheat
to the county government. We lie staid here a little longer the are turning out finely.
Mex ia. .lune 28.—The crop
outlook is very good at this
Small grain of all kinds
years past. The
i certi
as large as last year.
till Imil utile w nl kr> alioiil linvn. In open ..." , • . iui«
' iletlmire of jtnltlIt- Hiifetv mul tmiitmnee w'lll make a good average crop
i"—Him-ii w j. if we have goon seasons ami
It might not lie amiss to in -j late fall.
Business is very dull.
NVeather warm.
. a ii exchequer | It begins to look as though lie, Philadelphia, .tune 28.—The
rosin and nectar wanted the people of Collin village of liammoiiton, New
rrovvl is cousoicu I,,ow • • x i«t h for shutting , to the grand jury is not a neces-i ,',o,in0' to think lie was on the Jersey, on the Camden & Atlnn-
"oinrh ilisolav uf un investigation that but a few 1 |ry . rf f Smelling ( ouiinittec But he tic rait road, was greatly excited
. r i 1 Ti ilavH or i-r.-n r.-w I rs i ™'7 "V "" """ «m tl..- ,li„r„v..ry of
il.-nl oftlu- milliur. 1,,. ,i„. *- In; itixttncti. nr.- to., low. tt lion tin- botlio nf twenty -one rliil-
* • -• - - a fox hunter has a hound that dreii, buried in a smalt plat of
NVIiv is it tiltil tiuhros " ' A inii^ Itoioto nun areii, ouneu in u small pint or
• ^ will trail nothing but cotton ground attached to the Manit-
a re so reckless about re issuing r„j,N jM. soon puts him out of hits'ariau called the Wivison Home,
certificates, especially to 2d and pack. Brother Boinar is a reg-j under the supervision of Miss
lid class teachers? Of course ular cotton-tail hound, bet him 8. 8. Wivison, a middle-aged
1st class teachers, those who • °at of the pack. I woman. The coroner's |ury
i ii- | . |• | have eslnhlished a reimtation If iwe Tn provliUiig found that the children died
such an office, bet any candid m,v' * siainisnu.1 ai.puiaiion Kntier* urounil thr nqiun> n> druin the | .Wl nr<>i
i. . . ii iii.. r as scholars do not renuire to be wiiw off vvli«n they are | erniUteil to be ; r' naturnl • ailsi s, aggravat-
miml pa-s upon the history of as si nomrs. uoiior n ,uu. to n. J||M w(|h trj||i(i mvVj | f^M|| f||p hwmilt i,v neglected. Miss Wivison's
this attempted investigation examined oftener than every l^iiie Kiuierf be kept open.-lilmk improper sanitary armnge-
an 1 th v ay in vvliu h if has
two y i a is. How. vi i. win ii flu Here we find our frailer of "fV.'.Vl wro,4H '• « oiupetencj
been defeated and give a solu- time is extended beyond that.: ..Otton-taits yelping around in '
lion of the existing difficulties, 'he best teachers become men- to the hack yard of private res-
It is now clearly the duty of 'ally rusty, ami a critical ex idenees. It is a slander on the
u.ak.w iv a
MOI NT.MX vii.i.aok.
the Cemmissionerscourt to'take amination causes them to read jieople of MeKimiey to say that orrASToNH <mKAT
sieits to call ill the deoosits of !'• h is said that there are | Kv H hHh enough out of
SI. JIS to Mill iii me ml posits nr l their houses to fill llie gutters.
