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New York flrer salé
ofeper (price flirt try U. .) .i-e
.i kutmrn
60 I
And Now It's "Strafe the War Prisoner"
Executives Believe Stockholders Will Not Agree to System
Going Back to Private Control When Revenues Are
Guaranteed Them by National Authorities.
Formation of Continental Combination Also Declared to
Stand in Way of Returning to Competitive Business;
Wage Increase of Employes Definitely Refused.
fly Associated Ftets.
Waalilnglun. Uec. Tlw rgllroad
hve (Infinitely refused tlw úemiml oí
tiielr organised ernrloyrs for 40 per rent
ini it'its no pay "'i ww tsnstri Usa
responsibility entirely o the guvem-
lllrllL I ...ok for (.t.vrrnmrnl 0nenkly.
The railway executives liere today. In
letting their decision he known matte no
. ..iiicslment ut Unfit feeling that govern-
ment operation In a atep toward govertt-
iiirtit ownership and made clear they
' tell the i ni. ii.- and the stockholders
Would demand It.
une uf tlie plan under consideration
tor handling finantes I the formation uf
a government corporation muter the dt-.
rrrtion uf railroads t . tiny and market
rrilroed securities. .
M Hie seine time II heeame known Hie
railroads had refuted lite hrolherlioods
.i. in.mii- it ' . learned that lbs rail-
way worker Had derided not t. press
their teuue.l lor a period ol al I. list M
tías or uiUrT It Ii seen Just what the
railroad situation will in'.
The railroad brollo t -hood ehler. already
have assured the president that under no
. iiennisianees would they tie up trans-
nailon whlla the wage qtiraiiun wee
federal ut nlrnl.
Ira here today ciprets-
tccpng that transportation syi
o ail
bark mm private
hand gave two reanou:
I -I I let .1.. no I l.elleie tnc Block-
lohiirs will agree to it witu revenues
"iiaiunteed under government operation
end second tney billete thai Use lortua-
I...U uf a routtnrntat railway c.utnLinailnu
will make II ImpoMlble to go hark to
the old c petitfve system.
oiptiiallou lo nanuic luiiumi i k
. in line probable will tie provided Hi
IcgMalloll Hie pit liten! Will -ill.-! to
eimjres. II would pax on all securi-
ties i top. mhI. and would buy lliem as til-
lered holding IIkiii tor -4Tr wtien mar
ket eoudluutut were kieat The eorpora-
i.oo loo probably inlkiil be railed on to
tinanea railroad eqiilimtent. It han leen
.usgr-ted that It mliiht he capitalist l at
. mili. .liars aline that I the tutu
the laiiroails estimate III lie needed next
.ear Tor the purchase or new equipment
art ror IkiiiiI and other issue.
The railroad war lioaro today sent to
r..r improtiiig name eoiimnoii -in
.mil -
daily eonfei-i ni e at iihlcli.problcii
Uie roails may bo tiiscusscu.
. a-t
I ntlMIMilllN IHIW PAt'liHtsi llllll
l IPC II 111 III- HlNIM-HINt. I'l t s I .
Hv x. violated I'reaa.
Ho. ion Pes . The story or ruinous
nltenipl to oterale an Independent rend-
ering ennipany was related by William
M xi. itoitald. now engaged m me nth-
.ale meat lin-iuea lu Ibla elly. at today
...-i i of tbe federal trade coaMaalk.
Mr aid Mid lw pul ISO.uuu eadUI InH
the rendering plant and bol rowed an ad
iinn.nal gju.iaa. from the l.xchange Trust
enitipanv of this elly.
-At what rate?" atkeil Aimroey lleney.
lepre.enllur the comniLslon.
"A i:in- for si Hi -. a slld-
Ing scale of Interest starting at Id per
.-etit and decreasing lo . and a per eetil.
In addition I gate them a morigere on
toe plant and Bliai.xagi lu banda wbb-li
lied me up ao I eould not raise any more
money on the properly." ine w inieai ena-
was Interatted and II rurllier developed
mat in- brother was treasurer or the Mill
Krook Mill company owning one or the
Oinneiiicut woolen tullís commandeered
by ii- government.
