The Democrat. (McKinney, Tex.), Vol. 1, No. 23, Ed. 1 Thursday, July 10, 1884 Page: 1 of 4

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W. II.
VOL. 1. NO. 23.
f. JULY 10. 1884.
(l \s
#lxty Chiuamen urn in Hondo KKWM HV TKLM1KAPH.
Tin* Han Antonio grand Jury ^ Mexico, .Inly 4. I lie
found l.^i bill* <*ulf Const has been ijuuruiitln-
Ma , ed ugiiiust Km net*, on account
Otddings Iuih a achool fund nf cholera.
ftttOUUtillg to JB1,<M8.
M*jor lVnu. tin* evangelist,
4 <>.. Jul, I I... a,.-
fruit crop in unusually cideutul explosion of lir«* works
ilidunt iu Kusteru Texas. lust night Killed a man named
fort Worth in to huve a high birfl>, of NWburv, and tin.
L)ol building to co t $70,I**). on of Or. < levelnnd. of
}ver l,UI)0*|M>i'tmcutook p
Htate iriiuot at F i
guuts nri' proving a great
tlsauce to cattle in' Jasper
To Tho Houonbiit Superintendent
Of Public Schools.
I>kak Sim I uui t con few that I f«wl
or I
Han Antonio, Jul) .V Yester-
day a man mimed John Anth-
ony, a digger, was killed while
,. . at work excavating hy an iiu-
hoii has iavHst.ul $ mouse rock, which toppled ov
In building lu the last year and er t|H, brlllk lllu| f(,|| „ distance
ahalf. of sixty feet, striking liiui
Heats for ft,tlllOpersons will he squarely on the head and kill
provided for tin* Confederate re ing him lustrutly. The skull
union at Dallas. 1 " Ll 1 '
Arthur vetoed the Fit/. John
Porter bill, hut the house
promptly passed it over Ins ve-
A little one-year old child
was nearly slung to death by
bees iu l/ondcuna recently.
A Heater Pieee or Whitewashing!
riutlrml to mm* ilint you risoirulxc nir mm j ,,, ... ..
Slulc SfiLltiriirilii' ITlli s.-nuii.rinl !iu "M,,wr- MU hnwl Malllile, ,lu«l|rt>
Mule senator or M-nutorUl l l*- r lie-J7lh JmllrlaUHntrtft
trU'l. I*ut, with «!««' i'«nirle«y toyouuiiil
ymir lioimraMi' |>o*itioii. 1 iuii*t wiy tlint
I t-minoi go into thin connplracy with
yon toUvct'lvi* m> jk*o|iU'. knowing. t
1 do, lht> count1 you |>iir*u«'il Um ye r
In not M'lnliiig mi't lie M'Hlt'ti <jii« ht ion* •>
you ugreetl to ilo in your nrliiu-tl tiutruc-
lloiin, nfiit to iiiiMiiul w tikli I hold now
ill my ] o*m'm«1uii mill w bicii klntr Unit a
a**alf«l jiavkagi1 t out tuning <|inr t Ioiim
l>ri-|>ari-o hy tu«- faculty of tin- Noruiul
Si'liool, aiul not to Im* <>|>eiu'ii until flu*
lime tlxi'd for the fXuiiiliiulion, will !>•*
M'lit to t-uch St-nulor to bu deli v to
the examining coiiniiiilet-.
Now in the laws of the above liwtrm-
lioliM, why did yoiiM'iid the ij neat Ion* to
The tiraud Jury of €% lliit
county, selected for the June
term, having completed their
iaiiors, submit fur the consider-
. ,, . afcion of tin* court, and citizens
| rue* i uj. |jH, (.Uuuty, following re-
port, to wit :*
We have carefully investigat-
ed, so far as we are able, all
crimes coining to our knowh
edge within the jurisdiction of
the district court of Collin crtuii-
, ... ty, ami iu everv instance, wliere
. .. ►"Hi.i,... ami
that Kranklin poated inn atudenia, and | the oneiise ol snlticleut import
was flattened out oil the shoul-
ders and the brains scattered in
«VfTV direction.
ST A OK Uo Itll Kits
MI|{|iKUi:i .
that the tjueatloiiH wereoent to hkiu for
that )iur|>oMe. Your printed im>truetlom>
are Homeuhat ehanged—<|iiei>llomi iu
waled |iai'kagei> not to he opened until
llu* examining committee meeta, are to
be furiiiahedny the .state Superinten-
dent to the principal of the Summer
Normal School, marked S. II. N. I. on
the wrapper. Now, in thin more binding
than ii wa* beforeV Can't you end two
el* of fiueatioiiis one open and the oth-
er Healed and marked t 1 aui too old to
be caught wIth chall'. 1 think you and
Mr. liaineii can run the whole
mice, we have loiimi a true
We are glad to l e able to say
that iu our opinion crime is on
the ' " —
misapplication in this case, as
the fluids can be demanded ai
au\ time, aud are continually
being applied to the legal and
legitimate put*]H>sf* for which
they were i rented. And last I \.
tln-y have not been turned over
to persons not entitled to re
ceive the ui, as the banks are
authorixed to receive deposits
from any and every person.
