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y^riilo In MoKlimty by If OX A I.O\ K hiiiI other leading tlenlurf.
instate Senator:
" J. Mart Itoliins.
k. \V. Kirkpatriok.
j. T. Branch.
irorT xABBeMor:
*'or W, H. aiafr.
K^T * Colleotor:
" k s. Sneed.
m A. 8. Grave®.
rCounty Clerk:
R. A. Bailey.
jjjpibtrlct Olerk:
W. M. Barron.
dependent for Sheriff:
To<ld Warden.
Messrs H. F. Blue and Newt.
Sappenlleld were in the city
yestorduy attending the Jett
murder case.
gill Eva Croft, of Gray Bill,
iWitting in the city.
W-lTTiurch, of Wylie waB
ilbeciiy last Monday.
-— •—i
Gipt. Johnson is building
De ut w rent houses.
The Public school opens next
nd y in McKinney,
■ t H
Editor Harper of Piano wab
i the city laa t Tuesday,
San the advertisements of
r business men this week.
lid. J. B. Faulkner, of Wylie,
i in the city last Tuesday.

A large republican club was
ed at Altoga one night
W. A. 1'arker, who has besn
visiting friends uud relatives
in Rockwall and Wylie, return-
ed home last Monday morning.
Miss Alice Bornar, of Sher-
man, who has been visiting
friends in this city the past
two weeks, returned home last
A little boy or Mr*. McDonald'! llv.
Ing near here, fell uKaliiH n red-hot
•tove and wan f^rfully burned. The
pain waa terrible, and It waa thought
the burn wu ao bevere a* to near tbe
— i child far life. 1 aold tbe lady a bottle
of Chaiuoerlaln'a Piln Balm, wblob,
nftor greasing tbe «>n>, abe applied. It
aoon removed nil tbe lire and eaued tbe
l>aln, uud In ten daya the boy wai well
no trace of the acrr remaining. J.D.
McLaren, Ke^aport, Clinton county, 111
Vorsale by 11. K. Urlitol.
Itev. J, 8. Weaver, formerly
pastor of the C. P. church of
this city, was shaking hands
with his many frieuds last
Tuesday morning.
Miss Minnie Callaway, of
Wylie, passed through here
eu route to Sherman, where she
will attend school this session.
I'eraonn troubled with chronic dlar-
rho-a ahould try chamberlain'! Colic,
Cholera and Dlarrb<i< itemedy. Mnny
caae! have been cured by It after allelae
had failed and akllled physicians were
powerle!. For aale by It. K. llrlatol.
The fire department tried
the chemical engine last Mon-
day evening in the north part
of the city. It was pronounced
a success.
Kirkpatriok, Branch,
lollios. How do you
u,Mr. Mills i
A successful protracted meet-
closed at Whites Grove
Miss Maude Dorsen, of
enviile, Is visiting friends
ithis city this week.
T. W. Perkins, editor of the
Ijlie Rnatler, was in the city
lit Tuesday.
Rev. A. P. Scotteld, formerly
itor of the Bap tint churoh of
i city, was in the city last
fry- J.. ,
A baloon ascension is talked
lifst tbe campmeeting grounds
lint week.
Lay aside your business af-
i next week and attend the
• days speaking. It will do
|you no harm.
Candidates wanting cards
jad circulars printed can get
i cheap at this office.
A recent letter from Col Bent-
*T of Fort Worth eays that
i best speakers will be pres-
et at our camp-meeting.
— — ■!'■■■
JndgeNngent and "Cyclone"
i Davis have been invited to
« meeting but we have not
from them up to the time
fgoing to press.
Among the Incident! of childhood
Mantl ont In bold relief, u our
reverta to tbe daya whan we
young, none are more prominent
Mvere elckneaa. The young
vividly remembm that Cluun.
b' Cough Remedy cured her of
i tod In turn admlhlatoni It to her
■ oflkprlng and always with tbe beat
dt«. For aale by R. K. Bristol.
