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. i
Sunday. December 20. 1914.
The "Popular"
' Will Remain Open
Evenlnf s Until Xmu
r'or toe benerit of belaled hoppera
nn ni.. w Imj fio not imr oppor-
tunity to shop durtnr ti day thin
me. (n following ijis umuI uiaiom
of raterías; lo the dealf or the
senerai puulir. will remain open
evr-nlng until chrisirnaa. Thoaa
who ran wo earoesiiy urge to shop
In the morning
Please Take Small Par-
cels With You
In order 16 Insure Mfoly and ivold
. 1 1 flrlsy. plrlM tasr amsll psr
1 with you.
Spring Notes
Each day bring its tribute to
Spring in these first authentic
style features for the season
just ahead. Beauty in sim-
plicity of design rather than in
elaborate frills and trimmings
will be the keynote of the sea-
son. The important change in
the Spring Suits will be embod-
ied in the wide full skirt which
must be cut short to give it a
chic appearance. Yokes on
skirts will be a strong feature.
Comparatively short jackets in
various outlines accompanies
the flare skirt. Separate coats
will be in medium and short
lengths not to come below the
knee and will be distinguished
by ripple and flare effects at
the sides. Dip fronts will be
in evidence. Gabardines
Serges Poplins Coverts nov-
elty weaves and silks in Putty
Sand Seige and Battleship
Grey will be the new shades
although Navy Dark Copen or
Labrador and Black will be
most favored.
The "Popular" invites you to
come and see these first ar-
rivals that you may keep post-
ed on the trend of fashions.
To Give
Last mlllutf Huffjrrt'tJnti for (.Iff
Biytri; who arr undecided
$1.50 Jewelry Novelties. .50c
$ .75 Jewelry Novelties. .25c
To the late buyer theno two groups
of pretty servireithle Jewelry nov-
elties w ill come as h solution of the.
perplexing question.
Choose among Iavallleres. Neck-
lets. Bur Pins. Beauty Pins Hhlrt
WatHl Sets Brooches Bracelets
Hal Pins Hair Pins. Cuff Buttons.
Tie Clasps; Scarf Pins unil many
other odd pieces ln; a wrld of
pretty styles. THINK OP Till:
German Sirver Mesh Bags
Values up to $2.00 at ... $ .75
Values up to $5.00 at. $1.45
And everyone has use Tor a mesh
hag These two very special nffer-
IiikV bring to your notice a w onder-
ful selection of amazing values. In
.1 l. fi-lnch frames prettily chased
and engraved In dull or bright
finish. Meshes are of linked chain
or the new fine screen mesh lined
with chamois silk or unllned.
Values up to $3.00 at. .$1.00
Values up to $5.00 at. $1.50
A wonderful choice of handsome
headed hags made with strong
frames and secure rlasps. White
grounds with colored designa
Black grounds with designs In
white grey and gold.
$1.00 Party Case at . . $ .50
$2.00 Party Cases at. . $1.00
$3.00 Party Case at $1.50
$6.50 Party Cases at. . .$3.95
The best selection of Party Cases
In town at Just Half Regular Prices.
You may chose among the most
favored leathers. In Baffin Pin
Seal. Morocco Russia Walrus and
others In shades to match cos-
tumes or In black. All are daint-
ily lined In colors and equipped
with everything thinkable.
Tltose at higher prices are reduced
In thes ame proportion.
Vanities and Coin .Holders
Value up to 5.00 ara. $3.95
Value up to $1 0.00 arc . $6.95
sterling Hllver and Gold Killed Vsn-
Itles and Coin Holders In besutt-
fuly engraved and engme turned
designs. An Ideal gift at a note-
worthy saving.
Value up to $1.25 are. .75c
Accurate timekeepers In a broad
choice ofn ew and artistic casings.
Kvery one tested and thoroughly
i reliable.
The Very Climax of Value Giving Is Attained in This
Pre-Xmas Sale of Garments for Women Misses and Children
A Mammoth Display If Ready-to-wear Gflunnmentts at End-&-easQn Prices Begins Mere
Nlonuay morning JnluaiKdIreás oS suits (Loats
.Instead of waiting until after Christmas we literally take the "Bull by
the horns" and begin clearance nearly a month ahead of time just when
the' Christmas shopping is at its height offering amazing values in the
most practical gifts for Xrnas. Stocks are larger varieties greater and
prices as low or lower than they will be in January. This General
- Clearance is a direct result of a retarded season with the manufacturers.
We purchased liberally of surplus stocks of makers who were willing to
Noteworthy Economies in Women's" Coats Suits and Dresses
Infinitely greater than any El Paso has yet known. Not a disposal of odds and ends but a selling event that includes hundreds of garments that have hardly
been in the store a week representing the very newest style features in design and fabric as favored by the devotees of fashion.
