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Friday. January 30. 1914
Peculiar After Effects
of Grip This Year
Lmvbs Kidneys in Weakened
Donor In nil part of the country
have bn kept busy with the epidemic
of (rip which ha vHlte J no many
horn Th aymptom of grip thla
yoar ar often very distressing and
leave the system In a run down condi-
tion particularly the knlnrv which
m to suffer moat an almoat ' iiry
victim complalna of lame hack and
urinary trouble which should not be
neglected aa theae dancer sdgna In often
lead In dangerous kidney troublaa.
Ivrugariet report a large aale on Dr
Kilmer Swamp ltoot which o many
people My aoon li--.il and etrrngth-
ena the kidney after an attack of
grip. Swatnp-Koot la a irreat kidney.
liver and bladder remedy nnd l
an herbal compound ha a ge
healing efect on the kldneyn. hlch
la almoat immediately noticed In moat
oases by those who try It. fir. Kilmer
aV Co. Rlriglimnton. N. Y .. offer ti
wend a (ample -.Ire bottle of Swnmp
Hoot on receipt of ten cent to every
sufferer who reriueet It A trial will
convince uny one who may be In need
of It Ilegular else bottlea iOcla. and
11.00. For aale at all druggists. He
euro to mention this paper.
C. OF C.
(Continued Prom Page One.)
ao ergsiilsstlon Ire from political Id
riuence. with the welfare of the city at
heart aol ibal n ha oumi nut Ha policy
In an ahie manner.
U 1 were i i. -i.l i t of the I'liauiher of
lornraer. . M said "and I eti
ime day I would haie all iha members
solicit Ibe a - - of poll tai. The pay
luent of poll lun i the beat sdvertl-
meut any cliy can Batata Dallas and
Houston arc Raja engaging In n (real deal
of rivalry over Hlihh eft) will havo tb
largest number of poll token paid and
a prise haa tx-ru offered fur l be one
ekowtug in.- lamest uuuiixr of pull las
buyer. Many person say ehey don't
pay tbelr poll laaea because i .-- mmr
hate lo aervc on a Jury. Well If I could
find a man who Ima (hit i lew lu regard
lo psylug hla poll tax I would have a
depuiy m.crjff rlalt him tomorrow and aee
ibal he nerved ou I he Jury for a week at
Report at I enaoiitteea.
The report of ibe i.llrlng flounce com.
mil Ice allowed lost when It weal Into
office ou .lair 9 rtU t found sb on
iniioiini or i:t.i . rng
cennagloa of tat t r
a mis It hud ou hand
come riven the women who are proud to
ne win you tonight I wbv ite..iigh.
could pave been Dreem when aonie in
liepid member proposed Thin Innovation
and lo have beard the protest and the
''it. etpressed II (be mere snggestlon of
our Invasion. To ftt the women t place
ti me Chamber of i.ommerrt banquet to
k them even lo apeak an enter In wedge
In wonnn's suffrage.
"Rever fear. genilewin. wj may not be
more snvloiis or willitig lo eerrle Hie
franrbiae when It doe come come It
mint than the young colored woman who
went to the polH In Denrer to register
You all know that woman vote In Colorado
The orrntil In rharre. after ahe had nn
healklliiigly answered Ih question t lo
name occupation and even age asked
'And whai party do you affiliate with
" 'What's dat?' ahe silri taken ahack.
"'Tell me whai party you affiliate with.'
" 'Hoes I have to frit dat?'
'Ve. the law prescribe it.'
" 'Well. If I hat to tell de name of de
party I affiliate wit. you better trrttrh
name nff'n dat Mat. lor': He am I
even done got hla divorce yet.'
troaa a Ha's Viewpoint
To. liae requeued me lo nay t few
words on civic Improvement tonight a
aubject of vital inlereat to til ill Hiving
a kid i woman I take It Ihal you wint
the woman i viewpoint; ror when we lake
our place to work shoulder to shoulder
with you. we ihouid not try lo duplicate
your efforts hut tn lirint lo Ih work II
experience gamed In our woman training
the lien of the bemtlful and r
rti-uc that seem to be our heritage to
a greater degree than votiri also our con
aclttMletll appllrition lo detail often lick
Ing In him who figure with large thing
of service J
.ST7 41 having apent durln
mourn Sn.l. a. ....
let-elpt uud upeuditurea fulio
v wan on hand Jan. 2J 1J13
Mcnbrhlp fee
i'li-H Truiflu department .
Ja Aple fund .......
Lum ;.coi a '...." .
Trade trip Ml. a .
Trudc irlp ins "'
I' U KttiK. in' Aaaii. budKet
'. It. A. budgtut aundnea.
' I!. A. it. budget
i hot nl it ip
AipiM n-.iuu Mottratoti. . !
bale of dak
Suit c.r a)et tii full ( k ' ' '
fcipuciail debit utcount.
the i vi i
d tttlllu of
t I u u
2.01 1.70
u 100.60
10 00
10 oo
Traffic bureau
I HI I I.. Mil !
luricheona . . .