Senator Mckellar asked whether Kinman-
uei kaplan. treasurer or the Mlllbrouk
Mill rotnnany was rail a brother or Sam-
uel kaplan. a member or the supply com
tnltree. i snarpe said be thought
ao. The other mill was the Thames Hlver
Woolen mills. Both were ordered to
devote trtelr machinery to government
work cancelling private contracts.
Pel you know that Kainuel Kaplan or
the council or list I. ma I derenae la pres-
ident and owns two-tblrds. of tbe stork
of the Mlllbruok company ?" Senator Mc-
kellar. UejieraJ sbarpn slid lie did. not.
(ummlltre Pretests t am rlllnu trolest.
Last Mini-day 'lanera i Mnarpe eaHf
Samuel k apian and other member
or tbe ruanclla supply courmlttee pro
vaeteaf -earalW eawrelluig uf wool wrap
sorting . otniai i- ni en Thai Base Sorting
company of ew York iienolor Mckellar
said Ire A. Kaplan president or Hie sort-
ing company which Ueneral Hiarpe said
stood to make i mi a year on toe eon-.-n
io i recently aonullexl Walt related to
the council coniotillee meniber.
"We ha. i to follow ii advice or tbe
council mmmillcc :' tal. I in-neral isharpe.
evpialnlnK thai enatlee f Isenman. bead an?
tbe supply committee had opiiroved the
flagsllnr Mckellar Inquired wlaeilier
riialrniau Ituseuwahl or tbu supply com-
mute or Chairman lieorge i reel or the
eommlttee on public mroruialiou had pro-
tested to him against revoking the con
traes or matiirested any Interest in it
lienerai snarpe .ant iney nad not.
ji I
her -.-
mi to
had i
senator Mckellar a.sure.l deiieral Shalur
lhat Hie quartermaster general's faith and
good Intent in tbe situation was not
t minen I'serrns Aolboritv.
"My purpose Is Pi show thai the coun-
cil uf uatioiial defense has utrpei au-
thority or the quartermaster general's of-
flee and Is largely resiislbl for the
shortage in clothing supplies" said Sen-
ator ' rkellar.
To investgate further the arrap-sorl-In
routrarl the committee called t.ap-
lalu A. K I'eieless. wIki investigated loe
tffair last niouih.
"I Hunk the Urpartmeiii realised tbe
contract would hoi be satisfactory akd an
Investigation was suned" said i:apta:n
PereJe.. "The price or sii cents e pound
wag found much too blgb."
After Hie department began ipj Inveftl-
galiott 'aptaui I'eiele... .-.mil the .ui
In Night Attack on Open Town:
of Pads Thirteen Persona
Are Killed and Sixty Are In-
jured; Three Other Nearby;
Communities Bombarded.
Eight Sheila Hurled Into Dense
ly Populated Section of City
Where Art Treasures Are
Stored ; Rome Report Declares
All Escaped Being Damaged.
By Associated Press.
Iloliie. Iter. W.-Thirteen person were
killed and slkfy others Injured when the
open city or Ptdua In northern Italy vas
bombarded by enemy aviators last nlahi.
lite war otrirc anuuunced today lien...
Mcnlehelluma ami :asleirraneo were also
The art treasures In the densely popu-
lated section or Padua where eight
bomb were dropped were not demand
nun i UIIIIIMI Hiltri lni Hulls
lie s
CTjro.r otflruttf(VltftN
Head of Fuel Administration's
Distributing Agency Sees Far-
ther Government Control of
Country's Utilities Within Im-
mediate Future.
President Wilson Is shown here i reciting g lesson In ramnuNairn from V. 9. army
e.iinounein . He has just been lolii thai a man is concealed wnhlu In reel or hun
Vou can tell by his ' 'quit spooring" etprrs.ion that he Is lnrreUulou.s. A luinulc alter
the picture was snapped ihe "stone" In the run-ground rolls bark aim a soldier salutes
be president. A pit has beett dug lor Ilia body and the "rock" had prcphol s in
Ibe sides.
