El Paso Morning Times (El Paso, Tex.), Vol. 33RD YEAR, Ed. 1, Monday, August 18, 1913 Page: 1 of 10

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periAdic dlarta n' a teste St
ftnrnesfe ! mtann die en que m puhlt
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with cowfrrmmrojrAMwrR.
tt$ ORDER THAT m m rmw
Will Be Brought Into the Nefrcetlarloi.s
a noon a PruMmt Huerta
Amfla the Plan.
By The Aftcintei Preu
Washington. Aug. 17 The Max lean
situation continued apparently un-
changed today with Pnaldent Wllaon
and Secretary Bryan awaiting the
Huerta governments Teply to the pre-
liminary note delivered by John I.I ml
to Foreign Minister clam boa outlining
the position of the United Hlatea Mr.
Bryan let It be known that he ex-
pected no reply for a day or two. The
fact that Mr. Llnd had eat&bllahed re-
Utiona with the Huerta government
through Mlnlater Oamboa following
reported declarations which almoal
threatened deportation of President
Wilson's personal representative leads
officials here to take a more favorable
view of the situation.
ronatltutlonaJJats Interested.
Representatives of the Constitution-
alists here are watching developments
with keenest Interest. If Huerta Is
disposed to accept that part of the ad-
ministration proposal looking to elec-
tion that element may come Into the
Consent to TTim-c.
As the Mexican constitution prohib-
it the holding of a general election
during a period of Insurrection to
comply with Prealdent Wilson's desire
for a free and fair election something
would have to be done to Induce the
Constitutionalists to coneet to a truce.
Xo Direct Communication.
80 far It la atated officially the ad-
ministration here has had no commu-
nication directly with the Constitu-
tionalists. The opening of telegraphic
communication between Juares and
the city of Chlhual.ua was announced
today to the state department by the
receipt of a message from American
Consul Letcher confirming the pre-
t ion report from the consul at Jua-
res of the safety of the Hulae family
whose perilous situation led Bejiator
Penrose to address the eenate laat Fri-
Mexican Newspapers Making War on
By The Associates' Press
Mexico City. Aug. 17.Popular In-
terest in the outcome of John Lind a
visit to Mexico as the personal repre-
sentative ot Prealdent Wilson was di-
vided today -by the efforts of . he lo-
cal press to secure application of Ar-
ticle S3 of the constitution for Dr.
Win. Bayard Hale who for aome time
has been investigating condlllona in
Mteo on behalf of the American
government. Article II provides for
the expulsion of pernicious foreigners.
The Independente. which la ex-
tremely rabid In its attacks on him.
clle on President Huerta to expel
Hale who Is characterised as a spy
working to tiring about Intervention.
in the week that has elapsed since
Mr. l.ind baa arrived In the capital
public sentiment toward him haa been
much modified and the opinion now
prevails that not all of the govern-
ment nfflclala are as ready to summar-
y reject his proposals as when he
first reached the lapiual.
Whatever the Mexican reply Is It
is expected to be made within two
or three daya. and by tha end of the
week Mr. l.ind will be on hla way
back to Washington.
By 7 isira Sparta! t'errrasoearal
Pecna Texas. Aug. 17. In a Jail
delivery here Saturday night five prla-
onera escaped one American and four
M'xkana. The offlcera acoured the
tountryr for them loday.
It is said that some person opened
the Jail door and liberated the prison-
ers. The white man was awaiting
trial on a charge of murdering a ha by
I Irulrmm .. rnt.r mt New rk De-
Klsls jelry.
HH The I - "it'll Pre
Albany. N V . Aug IT Telegrams
were seal by Martin H. ll nn. as act-
ing governor tonight to John B. Rll
superintendent of state prisons and to
lr Mavmoiid K C Krlb. superinten-
dent of the Mattaawaa stale Hospital
asking lor immediate Information con -.ernlng
th escape of Harry K Thaw.
