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Upon the confidence and eH>ou v. <ur friends our
success has been founded. We greatly appreciate the
generous patronage with which thi* HANK has been so
highly favored and are striving i eo;ne more anil more
worthy of this confidence and trust which lias been the
foundation and the necessary uaterial for our success.
We appreciate the'r patronage and invite them to
make use ovaii the facilities of this Hank during the coin-
ing year.
Its Officers and Directors send their *incere t wishes
for your happiness and prosperity throughout the coming
The First National Bank,
Lc me quote you delivered prices, track, Bastrop, on
the following. Straight cars or will pool cars.
—Peanut Cake. —Rice Bran — Ear Corn.
—Cold Pressed Cotton Cake. Rice Polish.
—Hay, any kind. Anythinginfactin the feed
line, Quotations furnishei on short notice. Prompt
an1! quick service. Ijo west quotations.
J. C. Mosby, Bastrop, Tex.
Phones, 164 and 169
. 1M11 :ni say
What the Press Says
of Our New Serial
The Continent!
Laughter find tenrs He close
together. Something goln;; uil
tlie time In this perfectly de-
licious story. « ja,
Review o! Reviews i
Little Women bids fnlr to
buve u rival In Ethel Hues-
ton's novel, brimming with
the fun IIad frolic of healthy,
hearty girlhood. A delicate
wjld-mse love story tempers
the madcup merriment.
Philadelphia Prcssn
Full of humanity and humor.
It breathes the spirit of uni-
versal good will ns does no
other novel of recent days.
Written with obviously genu-
ine enjoyment of the tumul-
tuous happy-go-lucky, hand-
to-mouth finally lite Its ;ip-
poul Is a wide one and direct-
ed to a ^holesonie, human,
good-to-preserve sliuplic! cy.
Boston Globe 1
Sparkling with bright whim-
sical humor. One of the clean-
est and most delightful books
of the season.
New York Timeki
As frivolous, gay, and amus-
ing a story as one might wish
for—doubly welcome in u
world that has gone «ray and
sombre with tragedy.
Brooklyn Cillient
One could read of the doings
of the lovable I'UUDKNCB
for a week and never tire of
the story.
Be Sure to Read the
First Installment I
In This Paper SoonI
Mill D**p«rat* Cr*«tur* and HwHin
Oiv« it e Wide Berth.
Talking ubout fierce things, the
wfldiiog 1s about the toughest mem-
ber I have ever tackled in the
woods," said a man from Arkansaa,
"and if you have nerer met him in
his wildest state you have no con*
eeption of his deupcrate nature. He
la thorougldy desperate and thor-
oughly vicious. He has that kind
of Vkciouaness which invites trou-
ble. 1 never shall forget an experi
ence I had with a wild boar some
years ago during high water. The
whole St. Francis basin was over-
flowed. 1 had gone into the bot-
toms from the hills for the purpose
of rescuing some stock. 1 had car-
ried my do<js along, thinking I
might bunt bear while in n section
which was notably good for this
kind of sport at that time.
"Just about sundown one day my
dogs opened up in a wild, almost im-
penetrable part of the seel ion I w t
in, and from the way they barked 1
thought they had n bear at bay. 1
got to them as soon as possible. The
cane and undergrowth were so thick
that I was within a few yards of tht
dogs before 1 could sec them. I
could see that they were a bit tim-
id about the attack, a thing I had
never observed before when they
had a benr at l ay, and this roused
my suspicion a bit, though 1 was
Silk Dress Goods
A nice line of beautiful Silks for Waists,
Drosses and Skirts, prices U5cto$l.C>0
Shirting Silks 6jc trt Me
Wash Silk* 50c
Pagoda Silks, v5c
A Mend id line of Men's Shirts, Collars,
lies mid Underwear.
Something now in Felt Hats $2 and &1
Our stock is better assorted than ever and
we invite your inspection. Mail and Tele-
phone orders solicited.
Phone 189.
Bastrop, Texas.
saocsae «-J
Purely Personal.
Mr. Harry Erhard was
Sealy the first of the week.
Mr. Hugh Johnson went
Laredo the tirst of the week.
Mrs. Maggie A. Green, left
not quit* prepared for the thing ' for the Market, Monday, where
Absolute!/ Puro
Made from Cream of Tarfer
it) in ofjran
Revenue From Income sod |nh«rlt.
•net Tax Should B« Utilized
. , for Dsfenso.
! fty'h- —
fcj By J. S. Cull I nan.
j Jt\ CtuUrt&ay Tvxai Keotunulc l.« fus
The three important subjects whlcb
ttto Texas Ecououdo Leagua has list-
ad for first consideration ara Citizen-
ship, Administration ot Justlco and
Prnporeduesb. Probably the most im-
portant of tiioBO in Preparedness.