Declares Co-ordination of Effort
in Largest Degree Necessary
at This Time to Meet De-
mands; Restricted Use of
Product May Help Over
I 1. 1 ut. id Is-0
T.irrr llxMl-M torptMo
en the .tiliulrally ami.
r.. and
Abandon Preparations to Battle Colonel Ashbum and Major
Foreman in Plant Engaged in 'Death Penalty to Be Reviewed
111 bit
began lu ftel rnuiiietlliou and 11
commenced Si pre him. To
....... a.. 1. I..- said lie gate
1 v M en Ids property lo.l his health an. I
rinsllv the plant but paid bis Indebted -
""Wliv '"hi aouiKts like Ibe abylork
stoit I ha.e read 111 Shakespeare." re-
marked Mr. lleney. '
it Ml lltat wsy" eetaiented Me
ÍÍb'íWI knn who President Merlin or
the batik plsjri maibles wlb7" aaked
"Well. I ran tell oii" said lleney.
"We'll bring that out later " 1
Alter the wilness hs.l U.I.I Ihiw western
meala had driven New Kngiann nieats
front Ibe market the sc.. Ion .1 losasl to
enable lite cossaausaioti to return P. Wasb-
ekd Hie suilsie bail oni
la Sew 1 us 1 o. 1 siul Hial
return soon nnish Ibe
in J. Marlln. uf late I
pany MsNd to sort the snaps I reo
. .o. c he believed :t might give them
business advanuses m distributing shod-
dy lu rectories.
"If there 'a a nigger In the woodpile
we want Id know it" t hairiiiau Chamber-
lain ml. 1 j. i.-.l
1 apta 11 Peretess could not state posi-
tively whether saiuuel kaplan or tbe
council or national dereuac. waa a brother
of Ira KaiiUp or Hie .oiling company
bul bad beans so.
t'.lsarles Kisenutati. of the rouuril'a com-
mittee protested again. I cancellation said
Captain Perelesa.
"Mr. 1 i-ruinan was trry anslouB not
lo heve Ibe contract atmuiled' aald Ibe
capia 11. "He aald be wuitld sbuw me
where I gut my orders and lhat I would
not befo any 0oer to annul that cou-
tra l "
ri uiu al lu.. teuls Peuad.
At two . . i 1- e pound Perelesa sent s
good profit eould be made.
perelesa disclosed I bet m addition to
the .crap contract tbe base sorting com-
pany bad a eonti act to receive all worp
out and condemned woolen tioibiug from
lis? army. In. in Ibe scrap r. 111 tract be
estimated the company would have made
sw.iMi and much luoie rrom toe second.
The sorting pletit or Hie Aew York sort-
log rompaiiy. Pereless said would be
taken over by Uie government.
..mi 1 Weeks brought uut Witt on
Apr:i 1 Boston wool ilealers orrered all
llwlr wool to Ihe govertuurut al prevail-
ma pricea. tse orrer being rererred by
Hecretai baa.ee to the general m ml. on-
board When orders were given pi prepare to
chub oats) lulllluti usure turn ueneral
-i.au said soaring t.rleet. rather than
.borlase was uie worst ta tor 111 flic 1 pleaded "nut guilty
s lualion. held without bell until i
Making Torpedoes for U. S.
Government in Jail.
at Washington Except in
Pershing's Forces.
P.y Assnclali'd Preaa.
.' York Dee. im.iI Heniilg a
nalursllied ccnitao wlm has been em-
ploy ett as a foreman In s Brooklyn fac-
tory engaged In Ilea making of torpedoes
ror tbe t nlted Slates goveniiuent. was
remanded lu Jail without bail In rederal
eoun tiere today charged with treason.
Ilennlg authorities ssy. guperiniendrd
Ihe assembling of the gyrosropes wbleh
eonlrol the course or Ihe torpedoes. Ac-
cording lo in. 11 H i Albu iiey I ranee sonic
of Ihe gyroscope hate been round
llclously muiilaie.i This was d
lone 11
11) lot
such a way as p. render useless IS
pedoes 111 vtlniii the gyroscopes were lit
ol 1.1. Iv would these lorpsfjt.e. have
been wonhless e weapon-. Inn it 1. i --11.
le they would have proved engines or
destruction ror llieir own users" said
Hie district alp -met
in nunc cante 10 Hie ulted HUI
ast and a- l.alnl ali.-.l III ll.i.