Advertlaln . .
1 1
rradi trip itis
t'uttie Huiaera' Ann. Hund.
t attle Halm ra' Aean. budget.
at. Ull enlargi-ttieiit
Aniarlllo trip
Tradt- excuralon
Sun ii
Alplnu trade excumlnn . .! .
Tcxaa flood auff.rera
Caah on bund Jan. 23 It it!
1. 2117.81
240 20
00. 20
1204 h.r
. IIMtl.tl
It- btllea Talka.
Ihe toaalinaater then iniroduccd V.
' H'llc. retiring pMaldTOt of the
hiiiuber of uommercb who made u
brief but Intoroattng uddreaa. In pit
ho aald:
Ladlca and gentlemen: There Ii
taat diriereiue between the meeting
.ou.gn .no ma una n.-u ( yr ug
when the prcaenl retiring ufflcera and
... oircctura were Juat coml
iiiu "out. iitin me trie ling wan ut-
vnnoea oy niii. teen men. Thl audi
ence of 100 or mure ahowe the up
waro trenci of the work of the chain-
Inr of .-ommerce during thla period
biiu io ngr iv. iteovea the re
lary largely belong the credit. I
waa hla Id n to Invite the ladle lo tin
banquat tonight and when he tuld mi
hla Mew 1 readily agreed to co-ou
eralo with him to do whut I could to
maau inc evening one that Would
pranao ine mama.
'The retiring official of the cham-
ber of commerce hivve actompliahed
much for th advancement of tin
city. Th school of Mine alone I the
big thing which w hoped to have defi-
nitely arranged (or but which for
varluug reaaon. we could not and
nut leave It to the Incoming officer
1 want to thank the member of the
board of director. Claiborne Adam
and Kobert Krakauer especially for
th co. operation they gave m during
uiy time uf office."
Mr. Olga Kohlbe-rg' Adder
Mra. olga Kohlberg wa then Intro-
duced by Judge Jackaon who paid a
high intMit to her and Ihe Women of
:i Paao for their civic pride In the
city. Her atMr wa on "i'ivm- Ad-
vkuceuient." and in part ahe aald:
"Mr. luiliulir. ruiea am gentlemen
I ituuik the totiunitirr lor Hie kindly wel-
"I'lillly mil effic.ehrv I hen
watchwqrd of Ih latt decade; Deiuty inr
liirinony nhonld be the cry now. nrt ao
not think tint biuly ii In llieif eipen
vlve; the heniliful vtruciure need not con
one cent more thtn the ugly one. It I
more often over decoration tint offend
rather than almpllclly.
s tllrarllvenrv a tsaet.
II ihoaM encourage the promoter of
beauty to realize tint with a town aa with
a man altractivene lirint forltin; th
he i lean city nd the beautlftil clly mean
not nl Hie grallflrtllon of Ihe aenlhetl
icnne. hut are a gicit comiuerclil met
IM beauty pay 1 1 it Itidicates a live pro
gremve town mrrr-nn property viluei
onuequrnily ippeiln to the pracllcil mind
ed ai much lo Ih lover of Lenity
in the erection ol mtintcipil huiiilints
riionumenU lei u ii-teu lo the vole
of thou piepired t judge by Inlnlng and
ipcrlence mil aii' li horrori u the cleve
land .squire bind laud fortunately now
tumbling to plecea. mil such rldirulou
fieiki II the i.erinan Mock cut of I Herllu
i ..enrakei - iiiprentlia at Ih mile or the
it) hall -to worth or painted Iron would
not .b-rigute our public places.
It mild Rrolrlrl llrlght of Hulldlnf.
We have building ordlntnrei of for
n. ! able length. Ho they contain any ciauie
rtrtrtcllRl tn height or bulldlnri I
turlei or eight it the ulinont iliouitl be
lie limit In i city of Ihe ilio of n
Tmperlty H not ineimtretl by the nuintjer
of Motlex. Heyoiid the aeventli floor
building la nul prolltabl In uur city. Th
charm of Pari or of llerlln lies In ii.cir
hliinonloita iky line in the exploitation
inaguirirent vlaias that no edifice higher
lhau all iturlna illowed to uur.
Hew klrrrta Are Marred.