A wreck occurred on the
Line last Friday, which
tyed the incoming train nn-
I nearly dark.
Tta rubbish of the recent
[is fast being cleared away
soon new buildings will
d in its place.
—^ ■ —i
Prom The Pinoy Woods.
the North lo the Kvorgln'tea of the
l"1> druggists are bealeged by peo-
r,u> every shade of Rheumatism. In
s* about Dr. Druuimrnd'a Reine-
"^IllUonrn mef" And the drug-
, point! out the fact that the Drum-
"Mul Medicine Co., 48-00 Maladen Lane
^ork'ofier * reward of >600 for a
"i®lr medicine will not cure. That
of aniwer la satisfying, and the
r plaudits down flvo dollar! and
1 hoinc and la cured. Not only re-
11 but Ci-RKn. Agents wanted.
Prof. L. C. Burch, who has
been conducting a summer
school at Pleasant Grove, about
fourteen miles south of Mc-
Kinney, closed bis school last
Friday afternoon. The patrons
express themselves as highly
pleased at the progress their
children made under Mr.
Burche's proficient instruction,
9IOO Howard. iOO
The reader! of the Democrat will be
pleased to learn that there li at leaat
one dreaded dlaeaae that aoienoe baa
been able to cure In all It! itagea, and
that I* catarrh, llall'! Catarrh Cure la
the only positive cure now known to
the medical fraternity. Catarrh being
a constitutional disease, requires a con-
ititutlonal treatment. Ual)'! Catarrh
Cure la taken Internally, acting direct*
ly upon the blood and mucnua iiirfacea
of the svstem, thereby destroying the
foundation of the disease, and giving
the patient strength by building up the
constitution and assisting nature in do*
It* work. The pioprletora have
sotmuch talth In Its curative powers,
that they otter Gnu Hundred Dollars for
any case that It falls to cure. Bend tor
list of testimonials-
F. J.CHENEY A CO., Toledo, O.
Sold by all Druggists.
The G. A. R, and ex confed-
erate yeterana held a love faast
at the court bouse last Tues-
day night. Capt. Biggers of
Dallas and Commander Peters
represented the G. A. It. boys
and Capt. J. M. Pearson, the
confederate veterans. The
speeches were conciliatory and
much good feeling prevailed.
Capt. Pearson sustained his
reputation as a logical speaker
and humorist.
Mrs. F. o. oone, at Paris, left
this letter: "My husband—for
give me if I canse you trouble,
but I suffer so. You do not
know what these long,wakeful,
wretched nights are to me, and
I am so tired, darling—the pain
will never be better. It is not
easy to take my own life, but I
baye been siok so long. Good
bye, my husband, I love you—
wife." This is but one of
member the people's party
BP meeting at Andrews Park
Monday and Tuesday, Iht
1 and 6th of September.
thousands that gives up,
the clerking aotror Coilln ooun
ty. Don't cast your vote until
you investigate ihe claims of
these gentlemeu.
The cases of WAV. Baldwin
and Mason Jett charged with
the murder of J. M. Jett near
Farmsrsvllle, as reported last
week were investigated before
the Hon. P. B. Muse on Wed-
nesday la6t, (August 81), on a
writ of habeas corpus sued out
by their atttorneys, Messrs.
DeArmond & Church and both
prisoners were discharged from
jail after a fnll hearing.
m • m
A Uoood Tiling To Hoop at Hand.
From tbe Troy (Kansas) Chief-
Home yeara ago we were very much
subject to severe spells of cholera mor-
bus; and now when we feel any of the
syuitoins that uaually preoeed that ali-
ment, auch as sickness of tbe stomach,
dlarrhu-a. etc., we become scary. We
have founl Chamberland's Colic, Chol-
era and Dlarrhtea Remedy the very
thing to atralghten one out In mch cas-
es, and always keeps "t about. We are
not we not writing for a pay testimo-
nial, but to let our readers know what
Is a good thlnj lo keep handy In the
horse. For sale by It. U. llrlatol,
stead of using Dr. Miles' Re
storative Nervine, and being
speedily cured of their wretch-
edness. Go to Smith Bros,
drug store nnd get an elegant
book and trial bottle free. 0
The boys will have a game of
baseball at the people's party
Miles' Nerve A Liver Pills.