Inspectors. 11 was slated have bail bun
under close observation roe aeveral
week-. Impel-feellons in the parts or the
gyroscope which were assembled 111
Hem . - department having aroused sus-
picion Tbe gyroscope which has been termed
"Hie brain or Use torpedo." is or such
miniate rooalrurllouf authorities asy
titat a delect which could be delected
my by an espen. would divert Ihe una-
alba from lit course.
In the linn in. cut wbleh was returned
Irslcr ley by e federal grand Jury ami
ept aerret until luday. It Is charged
11. in. i o. am 101.1 1 and traipirously
aided lieniiuiy." by equipping torpedo
gyroscopes with Imperfectly filled !.
Inga and wheels which wrre fuuud to be
racked. iiiatricl Attorney trance de-
clared emery dual an abraslte which
wo .1.1 disable Uie debíale gears of Ibe
lu --ocialed iTess.
Wa.hlnrlou Hee. id. President Wilson
has prohibiieii ihe eieeuiioii or out nipre
in . nun soldiers except lu Ueneral
Peralilng's force abroad heroic tbe sen
teme of ihe courts martial bate been
reviewed lu Wa.liiugluii.
Hereiorore un. lias not Iteen necessary
Ihe rule that it may be made doubly sure ' citlenl loliows
thai no Injustice Is done. 1 At about i
llilrleen ne. neii.s of Hut Twenrr rotivoy o..-
rourin inland were reeefitry oi-.uie.i "ut or ti
ror un- rioiiug at 11. .11. too ieas wniioill "1"'
review at wasiuugiou. laun ua neei
r lie
rl ll-ll ITTACKS AuAIXST 1 m in
I out l.s IN MiKIII lllll IK IMIIVN.
by Associated Press.
Perlln Dec. ts. An Malign attack
aralusl the Austro tierman 1 o-iimn un the
beieht. east irf Moiile I'oinha broke Uiiwn
tertlay under Ihe rirn of luc leulona
as aiiuouiiced tuday I. y 11. e 1 cunan
OK HIM III t;rin lf I.M:llY t-UIIAT
IMI 1 II' 1 1 III: lit' ITS tSKW.
iiy AssiNiale.l Preaa.
Washington. Deer ru. l ull details nr ibe
. -iru. 11 11 by American destroyers of a
i.ermait submarine and Ihe rapture of lis
1. in made public today by Hie navy de
partmeiil show lhat the destroyers fan-
nine and Mcholsou were Ihe warsbepa
engaged. The incident was reported Nu-
1 sinhef H hut lew lacts were glten al
Ihe time
TIN submarine was sunk. Ihe navy de-
i.ai lnieiit s story or the arrair indicates as
It ños preparing to attack a uieichant
hip II. lima connived by the iie-trojers
PtSSSlHara Malenieel.
lie- navy departmeiil's story of the In
With German and Devote
Days to Snow Clearing.
Welch Look Into Epidemic
Diseases for Gen. Gorjeas.
Ill p. m . w hile csrnrtlng a
'alii Iiavid Ii. I.oonils look
lining sighted a small pert-
11. 1111. e oil Hie port Ihiw.
Una annul a root out or water and
Isible ror only a retv e rands. The
their venleliee hot It liss been tell m . 1 I Slililnif uillnciliatr ! lleaile l for the spot
Ivlsable i. have dealh penalties reviewed "l sIhuh lliree minutes slier Ine i
by ibe war department before execuibiu.
me had been
charge. The tlrholson
Uie poslllon or the subm
liearetl lo In- heading tot
1 in the cout oy and
pi: rnoi.it mi hah: sua rixi ahkii.
By Aasoelslest I'reaa.
WashmgtiMi liec ft -II. It. Stevei
ti anager or Ihe .National i lly braurh hank I surfaee between
in Petrngrad. anil bis asslslsnl. Mr. I. ink. ! cm-.voy and the
I when Hie llol.lieiiki -elied II
ropped a tlepllt
..i speeded to
artas which ap-
art! s o e. . ham
opp.-d another
lentil chame. At HiM ll.i.ll.enl Hie
n antic . conning lower appeared on Hie
ii beiueeii He- Ni.itulsou and the
bow of
bank. I. ate l.roi i.l.a- i American Am
bassador Francis reinu-ted belay t'ow
Am ha... atlor I ranrls jiisi.ai.iie
sieiens ami in. a-slslent. alter being
re. letl. were mai.lt. I llirougli Ihe streets
to tile bank wliere they were released.
