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■ I"■*' ' ■■ *!j
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Volume 39
Aspermont, Texas, April 29, 1937
No. 42
Parents Of Tarleton
Students Invited To
Annual Parents Day
Stephenvillo, April 2!)— A Greek
pageant with a queen's coronation.
County-Wide Election
Saturday On Fourteen
Per Cent Beer—Vote!
A county-wide election has
called for Saturday, May
1st, tor
special military parades, concerts, j the purpose of determining- whether
teas, and exhibitions are planned for j Stonewall county citizens want to
the annual Parents Day celebration permit the legalized sale of 14 per
at John Tarleton college next Sunday cent alcoholic iontent beer,
and Monday. As you know )' binuary o. this
The following from Aspermont have year Stonewall county voters tu ued
received from Dean J. Thomas Davis, [ .umbs down on ti-e continued -ale f
invitations to attend the Parents' , >■- beer after L\v-> >ea s of obsecvin: •
Day program: Mr. and Mrs. W. H. its course—it 1 found wai ti:t;*. |
Cauble, parents of Helen Cauble, jun- -Now the wets have instituted « ]
ior in business administration; Mr.
and Mrs. Fred B. Dalby, parents
Frederick Dalby, senior ill veterinary
medicine; Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Elli-
son, parents of J. L. Ellison, sopho-
more; Mr. and Mrs. 1. I,. Smith, pa-
ents of F. J. Smith, junior in general
agriculture and Johnnie LaVerne
Smith, junior in buisness administra-
Sunday there will be a retreat pa-
rade' of the cadet corps, a Parents'
tea, band concert, and musical pro-
gram. Parents will attend church ser-
vices wit), their children in the morn-
ing and evening.
Monday morning the parents a>iu
guests will visit classes and will s< >
a tent pitching contest on the drill
lield Military companies wili als>.
stage competive military drills. At 11
o'clock an address will be given b.v
Attorney General William McCraw.
The Greek pageant will be presente
in the afternoon at 5:15.
move to legalize the salu of a oter
that is more than four times strong-
er in alcoholic content.
Citizens, go to the polls ami vote,
in the name "ur boys and triris,
in the name of humanity, am! in the
name of decency, please do not fail
to voice your disapproval or '.his
Do not be - lisled by the piopagan-
da being circulated that the sale of
beer in Stonewall county will ,ai.-e
revenue to pay Old Age Pensions.
As^ your county officials.
Is it ever right to legalize a VICE'.'
Five Aspermont FFA fCampaign To Enroll
Boys Receive Awards All Social Security
of Merit From Area IV
Latin American
Nations Preparing-
Exhibiis For Fair
^ Dallas, Texas, April 2S Fourteen
Latin American republic. and one
American province have been allotted
exhibit space in the Pan American
Palace, at the Pan, American Imposi-
tion, whicjj will be held here June 12
through October 31. Venezuela, •
last of the nations to announce par
ticipation, accepted pace Wednesday,
April 21, and Frederric 1). Grab, at-
tache, department of commerce, cab
led from Caracas that his country j
will bring a display of mineral and !
agricultural products to 1!'3V'S nter
national fair.
y Participating nation with announc
ed programs are: Mexico, Argenuna I
Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru. ',: - I
jigjay, Venezuela, ( osta Rica, Gu-i- ;
*%finala, Honduras, Nicaragua, El ial- j
vador and Cuba. Porta Rica is I net ,
Sam's province that has joined wiia |
tiie Latin American nations in i \po-
sition presentation. ,
First Bapiist Church
J. B. Kowan, Pastor
uid Giorj H-D Club
Women Enjoy Making
(andiewick Spreads
"A thing of beauty and
wit" an apt description <
one of the candlewicic bed
joy for-
if every
the Old
'lh(. sifti in the background of this
■lictuiv read,, "Butter." This steel car
night have been butler, too, for all
is resi to the terribli impact
that brough it to crushed ruin against
the brick wall.
Onto the sidewall ! What innocent
tl.i v
■'ran might have been passing
waj .' Some bread winner, per
i'roin work in
home -uid child-
laws, yet ill
ddewalk. This
bur'vae home
ry plant to bis
Disobeying no
, even on the
prove.s it.
displayed by the women of
.'ilory home demonstration club
iie home of Mrs. (''has Li t:-
ine cooperators in the 1
demonstration brought their
pread.- to the club me tint;
tp ii
I room
b e <1
"i these spr. ads were completed and
ibe rest are to be finished before the
County Fair in October, in addition
to these spreads, the club as a whole
is making one to be sold as o means
of raising funds.
