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Our many customers and most people in the great Southwest know what this means. If you are a
stranger in El Paso we will tell you in a very few words what it means.
Our Semi-Annual Clearing Sale
The Sale Everybody b Waiting For
Is Now in Full Blast
We only have two Clearing Sale each year and we try to sell
every suit and overcoat in the house. We feel sure that our
CLEARING SALE this year will be the biggest in the history of
our business. Clothing such as we sell is hard to get at this time.
Goods are getting higher every day. but no matter. We know you
are looking for our Clearing Sale and we won't disappoint you.
One thing you must remember: it won't last long so better get
busy and take your choice of any Suit or Overcoat in the House.
13 Off
Nothing reserved all go at the same discount no matter what
color style or material blacks blues or any other kind.
Only one thing we ask you bring the money.
Nothing Will Be Charged
Look at Our Windows You Will Find Lots of
Extra Good Bargains
Let 'Em
206-10 San Antonio St.
Let 'Em
El Paso Texas
Passenger Service on American I
Railroads to ne ik to m-
mum Under Government Con-
trol to Relieve Congestion; s
Pooling of Equipment Started.
War Board of Five Executives to
Continue in Charge Under Ui- g
rwinr MrAdoo: Impossible to -
Return to Former Basis After
Peace Belief of Officials.
Dance the Old Year Out
and the New Year In!
At The
Dance Begins at 9 P. M.
(Monday NitfHt)
DINNER $1.25
Modern Cafe
Mills Bid. PHone fi2
First Come
First Served
Request Comes After Adminis
trator Leaves on Business roi-
lowing Refusal to Hear Him.
By AocUtd Press.
Washington Dec. . Food Administra-
nte limner now In New York B I"
queited by telegrni tonight to appear
licit Wednesday Deroro inn eeusve .u.r
mitt.. inv.aitsatlnir the sugar situation
en. t.i.rram waa aenl liy Chairman Heed
alter lUe committee had coneldered In
eteeullv Hiilon whether a aubpoena
aliould be lesued ror the food admlnl-
tralor who had been advised last Sat-
urday Uiat tlio cominltteo expected to
hear hlin today. Laat week when Nr.
Hoover made aeveral rutilo attempts to
get hearlor before tne committee It
waa ald be ww delaying au Imporuut
business trip to New York. Hlnce then
lila etalamenl on lo surr altuiUon ha
been made public by the While House
and when the committee met this morn-
I mr there was a letter from counsel for
the food administration laying the ad-
mlnlstrator had been called to new tor
aud would be there aeveral days.
Reed Ansuers Crluelaau.
In announcing the telegraphic request.
Sunalor need referred to criticisms tí
rondurl or the nrarmg eu ..; ..;
sriuwissaa examined had been selected
at random so far. he said two wit-
... h.tl been heard Uniting the food
administration and one opposing H.
"We Intended to go anea '-'
there appeared that day a large iiuiiui.-i
Rv Associated Press.
Washington Ier. Si.-The railroads of
the United Slates paaeed Into gcvernment
possession at noon today as Secretary
McAdoo designated by President Wllaon
aa director general or railroads wu
dt legating to the railroads' war board the
task or operating Iheui ror the present.
'Ihe war board rumprlelug five or the
country loremoat railroad .executive
who hivo been In sopremc charge or the
rosita ror the last nine month was called
into coherence at It o'clock to discuss
plans tor welding all transportation lines
Into Singlo government operate ys-
leni. They lell the treasury department
two houra later under instructions to
runtlnue their functions and to submit
immediately t plan of operation1 lo the
director general.
Run Traína by Most Itlrecl oiile.
r.innal order designed to speed up rrelghl
movement telegraphing all railroad pres-
identa and directors Instructions to move
trsrric. by the most convenient and di-
rect romea. At the same lime he ordered
n n m emit mm! oiieinttoi of toelr lines
In conlormlt.V with me president' proc-
lamation putting them under government
There was no Indication tonignt wmnn-
er Mr. MrAdoo Intended eventually lo
displace the war board with an organl.
iniiun or his own oro continue Its or-
Ksnlsatlon for the duration or the war.
It was made clear however that It will
continue to runctlon until tho director
aeneraJ decide Dial better system can
be devised.
Way Opea to Pool Tratrie.