SO I.I Mill MKVIrilOX III lllht
PtUt I - NIK .11 HI tM.
Hy Assoelsletf press.
W asiiinstun. Iter. H). There ill be mi
general reihl.m or coke1 prices lor Ihe
tear mi fuel liiiniuisiralor ilarriehl in
biintrliie .sine in. lapltlly. SI waa
liv Ihe stu n bul nahted herseir
aid and seemed lo Increase her siieeit. ine
a surricteiit snowing I
iiiporlanee or glass urotlin
from I'.' standard ol pi
.ed lo .. o i shutting d..w
ike. where
i high and
made as ato
Ion escep-
luey be
. IK
Ilennlg. aulltoi Ule. le. late. I. a l.lgl It uas-a is- sisra isn suolNl its
Ti'niir'.íiT. IMIklM. SIHI-I INI.
IIOI sUtU prUHIIlsn UriHSjes) jrssej si 4-M. laiasil I'leat
VMirn atiatitiifil Uilun- I tilr JuiiMf (
VtMdrr lu brooklyu i . ! H'itfiiff m
f l tilt Vklilrh MB. Ulllltl-laskatilV '.' Unan.
l ten a Otile
tutu liitil ill ic .4 i tur in- in'tvnm.
ti lueii uf - I 1 - "
; "". :! ! Trades Union Labor Party
Wants Food Distributed
to Rich and Poor Alike
Ua. limatón Im
as so the number of. pari and amtnint of
material entering into rmi.truriioii of an
airplane base iieeu assembled by annv
a. alum omitáis in eu effort P. simplify
ntiitrucuon end hastening prodm tlrsn.
While lite present progrstu rennol be de-
layed for ihe resuli or in.- hit .iigali.ui
it appeet . likely a wsy will be found
later lo reduce gleglll lile I. .III. bet of
'.arts and klo.l- Of lualensl needed
Nnhni-nu i leareti. Hie i .i. mi headed ror
Ihe I boat riring rrom Use bow gun.
Ariel the third ho the crew of Hie tub
lost un all i sine on deck an I held up
men hands Ihe ubinarlnu surrendlug at
l it p. in.
"The laiiiilng approached the siibma
rlur lo pick up the prisoners both de.
.n.eers keeping their batteries trained oh
list boat.
'A in was gol ni the submarine bul In
t fw minute she sank. The line was
let go and the crew or the I boat Jumped
. H.e water ami .v.au. lo the tanning
Men I auel i I Kedlo serial
tlllkiiigh the rrew sll wore lire pre.
or..' Ihe .lateinenl ronlliiues. "a
lldM-r ol litem uere esl.ailsletl when
they reached lite ante of the destroyer.
As Hie rubmarlne sank flie ur all men
were taught by the redlu aerial and
tarried below Hie aurrsre before ihey
iii.eiilanglett Ibemselfes. Ten of Hie men
were a. weak Hull lines had Pi be passed
under ii e arms Pi haul ibem abnttl. une
uitti was pi sutil e i-otidltiiei liitl ho
c.nld not even In. I I the line thrown bin..
Cases' Pharmacist' Mate Klter Harwell so i
t.iswaiu I'ranci. o i onnoi n. n. V.t
jumped t.ierle.anl slier Ibis man an I se
s made
i a tev.
he stlb-
vr I be
Py I. -o. inteil Press.
Willi tin. American Army In Ptt
rrldayi. Dec. hl-hhii amtiiiei day
howling icn .bum Hie loiirth- saw II
vlrltiallv tlw entire a jn expedition-
art lone wtlhln the grnty sons abandon
pi(sparaipns to battle the liermaus ami
begin p. iiklil to keep rrom beliiff snowed
under. All la-l night and Ihronglsoul In-
day Ihe nakee fell ehokinit the roads aud
badly Selayleg iraffic.