And if individuals feel safe in
depositing their funds in lite
Collin County National Hank,
we assume that the county
are doubly safe, as they are se
cured not only by I lie fiiit Ii and
credit of the bank, which is tlic
ouh security for private depos
its. Inn also h\ the bond of Mr.
ting ley, which is amply snlli
dent to secure Collin county
against any loss that could pos
sfnly occur, even if the hank
and all hank stock were totally
MI PtiltSATt MAI,.
what, nij son i" He auawered, a telegram. "You ue««d not
"1 am eiuutiiering to death in j read it to me, ulie said, ' I know
this Ixittle. If you won't take he's dead." Beside double ap-
ine out please remove the cork pearaiices some jwrsoiis have a
and let me liuvc a little fresh dual nature. lVrhstically they
air. A brother to litis muu seem to change their identity,
was under iuHueiice uf qutuiue They have two Eg'ieB and half
once, aud, turuiug to some one i live two fives.
who was waiting on liiui said: j simicit sioiit.
"Don t ) <>u let Bub have it. 1 , "Dadtly, 1 have seen l«od He
found it myaelf in tliu garden, is coiuiug for tue at 5? o'clock,"
ami it's mine." Tha attendant nid a little My ear old girl,
asked: "Found what!" The climbing her father's knee. The
be able to foresee events and ' r*viiiM boy repiitMl: "\N h) the failier hugged the wee one to
unravel (tingled threads is strait j w°fhl out in the iiower garden his hosum and an>wer *d: "N«i,
ger. Slierilis and detectives are Hob claims it, but lie shall no; daddy cannot let Beulah gu.
by their dreams sometimes h*l never have it." Sin- i> the light of his eyes."
to adopt tin course that I'hese visions of the most The child placed her Mav bios-
would lead to lite capture of'groles pie and absurd cltarac som cheek against le t father's
Ol.tMI'HKs INTO 'I'llK
From the lloiinton I'out.
That iu their dreums men
should he able to solve prob-
lems of science, war ami state,
compose music, make speeches
and indite poetry, is passing
strange. That thus they should
1 |«
the criminal. The case of ,b hit
he decrease III Collin county, j destroyed The bonds. I ,',f
:(Tl.aenUK.lK.,,,!TltArHf AV'T Hag ley are as follows: J
\N' Throckmorton,
liahitauis, and
that her pcopl
will compare favorably, from a
San Angela, July .* . The
stage robbers, Mc|)arrel nud
A three year-old chihidied iu u\
San Aantonio lust week from nio to answer l< r the robbery
Die bite of a rattlesnake. «< l ost office Han
dera county. I hey will be re
Sheep in Lampassas county if indicted by our
have averaged seven pounds of ^nuu| jurv
wtiol apiece this season. Mecas, ji Mexican tie, !,••• for
It is stated thai Texas will Turner Brothers, was murdered
furnish head of cattle in camp on Tuesday night. No
for other markets this year. clue to the murderers.
\ The Beaumont Planing M ills
liave made an assiguuuMit fur1 ukatii hy iucoumnu.
*ke benetit of their creditors. ~
~ . Palestine, July 4. \N Inle a
vlti* said that every bridge partx of picnicers were on hong
#d culvert in Bosque county to-day, three young men.
vouraelvea. Mr. Hainc* claimn that he
U thr board, w here In u letter to t'rofes-
Hor i.ooney lie staled thai the board
•bought it beat to appoint a prolcRM.r to
teach tlie Miiniiicr Normal School ill
McKinnej. who wan not mixed up in the
•lohiiaou-Kriiiikliu eontrovera.v, and in a
nfiort time afterward* in hi* publli«iied
eomiuunU-aiion |t<,Ntatca lhal lie, Uainea, ] nrelielid disholiestv or neglect.
M' p,
y, ir<
moral aiul social standpoint,
with tiny in the State of Texas,
or any other iSiiite.
We have given the books
kept by the various officers of
tlie county such an examina-
tion as t lie law contemplates
when there is no cause to ap
*• | r
made the appointment, the governor be- j.||(
ing abaeiit, he HtigKentcd Mr. < row, and
Mr. Swain agrrcii to it Therefore we arc
all Mil tailed that Mr. KaincitiH Die board,
and w e further believe that you and Mr.