The order that rrelght move by the
most espedltlou routes open the way
ror pooling of traffic Impostlbio here-
tofore bv reason of statutes designed to
prevent the practico by carriers opersted
under private direction. H takes from
.... in. .luí I in riiiiln Ills rrclirlit
ii iriie. nuiiiaaer the tasi oí sending It
most directly nd where lhr la lt
congestión. : .
riius ror the director general has made
no puns tor his staff although It Is con
sistent will bu John Ration Payne of
ii .. ea
Mary Garden
Supreme Exponent of Modern French Opera
will sing for you with the charm and DrU-1
liancy that create a sensation wherever
she appears if you have her txdmnvt
The rial appeal of Mis Garden temperament st4
he artbric pmiption that made her undoubtedly the
ÍeaexpSoT modem French TM
conveyed in her recordina from Louue "That and
"Le Jongleur de Notre Dsme.
The exdusrre Columbia proees of recording cap-
cure all the brilliance and Vendor of the marvcUou
roice of Barriento Garden Frenutad Nielsen Gate
and other worid-renowned aoprtno.
This dear true faithful mirroring of lift makes
Columbia operatic record a purcartic Wkt W
the ame qualities in the ame degree are reflected tn
all Columbia Record. "Hearing t Mtemnt.
215 Texaa
Phone 2926
Be Sure of Our New Location
.. -.1. Interests and I as f If tY" " J ' J -mmJ 1
ly Associated Pi -as.
Washington Dec. W.-NH llhdrels
1 iuuoo.ou0 government d"posllshi i.
lucuon S M gross SWaeJlS by MfSMM
a abUn In in rede el 2JÍjj
eealy rmanrisl ajimuary of the batuta
riuliiioii at the close of buelneM last
ii.iii he lutal uld reserve mcreaaed
WfBm Kaeg Ho'
OoM com JdcwIi1IrV In ulU
Ji'tlomwt fund federal rarv
U;?oW wVlif"' ..enc. tu.
l egal tajvsor uotea attver .. Sag.
Tt.ul reeecrea. I.Ta.1taSS.
ei si nanas ftw.'w.wu- . . -
bills bought in open nurkeU arr-
aWaB Toul bUls on band timi .o-
I nited Malea itinlSSiSl long term
em met. Ma.M.UW. . . .
i idled uutes government nort lerni
lecuriues. IUIJSHjuuo.
Muulcip! warrnls. V-OMfHi
Total earning assets r;JWS.
Hue rioiii oilier federal raserve bauks
14 ll.tiM.U00. --
I ll.fted Item. Mt7l.
luial ledmllona Hum groas depoelis
gtll.oUofl .......
I He l.ei . til I e'lcuil'uvii
II. reaervc.
All ulnar resources atiam
loul "wure'iM1ijJTI"
l aplUI tld I 170 IW.MO
Hill discounted
fr members and ted
i ' lie. tii.n Hem IW.:S.
i 805-806
l.e.1 men. here 111 Waalllllg
.. ... ... ..tir who Willed tu
i Nutcasuctxsl
We wll
415-420 C Sas Antonio St
M .i .11 raasr vary fiswat 85c emA $100
Boa CtMttte at torn ruUciOouMy sow pi
49c Box
(i-ontlnueil i rom I'aae One.)
ready lo go (broad. The committee Mat
hers eapreaaad surprise.
"Huw are the men going to get r
periesace lu haudluig trucks Mktd Sana-
tor Mucin oik
dun I know. sau ici -rai r
. . .. ... n... ...ii. I tin k uiv ii-
needed by Hetieial I'.i slung should be
Aleianuer n. nssim-si. .. ii.i.i
t utted sutes district attorney or New
v... t..nri..i II. it 37 ran In on en.l lo) e l
him i. une. male the o ei iiioeiit cutilrarl
with the sorting laaapany wa.c be said
had reiulal of only Uli.oou. Mot moni-
i.. iñ n.i tiinuuiiiee aiioiotrtl by Ihe
council 01 national deleose lo supervise
Ihe rag industry ne moitu. t.i
liileresica in me u tt
not lalrly rpieent Ihe g.itrinuieiit s In
sis aud vi 1 1 atoe su iiijut wii -
"a Saplau. or ibe aortlnf rouipauy.
utd saiuuel kaiiisu. ol Ute council supi iy
luiiuuitUM. e brothers. Ibe witness sua.
ittuiator Mrkellar sought to rouaeel lb
lluallou un i an tn as ot us. u.
naMuultl lu an eol Hal HuaVoll uealci
unr ut ol I. si Altrtl Itss uatuial tl
fast of lailuie lu s.ur wuui. asr.
iniu.ki sad. would lie lu avatUy widen
lb uusrkM lor lUuUJj-
hard ao they tnlgbt return lp ineir
hornea. It waa au act or ruiiuuoo uwceutj
tu hear Iheui luunedlalely."