I'y nlxhirall Die roads were In such
bad shape nial i lows were bit. ugh! oiil.lo assist Ihe goveculnelil lu Hit pn
to keen list rsv deer. .Sooii artel- dark leineigenrt . He i. ibe discoverer or the
ihe Lv . le-ire.i sou . tod .. c.o.l"s bacilln- and has received all Tim bou
Ibe sky Ueared and lull niuoti came 1U. ml r Un pr
out. Iiallung H.e n.ilre ttitinli) lu light iid iav him Al iHUi t lime he a
.al lo II..- Morning limes.
Dentine. N Si'. I let- iv t.olouel Ash
rilium. nieii t-al coriis and Prof. William j Sdlll ig
. ii ii. medical re.erve curps. wnu
are members ol Ihe slar of Hie surfeoi
general at Washington spent today It
i amp i oily ror the purpose or looking
int.. the tiue-iioii or epidemic diseases
bag will ti.-n i .e camps as special lu
te.iigaUirs. gnd lert here lontgbt ror camp
Howie. Proressor Welch lands a coliinus
slutt as major in the medical resern
corps. He resigned the i huir or psthfll
in Julius lloptlus un vrrslty in
almo-i a. brlgbt .
dllloiis Ideal lor a
low hanging eloiula
promise or moie
( aim use work was
day and making
r raids. .'Micro were
on the horizon giving
snow. Virtually all
railed ulf today bul
Will be ICMIIIIfil lollloiro Utiles lliol
hesvy .o. us make u iniposslfelr. .
Ueneral Pet. Inns lu an interview witn
en ri l- today said Ibe question
or pr I. nina Ii c . He or an inioxicaiing
liquors to Auiericsii troot.s which iic
ftvors. Is being discussed Willi Ihe I i i nch
sTOVemmrlll. He elplauii.. III leeeul t.l
der prohibiting the 'sgle or all Intiixirani.
eie.-pi light Inc. muí beer and Ihe con-.lnnm-
preisllblg III Prance Which caused
II lo in drawn as it waa.
"The question r pioidbiiiug the sale
or all liiioxn aids to Amerlcaii .troopis is
under dlsruts Willi the Kreiielt gov-
erSMBenl" said Ceneral Pet.lung. bul ol
course. Ibeie are dirilcoltle. here It
rrance mat do not exist In tito i nlted
Atales. The general order Issued Herein-
her Is was a long stay bitxard the pre-
ventlon or ill inking anions our men.
"It was not by any means Latetvdetl to
convey so iiijum i n lo the Aiuei icsn
Hoops to drink light wines ami beer bul
?ulie He- revurse II was drawn P. eon
-.in In Kreiich regulalluiig on the sub-
"It Haled only that light wine and beer
would be .- nuil.-1 and pnilublteit Hie
purchase r and acceptance or guts or
in kv brandy champagne or similar
beverages. II ordered lltat all dnnknm
places where such anieles are sold be
forbidden American soldier. It is the
same legniaiion made lu I ranee by the
lirllttli army and by the trench
"Although I am hearblv III laior ol
prohibition loi Un menean eipeduiuil
art rt.rce. tu -uuauuii lu r ranee ana me
I oiled Male is i i the same. I a
SMS lew I ieio.li people drink waler
aa we do. they diiuk wine in. trail This
Is partly because Ihe lienrli waler sop.
ply Is let as pure as ours r'rritrh wine
lighl suit le. intoip atliig titan i -up
-lilent t.r Hie Muer
ami oilier ieSiliug sttSOC
try. In liritiber. lyin.
new sclHstl or hygiene ami public hetlib al
John. Hopkins which lis. been made i-
hie by a large enduuinent riom ti
KockCftller r..lllulallou. He ri.lt el
I A -lile
sulla uf llieir liitriigaiioiis al camp Cody
Kuamhlne brral Mrrlllrr
When asked als.ut 111.- . Heel uf dust on
Ihe la-sllh ol Ibe troops or Hi
.ule heje. he said: "tour 1o -I is al least
lei ib- I on have here lu the .uulhwest
H.e t.-1 -it nl zer in Hie uoiid. ami i Ba
never yet been Ullpniieil upon. lhat Is
your wisadnrrul sunlight. This country has
.. ulia la. i inallou loi un-. I luite mil
e.l in this vicinity aud I always leel drawn
bark I i It"
rind I ueilllloH. Hallsrorier) .
i okMsi Ashbum said shortly berurr hi
dtp. allure: "We consider the cuitiiiinn.
here are very aallsraeiory Tbe medical
and sanitary situation has beeu well band
led Ihe pneumonia situation ha. been I.
serMUa !n camp bod) I. tan In the oiiu-i
camp. I eaitnol give tlstl eaarl figures
Hutu memory bul Ihe mortality i- no
higher here than Ui the majority ol othei
placea unen- soldiers sre rnramped.