"Kven mure offemlve thin the ikyicrip
era are the apariuient huiiaea Ihal liave
lately begun lo dUrigiiPfc our nelllel rei
deuce atreeti I v forcing their huge bulk
to the line or the aldewilk. It ihere no
ordinance to prevent Hilar prohibit Ihe
jutting out of line of llie building per
hip beiullftil In tlieiiiaelve but muring
beyond iep.ni -iteci of pretty liwin and
Clly Mukl He Clean
"To allaln Hie city beautiful we BiuM
in ; have Hie clly clem. II value rrom
commercial nlitidpuiul aa well as rrom
that ol ihe hoinekeeper cannot be over-
eallniated. ihe clean illy means aavitig lo
the liousewir and lo Ihe alorrkeirper lias
wear and leir on rurnlililngs ami mer-
Blktadiia less Illness. Ihus reducing the
COtl 01 li lug. Well kepi pirks mil pliy-
giuunda ire desirable not only benny
spots but cm bn undo Urge conlrlbutura
to il iieulih mil morals of Hi chlldrrn
and of Hie whole CottUnUnlly. rbM uur
re III i Inge uieasoie womm v
queilliiiis they inert whit has been
tilled 'wumin's prlliult sphere' ilio
home. We ate ready lo do our share in
Ihe task of sotting them -in making our
PI 10 mote clean more beatilirul.
loiuus. Miali we work lugeilier.
c htleiiicn ;'"
QctVtWWtr .tlclionalil Talk.
iioMrn.it W. K. McDonald of New
Mexico wus the nrxt epeuker of the
eiilng inlrodiic.rd by I lis- toaatmamei .
In ripening hi addroa he atalvd thai
lllul often I cell Invited lo uildrces
dinner given by the Kl 1'aao Chattvoar
I i oinmerce but had declined them:
not becauae he did not ilelre to vhslt
Kl I'aao for which be aaid lie Iiuh a
f nul love but In euuae ha did not like
to deliver addritauita. He taled that
hi relation and those of New Mexlc.i
With Kl i'aao were alway friendly nnd
agreeable and that he liked very much
lalt the city and intiiule with th
people he knew and liked ao well.
Ihe .New Mexlio atktc executive Huld
hi ilrei vilt to Kl Paao'waa twenty-
foUr year ago when he waa then out
on the rauije and lint eince that tl
he haa made frequent visit here. N
Mexico lit- Mini ha a dlret I !hlrl
In Kl 1'uao. nnd lliat Ihe intereeta of
both an related ill many waya. Th
buiinena interert of New Mexico are
it. accord with thoe of Kl I'au and
r-eili line a in. ii purpONe the u
bulldlna of Ihe greui tsoulhweal.
I I I'auwi I hi i With New Mexican
The spanker dated that New Mexico
laid eiti nn to many ol Kl 1'aao'a moat
ucoaful Dualne men among them
being f elix Martineg. Jaipe u. M
Nary Joihua Kaynold and othri
Uovernor McDonald aald that many of
tn eaat rexua cttie did not appro-
i Irgti Kl I'aao and that he hoped eome
day that the I'aaa i ity and it Immedi-
ate outlaying territory would become
a part of New Mexico. Th bualncw
inlereat of one are th butlnea In-
tereeta of the other he uid. and both
Ihouid work together.
The banking and currency bill waa
then taken up by the atate executive
and he mated that be recently cam a
vot fur Bl Paao in a tight ihe faaa
City wao making for soineilung he
knew would benefit the city and at
th aahn lime would not injure New
I bonding the Weat.
The epeaker paid a high tribute tt
the new currency bill which ha id.
wa the moat draatlo and at th isiiu
Jim the moat beneficial leglMatlon for
... .ii iinini or th grent aert that
ha been enacted by the national con-
"r many year. There will h
no repetition of Ihe panic of 10
oner me new law and revision
law the (Maker ait
The southwest I interested In rodd
ouiioing. the speaker aald. "and th
Inlereat of New Mexico are In an orrl
TVina ni rounly. bordartn on K
i so county. In d Inr her h..e
work. Kl I'aao ahonlit fr.ra.l thai ah
. r" " nd help New Mexlc
in mm w ork. If vou dnn'l I I. en w ha
tourlit come through the northern
ectlon of our atate w cannot aend
.?.m 0"r h aouthern rtiufe through
Kl Paao to Ih Pacific.
The Railroad Problem
"Nest toth currency mil ih ra
ri.Hd problem I the next big one that
unitro mate. i mink
that at your lat meeting you had
sr.mewiiat or a dlcualon on railroadi
from what I read In the newapaper
naiiroao are touay not able to rail
money wiin which to continue ihe
oeveiopment. But when a valualli
that la fair for th railroad and fa
tor the people I etabllhed then the
ranroau problem will be solved
fair railroad valuation eaaentiat
"I believe that the fault of Ihe ltu
Hon lll.it confront the railrnalla I. I
I wnh th financial management Th
iinarwiai managcnierit I believe I
blame. Watered etock have proven
inorii in ine Htae of ruilroiid devclo
ment. At one time railroad controll
the commerce of the I'nlted Htnte
almoat dominated the law that we
enacted by It lejtlalatora But thing
nave tniLgrti. una wlille Ihe peitpl
are now In Ihe eaddle. I think the peo
Pie of the country are willing to meet
ine ranroaa half way In any propoal
uon mat i even halfway right.