ItaliicH. tlie board, can run the 17th Sen-
atorial l>tatrict lliix time, ace ing that the
iaal tiine yon aenl your pet Frankllii I lie
aealed i|ncationa open, '< that lie could
toat bin atmleiita, ami the unileniahle j "I the UUltter itsell, and till1
fact that lie did pout them la apparent, , newspaper discussion ttow pro
lor. the examining hoard w iim compelled * ... i i ...
tejrrwle fiia Ktudenla higher than \ antta j hll\e spllltd ll<
and Mcrgttii, mv apnointreM, anil Frank- < pains nor trouble (short of I'llll
lln boaated ol tfieir Ving«ograded, but ning the county to the expe
Dr. lialdwin von will see ,. ^ .. I
" " .M'tS,
/ere destroyed by the recent {i(,nlv<. Winner, Herman Smith
floods. j aud a young man named Wright
were drowned. When pulled
out Willi"'1' and Smith were
dead, but W;krht revived. He
Then* will Is* a heavy mast
in Dallas county this year,
which means cheap bacon for
the country.
A young alligator was ra iitcil
down from the clouds in ihillas
recently. Any thing can be ex-
pected in Dallas.
The first wool of the season --
{Oft) pounds- -was received tit
Karl in last week from J. N.
W'urton's much.
is iu a precarious condition, but
may recover. The remains ol
the ii.' ;id were brought to Pal-
estine at /('clock this eveii-
onk way to |m( it.
if you call on
whether tlie iiaincH appointee* got their
grade through fraud, and prove thai i'ro-
IcKMtr's Looiicy ami I'rice w ere not inii*-
tliken when they reported lo me tlmt
the,\ did not In llrvftiie grade thc> gave
w a^ fair, bill the} could not help ineui-
aelvea under the eircumalanceR.
Now look at the ahape In which you
lia\e gotten tlie whole thing. Mr.
tlainen ia the acknowledged hoard ol
education, lie appointo Mr.Crow princi-
pal to teach the Summer Normal School
Ht M"b'iniiev. and you nemt liiui the
T)iieatidh . \\ ho i :i;i ;>r< vi nt you from
Mending tlie ipiettl-.ttH 6pen lo M r. Frank-
lin. aa you did before, ho thai lie can pout
hta Htuilent-itf liedici for the luat exauii-
jiiition.and Mr lluineaw lll appoint Hlii-
ilehtc agi'ip. if I nominate any tliere
jjgiilp.nnd I
11 M Mark
ham, Uco. A. Wilson, J L
tireer, W h Boyd, II M Board,
J P Dowel I, T \Y Wiley, .1 II
Jenkins, J C Coleman and .1 l<
White, aud we feel that secured
by this bond and deposited in
the Collin County Bank, the
county liunnccs are as safe as
human foresight can make
We have visited the county
poor fatm and find it well kept
aud the inmates well cared for.
We believe the present poor
farm is too small, and that i:
would be economy for the conn
ty to either add to it, or dispose
of it aud purchase a more ex-
tensive olte.
£. We have visited the county
.. . i t lo the expense jail. We liud it well ami care-
oj a commission ot cxperfs,) in ; fu,| , ,K.,.f(.(.t| v (.|ea i and
giving the mailer a thorough J Wl,|f viMitilated. We have ex
tmestimation in order that the ai,,j„ed many of the prisoners
people Who pax tlie taxes may i |l||(| „x j)rlsoi,ers
led satish.'d that the lunds ol w|t,j
the county tire perfectly safe,
and the business properly
'How was that ('
it was iu Texas.
I was
examination is too hasty
and stiperlicial to enable us lo
form tiny delinite opinion as
to the correctness of the books
or t lie condition of t lie business.
And owing to the importance
many oi me pn
under oath,
xceptioii they all
agree that thev Were Well 'pro
vided for and kindly treated by
•'I'M i>
any n
more of m\
Laredo, Julv 4. Morrison,
the man v.'ho forged a draft for
Trtulers National
will beiwo ietc ofaiudeni
do not like fliiiiuhlcring
apiiointeed In thi^ way.
Sir. Itoinea. the board,do«a not believe
we have any man in our dtatrici
The appelate court sustains :
railnuuls in compelling jiassen- ""i ' v. "j,!. ..
gers to show their tickets be wiis captured at Mi'lileru^, l ut
fore entering cars.
If we may trust the sworn
statements of such men as Orrin
Robertson. H. C. Mack, John
Johnson, J. S. Jenkins. T. ('.
tJoodner, Dr. (t. .\. Foote, T. H.
Murray. John Church, F. M. |
Davidson, and others, we feel i
safe in nayiug thai there is no;
just cause to doubt either the'
efficiency, integrity or diligence
Mutt is one of the most striking
of this kind.
John Moll was a New Jersey
Sherill'oue hundred years ago,
and on a certain occasion,while
,away from home, dreamed that
lie was in a deep forest which
stood near his town. The for-
est he had frequentlv seen, but' turning from a meeting, when
had never penetrated, lie push ;| had preached one Sunday
'd on caielulU and came to a| morning with great liberty and
glen, in which lie descended, unusual effect. The horses at
and was surprised to encounter indicd to my vehicle hccame
three men. I wo seemed lo be ' frightened and rail away. They
reclining, the third sat apart, were wholly beyond my con
ami vviih .sobs and tears was trol, plunging down the road at
w ringing and washing his hands a fearful speed, when by a
as "Lath Macbeth does in the slight turn to one side, the wheel
sleepwalking scene. ^ "Why struck a large log. There was
are \ on doing t hat Sheriff a concussion, aud then a blank.