II was announced at division beadqnsr
ters loday thai Coplaln Hulaiirt . Iialln I I .
i.. in Held artillery who baa been attend
ins Hie -.istol or lire al loll sill i ik I a
boina baa resigned hi. roiomi..i..u strut
his realgualion has lieeu arrepted by the
war deparlmenl. t'etilaiii liulaney Is a
nun oi.su . lumberman .f He. Moiue.
Iowa. He sutiacrlbejl SAlusi hi Ibe Lib-
erty loan while be vts sietioiied here
II Is believed Ihsl he resigned on accolitlt
i m
raie .
by no
pai I ii
in I
.1-1 1 1 em
frenrll lien
strong. The Frejeest i
I the nine.
lhat he ha. no
truat Ills large bu
Prívale John w
tctlh Infantry d
Of I 11' I he
Mario Moirt'ii. la
lalhrr. and Ibe ran
ran eu
aiiterwai. company p.
1 al ihe hese hospital
is His iiHilher. Mrs.
a rrsldelll of Toledo
lit A latetl I'l -.
Washiitglon Dee. v iiovenunent eon-
lrol of mines ami const-rlptloii or labor
were predicted by l A. Brsstd. head of.
the lurl admití!. rations distribution
agenry. in t.-iifuu- today belt re tile
señale roattmltlee intestigaliiig tbe coal
i'o-..nliunli.ii of erforl is neeessary to
tnget pre. nt deliiautl.. Mr. Miead saitl.
siul he added it al be could sea no posse
Mlily ol the producunu of lue firty in I
Hon ion- Ihe fnol .idmim-iiailun rsiuaalet'
ins year. Iicslrlrt.
inn.. n. If declared.
Plan ror Trniliursri Itrller.
Prmiiiv or.iet. lor t.ul intímenla
inn hi aifoni some ti-iii.i.i ni y reller rrotii
simrtages egwerleoced in many pans or
lite coiniiry Mr. -n.-.i.t said bnl Ihe .mly
."lull r he ultole probleiu is atleqiulf
aim efflrlenl i o - i. .
ve Anead wa- eu Hie stand itirouglndit
totlay's hearing and was qu-.:
gTeal length as lo pie coal situation litre
In Washington I lie lot-! udlillulstrtllOtl.
ugh coal lo .iipplv
loeal tu eil. ha. been hlpH-d In tbe cap .
Hal. but suffering; iias necn cauaed by
hoardiiiK b ...me consumers last summer'
and tall. Inadequate distributing rarlliues'
and lailure or dealers lo co-operalt with
lilt cried. i
II was nc-esary rnr the fuel admlnls
nation last week arbitrarily tu divert itstl
lo supply ihe capital building Itself when
s -loriase Ihresline.l. the wilste.s f
elarcd. aitil tieia.i .iiti .i the cold waa
.eiere. I.issl toll. eoli.lglleil 10 the gxr-
erument was ortleretl a. signed lo prlvtttt
i nnsiifhsrs
When the situation hero threatened Its
become acule sncml -aui. ihe ruel atimlh-
Islrallon e.lablishi .1 rue dump- and or-
deted Hun HHi ions let placed in ihein
etery day lo supply Ihe public
The roinnilllee adjourned tielay uiiil
next Wednesday when poo.l Adiiiinislra-
lor Hooter will I.. lily on the sugac ail -nation.
He an I oilier xvitiieaae are ex
i i to close ihe sugar inquiry within
two day. ami Hu
lake i ui
nvc. ligation
lib witnesses
Hv -
l: M I mis i III H UN Nil.