I iimls Prraldent Wllaoii.
rreldent Wlleon ha been crltlctae
tu a great extent for hi tand on th
Mexican nltuatlon. 1 firmly believe
mat hi xtand Ii one that I right and
JUKI vve miiHt trut In him
Uovernor McDonald concluded hi
addle by pa;. Ing a tribute to the tu
ple of Kl Paao for their enterprise an
civic pnac.
Minstrel Show
hollowing the concluelon of Go
rnor Mclionuld'a addrea the Gridiron
mlnatrel how waa ntagerl The event
opened with the Ringing of thai e
popniiir favorite "Dixie." The mem
bei of the troupe were hidden behind
a trKe American flag that draped the
front of the rtage nnd while they Ran
the opening aunt colored light were
thrown on the flag which presented
novel color acheme. '
BHPflirH th mil
apywMrwirexew ti.th..i wW.Aclm
aV RarewMaw aadrtiai "S.rfU' r. .r 1....
in coNVtJnnrT it Ap tu ruum at au btuoccm
r waw -gt mmtrt raw
When the curtain w;i rung up the
burnt cork arllal seiel In .1 circle
Juat a Lmw Docktader Prlmruae an
the other mintrel men opened the
fiiinou "flrt part" Ui the long ugo
opened their turn ynth a aerie of
.lakes. Norman Walltcr waa the Inter
oi-olor and hi troupe of "bone" and
"taiiibo was made up of Kdward
Perry and- E. I.. Horn end men
'harllo Hranu Kobert Page und It. rV
Sherman. All pluyt-d their rolea like
eal profcmilonulsj and each drew an
ore from the audience. It waa one
of the het feature yet given In con
nectlon with the chumber of commerce
Union ItliprnoillllteM hi My.
The work of f'harlte Brann In Im
pet iiuk Mayor Henry Kelly wh
wu u late arrival at the dinner evoked
much merriment ami cuuacd tho city
executive to Join In the laughter
Is- Impi iHonated noveriil nlir prom
ni EH rue .una In hi nital witty
manner. Harris: with hi amuin
until' wag tha "Honey Boy" Kvuna of
the troupe.
Tinker Proven a h'tar.
Juat a the mlnxtrel show waa con
eluding it turn Kdward L. Tinker at
tired In evening drcas high hat an
carrying a cane with hi hair hangiu
down hla forehead daggered from hi
chair In a corner of the hall near
.here Mayor Kelly aat and yelled
No Henry Kelly you can't atop me
Let me go." He then staggered out to
he front of the atugc und pointing hi
cane at Norman Walker aald: "Wal
ker thl show can't go on without u
ance by me. Vou know I always dance
at mlriMlrcl nliow here
fulling pin would have Mounded
like it cannon eliot. Kvcryone thought
thut tho Safety Flrat man hud aboard
un uxcesa loud of mixed drink ao well
did ho pluy hla part. Then when the
audience reullxed that he wu doing hlg
turn they gave him un ovation.
SiuiiKiTlng lo the platform he did a
dance thut added to the popularity of
hi ... i with the audience m all the
minstrel ghow wa otic that would do
credit lo the profenlonal burnt cork
A Voire From llrnil
"Tea -1 mi or ihe Souihweit" wu the
toast responded to by Wlllard t. Holt Me
rcury of the chamber of Commerce of
laming V M. He slid In pirl
"It Is ilwiys i pleisurv lo touch elbows
with men who hive ideas lirger thin my
own mil it is nut n ill rtirriruli in this
greater Southwest' to find iniuy mcl
men speaking or Ihe spirit or the Sou Hi
west II sU'lkei nil Hull this greit n
city and my home city of lieiiiing repre
rut to very eminent degree the genuine
pint of Hill portion or Uncle Sun s do
Caatpllneat II) r Kelly
"The spirit or Ihe turn who trie this
ban pu i boird aim who invo iu a few
veirs aiirn led the bait cltisenshtp of all
th utiles ind hive here bunded a modern
city with all that the nun implies most
surely eiempliriea the beat spirit thai cm
he shown it my point or the compisa John
I'urroy Mllrhal. imyor of hew York could
learn of Henry kelly how In run I city
wiiIkuii grin or bosioii could leirn how
lo make i clean town. Dudley Fliid Mi
lone ruuid tilk with profit wun our Zacl
Limir cobb. I don't mean talk on par
wnh our Zach because ne is one of the
sitter longued union or t lie golden west
Ella I'lagg Young could talk with profit to
ntriilf and tha educational mteretia or our
neighbor on the likes 11 lb the progriilv
ind ru fifhted lupei ititendeni of your tiiy
ichools. HI is I goou mm lo ligho to
ind it'i a einch thil sutler ud clemeiiu
wmiid be tnlgbtlly it borne lu Herald
Ueuid Vara his If
"ir i au.. knirkertmcicr could navi
bean loin tbil in Ik year A. r. itt tagi
ims nelloa of lb great Aiuerlci ue.art
would eipeud mis yar lq public improve
uienia M.000.0M. It would hive reused him
lu expcriaine a ihock itrongar thtn ih
I MO wall hdlighii rr in leu lo at i recent
meeting of this body slid I think eveo now
ll Hi okl gentlMDin should get in touch
wltfe tb kl !' chauiber vf Couuuero
It would make I :i. do the OOt over I I
in his prMiil narrow nouM. And I b
Hi U n could gee lb Mai reception
rery morning it my how chamber or
coiuwerc it would make him ut ereel ud
take oine sour.