AcU on a new principle—regulating
the liver, stomach and bowels through
the nerves. A new discovery. Dr.
Miles' Fills speedly cure biliousness,
bad taste, torpid liver, plies, constipa-
tion. Unequalled for men, women,
children. Smallest, mildest, surest l bp
doses, '25 eta. Samples Free, at Smith
Bros, Drug ftoru.
If any one ie not familiar with
Henry Slater, candidate for as-
sessor, let him inquire of citi-
zens of the Illinois settlement
this side of Furmersville. lie
is a model young man of sober
and industrious habits. Col-
lin will be honored by his pro
motion to the office named.
Cards have been received in
this city annnouncing the mar-
riage of Dr. R. D. King of Bells
and Miss Leola Starr of Bermu-
da, on the 7th inst. Miss Starr
is a sister ot Mrs. E. J. Parker
of McKinney and the young
man is a well known physi-
cian of Graysou county. The
wedding takes place at Green-
wood church, five miles east of
M. Aron's.
Good arriving at
Physicians frequently make
mistakes in treatment of heart
disease. The rate of sudden
deaths is dally increasing.
Hundreds become victims of
the ignorance of physicians in
the treatment'of the disease.
One in four persons has a dis-
eased heart. Shortness of
Breath, Palpitation and Flut-
tering, Irregular Pulse, chok-
ing sensation,asthmatic breath-
ing, pain or tenderness in side,
shoulde, or arm, weak or hun-
ry spellr, are symptoms of
eart disease. Dr. Mite's New
Heart Cure is tbe only reliable
remedy. Thousands testify to
its wonderful cures. Books
free. Sold by Smith Bros. 6
Wanted: Five thousand
people each day at the people's
party camp-meeting.
A Nice line of trunks at M.
Graves and Sneed will han-
dle the finance of this county
next year. They are men who
no one fears to trust. Inquire
about them, voters.

Always Oet the Best.
Persons who duller from rhoumatlsm
want Immediate relief. It Is not enough
that the pain should cease nnd tho ap-
petite bb Increased. Anything short of
a cure is only prolonging torture. Tho
poisonous acids In the blood, which is
tbe dircot cause of Ilheumatisra, are
Immediately and ellectually expelled
by Dr. Drummond's Lighting Remedy
Where It falls to perform a cure, tbe
price Is refunded. If the druggist can-
not ftirnlsh It the remedy will be sent
prepaid to any address on receipt of
price, live dollars, Drummond Medicine
Co., <K-50 Maiden Lane, New York.
Agents wanted.
How do you like the people's
party nominees ? Are they
not honest, intelligent, sober
and numbered among the best
citizens of Collin county I
liepubllcatiH, Attention!
Pursuant to a oall of the
Hon. Lock McDaniel, ohairman
of the Republican State Exec-
utive Committee,—I hereby re-
quest all republicans of Collin
county to assemble at the court
house In McKinney on Satnr
day the 3rd day of Sept. 189V,
to elect delegates to the repub-
lican state convention, to be
held at Fort Worth, Sept, 18th,
also for Senatorial and Con-
gressional convention and for
any other business they may
see fit to consider
W. L. Boyd,
Chairman republican execu-
tive committee of Coilln coun-
pyComplete line of neck-
wear at M. Akon's.
The celebrated La Belle wag-
on at cost. J. P. Wkhstkr.
junel) 4m.
|2irBailiff & Quisenberry
has Just reoeived a new lot of
fine cigara.
is still in New
York and will be
until Sept. 16th
and we are get-
ting car load after
car load of
Never before
have you seen
such a vast array
in McKinney as
we will show this
We will have
What you want,
and what you
need can be found
at the
Mississippi Store
you can find the
same class of
goods elsewhere.