Laredo. I cía- Dec. . lie' aiiin bal-
kioii. mui I hv i aplalh M Culluugh and
eight soldier atlalors. whleb left san Ait
tonlo yeaterday artein.sui and lust Us
canine landed at llhlalgu. Mexico eu
little op Hie Itlo til ai. o rllrr I torn
Laredo al nuir o'elurk last iiighl. The
nru v taken ni rilante bv Mexlrail
soldiers. i iioiilled in. mllilarv an
II orille- al Nuevo Laredo. Allloliioblles
were .cm lo Hidalgo ami Hie Amet icsn.s
leached Nuevo Lareiln p..iat Mioric.
alter leaving isan Antonio the. I ll i. si
a iieigbt ol i.usi le. i eucotiuiered a i"i
mile wind ah I dim. I rapidly oulhwel.
lie Hlo ... stele ua mistaken for Ihe
'.cure nice and a Isndliig- was made oil
Mexican soil.
Al rsugitiienl lava- hoi yet beeu mailt
to bring over lint balloun.
ut vim It i imp iouy.
n i -i si cm respondent
i. stop Cody lieuilug. V M. De-. SO.
i lu- dealh of I'rnaie Samuel P. Mcju i u.
i. Iillh Ittranlit. is reported hittay from
ii- i. i isuspllal Uionrbo pneuini.iiia
and etnpymea arc as-ign. .1 as Hu cause
The in . rallier. II. II. in. k- Uvea at
llosrbud. Mo. io dealiis Lavs been
reHirted al tamp osf during the tail
rour dst.
Thick Blanket of Cold
A ir Nestles Over Large '
Pari1 of Eastern States I .'"'
V Hies.
. Il.'l ISO. I Pe lc ' 11
Wrede. wire or a chamberlain
ig of Bavgrla. ha. teen cnudeiuti-
outi al Vevey to pay a line of
rosta for buying up and storing
num . t.r loodaturr. Tbs arbi-ti-uuie
aecoiiipaiiiisd by the
stid to hs. scouted tie- couu-
aubtiuobib- puiThasiur roosfi
been i - i- ; b tbe eulbor.
V t great thick
1st sir. H)lug slug I
lloiii Ibe upper I
you .
y at
e in
slltll MlllltHl tttMWIIItl xi.iin
.ollllNI. I.INIIIXI Is IN IttWt.lllON
UIIH MllslNt. IHUI I Nil OH U-
ay Assorialrd'ie.
lsVaskuiil.il. Ie
Tnc I.I. I tattle - i l MUt.og
III euujset-liesi with makuqr or army u
rums rásate up again at today's aess
tt Ut) senate military couiuilllee. wl
asfdt to buy wool bul lhat no eon aider
able amount was bought uuUI kejsttasber
tlatieral harv in -led ibeie wag no uu
nea-eaaai) delal slid tliat Hit coussrlj
study Iborougbl) tbe lo w subject.
eberiagr el kteter 1rwk.
The alleged shortage .i must i truck
i Miiuiions today proiesimg aaeiiisl "Use
' -..lining now being unneeeaegriiy Ua-
i ill. ted upon lie- nsass ul urban roassSastdfS
by Ose prolonged delay of Use govern
' utetU in orgauuutg aa eajstllable si taessi
of dtstnlxilloo of Ibe suppllrt 01 frl
I and desntiuliiig equal sisertng among sll
i lam. lie. witlsoot n-li i- a P. wrallh
isweenber of one ssf the auptwy ctMUsilltec ir.iiusa caaui- until Ike tra
hesl iruiesjed against . eucelielsou ui iL. ' . T
Tsoruac iwsiuaa-t ta is tuck Bis Wisttvcrl tUtBUnued oet Isas Twos
in .o. iheir arui
fíaXi.'-'A un Uiu tbe third wecS
Isl He nral i taut
r mgobiherv him an
Iter lo ssok musen '
one side st i -tsuir i
IIMI pruawtsled I. ns
liei . Hiers under
liuucd vq fttja Twu.j
ini mini io M.i.
run ut n i
'' By A.aocisled Pie
lili I I N I I Nil
Jit hit. tu i i on Nt ix Tt xas
npslhyfwilli Hu I" tsssHlstesI In.
go. I... tv T
t v

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