Amaica t Kl Pe' ( I roll
"I nn avniied tin! this city u loet with
eomplcenry on doMn rvolulloni going
e alt at ence. and net alio a n to turn
batr r check Hi onward niarcb of prog-
rat. very nine Juvei fail a new sky
scraper goes up la SI Paao. or tn peopj
headat-hr or una atoxttt
mean Jnggteh Urnr and
Get a 10-cent box now.
Furred Tongue. Bad Txurte. Indlgea-
m. Mallow Skin and Miaerable Head-
he come from a torpid liver and
clogged bowela. which caint your
itomach to become filled with undl
gemed food which our and ferment
like garbage In a (will barrel. That'
the flrat tep to untold mlaery Indl-
getlon. foul gaaee bad breath yellow
kin mental ream everything that la
horrible and nauseating. A Caaoaret
to. night will give your eonatlpated
bowel a thorough rleamrlng and
t might en you out by morning. They
work while you lep a 10-cent box
from your druggist will keep you
reeling good for month Million
men and women take a Cascaret now
and then to keep their stomach liver
and bowel regulated and never know
miserable moment. Don't forget
tne children their little tnsldee need
a good gentle cleansing too. Adver
ote ruir i million bonds for om nw
pun in building and I want to say to you
rn goon neighbors that where you erect
martdflcent school buildings. iplendla
nurcnei temples representing the differ
em rnternal orders ind mijesttc building
ror the bousing of public office ind pub
record! Ihit place is a life place to
more Into ind It Is mighty good place
10 mviie your best friends to come lo.
K Boosters la th Caal.
On fhe detd my friends I never tin
a genuine real dyed In the. wool. Ilve-wtre
booster east or the Mississippi river; tne
lust simply can't grow there-the climate
won I permit II. New York city hai one
fourth larger populillon Hun ihe whole
tile of Texi combined and vet you could
pui Hie whole blooming It original ititas
Inside the litter's borders and only pirt
of Virginia mil South an. Una would stick
out. You could pick up eight or those
'tte- mil chuck them Into .tew Mexico
stut governor Mciiomld and his people
could mil be doing business on the side.
t nlles Cities and States.
"The aplrlt of the southwest unitei ctllas
nd slalei for one common purpose wu
neu Hie fact Hut Demlng layi to McAdoo:
go where El I'iso goes.' New Mexico
nd Anion ny to Weil Texts: . 'We
The spirit of the Southwest mines with
the steitn shovel insieid of with the pick.
It turns mountains of ? per cent ore into
copper instead of monkeying with the
bowel! of Ihe eirtlt mile underground.
II harnesses rivers ind holds flood! In lub-
Jeetion tn lis will. II tips the underflow
inn brings up witer where It cinnot be
brought down.
Is Interesting to know thgt hew
Mexico wis practicing irrigation three cen-
turies before one C. Columbus Esq. rot
hold of the queen's Jewelry ind sold 11 to
buy i boit. ind so we ire not really new
it Hi gun but we ire Just an Improved
edition of an old prim and believe m.
we are sure printing some edition up
our wy.
Pomp h the Trilnloid.
Pumping machinery used to be shipped
into Iteming by the carloid now It comes
by Hie trilnluid. and when Ihe Elephant
untie is completed they win have enough
reserve power to pump all the water In
every valley contributory to tne riss city
Talk about indent sturr Sinta Fe wu a
more or leu populoui town when Mount
rinklln wis i hole In the ground (with
apologies to Miyor Corbett of lieiiiing
I nollced that other day mil Miner or
the 101 rinrh. wis down ind bought iboul
half the equipment of Ihe federil irmy.
don't know what he wauled of It. but I
believe If I hid been here I would hive
sold Ihe whole works of lluert ind Villi
nd then idvertlied for i mm Hut cm
run the Job and mike success of It.
Diirylng l Drniag.
You know my fricndi 1 like to live tn
a country where the milk of humut ltrl
nM will pae th Inspection of th dairy
and food nl a and sa liking about
milk reminds m ihit Hi boird of dlree
tors of Ih lasmtng t.hamlier of r.oirrmeree
the first of this week pad resolution
that every firmer who waald put in an
ipntwved silo and plant Has nreasry crops
for ensiiag would a saanaa a
110 In appreciation of Ms good sens. That
It th kind of spirit that th
lei elot.s -ei eryhody want to
body else succeed is we all realise that
we are In pirtnershrp with th producer
of raw material ind only is he prosper i
can profit by the co-partnership
Whai I anal Wilt Ho
The saint of th Moiithwesl Is sending
freight by prcl post thinks lo our friend
liiilogusj. ind our muruai mend wiison.
who gave him the Job and sly friend
when tloethali gets that Pnm rinil in
running order you will are the gregtesi
Influx of Intelligent population Into our
section of the country thai II baa ever
known Th one who hive had good
setiM are ilready bare but when the in
flu eome w ire sure to get tb cream
or what Ii ien
CMfrctalst El Pas.