Mutt tisked. I'lie young man; The next thing I knew I was
answered: "There is blood mi Hunting in the air above the
my hands and I can Cg*"' it off. road. I saw everything as
Ii is the blood of a lamb. I plainly as I see your ftu « at
Shetill awoke and the follow : this moment. There lay my
ing day returned home, lie hoily iu the road, there lay the
i«iun«I the town abla/.e with ex log and there were the trees,
citciueiit and wrath. A murder the fence, the tields and every
had been committed, the vie thing, perfectly natural. My
tiinsincludingparcutsamlsmall motion, which had been up
children. I lie house laid also ward,was arrested, and as puis
been plundered. Summoning a ed, iu the air, I looked ai my
posse of men, the sheriff march body lying there in the road so
j '"I lo the thick lores), took the still, I felt a strong desire logo
course pursued ill his dream, back to it. aud found myself
reached the glen, surprised and sinking touard it. The next
captured the three criminals, thing I knew I was lying iu the
I In* yoting man whom lie saw road where I had been thrown
j griev ing in his dream at once out, with a number of friends
confessed, ami told how his about me, sonic holding up my
read, others chaffing my hands
ami finally persuaded hoi looking on with pil\ or
ii... ....:.i.. .. • .i *.• n , '
ler result from the use of drugs and said: "He's sure tocunie fur
as those mentioned, lu every lie said He would." Twenty
oue's experience there are many . minutes lieforcg o'clock Beulaii
like accidents. , fell asleep, seelllitlg ill perfect
uect'i.i piiknomkn v. 1 health. A smile was on her
"1 have been out of the body," 1 f"1 before h,.r heavy eye
one friend said to another. «' used oyer her sweet bright
eyes her hither had kissed h
the officers in charge, and with
two except ions, they agreed
that they had been kindly
treated M their fellow prison
ers. The*former declared that eou.pnuions plied him with
the bedding provided was not * \Vliiski.\
sufficient, and that lie refused
to pay the initiation fee of
him to join iu the work of tin
night, lie pleaded to huvin
, * i it .1 i ' iiignt lie pietnieii to having
demanded by the. pr soiiers.and rtllulched the baby from a crib
was struck ten Ticks with a alul das I it against the wall.
capable of leaching a fnimuer Normal, I uf any county official ill Coliill
and w e w ill let Mr. IiaincH run ll, I pre- / J
We have examined the books
released, owing to the Apwi'l
can officers being unable to
Coronal Institute, of San Mar- • sliuw jnoper papers, has been
con. graduated six young ladies I re urn-sled on a fictitious charge
tmiUit* Hflnie nuuiber <(f young alid settiemcd to thirty days
nieu this y«ttr. iuiprisonuuMit, which a jll give
Bates, Travalhi county, is a I plenty of time for the extradi-
walled city, or rather the town lion papers to go through the
mm * •' | «i I f>. !*...! ii nil ilol'loo ii
is fenced in and can only be
miiiic lie ta aide to do bo, for lie w um never
capable of running anything else.
Now, with due respect tomv people, and coinniiied
andLrii'" inii the rlugl have to deal with, i "ll •'.< a' "" H,,u omp.u"u
I declinehnvii.t! ,ui; thine todo with the the i.'lill ies made to the credit
Normal School. ' ' uf the various funds of the
Now. my countrymen, the plain truth ..i ,i #,• 1U
in tliat Vou cannot gel juatice in the ioil 111y with the llltli* s IlllUh
Normal school*. The State Snperlnleit- in the books of the
dent, Mr. linker, told Mr. Ilogue on the ('ulinty National Bank,
••nrtewlicn lit* whs lvturning honie from ,,,, . , « • • i. • # i
the \/ r ii«! Institute, that ii' lie lind | 111*1 luillk llUVlllfT Kt'pt I lU'li
strap about one foot long, when ,M. ritz.ji-nild, of California,
he agreed to pay and was relates that he was obliged to
released I he latter declare,I shelter at one of the most
that he had been charged by unpromising looking huts in all
the prisoners with nmm..thug ,|,at state. I, was night, and a Suddenly his spirit left
. . . . "!f; ,IIM| fearful storm w«s raging. Hi ' ' ' ' '
eerated; he tidmitted In
a arm. Yes, I was out of t he
body for a little, and I know
there is ti spirit world."
Tile following experience is
of a Kentiickiaii still living:
Hubert Thrope was iu the
woods. His mind was occupied
entirely with spiritual mutters.