Government la a triangle and Pro-
parodnesb, Administration of Justlco
and Citizenship are th« component
parts with Propar« dneea as the basu
Unless we proparu thero will be no
Cttlaenship, no Justice, no govern-
Our government In now paasln;!
through u supremo tept of efficiency,
and It Ik for the citizen to say what
he oxpectn of government. In my
opinion, government should do Bomo-
thing more thun colloct taxes and
Ibbuo warnings It is the duty of gov-
eminent to protect its citizens on land
atifl aea, and our government 'uvs no
more right to refuse to do bo ttian a
citizen liaH u rlKht to refuse to pay
taxes. It is not a questlrm of opinion
-- it is one of nceoBHity, but n.> nation
can protect, its citizens unless it has
the guns.
The President is correct In his pol-
icy of preparedness and protection,
and no thoughtful citizen can afford
to Invito national peril through In-
efficiency When our government
permits liberty and freedom of its
citizens to go by default, it has vio-
lated its peldge (o tho people, as
| much ns if it took liberty and free-
dom from them by force. There can
! be no government without force. A
court without a sheriff is nothing more
than « debating society, and a modern
government without an aru;y or navy
is no government at all. It* Is a help-
j less tribe of people.
Real men are animals—not angels.
They always have and they always wilt
fluht The causes of way wiH never
bo removed until the human race Is
removed Human nature cannot be
dismissed from mankind, for In every
Infuut It will be born again. Many
psychological onuses havo been ad-
vanced for wars. There la an old
Irish tradition that following a danc-
intj^raso the world will olther pray er
flght. Tho league Is not at tho mo-
ment concerned In the psychological
cnusos of war. an stern realities dr
mand first attention, for tho llbertle
and rlKhts of a clUxen guaranteed b?
tho Constitution huve been denied ou.
Motion's Duty to Protect Citizens.
Government is organized physical
force, and without force there is no
government No man can peaceahly
possess a thing ot value unless in
soma manner he can defend his title
by force. Our government denies the
cltiron tho right to use force, and in
disarming tho Individual enters into
e contract to protect the rlgjts of a
citizen by force, and, If necessary,
to kill and destroy persons or nations
that interfere with tho rights of Its
citizens. It has no option In tho mat-
ter It Is Its first obligation.
that happened a few seconds later.
Before 1 could realize rnv peril a
wild boar, one of the largest 1 hatf
ever peen, dashed out of a eluun> of
cane and made straight for me. for-
tunately there was a low limbed, in-
clining tree a few feet from where
I stood. I leaped up the tree just
in time to save my hide. Tha hog j and Mrs. A. Jung.
missed me by n mere scratch. The) Mrs. Julia Hartmann&nd little
dog.* were quick to take advantage son Csian, ofSan Antonio, after a
of the situation and niftde a fierce several weeks visit to Miss Liu-
she w.U purchase an extensive
line of Millinery and novelties.
Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Powler
and son, of Goliad, are spelling a
few with Bastrop relatives.
Mrs. J. H. Moore, of Texas
City, is visiting her parents, Mr.
attack. They fastened on to the'
hog's earn almost in a juTv. His
fight to free himself was awful and
bloody. It was a frightful mix up,
and my dogs were suffering fearful-
ly. For a time 1 could n t help
them. I could not shoot without
ohooting one of my dogs. They
wore being cut all to pieces by the
bi-ur'tj tusks. But once in the fiu'ht
pot one of them would quii. The
loss of blood made them d< perate.
Directly, during a lull in the scram.
ble, 1 got a chance to use my rifle
end plugged the boar between tho
eyes. The fight was over then, but
my dogs were in bad shape. Tho
wiid boar is about the most despci- tor ol Ked IvocU were visitors
ate thin? 1 httve ever encountered.* Uastrop the past week'.
ter, ieft for their home last week.
Messrs Chas T. Butler and
Walter A. Balenger, of Heau
mont, Law parteners of \V. E.
Orgaiu. attended the funerai of
Capt. B. D. Orgain.
Mr T. Raymond of the Ray-
mond Store, left for the market
Sunday where he will purchase
goods for his store in Bastrop.
Mrs. E. H. Jenkins is attend-
ing the meeting of the Press As
soeiati jn at Austin this week.
-New Orleans Tine. -1 'emocrat.
Pat's L«eson In Golf.
Tat had boon lit pit.g the grccn.1
keeper construct several tees at tho
new irolf links and d.irin/ the noon
hour had been f.ri\cn a lew lessoni
in driving. A day or two later l.u
was telling lis friend < Vi y about it.
"Faith, Casey," lie -nid, "tbi^
gnrne thev call gollnf do 1 n funny
gatTie. ^'ez have it liltie white 1 >u 11
on' a long stick wid a knob on iho
ind av it, an' yez put the white ball
on a lit tie hape av saml. Thin tiio
game is to haul all an' knock the
ball so fur vez nivcr find ut ag'in."