"I am going ts demand a rigid ln-
vestlgatmn of this whole affair." aald
Mr Olynn after hr had learned the
details of Thaw's escape "it la a ee-
r'.o.s aMtlr demands ui li.imedls: .
laoulrjr "
The Mattes. an titata Hospital la
under the Jurisdiction of the state de-
partment of prisons Inasmuch that
tiuperlntendent Rllsy Is an appointee of
lievsrnor Sulset lhre waa speculation
tonight is official circles aa to whether
tjuperlnteadeot Kilo would recognise
Mr Ulnn and reply to hi message.
I. la
in. waa killed sad
it li.ue worth of property was dos-
ed todsy In s fire which threatened
reverse tbe heart of ths bualaess
lea and cut a wide path through
city aim streams pUlag ea lbs
bonsver brought It usdsr con
Iriscner aa the only support ef a
swed mother.
By 7" S aeeoeaered Pi ass
Washing on. Aug. 17. Tem-
peraturea near or he low Ike av-
erage for the season trill prevail
throughout the greater part of
Use country during the coming
week according to thai Weather
Bureau experJP
"A general moderation of the
heat wave over the central val-
leys and the middle plains states
la probable during the firs part
of the week" the weekly bulle-
tin said tonight. "The precipita-
tion during the week will be ln-
cal but generally near the nor-
mal. Over tbe great central val-
leys the plains etate and the
Hocky Mountain region there
will he frequent showers and
thunder storms during the next
several dnya attending the east-
ward movement of a disturbance
thst will prevail the first par! or
ths week over the Bocky Moun-
tain region."
Number of Important Measures 1 'end-
ing. Room r Which Will Fall
of Passage.
By Timet Special CorrejpcasVnf
Austin Tex. Aug. 17. Tomorrow Is tbe
lsst dsy for resl legislation hy tbe sper-
Isl sesalou. Tbe appropriation hill Is
fairly seder -way. Tbe Judicial sectlou
bss beaa approved hy th governor. Tbe
departmentsl education and eleemosynary
sect I on sre reedy for report to the respec-
tive houses ou. Monday uiornlog. Tbe mis-
cellaneous' section has not been sgreed
upon but will probably be ready for sub-
mittal tomorrow forenoon. After a ses-
sion thlt lasted through the day tbe free
conference committee agreed to ndii 'in
Item smoontlng to ll.tino.sfln to rare for
the debt of th penitentiary system dur-
ing the first year with the ptorlso that It
aba 1 1 not 1 he svsllsble unless the bonds
of the penitentiary system cannot be dis-
posed of.
laereeee Taxes
It will mas tbe addition of eight or
nine cents tu tbe state lax rate. Tbe gov-
ernor requested tbe legislature to pass a
bill placing the guarantee of state bonds
In order tj fgWMate their sale. ' This baa
aot been doae.
Penitentiary legislation is still doubtful.
Tbe committee worked all day Miinday
sod tin It work Humlsy night. Material
Items hare been agreed upon with some
success. The bouse bss as reed tu sdupt
tbe senate's financial policy.
Tbe limitation of the salary snd duties
of manager and length of time of work
Is tbe point sround which tbe battle Is tbe
Ceasldee Appoletsaeats.
Tomorrow morning tbe prison commis-
sioners and J. Khesli Williams sppolat-
menta will be considered in aenste ex-
ecutive session.
The committee msy withhold Its decision
until after the matter is settled. Liquor
regulatory measures snd blue sky Vglals-
tlon sre long-shot possibilities. Blue sky
bills sre special orders in tbe senste in
the morning but there Is s wide variance
bet ween the house snd senate measures.
Twe Men la AeteaaoMle. While Vtessaa
sod Baby Keeape.
sty The Attoeictei f'rrae
Cripple Creek. Col. Aug. 17 With its
driver killed by a bolt of lightning an
automobile hsai ins 1 wo women a baby
and another dead man. plunged un
guided down a ateep embankment on
a road north of Cripple Creek today
and hurtled over the side of tha hill
Neither of the women nor the haby
waa aerloualy Injured.