1 ic ily anil rested fn the air
, was too drunk to know
whether the charge was true or
not, and paid fcMio demanded
by the prisoners, to avoid be i
caul ions.
! en-
tered through the gates.
Of Hx* head of cattle shipped
from Cuero to New Orleans on-
ly forty-six arrived alive, and
these were reported in bad con-
l.'njfed States
and Mexican
Kansas City, Julv 5. -A de
strudive wind storm *i<.it;'d
known Yiinti* and Jtojg"" were my ap- selierilte flllld of the cotlllty r u liiuoeil
polntecH they idiouhl not luivu litnl •> po- l , i ,,...i r,.,.dited with the ,1 I
nil ion in thebiMitute. .Im-I think oftl, ' UIUJ < !< oiu u w mi un \\ e |,e[|eve it ver
two young men who had nnaw cred up. proper atliou lit, as appeal's H'olll j)( j|1(, hea ll It tit id colli fori of
and who had been graded ahead ol t|,0 books of the Treasurer, tile imi|.s ,1..., , i,
l>n Jin * three niudciitH, by the facility , .... r il... !*• iHoll Is, t til ) stloitlil Ii
>ftii<* Voruial I lift l it titwhom* char- 1 oUultlofi ot tll« tilllllH H (till i Ht ri nih'S ailiohif th<'liiM*
Tho Miiyersville neighbor-1 Rirl| hjh. Missouri, early yes
hood is sutfering from a ntali-! u.„iav morning, denudishii
Siuuit tyjie of measles. A mini-
tier of* deatiis have resulted
from the disease,
Tlie country editors are all re-
turn ing tliuuks for line and
h'vduy morning, demolishing
the i'resby terinii church, a brick
structure. The w.'M end of the
school house was unrooted, (lie
Methodist Episcopal church
lifted from its foundation, the
iieter were without idemUh. could not county can be ascertained as
have entered if the suite Supcrinteii-, ri.,„lsly and Meetly from the
dent had known who thej were. N e . J . . . _
underMaml what tliis meaiiK. farmerV books of the tiaii^K. JIS front tlie
koii'k cannot enjov tlie IruitMof their own books of the Treasurer. We
api.A'Ss.t .tsats ',uv,
for the purpoMH ot running Normal, and find it to correspond with
Schools and colleges for tin favored ! ncotlllls III the Treasurer's
books, aud bank books, nud ai
f the
I \ es
lo Mi
old chest against tin
door before retiring. He dream
eiI lie heard tile door open, and
crept lip to the
a long, sharp
elm** and for the uegro< *. I claim that
when we give both Mack and white a
luscious peaches and other rea- factory uiU'oofcd, and a number
amiable mi its.
In* iui editor/
*'Cotton hoeing exjM'tliiiuns"
to help the farmers out of graas,
have taken the place uf lisliing
«xeiiiisoiis in VanZandt county.
wouldn't t of small buildings blow n dow u
or badly twisletL Several prr
sons were slightly hurt, but no
lives lost. The damage to prop-
erty in town ami vicinity will
probably reach £j?o,ooo. Con-
siderable destruction was also
f;ood Kngliidi eilucaiioii wexliould ntop, so with the I'ei'liticates ot dc- 'vben we. the working clans, who nosit held bv the Treasurer.
We have examined the law
and consulted able lawyers on
the subject, and are satisfied
that there j* uo law prohibiting
the Treasurer It
the money of
banks or any other place In
working class, w ho .„
cannot Mend .>ofn tliousaiid to a I
.Normal School, say rhis, the cdiiiatr.l
pauper and negro c'rj out "per*'< itt toil,
tlie coming man must be educated." ho
you ever near any of them say the edu-
cated negro or w hue pauper must w ork V
Ne sjf; ' riiey nev er leach ttieui to w ork.
but togo to*c|iooi. '1'Jielr motto i* "ileal
enough to-night logo to •■"cheid to mor-
row. John Jeii.vs#.N,
retiuiriiig cleanliness aud good
order in i lie jail. We
the whipping, and
for the initiation fee, and would
be glad if it could be abolished.
The jailor declares undi r oath,
lie is not able to prevent ii
without assistance, and the
Sherill" asserts that it will re
quire two extra assistants to
control the prisoners b\ force,
.\ll the witnesses except one,
including tlie man who did the
- . , . whipping, declared that the
o'u depositing jaj|v, .vur. not present when the
tlie county in shipping was done, and knew
lu' nothing of it. We know of no
Newt. lau'V, one of the in- wrought tit Walnut, in tiu. sfinie
dieted gamblers at Dallas, has eotintv.
mi id County Attorney Clint I >ui*i ng the celebration yes
fHAO fines and costs in seven- terday at CiMitralia, Missiiuri.
teen cases against him. I.lohn Tinks and Del Conger
On.' tlionmmd < word, i "1': ki|I...M.j' fl.c j.r. i....0.r..