•'An' did yoz hit the ball whin
yez tried?" asked Casey.
"l>id Oi ?" said I'at. "Thot's the
funny thing about golltif. Shure,
the first toime oi hit ut Oi niver
touched ut!"
Captain B. D. Okuain
'AfUsr life's fitful fever ho sleeps well*
In the early hours ot last Sal)
bath morning, at his beautiful
home in our little city, surround
ed by his devoted family, and
friends loyal and true, tho spirit
of our friend and brother burst
asunder its tenement of clay, and
was wafted back to the God whoi
gave it.
The trarfuleyex, the faltering |
accents, tho bowed heads and
sad faces of the immense throng
that gathered to pay a last tri-
bute to the memory of the deceas-
ed gave some evidence of the1
love and affection entertained for '
him by those among whom he j
had lived for half a cen-
In Fail-view Cemetery beneath
a wealth of beautiful flowers,
placed by kind and loving hands,
quietly rests all that was mortd
of our loved and honored dead: -
but the good that he has done
will live after him.
Tliis noble Christian man after
rounding out a life of more than
three score years and ten of de-
votion to his God. his family and
friends has k lie to his reward,
a id around tin- oeautif'ul life he
lived will ever cluster tender and
holy memories.
"He has done, the work of a
true man, crown him, honor him.
tave him."
The Advertiser's old and ap j l1'10 Hoard of Stewards of the
predated frienu, Mr. VV. H. i Methodist Episcopal Church
Coulson, was a visitor in Bastrop ( Soutlub siring to express tin-
t roui Me Dade Wed nesday. 1 great loss sustained in|the demise i
i of one who has for more than a I
Mr. F W. Harris and
A Household
"I don't know what
I'd do without my Bell
Telephone," says the
busy housewife.
' 'It runs errands, shops
for me, goes to market
and makes social en-
gagements. "
Bell Telephone Service in
the home saves the house-
wife needless worry and
physical effort. She can
always rely upon her Bell
'O jysi*;
L Arf U
Two Points of View.
"Pupa, you know you gave me a
sovereign and u sixpence the other
day. Well, 1 made u mistake, and"—
"I" knew you would, you blunder-
ing idiot! You paid out the gold
piece for u shilling!"
"No, I didn't, but I passed tho
sixpence on somebody for half a
sovereign, and 1 bought a whole lot
of things with the money, and I've
still p>t the gold."
"Oh, well, 1 wouldn't worry about
it. We're aril likely to make mis-
takes sometimes." — i/oudon Tit-
Bits. _ _
SpolUd th« Romanes.
"We are looking for the cornet,"
•-Tplained tho young man on tha
j)orch a* the father of the voting wo-
man out to see what was de-
taining her.
"Why, bless you," snid the kind
old gentleman, "the comet is in an
entirely different part of tho sky."
And he took him round to tho
other side of the house, showed him
the position of the comet and talked
to him for about half tin hour ubout
Useless Phrase.
Bobby had returned from his ftr*<t
ten puriy, his round face wreathed
in smiles. "'I hope you were polite,
Bobby," said his mother, "and rc-
mcmbcred your 'Yes. please,' and
'No, thank you,' when things were
passed to you."
'I remembered 'Yes, plei.-e,'"
fetid Hobby cheerfully, "bid I didn't
havo to say 'No, thank you/ moth-
er, because 1 took everything every
time it wiu puasvd."
M r. Sid Olive s home from a
sever.!I weeks visit to different
points in Alabama.
Mr. and Mrs. T. L. McCul-
Hugh and children, of Waco;
Mr. and Mrs. .1. C. Orgain and
little daughter, Hessie Clinton,
oi Ai'arla; and Mr. and Mrs. W.
K. < )rgaiu and children, of Heau
mont, were here to attend the
funeral of Captain H 1). Orgain
last Sunday.
Mr. Davis cf Dallas offered the
following privileged resolution:
Whereas, The current issue of
the Kluin Courier contains the
following. .J. O. Smith Suffers
from Son Stroke.—lust as Alex-
ander the Great was interrupt-
! quarter ol a century prcsii
lover its deliberations with
! niucn wisdom and dignity up
I pointed a committee to draft,
suitable resolutions respecting
|Ids death.
1 Said committee submits tho
Resolved. That in the death of
Captain H I). Orgain, late prosi
lent, of Hoard of .Stewards of the
M. E Church South, of Ihistrop.
we have lost a consecrated Chris
tian man, counselor and advisor,
•aid we humbly pray that bi:
spirit may hover over our deliber
ations, inspire all our counsels
ai d guide us in wise and virtu-
ous paths.