Willi no inner sugai witttt..-
able the roeMnlttM again n-oa up w
coal invesiigslion wlUi W. B. llver ot
thu tederal trade cuaimlsaiou. as a wil-
tieas. He disail WlUi the slaleniiul
T luel Adiouostraiitr 'tauieui m.i t-"-s
a ahorlaae or coal saying there la
plenty bul II cannot he transnoiteti.
m ualor liceo uteti w u""'w ;Z
itness thai miliar were making suth
!ebreirr.r. vsuuw xsrrssi
needa and declined to work MS. aw.
b-í'neX U.'a..e .d .'.Ve' .nihility
to gel coal rers as ine itesoti tut v. -tailed
labor operation.
Coal eaWtege Ri rkelogleel.
I. A. e4 in charge or d .tribuimg
..".i ii. i.i.i .ltiiiin-ii en io. said
that one ih id ..I Ho .oal .turo uliy
.ine to in.atd.u or ueyrbologi'el
nit. . i tage
Chicago now legal adviser lo Chairman
nuney oi toe smve's
the war hoard toaay tor a maní i mjm
In drsrtlng into 'service the War board
organization the director general lakes
minees including the operating coronUl
tee or eastern railroads beaded by A
W. Thompson oi too nammum
AV. .i. t. . i. well or tin
.... m enmntlsslon. Which
now I ssls'.lng the interstate commerce
n 1. 1 n in di.inhutnr cars.
Pooling or railroad equipment rtreedy
started by the war board will be
erallon. Common use especially will bo
made or lorminaJ raciiinea.
Retuse fvon-Esacntl! rrelghl.
tlon. II us intimated tonight will be a
denial of transportation lo non-e-seniiai
EkMCWMry will be cut prr including
both passenger anil frolghl moveincnt
..t ti... u-.e I ... 1 1 1 untitled out
ioitsv that tne lulled Mate Is the only
tuition at war which Is MlempUog lo move
a great amount or war neigui ami at tw
same- tune asking It railroads to trans
port all commercial irvigm muiv..
Its importance.
Thla aubject will be left largely to Rob-
ert s. I.ovetl government director of
priority who attended today s comer-
eme. The railroad heede lodav told Mr.
Medon that there should be named im-
mediately a manager ror gov eminent irat-
ric wno annum reeoiiiiimnii p
Ihe order lu which war auppliea should
move co- out dialing the hundreds or
priority orders now Issuing from varlou
government deparlmrnie.
i:mplers' Mato In Doubl.
There waa a queatlou tonight M to
wlirtlter Ihe great luaaa of railway ein-
ploe"ln lite Otuutry -nearly .'.u.ouu in
fluyes simo Official bold Hial they
io iiol on the ground lhaS the government
In assuming lontroi of Hie railroads is
only super -imposing Its authority on them
and thai as the roads are owned now as
pluyrs sltll are employee ol the owner
or Ihe road.
Mot only did member or lb war board
(sure tbe director general or tliajtr lull si
'ilV T.d 1.1.
a rams reached tltc treasury dopaiuneul
".day from laliroad on iters tuiuugboul
the country promising cu operaliun.
Hstlroed riaaatee Toueked Oa.
Railroad finances were touched on
sllsiill) at loday a contelentr. I tgl.lsllon
tu guárante the railroads pre war rev-
rnues Us. been draited along the Hues
mortis requests im i 'f.. JT77.
the subject of Increases will become
Return te termer nasi smihouu.
c.. r. iirti.n nrriciaia today eiprcssed
the opinion that one th railroad r
run aa a Ingle unit u win bv mv""""
rter the wr to go back to the old y-
lem or competition. Lining ntl-Wllnr
i estrictloQl they bold will dlsrup le-
ments of organliatlon necessary under
a competlllve aystero nd (t 1 1 n
time demontrale tht competition is
v. aster ul and uneconomic.
The test of Mr. McAdoo'( order follows:
I. neung Msumed the duties Imposed
upon me by and tn pursuance of the
roclainaiion or tb preMtfeni dated IDJ-i-ember
W 117. you will until otherwise
onlered. conUnue the operation or ou
road In conrormtty with said proclamauou.
you are requested to male every possi-
ble erron toward erriclency nd to move
trarric by tb mSjt convenient nd ei-
IT;1.. h.artv co-ODeratlon. II Is only
LM.ci'in.!.M lo uu.í.lfw 5nv
un anil America a " " .-ílviiiv
tnii wtibonf any formality. At l!