«f o| l wor.- rec-iitly «!i Hl nl of u
El l'aso bv the custom house
may think the sab-st tor lum- ,llw xkqvU wull|d aulhori/,e tin
be the mistress of sell. Ins Isuien and the peo- j siieritl* o, jailer to retaliate b)
• niseis a question ph\ Neither do we deeut it chastising one prisoner for w Itip
nuvy agitating the jialpitating prudent to keep the public j „1|f,i|ier. and il is a ones
yy-isfiijigtun. I money nt the sab- in the court tioW of economy for the consul
house, jis we would not be will-1 f.|tJlj.j0|| uj- jj,4. fo||i||)issio|itM's
oflcialH, as they wcr«
muuggled intu the Stat*
Tlie Henrietta, Shield gives
the following fnsliioii item: Thej
Ifother Hubbard dresseK have
«Nie entirely out of fashiuii. j
ffomeniber this ladies."
Who is to
the White I
now ;i«dtiiiin*
heart oT society
Whether it will lie Mrs. Jllaiue.
with her tail, commanding fig-j ing to deposit our own Individ-
tire, stern New England face.' ual private moimv there
reserved, almost exclusive,
mauitiM, ;' whether the wife
of some Democrat, sav iii'S.
was J.ui to sleep in the garret, ing al his body which ia\
I lie face of his host was not sjit against the tree. I'ltere appear
istactory. and he thought it well ed by him another spirit, w ho
mov ed an con\crscd with him. lie thought
rickety lie would look into his heart,
ami «o immediately taking a
knife, lie knelt by his bodv .and
removing the clothes lie began
to cut into the tlesll. lie Slop
ped suddenly,saw that his spit
it friend was gone; thoughts of
his family came into his mind
Thus hi* attention turned to
earthly affairs, and without
knowing what lie was doing he
re entered his body, and found
himself going home.
Mrs. Mary VI lb> , of At
lanl*!, lite poet and novelist,
tells au instance which she
heard from Mrs. Newcomer, "a
brilliant cultivated woman" of
(treeiivillc, Ala. "She was one
night sleeping in the same
room, bill not iu ihe same bed,
w ith a sister who was ill
Waking suddenly, she saw
b) the light of the dim night
Fort Smith, Arkansas,.luly *>.
The Choctaw troubles, which
originutcd iu the refusal of cer-
tain property owners to pay
permit tax, h/is assumed a se
Tlie editor of a Western jour rions attitude. Mih.s Hoy t. a
nal aays: "The great art of prominent lender, has beeii out
running a news|iajier is the art (Awed and driven to the Chcro-
fllmeMing where hell is going, K«m* nation, where lie has a
to weak loose next, and have gang of about thirty men, niost-
mocrut, sa.v .
Justice Field, whose home is
now the old Capital prison,
i overlooking the CapitalMrs.
Mui'^o'mbl. of w hom many un
kind and unjust tiling, h ve
been written; Mrs. Mayiird.
whose long residence in Wash
inglon as a senator's wife lit?
On the other hand.
us have deposited money in the
'•auks of the city, and have al-
ways felt that it was safe. We
deem the public money far more j
safe, when deposited where men | jjun
court whether the county should
_ be jnit to the expense oT em-
iiin."y of i ploying the extra force neces
sary t" prevent il or not.
Owing to the change made in
the road law ti^ recent ncis of
the legislature, and the red it c
oi the time from ten to live
Ids host
bed, and with
knife was about to take his iite
I |e a woke a ltd liHeiied. All was
still then lie fell asleep agitiil,
dreamed the same thing, and
again awoke Idsteninj;, lie
heard tiillflled steps on the
stairs lb- prepared ford feme.
The chest at the door bewail to
move. The Doctor sprang up,
and with a quick action sue
ceeih'd in arresting Ids would
be. liillidptci who held a knife
e.Mietlv like that Seen i 11 the
Kill o IMloKfeKP VIHfoNs.
Delirium tremens, with its
host of hobgoblins, snakes pud
verinlii, i^ loo common an oc
citrretice to merit more tlinn
tills single period.
The hascesh eater lives in two
worlds: this one of real fact aud
another our of fancy. |uciy
tiling is iliteiisified. becomes
sweeter, of more disagreeable.
Castles spring upon green
lawns. Fair creatures stand
about in loving attendance.
Koiiuf iful ti t id rich banquets
are spread. The scratching of
V 1
black htlir just above Ihe foot
a dozen times. In half an hour
tier mother citiue into the room.
The smile wits still on the face,
but there was no sound of
breathing and the eyelids nev-
er raised again.
A theory found among the
theologians of several centuries
ago i.s that when Adam h\ trans
givssioii offended (bid he was
deprived of one of his senses
the spirit sense, by which lie
was enabled to perceive things
spiriturally. to converse with
spirits and attain heights iu
spirit love. Being deprived of
tlie spirit sense his offspring is
without it, too, though occa-
sional glimpses of the spirit
world are afforded as special
favors. That many people re-
ally imagine they see ghosts
and spirits when they do not is
true; but this no more proves
that all spirit sights are brain
creations than the assertions of
a lunatic that lie is a king
proves there tire no kings ill
the world. Counterfeits are
evidence that there is it real.
