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.... Heraclio Perez M f 103. Gregoria Pena J \ fill ; > 107. David Domingo Porras GARZA INSURANCE AGENCY 414 E... CEBALLOS FUNERAL HOME SERVING STARR COUNTY TO YOU...CLASS OF^ 104. Ramona Pena / J 105. Armando Perez 106

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... Perez, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lino Perez Jr. of Rio Grande City, graduated from Texas A&M University... on Saturday, May 11. Attending the commencement exercises were his parents, and his family, Carlos Perez, Mr.... and Mrs. Lino Perez III of McAllen, and Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Guerra of McAllen, and friends Mr. and Mrs.... Gilberto Garcia and Mrs. Juan Lino Perez were hostesses for a miscellaneous bridal shower honoring Miss.... Pena Jr., Mrs. Ernesto Vela, Mrs. Rebecca Arriaga, and Mrs. Viola Perez. The meeting, held

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... salad, wafers, cake, nuts, coffee to Mesdames John 11 Hinojosa, Lino Perez Jr., Edwin I-aGrange, A. J.... Vale, R. R. Guerra Sr., Mack F Cummings, Mel Campbell, George Boyle, Mabel Sanchez, Alfonso II Perez

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