We want your
trade, and in or-
der to obtain it,
we must get and
retain your
and there is only
one way to do
this and that is by
Treating You Right.
Good Goods
Right Treatment
and FairDealings
begets SUCCESS
contentment and
prosperity. We
have the"stuff"at
Right Prices.
We have but one
Price and that mark-
ed in Plain Figures.
Credit and Cash pri-
ces will not mix-
Credit Prices dis-
satisfy both debtor
and creditor, while
Cash Prices
make everybody hap-
We are in the Lead
if you wish to know
VALUEofan article
call at the
Mississippi Store,
Murphy, Perrv 4 P.n
college at Beguin, Tex., gave us
a pleasant call last Tuesday.
He is a very intelligint colored
man and has advanced ideas
regarding his race. lie believes
in emancipating his people
from the power of whiskey de-
bauching leaders and abhors
the extremes in political par-
ties. He recognizes the fact
that old issues should be laid
aside and tbe intelligence of
tbe country should grapple
with the new.
It is claimed that there is
some dissatisfaction regarding
the action of the convention in
leaving tha sheriff's office ya-
cant.This unfortunate for
the party indeed; it being plac-
ed in a peculiar condition, from
the fact that a great many
staunch supporters of the peo-
ple's party were not In favor of
nominaiing a sheriff while oth-
ers were Just ns earnestly in fa-
vor of placing a candidate in
tbe field. Friends of tbe new
purty should reason dispassion-
ately regarding the conven-
tion's actions. Remember the
partyie not one of spoils and
pledging. Each member has
the liberty to cast his yote ac-
cording to the dictates of his
own conscience. There is an
object far higher than the mere
obtaining a pitiful county of-
fice where legislative principles
are not involved. Let all lay
aside any personal feeling or
prejudice nnd work for one
common cause. The enemy is
always pleased to see dissatis-
faction in our rankB and will
volunteer to give a great deal
of advioe to the people's party
FromE. VV. Kirkimtrick.
To xnb votehs ok collin ooun-
Tr—I beg to say that, having ac
oepted, from the people's party
the honor of nomination for
Representative and, being call-
ed from home by urgent busi-
ness; I will be pleased to return
about October 1st. and canvass
the county in the interest of the
people's party and its platform.
I regret very much my proba-
ble absence from our grand
meeting at Andrews' Park.
E. W. Kikkpatbiok
To MirSubscribcrs.
The fall is approaching and
we take this opportunity to
urgently request all who owe
us on subscription not to forget
us but remit the very small
amount due us at once. We
have engaged in the work of
political reform and to accom-
modate many of our readers
we have taken in subscriptions
to be paid this fall and in order
to enable us to do this we have
inyolved ourselves in debt.
Therefore we repeat, don't for-
get ns. If you have not the
time to bring the money to us,
send it by some one or by mail.
Don't imagine that what little
you owe us amounts to nothing
but realize thac it takes that
little in connection with many
other small amounts to relieye
us of our burdens. Please
come forward during Beptems
ber and settle and we shall feel
most grateful.
To Hons. Greer and Gough,
McKinney, Tex.
If agreeable with you, I will
be glad, in my canvass of Col-
lin county during October next,
to divide time with one or both
of you.
E. W. Kirkpatriok
mm m *m
Waoo, Tex., Aug. 20,1802.—
Hon. E. W. Kirkpatrick, Mc-
Aocept congratulations from
your Waco friends on your
Falknkk, Sklkt.
Williams & Slaydkn.
Consisting of all Kinds and Grades
of FURNITURE, from a Fine bed-
room Suit to a 50 cent chair.

An Elegant Line of Cook Stoves,
All kinds ot Queensware, Tinware, G-lassware, Table and Pocket
Knives, Sewing Machines, Guns, Cartridges, in fact everything that
is used in housekeeping.
We will say to those needing any-
thing in our line that you can not
afford to pass us we will SA¥E
YOU MONEY, at North East Cor-
ner of Square.