The instances related in the
foregoing are properl\ vouched
for nml duly authenticated.
Tho Electoral Count.
The bill for counting the elec-
toral vole, which passed the
senate without an opposiu
vote, was discussed last wee
in the house, and may be called
up an\ day of the present week
as uutiuisheil busim •SS, The
senate hill provides that before
the second Aloiida.v iu .lauuary,
which it fixes as the dat" fur
the meeting of the electoral
college, the State ti ibitiials may
decide au\ contest that may
arise as to the appointment of
tUe lectors, such determinu
lion b. ing colielusive evidence
of lawfulness, wlnu congress
assembles to count tin- Vote. |||
case the State liibioials have
not adjudicated upon conflicting
returns, or two or more State
tribunals are in conlliet over
the disputed returns, the re
turns accepted by the two
houses of congress voting seji-
erately, but agreeing concur
renily. shall be voted. Mr.
F.alon, chairman <•!' the house
committee on the subject has
submitted a substitute for tin*
senate bill. The substitute
provides that tie* two houses
shall vote jointly, instead of
scperately,upon tie- returns. As
the house outnumber, the sen-
ate such a per capita vote
w >/iiId of course make the house
the judge of the returns. The
ItiFiciins lire lii/litimr
lamp a white face framed iu jet republicans are lighting the
per capita principle, and there
of her bed No form was ap
parent the outlines of the tl^
lire seemed lust ill shapeless
mist. Hut the face, the white,
beautiful face, with il" frame
of ebon Mack hair, was distinct.
She was too frightened at first
to csill out; afterward she check
to write it
y desperate characters,
lave rallied to his supi 1
•'iffy Choctaw militia-
iw|Kirters right then
•P promptly.
The vote in the senate on tin
Pits John Porter bill resulted, been called out, and the Chero
yeas 27, nays '27. A two-third kec authorities are asked to eo-
vote being necessary to pass i operate wit Ii the militia ill cf-
tfce Mil over the president's fccting the arrest of Huyt's
veto. It was lost. gait
A western editor writes to a
friend at the Kust aa follows;
4lf still support my reputation
by publishing a newspaper,
my family by sawing wood.
He la doing much better than
(uhl if In*
tg. Warrants have been is
sued for the arrest uf Hoyt fur
burning the Choctaw cuurt-
lioiisc. A tight is daily expect-
he would
support his refutation in
wood, and Ids family
Btlon by
Ing wood. and his fai
publishing a newspajter.
In the present Hritish Parlia-
ment Wales has une mem Iter
Cur every 4r ,4< n uf her oopnla
Hon, Ireland one uiemlH'i for
« very M Knglainloue metu
Iw^r fc r every and Scut
land om* member fur every <M,-
Prof. Brown, chairman of the
faculty of the state university,
lias resigned ami accepted the
riresidcney of the A. & M. ctd-
ege, Aulburn. Alabama.
are willing to risk their own
private treasure,and where am
]>lc ptrparMlions have been
made to secure it against fire.
^ burgulars or any other accident
ln*i' for this position; or whether or misfortune which might oc
we sluil! lot\ i* again a bachelor1 cur. The vault in the bank is
President! as was tiu. wise iu fire-proof, ami the safe kept in
the hist administration these side the vault is both fire and
are questions discussed among burglar proof, and the officers
i society people, who look on the make it their business to watch
occupant of the White Ilotisens it. and prevent loss if possible |io,Vse islMVnginiured'by rain
controlling to «* giva? evtent from .tiiy cause whatever. coining iu either through tie
social affairs during the Presi ....i. - ..... i
deiitial term. ShotihiMrs. Hlaine
be the mistress of the White
House fewer people would see
its walls and enjoy its social
privileges than was the case
under the last mistress proper
of the White House.
The results of the recent
change iu letter postage cannot
definitively estimated until
days labor, we have not deemed
it just to indict road
overseers for failing to ktep
the roads iu repair, aud
as the road taxes authori/.ed b)
the recent acts have not yet
beell collected. We have been
unable to locate the rcspon
sibility foi the present desperate
condition of public roads. We
have observed that tin* cuiut
It mis evidently a mishap-1 bruken windows ur the ruof,ami
prehension on part of litor suggest that it receive atten
uf the Dkmochat which caused f |(|7i
him tu state in his extra is |n cunclusiun
sue of. I une is. that article H :i
a shout uf louked at the face, she saw that substitute practically uphulds
a kitten against the door sounds *"d the impulse, lest she should
like the rolling thunders. A startle her sick sister. As she
whisper becomes
anger. Kven the moment in
which an attendant passes
across the room is prolonged iu
to an hour.