Of these ten catidlewick spreads,
■nd;, one cost as much as S3.K5 and
ill thi others range in cost from a-
b >ut $3.00 down to $2.45. Since a
ainilewick spread, made of quality
maieriul and worked carefully, vwll
la. t a lifetime, the club women of
Id (dory feel that their time and
money lias been well invested.
i'host having candle, ick spreads
. . . Mrs. A. !.. Flowers, Mrs. W. W.
i'rice, Mrs. JJeno Herttenbergcr, Mrs.
i.dward Elms, Mrs. J. B. Pumphn■;.,
Ji; s. Herbert Rinn, Mrs. Clyde Gride
M Mazel Trice and Mrs. \V. il.
I'lowers. The club -pread, which will
in completed thi. month is made ol
na ural color muslin and th, ail over
ill aiond design is worked in natural
. i ail with big soft yellow tutts in
tne center.
Annual Home Ec Style
Show Held Lat t Friday
Last Friday afternoon the an: ual
ityle show of the home economics
department and shower by patrons
the. department was held in the
.ymnasium of the hi-h •school. One
hundred and sixty dining room and
-.lichen articles were contributed to
the department, also contained'in th<■
contributions was #1.70 in iash.
Mrs. Hearon Flowers opened her
;.tractive new honii Monday afti
noon to the fifty members of the
home economics club. The house
though containing fewer bedrooms is
modeled after the model home ex
! i; hi tod on the Texas Centennial
rounds in Dallas.
Banquet Is Heid
Stephenvjlle, Tex., April 28— A. J.
Spam. hr, director of he department
of agriculture at John Taileton Col-
lege, announced today that five As-
permont boys have been awarded
certificates of merit from Texas Area
IV vocational agriculture headquar-
They are Curtis Viertel, Harold
Ward, Jack Jones, Lawrence Harper,
and Bill Kennedy.
By production, and rope work, thej
received the Future Farmers o f
America merit awards. Spangler ex-
plained that the certificates contrib-
ute to their advancement in Future
Farmer work, through the degrees of
Greenhand, Future Farmer, and Lorn
Star Farmer.
Eligibles By June 30
Peacock High School
To Entertain Friday
Night For Ex-Grads
Invitation were sent out the past
a ek end to ex graduates of the Pea-
cock high school to attend an enter-
taaunent in the high school gym-
nasium Friday night, which is being
poll sored by the juunior and .- nior
eiasse.. Expectations are for more
than 120 ex-graduaets Wj be present.
Plans for the entertainment havt
..ol been announced but visitors are
.... ured of a good time During the
ntertainment plans will b, submit-
ted to the ex-graduates to make the
entertainment an annual affair.
If you were with us Sunday you
will return for worship next Sunday.
In case you Were not able tc tie with
us, surely you will join u < >'i-i\ n
next Sunday - servicer, th 1 yet.
The pastor will have been in tne pui-
pit his first year. Will you do us the
bono,, to come? The hours- ■
Bible school; II a. ill. preaching !l.
pastor; 7 p. m. Training Servic. an-
at X p. m. the evening message
will enjoy the day spent in
friendly church." Come.
P. S. All officers and leacht r: will
not,, the ew pupils and make a I s
for the superintendent.
The annual Stockholders meetln
of the Farmers' Gin Co., Swenson.
Texas, will be held in the Swenson
Baptist church building at I P. M.,
Saturday, May 1st, 11)37, for the
purpose of electing directors for the
coming year.
Harry Fletcher, President.
Parents of children who ride bicy-
.■U.-, a.e asked to caution their child-
u about riding bicycles on the side
aUs. There is a city ordinance a
ainst thi- practice and must entorce
. t a- it is a hazard to pedestrians.
rlea.-c be sure your children do not
,de bit ycies on the sidewallks in the
City Council
Mr.. A llie Comer, who underwent
iajor surgery in Hendrick Memorial
I lospital about five weeks ago and
ho has been convalescing at the
home oi her brother near Abilene,
pas returned to her home hi Asper
Mary Lois Springer, l.orene FJIi
son, Fdna Hecht, and Annis Durha a
accompanied by their teacher, Mr-.
Xadine Right, left at noon Wedm
day for Fort Worth to attend t'a<
state home economics rally now
held there.
These girls will enti r contest - at
the rally and 'ther members of tin-
classes of the local school have sent
clothing to be entered in contesis.
The selection of the above contes
tant> was made a a district meet in"
at Stamford.
The Aspermont Luncheon c'tb con
. ributed $25 as prizes to del ray ex-
penses of the four winners on the
Fort Worth trip.