H W. 1.. I.- of this city and Oscar
Avery Wichita Tails. Tex. the men In
the party were Instantly killed while
they and their wives and the l.yle baby
were returning from a picnic party
near hare. Shocked by tha horror of
the tragedy neither of the women was
able to leave her seat In the rear of
the machine even after they observed
that the automobile was plunging wild-
ly with ths hands of a dsad man graap-
Ing the ateerlng wheel and ware car-
ried down the embankment in the
speeding ear.
My Th aseseleita' Press
Bait Lsxke City. I'tah. Aug. II. As
Zotte. featherweight boxer of Block -ton.
Cat . died here at 1 o'clock this
morning of peritonitis following three
operations. He was taken to the hos-
pital seven weeks ago. two daya after
a bout to a draw with Jimmy Walah
of Boston.
Zotte was II years old and had been
fighting two years having gained
quite a little prominence In feather-
weight clrclea here and along the
roast 1
Bl M.I I
The assactsted Press
Birmingham. Ala. Aug 17 Henry
Kmis ens peeled aa ens of the bandits
that bald up and robbed a train on the
New orleane and Northeasters railroad
ssar Hattleebnrg. Mis. tbe ntahi of
May 14 111! snd secured Ssl.ooe from
the Southern Bspreee oompauy aafe
waa captured b detectives sarly th la
morning near Carbon Hill. Ala He waa
brought here and placed la tall
. " TRAIN.
Si Ttt dssssisled Praal
Maresgo. la . Aag 17. Mrs. Krerelt H
Beeuisi wife ef aa lews sweaty ptuaeer
was lastastly killed sad Mr. Bsaaser ass
fatally lalarad a has the angles of their
sstssaaktle aval dead sa s Haa h Island
iallrad rosslag at La Ifcara seer bete
ssd wss strsK'fe by s Bess Island fast
stall trala aesl bound
A Io IT x.non MEN.
Federate Will Boy Three Tralnsnada of
Fnodatnfss Here Today and It
Won Id Be Rich knot.
There la some prospect that the
Federal provision trains due to leave
Juares todsy or tomorrow for Chi-
huahua will be attacked by the com-
bined forces of Villa snd Ortega near
nallegoa station on the Mexican Na-
tional. General Villa has moved his entire
force of 1.S00 1 'oust notionalist troops
from L Ascencion. where he has
been summering to El Valle In the
Cases Orandes district. Colonel Or-
tega. with the remnants of his Con-
stitutionalist column which waa de-
feated at Rancherla two weeks ago.
ts shto at El Valle and he will Join
hla force with the main column of
Villa broke camp at La Aacenclon
three daya ago according to reliable
authority. The motive of hla move Is
not known. Prom El Valle there Is
a direct road to the Mexican National
railroad station of Oallego through
the Carmen canyon a dlatance ef
about sixty miles.
Whether the Constitutionalist chief
will attnek the provision trains of tha
Federala under Colonels Romero and
Alberto Terraces which are due to
leave Jusrex for Chihuahua today or
tomorrow la a queatlon that the local
Junta won't answsr.
The Federal escort that probably
will accompany the trains will num-
ber about 1. 000 men. They have three
field cannon and numerous rapid fir-
ing guns.
Armistice st Torrenn Arranged hy
Foreign Consuls Saved Uvea
An armlatice to permit the Ameri-
cans and other foreign residents of
Torreon to flee to a place of safety
waa arranged between August t and
10 by the Fsdsrals snd ConsTItirflon
glials who have been battling for
the possession nf that city according
to an American mining man Who
reached Kl Paso yesterday.
The armistice waa arranged through
the Intervention of the foreign con-
suls In Torreon. The battle begun on
July 28 and aa there was heavy can-
nonading from both sides the Ameri-
can and foreign residents were In
constant danger. Whether the Amerl-
and foreigners had started for the
border or had retired to a point out
of the range of the battle the Ameri-
can could not learn.
The American was In Laredo on
Augtiat I. He aald that the Constitu-
tionalists were then In control of this
suburb of Torreon. They also had
taken Onmn Palaclo and the hull
ring In Torreon.