. .l th. tiir.rtor !.jneral and the mem-
bers of th rallroadT r board were so
.tut nut note tbe paaaage or time and It
was not ubm half wbour ltr that
on. Slncl?r .1 ' .ccdm.l
fh rn.ria ware out or Hie bauds or llwlr
Two hundred locomotive most -sirucilon
In Uil country lor rtuisia will
be taken over as a part of lb govern
ment's plan tor quick unproveu cm s
Cuban Woman Kidnapedand
Placed in Juarez Jail on
Charge of Being Villa Spyt
Rita del Castillo b Held by Ciltinn Officers While United
States Authorities tndeevor to unuiin
Taken Across Rio Grande on Rum of
Attending Sick Case.
ii..-.iet bv the president's proclama
mu. This will be luitodueed
liouaa of
ni i allium tn... v - r..
met. many or tliem tulllpiciou ann ewaea-
fn ahlrment will be changed lu gauge to
''VrernmenVwllI bold for a
tune one hundred locomotives ready ror
shipment to France tor u. ttar. i on -oada
Ituili bv ihe American forcs. When
I ey have helped relieve rrelghl conges-
tlon here theie engines will be sent on
lo Franc.
Caattnueil Iroju I'sf. une i
ATI iHywerTlMvinf In nU boats the
Hermans gate tbtre rhear. Tbe coan-
SBBt BEL. .. in. Faniilnl read Hie
burial arvlc of lb body of the dead
"ern'an aallor and Ihe deelroyer pro-
fSEfn buried bun with full niill-
in líñl íúr u Henry oiru er or Hie
liU." V1". 3?aSa Loo. w no
Charged with being a VIU py and with
bvlng- lded enemies of th Carranta
government RIU del Castillo wife of Er-
neato CMtlllo y Owela til Wt OverUnd
trees; Cunn cltlien I held In the JH
secret service oMcers. consular ofe''
and Itllelllgenre oilicee. " enn-
tutar agems ana t iu.u uhw - .
ular agents are bringing every possible
pressure lo bear to cure iwr '
Mrs. Cstlll0 was kidnaped from rd o
late Friday evening neieuir.s .itt.
n a Paso were' nottried that bad
been placed In Mil bv
on Saturday. Two other Meilrans whose
nam' are Unknown are held on the aame
CbMea"en pollc from Mare came to El
paw for tbe purpose or kidnaping Mrs
ctsTillo. e itered the woman's home and
persuaded bar to accompany them to
Juarei. according to John ollvelle citban
friend of th CaMlllo fan j. and a cUrk
at the Glob alar. Ollvella waa us
" 'he reswínc. when two Wg fro."
Juare were In eomarsauoii with get
castillo fn th parlor one. kav
fleer if Juarei. told Mrs. c.smlo that his
wife was dangerously 111 and tamad r
Casuilo. wbo Is a practicing- enldwir to
come with him lo litare. .
H anted to Kal Supper Fire.
Mr. Caeiillo refusul lo go ta'or ta
Ii ." eaten supper. Tb two MMlcan In-
l.ied runner
Galveston and tb Cuban minlater at
Washington. Tell him not to come to
Juare. It 1 unaafe Just at proMOt.'
ntot Aluja ees 'u . lh..
Mra. Casllllo lull never be aligned with
iy or an enemy of the gov-
Í. . i.. . . riv. ..r .he has
been a rrequent visitor in luares on pro
esssonai cans twin tut ' " " .7
mlliury and civilian population In the
.. - - - r th. I si I -
..r.u. or Havana and of tb University
of Mílco. Sb la a cuban by btrtb ano
has resided In thla cliy for lb put rn
ire ana uaa ouiu . ! . r-r.
will be intrtxtuoaa la BapDtlIllk.i s Mat arweu ass. . "-"
cougress when tne pirsliinti-onnor woo Jumped overboard lo save tua
goca lo tne capítol lo outline iw lecow-lorawnuut Oej-man.
luemtaitona ur iuhiui.i .... ..
Mi.ead aald coal wu the lut rrlgnt
.......ii. .. i.v in. tu ruada and
gave ua-ooiulUiU Unprc-euieni u the
only solution td th problem He said
heix ieupl aia auiirai. swijeae h-
Ohio railroad the olflclala of wbleh mam
tain their imiuevllug Uuea al uniuiuau
Ai.it i take II aar.
When iu i neve a lulbiess ad weigltf lu
tb stouacli after ealwg wu may knt.
Ibat hs leji too mJv?i'? '1uu1h
lake une of ci.iul..rlaui'i Tableas to aid
uur dlgauuii.-lulT
1 I el
day aa to
specling the
rBBsaswea it
under govei
an be don
The roada ai
I lu ii posiu
idcrable spCiiiatriui lo-
;ovei lun.ut's policy re-
lia or racing funda lo
. If opersltltg revenues
coni ul rail ofr. Tw
psiing the -leu. ii oul
r. ..i. nut (r..i.hl rales.
tious thst rale be raised.