WomnienVs Coats Women's Coats Women's Coats Women's Coats Women's Coats
clear at an underprice and combine these purchases with our own mag-
nificent stocks mark them all at Bargain Prices to make it worth your
while to buy now. Prices in this Clearance will be as low as they ever
will be so you gain positively nothing by waiting. Every item of ap-
parel for Women's Misses' and Children's wear for year around use or
for Xmas Giving is included in this disposal. Selling Starts Promptly
Monday at 8 : 30 a. m. Wisdom Whisper Shop in the Morning.
Values to $15.00 Values to $ I 9. 50 Values to $25.00 Values to $29. 50 Values to $39.50
These five superb groups of Women's Fashionable Coats present the very be t and newest style features in all those fabrics made popular through their very
excellence. Fur trimmed coats plush trimmed self trimmed full lined body or yoke lined long medium or short. Black blue gray brown green
plaids mixtures. As an ideal Xmas gift one of these Coats would be most acceptable.
Disposal o! Women's High Class
Suits in Values to
$28.80 Pre-Xmas
Clearance ....
Sizes for extra large regular and small
women misses and juniors. All the new
materials favored by fashion. All the best
designs and modes of the season. Short
dressy coats flaring or straight line skirts
Gendarme Hussar Cossack and English
Walking Models richly lined with luxuri-
ous satins tailored by America's most ex-
pert tailors in sanitary shops. All the
leading shades and black. Those who
come early will secure amazing bargains.
Choose Any Fur 25 Per Cent
We include all Furs and Fur Coats in this general disposal and these are more
appreciated by women than any other article of appaicl. 1 Irre you will find
every good fur known including many rare skins such as Black Fox Black
Lynx Stone Marten Red Fox Ermine Marmoth etc. skins entire or in com-
binations. .
Women's Dresses in All the New
er Modes Values Up
to $18.00 Pre-Xmas
Clearance ....
Beautiful dresses for women of all sizes
misses and juniors. Dresses in combina-
tions of velvet and satins of Chantilly lace
and satins of rich crepe de chine heavy
Silk Poplins serges and satin; blues
blacks brown green grey. Choice of
more than fifteen clever classy styles of
distinctive character. An excellent oppor-
tunity to secure an extra dress or two at
about half price.
Superb Values in Women's Fash
ionable Suits in Values
to 48.80 Pre-Xmas
In this magnificent grouping are suits of
Chiffon Broadcloth Peau de Souris Satin
Cloth. Ripple Gabardines and other fine
fabrics in the very newest modes. Fur
trimmed short dressy coats with military
or sq'iarr collar fur trimmed; sleeves fur
trimmed; in-set. Three quarter length
models long models; black new shades
of blur preen brown Beige. Coats lined
with ric h guaranteed satin. I rimmings
of novrlty buttons and braids.
Cliñldiren's Coats andl Dresses At Less
Dresses for Dancing and Social
Affairs Unpriced As Never
Three Special Groups offer astonishing
Up to $15.00 Values at $ 7.95
Up to $25.00 Values at $15.00
Up to $40.00 Values at $25.00
And Dresses at a higher price
will be sold at just half price.
Selections offer the most beautifully su-
perb gathering to be found in the entire
West. Paris made and Paris adaptations
made by the noted modistes of America.
Every favored lypt of a fashionable
gown Or dress is represented in these
wonderfully complete groupings and now
we offer you savings that permit of note-
worthy economies. Early selections are
to be advised.
Xmas Gift Giving Opportunity is here. What could be more practical more
useful than these wearables?
2 to 6 years 2 to 6 years 8 to 14 years
$g.4B $3.90
Regularly $3.95 Values to $8.50 Values to $10.50
Manufacturers' sample linea jUHl reee.ivpi.pnier tuto ihix general Xmas dit-ponal with nur
regular stocks. Kvery new every wanted style if represented In almost indlesa selec-
tions. Karly buyers secure firm choosing.
WonderEml Offering of Women's
Drosses Values Up to
$20.60 Pre-Xmas
Clearance ....
A magnificent gathering of Dresses of the
belter grades for large medium or small
women. Beautiful dresses in velvet entire
velvet and French serge or satins rich
silks Gabardine weaves and broadcloths.
Moie than two dozen handsome styles in
black blue brown green and all the
leading shades. Superb models of perfect
fit and elegance; beautifully trimmed and
artistically tailored by skilled workmen.
Klxes up to 14 ycarH
YhIuph t t: no
ciiujDKKis s iiti:ssi:s
Slzra up i" i I rrs
Values to :: .".
llll.DHKN s DltKKKKH
SI.CM up lo I I year
VuIuph to $;.oo
Kach grouping of fern n bread choosing of pr idly ma do d tensen In the ioomI desired
wool materials styles and colons.