the county and place them iu tenehera havej sweep out their „ ,
the county safe Where Iliey be- re issued r..r years. Al houses without the Black1 Helena. Mont...lime«l. Yea-
Iniig and*see with their nwn 'his rate direefnrs can. iu in. Waxy getting nn his ear and ♦•'•'day a cloud burst occurried Ihn tnx |uiv.*r ink- ..-. rtnin n... ...Initio,. ,^,1^
fitrtltor risk. Mr. Hn«l..y "f tl.o l.-nrlt. r. I ho .mltat.' o( If it loiXl of wntor «l«ht
sort of imhlic functions nd as 1,0 r'Kkt ,n to 1,,y t,M' 'M ,l,,h,'at*: f,!p , ,ass of some lngh official the Waxy srush^l down the guleh
ml> puiiii. tun. lions ami NtHf„ of l|i(4 business before the the man. Our schools are ruin Smeller would have been out of fownrd .lefferson. In iM cond-
ors of the Collin County Na- -who they are. Now our people t,,i,,k there is brains eiuuigh in °f the people f iuiul refuge on
...... , . ertain conn- are praying for teachers who the CiVy Council to clean nut a r,,,, h'" near by. while Others
ploy es ot «.aid bank ever ileal ^ ^ v , •ffh'ini>, it only makes the possess a sufficient degn fin gutter; and Bro. Bomar has no nought I he second floor. The
in cotton futures or other wiFT . infinitely worse, •and telligeuce to secure at least a right to criticise oflici
riic examinations arc he used tube he would catch anlnaly was drowned. A quarter
llail Columbia." °r n "' «• of the Helena & Jef-
A lutofgooti imint in beiiur * nniftl nu fv,jM."i railroad was wash**dout.
of a grand Jury, who mauipu the ability of the county to foot against any Ih sly. \ et the war '''• ' u hi u hi I .lit r, rl ^ |j|ve full particulars in the next clri'Uinstnnivs. open and above town, has passed from under the tages or disadvantage*. It Ian
late the whole IssJ 4 and get in ' the bills is umpiestiniialde. So utis waged with a perfect fury; 'V" osie.vm 'm ri j,,e IlKHmiiAT. lmard, one flint will discharge Jurisdiction of the .foluicon ^ntvlhfng for some are aautloua
* than a thousand men ralt-Ml. , all duties even though he knows Vnr"rr V,M?1 i,,ml has go«v to gly,. $ftii, others *S\.
jzxvttz ssirz ohition ho wm "'r'
Friday and Saturday to visit **' defeated; but. at ! .• *iMuv MHtyofthe former club has atbwllng the entertain
the rc-uni fi grminds and join tiii|n. one Hint will glory in do- ceased, uml l r. Sims and .lohn WM'W'44 Come mil oiw ami all.
in the «|elllN*rations of the i*fuu- iiig rlglit to the last Imur of his Cnleuiaii must In* Held a.'cnuiita- ^'e fh«* prograui iu niiotbet*
Mtittees. Ia'I all w ho can go. olllc!
* ■•H. l
..Vv vi
* . Vliith.
IV e
hat I
Is a I
|b * li
b di*
gle day. in case tin
refuse tn take iu luillil teachers
their ti 11 a 11 c i a I interests, not t. terrify the teachers. They
This is the first time In the his are tn compel teachers to clip ^ 1^". M i iclliVl'li i age |^o, ids Tn s* n's
lory of the county 1111 official cat.* themselves to such an ex w,Ijjk | iMjuw'.^r h«v<' . and crops on tin* ranches,
has failed or refused to show lent that, if they can pass iu a ,,,
Hue Li Bit AIIY. - To m'gfif
to-morrow uight the vonng
properly connected with the an* iiiauy pei-sons now reacmug r,. k. stiff. i. V. Urav«.*s and lM'ople of the city give an enter-
refusal by the treasurer to make nu 2nd class certificates: and. if others. The paint ain't being tainment for the Yieneffi of n
the is a Just cause they were examined would then popped aroiiml to suit Bro. public library. They have sev-
of alarm to the ]s>ople of the scarcely hold a 8rd class. There ,.v'^!j.'"'t,,^| J,',j\jV.'n V say , rn' hundred dollars already,
county. The pontile in n body is something wrong. We want a word about officers'' ' ' and they desire to add 1 if tie by
should move in mis matter, a county Judge that is above Your* to count on. little until they will be able
We desist from further stale pandering to the votes of the A.Paintkk. open a reading room for nil ft>
monts. at this time, but w ill teiichers. We <Y|.ilt „ ....... tl,nt Hionr." h,7„o ttow .low- f"' *«* *«*. «
follow lift the iuvestigufioii ami will do his duty i-egnrdlcss of |v winding its way through the waeless to disciiaa the ad van

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