The Conatltutlonaliata had 14.000
troops In the attack on Torreon. he
stated. Colonel Tomaa ITrbina hnd
reinforced General Carransa with 9.-
000 men from Durango. The Federal
force waa estimated at 2.000 pten ac-
ii.r.ling to the American and they
had armed 4000 citlsen volunteers
I'rhlna'a men. who were In I.erdo.
told the American that General "Che
Che" Campoe a Federal volunteer
commander and a former commander
of Oral rebels had been taken
prlaoner by the Constitutionalists and
executed after they had ridden him
Ignomlnloualy around the campa on a
Is Secretary or llevolutJonary t.ov-
.111111 111 In State of Sonora.
Juan Banchex Ascnna formerly
private aecrelary of the late President
Madero of Mexico has been appoln -ed
secretary of the atate government
of Sonora under Governor Jose May-
torena. According to Federal advices
from Nogalea. Aacona aucceeded
former Secretary of State Kodrlgues
of Yucatan who was placed In that
position by the late Vice President
Jose Pino Buares of Mexico during
the Madero administration
Confirmation of the capture ..f
Dldler Masson the French aviator
and hla .isslstant. Captain Bauche
Alcaide of the Sonora elate forces bv
the Federals at Ouaymas haa been re-
ceived by the officials In Juarea
Messages received al ths Msxtian
consulate yesterday stated that 200S
Federal regulara had arrived at Em-
pallme by transport from Maaa tsn.
Increasing the Federal force in tha
Gunymas-Empalme district to be-
tween 760 and 00 men.
A battle between Sonora irops and
Fadarala last Saturday near Empalme
Is also reported In the Federal dis-
patches. The Federals claim that they
defeated and routed the revolution
Amca-tmn Miners Taking Huppllrw hy
OJIneaa In Old t aahtoiietl Way.
A wag n train carrying supplies
for the Altarado Mining A Milling
ompany and oilier American miners
at Parr.. II yeeterda) left Marfa H .
to make ihe trip up lh eafl..i
river valle.- The teams which
used to convey bullion from
I'nrral mines l h border a tf
days sgo sre hauling the p-i
and mining atipplie . to Parra'
The wa-o. iraln will eat r Md .
al Use por' oat j'asga Anuriia
are la vbarge of it.
Rich Diplomat's Wifo Plans
Lavish Entertainments Abroad
1 fl .llssssVLt
ate 1
PhllHdrlphlu Aug. 17 Mrs Kred-
erlc C. Penfleld wife of the new am-
bassador In Ausirtn is perhaps ihe
wealthiest among the new family of
diplomatic wives. Before she left
here with Mr. Penfleld for 1.0m It
was announced that she would enter-
tain on a lavleh scale In her embaaay
residence. Mr. Penfleld was former-
Wll.l. l' PRKSIIIFNT WII.I. pr:-
Uli M THi: I.AW-M Ahl.RH
Members Settle IIomh to t arn out
the Promises Made ..r Tiirlff
snil 'urr'ncy Reform
By 7 hr Aasociafrd Prret
Waehlnston. Aug 17 ll'onaress haa
yielded to the w ish of President Wilson
and sent home for their fall clothing.
The members are becoming reconciled
... ki..i-a vacation hones and are set-
Piling down m tariff revision and taking
up ciirrenev reform wnnoui onui..:
When the speclsl session Is ready to
adjourn lias oeaeed to be a topic of
With the currency bill still In the
Democratic caucus of the house Speak -r
Clark Issued a statement tonight
that the lilll will be ready to send to
the Henste early In September with
.olid Hemocrsflo support. Indlcationa
lhat ih senate I lemocrats Intend to
I make a bill of their own are Increaa-
I lug.
Tariff and erreney.
I Speaker ciurk In his statement as
srrted that the IiemiKrals In the Ba'l-
I ttmore convention promised tarirf and
currency reform The promlas to rs-
' vise the tsrlff downward he aald. was
1 practically an ho -ompllahed fact while
redemption of ihe currency promise "Is
! Just beginning "
' Hepirseiitstive llaary ssld thst slow
progress on ih. rurnsi ) ineaaui e was
natural In view of existing eavesi
The Bsltliiioif platform" Mr. Usury
saaerted "declared against Ihe Aldrh'h
bill an asset currency meaeure On
I lie W KtTMKK.