Unsolved, That in the death of
Captain Orgain our country has
lost one of its foremost citizens,
the people one of its safest eoun
There is not a better or more
prosperous little town on the
map than Rastrop, and her citr-
zenship sh >uld believe it spend
your money at home and help
your town.
FOli NARK Pure Dooley Yarn
seed potatoes, SI 00 perbu.
See (hven Chalmers
or write
T. Freeman, McDade, Tex-
F('R NARK CHEAP — S eve ti
"assenger, Model E, Studobuker
Six. in tlrst class shape,
Rox 111
Smithville, Texas.
LOST—One 1'nlted States Auto-
niobile casing, (35x4 1 -) inner
tube on Huick rim ready for use.
Finder please return to E. S,
Okcai.v and receive reward.
Sheriff's Sale
ed in tht> midstof oneol his great i selors, Texas one of its greatest
est battles to receive the an ' jurists, and the Church on; of
nouneement of the coming of a'its pihars of strength.
sou and heir to his throne, so
Representative J. O. Smith, who
had run over from his duties of
shouldering the legislative re-
sponsibilities of the mighty State
of Texas, to look after the em plac-
ing of the big Linotype machine
ir. the Courier ofilce, and while at
the most interesting period of
the erection of this masterpiece
of modern printing machinery on
Wedm sday evening, he was sum-
marily ordered to his home by
Dr. Aulor, the occasion being tl e
arrival of a big ten pound boy,"
therefore, be it
Resolved, Hy the House of
Representatives of the State of
Texas that we tender to our re-
spected and distinguished fellow
member and Mrs. Smith • ur sin-
cere congratulations and hereby,
express the wish that this latest S, deceased, one sent t-
Texas Christian Advocate,
Resolved, That we tender to
the family of the deceased our
deepest sympathy—
"We stand with bowed head and
face averted in tho presence of
such grief and anguish too pro-
found and comfortless for even
the tenderest human sympathy
to relieve, the broadest philoso-
phy to support; but upon which
thesweet and gentle suggestions
of a ('hristian faith fall with heal-
ing grace."
May the coming years bring to
the lonely hearts some surcease
of sorrow.
Resolved, That a copy of these
resolutions be spread upon the
j minutes of the quarterly confer
, ence, a copy fu rnish >d the family
addition to the Smith family may
grow up to bo a useful and hon-
ored citizen of Texas, and that
thU new son will always stand at
the top of the column next to pure
reading i.-iatter. and tliat he be
christened Fuller Smith,
Signed — Davis of Dallas, Estes
of R > . ' hirton of Tarrant,
Fit It i( Me dell, M 'Far!and,
Hon r, \ anus of Athens, Spen-
cer oi ise Wi ioUi CaLes.
— House Journal
one to Hastrop Advertiser.
Respectfully submitted,
W. A. Mel'OUD
M. C. HOOT11
W. E. Maynahp.
County of Hastrop. / In th«
District Court of Tiirrunt County,
Texas, Ke|>epca Airsch vs. M. J.
Carlton, Defendant.
Whereas, l>y virtue of an order of
sale issued out <d the District Court
of Tarrant County, Texas, on a judg-
ment rendered in said Court on the
12th day of December, ltllti, in favor
of the said Kebeeca Mirseb. and
against tin* said M. J. Carlton, No.
41 on the docket of said Court, t
did on the 7th day of February, A. D.
lid", at 1 o'clock, i*. M., levy m ou
the following described tracts and
parcels of land situated in the County
of Hastrop. State of Texas, and !*•-
longing to the said M. J. Jarlton, to-
All that certain portion of Division
Number i *ne of the town of Elgin, in
Hastrop County, T*x:is. lying South
of lot fronting fifty feet on Hra/o*
street now owned h\ Perkins, but
formerly owned by Walter Tina and
being ail of Division Nutnlwied One
according to the Theo Kosse map of
said town of l'.igin. except the Tips
lot and the Firebaugh lot, and being
the same property conveyed to Max
Illrseh by T. \. Moore, by deed of
<i 11e Maj 'Joth. llHt", and duly record-
ed in Vol i'J. on p;e.;e all of the Deed
Kecords of Hastrop • ounty, Texas.
\nd on the tith d:i\ of March, A. II.
I ill 7. In lg the first Tuesday of saiit
month, betw' • n the ho irs of |i• o'clock
A. M and I o'clock P. M. on said
day at the Court Ho ise door of said
m. I will oil for sale and soil
Go to O
IP Xt tl the
your feed and
J. 1
lilie auction fi
• well Oill Mill, f, r
save money,
lion in am
ail tbe
h , id M .
■I. this tl.o
\ D lllll.
I',. II. Pi KKINS,
Sheriff of Hastrop County, Texas.
. ~1
tin ll a V Oi
l'id r

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