Dr. Ordinaire, a skilful phy
sician, was banished from
France a bunt one hundred
years ago lie settled ill Swit
is every prospect of a long (lis
Cttssioii of the bin Ml
iu discussing the subject stated
to the house that he considered
neither the senate nor tin- house
plan the right one. lu his vicw
tlie house has under the cor. ti
tlltioli the sole power to cotllif
the electoral votes for pre«r
dent and vice president. Tlie
its lineaments were iter sister's
own. "Thank (hid, she does
not see it !" was Iter sw ift, si
lent thanksgiving The appari
tioit was visible for uiorctliau a
minute, The tady made no re
pi), bill a nervous trcinoitrheld
tier through the uight. Next
his view uf file s
*t. Atlanta
/.erland and discovered an herb morning she trb'd to walk off
we feel proud
, , , , , .,. , of tlie prosperous and peaceful
of the penal code, prohibited (.olldi,iih of our county. We
the ireasiirer from depositing | a|l honest ami fail in
the public money in the bank. v,.Mi,,atit>ll <>f conduct of
Any person carefully reading jH)|(||«- officials ami the agita
tioii of mi,} and all measures
urteiucsia absinthium. With
this herb he concocted absin
the, with alcohol, anise ;wd
other aroiuatics. At his death
the secret vvtis sold to others,
w ho continued its manufacture.
Tin- drinking of absinthe is
the feeling, but in vain. She
went tu her mother and tuld her
the circumstances, enjoining
that no hint of it should reach
her sister's ear. The mother
listened with a pale, perplexed
face. "Mv child," she said. "I
very popular, lis pleasurable have Jnit left your slater. Sin
the article referred to, and re
fleeting on its meaning cannot tending to promote the general
Of l.Vi Oemiait carp express
ed bv Fish Commissioner hub
bul k to Mesiptite last week.on-
ly •/? were living when they ar-
rived. They «li:f not receive
j projier attention and care oil the
i roiiti'.
be iielltilllv cij e Minno «i mhui i." uii^ '■■■ ..n tending lu 1
the expirathdi uf the fiscal year fail to see that It does m •t ap
welfare. Hut we deprecate all
in which the new two cent rates ply to the case Hrst. there prnceeding frum want
went intu uperatiun. which will can be u«> fraudulent taking M,- infonuation <u prejudio
be October I, but it is generally on the part of the Treasurer, as
believed that the revenue of the lie is the person having the le
department will show a consul gal right to take charge of the
" ' ' * funds and secure them in the
best juissible manner that max
be applied to the purpose for
which they Were collected.
Second, there cannot 1m- anv
era hie increase or "ticii an in
crease at leil"! ns to justify the
late reduction and possibly to
warrant a still further changing
i of raic
which tends to destroy peace
and produce a lack of couti
delice which is iiecen«nr to the
pence aud happiness of our
count \
•lulln C. Will i k,
Fureman Orand Jury.
sensations exceed those of alco-
hol, and it is getting to be fash
iomible. All leading saloon*
furnished |t. The absinthe
hat'it leads to loss of mental,
ph\ sical and moral power. Hys
terical convulsions are among
tin* s\ uiptoms. The ilrug sends
its evil influences with great
exactness through three or lour
Lreueialioii -
Quinine produees strange
sights for some who tak>- it.
" Mot lie I. do help till out," ask
ed a young man under tie- in
fiueltce uf <|llilliuc "Out of
A Lovu Letter.
Dk\«Ksr M vuv;
M\ love is stronger ffian the
smell of coffee, patent butter or
the kick of a young cow. Sen-
sations of exquisite joy run
through me like cohorts of nuts
through au army cracker, and
caper over my henrt like
gotits on a stable roof.
as if I could lift myself by my
boot straps tu the height uf a
steeple, u|' like an old stage
horse in a green pasture. As
menn pups hanker after sweet
milk, so do I hanker after your
presence, and as the gosling
swimnieth in tin* mud-puddle,
so do I swim iu a sea of bliss
u .<• when you are near me. My
l.ri.lnl untilt. TV trunk* l«,,irt ""1" "I1 ttl"' *
churn dasher, and my eyes
staml op««n lik«* cellar doors in
a country town, and if iuy luve
is nut reciprocated. 1 will pine
awin ami die like a poisoned
bed "bug, ami you can come
catch culd on my grave
tuld me the samcntery; she saw
the s;itiie face but she did nut
wish yutt tu knuw it." Some
little time afterward the sister
died." '
A lady in the Kasl had just
received front her dressmaker
had been brought into her room
and she was about to unlock
one of them w hen her betlothed
stepped between and waved her
hack Terrified, she sank to
Me* floor unconscious nud so re-
ntaiiied sotue tiuie. She rccov
••red and heard a rap at the
dooi ller mother entered w ith
drouth is seriously in-
cotton iu Travis county.

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