Bp The I " Presl
Waahlngton. Aug.
Wrst Tefaa. New
l Ul... ....I A 1 1. -
is rov efSM ss.se 1 r.ir u..i..
ets4 I nirj iess
1 tuiZT aval Of flea. I H
le- I M..ar Bureau
1 Tueadav
I Rl Paao. Tex . Aug.
11 s p. m. iiign
est lempsrature
laat it boars. Hi
lowest tempera-
ture laat 34 hours.
(( tainfall last 14
hnuis. as river
guage 4 a in no
water running
Tempeialere If J
1 luudy and alio
ly Mrs. Wnkeman-Walker anil was
considered one or I'hlladelphla'a
richest widows when Mr. Penrield
mnrried her n fee years ago. Her
winter entertainments here anil her
yearly miistcale in New York altraa-t-ed
mm h attenllon from society. It
is said Mrs. Penfleld's home .abroad
will lap the mecca of many society
folks during her residence there.
Friday. Mr L inlerwood f reel w admitted
that this Me uisdanlably provides for
ataet nirrtncy.
Practically ever) l.emociallc repre-
sentative now freely admits that Un-
derwood correctl) Interprets II.
ii.oi.or.nl Hesitancy.
' Most sssuredly. such being the
the Demici atlc repi esentstl ves r l.n
Itant shout embracing It aa now wiH-
ten. Thoae of us who are Insist. urf
that If this loiintry must go perma-
nently It ihe doctrfu- 01 aa 'I 'cur-
rency it should be fai - t" the farine.-
and ullow li 1 111 to tin" money b.ie.o
n his aasets anon Ihe same terma
Ihrongt wMch It is accorded to the
banker mi l coinmeriiall. t The fsrmer
and w-age earner should not lie over-
looked and will not be If they will
wnke up and domainl their rights."
The real battle over the .nakcup of
the currem hill will sskglg this week
with the consideration of tin- measure
in the Democratic house caucus under
what la known as the rive minute limit.
Tariff I naalderallon.
Tariff consideration pill be ejillvened
this week hy dlacufslon irf ihe sugar
scbediils. Hie chief bone of contention
In the tariff bill l.emo. ratio leaders
insist Hint the free aus"' piopoaal will
I ai ry despite rumors of possible dc.-
I factions front the party standard Hen
atora Kans'ieii ami mormon or i.ouis-
tana will vote against the administra-
tion schedule but the leaders do not
fear that any western senators will
support any proposed amendment. Sen -alur
Simmons chairman of tha finance
committee hellevt-a lhat the fight un
augar should not take none than two or
thiee days and that rree wool should
be disposed of In aa short a tune
The lubby iliv estlgstlona w ill con-
tinue In both house and senate thla
I laytwa rede" lis la.
The presenlstlnn of . 1 e. Initials of
Itepresenlativr CtsylOD appointed by
Governor O'Neal of Alabama will be
presented this week They will he re-
ferred to the commutes on privileges
and elections to determine whether
they are egosp tabls under tha seven-
teenth constitutional amendment
om ah ran
loee or gJisli.mMi end Three Firemen
Report! l Intnl.. I
Hy The I. ..!.. I J'xaa .
omaha Neb. Aug. 17. A loss uf
:- and three in n injured
was the result or 11 fire nesr Ihe hesrt
or ihe business district tonight which
hreatened a whole business block
and brnnght out moat ir the local
f re depart un nt Ctiptuln John V.
Kngle was the most seriously hurt or
the ftresnen Me knocked from
a ladder and sustained a fractured
The fire was Ihe result of spon-
taneous tnibustlon In the rear of
llurgeaa-Oranden company an alec
trlcal and gas flxluie hsuse. between
Fifteenth snd Mlsleenth street on I
Sj g -
iui.i.i si cm or us hk.i-
..I Shield" olM on Fl Paau .flrr
lii-l-. tb'ii rrmn un.