Copeville's First Bale.
Copevillk, Aug. 80, '92.
The first bale put on the
market at this place was
brought in Monday, ginned by
<J. E. Jones and sold to H. M.
Peak at 7 3 4 cents. It was
Raised by W. S. Cox, who lives
two miles west of town. We
think farmers may get the top
of the market by bringing thoir
cotton to this plaoe, as we have
three buyers here for this sea-
M. E. Camphrll.
Id^-Big stock of men's,
ladies', and children's shoes at
M. Aron's.
Dissolution Notice.
The firm of Caldwell & Webb
has dissolved partnership by
mutual consent. Dr. I. E.
Webb will remain in the same
office while Dr. A. J. Caldwell
will occupy a nioely fitted of-
fice over the old beard house
south side square McKinney,
fcgTDress goods at M. Aron's
I3F"A11 kind of toys eto., at
the nickel store.
85F"Jones & Jones Land of-
fice, west side of square, is tbe
place to buy or sell lands.
A nice assortment of
at M. Aron's.
IST'The Nickel Store is sel-
ling goods at the same old price
since the fire.
tST'For cook Btoves see Nale
& Dies.
Save the Peach- Seed.
McKinney Nurseries will
give best Nursery trees in ex-
change for peach seed.
£>3T*An elegant line of cloth-
ing at M. Aron's.
MoKinucy Nurseries
Oifer an extra large aud fine
stock af all kinds of fruit trees
of best varieties.
Save your orders for us and
you will save half your money.
t3J~New style
af M. Aron's.
in stiff hats
Commissioners Precinct ('all
of People's Party for Justices
Precincts Nos, 3 and 8.
By authority vested in us as
chairmen of said justices pre-
cinots, do hereby oall the voters
who endorse the people's parly
to meet at Seven Points on Sat-
urday, September 10, 1602, at
1 o'clock, for the purpose of
nominating a candidate for
commissioner of said precincts.
W. W. Maddo.x,
Chair. Precinct No. 8.
W. F. Price,
Chair. Precinct N« °
Mew style Ginghams
M. Aron's.
A Pleasant Party,
A vory pleasant party of
young people met at the bos
pitable home of Mr. W. 13.
Bui-ch several miles south of
McKinney in the "Lazy Neck"
community last Friday evening
to do honor to Mr. W. A. Park-
er, visiting from this oity, and
Mr. Charles T. Kilgore, of Wy
lie. During the evening re-
freshments were served, and the
participants report having had
a royal time* Following is a
list of those in attendance:
W A Parker and Miss Min-
nie Callaway, C T Kilgore and
Miss Miunie Emmons, E W
Burch and Miss Amanda Pitts,
J H Callaway and Miss Beulah
Daniels, H M Phillips and Miss
Lee Etta Barnes, G A Pitte and
Miss Nellie Kilgore, T W Per-
kins and Miss Sailie Faulkner,
Mr Amis and Miss Eliza Eusery,
G W Housewright and Miss
Chessie McCarty, Chas Pitts
and Miss Bessie Burch, Messrs
Burch and Mc Aulay .
JS&r-Farraers when in town
go to the Kentucky house.
My farm of fifty acres, situ
ated on McKinney and Farm-
ersyille road, about 0 12 uiiles
east of McKinney. Well lo-
cated, well imnro*— *
1 < «cii| oonven*
.... Hi to church and school,
one mile from railroad aud
station, healthy, and very pub-
lic plaoe. W. M. Barron.
Princeton, Tex.
(3^"Second hand goods at
J. W. Asbury.
]ggT*See the ad of the Ken-
tucky house in this issue.
w* • m
IsgTJones & Jones has a fine
list of property, both city and
tdgr'Buy your furniture
ail kinds at J. W. Asbury's.
S3gT*Jones & Jones has put
through quite a number of
farms lately.
mm m
JSjpNew goods arriving daily
at M. Aron's.
! tST'Nule & Dies sells furni-
ture cheaper than tho cheapest.