Children's Coats and Dresses off Finer
(Grades Undivided in Pre-Xmmas Disposal!
Children's Bath Robes An Ideal
Xmas Gift
$1.00 Bath Robes are now $ .89
$1.50 Bath Robes are now $1.29
$1.75 Bath Rob es are now $1.49
$2.00 Bath Robes are now. .... $1.79
$2.50 Bath Robes are now $2.19
$3.00 Bath Robes are now $2.49
Children's $8.50 Coat
Sizes ' to 14 yeurs
Children's $lu.ft0 Coats
Siles 2 to 1 4 yenrn
Children's $12. SO Coats
Size." J to 14 yearn
Children's $lf00 Coats-
Sizes ' U 1 4 years 4..
Children' $7 r.M Dresses
Sizes ii i n I ii years
Children's $R.50 Iremei
Sizes up i" 1 years
Children's $luiiO I irntmei
Sizes up to I U yffirii
Children's $12 .'. Drcsse
Sizes up to I ft years
Women's Skirts for Street or Dress
Wear at Unmatchable
Three Special Groups offer the most
amazing values
Up to $4.95 Values at $2.95
Up to $7.50 Values at $4.95
Up to $10.00 Values at $6.95
And Skirts at a higher price
have been reduced in proportion
Blouses have been reduced.
Reduced before and reduced again
Those that were reduced to $2.95 are
further reduced 2 25
Those thai were reduced to $495 are
further reduced (J
and these two groupings present the
most noteworthy values of the season in
a wide choicr of styles favored by fashion.
$ 7.50 Suits ill'
$15.00 Suits an
All Juniors Tailored Suits Are Reduced
(f p ftC $19.50 Kults lire
9 o.VJ
S2!.0o Suit are
Accessories in Children's Wear-
abibes Reduced in Price
Children's $3.95 Skirts now $3.29
Children s $4.95 Skirts now $3.95
Children's $1.45 Bloomers now. . .$ .89
Children's $2.50-$3.50 Sweaters at$1.95
$1.50 and $2.00 Sample Hats now $ .89
$5.00 to $8.50 Sample Hats now $2.95
Pre-Xmas Disposal of
SÜk and Woollen Fabrics
M.SO CREPK MKTKOK 42 IN. Willi. A beautiful dur-
able fabric. In all the leading shades; Monday d qq
Special yard.. . PlssfO
(Limited Bale l Dress Pattern.)
i:.o ALL. BILK CREPE DE CHINE .42 Inches wide. In
ettra heavy quality; broken line of colors: Pre- as
Xrruts Disposal yard fC
S1.M M l. Mi.lv Ml SYii.iM : inches wide. In black
and white only; has an excellent high lustre; Pre-
Xmas Disposal yard v I Jt
$1.50 and $1.25 CHENEY' KIMONO HUH In both silk
and satin finish; new designs and colorings; an nn
Ideal Xmas gift the yard 0"C
44 IN. CKErE BERBER Por undergarment; white.
pink und light 'blue; a beautiful soft quality;
Xmas Disposal Bale yard
Pre-Xmas Disposal of
An excellent Xmas Gift. One that "she" will
appreciate Very much. Choose among these
magnificent selections in Gowns Combina-
tions Camisoles and Petticoats in Crepe de
Chine and Pussy Willow Tafeta.
Gowns are priced $4.95 to $15.00
Petticoats are priced $4.95 to$ 15.00
Combinations are $4.95 to $10.00
Camisoles are priced 96c to $ 4.00
Important Savings On
In thin pri- i hi im man tliHpusal of Co mot we offer you tho
cholee of lhet$e entire ulock Iru-ludtnjf (tOflHard'H American
Lady Mme. t- ra. Nemo Kongo Belt. Regla W. B. and
olhW niMkt'H. at primen heretofore unheard of In Decern-
ber. fiom" ar NlliThlly iniiMfuid uthert ara dlm'ontlnufd
numlMirn. hut moat of them are cleat) frrah und new.
Curm-tH worth 11.00 arc now .
('oiNrtf worth 11.60 are now .
Corveta worth $11.00 are now .
Cometa worth. $;t 00 are now
Corsets worth ' Arc now
Corveta worth $f..OO aro now .
. 79c
$1 55
Corneta worth lii ftO an now $5.00
Cometa worth $7.5-0 are now 91.00
Corveta worth $10.00 are now $7.75
Cometa worth $12.00 ure now :$I0.00
All Brawttierresi Are lleuvd.
Give "PopulsrM
Merchandise Coupons
If "i aro In rimini in wh:
would he natal arc$uhk for man.
unmnn or child- one of ihfv "Pop
ular" Merrhandtn Ortiriratr. will
solvr thf question with an ftHiihif
certainty. w mur ihrc in any
mount) on a hand some I j entrat'-il
coupon and th.v art ttHui n gild
redeemable Ml fare value at any tinir.