"I heartily eongrsiulsM Ihe spirit of Kl
Plo In plmnlng ror i greater rlty in net.
mignincenl metropolis. Tour Mess bou
levird will be pride lu the whole South-
west ind your clein civic condition! will
be the admiration or a continent
1 hose Present
rollowlng were among those present
the dinner:
Or. ind Mrs. H. T. Hifrord
Dr. ind Nn. t. II. Irwin
Hr. ind Mrs. Branch crilge
Dr. Paul Uallagher
Messrs and Mesdamei
Robert Pag
E. O. Perry
sVL. Ely
H. V. Kills
II. It siccus
It. n Abes
V. P. Sirford
V.'B. SIHes
C II. Ilnley
J. A. Dick
C. B. Slarnbmiti
. P. Welslger
Hy M. Walker
S. Aronstein
U J. Kohlberg
C. K. Morse
II. It. Ulmble
Oeorg ctirrj'
Hani- Walthall
E. P. Kepley
Oeorge h. Hyin
E. M Bny
). V. Biwllngi
elide r. Holmes
t. W. Sewird
Practlct Limlttd ts the Treatment of Rupture. Rectal Chronic
Ktrvout Blood and Privitt Diseases
orricn in tub oTrTRtrktrr.
W ether doctor la Kl Pare in pre red to glr
tb high el personal medleal care and ittentrnn w
do lnretlgt. Kseret ts t la se-
lecting yur doctor yo wruld I y oiher trartaas
He of IsiMrtaaca. few will stand tb teat w srlll
he Htlsfled with tb malt. W r tb eslr H-
rlallat la Ih City wb hare hen her log enengh
to establlah their perraaaeccT. It ho-i.i h an eay
tier to decide between temnorarv Ira cell ne darter
llfaallT located Kneclallata of reenanlaaul .tan.1l. . .kin..
" inuvsssii issm incsirii iichs WITHOUT 4
' rATt-rjEat". TO CURB.
Our Motto: Proeapt care for reaaonnhle feea.
Oer Reference: Bank and leading hoaln sses of Kl Pass
Office Hears: ss. to T p. as. Sundaya 10 to 1
International Specialists
tl Meek pll RA Qnula Bamk. IU ate. a Ave. Ut ra
C. It. Steven!
lieorge Franklin
A. I. Slrayer
W. h. Brown
A. P. Avertll
Hon E. Bryio
t W. Pirkar
a. It. Thomas
W. K. Ilurxthil
W. H Scbuti
Hy Welirb
W. P. Stuart
W. B. Ulirdob
U. A. Martin
Din M. Jackson
Hy B. Willis
Oeorge B. LeBtron
H. J. Tlghe
Claiborne Adams
I. A. Wright
J. 1. Mundy
C. C. McDunild
Hirry Burwell
Z. L. Cobb
Many Women Sufferers Call
To See Dr. Young.
Surgical Operations Unneces
sary Dr. Young Cures
Without the Knife.
Misses -
Nettle L. Bow land
Lillian McCricken
Vlviin Heed
. Hecord
J. M. .Mark;
Melda Connolly .
Ilatue Mac Loved
v J. Kohlberg of
Chirles Bnnn
H. k. Sherman
E. A. Thllenui
C. B. WUon
A. Ireland
ti. A. Harrington
8. J. Freudenthal
Roy D. BiSum
P. E. Kern
Jasper Wooldridge
R. E. Tbomisou
Thornton Hirdie
Archlhild Uorutin
John Wtllhitl
R. E. Fletcher
H. W. JJrowder
E. W. Kiyser
A. L. Hiwley
Hope M. .-11. mi
Eugene L. Harris
C. L. airmins
D. O. Mengei
F. A. bpence
J. B. Paden
J. c. 1 11 in 1
A. A. Allen
II. Frederick Duck
F. Wolff
I. O. (Jail
L. M Liwson
I . S. Cundiff
Hilda Sorenson
Islbelle Williams
Pearl Slrayer
Virginia Rem
Donm- Kin gel
Monica Gilligher
M. A. M Hilton
ultra Kohlberg
B. Norton
F. W. Norton
W. W. Rose
A. W. Reevei
W. II. Fryer
c. W. webdell
). 1. .MC HUH
M. B. Parker
Burt orndorrr
R. E. Me kee
. R. HCwilt
W. R. HIV-..U
i. Miller
J. II. McKeje
E. B. Jones
W. W. Carroll
V. M. Belli
Ldmond Behr
W. t. McDonild
Gov. or N. M.