Ibai if ine
..... ai . Ins. al ill. end uf
the war
thry will b lorced lo re.uiue i rnaie up
erallon on a uasis
then retemies enoul so pay ipoe.
Hie dispusiliisn oT govianl ornclals
apuarenlily la to an tbem lu Ui
. . u ui ray Caea.
II la roc si dared unlikely mat Iher will
ürowning werjiiju- uiiir.r
-The BrIUsh conimander-m-chlef un-
.r .hum the de.iiuiei. were uperalu.g
said in bis laporl. . rrm.
the discipline and Uamu or the In Had
Vial . MB.' aud added i iat ttaja
ES showed the Fauumg la a tu of
war lu 111 bul ao or Hi term well
. ". at. Saa He also pralaes her
rouiuander UeuL A. s. Carpaoder. and
. nuieods l.leut Henry nl.oan
UN tS I'harnaclst s Male Marv.ell aud
sualn t unnor. n Tr
te any atfgiM .eulonaui lu Uanntrtlua
.uttritinonl Tr.ujhl rra of -oal u M
uun. i tugiaivd Ofllcuüs iHdd Ital If
I MSailSI riai.ni is paiu i
.tu ntrnmotnltOMlt that IiruIUDl A llOaU Ul
Nicboiaon. which be saya clal tta
succeu ol us aunar amp lb IMa
cuds iH.ld Hisi if
paid tur U It '
shIU tva in . miu I
' 1 Hiieisuie toierassaWuv.uii uf tit. ' Fnm Vtid SlllllMnl
ier latlruad uprreUou I. lb dlrax: Uafiau ws aijiwcea J
...... .1 i. It hi IOM il- .Ut.JlO. as rating i tetcsnltu'i ' hi" I
sd the orTlears asid asaf
dlroclur J UW1
iLaIí IátgaSaa
oaaaport. Isued rrou the ornee o u
Cuban consu ai uetim
Slie carrie a Cuban
rice o in.
Teiu. the
nearest consulate. fc
ldnuiy of the two othe r ; taM
VIU spies and erreelad about the aame
time as wu Mrs. Cutillo ha riot been
learned in ti raso. n -
whetber they are men or sarotnam.
t. m. c. a. ravoas moral clean-Iif.
The rollowmg reaolutlon wu puaad by
tb board of dlrctora of th Youo. Man a
Resolved that thla board djjtori
heartily endorse tbe eftort of tta ajafor
or the rtty th city council and tta f'
Lróugh dun up of tta city and that
we pledge to them the aupport ofJhls
and thla Hesitation In ttaU- efcrts
thus to improve the moral condlUon of
El Pao." .
FOU." . . trida
while the Iwo Mesitans walled. JJJS
SSr to "luaiei. where she ha. a sMSttj
c'íoíaad'the brldg 111 'Woman was i.laeed
under auesi sou muuiiui -jail
where she remained all of Irlday
Bk Saturday morning sisa succeeded In
word through a friend to Kl Paao
wbeu her husband and rrlsada were uoll-
"ttiltane t-t El lao. upon discovering
Mut Mra. CaaUllo had bean Placed to Uve
Juarcs Jail immodlaiely set In inotloa ua
eblnery by which lo aature ber relea
Washington wbo has taken the cue I
VX':. d.p.V".enr"We C. U-
gattoh al Washlnguin was sent lb fol
lowing onuuunlcauoo by Cuban real-
denla of thla city
Mra. Rita dsn i-uuuu m
feu taau kidnaped fros this city
act at one la tar tatah Uuougb IB
ismalautad Ule. 'aillborlUu I.
Ciaullo l. al orfical. e f. OSa.
Sl UrJLd bor. I
S I J.SUrtS H ñau ñt
l owu early iuraay l .ora- wWro aba s.
'uiL.'.' in cate 'fed feVruS.. I W Fjk.
vigliano 'pJ- 1" w wlr uy oubaa cuaaul I
Id? antae o! Roofless Teeth
luat las our common
and look at tasas two pictures
Tk adv atuagu ar aot oaly clear asjssj
"f NWItp when uttng cora oa
JZeOoau tasara u ao roor to told tav
DaotiaU it Uve Sojth
as .as
Only maker of this pa-
Do asjt est sous cheap daut. Si4leg
Ma w Da. a. OWUsW.
Hew Systea Mai Ca.
'.. la Kaa aassl aus SaraS .tj
HKlaV tUSHV fSÉ iMuV aTMriÉk'

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