Col. H. H. Mhlrlds. autom.. billet
globe Iro ler and pi 01m tar of out-
door amusements. Is at ths hotel Paao
dsl Norte Col Bhields who Is here
in the !rft real f the J Mi I. 1 com
bined shoes. Is much enthused over
llreater Kl Paso which he Meeed
Ironi a iiioioi car vrsterday
r. lags 11 la sural) he I iggesi rlly
01 us sise in the world." declares Col
Shields Ills last vlelt here waa is
in lobar llll with the Harsum and
l'alls clli Hi
Bolts From Grounds as Keeper Opens
Gate for Milkman Enters Waiting
Automobile and is Whirled Out of
By The i . .... '..i : Prent
Mattewan N. V. Aug. 17. Harry
K. Thaw. Ihe slayer of "tanford
White escaped from the hnspltiil for
the crlmln.il Insane ' 7:4. o'clock thla
morning. A dart for liberty through
an open gate 11 dash into the open
door of a powerful automobile that
a ood waiting outside and a flight
like a rocket for the Connecticut suite
line thirty miles away accomplished
hla escape.
Pi-.. Iinl.lv Olllallle Slate.
Tonight he Wag still at liirge and
the hnapltsl authorities felt certain
he was nuislde the atate. Once be-
yond Its boundaries Thsw la free.
Only long perhaps years of litigation
can bring him back and then only in
one event -that he be adjudged In-
sane In the atate 10 which be has fled.
Hail Five ( onrederates.
Five conrederates manned the car
In which Thaw escaped and a big
black limousine which trnlled .past
Ihe asylum gate. The police huve
their licensee number and the names
under which they registered a a
local hotel Prldsy night and are seek-
ing them. The hotpltnl authorities
bejieve Thaw has fled to the shore of
I. "tin Island Hound anil boarded a
yscht waiting with steam up n rush
him to Europe.
Reward of vm
A rewnrd of tr.OO fur Thaws ap-
prehension been offered by Ir.
R K C. Kelb. superintendent of the
asylum; Howard II. Barnitm the at-
tendant at the ga'c past whom Thar
riashed In his break ror freedom. Is
under arrost nnd other nrrests are ex-
pected to follow in the rigid Investi-
gation begun bv lir. Kelb.
Inmales (.cuing Seetiml sleep
The shades were drnwn In the dor-
mitories tnd the inmates were getting
their second sleep when Thnw left his
room this morning. Ma was fully
tressed The milkman's cart whs
rumbling on the road outside "its he
walked through the storeroom and
Int.. the outer court at the grounds.
Barnuin. role Attendant Bl the road
gate was pacing buck and forth when
d Ihe storcro
door be-
in. I
ipparcn ly did not
unce of Thaw's curly
grasp the slgnlfl
'linu Was a Trusty.
Years of residence at the asylum
nnd repealed ' declarations of Thnw
that he would not attempt to obtain
his freedom except by tcgnl mesne
had established h madman's status us
a "trusty. ' There was little out of
Ihe ordliinry In his appearance even
st so sarly an hour in the court) urd
and If Rurnitni saw him he raised no
rpiest Ion.
I .oiifeil Mimg It.. 1. 1
.A e?x cylinder Inuring car of slx'y
horsepower followed by a limousine
loafed along the road as the milkman
drew near Ihe gate. Thnw standing
a few reet away apparently uncon-
cerned. A.iited until It. 1 mini unlock
ed the gate nnd swung It wide to
1e the mil k in. 1 n enter. At the same
momen the two cars drew up "n the
further side of the rood opposite the
gste mil stood still their engine!
throbbing As llnrniini stepped nslde
ror the milkman 10 drive inside the
grounds he heard the gravel crunch
beneath Thaw's feet and looking up
saw the madman flash pat him.
straight ror one or the walling cars.