Approximately 1 50 county teach-
ers, trustees and visitors were pre
sent at the annual banquet of teach-
er.- and trustees of Stonewall count
tha- was held in the liaptist c! a !i
l;i t Friday night. Count;, sup rin
lendont acted as master of cere-
Princ pal speaker was Dr.
, ;ah Rhodes, first assistan
uperintendent, who spoke i
philosophy of life. Music wa
nished by a string orclie-lra 'Vn'
McMurry college.
\isiti.--< i-ounty superintend nls
cere Earl lsbel.1, Anson, Matt (I a
nam, Haskell, and Miss Vera Ci,
n ath, Memphis. County and district
i hool trustees and their wives w r
lienor guests for the occasion. Lun
. heon was served by home demonstra-
tion agent Jean Day and her dubs.
e re-
• n;i. SCO! I
Miss Mildred Samford who has
been employed as deputy clerk in the
county clerk's office, left Wednesday
for Haskell where she has accepted
a position with the Feed & Seed Co..
She will probably return to her form
er position by September lsL
Air. and Mrs. Joe Matthews visited
Sunda) with Mr. Matthews sister,
Mrs. t'lyde Woods, who is a patient
in Hendrick Memorial Hospital in
\hil, lie. Mrs. Woods underwent an
appendicitis operation last week.
Mrs. CI if
visiting he,,
tl'il week.
f Day
ol 1'lainview i
r Mis- Jean Ma\
The girl scouts met at the Metlio
| li'st church annex Friday, April 2tiril.
i i i lit of the girl- present took and
l | a-si il their tenderfoot tests. Sam-
| niie Nell Hash became a nevs nembei
I of the troui). Tne girls played tames
while waiting their turn to lake the
Members prest nt were as follows:
I, llie Marie Anderson, Sara Den:;:
Anderson, Velma l.u Boyd, Paulit,.
Cad'lei, Grace ,vancis Hight, Ada
leie Hill, Doroth; N«ll Gibson, (!• tie
Mayfield, Laura Wayne Metc'df Pa'
y Reed, Samniie N'ell Rash, Ann
j I'nurston, Myt'a Jo Whorton, Grac
| Webb, and Mildred Whorton.
v ovvbov Musicians
Will Have Sister
Band Next Year
Abilene, April -V— A Cowgirl
i .and will compete with the famous
i owboy Band next fall at Haidin-
Simmons I niversity, school offit aJs
announced this week. The same op-
portunity for travel, musical iiluca-
ion and a share of the spotlight ac-
corded the Cowboy musicians will be
j offered feminine tooters.
Dir. ctor Marion B. McClure of the
university Cowboys will supervise
organization and training of the girls.
• i.ieciai uniforms will be provided and
anu trips similar to the boys' globe-
trotting will be booned.
"Although the Cowboy Band is ap-
proximately 275,000 miles ahead of
its proposed sister organization, the
girls can provide plenty of competi-
tion for the boys in short order, Me-
tafile predicts.
Uolh advanced and new students
vvnl be eligible for the band when ii
takes tor in next fall.
Dallas, April 28— Plans for an
intensive campaign to assign social
security account numbers by June 30
! to every wage earner in employments
covered by the Federal Old Age Bene-
fits provisions of the Social Secutity
Act were outlined today by E. L.
Tutt, Field Representative of the So-
cial Security Board.
"Although approximately 000.000
account number cards have been is-
ued in the state of Texas, we are
certain that there still are several
thousand covered workers in this
field who have not yet applied for
account numbers," Tutt said.
"The postoffices will continue to
receive applications for account num-
bers throug|, Juia, ■''(). Until that date,
application forms will oe in easy
reach of any unregistered workers;
after that date, ah applicant will
have to contact the nearest Social
Security field office in order to es-
tablish an old-age benefits account.
We hope, therefore, to bring all af-
fected workers into the program while
facilities of the postoffice are yet
"Officials from this office will
begin immediately to visit the prin-
cipal cities in this area and speak to
employer groups, contact public of-
ficials, civic leaders, chambers of
commerce, heads of labor organiza-
i ons, fraternal and welfare groups,
women's clubs, editors and others
who.->t services may be enlisted in
brinring about enumeration of every
i|uaiiiied employee," Tutt asserted.
liaptist Workers Will
Meet At Girard Mav 13
' Mrs. VViil Smith, Misses Winnie
Yeager, and lica Smith of Peacock
and Mis.s Christine Smitliey of Asper
mont were week end visitors in
Mr. 1). R. Couch of Silver Falls is
visiting here t'ns week.
ii You I)o Not Know
How To Mark Your
Ballot, Consider This
In an effoit to try to av some oi
the confusion experienced in past
beer elections by some voters, tin
following explanation is made con
ci-ruing the markinn of ballots, lie
low ig wording as it will appear on |
the ballot. To the right is illustrate
the paragraph to mark out for dry
and wet voting,
OI I K l \ I. l< \!,!,(IT
FOR- Legalizing the sale of vinou
and malt liquors that do not con
tain alcohol in excess o" fourteen
per cent (I P; ) by volume.