Wlllard E. Holt
Secretary Demlng
chamber of Com
W. L. Kohlberg
Harry Switn
m. 11. Burton
William E. Biker
11. Klchwild
J. L. Ko if
l'iul Qilligtur
Doctor Young the famous chronic
dlseaa speclalkst whose sultv of six
large office room over the Union
lothlnc store coiner Han Antonlu and
Oregon streets wore crowded to over
flowing yesterday hundreds of the
slok und afflicted people of Kl Paao
arc crowding the office of this famo
specialist seeking his advice and
utineut. Many were unable to see
thin great man on account of the many
alter; many Mere turned away In-
cause they had allowed their condition
g. t o fur advanced that even thl
great peolallt could give them no
iicuurageineut. Dr. Toung Integrity
nuched for by the fact that he ro
ans to treat uny case uniaaa ne
feel absolutely sure that it will re
spond to his medicine and his treat
ment will he a success.
Tha offices of this great specialist
marvel being o thoroughly
ulpped that not one of the many lu
ntlon necessary to the successful
eatment of chronic conditions 1
lacking. In fact tha six large room are
not enough to hold all the equipment
of this master specialist. The stair-
way leading to his offices contains a
teady stream of suffering humanity.
eager lo hear the verdict that will
be pronounced after they have had
Interview with this great physician.
Many leave with a amlllng counte-
uc. having received the glad in
urination that they oan be made well.
Ill le oiher leave with a sad heart.
nowlng thai they have waited too.
ng and nothing ran ba dou for
It la a gnat ili.ira.tcr study tu
tch and read the thought at the
many leaving Ihe doctor private
onaultatlon rooms. No charge is
being made by tin great speolaliat
for either consultation or examination
ha feeling that tha people of all Paso
ar entitled lo bl aervlcea for a lim
ited time after which a regular fe
111 bo charged. If you are a uffrer
of any ehroutc trouble you should
take advanlag of this tra offer made
by this groat roan. Hla offic hour
ar from t a m to p. m. over Unleo
Clothing Htore corner Oregon
Ran Antonio street (Adv. j
I'Hi- Cured In A to 14 Day
Druggists refund money if PAZO
of.N'TMENT falls to euro Itching.
Blind. Bleeding or Protruding Piles.
First application give relief. 60c.
"Spirit of Enterprise" Part of
Wonderful Exposition Group
fjgaBgaSkjgaB BQl
UM'Mm HbMbbbI
jig I '"4 I" V'
mm M M mm ' I
1kmW A. aMV srBA wm
Copyright 1111 by tb Panama-Pacific International Exposition. Photo br W. W.
Bwsdley. staff photographer.
THIS photograph show "Tha Spirit of Enterprise." part of a wonderful
group. The Nations of the West" to crown the Arch of the Setting
Sun at the Panama-Pacific International Exposition San Francisco
1116. A. Stirling Calder. anting director of sculpture designed ana
modeled the figure which will be seen a on of the tallest figure?
In th group rising almost 180 feet above the floors of the court.
favor of s new man for the plsce. .
committees have yet been named
be hi ointment will be tusde at the
next meeting of tbe new directorate.
State- Win Main Point In Compelling
.-M-puriiiiun 01 lews Lines from
KaiuvUN Control.
Illreetar Mat V eatrrday Allrra.ua aad
Orgaalsea ataadusg Casualts Will
Ha Named taster y h'aw Prealdeal.
UCiBKKT Kit SKA t 1. K
1 ii si Vice PrMldsat
It. B. UKNDOltl'F.
P L. SI K VI A.N b.
ha foregoing sr Ihe officer elected
by lbs new board of dlivctora of th
chamber uf Coaauserc at a wealing held
yeaterday fleruouu at Ik aaaauibiy rooia
1 lb orgaulsatiou. Bevergl secret ballot
ware tken before tbe aeueary majority
aa secured aud tne uuwser of uaJloti
L-audidatu wa uot uiau
Tbe mt-ctliig was upeued by the retlr-
lag board ol director t which retiring
lircsiUeut V. It Utiles xteodd Ui
ink tu lbs dim-tor for tuelr rattkful-
1 during their idialuliuatlon. lu turn
. atrskauar o( tbe lacoadug board psid
irlbutu lu Mr. mile tor bl uuiiriss
etfota to aaak lbs year a uvxea(ul ea
the orgaulaailou aud laa bualUMa
iuurria uf i-i raw lu gcucial.
lag tu a racaut UaaUi la tu faailly
aaur a a i.ualii to b oraavut
t lb dinner held at tea t'sav gel Kortc
notri laat evaulug ud Judge Daa M.
Vaclaoa. tbe ivaeiaisaur. oa bebulf of
ttr. Krekiur phjUged bl tHrafcuri
atirt tu Ik iliuiutr uf lomuiere ts
si uw pudtioa and itodd kli l banks
to lb member a of te orgenlaatloa ler
laasslag hua ai tklr prsldai.'