N. E. Corner of square.
^ • —
|2gr*You will find a large lot
of second hand school books at
J. W. Asburys,
JSgTTke summer is here, also
thd nickel store is still on hand
with plenty of goods.

55?"Dont forget the nickel
store when you want glass and
tin ware.
KiPIf yon have land to sell,
it will pay you to put it in the
hands of Jones & Jones.
Second iar furniture sfore
and repair shoj
W. Asbury.
Now Firm.
Bailiff & Qnisenbury is the
name of anew restaurant nwl
confectionery firm located just
east of J. P. Dowell's and in tbe
lower floor of th* old post of-
fice building—under ilia Dem-
ocrat. Give them a call.
fcagf~Go to J. \V. Asbury
second hand school books.
8^r*Wlien you want a com-
plere housekeeping outfit don't
forget Nale & Dies.
ISPJ. W. Asbury keep
on hands first class furniture
at reasonable prices.
USfWhen you want queens
ware and glass ware, step in at
Nale & Dies and buy it oheap-
er than anywhere else.
tSgTA good meal at the Ken-
tucky house for only 25 oeuta.
I^PFiue tinware cheaper
than ever at Nale & Dies.
t3F~The nickel store is the
cheapest house in town.
isr When you wish to spend
your nickels and &et value re-
ceived go to thd nickel store.
IS^Nale & Dies sella the
best sewing machine and for
less money thau any one else.
Fonmlo Weakness Positive C'nro
ToThk Kmtoh :—Vitiligo inform your
renders that 1 h:ivr % positive remedy
for he thousand and one Ills which
nrl#e from deranged female organs. I
shall be glad to send two bottles of my
remedy pmsk to any lady If they will
•end their Express and P. O. scdresa.
Yours respectfully, Dk. A. C. MAIN
CHISI, Utlctt, n. Y.
' ' H "
Smith Bro .
Keep on hand freeh drugs,
patent medicines of all kinds,
Also toilet articles of any de-
scription; in fact, everything
in the drug line. Call aud ste
them, east side of tha square.
^ •— ——
Speak Quickly.
We want canvassers and
salesmen with large country
acquaintances to introduce and
sell meritorious articles. Per-
manent situation, salary $75 to
$100 per month cash, md ex-
penses. For further particu-
lar" address atofcee,
Si uthkrn Compounding Co.,
jiine2 tf Dallas, Texas.
I £ you feel weak
and all worn out take
Sliiloh'H Consumption (jtire
Thib is beyond question the
most successful cough medicine
we liaye ever sold, a few doses
invariably cure the worst case
of cough, croup and bronchitis,
while its wpnderful success iu
the cure of consumption is with-
out n parallel in the hintory of
medicine. Since its lirst "dis-
covery it has been sold on a
guarantee,a test which no other
medioine can stand. It' you
haveacoughwe earnestly ask
you to try it. Price 10c, 50o
and $1. If your lungs ate sore,
chest, or back lame, use Shi-
loh's Porous Plaster. Suld by
R. E. Bristol.
. "-XT
house for
to the Kentucky
a well cooked meal.
ISSTFor table or pocket cut-
ery go to Nale & Fies.
I3^"lf you want to buy a
farm it will pny you to see
Jones & Jones.
Jones & Jones the leading
land ageuts of McKinney.
ForNalaria, Liver Trou-
ble, or Indigos*'
Resident Dentist.
MrPrlee low as flrat-olaas work
eon he done. Teeth extracted without
pela. OfUcu lu JoUusoa iiloek,
Board and Lodging
o o
No. 010, Jackson Sit., Uorner of Pearl.
duiiiik, tuxum.
Jtates, $1,00 per Day. N'loo iun;o eool
rooms and bath prtvUegces,
ii. L. Pearson, K
Dental Surgeon,
Olllce north side over Aron's
store. Teeth extracted without pain
by the u«e of nitrous oxldo pa*.
Aid the Di xocitA
us up a club. S
elsewhere for the c

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