AGAINST—Legalizing the sale of
vinous and malt liquors that do not
contain, alcohol in excess of four
teen per cent (14'a) by volume.
i o vote y n .uk out top pal.
aph beginning' "FOR,"
OI I K 1 \L B \I,LOT
and mail
tain ale
, er cent (IP
i v v
. all ol
. ■ not .Con-
or; fourteen
J un II..
AGAINST l.t-.. ali/nig the sale
vinous and malt bquors that do
contain alcohol in exces- of f<
teen per cent (IP, ) by voluit
To vote wet mark out l « i
paragraph Inn inn "Against."
FOR Lfcgalv.ii] the sale of vu.oiis
and malt li<,ueis thai do not con-
tain alcohol in excess of fourteen
per cent (I ; I y volunn
• «,NST—Legalizing
vinous ... ' '>uill lioo
contain •' in , •"> .-
n:'t: per cent (14r/< ) bj
the sale
,nat do not
of four-
Club Woman Gives
liecipe For Making
, easi Cakes ai Home
The Stonewall Baptist Association-
al Workers' Conference will convene
in an all-day session Thursday, May
"ith, with the Girard Baptist church.
The general theme of the meeting
will be Church Loyalty.
Program follows:
10:00 Devotional— Jimmie Johnston,
10:15 Talk on Psalm 122:1— Rev. F.
McPherson, Jayton.
10:45 Talk on Hebrews 10:25— Rev.
Earnest Lee, Oriana.
11:15 Sermon: Text Ephesians 5:25—
Rev. J. B. Rowan, Aspermont
12:15 Lunch at the church.
Afterncon Session
2:00 Devotional— Barney Cumby, of
_ 15 Talk on Matt. 5:13— Rev. Sid-
ney Cox, Peacock.
2:45 Talk on 1 Timothy 3:15— Rev.
J. V. Bilberry, Spur.
"•15 Talk on B. T. U. Work— Rev.
R. T. Barton.
l: la The Evangelistic Outlook in Dis-
trict Seventeen— B. N. Shep-
herd, District Missionary.
Miscellaneous business—
A popular bit of information trom
.he yeast bread demonstration given
in the county in April was how to
.take home-made yeast cakes. Mrs.
C. G. Viertel, president of he Asper
iflout home demonstration club, made
the cakes that were distributed a-
mong the club women and explained
new they were made.
"I use a piece of yeast bread dough
about the size of a small egg and
soak and dissolve in two cups of wat-
er. Tln n i add enough white flour to
ake a thick batter, and 1 allow this
mixture to -.tand over night in a
arm place.
■ i he next morning, this sponge
..ill be foamy and doubled ill bulk.
To this, 1 add enough cornnieal to
make the sponge stiff so thai it can
be rolled out on the bread board.
Use cornnieal on the board instead of
flour. 1 cut these with a biscuit cut-
ter, and put them where they wil
dry out."
I In home-made yeast cakes can
be ki 'vr months and will make
good lichtbread.
Oscar Peacock, A. P. Couch and
Bill Matthews were business visi-
tors in Dallas the past week end.
About fifteen members of the Se-
nior League of the Methodist church
accompanied by Mrs. 11. L. Thurston
enjoyed an outing at the Aspermont
take Wednesday evening. Following
the usual goodtimes of youthful "pic-
nicers" an appetizing picnic supper
was spread.
Our club met in the home of Mrs.
Charlie Gafford Tuesday, April 20th,
with fourteen members in attendance.
.Miss Jean Day was present and gave
a demonstration on yeast bread.
lief res r men ts were served to Miss
Lilian Saywer, Mrs. Ida Johnson, Mrs,
C. R. Hoag, Mrs. Johnnie James, Mrs.
Arthur Cox, Mrs. John Duncan, Mrs.
I-rnest Allen, Mrs. Charlie Gafford,
Mrs. Lorean Trammell, Mrs. Veal
Howard, Mrs. P. T. Garner, Mrs.
Jess Johnson, Mrs. J. 0. Hughes and
Mrs James Little.
—Club Reporter
Mrs. N. Q. Brannen of Fort Worth
has been visiting in the home of her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Harvey,
a i this week.

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