U. S. Parcel JPoat
Sub. Station 2nd. Floor
I'riMi wri'tn(r und trrnnUlHHlSitnn
dr.k Sriul your inin irirtH by I'm
eels pnitt.
Here's Good News for
Tardy Gift Buyers All
Brass Goods at 25 Per
Cent Otf
VMih means that you may choose
among th thousand one Chrlatmna
Gift t hlnurt In artist ic Braaawre
it a Snvlng of Onc-rourth.
Included aro: Jardinieres Podes-
tala Vaaea Smokers' ritandrt and
Kids Candrlahraa Book Itack
Shaving manda ieak Seta. Desk
l'ada. Writing nerpaaoriea tf every
kind. Bill Clips letter Backs Pa-
per Kites. Memo Tableta Pin Trays.
Am)i Tray". Photo Krninca etc.. t
Itpgulur prh-es rang' upward from
25c Choose any at Ono-Kourth
I ji'Hf.
28c Gift Table
Manicure arih'h'H In Parisian Ivlory
K hotiv or In Sterling Silver handles;
Nail Klles Cuticle Knives Shoo
hnriiH hut ton hooks letter open -em.
etc. Novell lea mien as aali
trays powder Jam hair receivers
picture frames aterllng allver thlm-
hles. suit and pepper shakers tooth-
pick holdem. Jewel rases in odd de-
signs folding a hot horns and but-
ton hooka men's cuff buttons lío
clasps scarf pins beaded molro
bags beauty pins bar pins bfooeh
es coin pursea.
80c Gift Tttb'.e
An almoHt end lesa selection of Jew-
elry novelties of every kind suit-
able for men. women and children
that are regularly worth $1 Oft and
$1.50. Merman liver vanities stor- "
lliui silver manicure and toilet Im-
plement A gold filled cuff buttons
tie rlaspa scurf pina women's gold
top Jewelry iih a íi-yetir guárante.-.
Including lingerie claaps spot
end lieuuly pins hat pins elc ;
men's 2-blade gold top knives mil-
liary brush cuses iiutomalle cigar
lighters picture frames ash tins i
tie rnt'ks leather collar bags cards
.in leather case cigar anil i;lnrette
m. collnpslhle drinking cups. Jewel
cases comhinnt )n folding shoe hut-
. loner and horn In leather case. I.-:
ler openers coin purses hill fdd
$1100 Gilt Table
Shav ing staii'l w ith hrush turn or
und mug: Pullinun slippers in fold-
ing pocket ntunlcure sets aafety
mulch box holdem fAncy ash trays
ejH r and tobacco Jars. ea t her
writing pads with compart ments for
stamps envelopes etc.; hrldgu
pads collapsible coat and I rAuaers
hangers In cases letter openers
caudle sticks desk blotters bill
slips women's pocket hooka men's:
bill folds coin purses 'leuiher col-
lar hug lngersoll watches (Jem
ait f el y razors telephone pails colon-
ial sliver picture hunum Ivorv
clocks shell hair ornaments solid
gold tie pins bracelets children' j
solid gold lockets etc.. etc.
Cjjjtg a Wan jtjkgg
Fountain Fens
L2o to 912.
Cpward of twenty styles to choose
among including Waterman's Ideal
and other good reliable makes.
Select one as plain --or as elaborate-
ly trimmed as you like it will bo
appreciated by ' 1 1 1 in.
Safety Razors
$LQ. to 9B6.00
More Safely Kaois will b Riven
as Christmas gifts iban -ver before.
Any man finds it a necessity at
home or traveling. Kvery "good"
safety Is hen- fir you In choose
among from the classy little Gem
at $1.00 up to the most elabóralo
sets of "Auto-Strop" razors and
(llllette'a. You cannot make a
mistake nn any one of these.
1 Men's Watches
(L00 to 930.00
Select one of these watches- either
Swiss or American movements In
hunting case engine turned or en-
graved. Ipeftr face style In plain
or engraved back. The Rejection' of -fers
a broad choosing from the old
reliable Ingeraoll up too a fully
guaranteed gold filled 15 Jeweled
movement at 930.00
Xmas Suggestions
(ermine Thermos Bottles Jam de-
canters and eases In u wide choice
of desired stylos und aisms chooso
among these at .. ... . 9.V. to s:t.rn
They make aceptable Xinaa gifts.
Solid Gold Jewelry for
Gilts at Fopular
Low Prices
You may select gifts hero for man
woman or child In a splendid ar-
' ray of the newest designs. With the
assurance that you are purchasing
fully guaranteed Jewelry at a pp-lee
you have been paying for Inferior
See Hen's Ad on Sport Page

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