Tk directer tuok so artloa a tk
sacretarysklp. Wbetksr tby will reap
aolat ike prsat lscoibat Andrww W.
itts Is nol kaewo ahkr I R ..
abeikar I bars ar any alkar cudldaia
fsat tk position. Tbe directors ni
mk ao lataaust isgaidlug tk saatlsr
but It u lepertad that tbe Is . sard
fig t oa Detwoee tk wh (star te ra-
AukUm of aud tk wk.ar ta
ilr krak
By 8ptcfl Wire to The Timet
Austin Tex. Jan. 29. The main
aaue In the Katy suit has been set
tled. The etate won ita. point for the
complete divorcement of thd Missouri
Kansas At Texas rallroud of Texas from
the parent line tho Missouri Kansas
at Texas uf Kansas.
With this signal victory which al
though not officially announced oomea
from an authentic source it is not at
alt unlikely that a complete reorgani-
sation of the Katy system of Texas
will he erfecled.
The matter of extension and require-
ment of extension of lines la still In
the dark. It haa bsen the policy of
the attorney general's department to
uot be stringent In the enforcement of
the laws although demanding that the
law be enforced. Any extension not
absolutely neceaaury aa aet up In the
slate's suit will nol be reuulred. It is
believed unieaa iioceasary fur the bene
fit of me entire state rather than one
particular locality.
Tho winning uf the principal point
for the dissolution of Ihe parent lino
and the Katy of Texaa carries with ll
aa a manor of couree thu clearing of
the MI.110.07ll held by the parenl
pany against the Katy of Texaa.
Thla churgt I the total aooounla desig-
nated ua "Advance frum the working
fund" and "Accumulated deficit."
Pea ind Pliter lo Oluc.
Tbe fen aim Plite club will hold Hi iec
ond binquel 11 the Pud del Mori this
evening. t whirb Samuel u. Vi'eldiy will
reid I paper on "Uinie's 1 11 vine Coinedy"
ana miss aiii 1 u neiii utn render several
violin selections bevsral talks will be
given by guests.
The dnce hall wis deconted with rifles
sabres and Ihe guidons or Ibe troopi it
the poit.
The committees in charge were com-
posed of tho following: Hecept er-
gemt Minley md Prlvitn Dowries; decora-
tion -ci scant atokely and Sergeant emtlb:
refreshment .Cook Giles and Cook Hlgsby;
Invitation Corporal Jordan and Corpora
Chamberlain's Cough Kciuedy.
This remedy has no superior for
coughs and colds. It I pleasant to
take. It contain no opium or othsr
narcotic. 'It alwaya cures. For aale
by ull druggists. (Adv.)
Arrested si Ibe Depot
B. Abrsmi of I'orllind Ore. ws irrealed
yesterdiy when he irrived in tins clly. 011
lelegripiih: advices received from 1'oriliud
which allege thai he secured money on
another' chuck. The request ror ibe ai-
reai wu made by Uiurlct Attorney W. ll.
Evini of I'orllind.
iHuuPi.ic- cltt A ..wu
lllreol 1 a air . 1 Lalertala rilly Lea-
pt at aecesi Affair el Mason
Members or troop A. Iirieenin United
A 111 cavalry war tbe boats last Bight al
a troop dance held u lb troop barracks
at Port kltss It wa lb second dance
the troop haa gtvra to pit rrtendt this
season. There were fifty couple present.
Ay rinri Upeoial t'orrrsjiondeal 1
Stanton N. M The home Mlssiun-
ary Society of Hie Met'nodml church
gave a "measure social" at the Wood-
man hall lust Friday evening. At tho
door each person waa measured and
paid according to height. Music and
"fishing" were the main features of
the evening. A prize waa given to tho
most popular young woman who'
proved to be Mis Bertie Stevens.
Chocolate and cake was served.
C. K. Huasell of Merkel Is spending
a few days with his sister. Aim. J. A.
Duskln Ciuither uf Merkel waa III
Slant.! this week on business.
afeaara Montgomery and Cock roll
made a business trip to Odessa laat
F. r. Klkin uf Midland vhslled al
the home of Charlie Kbersol last Sun
1 "-s 1 Saturduy a party composed of
Misses Agartlii. Brown Oldham June
and McCabo chaperoned by Mr. Old-
ham went two miles east of town
taking 1 it ir guns aad lunches and
ejijoyed a day of outing
The famous hlkera. Sergeant Karl
Klttinan 1 o u is A. Muni and Charles
F. Saunders going from lthudo
Island to San Francisco were In
town Wedneaday.
Mr. Sparkman of Merkel was here
litis week.
Mr. Terry Klkin and aon arrtvad
Saturday from an extended visit in
Uulncy. 111. at the home u( her i-tu
Mr. and Mra Harris of Big Surlns
wer guest of Mr. and Mr. Mil a last
. W-. tk M J aa.

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