With a shout Barnuin started In pur-
suit but 11 frying leap landed Thaw
-1M1 within the car The wheels
had ralrly reached the roudpai They I
were throwing up a cloud r dual be-
fore he hail gone twenty feel lmwu
the roadway Ihe cars sped In a whirl '
Ing cloud of dust tha nulckly blotted J
them from sight. For s moment
Barnuin shaded hla eyes with his j
hands and watched them. then with
This Is Just
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as several preaa runs will be neceasary it is linpeiatlve that orders he sent In
now Rut here's the way Mr. Johns feels about II:
Ijis Crnces. New Msg Aug. ISth. till.
Times. Circulation Department.
El Paao. Texas.
Enter my order tor -'! extra 1 iplrs on day you Issue tile Thirty -Third
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Mr. Business Man
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In two more daya the special subscription offer of the Times will expire.
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This Is Yale Pennant Week
the first great blot on his career of
twenty years of keeper he dashed
madly hack Into the grounds snd
locked the gste.
l.iilciiiso til.es Mann.
"Thaw's gone escaped" he shout-
ed bursting Into Or. Kelb'a presencs.
and in a moment the bunt was on.
Th. great black esr flashed like a
thunderbolt through Btormvlile. ten
miles east or Mat ten in. along the
n.ad in the t'onneetlrul line. F.nrlr
risers In the little hamlet saw three
men snd Thaw crouching low to
escape the sweep of their rush
through the ntr. They were going
seventy miles an hour Ths were
ten minutes nul or Matteawan.
Btormellle marvelled at their speed
and watch them melt awny In the dust
i f the state road.
I.lmonslne lart Behind.
The limousine had been lefr behind.
At th .. 1 at which the black car
travelled through Htormvllle he
should hae reached the state line
wl'hln half an hour.
Telephoned Police.
Barnum'e breathless declaration at
the asylum brought Dr. Kelb to his
feet like a pistol shot. Within a mo-
ment he waa standing at the tele-
phone and as Barnum poured the
story Into his ear repeated It over tha
wire to police headquarters.
Matteawan became ihe center of a
widening ripple of telephone and
telegraph alarms aa Dr. Kelb attemp-
ted pursuit.
I'lirsiiil Was HoveJcs.
He might as well have tried to
chase a twelve-Inch shell. The ten
minute start the powered car in
w hich Thaw made his start the near-
ness of the I'onnrcticut state line to-
ward which Thaw was speeding and
Ihe Inferior power of the pursuing
csrs militated against him and mads
the chase hopeless Five minutes
ride awny he met William Flannlgan
u liveryman
sivl Ullce an Hour.
"I saw Mm." Flannlgan ahouted.
"He was near Fishklll village
and going slxtv miles an hour. I saw
him coining snd Just had time to
crowd my horses over to one side of
the road he would have hit me sure
Just let hi 111 keep going he will
bleak his tiecls sure."
Flannlgan said he recognised Thaw
In the back aeat
...n. Fp mgrr '
lr. Kelb recognising the futility of
Ihe chase returned to Matteawan
The county authorities telephoned
to points in the eastern part or tha
county. None or the towns near tha
stale line however was aide to gtvo
an) Information about the two cars.
The lsst definite news was from
I in. Routes 1 lM II
After Thaw left Htormvllle he had
two routes open to the Connecticut
atate line one by wav of Luddlngton
armel and Brewster lu Mill Plains
five miles beyond Hrewater. Tha
other a was hy way of PawlinsT
I . 1 lie state line. The latter way hi
the best road ror an automobile. Tha
road by Hrewater would have taken
him over a rough country part or tha
way and would have been more liable
to have caused his halt by telephone.
Just before lliewnler Is reached how-
ever there Is a back road leading to
the Connecticut state line and whloh
would hevc taken him away from all
observation until the Connecticut Una
was reached Which road he took no
one knew.
left I. ale Oisen.
According to the account given hy
Dr. Kelb. when Barnum opened the
gate to allow the milkman to enter
he let it remain open and so far .a
Kelb could judge had quietly stood
by and allowed the prisoner to wallc
out. It was impoaalhle to obtain aa
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